Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Apocalypse and the Looming Abyss.

The Apocalypse continues. The ‘revealing’ goes on. Tangentially, we note indications that those who thought they were pulling the strings are dancing on strings of their own. Things long hidden are crawling out of hibernation and it is the public rather than the emerging sleepers who are rubbing their eyes. A new revolution based on an awaking conscience is making itself felt in the strangest places. As the good within us begins to glow in the embers of what we used to be, ever more toxic evils display themselves. This evil cannot see its downfall made certain in the boundless arrogance of its behavior. The Apocalypse is a time of madness and we are seeing it on all sides.

This article, in all its damning irony, would be funny had we not just seen the last decade in action. Then again... without so much evidence to the contrary one might miss the humor entirely. No conscious, thinking person can doubt that great forces are loose upon the wind and the shape to be taken is as unpredictable as coursing the track of the wind.

Open your eyes.

Consider what has been said about the innocence of those detained at Gitmo in relation to Obama’s resurrecting the military tribunals. It’s Milo Minderbinder having lunch with Dr. Strangelove as Dr. Pangloss does the voice over. The tape loops with, “the best of all possible worlds” over and over and over again.

It’s Obama campaigning on a platform of hope and change and an end to illegal conflicts and finding daily, casual extermination of Pakistani civilians in a new war; tens of thousands more troops for Afghanistan in a conflict that CANNOT be won, rubber stamp support for Israel in her genocide of the Palestinians... it goes on and on. Not a day passes that Howdy Doody doesn’t institute some new insanity while maintaining all of the former administrations anti-constitutional edicts. Edict would be the operative word as it tries to find its place in a democratic process. You might as well go looking for the democratic process. Good luck with that.

People ask me how I can be hopeful with this latest blow to our faith and credulity, that being Obama as ‘new and improved’ or is it, “The same thing only different”? Maybe it’s “the real thing in the back of your mind”? I’m hopeful and maybe more than that because of all the revelations that are undressing in the public eye. Such disclosure implies still further disclosure. All these pathetic, self important fools who put themselves on stage, insisting on their right to be there as ‘the deciders’ empowered to fix the problems caused by the people they serve... now find themselves in a different spotlight than the one they imagined would be there and the heat of that light is going to increase and increase. Bank on it.

It goes without saying that they will have to manifest some terrible distractions and those are on the way as you read these words. There is one thing they’ve overlooked in their certitude that they can forever control the perspective of the people they deceive and that is the unavoidable reality which has to do with putting all of those genies back in the lamp. The truth is coming out and the truth is strapped. Another consideration is the means taken to maintain control over indefensible, destructive action. Eventually you set fire to the stage you are standing on and that is a part of the timeless certainty that evil destroys itself. The operative wisdom would be, for each and every one of us, don’t stand to close to the evil while it does this.

When you are locked into a bankrupt process and when you give your fealty to things that are the antithesis of what they present themselves to be, you are standing too close. When you continue in your actions toward an abyss, thinking that there are safeguards built into a system that will protect you at the edge, you are a fool. It was the removal of the safeguards for the purpose of reckless profit which made the abyss a reality in the first place. First there is no abyss and then there is.

A wise ruler understands the importance of balance. Laws and all of the other trappings of a culture exist for the purpose of balance. Make your laws too soft or too hard and the abyss looms. The moment balance goes wanting, the abyss appears. The depth of the abyss is the measure of our fear. Depending on the extent of ones fear one could, in some cases, simply step over the abyss. In other cases you cannot even see the other side. The motive force of those betraying and deceiving you is fear. The handmaidens of fear are confusion on one side and base desire on the other.

Any ruler whose reach exceeds his grasp; who takes his eye off of the supply wagons, who thinks that foreign adventurism is a sage enterprise, who embraces debt as a highway out of debt, is driving toward the abyss with whomever imagines they will share in the gold at the rainbows end. In times of madness one is likely to be without a sane leader. Madness is a period of culling brought about by Nature returning the balance. How many former empires destroyed themselves by the same process we are observing now? Take a look. The history is still there for your perusal.

We know these things. We have seen these things before. Now we are treated to speeches by the seemingly sane. Their teleprompter enhanced performances are dressed in wealth and finery. Their power attends them on all sides. They are mad as hatters. The sympathetic inmates gibber among themselves and applaud each following banality as they march to the abyss, accompanied by marching bands and klieg lights on rollers. There is enough light to require sunglasses at midnight but not nearly enough light to see the abyss.

Some walk along with them for a time. Some call out to them and tell them about the abyss. They mock and throw stones. Their eyes are fixed upon “the most fabulous object in the world” and they will not be dissuaded by you and they will kill you if you try too hard. In Buddhism there is something called, ‘unbearable compassion’. This is when you look around you at the suffering that surrounds you and realize that there are so many things you can do nothing about. People have to learn on their own. Not only will they not listen, they will become very angry with you for telling them what they do not what to hear about what they refuse to see.

We are in a time of summing up. Everything is being sorted. These periods occur like clockwork. They are a part of the process of existence. It is historical fact that these periods come and go. It can be assumed that certain times of ‘summing up’ are of a greater magnitude than others. Let those who must persist in the industry of evil continue as they will. My advice is not to stand to close to them while they cull themselves out of the picture. There will be world enough for us left in the aftermath. We may be without a few things but we will not be without each other or that mysterious something which has always guided the best of us to their just rewards.

Those who ruined and plundered at will are not unaware of their state and of the times in which they find themselves. For all their polished ease and control of the engines of war and information, they are troubled right down to the soles of their shoes. They can feel the breath of fire at the napes of their necks; be that metaphorical or otherwise. The part of their minds that has led them to this pass, urges them onward and they will hear only this voice, until the moment they step off the cliff. Another part of them is fearful in ways we cannot imagine... still, they do believe that they will once again find the reins of control over whatever is left in the wake of their passage. We shall see about that.

It is for each of us to choose who we follow and what we believe at this point. If you see a bunch of drunks playing with fireworks, you have to decide if you’ve had enough beers to want to join them or whether there might not be some other way to occupy your time.

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Greg Bacon said...

OBOMBA is just a continuation of the nightmare Bush-Cheney Junta, with a kinder, gentler face put on the Wars for Empire and Israel crowd.

Bush and Cheney ripped off their smiling clown faces and showed the world, but especially Americans that grinning and hideous death mask worn by the wealthy elite.

People got scared and started to mobilize.

Along comes Obama to soothe and placate those who thought they were being ripped apart by werewolves.

Go back to sleep kids is what we're being told, just like Bush told us "Don't worry, be happy. Go out and shop till you drop" days after 9/11.

Israel got what it wanted out of the war against Iraq, a ready made quick strike force in their backyard to help protect that Apartheid nightmare.

Israel now wants those Pakistani nukes to be under Zionist control, so hang on, the ride is going to get bumpy.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

A Fellowship of Equals.

Rick Garves said...

"we will not be without each other or that mysterious something which has always guided the best of us to their just rewards."
Perhaps that mysterious something is this:

Hank said...

Hey Les, first let me say that, yea I know I've been all over in my comments lately, but sometimes, especially after some crucial nuggs, my mind feels the need to push the envelope of possibility. Sort of a self snake pit treatment. I fine myself in a period of personal revelation, at the same time life is doing it's readjustment thing, and I go through these mental vertigo, brain in a blender moments.

You and most who post here have all touched on some of these indicators of what might be about to happen. We can't exactly put our finger on it, but the pressure is being felt on both sides. The truth seems to be taking on a life of it's own, pushing it's way out through any little crevice it can find. At the same time it's working very hard to enter the minds of people, who when they see a glimmer of it, start picking at the crevices and accelerating the process.

The roaches are there, in the pantry, and the light in the kitchen just came on. They're scared, and some are already running in anticipation of the pantry door being yanked open.

The unnatural pressure of lies over the last 8 years has built up an unnatural pressure of truth on the inside, that is becoming uncontainable.

Then we see wild cards that neither side counted on like oathkeepers. I said before, they may have created the mechanism of their own destruction in the form of an oath. The oath means nothing to those that give it and they haven't really given it's possible effect any thought. However, it occurs to me that if you give that oath to hundreds of thousands of Americans, that you as the ruling elite, have gone to great length to deceive into believing that we are the good guys, and that the constitution and the rule of law actually mean something, then you teach them how to wage war, and kill the enemy...ooops!

There is a good possibility that this group could have a significant impact, not just in what they do, but in the feeling they promote. I know when I visited their site for the first time, I felt all kinds of things. Pride for one. A pride I had not felt for a long time, but the other was courage. Knowing these people are there and knowing what they are saying allays fear, at least the fear that those of us that see what's happening feel. It gave me that Danny DeVito moment in Twins, where Arnold kicks the bad guys ass, and Danny jumps in and says, "you mess with me, you mess with my whole family". Not that I'm afraid to fight these people, I'm not, but I always feel better about a fight when there might be a chance of winning. In this case there might actually be some cavalry.

Yes the truth is pushing and it plays no favorites. The bad guys AND girls are finding themselves on their heels in defense and are starting to feed on their own. It will be very interesting indeed to see what comes out when the rats panic, when the only way to minimize their own transgressions is to point out something even worse.

Til then, I'll be watching and picking at those crevices, and practicing my lines. "You mess with me...

Fred said...

All through the ages of time, almost everyone that ever existed has pondered the meaning of life. What’s the secret to everything? Here you are Les, giving it away. The answer to everything is balance.

Nothing can exist without balance. No light without dark, no good without knowing evil. We exist in the middle of a universe of swirling, moving, connected energies. If any of those energies gain momentum unopposed, we have imbalance, we have destruction.

Like you say, evil will destroy itself, there’s nothing else for it once it’s done destroying everything else.

There was a time on Earth when human ancestors had no history. History is a record of conflict. Back then, past present and future were all one, light and dark were one. Knowledge belonged to everyone but then something changed; individuals began to take from the base, to gain power over others. This snowballed, tearing and separating the whole into opposing energies, knowledge was lost to all, but those who controlled it.

We can’t go back but maybe, we can move forward.

Anonymous said...

In our modern literature there is a technique--sorta like 'verisimilitude' which asks you to suspend disbelief momentarily. This technique may not have a name, but I call it 'the persistence of evil'. You see it at the denouement of conflicts. The good guy has seemingly defeated the bad guy, but the bad guy gets up again and again with renewed energy until the good guy delivers the final blow. This process extends the conflict to take advantage of our need to believe that victory for good is not easy, and that we must be constantly on guard against evil and smite it until it no longer stirs.

I suppose the 'networking' done by the forces of evil in groups like the Council for Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers gives them internal support and sustenance, but as you point out, they are all now struggling against an 'awareness' of what they are. And in true Luciferian fashion, they put on different clothes to keep fooling us. This is their persistence of evil. We will see the final blow when everybody ignores the final change of clothes, rendering them naked and helpless in the light of truth. This will be their collapse. After that, we will have a real New World Order that is not based on lies, deceit, and collusion with evil intent.

Just A. Human said...

Yes, that is how it works my friend.

“The first victim of a tyranny is the tyrant himself.”
“Tyranny gets its own life; and all the tyrants end up serving it.”

Finally, I have been able to complete the Part IV of the “Indian Tyranny”. It is posted at:


Why I have been so hell bent on Indian Angle? Because, India ”bankrolled” our modern bankers!

Our modern financial and political affairs are knitted in the historical events of the Indian subcontinent - A very large percentage of the New World’s gold and silver had ended up in India due to India’s humongous trade surplus with Europe – Then, all of India’s wealth ended up back in the vaults of The Empire.

It was this wealth - looted from India - that provided the base for the Modern Financial System which is responsible for this economic mess we are in.

Part IV sheds light on the final treachery of the British Empire, the role of Gandhi and the real picture of modern India that is burning in the fire of hate and religious bigotry.

I consider myself well informed on India. But even I was unaware of the magnitude of the atrocities and the crimes against humanity that are being committed in India.

After going through my recent research while working on Part IV over the last few weeks, I have difficulty sleeping. It is horrendous!

You are welcome to email me your comments - Just click at the “contact us” button.

[BTW, as you are witnessing now, it was Pakistan and NOT Iran]

Anonymous said...

I generally like your comments because they thoughtful and for all practical purposes that one can gather truthful as well. Over time I keep reading all these things and some wander off into Buddhism or Hinduism. Some even mentioned Lucifer at work in our contemporary puppet show. No one ever contemplated that we may end up worse than Germany in 1945 or Japan although they all are suspiciously expert at that evil of man. We invoke resistance and terror, conspiracy and Apocalypse. Yet no one ever dared say prayer and God even in the face of Lucifer power. So how do you want to defeat this voracious evil in our midst. Wishful thinking!!!! So let me suggest - and my prophetic information goes back to at least the 1820s by oral tradition - that unless you boys get things straight NOW, your America the beautiful will be worse than the waste land our troops created all around the world for at least a century now. We have all profited from the mercenaries stealing everything insight all around the world because we Americans deserve it. DESERVE? Perhaps once upon a time America was Christian or as close as you can get. But that was a long time ago. And people did pray back then. And there was a Chrsitian God for them as real as day and night. And now? --- I tell you what: we talk it over in the concentration camps and on the gallows. No matter what, not even a single smarty can save himnself from what is coming. And coming it is. Don't ever think about asking for forgiveness. But think you will.

hANOVER fIST said...

I do believe that the truth of what's occurring is spreading wide and deep, and the evil bastards attempting to subjugate us all are beginning to panic...but we need to keep the pressure on.

Remember...there is a nuclear missile still unaccounted for, from Minot AFB.

Monsanto is attempting to corner the world market on our food supply.

The dollar may be replaced as the world's reserve currency, which would precipitate a deflationary spiral into...I don't know.

We have over five hundred individuals working as "representatives" who may not have America's best interests in mind.

But...we have TRUTH on our side.

Let's use it.

Unknown said...

Visited OATHKEEPERS this morning for the first time. I am 67 and it brought tears to my eyes. I joined the Michigan Militia after WACO in 1993 and I have waited and watched for 15 years as our country has struggled for any positive help from her citizens who are aware. OATHKEEPERS looks damn good from where I sit in my wheelchair with a .45 in my lap. Know any tattoo artists that make housecalls? That new tattoo is the only one I have ever seen that turns me on.
Blessings to you, Les, Bill Borgstrom Mobile, Al

Anonymous said...

I've entered a 12-step program for truth tellers. You are right, they just get angry. When you carefully assemble facts such as that Zalmay K., who just offered to "help" Karzai run Afghanistan taught international studies at Columbia when Obama attended with same major. Small world. Or that Howdy Doody's mom worked with Turbo Timmys pop in Pakistan. But all this pointing at facts is so pointless now, isn't it? I thought if people knew, it would change the course, but it didn't. On the surface, we're living in a post-factual world. But below the surface, well, despite the killing of facts, false facts and misdirections in all directions, a knowing grows. - I haven't gotten to step 12 yet. I think I'm still on one.

Anonymous said...

"Eventually you set fire to the stage you are standing on and that is a part of the timeless certainty that evil destroys itself."

Soooo true, but we must set fire and burn too. Thing is, we know that pain and tranzing of the elments is not the end, but another begining. "Evil", or just plain scared as I put it, doesnt get this point. Fearing to loss all in this world is their downfall.

Real greatness today, thanks

Le Mat

TruthSeeker said...

I dont think we have found the truth yet but we have reached the way to it. As we walk more in this route, uglier it becomes.

Anonymous said...

Going over the cliff is the desired result. Doing so will allow the the final stages of the "grand plan," which is a dramatic reduction in the world's population. That's where all of this is ultimately leading. In the post-Apocalyptic world, it will be interesting to see how the remaining powers plan on maintaining control. It will certainly be easier than it would be now -- they just may succeed with their plan.

Visible said...

Blogger isn't letting people comment again so, either send me your comments (I seem to have to say this all the time/ grin. Or click on Wordpress Mirror at the bottom of the article and comment there. Off to sleep now so things will appear again in few hours. See you on the astral plane if you know how that's done.

Anonymous said...

In their own words this is "End Game" starting right now. I very much doubt a year will pass before an engineered attack on the people will be used to bring in their control system. We will all be number sixes and trying to survive in an equally surreal and oppressive environment. But it won't be just an island and there will be no escape.

For those of us able to survive there will likely be within our lifetimes technologies which will allow us to literally live forever within our imaginations. In reality we will be in a cage, in darkness, forgotten; the last remnants of humanity. See you there!

Anonymous said...

Where were the oathkeepers when George W. Fuckface was in office?

Yea that's what I thought! Can see your true colors...

Masher1 said...

Those who will use evil to build tower after tower of babel will be crushed under there own weight. Looking at the stage of lies being consumed by fires of enlightenment that these towers are standing one can easyly fathom the coming collapse. We all need to seperate our works and lives from the evil ones. I received this warning in january. Much to my surprize i was cast into another frying pan as it were. A pan filled with moraless sodamite assholes. Now i see I was being tested... hazzard avoidance,enemy ID prowess and a few others. I will have to go with Les on the step back from the evil ones.

When the full weight of God comes to bear on these folk of the devil's path you will not want to be too close to them. Anyone thinking that they can dance the edge for another day or two may not see the splat.

Walking away from evil men one hundred percent WILL be hard but WORTH the many thorns and falls.

Our prize is seeing OUR works bear fruit. Seeing our hopes for a better world come to pass. Evil men lie and cheat rape and steal to condition your mind to think you are never going to have effect.

As a tiny mouse of a voice I have moved worlds.

None using evil can ever knock me from my path or heap enough slime atop me to mute my help. Many are going to awaken to the wonders of the manure truck of fix backing up to the angry fan blades of reality.

The fan is hungry and evil is next to have a taste of it's blades.

I would see a tarp or something like that for the poo is going to fly and we all have to be ready to lead our world out of the darkness with clean hands and strong true hearts.

Our world,Our paths all will be as it should be IF you listen to the Voice and ACT for the good of EVERYONE not just yourself. Ego is death..and the main act of putting evil into the fire using there ego as a gide is going to be a mass educator Trust me.

A wonerful and long rembered education is coming to those willing to hold the good close to the heart and have faith God will carry them through the valley of death.

Fear no evil. Fear no man.

Your only fear should be not having done as God HOPES you can do.

Ted said...

Like you said, Nature always balances any imbalance. Time is the only variable in this iron clad equation.
The world will always seem unjust since we aren't privy to Nature's processes. Nevertheless, history reveals the enevitable consequences of moral imbalance, which should stand as a warning to those bent on trying their hand at that which has always failed miserably.
Just as the sheep trust and misjudge their duplicitous shepherd, the shepherd is equally deluded into believing in his own infallibility. The only issue in doubt is whether the sheep can avoid the axe before the shepherd self destructs.


a GrebBear said...

Hey Vis )
In my search for Truth, I stopped being angry with TPTB and refocused on the things they were hiding ... although, I'm always here and have maintained a vigil over the pond scum. Please pass this info forward as not all of your brilliant readers will find these long mostly forgotten technologies ...
First, I built a pressurized water spinner to strip the negative energies from the water, during my search for the like, I stumbled (guided by higher self) upon this fantastic ebook: www.scribd.com/doc/6501842/Les-Brown-The-Pyramid
With the Sun poised to charge back to life, in a giant solar electrical storm, the contents of this book show how this event will be a giant leap forward, if prepared for correctly. Reference for the likely first large solar storm of this cycle have been noted in a three part series at : www.earthfiles.com
Seems our cosmic neighbors have been suggesting on July 7th, a significant solar storm will occur, yes ... Cropcircles can be man made, but, the real 'circles' are far from field stomping. The pyramids hold secrets and when we peer into them an alternate perspective shines into the soul of the beholder ))
An additional light found my consciousness; imagine you have 50 degree air and you want to make it 100 degrees, conventional thinking says you heat it up to 100 ... well what if you could pull the cold air out of the 50 and have 100 remain ?? Imagine two pyramids facing one another tip to tip in a tube, the bottom pyramid has a plate positioned over it with a hole in the center, just above the bottom pyramids tip. Now with compressed air (or the pyramids spinning in opposite directions) pushing into the tube between the pyramids you get vortexes around the sides of each pyramid (creating suction at both ends of the tube) with the only way for the air to escape the bottom pyramid, through the small hole (the middle of the spiral between the pyramids), you create a mechanical hot air / cold air separator )) ... and yes we can certainly use both the hot and cold. If the pyramids were spinning (in opposite directions), no compressed air would be needed (see, vertical wind turbine, with opposite facing fins on the top and bottom, but both, on the same axle and the pyramids within the turbine).
I hope you'll pass along this info, as it will help all those who see the genius in the research of the 'light seekers' gone by.


Peace Love Light Truth
; -)
(- ;

Leif Erlingsson said...

My friend Abdel-Masih Wazir agrees that "Something seismic [is] happening". I wrote the article on the link (direct link http://leiferlingsson.wordpress.com/2009/05/13/something-seismic-happening/) based on his explanation for the current melt-down of the powers-that-be. I think that he is right...

I was myself a Mormon = LDS for 15 years, and a temple-going one at that. So as an ex. Temple-goer I have personal insight into the perceived meaning of The Temple. Without the Temple of Solomon, the perceived meaning of both Mormonism and Freemasonry, and the whole Jewish religion also, falls. If anyone finds this ridiculous, it is anything but funny for people who have built their life meaning around these 'truths'. If the 'truths' fall, the perceived meaning of their lives fall. Now ponder where high ranking Freemasons may be found in the 'societal body'... Exactly!

The point is that this process is ALREADY HAPPENING. According to me we need to be aware of this and use this knowledge, in order to limiting the destruction these high-up people will cause for all of us, when they break down / come unglued.

Leif Erlingsson

kikz said...

'I was myself a Mormon = LDS for 15 years, and a temple-going one at that. So as an ex. Temple-goer I have personal insight into the perceived meaning of The Temple. Without the Temple of Solomon, the perceived meaning of both Mormonism and Freemasonry, and the whole Jewish religion also, falls. If anyone finds this ridiculous, it is anything but funny for people who have built their life meaning around these 'truths'. If the 'truths' fall, the perceived meaning of their lives fall. Now ponder where high ranking Freemasons may be found in the 'societal body'...'

literalists... eyeroll..sigh.....

... if you or your friends consider/believe.... the prime directive or highest aim of Freemasonry to be... any temporal endeavor which would support the crumbling facade that is organized religion, you are sadly deluded.

further, your previous exposure to the ' literal ' mental straightjacket that is Mormonism, (i liken) to a long stint in Plato's Cave. recovery is possible but doubtful.
you've based the entirety of your 'perception' on shadow & reflected light.

Solomon's Temple is simply... analogy.

as the Christ taught through parable, so does Freemasonry.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now.

Flaming Dumpsters and your Dying Breath.

Anonymous said...

In their own words this is "End Game" starting right now. I very much doubt a year will pass before an engineered attack on the people will be used to bring in their control system. We will all be number sixes and trying to survive in an equally surreal and oppressive environment. But it won't be just an island and there will be no escape. We have a few short months to put the brakes on this process.

If we fail, for those of us able to survive, there will likely be within our lifetimes technologies which will allow us to literally live forever within our imaginations. In reality we will be alone in a cage, forgotten; the last remnants of humanity. See you there!

Leif Erlingsson said...

kikz, it is exactly the ' literal ' mental straightjacket background PLUS subsequent de-looping that give me my current unique perspective on TPTB. Read my "Leif Erlingsson’s Metamorphosis Escape from the Box" below the other article I linked to above, and how can you deny that I have succeeded?

Anonymous said...


Thanks man, what a nice spin, and great understanding of lost info. The Sun was once understood much better than today. The tech world isnt anthing more than faith in material creation. We can find still greater forms within us and around us too, to create with. Please share more with us!!!

Le Mat

Leif Erlingsson said...

kikz, above I responded to the least important part of your response. ;)

What's important is legitimacy. There is zero, ziltch, no, nada legitimacy -- and thus loyalty -- derived from parable, analogy and symbolism. As Abdel-Masih Wazir said, "They have been using symbols to cover their tracks."

Even with my own Mormon Temple background, I almost myself missed the significance of this, so I'm not surprised that you missed it.

pot said...

I don't see it. I see the herd in complete denial of any truth not given them by CNN or Fox. I do not see many very excited about HR 1913 passing which will eliminate the truth being spoken on the internet and of some books being sold or in libraries, so even those who dare seek the truth will not be able to do so very effectively.

I don't see the ruling elite as Americans either. They have no nationality, they are Globalists, and I see evidence that most countries leaders are with the Globalist program, even China and Russia. Any conflicts are likely to be of the Cold War variety, an Orwellian staging of war and conflict meant to induce fear into the herd, and give them more control.

Nope, as a ruling elite I would hardly be fearful. So many weapons to use, biological weapons to create pandemics which they have been vaccinated against, weather modification to induce drought, floods, or severe storms. geophysical weapons to unleash earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. Financial terrorism by witholding credit. Even your ordinary terror events like 9/11 and Anthrax. Most folks still believe these were done by Saddam or the man hiding in a cage getting dialysis via some magical ability of his. And of course, war and the legal system which they control.

The masses have been conditioned for a harvest. Some think it is the ruling elite and evil who will be harvested, and look forward to it. Thats what they want you to believe. Less resistance for them.

My guess is the script to give us the predicted Tribulations will begin this summer, sometime between June and September. These are months they have historically favored to start the really nasty stuff. The shocks in various forms will continue through 2012, and the culling of the herd will be in full swing by December 2012.

I would like to believe the good guys will win. But such a belief would be simply a matter of faith and is not based on reason. The power has never been so strong. The herd has never been so ignorant or misinformed, and docile.

The power controls media and entertainment, and even most of the blogs. The movie the Matrix was one of their ways of letting us in on the secret. There are a number of such movies or books that do so, much to their great amusement, as truth is presented and accepted as fiction.

It is asked by some how the power or ruling elite could survive an Apocalypse since they would place themselves at great risk as the herd once awakened begins it's stampede which would sweep all off the cliff.

Since the beginning of the Cold War great underground cities have been built. A few of these are known, not all. They will likely wait out 3 years there when it begins. They are well stocked in food and those who will provide them with entertainment (grin), and are well protected. We may even see them on the news, but they will not be where we think them to be. Hollywoood is on their side after all. Why do you think the writers went on strike last year, they had some serious work to do for our ruling elite. Stages and props have since been built. Some of what we will see that terrorizes us will be staged, and others will have been manufactured and will be very real.

A book came out recently which described "A World Without Us". Great amounts of money and time have been spent studying how long it will take our urban cities to decay and crumble naturally.

None of this would have been possible 50 years ago or 5000 years ago. Today, what used to be impossible is very possible.

pot said...

continued due to word limit.....

If the herd were not so divided by race, religion, party, class, sex, etc there might be some hope. However, the herd looks for their enemy at the base of the pyramid, the level in which they live and perceptions at this level are the basis of their reality.

They do not know there is a level above them, the unseen power that resides in the apex of the pyramid, their real enemy, who is conspiring and pulling the strings at their level and creating the divisions which they exploit to divide and rule. The herd has been conditioned not to believe in conspiracy, let alone a great conspiracy at this magnitude. They are asked how could such a conspiracy succeed. With an average IQ of 100, the herd says, hell no, no way, we would sniff that out in a second and crush it. The ruling elite have an IQ 150-200, and grins, nodding their heads with the rest of the herd and shaking their collective heads at us conspiracy theorists.

I hope I am wrong, but the probability that I am not is finite, and not insignificant. The timeline has the lowest probability, but 2012 keeps popping up so much I am going with it, taking care not to bet the farm on it.

kikz said...

through the ages the visage of the messenger(s) change, the message remains unchanged.

once up on a time the messenger may have been called Hermes Trismegistus or Thoth, Khurum, Buddha, Jesus, Plato, Euclid, Hypatia, Shakespeare, countless other names from the past.

today, they may answer to the name Eckart Tolle or JK Rowling.

:) it's the lesson, not the teacher. :)

Anonymous said...

You are going to find that your comment count is going to drop as your presentation becomes more and more fluid and uplifting. The simple truth is that bad news in an enhanced negative framework will attract more associations than sunlight. I see where you're going with all of this and I am much moved. There is a method at work here and for those who are observing the curve it is well apparent.


Mouser said...

The real beauty of the world has been deliberately lost and confused in PC fluff which is leading to the (deliberate) breakdown of the traditional family - very akin to Makow's continuous (but true) articles on the devolving of our social morals.

That which isn't fluff is spin (PC lies) by capatalist (fascist-lite) any-and-everything-for-profit multinational corporations who as cartels have verily bought and paid for almost all of the polititions in the entire world(Howdy Doody included).

It has been correctly pointed out that almost all politicians are financial whores who's main job is to tell lies in order to do the bidding of the multinational (fascist) corporations.

No big leap to get from multi-nationals to globalists to the international banking cartels to the Rothschilds of this world (the pyramid's apex).

If someone knowingly directs a mulinational company to embark on a project for profits in foreign countries (and even domestically) where that project will knowingly cause hardship or death immediately or over time to tens, hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people - does not that person have full responsibility for the inflicted and ignored suffering to those people?

Genetically modifying crops for profit or draining a river of it's water by paying politicians to make it PC, is just plain wrong.

It is the spin and fluff pseudo-reality we are deliberately fed in almost all media including films, books, music, newspapers, and in schools etc, which desensitize us to do such things and apathize us to sit idly by and watch as they occur to others.

Earth is between hell and love. The spin and fluff helps us to NOT even realise we are alive.

The true beauty and intelligence of life is wasted on the living.


Anonymous said...

Dollars and change we can believe in....
Howdy Doody, Step 'n Fetchit for the
milindustrial complex!

Visible said...

People, your comments are not appearing and you have to email them to me because they are closing you out. It does not good complaining to me if I don't know what you intended to say. Email me if it doesn't go up and I will put it up.

Blows against the empire!

Saman Mohammadi said...

"Those who ruined and plundered at will are not unaware of their state and of the times in which they find themselves. For all their polished ease and control of the engines of war and information, they are troubled right down to the soles of their shoes. They can feel the breath of fire at the napes of their necks; be that metaphorical or otherwise."

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. As Immortal Technique says in one of his songs, "you'll have to answer to the Armageddon you scripted."

In this age of revealing, the engines of destruction will cease working on the people's minds. Maybe not all, but enough of them, that we will start seeing positive changes. These next few years are going to be hell, but I sincerely believe we have providence on our side.



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