Saturday, May 2, 2009

Abe Foxman is one of the Devil's Inflamed Hemorrhoids.

Let’s face it (with averted, horrified eyes) Abe Foxman is a major player in the infernal kingdom. I toyed with some other illustrations; dead skunk in the middle of the road. The idea had promise. Abe smells at least that bad and he is dead. He’s dead to all human qualities, which makes him sort of like the undead that you see in those zombie films except, he would have to be a dung golem wouldn’t he? Then I considered he might be one of the devil’s butt hairs but I can’t see the devil wasting the kind of nasty talent he has invested in Abe on something as pedestrian as a butt hair.

No... when I thought about hemorrhoids, something just clicked. My understanding of hemorrhoids, I don’t have any but... my understanding is that they itch and burn and are really annoying and no one really wants one in their private places. All that dovetailed perfectly with how I understand Abe Foxman. As I read on, I realized that this is what Abe is but... not just any hemorrhoid; One of the devil’s hemorrhoids.

Now the Zionist Occupied Government of America has dropped their case against the AIPAC spies. Larry Franklin went to prison for this but you can’t put AIPAC members in jail. You can’t even take them to court. If you try, Abe Foxman is going to go nova and The Devil is going to start squirming on his throne and getting really annoyed and pull some strings in the places where he has the most sway on the planet. Those places would be most governments, most legal systems and certainly all of the ones in America and especially the legislative and administrative branches too. Once the Devil takes care of this, Abe will move on to something else which will lead to something like this or maybe something like this and the Devil can cut back on those Preparation H applications.

In America and Great Britain where people like Abe hold the greatest sway, the world is becoming a replica of George Orwell’s, 1984. They’ve got the German government sewed up pretty tight too and the same is true about the rest of Europe. Very few of the people in any of these countries support what Flaming Abe is up to but the will and opinion of the people isn’t worth anything at all in those places any more. Let’s not leave out Canada and Australia where the psychopathic Zionistas are making life difficult for anyone who isn’t bending over for them. This is the sort of thing that is going on all over the place now and this article barely scratches the surface.

Let’s go back to the first link where we see that Professor William Robinson from the University of Santa Barbara has compared the Israelis to Nazis and apparently he’s going to be prosecuted for this. I thought the First Amendment was a protection against this sort of thing but, most likely there are no more Constitutional protections. The strange thing is that what the professor says is absolutely true. In fact, the Israelis and The Zionists (wherever they may be) are worse than the Nazis. It’s no wonder the devil is in such a bad mood all the time, given how many hemorrhoids he has. AIPAC holds their conventions there; Congress holds its sessions there. The Devil’s Rectum is like the world’s biggest soccer stadium. It’s no wonder that everything we hear from the governments and the press well as the Zionist Israelis who control them... It’s no wonder that everything they say and do stinks of something we learned the smell of as children because they form their words and actions out of the substance found in the Devil’s rear end.

Flaming Abe says that the professor’s curriculum intimidated a couple of Jewish students who complained about the professors take. Of course, hypocrisy is one of Flaming Abe’s main characteristics but you do have to wonder whether the Palestinians feel intimidated by the Nazi tactics of the Israelis. You have to wonder if Charles Freeman or Walt and Mearsheimer have felt intimidated. You have to wonder if all the people being intimidated by Flaming Abe and his legion of dung golems feel intimidated. I know what Abe would say. He would say that feeling intimidated by ADL-Zionist-Israeli pressure amounts to anti-Semitism. I believe he would say that Palestinians crying out in their death agonies is anti-Semitism. I am sure he would say that every time a Palestinian draws a breath that it is an anti-Semitic act.

I’d wanted to make Flaming Abe the Hemorrhoid one of my first entries in my new blog, Profiles in Evil but I’m not ready with that yet and Abe really needs to hear this now. He needs to hear from all of us. Abe... the Israelis and their Zionist supporters are worse than the Nazis. I’m never going to recant or change my tune on this. I wouldn’t let the threat of jail or anything else keep me from letting you know that I know that you are an inflamed hemorrhoid in the devil’s rear end. Even if I did have to go to jail for telling the truth, I would have written a thousand essays to be published while I was away. I wouldn’t stop. I would go right back to saying what I am saying... no matter what. That’s how I am Abe... just like you are what you are... a vicious Nazi who crucifies the truth every day and who has no morals, no scruples, no honor and no soul.

I know you can ‘waddle in’ to Blogger and have them shut me down but I have blog locations all over. It takes five extra minutes to set up a new location and less than that to let everyone know where it is.

Maybe you can’t help yourself Abe. I realize that living where you do might give you a distorted view on life. I realize that the only substance you come across in your day is something most people are repelled by. Of course in your case, you’ve got that coprophagia thing happening so you think its pate. Even so, given the position you see the world from, it can’t be an asset to a wider perspective AND, given the sort of people you are likely to meet, well... you have my understanding. I’ve got compassion for a mad dog Abe but there’s no treatment for it.

Let me sum it up for you Abe. Zionism and it’s weapon of ‘Anti-Semitism’ were created to give the impression that the people who took Palestine by force and evicted what inhabitants they didn’t kill and who imprisoned the rest in Warsaw-like ghettos are Biblical inheritors of that land. Actually, the real Semitic inhabitants were already there. This presented a public relations problem so you and your reptile, hemorrhoid associates needed to pretend that you were the people you replaced. This is why you changed the names of all of the towns so as to blot out the former presence of those you disenfranchised and murdered. It’s as simple as that and there is nothing more to it than that.

Now you’re using this hate crime legislation, which you and your proxies are behind, to stifle any and all opposition to your relentless assault on the freedom of human thought, speech and action. It’s right there to be seen. It’s right there. We can all see you the same way the Devil can feel you. And... speaking of the Devil, he’s not happy, not even a little bit, with what you’ve been putting him through and he’s going to be settling your account at some point along with the overdue accounts of the rest of your odious, psychopathic crew.

I’ve been taught to have compassion Abe. I know that I must acquire compassion for everyone to achieve my goal in this life. You don’t need compassion, of course, but we are headed in different directions. In any case, you provide me with quite a conundrum. Is one required to feel compassion for a hemorrhoid? I’ve never had to think about that Abe. Should one have compassion for the Ebola virus as it is attacked by antibodies? It’s a difficult call.

Given what I see these days it really looks like the hemorrhoids have taken over the world. That could have the tendency to depress a person. Still... I’ve got the feeling that something is going to happen some way, somehow and that there’s going to be the kind of shrinking that happened to the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. Maybe then we won’t be hearing any more from the shrieking violets that trigger all of the witch hunts we have seen in recent times. I don’t know what’s going to put an end to your mischief but I can tell you this... it’s going to happen and you aren’t going to shut me up any more than you will shut up the rest of us. My advice to you is to go into a kind of remission and just enjoy the amenities of your natural home. For a man like yourself there is probably no sweeter place to be. Why not kick back and enjoy it?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
What you say is all true to the best of my 31 years of study of the subject.
However, in my humble opinion, this is not your best post insomuch as the language is a bit crude, accurate but a bit crude. That's just how I see it.

psychegram said...

Hehe brilliant ... I do wonder if Mr. Foxman will have this brought to his attention, if his ears will burn and his lips tighten, if that indigestion will flare up or maybe his very own hemorrhoids, in sympathy as it were (even if he isn't capable of compassion....) Maybe his heart will even be touched, if only by the spectral fingers of fear: "Shit, some of them are onto us. Maybe we might not actually win this one, maybe they'll wake up in time...."

Don't worry, sir. You're kind always wins, right? It is, after all, what you do. What you've pledged your life to. The strong win and the weak are eaten, isn't that the way it works? The natural order of the world? Isn't that how you excused to yourself all those things you did, those terrible, terrible things ... back when you still needed to excuse it, of course, before time and evil corroded those parts of your soul that needed to hear justifications. Such a long time ago....

Don't worry, sir. There's still so few of us have woken up, after all. Why, we barely outnumber your kind, and you've got so very much more money, political influence, and force at your disposal why ... it's inconceivable that you might actually lose this thing.

"Go back to sleep
(counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drum)
Go back to sleep!"

Go back to sleep, sir. Don't let us trouble you.

Visible said...

Hey psychegram... well said.

About this post being crude. I'm dealing with a crude subject AND, I purposely used the tamest words I could come across; I didn't even use the word 'shit'. It proves the point that one can never do enough or go far enough to meet the standards that others set for them even when the others should know that this blog is of a type and will not change in that respect. Still... it is amusing, after all of my careful effort to find this kind of irony surface.

I'm not going to be having tea with the queen any time soon (she's another crude subject with quite a few crude subjects) and my little finger won't be extending outward as I sip my tea. We don't live in a world of lace doilies, cabbage patch kids and teletubby leaders prancing through rainbowed meadows. We live in a world where I would have to go some distance from my own imposed limits to get anywhere near the crude that is performed by all the self-righteous hypocrites whose shit doesn't stink but who don't mind forcing it down people's throats and calling it righteous.

I've no apologies to make and I'm glad I wrote it just as I did.

Visible said...


Usually I will post supercilious, wiser than thou crap like what you sent in. The point about you fucking other people's women who are bored by what you know so much about and your 20 something take on enjoying life (as if you knew what it was composed of) made me sense that you are a neighbor and possibly a relative of Foxman's. If you can convince me that you are actually just a self involved, inexperienced callow youth with a lot of unjustified and imagined depth from real life pain which you haven't encountered then I'll be glad to put your comment up. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Abe Foxman may be dead to all human qualities, but he is not yet dead to FATHER God. Till the last moment there is still a chance.
I beg those that have faith and hold trust to FATHER God, pray for this man and for all the others so FATHER God will become KNOWN to them through Jesus Christ.

I especially beg for Jews to stop fearing the FATHER God for he is not dreadfull and merciless, but loving and forgiving....and only if necesary, just, but only little by little. Stop hardening your hearts by manifesting what he isnt.

Les, i wish from FATHER God to aproach you through Christ, his son. I wish this as a grace.

Peter Löffler

Visible said...

No question we are catching some unusual fish today.

Anonymous said...

It's the Bait!


Anonymous said...

"a vicious Nazi who crucifies the truth every day and who has no morals, no scruples, no honor and no soul."

If the bastard is human he would have a soul, it might be black as coal but he would still have one. It has long been my contention that trash like this isn't human in the traditional sense and therefore soulless. He could be a clone and clones don't have souls. Geneticists could take one of your cells and "create" a like individual but they can't instill it with a soul. They clone animals and you can bet your life they have cloned humans. As I said last week clones lack emotions and are readily programmed. Truth, beauty, compassion, empathy etc. are components of a souled individual, someone with a spark of the Creator.

If you have read Wingmakers and some of the other stuff out there you might be familiar with cloned civilizations. Clones can be faster, smarter, stronger than their souled counterparts, and as a result crowd out souled beings. could this be why many abductees describe their alien captors as robotic? I know this is controversial but it needs to be said.

Look at most of our world "leaders". They think and act alike. Is it a shared ideology or something more sinister. They are unprincipled clowns. I don't see how anyone with a lick of sense would pay attention to anything they say.

I like to quote old J. Edgar Hoover, "the average person is at a distinct disadvantage when he comes face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he can't believe it exists". Do you think Hoover was delusional when he said this? The shadow government is light years ahead of what is commonly known.


Peter of Lone Tree said...

Les, the comment by Peter Loffler has prompted me to consult an old friend of mine, MOTHER Goddess.
"Ma," I says to her, "I suppose you're aware of Les Visible's latest post?"
"Petey," She says to me, "I read everything; I pay attention to very little. Your buddy Les is one of the more reasonably literate members of the species. So, whaddaya want?"
"Well Ma, you suppose You could change that guy Foxman that Les is writing about into a Pole? You know, from Poland."
"Why, Petey?"
"Well then, we of Les's like-minded persuasion could refer to him as "The Polaroid!"
MOTHER Goddess at this point gave me a stern look but forebore on the lecture She usually gives me about my all-too-human grotesque sense of humor, but as she drifted away (I told her once that vanishing in the twinkling of an eye was kinda rude.), I though I detected a cosmic giggle.

Visible said...

Okay Peter and... on that note, if she did indeed laugh at the illusion I believe that would be proof that she was the corn goddess OR-

were you reading Fud before he even made his post?

This is a strange day, made all the more strange by nothing happening at all; a kind of Mercury in retrograde meets David Lynch; two things I hope never happen to me except it's pretty hard to avoid the Mercury thing.

Visible said...

sorry, that was supposed to allusion.

Salim said...


Ah if only i could share with you what i know and show you the truth of your words..sadly i cannot in such a limited platform.

Peace to all those who seek it and Woe to those who subvert it.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"were you reading Fud before he even made his post?"Actually no, but I am somewhat familiar with the Wingmakers as well as the Pleidians, the Cassiopaeans, and in particular Ra and The Law of One.

Anonymous said...

Careful now!!

Your eye is coming off the ball.

To where have they long since gone to further their evil scheme?

Look to the long lost self governing oblast in far Manchuria.

From there, three generations to work their wonders have plotted.

Death comes now.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Les! Don't you EVER apologize for how you say what you say!
My visceral response to what you wrote was Yeah! Les at his earthy best!
You SLAMMED your stake through the vampire's heart with uncompromising force...nailing a filthy reality that deserves NO mincing of words to mitigate its stench.
Too bad if some people object to your style...different strokes for different folks...haha.


William Wilson said...

hi Les,
Couldn't Foxman be given another name? Like Faux-man?

Anonymous said...

This is very unsettling.

We are all familiar with the FEMA camps. Maybe you have seen the buildings on UTUBE with large natural gas lines going to gigantic furnaces. You might have read about the guillotines that were shipped from France. Assuming all of this is true who do you think they would recruit to operate those guillotines and man the furnaces? Do you think your unemployed next door neighbor would chop heads all day for ten dollars an hour? Would you do it? Do you know anyone who would, even if the pay was fifty dollars an hour with full benefits? I doubt even battled hardened marines could hold up for long under all that gore. Hell over thirty percent come back from Iraq with mental problems.

One group of individuals who would have no difficulty would be emotionless programed clones. (can you think of any other group) So if at some future date you find yourself in a FEMA camp about to get your head waked and the person with his hand on the lever looks like mother Theresa or Barack Hussein Obongo or Abe Foxman don't be surprised. You heard it here first.

I don't know where this came from. Kind of like what Bob Dylan said when asked how he wrote the lyrics to his early songs! Was it something you said???


Anonymous said...

America is NOT Israel’s BITCH, Obama and Congress are..!

Israel / Jews are Blood Sucking Parasites of the World,
they are nothing more then Leeches feeding on Mankind.
The sooner this World is rid of them the better.
"Die Israel Die"

armouris said...

more info on haemorrhoids here - Suffer in Silence With Piles

Visible said...

This is news to me;

"Maybe you have seen the buildings on UTUBE with large natural gas lines going to gigantic furnaces. You might have read about the guillotines that were shipped from France."

I'm going to need links.

When Dylan was asked about where he got the inspiration for his songs he said something along these lines.

"I didn't write these songs. They were in the air all around me. I just wrote them down."

Since I understand this factor on a personal level I can tell you he was speaking the truth which brings me to something I seem to have to say about once a month...

though I am probably going to catch no end of shit at some point for having said what I have said, I have nothing against Jews or the Jewish people. I have a problem with predators hiding in their midst and I have a real problem with Israel and the 94% of the people who think it's okay to exterminate some of the most beautiful people on the planet and by this I mean the Palestinians and the Lebanese of whom I have not yet met one who wouldn't do more for me that most of the people who pretend to be my friends.

As I was just saying to someone on the phone, I was in prison for around 4 years in different hell-holes that were mostly populated by blacks and some number of them wanted to 'turn me out' and fuck me or worse. By the grace of God and certain unique abilities I have this never occurred but... it was touch and go. Do I hate black people because of this? Not hardly.

Women have broken my heart on occasion. Do I hate all women for this? Not likely.

I've had my ass saved by Jews on occasion who asked nothing in return. I've also been screwed by them more than once and I mean badly screwed; that doesn't mean I hate all Jews or I have forgotten the ones who helped me, just like I haven't forgotten that Bob Dylan is a Jew and Leonard Cohen is a Jew or that I have close friends of many years who are Jews. I just call them as I see them.

I don't hate all Americans just because a large number are mindless pigs. So I don't hate all Jews just because some of them are absolute swine or because the percentage of them who are is pretty high if you are talking AskeNAZI.

I take everyone as they come based on how they behave and I am only on this subject as I have been of late because of my concern for Jews; especially the ones who are not speaking out against the reptiles in their midst.

I catch real heat from people because I don't brand all Jews as criminal psychopaths and I never will.... not ever so remember that when you send in your posts because I'm going to filter this shit in the future.

A man or woman is just that; a human being until they prove otherwise.

Mouser said...

I'm very glad you noticed and brought up Larry Franklin. He got 12 years in jail for giving national security information to AIPAC, but the two revealed AIPAC recipients of other and greater amounts of national security information got off free. Now forgive me for being a simple Canadian but isn't there something logically/legally (as well as morally) fundamentally wrong with these facts?
How can a gentile American go to jail for 12 years but two jewish Americans go free for doing exactly the same thing?
If you are going to send up a marijuana user for 12 years and you have full evidence who sold him his dope, the "pusher", isn't the latter at least or more guilty for making money on the illegal substance while the first is only guilty of deriving personal pleasure?
I DON'T UNDERSTAND how this can be legal, it isn't logical and it is certainly isn't moral.
Does being Jewish in America mean one has a "cart-blanche" to break the law? Is that why Mossad Jane really isn't worried?
Why don't the legally educated people, or at least the law students, in the USA pick up on this contradiction? I'm a layman when it comes to the law, but even I can see 2 + 2 doesnotequal 5!
Abe Foxman, ADL, AIPAC are WORSE than hemorrhoids on the devil's ass. And we, the silent ones, will certainly be made to eat what is coming down if we do not stand up to this white-phosphouring bully and say enough is enough - and that Zionists have to eat their own shit from now on!

Maasanova said...

Treason is now officially legal in the US when it comes to Israel. There can be no denying that now.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, you are utterly amazing. I can imagine it is difficult for people who get into a groove when you consistently become someone else as often as you do.

You know what I do for a living so I can give you no higher praise than to tell you that I check your sites before I read the news and that your songs are on my CD player as I drive to work.

You have not done your best work yet. I suspect it is not that far away and I also suspect that you are going to be known all over the world. I think you have some real friends in remote corners and some in positions of power. You speak truly when you have said this age is ending. As you have also said, only a fool would be unable to see it. There are many fools about.

I will see you in Basel in the summer.


Anonymous said...

Les, it is completely understandable if you want to call Mr. Foxman a hemorrhoid. However, as your Mother, I must remind you that to dehumanize him is to let him off the hook. As much as I would like to fling feces at him, nothing counters his lack of humanity more than compassion, which as you noted is the task.

I hope I haven't been a kill-joy, beaching myself along with your other strange fish. Carry on. But don't forget.

Anonymous said...

Foxman and his ilk has manipulate 'the people who matter' in this world, carry on with torture and death to millions of innocent people at will. As much as I am sickened and repulsed by that tribe of Edomite/Ashkenazi (notice nazi is part of that word) Jews wreaking mahem on this planet, I take solice in one thing I believe to be true. Foxman et al will never be able to do one thing....trick/fool/bribe Yahweh above. Our souls will be judged and I sure as hell would hate to have to explain why I supported or carried out such evil acts against humanity!

P.S. said...

Even if Franklin is a non-zionist jew, and even if he gave the information to Iran, it does not change the facts: treason for zionists is legal and freedomofspeech for non-zionists is illegal.

faithful forever said...

And the Israelis aka the Ashkenazi, always prove you right, Les.

We are all Palestinian - those with souls anyway.

Many more blessings to you my friend and brother from afar. You stand on the side of truth and may your light continue to burn for more to see the truth.

Visible said...

Since I am a bodhisattva, let me say one thing as regards compassion. Our illustrious author, Gautama said... "show compassion to your enemies because it heaps coals of fire on their heads." This I take to mean that, as Lao Tzu ALSO said, "Compassion is a weapon from the sky AGAINST being dead." This I also take to mean that things are not what they seem, not ever and neither is compassion.

Which is why I asked if I should show compassion for a haemorrhoid and I suppose there will be laughter from some now and consternation from others.

I forgive everyone. I really do but... I would rather not be here and I will always feel that way until I am back home.

Words are cheap. This we can see by their profusion. Truth, like "the cheese stands alone." I'll take whatever comes out of that as gospel and let the devil take the hindmost.

Anonymous said...


you are answering your critics here

you shouldn't do that.

Fuckthem. Fuck them all.

Truth like the Earth does not control the rain that falls on it. You are the most forcefully true spokesman on the internet and on the planet that I have ever seen.

You should be proud. You should be extremely proud. I live in the middle east and I see every day what people do not talk about. We have very few voices and you are one of the most powerful and you are not even an Arab. I am an Arab and half of my family is dead because of Lebanon. I must live in Cyprus now and I only can because I am a doctor. My family died so that I could heal people and now my reason for doing it is gone.

I am angry more than any man can know but I know that Allah in his unspeakable wisdom has got it in his hands.

When I was a young boy I saw Omar Sharif in Doctor Zhivago and I understood what I still do not understand and that is why there is so much evil. I do not understand. I do not understand.

faithful forever said...

Standing on the side of truth is a most uncomfortable place to be in this current realm of events, but it most definitely beats the alternative. This too shall pass. There are only two sides and you have chosen wisely. Your work is very much needed, Les, for the harvest is plenty but the workers are few.

Many do not choose wisely and many are not even aware that they have not chosen wisely, and that is why there is so much evil. Not for very much longer for their time is short.

Anonymous said...

As for Bob Dylan you might as well get it from the horse's mouth. This is an interview he did on 60 minutes. Pay close attention to what he says near the end of the second segment. (I'll link you to segment 2) "I made a bargain with the ....." Then he catches himself. Have you ever read The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge? In it you can learn how to get possessed by a devil of your own. I stay clear of such things. He didn't write those early songs and he readily admits it in the interview. Nobody could write those songs. I've listened to them a thousand+ times. They are incredible.

This is a link to the UTUBE FEMA camp with the gas lines and furnace.

As far as the guillotines in FEMA camps I'll link you to a UTUBE video. Not a very good one. I've read about the guillotines in many places. I'm sure you have too. If you can't find more info I will try to help. My files aren't very organized.


Anonymous said...

OOps. Forgot the link to the guillotines in FEMA camps.


Anonymous said...

Mercury goes retrograde Wednesday morning on the west coast.

Thanks for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

At least-in the United States- people are waking up to what has been going on, and you are investigating the links and connections, (and even identifying those who are responsible for this).
Up here in Canukistan, criticising the zionists is similar to bad-mouthing the pope- it just isn't done! (It's in very bad taste- just like farting at a garden party).
Can't give you my name- they are already burning crosses on my lawn, here.

Anonymous said...

There sure is a lot of forbidden knowledge around which ain't very forbidden.

Josey Wales said...


The legit/freely elected government of Gaza owns substantial assets offshore GAZA.

The oil and gas is valuable.

You would think it is their right to develop these resources.

This would bring them out of poverty and allow them to accomplish many humanitairian goals.

What is preventing them from getting reasonable help from other oil and gas countries with expertise to develop these?

It would seem a natural and profitable undertaking and I for one would support it.

And I would think they have the right to handle their own money in this regard.

Am I missing something?



Josey Wales said...


I forgot one other thing.

Since Israel deliberately separated Gaza from the West Bank so that it would never be contiguous, the government in GAZA would represent the true people of Palestine (at least there in GAZA) and as long as they shared the wealth with the other natural born Palestinians on the West Bank and other stolen property, I would think its a big plus.


Anonymous said...

u become mor visable in astatic oneness with the present, so musical,subdividing our heartbeats for your crazy-time melody.....we all know the truth, some just deny the sunrise before the dawn, so they can kid themselves that THEY are in control of what is happening to and of them.....even when they are blinded by the, bluespower

Dadnerd said...

On the subject of compassion. If we were brought up to believe that being nice and sweet was a loving and kind thing, well we may have been somewhat misled. How so? Here's one example. Say your house is broken into and you are a man, and your wife and or child is being abused by the perp, what to do? Or you are a woman and you see your husband or child is being abused, what to do?

You're loving and compassionate, and you don't want to hurt anyone right? What to do? Is it loving and kind to stand there and watch your loved ones being abused, or worse killed?

Lets broaden it out somewhat. We all see how the idiots in government are abusing people. We see it in our local community and we see it on a larger scale. We absolutely see how the Israeli apologists are justifying murder, but, we are compassionate and kind, so we just let it happen. lets not get all anti semetic now okay?

See how getting all lost and confused with words, will get the masses confused? See how the word anti semetic is a catch phrase to confuse the confused masses? Lets not pick on the real perps, that might be anti semetic!

That's why I stress, living in the real world as opposed to the imaginary world created by images and words, fabricated by all those genius' that are our "superiors" is a dead in street.

Hate to say it Foxes of the world, but you better change or hide. I sense a tsunami heading this way, and no amount of bullshit propaganda is gonna stop it.

Dadnerd said...

Les is still sleeping so I thought I would clarify this. If compassion means protecting and defending a killer or a criminal, it is not compassion. You have suddenly become an accessory to a crime. Lets not fall back on, well I didn't understand the whole thing; guess what? Courts don't accept that.

Personally I think calling this clown a hemorrhoid is letting this criminal off the hook. Those are kind words okay? Pariah comes to my mind, but maybe I'm being cruel. Why? Because there is a cure or at least a remedy for the former, but not for the latter.

So what is love? Or compassion? Is it a quality we must strive for, or a state of mind that exists when our self centered activity ends? We all think it is a lovely quality, that we all should try to attain, right?


Self center people trying to attain enlightenment are still self center people.

Lets not confuse Love with stupidity okay? That may be some idea we have been taught from childhood to manipulate us in subservience. Love may be something totally different. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean standing there watching your wife getting raped while you do nothing, OKAY?

And anyone buying in to this Mid east shit, is lost in the mind maze of words and manipulation that only one group of people have mastered to the max. Just turn on your TV for evidence if you have any doubt.

Cheers, my fellow brain washed humanoids...

Mouser said...

Understanding, or the lack there of, and truth, or lack there of.
Once a person understands the truth about why there is so much evil in the world it is impossible to go on is if one were ignorant.
The calamities and atrocities committed to perpetuate the evil make everyone who knows the truth sad.
Understanding of God's will on earth begins to crumble.
Why one asks, why is God allowing these horrible things to happen to innocent men women and children?
Why do those who profess a belief in God directly and indirectly aloow these evil things to keep on happening?
Why is there not a huge global outcry from all peoples to stop the evil?
I have three young daughters. I cannot imagine losing even one of them to this evil which has a pitbull grip on everything.
How many pictures of dismembered little girls do we have to endure until enough is enough?
I do not understand.
I know from Les' writings and the many who post here I am not alone.
Evil things are killing innocent, helpless little girls and we have the pictures and the evidence of who is doing this all over the internet in every country on earth.
I do not understand why this continues to happen on our watch.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan HAS received all his gifts from our Father God as HAS everyone and everything else. So HAS Les. Everyone who believes otherwise threw his/her believes to the spirit of this world and thus believes in a LIE.
Spirit of this world will provide you with nothing, it will only confuse you and make you unhappy and fierce. The true freedom can not be received from the spirit of this world. Only from Father God.

Peter Löffler

Anonymous said...

I also propose a Silent Anti-Zionist Movement. While I admire the courage of those who speak by their conscience; if you think doing so may jeopardize you (being labelled anti-semitic, may even lose your job...), project your sadness and concern into a thought form to your God, to the Universe, "May karma and justice be upon (those) who strike terror." If more and more people do that, it creates a powerful universal force. There is no physical organization nor paper membership. Thank you. Elliot.

Anonymous said...

I always thought of Foxman as the excrement that inflames hemorrhoids ;)

Anonymous said...

Eliot, you are right, but you are wrong in one thing. You can pray to the universe, but nothing really comes from it. It is like to tell your parents that it was not them who raised you and feeded you and gave you love. That it was universe. I wonder what they would think about it. It would be hutfull to them and to you too, as it would be really natural.
Only our Father, who loves us so much will provide everything we need, even if we are scared and untrusty. He will never stop loving and providing if we ask, as your natural parents would not.

Peter Löffler

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but is the timing of this flu hysteria and other events just a coincidence? Was it a warning? 'Look at what we can do if you don't....' Just wondering.


The Zionist Occupied Gov't of America said...

Sanity, logic and concern for one's fellowman would dictate that this article must be made available to all Americans and Westerners - yet it will never see the pages of any major newspaper or any evening news.

The predictable result of shaing this with neighbors friends and associates will be at best - a blank stare and or an immediate change of topic - as if it were never revealed to them in the first place - as if they were all drugged.

The most menial ‘event’ immaginable will take precedence over this very important revelation - a TV show - a football game or discussion of local gossip will prevail.

This absence of reason is no less disturbing than to notify the occupants of a burning building of a fire and to be told that “they can’t be bothered with it right now”. That is classic insanity.

I see this phenomenon virtually every day and as matters get more and more grave - the earmarks of insanity become more and more pronounced - way beyond ‘denial’.

Even rats have the good sense to ‘leave a sinking ship so as to survive drowning.’

Yo' mamma.

Anonymous said...

someone quoted Gandhi about how a civilization should be judged/

I will tell you how a blogger should be judged and that is by the audience he attracts. You have the wisest and most informed audience I have ever seen. major props to Rivero and others for making you heard. i'm not going to be saying anything here because i am not as good as the competition and i mostly like to watch anyway but i will say this, you are the very best writer on the internet or anywhere else that i have seen. it isn't just your obvious gift with words or the incredible deepness of your mind and heart, it's that you change all the time and are always fresh and new. you are proof to me that there is an invisible force that some call god. thank you for giving me strength in this very scary time.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Les, I tried to post the comment below on Smoking Mirrors but don't know if it got through, so I'm sending it directly to your email. Thanks and keep up the top shelf work!

Salutations Les, you have proved again beyond measure to be a true man of honour, conviction, dedication and justice infused humanity that's as rare as freedom on this planet. Your words are weapons in your hands that resonate soundly to others to stand up and be authentic men and women of valor and integrity. Men and women are measured by their deeds and the legacy they impart through good and just works, all else is false value and material delusions. When a hero dies his weight is that of a sea, a coward's death is mocked and by contrast worth the equivalent weight of dust. I'm not overtly religious having much like yourself to have studied a number of worlds religions, but I know for a fact that the omniscient and unfathomed presence known by many names as God, despises cowards. A coward is a pathetically dependent individual who waits for a Superman wrapped Jesus to come and alleviate them of their personal responsibilities. They wait in vain hopes for their flavour of !
saviour whilst blissfully dancing away a death row existence. If people begin to fight this evil they will be assisted but it is not to be counted on. Much the way someone being victimized in the street should ever count upon a good Samaritan's intervention. You fight as though your life depends upon it utilizing available resources that will achieve victory. The best and most powerful weapon unused is defiance and simple sustained non-compliance. Ally yourselves based upon commonalities and not the petty differences exacerbated by those who plot demoniacal enslavement and wholesale murder.

Excuse the minor digression. I've been an investigator for a long time of these high crimes and infernal characters which has brought me to your site a while ago. This site as well as your 'Reflections in a Petri Dish' have shone as beacons for those seeking battle wisdom, valor by example and literary articulation as sharp as a Katana blade. If no one else says it thanks for your sustained commitment to inform the populace with wit and brilliant insight. BTW, your term for this Abe Foxman scumbag "Dung Golem" was ingenious, I heartily laughed out loud upon reading. Keep up the steadfast and inspirational works, you are often silently but well appreciated for your efforts.

Cheers, Hei Hu Quan

Ivan de Coward said...

Professor Robinson who made comparison of Israelis to Nazis is Jewish. But he wasn't the only one and he wasn't the first one who made such a comparison. Many Gentiles did that before him. You were one of them, Les. So why is the furor around Jew Robinson? Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, the authors of "The Israel Lobby", are both Jewish. By their own admission, they did not reveal anything new about the Israel Lobby. Many Gentiles for many years have been saying the truth about Israel Lobby. David Duke comes to mind. So why the furor around these Jewish academics? Professor Noam Chomsky is Jewish and, according to professor Norman Finkelstein, he's been Zionist since he turned 6. So why Jew Chomsky is the most prominent anti-Zionist academic in America? Professor Norman Finkelstein, Jewish himself, was not the first one to reveal the Jewish extortion campaign against the Germans (extended to Swiss later on). Many Gentiles did that before him. Ernst Zundel comes to mind. So why the furor around his book "The Holocaust Industry"?

One can not help but notice that a certain pattern is at work here. When the truth cannot be contained any longer, it MUST be a Jew who breaks it to the public.

Les, isn't it the time to stop thinking it terms of bad Jews - good Jews (the cliche is I have many good Jewish friends). Isn't it the time to think in terms of race. I have no doubt in my mind that there are good Jews and there are bad Jews. That is not the point. The point is that there is this body we call the Jews. And this body is a threat to ALL Gentiles without exception. All this talk about how the Jews are not really Jews but Khazars is a useless chewing gum first advanced by a Jew Benjamin Freedman by the way. Who gives a fuck if they are Khazars or Semites or Klingons. The point is that there is this formation out there that acts as an organism with very well defined objectives. The cohesive force that makes this thing to breathe, to act, to behave the way it does is not a religion doctrine, it is a racial consciousness.

Why do we care so much about Palestinians? Why are we so outraged by Israeli atrocities against Palestinians? Why don't we have the same intensity of rage when we think about Japanese atrocities against Chinese or American atrocities against Japanese committed during World War II? or the atrocities committed by Khmer Rouge against the people of Cambodia? Is it because those atrocities had happened long time ago? No. Is it because these atrocities happened in places more remote then Palestine? No. Is it because Palestinians are "the most beautiful people on the planet"? No, Palestinians are not more beautiful or less beautiful than Iraqis, Afghanis, or Iranians. So why what is happening to the Palestinians is so important to us? I think all we know the answer to that. We know in our hearts that this bio formation would not hesitate to treat every one of us the same way it treats Palestinians if it could. There was no fucking way Pol Pot could get at us, neither could Emperor Hirohito. But Jews can. And the whole fucked up Western world can feel it now as did Russia in not so distant past. That's the answer. Correct me if I am wrong.

Visible said...

People, readers, bushlurkers and sundry bobblenoggins... scarcely a day goes by that I don't hear from someone saying they can't post or they don't see their post. Send them to me in an email. We've known for a long time that this site messes with me (and others). Why do I care? Because you might think I am not posting your work. You might go away for no good reason. I'm delighted if you stay or leave for a good reason but not because of assumptions based on nothing.

I would hate to think that I lose a potential friend due to enemy action.

The Zionist Occupied Gov't of America said...

Sanity, logic and concern for one's fellowman would dictate that this article must be made available to all Americans and Westerners - yet it will never see the pages of any major newspaper or any evening news.

The predictable result of shaing this with neighbors friends and associates will be at best - a blank stare and or an immediate change of topic - as if it were never revealed to them in the first place - as if they were all drugged.

The most menial ‘event’ immaginable will take precedence over this very important revelation - a TV show - a football game or discussion of local gossip will prevail.

This absence of reason is no less disturbing than to notify the occupants of a burning building of a fire and to be told that “they can’t be bothered with it right now”. That is classic insanity.

I see this phenomenon virtually every day and as matters get more and more grave - the earmarks of insanity become more and more pronounced - way beyond ‘denial’.

Even rats have the good sense to ‘leave a sinking ship so as to survive drowning.’

Yo' mamma.

Anonymous said...

Hemorrhoids. Ha! Nice analogy. They don't call it Anti-Defecation League for nuthin!

Anonymous said...

Ahem, excuse me - all you Religionist/One-Way/Father/Jeebus/Yahweh/Lord of the Universe/Creator-God Freaks:
Could you just get yourselves up to speed and get on with just condemning the rest of us to Hell For All Eternity. It's where you always end up with your declarations of everyone else's 'wrongness', and it gets boring waiting for the inevitable climax. The rest of us have work to do. OK? Thanks.

Ol' butt-face Abe is the perfect example of religionists gone wild, though just one of billions infecting this planet. If he wasn't here on this side trying to control our thoughts, he'd be over in the SLC with 3 of his buddies holding down an 80 yr old farmer while he cracked his skull with rocks, like the rest of the 'brave, moral, light-bringing' psychopaths that propagate like hemorrhoids or yeast infections where chosen ones can't clean their own muladharas for their neurotic fear of 'victimhood'.

Religionists, religions, bullshit priests, and all the rest of the intermediary-promoting scum have for at least 5000 years tried to obliterate the Natural Birthright of we human beings to utilize the 97% of our DNA ("junk DNA") to achieve awareness of the true nature of the multiverse/universe from our encoded ancient teachers, through sacred herbs, ecstatic 'technologies', and journeying in the Devic Realms which exist in every molecule of creation. There is nowhere that the Devas are absent, only our phony religious lock-down prevents us from co-operating/co-creating with what's always been present since the first protein popped out of the primordial soup.(Do we really need 'avatars'?)

Wake the fuck up! The Devic world is waking up/stirring to bring a screeching halt to this gaiacidal insanity. The Devic realm has fucking had it! It increasingly appears that the demonic plans of the planet-rapers are being sabotaged - look at the fizzle of the swine-flu BS, the uncontrollable spewing of self-exposing blather of the little naked emperors/empresses on all levels of the psycho-heirarchy, the 7/7 debacle, the monsanto-corn disaster, the flop of the washington black-face minstrel show, and so on and so forth......

Won't be long now. Accelerating time and all that.
Experienced soujourners, like our illustrious host and innumerable others, have survived the fires and tribulations of the requisite 'underworld' mission-impossibles, and will be here to heal our precious world with their sacred arts and skills when the time comes.
12/21/2012 at the latest.


Anonymous said...

Les, the hemi metaphor works for me, but may I offer the Zionist Tapeworm as a back up. Abe's just the lowest segment, though engorged to near bursting, and one of the more visible as he dangles and waves in the breeze. Maybe next year we could organize a chili festival to coincide with the AIPAC treason festival.

Visible said...


If you don't know where I'm coming from then you probably won't be waiting when I get there (grin).

Seriously, I don't know how to answer you. What I had to say was addressed to a couple of prominent bloggers who feel like they have to let me know about once a week how I'm being too soft on the Jews and am not committed enough to step over some invisible line in the sand so that we can collectively fight to the last man standing.

Probably I shouldn't have even put that comment here but it was more convenient for me rather than sending the email. Tell you the truth I don't know why I said it but I'm pretty sure that's how I feel.

As it so happens, the particular Palestinians and Lebanese that I met were pretty exceptional people and I take exception to all acts of violence to all people. The ones you mentioned don't happen to be going on right now.

My saying this probably won't mean anything to you but... there it is.

Visible said...

Tapeworm chili. Sounds like a Hell of a meal or... is this one of those dishes that eats itself? I know a couple of ladies who would consider that Satori, no doubt there are guys who would appreciate it too.

Anonymous said...

listened to your song several times through the day. That is a phenomenal act of songwriting so I thought I would put the lyrics up for anyone who might not have heard it.

Iridescent Dreams

They don't know where they're going
They don't know what it means
You don't see false flags waving
in your iridescent dreams

The world goes out of focus
The mind turns upside down
The shaman shakes his rattle
everywhere is holy ground

The lotus just keeps rising
far above the murky lake
and blooms into a Buddha
with every breath you take

No they don't know where they're going
They don't know what it means
cause their minds are all on fire
burning in some young girls jeans

The seed it hangs suspended
the trembling heart it seems
to give birth to cloudy mountains
In your iridescent dreams

Fire on the mountain
Fire in the lake
Fire burning in your mind
With every breath you take
The whole world is on fire
With the force of burning need
as the object of desire turns
in iridescent dreams

they don't know where they're going
They don't know what it means
all that wasted glory
keeps leaking through the seams

It all comes out of emptiness
and you're riding alongside
of the space through which you are passing
the horse on which you ride

the sound out of the silence
and the echo that won't die
the gleaming comprehension
that is shining in her eye

You can see the big wheel turning
You can see the prayers ascend
You can see the angels flying
In a spiral round the bend

You can hear the war planes thunder
You can hear the people scream
I'm surprised that you don't wonder
in your iridescent dreams

Fire on the mountain
Fire in the lake
Fire burning in your mind
With every breath you take
The whole world is on fire
With the force of burning need
as the object of desire turns
in iridescent dreams

The Pale Rider is mounted
on a nightmare in the sky
Cassiopeia is dancing
why don't you come outside

and while I was at it I corrected a couple of typos :)

You play the banjo?


Ivan de Coward said...


I said it once and I will say it again, you are a good man, and I wish you to get wherever it is you are trying to get.
It will not hurt me or anybody else. I know why I said it and I'm pretty sure that's how I feel.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make a clarification. I'm pretty sure you understand completely, but some posters here may not. First, compassion doesn't mean submission to evil. There is a call in the blogosphere to patiently sing negro spirituals instead of rising up. I do not think that is what compassion call for.

Really, I was reacting to the dehumanizing part of limiting Foxman to only one part of anatomy. I have always taken the real lesson of the holocaust to be that it is wrong to dehumanize. Wrong when the Nazis dehumanized the Jews, just as wrong as when the Jews dehumanize the Palestinians, or the Gentiles. It would still be wrong if we did it, even in trying to defend against a great wrong being done to us.

But beyond that, it is not the best weapon. As a human being, a miserable excuse for one but fully human, Abe Foxman and the whole zionist perversion of the United States, using us to enable the rise of the Israeli state in all its tyranny... it is an outrageously human story. It is harder to find words to truly describe how wrong it all is. But easier to dismiss the protest here if it can be reduced to body parts instead of human truths.

I'm sorry, Les. I don't mean to biddy-up your blog.

Visible said...

At What Really Happened today is this except from a fascinating blog entry about pigs. The irony is too much-

"In some areas hogs would be turned out to find their own food. Hogs would roam freely, eating what they could find— acorns from the ground or roots, which they dug from the ground with their snouts. On Manhattan Island, New York, the hogs rampaged through grain fields until farmers were forced to build a wall to keep them out. The street running along this wall became Wall Street."

Visible said...

In respect to some of the recent comments here, let me say that I am constantly impressed and surprised by the beauty and humanity of you who write here. Thank you so much for being a class act and,

no, I do not play the banjo but you can get a guitar or a piano to sound like anything these days. If you're smart, like me (grin), you can even get them to sound like anything without even playing them.

william wilson said...

where does faux-man get his power? from his hookup to the money-printing machines and those who control them,thats where. not from justice, not logic, not reason. his buds are flush. there needs to be some way to make that irrelevant.

Barbara L said...

It seems to me that the Pharisees or money changers ARE the ancestors of those guys on wall street. Not joking. Jesus was the first anti zionist.

Barabara L said...

And what I know about him is.. the church and the Jews were serious contenders for world domination. For many centuries, but the Jews have millennium more experience and the Jesuits fell back, then of course the Vatican as well. So he has joined with them instead of losing out. They all use the same banker too, the current Vizier of the queen, a Rothschild.

Mermaid said...

It is part of the definition of a feeling that it is born in us without our will, often against our will. As soon as we want to feel (decide to feel …), feeling is no longer feeling but an imitation of feeling, a show of feeling. This is commonly called hysteria. That’s why homo sentimentalis (a person who has raised feeling to value) is in reality identical to homo hystericus.

John Hersey said...

Allow me to correct you where Les had refused.

What makes Jews Jews is not racial consciousness at all. As a matter of fact Israeli Jews are extremely aware of each others distinct race. Hence the Israeli racial ladder starting with Ashkenazim, Sephardic, Mizrahi... all the way down to Palestinians. It is the same in the US. Just as it was in mid 19-th century in England. Karl Marx, the author of "World without Jews" disparagingly referred to his literary critic as a lesser ugly dark skin Jew.

This is about manufactured ethnic identity. Our rulers/rabbis know this best. So does Tony Judt. It is the Jewish identity that is easiest to manipulate into a dangerous and blind human mass. Capable of being stirred up into fury by Jewish controlled media. This type of manipulation was first employed in the Warsaw Ghetto. Not by Germans, but by the Judenrat Jews themselves. The Abe Foxmans of November 1939 were Juderat doctors, religious leaders, administrators arguing that Jews are better off by relocating into a part of Warsaw that Jews themselves walled in. Later to be called the Warsaw Ghetto. The rest is history.

Read the novel "The Wall", (link in the header), and it will open your eyes how easy it is to manipulate ignorant people into doing something that will ultimately kill them. And yes Ivan, Jews because of their limited analytical skills are very dangerous to us all, including Jews themselves. So are American Evangelicals. Political manipulation is an equal opportunity tool, works best on idiots. Just add "identity". Right? That's why we read Les.

I'm sure Les, that you are prodded into taking a clear thundering stance. Anti or filo-semitic, whatever that really means. Don't do it Les, or you will become one of them. But worse of all, we will stop reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

I used to be one of those pro-Israel types, because I was a Christian, and this was the thing to do. It's widely taught in Christian circles as a essential requirement to the Christian faith (read on).

I was a minister in fact, even had my own ministry that I founded and led for many years (almost 20). I went on to write three books on Christianity, and it was this research effort into these books that finally gave me pause about my (blind) faith in things I hadn't fully understood or researched, including Israel, Zionism, the whole ball of wax.

Always one to hold to the truth, I came to abandon Christianity entirely after years of additional research, because I learned that it was all based upon deceptions, distortions, and misrepresentation of historical fact.

I came to place the commonly accepted "history" of Israel and Zionism in the same category of evil teaching (all based upon lies and deceptions). I even dared to question the veracity of the Holocaust "story" (the popular version), which is now a crime.

My point is this -- I'm now the enemy of Zionist, Christians and anybody that blindly teaches the "pro-Israel" bullshit. Education and research taught me the truth. Now, I'm pro-Palestinian, a very unpopular position for a former Christian minister.

Anybody that cannot see the lies for what they are today as the body count rises higher and higher is an ignorant fool. I don't tolerate fools anymore, nor should you.

Don't stop speaking the truth. Lies and deceptions should be exposed to the light (knowledge).

Mouser said...

Israel is a bully and knows Iran would defeat them in a conventional war. Since Israel is only a bully (a civilian murdering coward) the zionazis WILL NOT attack Iran because they would lose. They are only 'trash-talking' to Iran to try and intimidate them with threats that USA is with them. BUT guess what - the US people thereby the US military are NOT with Israel anymore. Israel is now a toothless bully with an A-bomb. If they use it or threaten to use it against Iran. Russia will TERMINATE Israel permanently.

Glenn said...

Hey John Hersey.
Are you Jewish?
I am Christian but I refuse the dogma I have found in every church and bibleschool I have attended and gruduated from.
You write outstandingly, at a doctoral level (perhaps many times over).
Here's the the rub fine sir John:
We goyim have a problem drawing a line between where Jewism stops and Zionism begins.
We are openly anti-zionist but (want to) believe there are many Jews who all also anti-Zionist.
Problem is this; if Jewish anti-Zionists do not speak up and condem the atrocities being committed by their cousins the Zionists, how are we goyim supposed to tell you apart.
I hope and believe Zionism will be destroyed but I have absolutely no desire to harm a single hair on the head of a jewish anti-zionist.
Can you help me out here?
Glenn Dormer

Visible said...


This here-

"I'm sure Les, that you are prodded into taking a clear thundering stance. Anti or filo-semitic, whatever that really means. Don't do it Les, or you will become one of them. But worse of all, we will stop reading your blog."

I didn't really get the last sentence. It kind of made me uneasy (no offense intended- just being honest).

As for the first part...(and the last sentence). I've been doing this for a few years now and I would like to think I am consistent in what I do. In some ways I'm like the Sun; pretty steady at what it does but with occasional flares and sunspots. One thing I know about myself is that no one influences me to take any position that I don't want to take.

My life is arranged in such a way that I do not have to depend on anyone for my bed and bread yet... I own very little. At the same time I don't want anything and am content with the simple necessities of simple food and few possessions. I've got a car that's about ten years old though it is a classic. I've got my tools of my trade, this computer and it's accessories and my instruments and some sound equipment. Other than that I've just got my clothes and some books.

I have this little house in Italy which isn't even in my name and I have no assets of my own but somehow... whenever I need something or want something the means are there. It might sound magical and fantastic but it's true. I have total proof in my life that if you rely entirely upon the divine that everything is taken care of.

My life is the way it is for the specific reason that I don't want anyone telling me what to do or holding anything over my head. I have no job except what you see; these blogs, my novels and music and related efforts.

My freedom and autonomy are at the top of my priorities, just a step below remembering god and feeling gratitude. I do make mistakes and errors in judgment on occasion because I am a work in progress BUT I am wide open to advice and correction by anyone who points anything out to me. I try to be objective concerning whatever I am told and seriously consider what I hear. Sometimes I do not agree with what someone may say and sometimes I have particular reasons for being a certain way but I ALWAYS consider and reflect on what I hear. My belief is that if you recognize where you are wrong and adjust then you are no longer wrong so it's win win.

I would write what I write if no one read me at all. There are some large sites that no longer carry my work because I do not bow to their conditions. I carry no advertising. I work for free. Though people can donate in appreciation if they are inclined I never ask for money. I try to retain my integrity inasmuch as I understand what that is.

I would hope that people would point out the error in what I do and see what happens rather than to decide just not to read me without making any effort to show me the way. I have several blogs so that those who may not enjoy one side of my nature may possibly enjoy another. Doing what I do occupies portions of my day from the time I awaken until I go to bed and there is no paycheck other than the satisfaction of doing something I see precious little of and which is the reason I do it. There is always the possibility of great danger in these efforts but it isn't something I even consider.

I like to believe that I am living my life for a purpose and that that is far more important than personal gain. Hopefully I don't sound too self-righteous saying these things. What I can say is that this is the naked truth and what i believe.

I find I have to say things like this with some regularity, like reminding people to send me their comments if the don't go up. I guess it's part of the whole thing.

In the midst of all of this I have to endure certain torments which I have found no way to resolve so sometimes it's a tough act to perform. Perhaps as I become more clear (hoping that is what is happening), my torments will ease but sometimes- and especially lately- it hurts and there isn't anyone I can go to about that except upstairs and so... whatever it is and whatever the reasons that's how it is sometimes.

If people feel that I'm not doing my job then I expect they will tell me. Someone criticized this present post because he felt the language was crude. You can see what pains I was at not to use a number of words that could have been substituted. In order to say what I said I had to pay careful attention and despite that effort it was not effective for someone. It is really ironic.

No one knows what goes on behind the scenes here as far as what some disenchanted readers got up to and so on and so forth. I can tell you sincerely that there are often times when I wish I didn't have to do this. I'm not getting anything out of it at the level that I care about except for Visible Origami. All I can figure is that I am supposed to do this. It's one of those chores like mowing the lawn and preparing and serving food. I'm rambling now so I guess I'll just ramble off.

John Hersey said...

Glenn Dormer,

Heck no, I'm not Jewish, if anything I'm a lapsed Catholic. If that means anything at all. Culturally I appreciate Greek and Roman aesthetics and strongly oppose Talmudic logic.

I do not know what that makes me, but I would vehemently oppose anyone trying to make me into an object to control. And yes, I've been reading Les since early this century. His writing has many facets, some appeal to me more than others. I'm not that much into directed spirituality. Whatever that thing is, I find it myself, usually outdoors, in nature.

I'm puzzled why you've concluded I'm some kind of Zionist apologist. Yes I do have a doctorate, but that had never cleared me of accusations of perceived antisemitism. I've also sat on Kevin McDonald's lectures and share his conclusions, though I'm less of a Eurocentist than he is.

Zionist label bothers me because it applies to both Jewish nationalist as well as American politicians. See Joe Biden, John C. Hagee and other useful idiots. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm convinced they were both bought by someone that does not represent my interests.

John Hersey said...

My wife is my back, so let me respond briefly.

You've alluded to people pressuring you. It's only a conjecture, but I think someone may be trying to make use of your talents for their own agenda. That is why I mentioned "prodding".

I did not intend to make you uneasy, but if I offended you by even mentioning the possibility, please deny with full force of your keyboard and I'll appreciate it even more.

Visible said...

"My wife is my back"?

I don't know what to do with that (grin)

I could wax very comedic about this but will demur.

I'm thinking... is he saying his wife is back and she shouldn't catch him talking to me? (grin again) or she's back and you're going to hang out with her. My consort returns tomorrow and I'm going to have to spend time with her (not that I mind)

Look John... I think my laborious response covered most exigencies (since you've got a PHD I figure I can use that kind of language ( 'P'iled 'H'igher and 'D'eeper)

Let me say it like I was on the avenue or back in the cell block; not to you personally but in a general sort of a way. No one tells me what the fuck to do... no one. I've got a soft heart but I don't have a soft head... I usually spot shit way before it gets to me. I can't remember the last time anyone 'manipulated' me. I'm not for sale at ANY price and I can say that with absolute confidence. I suppose I could be compelled 'momentarily' to acquiesce ( a PHD word heh heh)to certain things depending on what the situation was but it wouldn't take over the long haul. I'm not Galileo but I understand his position.

Occasionally I like to spar with much younger people because you lose it if you don't use it. That doesn't mean much in this format but it does speak to what I'm like. I do have the capacity to be a serious hard case; inflexible on some things but maybe that could be cured with a good dose of waterboarding. What I mean in this paragraph is that alertness is part of my profile and I think I can say that I am incorruptible as far as power, pussy and gold are concerned. I've had many the opportunity of the promise of these things and satisfied myself in relation to myself on these issues.

I'd like to use more emphatic language but maybe the point comes across. I'm no ones fool except my own. I've been in situations where my life was on the line several times and didn't rat and didn't run. The prosecutor on Maui where I was effectively facing a life sentence paid me one of the highest compliments I have ever received. His name was Cardoza. He said, that guy and his girlfriend are two of only three people who never cooperated with my office in the 8 years I've been here.

Part of the explanation for the force I bring to this table and the manner in which I say what I say is based on what I am. Maybe I'm deluded about that but looking back at my tracks this is what I see.

I have some secret crimes and weaknesses but they are small potatoes and a big deal only to myself. I probably shouldn't have said that because minds will naturally begin to conjecture about it. They're just expressions of a certain moral latitude I give myself because of enormous pressure that has a persistent pressure.

I'm rambling again.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article Les. While the theme is no laughing matter.....I had to pick myself up off the floor after reading this

"AIPAC holds their conventions there; Congress holds its sessions there. The Devil’s Rectum is like the world’s biggest soccer stadium."



Still alive said...

Regarding that disgusting pile of rodent waste Foxman I feel compelled to quote a line from George Romero`s Dawn Of The Dead-"shoot it, shoot it in the head".

The Ashkenazi/Khazar terrorists and all their bend over an spread wide and ask for more quislings will one day be flushed down the toilet of history like the disease that they are.

It will happen.

More power to you Les.

fjb said...

Though it's no laughing matter, thank-you for the good laugh about a theme which really pisses me off.:)

Anonymous said...

Les, Foxman is not anything you call him. It's silly to call him names, by calling names you only acknowledge his victory.

Foxman and the entity he represents is simply an enemy, and has to be so addressed. The way you talk suggests that you expected from him/them something else, that he could be more human and such. He could not. From their birth, these people are raised to treat gentiles as their enemies, and they do it all their life on every opportunity. I'm sure you saw the appropriate multiple quotes from Talmud, there are many dozen; they are raised on this, it's in their blood and their nature. All of them are enemy soldiers fighting against us, and must be so treated. It's not too different from the usual sci-fi novel about the invasion of some alien race, inherently hostile to the humans. Would you curse such alien? obviously, it's waste of time. The entity Foxman represents is not human in the sense we put into this term; the only productive response to their attack a strike back; the only productive consideration is what weapon is the most effective.

John Hersey said...

"My wife is on my back"?
I don't know what to do with that (grin)

It's not funny at all, Les. Try it yourself, sometimes. But that is not why I'm writing this.

You may have heard of Gilad Atzmon, not because he is a musician living in London, but because he dares to speak the truth. Just like you Les. In this low quality recording from April of this year he addresses the very subject you raised.

Visible said...

This is what I saw and what I said-

"My wife is my back"?

But let's move on to something else because I'm getting sensations I don't like and they can't lead anywhere good.

I'm very familiar with Gilead we wind up in the same places a lot.

As relates to something else said by someone else; You fish your way and I'll fish mine.

On a related note... there are few things as frustrating as finding out that you have wasted your time and your words. I used to wonder at cold spots in the ocean; cold currents appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the warm pacific. They've got them on the internet too.

Lately I've taken down some of my longer responses because I didn't want them up or because they presented intimate pictures of others where I might not have that right. Of late it also seems that I've commented much more than usual... that might be the problem right there so I think I'll cut that out for awhile but... I'll leave these comments up. Maybe they will reduce the confusion but most of the time confusion just seems to be its own weather pattern.

Power, Pussy and Gold said...

I just re-watched Forest Gump a day ago.
Tommy Hanks gestalting the personae of the 85 IQ Gump.
One scene parallels the active internet movement against all war and those causing it.
Gumper stumbles upon a peace rally in DC in the 60's and is pushed up front to the microphone on a make-shift stage in front of thousands of concerned peace activists.
In full military formal dress (having just received a blue-cross medel for bravery in Vietnam) the Gumpster begins:
'All I have to say about the war is...' and the mike goes dead. A military officer has succeeded in yanking out all the mike cables beside the stage.
Forest speaks for several minutes but none of the thousands gathered can hear a single word he says.
Finally the mikes are reconnected just in time to hear Gump finnish with:
'...and that's all I have to say about that.'
An Abbey 'Fuckin' Hoffman character repleat in American flag shirt then embraces Gumper for his fine words before he leaves the stage.
What did Hank's character say that we the audience and the audience at the peace rally could not hear?
The internet is just like that. The mainstream media keeps unplugging our comments and views and bannishing them out to the margins (or to oblivian) and they remain completely unheard by the masses thirsty for the truth.
Your words Les, like Gump's, are not being allowed to be broadcast to the audience of the world, even though you are saying them loud and clear.
This is a paradox because the audience WANTS to hear what you and others like you have to say.
I applaud your refusal to kowtow to any commercial sponsor because it would most certainly lead to an attempt to control what you are saying - the truth - to make it more 'politically correct' in a non-violent peace-activist sort of way.
"All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Amen.
So this is the quandry at hand. How to get the truth out, the truth the masses are yearning to hear without selling out to the very system requiring the radical change.
Violence only begets violence so that is out.
What to do?
How can the masses be informed of the truth they so sincerely thirst to know?

Anonymous said...

Your visceral language guages and articulates exactly how many of us wish at times to bluntly execrate the zio-talmudic genocide-approving spawn of satan that includes too many errant, arrogant, ignorant christian fundies.
The(ir) Pharisee/priest/Sanhedrin predecessors GOT the jew Jesus and Divine terminated. The candour and integrity of perhaps 5-10% max. of jews is warmly embraced. We know so many prominent as truth tellers ----but Chomsky is one with many layers to peel.

Les, Keep execrating with the usual panache and rigour. Truly VOX DE PROFUNDIS.


Russia Today 4 May 2009 said...

R.T.: What are your thoughts on US President Barack Obama? Do you think he is the man to control the situation?

William Engdahl (German economist): No. To my mind, and I said this in print a year before Barack Obama became president, the American power establishment since the time at least of Abraham Lincoln, with the possible exception of John F. Kennedy, has never allowed any candidate to get near White House who they do not totally control.


William Engdahl said...

W.E.: The point is we are at an epochal change. This is something that happens perhaps every four or five hundred years. This is not a once a decade recession we are living through. And I call it in my new book the ‘Decline of the American century’. This is a terminal decline as you had with the British Empire after WWI. It would not matter if Jesus Christ was the President of the US today. There would be nothing he could do to reverse that decline process. We would almost have to reorganize and start from scratch, because the cancer of this financial system has embedded so deeply that they’ve destroyed the industrial technology in the US.

They outsourced manufacturing over the past 25-30 years to Asia, to Eastern Europe, all over the world. The American elite have rotted itself from the inside out over the past 30-40 years since the early 1970s.


William Engdahl said...

W.E.: We see that in the case of president Obama, so there is nothing that the Obama administration is doing to rock the boat. He is merely, if you will, a cosmetic change. How do you say – ‘old wine in a new bottle’? That’s Barack Obama. He is simply an attempt to deceive, to put the rest of the world off balance, but I think it is certainly wearing thin on the American public. They realize he has not done anything fundamental to improve the situation. He has, I think, perhaps another two or three months before he becomes, like George Bush, the most hated man in America.


Anonymous said...

More caca from the the Devils pooper hole?

Aids and 'new' flu virus combine; air-spreadable AIDS?!?

What will they think of next? Air-spreadable: IGNORANCE...FEAR...ANTI-SEMITISM?

Hold you breath...IT's coming!!!

European American

Colony of Israel said...

Hear ye, hear ye!
The United States of America, the country which became free of Brittish colonial rule before 1776 has now again become a colony.
The proverbial tail is now wagging the dog.
Not a joke.

Dictaorship/police state said...

Councilman Arrested for Opposing Red Light Cameras in Ducanville, texas.
The mayor of Duncanville, Texas had a member of the city council arrested last Tuesday for speaking out against the use of red light cameras during an official meeting.

pot said...

I am with John Hersey on this. I have mentioned this before, and given my reasons for it. Playing the anti-Zionist card is what they want. Attributing the power and evil to be Zionists is like those in Oz who feared the Great Wizard and his powers, but were not aware of that little man behind the curtain.

Zionism is just a convenient cover, since anti-Zionists are labeled as anti-semites. Heck, even the New Testament is considered to be anti-semitic, and hate crime/speech laws soon the be passed will be able to stop any discussion of the conspiracy given the perception it is related to Jews and Zionists.

Discussing how the power elites control of financing and banking to achieve their goals gets one called an anti-semite, even without mentioning the Rothschilds

There is a conspiracy (not Jewish) that has backed Zionism for this purpose and has control of international finance and banking, and thus most governments, and their goal is Global Government (more communist than democratic). Religion and race are used as divide and rule tools. The power behind this are not motivated by race or religion, at least not a religion thats open to the public.

It is in their interest to make it appear it is a Jewish (or Zionist) conspiracy, since most people will immediately recoil from this idea due to the Holocaust, and will reject any conspiracy theory suggesting this, and those who don't can be reigned in by law.

The conspiracy can only be exposed and widely accepted if it is presented as a ruling elite vs everyone (all religions, races and nations). This is in fact the truth, at least as I see it.

Ivan de Coward said...

John Hersey:

"What makes Jews Jews is not racial consciousness at all. As a matter of fact Israeli Jews are extremely aware of each others distinct race. Hence the Israeli racial ladder starting with Ashkenazim, Sephardic, Mizrahi... all the way down to Palestinians."


I appreciate your scholarly input on the subject of Jewish race. Do I hear you correctly: There are many distinct Jewish races like Ashkenazim, Sephardic, Mizrahi etc. That is something I have never heard of before. There are many people who would argue that there is no such thing as Jewish race, but multiple Jewish races ... I am not an anthropologist and could not tell how would anthropologists react to such statement. Perhaps you were referring to ethnic differences among the Jews. Anyhow, I don't care about that part of your statement at all. What is remarkable to me in your statement is this: JEWS ARE EXTREMLY AWARE OF RACE. That was exactly my point - Jews think and act in terms of race. This awareness of race, theirs and others, and the importance they ascribe to race is the most profound characteristic of the Jews. What would you call non-Russians or non-Chinese or non-English? Our language does not have words for such notions. But we do have words for the notion of non-Jews: Gentiles or goyim. I think it's no accident - language is a reflection of facts of life and the ways we think and feel.

So, ironically, instead of correcting my thesis you have reaffirmed it.

Here is another point you make which sounds weird to me, to say the least: "Jews because of their limited analytical skills are very dangerous to us all".
The exact opposite is true: What makes Jewish peril especially dangerous is their highly developed analytical skills. It is a cliche to speak about smart Russians. Shall we take a look at those "Russian" World Chess Champions and Grand masters. Vladimir Kramnik - Jew, Garry Kasparov - half Jew half Armenian, Anatoly Karpov - Russian?, Boris Spassky - Jew, Tigran Petrosian - Armenian, Victor Korchnoy - Jew, Mikhail Botvinnik - Jew, Mikhail Tal - Jew, Vasily Smyslov - part Jewish, Alexander Alekhine - Russian. Bobby Fischer was also half Jew.

There's an old joke about the Fermi Paradox, a problem which occurred to Enrico Fermi one day at Los Alamos: where are They? If there are intelligent aliens out there in the universe, why aren't they here yet? Leo Szilard is supposed to have answered Fermi: "Maybe they're already here, and you just call them Hungarians". He was referring to the high percentage of extremely bright Hungarian-born scientists working on the Manhattan Project: Leo Szilard himself, Edward Teller, Eugene Wigner and John von Neumann - all Jews. Of course the percentage of Jews in Manhattan Project was even higher. Robert Oppenheimer - technical director of the Manhattan Project - who's name has become almost synonymous with the atomic bomb was also Jewish.

Israeli/American double nationals said...

To paraphrase the Bible:
No man can serve two masters for he will come to despise one and serve the other, or he will ignore one to serve the other.
Applying this logical idea to centuries-old American civil law: It is illegal for an American citizen to also be a citizen of another country. Any American citizen of the legal age of eighteen upon discovery of dual nationality MUST renounce his other citizenship or lose his American citizenship.
This is true for for all double nationals except one.
It is this very double nationalism which has lead those double nationals to serve only one of their masters while living in the first one's house.
Corruption begins and continues until finally the house of residence is brought to total ruin.
1) Why are Israelis exempt from the double national law?
2) Why did American law which is based on Christian principals allow the creation of two masters for Israeli-Americans living in the USA and thereby legalize its own destruction from within?


New World Order said...

pot (2.28 am),
I agree with you fully.
Divide and conquer, then instigate world domination which is close to communism, where the ruling elite through the state hold all the cards and all men's testicles.
P.S. Can we say Rothschilds and the Illuminati five times fast?

An end to "double nationalism" said...

A lightbulb moment:
Suppose wethepeople petitioned their democratically elected representitives in congress to pass a law tha no one, not even Israelis, may hold double citizenship any longer.
In other words, all Americans who are presently double nationals with Israel and the USA would have say ½ year to choose one of the two citizenships, otherwise they automaticlly lose their American one.
That way all present double nationals both in the American population and in the American government would be forced to pledge allegence to only one flag.
Thereby, in a one-half year only American nationals would hold public office.
This would be entirely morally correct because the public offices they hold are in the United States of America.

sounder said...

The best patsy is the one that is believed to be the power that shapes events. Zionists seem to be the winners in a struggle between modernists and traditionalists within the Jewish community, but they are still only patsies of Synarchists.

Anonymous said...

Word of the day, compassion.
Les, not that its a big deal, but you have shown much compassion today, in this post. To try and understand the other side, to seek a helpful outcome for others, can be compassion. But just laying out the truth for Abe is the best form of compassion out there.
Great work

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

just some of what the clowns are up to (from wikipedia)?

The clad Roosevelt dime is currently in circulation, and no major design changes are planned. An attempt was made by Congressional Republicans in 2003 to replace Roosevelt's image with that of President Ronald Reagan, but this was short-lived.[8]


H.R.1913 'Hate crimes' law now passed said...

Thanks for the run bologgers - it's been nice.

Look for this act to be used to go after bloggers who don't goose-step to the ADL's tune or write puff pieces about how great a country that Apartheid nightmare Israel is.

They won't go after you directly, that's not their style. They'll go after your ISP and threaten them with loss of access to the 'Net unless they drop your blog.

Let's see how Americans like living on a Zionist run kibbutz.




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