Monday, April 6, 2009

Magic Thermite and the 9/11 Fairytale.

Well... there it is in black and white and irrefutable; all three colors complementing truth. This won’t make much difference to those who have gone to such great lengths to deny the truth in the first place. The first place they deny the truth is within themselves and then they are kind enough to extend that courtesy to everyone else; lucky us.

But there it is, scientific proof from the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. This is a clarion call for the weasels and dissimulators to see what kind of lies and obfuscations they can manifest in the face of manifest truth. It’s time for the bombastic, red-faced martini addicts to rail against one more terror organization. This one appears to be terrorizing their ignorance but... it’s not just ignorance, it’s blind support of domestic terror in the service of personal gain and aggrandizement. It’s time for another chorus of the Shitshiller’s Serenade; time for another lullaby of death.

The last time I was here, I said I didn’t see much in the way of a collective human effort to change the course of the last, however many, years. Well here’s something. Here’s some change we can believe in. Here’s the opportunity to open a crack in your hardpan denial and let in some disinfecting sunlight. Because it appears that 9/11 was an Inside Job... ah...duh.

Yes, those ‘scientists’ have been as busy as a cluster of disappearing honey bees and we are going to see two guaranteed results present themselves in the coming weeks. One of them is no result at all. One of them is the possibility of a complete MSM blackout of this remarkable bit of news and the other... the other; please take your moment to laugh or weep according to your disposition. The other will be new and improved lies and rebuttals that would strain the credulity of a household pet. Unfortunately... in too many cases... this might be the smartest member of the household.

There it is people... thermite where no thermite was supposed to be and which we were told was not present but is indeed present and that means what? Well, it means a few things. It means that the people behind 9/11 who are in charge of the governments of the United States, Israel and Great Britain are going to have to have another 9/11 kind of event to counteract the brushfire that this report is going to cause around the world. The days of being able to block out the publics right to know are gone. This is going to get legs. This is something that can’t be spun.

Thank god, Mr. Small Change we can believe in is tall in the saddle of his hobby horse. They did it. Yes they did. Will we now be hearing that Bin Laden and his numberless crew of non-existent Al Qaeda slipped into the towers and planted the explosives? Maybe they are the ones who took advantage of Marvin Bush’s security firm closing down sections of the towers and security systems in the weeks preceding the attacks. This is the obvious course. The administration is now going to discover new evidence that shows Al Qaeda planted these bombs. What else can they do? Or...

They can blow up something new. Nothing takes your mind off what you were wearing yesterday like something new today. Nothing sweeps everything under the rug as well as setting another part of the house on fire. Of course... even if we do find out the truth we’ve got Chomsky to tell us, “So what?” and “It’s doesn’t matter who did it.” Now that’s what I call a left gatekeeper. I’m past imagining what it takes to be this kind of a person. I can’t imagine what it takes to be in a position of public trust and to murder those entrusted to your care. This is well outside of the parameters of what I can process and understand. Ask me how alien life is on other planets and I can probably be of more help.

Every now and then you get those great partnerships that work together so well; Tinker’s to Evers to Chance, Tippiecanoe and Tyler too, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Rodgers and Astaire, Laurel and Hardy. Here we have The Land of Liberty with The Land of Eternal Victims, joined by The Nation that Invented Slavery, engaged in what they actually do as opposed to how they present themselves. As a wise military man once said, “Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

Murder for profit, combined with treason; what’s the penalty for that? Besides Hellfire, should there prove to be such a place?

What does this show us? What is the most glaring indication that we can extract from this wonderful revelation? It is the indication that much of the ancillary evidence of who is responsible is also true. It ties directly into the further efforts of the psychopaths upon the world’s stage in Afghanistan and Iraq and it points to whoever is most vocal for an assault against Iran. Why not take the time to inquire into who was responsible for orchestrating the wars mentioned and the war pending. The names and agencies you discover were also the architects of 9/11. You might want to also ask yourself if five dancing Afghanis; five dancing Iraqis or five dancing Iranians were discovered in the area of New York City on 9/11. I guess the ones who were can speak for themselves. I had to use this link because this video has been nearly scrubbed from the web. Google “Israeli MOSSAD admitting 9/11 we were trying to document 9/11” to see what I mean and listen to the closing statement on the video.

Now you must consider Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib in connection to 9/11. You must consider ‘rendition’. You must consider what you encounter passing through an airport. You must consider the expensive price of telling the truth at universities and in the workplace. You must consider the disappearance of everything you had before 9/11 occurred and you must consider that it is the people who carried out 9/11 who took these things from you. You must consider the horrendous Kafkaesque condition of those tortured at Guantanamo and around the world for information possessed only by the ones torturing them.

Then perhaps you will consider who heads Homeland Insecurity and who heads the Homeland Insecurity Committee AND you might consider which present president of the United States used to be on that committee; hint... he's not buried in Grant's Tomb. Then perhaps you will consider all manner of things that are hiding in plain site. If you are afraid of the truth, I can understand. It could be that possession of the truth threatens your livelihood and possibly even your freedom. It could be that you are not opposed to living in subjugation to those who caused the fears they are protecting you from. It could be that you don’t want to know because knowing might require some personal sacrifice. And there’s always the slander and mockery. Readers of this site have seen what happens when I post these articles at Zionist Occupied Slate forums as I will this one today.

Whatever one chooses to believe for whatever ones reasons may be it can no longer be denied that the official version of 9/11 is a deliberate lie whose motive was the personal gain of the principals involved. It can no longer be denied that the governments of the United States, Israel and Great Britain are the real axis of evil.

We are on the verge of enormous transformation. People are making their decisions as to whether they will embrace a lie to insure the protection of a life whose quality diminishes by the day or whether they will seek out the truth no matter the cost and perhaps find a life worth living based on a personal honor and dignity worth preserving. One thing one must surely consider, physical life is mortal. It is how you spend it that counts and... what determines the value of the life that was lived.

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Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

The Key to The Gate of the Road to Shambhala.

Jon Doe said...

Will it finally make the masses start to think? I do wonder this question. The answer I am not sure of at this time. I do know that more people are indeed thinking for themselves. Battle lines are being drawn.

Anonymous said...

This is the keystone moment. The curtain has been pulled aside and a great lie exposed. I imagine W will be going on a quick trip to check out his property in Paraguay.

This is a time when those still in the system with a shred of integrity will have to act or go to their grave as cowards.

They will have to act now. Sadly, I don't think they are going to act with any sense of honor. They will need to act now or wait for the awakening. When that happens pitchforks will be hard to find in the stores.

If O wants to keep this country together he will need to act now. This is his moment of truth.

Also, my thoughts are with those in Italy whose lives have been affected by the quake. That is the type of crisis that man should be dealing with, not this man made crisis that the evil ones always seem to conjure.

Stay safe. The walls may come tumbling down all over.

Love and peace to all,


Zoner said...

At this point, so many years down the road, I fear it will make no difference whatsoever. Obama has said he wants to look ahead, not back, and I believe he means it.

Those that know that the official story was a lie have known probably since the day that lie was put forth, and those that swallowed the lie will do the coverup of this new info internally. "Oh, those Scholars again. We all know they are whack-jobs anyways, right?" A few might find small cracks in their beliefs about the event, but most will just patch them with additional lies to soothe that part of themselves that can't be brought into the world that surrounds them once they realize that the things is not as it was represented, and that people in their own government are willing to kill lots of innocent people HERE to further an agenda.

Written with that clarity and focus that cuts right to the core, Mr. Visible.


Will Wilson said...

Thanks Les.
The thermite article was forwarded to family that said 9/11 was Al Quaida.
I used to get ridicule, anger, criticism. Later, silence. Still later , "It's too complex"

It's a great great challenge to refrain rom yelling "See, I told you so" at the top of my lungs.

Kevenj said...

Just heard about the earthquake in Italy, hope you all are safe Les. Tornados around here, its almost like ...someone is telling us something..

Anonymous said...

Moment of truth. Yes.
Will the truth get buried or become less visible or be known to all?
Stay awake and stay alert - an unstoppable force is about to meet an unmoveable mountain.

Josey Wales said...

Now we see why the Patriot Act was all polished up and ready to go on day 1. Also we know why that type of surveillance was needed.
The concentration of wealth. The ruining of the middle class so that more of their kids would need to join the military and not go to college or find a job.

We see why there was a need for control of the media. We see who wants peace in the middle east and who covets their neighbors oil wealth. We see why Cheney said in 1996 that the new wealth was in the Caspian Basin and that we needed a plan to control (steal it).

We see why congress has no testosterone, and possibilities for spying on them and blackmail and contract killings. We see why Blackwater and others are a Preatorian Guard.

We also know that they want to keep us busy enough trying to survive that we don't have time on our hands to investigate. We know the reason for torture and why they can call an American citizen a terrorist, pick him up and make him disappear, as well as anyone else around the world.

We can see why the markets tanked and how the huge withdrawal of capital started last September and where it might have gone. We can see why Bernie M, was used to make us think they were suffering along with everyone else whose accounts have dropped by 60%.

We can also see who runs the few monster banks that are left, where most of the bailout money is going, with no paper trail.

We can see who runs the U.S. Treasury and FED and why, and for who.

I'm just getting warmed up.


Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theorist

“A psychologically disturbed person who poses a danger to society by virtue of the fact that he frequently questions or refuses to accept the views or opinions of society’s authorities”

The consensus definition of ‘conspiracy theorist’ defined by society’s authorities

Hey Les,
Well each day passes and we all continue to learn something new. I have tried to learn something new each day for over 50 some years now and each thing never seems to amaze me and after learning all these things I believe the container is just about to overflow and spew forth out my ears.
The above statement was taken directly from a therapy session document my parents gave me just after 9-11. You see the angle cuts on the steel girders and the melted iron slag shown in pictures just after the fall of the towers has been explained as the Fire crews having had to make cuts to move debris, just ask popular mechanics magazine. When a sane person asks how that was possible just a moment or two after the collapse, well refer to the above statement. There is no way a sane person can question the status quo or produce indisputable scientific evidence to the church of indoctrination. We are simply dismissed as the statement above. Regardless of the appeal the judge will not allow the evidence to be introduced, it simply didn’t happen and therefore refer to the aforementioned statement.
This paternalistic attitude is present everywhere from the confines of home-life to the most intimate of business communications and it has permeated every aspect of American life since before the colonies became a Republic.

This is an iron-clad deferment, for the need to think for ourselves, on virtually every topic under the sun: and this has almost certainly been at the heart of keeping most Americans imprisoned while the world is falling all round us, each and every day.

What this hostile and imperious statement actually invokes, in far too many is an outright fear to challenge anything, regardless of the often obviously ridiculous nature of what we are being ordered to do: regardless of the consequences that will most certainly flow from just 'Doing what we are told to do.'
Taken for Jim Kerwin just this morning.

I could also show a thousand other essays with the same message that our small groups are experiencing.
The idea is that the word is indeed evolving into an awakening, each thread that has been sown into the shroud of darkness can and will be contradicted without predigests by the single word of TRUTH.
As difficult as it maybe for myself to convey a single truth to another there are thousands of others showing the way to the entrance of the narrow path. For this effort we solute you, for the ability to post a comment and communicate with others I thank you. Personally I am waiting for someone like Keith Oberman or Rachael Maddow or any of the other Corporate talking heads to finally open the window and start screaming “ I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” Think it will ever happen?

May you all be outside the primary blast zones.

Our thoughts are best directed to those in need around the world and in Italy this day.
Mr. Nobody from anti-clockwise USA

Anonymous said...

The real axis of evil Les that's what is at the heart of it all.
These psychopaths get their rise from doing it in front of your eyes a kind of fuck you thing.
Who would have thunk the entire human population would be reduced to taking off their shoes before boarding aircraft on their hard earned dollars to support this crap in the first place and accept the humiliation and bend over fuck me response.
Most of the human race is not worth it Les that's why these psychopaths treat us with such impunity and contempt they know it we know it most of humanity love this crap they will willingly give their lives and that of their children to it they shouted at the CHRIST LET YOUR BLOOD BE ON US AND OUR CHILDREN TOO...there comes a time when you got to shake the dust of humanity off your sandals and move on I think JESUS THE CHRIST said something to that effect can't get the exact quote.
Great writing Les you do not need me to know that.

Andrew said...

Anonymous said...

"The other will be new and improved lies and rebuttals that would strain the credulity of a household pet. Unfortunately… in too many cases… this might be the smartest member of the household."

You hit the nail on the head. After all these years and all the evidence that is out there how could any rational person not know that 911 was an inside job. And we have our less than worthless congress and "free press" completely ignoring it. Yes, I'm with you, in too many cases the most intelligent member of the household is the family pet.
Look at the hundreds of thousands that have been killed or maimed since 911, and the hundreds of billions that have been dumped down a rate hole. Think of all those wasted lives and the good that money could have done. Those stupid preachers and their equally ignorant flock who rant about the power of the devil. They have the devil personified right in their midst and fail to recognize it. The bible talks about the end times being shortened or even the elect would be deceived. Hell if these bible thumpers have already been deceived. That must mean we are the elect because we know the truth. Time must be short. Can you see across that valley to the shinning light on the other side? It is good to know we will have all the pets when we get there. What will it be like without politicians, preachers, criminals, perverts, mental midgets, chosen etc? Isn't an 80% population reduction part of the new world order?


Andrew said...

Nope, not going to happen. No one will do a thing about it as anyone that even cares to take a glance at the facts can see 9/11 for what it is. From George Bush saying he saw the first plane hit, to Silverstien admitting he gave the orders to pull building number 7 on PBS documentaries you will never convince the last of the people that will not see. They will look but they wont see. The yellow thermite is clearly visible running out of the towers before the collapse, talking heads from BBC standing with building number 7 clearly visible over her shoulder reporting its collapse 20+ minutes before it happened right down to the no bid contract given to Demolition Inc.and the quick cover up of the materials that in the history of steel framed buildings never has ONE ever fallen from fire but there was three and no investigation? Well kids, if any of you still believe this new revelation is going to get any legs you are mistaken, as anyone that really wants to see has more than enough evidence to completely destroy the 9/11 commissions report. 9/11 is yesterdays news, not important and "so what if our government did it, I am sure they had good reasons."

Anonymous said...

Dear Amicus...H.A.A.R.P. is great for making earthquakes, and earthquakes are great for distracting humanity from truth. The Tsunami was right on time for all those U.S. ships nearby to install the U.N. Watch out for many more quakes and engineered disasters. Interestingly, Matthew prophesied that in the last days...“For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress........
and because of the increasing of lawlessness the love of the greater number will cool off. But he that has endured to the end is the one that will be saved. And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.

Ronnie Lambert

Anonymous said...

Its no secert that the Israel/Great Britain thing is a major source of evil "world government" but I hope you wont brush off Chomsky so quickly. If not for him, most "learned" men would be far gone by now. Yes, he wont talk about the "inside job" but thats not his calling. He only hopes we see our reaction to 911 as the key and not the event itself. If you let terror (even state funded and planned) enter into you mind and heart you become weak. Chomsky shows us that actions speak more than words and its the single person's action that matter and not mass murder. Is there not a time in all history that people havent been killed or threatened and those doing the dirty work arent lying about it or to themselves?
It just US "doing" and not "justice" that can be viewed here.
I feel you, why can some many people let 911 be a state wrtten dream for them? But its not the deaths of thousands thats a true crime before all, its the sheep walk into the next trade center.


Anonymous said...

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats in Memoir

Visible said...

It really makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

MSM blog comment on Prof Jones' science paper can be found here, (post number 2739!)

Franz said...

Between those Still Hoping and Mr Morphed's resigned wistfullness lies a fact I hope we're all keeping in mind --

Mr Jeff Rense helpfully posted this the other day:

"Police were instructed [by the SPLC, a Mossad front]to look for Americans who were concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, The Federal Reserve, and the North American Union/SPP/North American Community..."

WELL! That covers most of us still not locked up in Halliburton cages, oui?

Let's also recall: After 911 the FIRST people put on the no-fly lists were WTO protest leaders. They'd been a thorn in the globalist side since 1999 (the "Battle of Seattle."

It's not like they were ever for a moment shy about naming their real enemies -- us, common citizens of the global brickyard-to-come.

This stopped being about America long ago.

The SPLC article is a doozy:

Josey Wales said...


In a swarm of bee's there are a number of bee's that encircle the group. They may be five to 7 feet from the main mass. It is their job to interpret what's out there and transmit it back to the main group.

It's not clear exactly how they transmit the message of danger or safe direction or attack but they do it.

Maybe you and others are like those look out bee's. This is what I believe.

As far as awakening goes. I think the American citizens and world citizens are not asleep at the switch. In fact I think they are much further along than you think.

I am hopeful, in fact very hopeful. In my life I have seen things on a regular basis that do not materialize for 6 mo., sometimes much longer. I have learned patience, and trust in my intuition.

Time and effect are now moving in a logarithmic manner. This time compression is what is throwing people off. They assume that events will proceed at a constant pace and become alarmed when it seems slow.

Have NO FEAR, we are on the right side and many will join us worldwide.

Do not dispair.


Andrew said...

Frank, I have witnessed it so many times I don't even know why I argue this point anymore.
People will only see what they want, and anyone that hasn't the curiosity to maybe run a Google search on one the defining moments in human history after 8 years passing, do you really think anything you say to such a person is going to mean squat to them? I sat my brother down with his new computer, showed him the whatreallyhappened links, showed him the PBS documentary with Pullit Larry, showed him the Thermite leaking from the Towers before collapse, showed him the angle cut beams, show him the unmistakable demolition of building number 7, showed him the BBC news 20 minutes screw up lag opps, until finally he swallowed the red pill. Two weeks he wandered around in shock and then he finally attacked the messenger (me) turned purple and screamed, "I don't care what facts you show me our government would never do anything like this to the citizens. I have my beliefs" Now for the irony this same brother is a down winder from Hanford Nuclear Radiation Release as my mother was pregnant him when they nuked her in Pasco, Washington in the 40s. He was born with his nose growing into his toes and when I bring this up he says it wasn't the government that did that, it was Westinghouse.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully said Les. The worms are squirming in the Synagogues.

Hank said...

I guess this new evidence might be reason for hope, but judging by the reaction I have gotten by presenting the other smoking gun evidence, I doubt it. There has been irrefutable evidence out there for a long time, and even when you slap people in the face with the laws of physics, they won't believe it.

I have seen the rot in the system exposed like never before, by the wholesale coverup, and blind exceptance of it by the masses. I don't have much hope that the real perpetrators of 911 will ever be brought to public justice. I certainly don't see anything but a, let's move on attitude from Obama and his people. See, the thing is, they all know. Every swinging dick and snappin clam on capital hill knows what happened on 911, and now they are guilty of it too for covering it up, so exactly when are they going to DO anything about it.

Then again, what can be done? This crime was comitted with the express permission of the people that create reality on this planet. They perfected religion as a weapon. They created and control the monetary system used on most of this planet. They create wealth through conflict, and have started most of the wars in the last 100 years, and judging by results, no one has the will to oppose "them".

I believe most people know in their heart of hearts that there is something very wrong with the "official" explaination for 911, but the thought of confronting it and all it's ramificatons, in their minds, would be like a root canal with no novocaine. Something to be avoided if at all possible. As long as there is someone to make it possible, they will avoid it.

I would love to think that I am living in an epiphanal time for humans, but I will not hold my breath. Peace my friends.

Obama Yomama said...

'When governments fear the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.' Thomas Jefferson

REVOLUTION is the Solution!!!

'God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?
Let them take arms.... The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.' - Thomas Jefferson, in letter to William S. Smith, 1787

Anonymous said...

Too late,just like the Israel thugs bombing USS Liberty Navy ship.History repeats itself--then LBJ and navy officiers threatened all sailors if they spoke to the media, no help and left to sink and die.Afhter 40 years--we know that Israel planned the attack and blame the egyphtians.LBJ was about to nuke Egypt.
911 attacks were all MOSSAD/CIA operations
Nothing will change with Obananass :^(

Anonymous said...

The whole planet is a crime scene. They will burn it down.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who believed from day one that the entire thing was 'staged' this is a glimmer of light that will hopefully burst into a spotlight shining on the truth, the real truth and only the truth. Seeing those participants brought to justice would be absolutely loverly, but seeing an unshaven W caught in nothing other than his BVD's would be one giant step for mankind....

pot said...

I think 9/11 is kind of like bait. Those who show they can see through the fog and discern the truth, that some elements within the government might have been involved, will be the first to be disappeared. The internet is a great tool for collecting intelligence of this nature, there is no such thing as an anonymous post. And your book purchases paid for with credit card are logged, buy anything bought from David Ray Griffin for example, and into the data base you go.

Still, what can you do. Living the lie is simply not an option, although I can see how people with kids might prefer denial.

As for the thermate, it is funny, because in Dick Cheneys biography, his aid, ex-CIA David Addington, was quoted as saying he believed the buildings fell because they were charged. Of course, it is easy to just shrug this off and say, well Al Qaeda just had a backup plan, and had two operations running in parallel in case one failed, and both happened to work. That could possible explain WTC 1 and WTC 2, but not the highly secure WTC 7.

The real smoking gun is WTC 7 collapse (demolition) and the lack of air cover over DC allowing a plane or whatever to hit the Pentagon almost 50 minutes after the first plane hit the WTC and CIA Director George Tenet said he knew right away after the first plane it was a terror attack. You just can not credibly explain these two facts, and having a military exercise does not excuse it. Everything else just provides supplementary evidence that you can build up, but these two blocks are the foundation.

Unfortunately, the lack of awakening of 9/11, which opens you up to many other conspiracies of the past related to this globalist agenda, makes an even bigger event more likely. If it happens under Obamas watch, you can bet the gun toting right will wake up, which is exactly what they want. Then it's lock down and the GWOT comes home, and the fight on Homegrown Terrorism (citizens who speak the truth) can begin. The word freedom will then disappear from your dictionary. And it won't be local, it will be global.

Masher1 said...

A Fire of sixty days duration. The yammering heads want all to think Thermate or thermite sustained this fire well Fuck Stephen Jones! Uranium 238 with a mass of over 1400 TONS is THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP THOSE FIRES GOING FOR 2 FUCKING MONTHS! under all that debris and steel. Not Thermate. Not thermite. Not Magnesium. Uranium 238. Mass is all you needto se in this fire. What would have the required mass and is pyroforic in the above mentioned substances? The Tuned mass damper system could have held that MASS from Day one of the towers run to the implosion on 9/11. Jones is covering this TMD system up 100% with all this thermate/thermite/nano-thermite shit and i will without any doubts prove it even if i have to drag the whole lot of you kicking and screaming to the facts of those Dampers. n 78' those TMD units were the LARGES and most complex active mass damping system in the WHOLE WORLD! Anyone of my age group that saw the 16MM film of How very tall buildings were made and work from that era SAW that system. The dimensions,oil flotation system,passive AND active damping system were all shown in that lost film. I SAW IT....Twice in my science class. Ask your self this did all the ground zero responders get a dose of u-238 as this material destroyed the evidence in the under spaces of the towers? Ask how many of the fire dogs survived. Then ask what was going on in fresh kills landfill. Oh and see if you can figure out the path of travel from near the top of the towers to the basements this material MUST have traveled i did all this and sorry not one thing said by anyone other than ME can come close to a rational explanation of the TWO MONTH fire in an oxygen starved basement with nothing of consequence but concrete and steel and a smattering of office contents. We all can figure out the need for this fire. A select and precious few can figure out the mathematics of a uncontrolled uranium fire and it's consequential after effects. Alliant Tech Systems (ATX) has a few that can. Princeton has a few more. I would be getting in thee mens faces with a pointed question or TEN about U-238,TMD's and the serious long fire at ground zero right fracking now America. We all need to hear the results. ClaymoreMind on Wake up from your slumber before it was brought down had a post linked on my name here for posterity started the thinking and i fleshed it out somewhat in the many comments after. the post was called 'The melted Vehicles of 911" and many thing about that day blew open for those willing to see the facts about confined space fires. I would get to looking these things up pronto America.

salialioli said...

I dunno if the truth will out. It feels expectant, somehow.

I agree, Josey, that people are more ahead than most posters give credit for. You're also right that time + effect are moving logarithmically, though I understand not a jot of that statement. Queer feeling though.

Poor Agila, and villages that have been wiped out. No homes, wandering in pyjamas, dazed and lost. God save us all. Yet another tragedy. Thoughts are with you Mr Visible. We had a hurricane the other day. All our trees blew down. One thousand, five hundred --- just trees. Not people. Felt like people tho', chopping the ones that still stood but unsafely.

So many years ago we had hope that 911 would change the world. I don't know, but I'm one of the Still Hopings. click on the link for some mindblowing evidence you may not have come across before. But be warned, "they" went to town rubbishing this evidence.

Peace and Hope

m_astera said...

Here's the reaction I got talking to an American neighbor about the thermite findings today (after explaining what thermite was and showing him the picture of the firemen and the cut beam and explaining the free fall speed of collapse, WTC 7, and the fact that no other steel framed skyscraper has ever collapsed from fire. He wanted to digress into sprinkler systems at that point):

1. You should send that picture to Fox news. (I explained that it's an old pic and Fox is well aware of it).

2. Well then send it to the New York Times. (again I explained that the NYT is well aware of it)

3. Then take up a collection on line and buy an ad in the NYT and publish it. (The NYT would not accept the ad, this has been tried already many times)

4. It was nine years ago, it doesn't matter now.

And that is why I left the USA. Not because of the craven cowardice, but because I could no longer be a part of a country that was so morally corrupt that the vast majority simply don't care.

As a side note, Noam Chomsky sucks, and has always been a zionist ass kissing shill. Anyone who can't see that is not even halfway awake, no matter what they may think their status is. When I see Chomsky's books in someone's bookcase I know they are a chump who likes to pretend they are informed. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

For the Anonymous person who's defending Chomsky, it actually is "his calling" to discuss the truth of what happened on 9/11. He's not encouraging people to think for themselves and analyze their reactions, he's expecting people to believe he's looked into it and "there's nothing to see here..move along". How is this going to prevent sheep from walking into the next false flag attack?

9/11 is the litmus test. Anyone who claims to be an intellectual voice for what's going on in the world and who denies the obvious evidence proving 9/11 was false flag terrorism is an enemy to freedom and peace. Chomsky could be a strong ally and waken millions. Unfortunately for us he's a NWO enabler.

Anonymous said...

Les, Thanks for posting the link to the Eric Fromm article: "War Within Man" here at "Smoking Mirrors", it could not have found a better home.

And A Little More Eric:


"Nationalism is our form of incest, is our idolatry, is our insanity. "Patriotism" is its cult. I mean that attitude which puts the own nation above humanity, above the principles of truth and justice, not the loving interest in one's own nation, which is the concern with the nation's spiritual as much as with its material welfare--never with its power over other nations. Just as love for one individual which excludes the love of others is not love, love of ones country which is not part of one's love for humanity is not love, but idolatrous worship."---Eric Fromm

Posted By: Deacon Blues

Anonymous said...

Thermite is used to weld thick sections of iron together, as in construction, not so much destruction. It produces iron (the weld seam), aluminum oxide (slag), and a lot of heat. Aluminum oxide is also liberated by grinding and cutting wheels that would have been used during the rescue/recovery and cleanup operations. Any other residue that could be considered a constituent of thermite could have come from the buildings or the remains of the airplanes themselves. To presume that "thermite residue" proves or disproves anything is not unlike an anthropologist finding charcoal remnants in an ancient firepit and proclaiming that the fire builder must have been making black gunpowder.

Anonymous said...


Remember how it was with us before we finally opened our eyes? And ears?

We didn't listen either. We defended our insane 'beliefs' with an insane 'loyalty' to those who betray us.

Acknowledgment of truth springs from within and is not at all due to the attempts by the 'newly converted' to 'convince' us of what we must change.

Never expect the 'dozing crowd' to respond to our best efforts to change their minds. It is not 'we' who do the task.

We merely 'plant the seeds', carefully and gently, and the truth will get roots from the source of life itself. In time.

Remember how 'we' used to be?

Nope, we didn't 'listen' either...

Anonymous said...

QUITE exactly so!

This article reeks of the truth and it is very upsetting.

The information in this article is accurate, and it is very upsetting.

People have to decide if what they've sacrificed truth to be a part of is worth the effort.

Life is ultimately not about money, and those who drown in it render such meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Dr Noam Chomsky is a funny leud who engages on a regular basis in the folly to lecture on the term of “chuzpe”: He takes a dump before your door and rings for toilet paper.
…some people are really pooped.
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

We need the silver bullet, the one fact that we can stick in their pig ignorant faces and dare them to refute it.

This may just be it.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish entry up now.

Who are these Reptiles in the Shadows?

Hank said...

Anonymous said,

We need the silver bullet, the one fact that we can stick in their pig ignorant faces and dare them to refute it.

My friend, they have been shot in the face with silver bullet after silver bullet, and they are impervious. They don't WANT to know.

notamobster said...

I think the terrorists smuggled thermite on-board to make it look like an inside job. They were quite clever, you know?

psychegram said...

Hey Les,

This new evidence is indeed explosive (heh.) It's effects within the noosphere will be I think in many respects similar to those of thermite on a large steel structure: a quick, hot burn followed by a crunching sound everywhere around us. Allow me to add my voice to others in hoping events guide themselves to a better place.

"Time and effect are now moving in a logarithmic manner. This time compression is what is throwing people off. They assume that events will proceed at a constant pace and become alarmed when it seems slow."

Precisely. And tiiii-iii-iii-ime, is on our side, yes it is.... Sing it! "Tiiii-iii-iii-ime, is on our side, yes it is!" Altogether now! "TIIII-III-III-IME, IS ON OUR SIDE, YES IT IS!"

Les, man, this piece read like the DA's final argument upon confronting the court with a piece of surprise evidence brought to light at the end of a long, quiet and desperate trial, one where city hall and the police force were being entirely uncooperative because the mob boss target had bought them all. I presented it and the evidence to my father - a committed Denialist but a man who spent his career as an honorable soldier and an honest cop - as such and we'll see what his reaction is....

Still alive said...

Why are Americans such stupid, ignorant morons?

Only in America could the eternal evil-the jew terrorists-do what they do and consistently get away with it and use their vassal state (America) to commit horrendous acts of terrorism and genocide to advance the madness of that international terrorist rathole.

But don`t forget America that you are "free" and "brave" and "christian" and what ever other fairy tales constitute your delusional state.

Will Americans ever wake up, grow up and get a clue? Only when they no longer have a choice.

Anonymous said...

never-changing ... is thats them throne sitters honest is always in Lie, how not, this and next, they began to be truth sayers.

Edric treewick of Lemon Seed

Anonymous said...


GlobalistShill said...

I thought I'd share the fun we've had at Digg with this for your amusement. The usual trolls and sundry have showed up, as well as some friends there:

By the way, I believe you indicated that you appreciated my sharing your stuff on Digg in a comment on Slate. It is my pleasure, and I'm glad you don't mind! Generally, what I do is wait for the posts to show up on Truth Seeker and then I use the blurb there as the article description. I enjoy your work and enjoy sharing it when I can! :)

- Gary

Visible said...

Dear anonymous;

I cannot post that extremely confusing and incredibly trite poetry. I am guessing that no one could seriously write that bad and expect people to actually read it so my guess is you are just trying to annoy me. I should tell you that I don't read any of it and I'm not going to post any of it. I certainly wouldn't post such a number of them. In any case, I'm not going to post any of them. You should go find a site that will let you do that. This site won't. My readers would let me have it if I did that.

Visible said...

Globalist Shill;

Yes, my gratitude is constant for your good work in reposting this blog. I'll drop by there later on today. I think the next Smoking Mirrors is going to be one of those that changes the game surface. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock on Osama Bin Laden
See 00:00 to 01:35

william wilson said...

hope you're ok there in italy Les.
there was an earthquake and I forgot you lived in that country.

psychegram said...


I don't know if there was a fission pile there or not, but that extended smoldering fire was certainly very strange. Jet fuel doesn't do it ... thermite doesn't do a great job either. The sad fact is that the 9/11 truth case isn't airtight ... by which I mean that the unanswered questions are many. Who and why are quite obvious, but it's the how that's the sticking point still.

I sometimes wonder if it wasn't, in fact, a test of an above-top-secret orbiting death ray of some kind ... Whatever really happened, it's not what we've been told and until we get full access to whatever files they don't destroy as their world comes to pieces around them, we won't know for sure.

LanceThruster said...

How sad that if the echo chamber wanted to, this would be run almost non-stop on the 24/7 news cycle. Though it needs to be, it will instead be hidden in plain sight. The story is definitely 'out there,' but it is anybodies guess whether this is enough for the masses to wake up fromn their slumber.

Anonymous said...

So the NISTers didn't really look for evidence of explosives because...
And the StevenJones didn't really look for evidence of mini-nukes because...
But we all saw the molten metal in the jaws of the mechanical shovel six weeks after the big wedding...
Even all the tin-hat stuff about directed energy beams...
It all makes for a big HMMM...
Makes you wonder...

Biological_Unit said...

I sometimes wonder if it wasn't, in fact, a test of an above-top-secret orbiting death ray of some kind ...

I've got a Picture from Space during 911, showing Hurricane Erin -

Masher1 said...

No fission just a nasty plume of very heated post-combustion byproducts... Most so small masks even good ones can't filter it. Stuff a 1 micron can and does SERIOUS radiological damage to any lungs exposed to it. As far as i know most dog responders working this event perished soon after. Baselines on the humans can and do run the gamut of results from inconclusive to What cased this rapid onset radiation death. But realistically a measure of burn time in months not days is really all you need to see.

Masher1 said...

Mini nukes are lies as well anon. You lame asses sure do have balls. We see all your lies. You all can eat shit filled diapers. Our world OUR FIX. A fix you liars will ALL have to contend. Masher1 will see. Many others will see. Trust me. Facts don't lie. Scumbags WILL be dealt a hefty and just blow.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone respond to Anonymous at 4.26 am. I'm a 911 disbeliever, but he/she makes a good point, and I want to be able to examine the statements for accuracy. Thanks. Sally.

masher1 said...

Thermite to weld with?? If you weld you use a welder. So far nobody has proved just how this material became involved but as a byproduct of the construction process is lame fairytale of a obvious shill or control. Even in induction welding the process is CLEAN ie no foreign material popping up from fairy land to contaminate the strength of that weld. I think anon at 4:26 like so many others NEED to shove the Thermite/Thermate/nano-Thermite into the fray just because they need a plausable and benign source of the serious long duration confined space fire that is a matter of PUBLIC record. Try to model this fire. Try not to use a fuel of the mass of U-238 and see the MOUNTAIN of it you need for the sixty day duration. Also keep in mind the NYFD pumped a gargantuan amount of water on this fire for the whole burn save the time to get set up on 9/11. The math of uncontrolled U-238 fires of this scale are as near as i can calculate with out the knowledge of exactly how DU reacts in a fire of this type right in the ball park of 2 months. No other density of fuel comes even close. Find yourself a chart of the elements. Locate the possable fuel sources that will burn self-sustained without oxygen added make a list of them. Then figure the TIME/MASS curve of that fuel on fire. Unless you are retarded Uranium is the SOLE substance that will fit the bill. Those TMD's are and will be always be a pain in the ass to hide from engineer brains on MASS alone. Lead in them is far lighter DU is 1.7 more heavy than lead is and with the dimensions and construction details of those systems any engineer can tell in very short order what filled them with out ANY DOUBTS. Try to find out about the TMD's used to prevent sway in the two towers. I have been at it for years you will not find too much with details like system mass,dimensions,concrete type or any other necessary details to do this math. You should ask WHY. With even basic info this system can be worked out to a pretty good certainty what was used for ballast in those tuned mass dampers. U-238 granules over 1400 tons is my suspicion. Thermate could have been used to cut passage to the basements through the floor of the TMD room with all the steel support structure and load bearings into the elevator shafts for use in the basements to burn evidence. The many melted engine blocks on the street point to some weird undisclosed energy input. The 'Afterglow' seen post collapse also points to odd unexplained process. Was it a cleanup shot to remove any surface spillage of those U-u238 granules??? We will find out soon enough.

masher1 said...

Here i will start you all off...

List of pyrophoric materials form Wikipedia


* Alkylated metal alkoxides or nonmetal halides (diethylethoxyaluminium, dichloro(methyl)silane)
* Alkali metals (sodium, potassium)
* Copper fuel cell catalysts, e.g., Cu/ZnO/Al2O3[1]
* Grignard reagents (compounds of the form RMgX)
* Finely divided metals (iron, magnesium, calcium, zirconium, uranium, titanium, bismuth, hafnium)
* Used hydrogenation catalysts such as Raney nickel (especially hazardous because of the adsorbed hydrogen)
* Metal hydrides or nonmetal hydrides (germane, diborane, sodium hydride, lithium aluminium hydride, uranium trihydride)
* Iron Sulfide: often encountered in oil and gas facilities where corrosion products in steel plant equipment can ignite if exposed to air.
* Partially or fully alkylated derivatives of metal and nonmetal hydrides (diethylaluminium hydride, trimethylaluminium, butyllithium, triethylboron)
* Uranium is pyrophoric, as shown by the vaporization of depleted uranium penetrator rounds into burning dust upon impact with their targets. In finely divided form it is readily ignitable, and uranium scrap from machining operations is subject to spontaneous ignition.[2]
* Metal carbonyls (dicobalt octacarbonyl, nickel carbonyl)
* Methanetellurol (CH3TeH)
* Phosphorus (white, or yellow)
* Plutonium: several compounds are pyrophoric, and it causes some of the most serious fires occurring in United States Department of Energy facilities.[3]


* Arsine
* Diborane
* Phosphine
* Silane


* Hydrazine
* Metalorganics of main group metals (e.g. aluminium, gallium, indium, zinc and cadmium etc.)
* Triethylborane

Vadim Rapp said...

Prediction: result #1 wins - no result at all.

There's no ongoing debate about that, except in very narrow circles. This is an event that happened eight years ago; the collective mind has settled long ago that it were 19 hijackers from Al-Qaeda; if somebody is still questioning that, it's only the sign of mental instability, and nothing else. You can bring any evidence you want - in the mind of 99.9% of Americans, the only thing this evidence will prove is that you are a "nutcase" (their favorite term).

There will be no new investigation, no hearings, nothing at the top; equally, there will be no demonstrations and no movement demanding the truth from the bottom. Especially now that the stock market is coincidentally going up, and there's a feeling that the economy is improving.

I only wonder if this coincidence is really coincidental.

Michael F said...

What???? Three of the 'Dancing Israelis' were interviewed on Israeli TV and admitted to "documenting the event"? Ugh. I have a strong feeling of dark ugliness in the center of my chest at this moment.

Anonymous said...

It pleases me that the Scientific community has finally surfaced enough real evidence to show that there were bombs planted within the buildings. This alone contradicts the so called Official Story. However I have something different and possibly refreshing to say.....

I was in a family for more than 26 years who in 1996 talked about ""something big" that was planned to happen that would kick off everything else". At that time, the huge criminal system was reviewing three different sites with the Twin Towers being one of them. Who this criminal system is may surprise you but we often refer it to a "Shadow Government". I better want to call it a "Political Mafia" as it's a better fit.

Come meet the family:
Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report -- Sep 4, 2008

Please note the CIA link and also the amount of drugs. According to the family, Chicago area gets a weekly $100 million dollar shipment. That's more than $5Billion a year and who's behind it may surprise everyone.

The family started in the later 70s in this criminal system with laundering criminal money into property. They were involved in many CIA Operations including The Iran Contra Affair while I was married in the 80's. They were scared yet never touched back then. In the early 90's they teamed up with my sister-in-law's brother Clyde O'Connor to start another business in Florida. My wife's brother at the time headed up the family business and went to a law firm in Chicago used by the Combine or better known as The Political Mafia. There, Obama (perthe family) while working as a lawyer assisted the family with setting up their Air shipping and Distribution business in Florida.

A few months ago a well known attorney in California told me that she found more than 130 properties owned by Obama. It's important to know that property is used as payment and ownership is hidden using Mortgage Fraud schemes. Plus those who are hiding the property are high administrators in big Banks, not the lower level employees often read about in the news papers.

There is a lot more to this story that links other stories into larger one. The Blog Owner is invited to write me for more information.

Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL

Ron said...

Unbelievable how monolothic the mainstream media has been in suppressing any debate on the 9-11. Instead we get endless spinoffs of "CSI"; a show that boasts about the amazing ability of forensic science to solve fictional crimes. But when it comes to the cold-blooded real-life murder of over 2000 WTC workers in broad daylight in downtown Manhattan, all the forensic shows and experts go mysteriously mute. There was more evidence there than in 100 episodes of CSI, but it was quickly quarantined and sent overseas under cover of night. Where the hell is the fucking outrage people? Are we going to let this clear and present whitewash stand? I thought New Yorkers were so proud of their "in your face" attitude! Let's convene a people's tribunal, re-open this COMPLETELY UNSOLVED case, and just IGNORE THE US GOVERNMENT'S PATHETIC EXPLANATIONS. FEMA HAS PROVED UNWILLING and UNABLE to conduct a proper investigation. We are on our on this one; too many elite asses are stake for us to expect any assistance from the powers-that-be.

CWW said...

Deja vu all over again. I was a young man when JFK was assassinated and the blog entries posted here remind me so much of the hysterical conspiracy theories that abounded back in 1963 and for many, many years afterward. Forensic evidence? Although it was primitive back then, the conspiracy wackos had all sorts of things: acoustic evidence of gunshots coming from the grassy knoll; sigthings of mysterious vehicles and/or people on a bridge overlooking the overpass; the pristine bullet; Republican connections to the mob; the CIA; Cuban exiles; right wing hate groups afraid JFK would get us out of Vietnam; the complicity of Officer Tippett; Jack Ruby poisoned with injected cancer cells while in prison, etc -- all of that fevered imagining continued until Gerald Posneer's "Case Closed" appeared on the scene and put to rest forever that nonsense.

That's exactly what will happen (is already happening, thank God). Explanations for all this foolishness about 9/11 already exist -- but you do have to piece them together. But it is fun, of course, for the deranged and just those who don't-have-anything-better-to-do to cling to notions of the vast right-wing conspiracy, the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, CFR, and the Bilderbergers.

Anonymous said...

Les, PLEASE, PLEASE don't forget to include that the brothers Kurzberg posed for photos with cigarette lighters. People jumping out of windows and these assholes grinning for photos with lighters and the WTC in the background. Even the NYT says this Nov 20 (maybe 21) 2001. That story with that fact highlighted is a fine conversation piece. Peace, Fester

Anonymous said...

Why do debunkers use math and science to make their points, while conspiracy theorists only use insults?

Mel Waller said...

The report is flawed from the very beginning with unsupervised, undocumented collection of alledged samples from the WTC area. That invalidates any conclusions that may be reached regarding the samples from who knows what their true origins may have been. All credibility is lost.



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