Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Official 24-7 Nakba Virtual Celebration Site.

I will honor and celebrate The Nakba whenever I can remember to do so. I will especially do so on May 15th of every year that follows, so long as I am here and so long as the Zio-Nazi regime continues to destroy Palestinian land; burn their crops, bulldoze their homes, rape and torture their people and kill them for sport and hegemonic enterprise. One with a conscience must ask themselves; when does the madness reach its limit?

I’m going to ask someone out there with connections to Palestinian Think Tank or any other bonafide Palestinian site to locate someone with graphic abilities... or it could be one of the readers here who would come up with a symbol or crest for The Nakba that can be put on thousands; tens of thousands of sites around the virtual world which states that, “This site supports and celebrates the legitimacy of The Nakba.”

I’m going to honor The Nakba today and I would like to invite Avigdor Lieberman to kiss my ass. Truth be told, I would not let that man’s foul lips anywhere near my pristine posterior, lest he dishonor that upon which I sit. He and the rest of his genocidal, maniac associates with their decades of false flag operations, including 9/11, have long since lost the ability to convince any thinking person still in possession of their minds and hearts of anything whatsoever. They are liars and psychopathic murderers and I am calling it as I see it and I can see it... the glaring evidence of their every footprint on their collective journey into darkness.

Their holocaust has long since been reduced to a tawdry business operation, including a Division of Lies and a Division of Blackmail. It’s just one more runaway corporation whose product is bullshit in colorful packaging... sugar and shit spun together in a monstrous confection for those lacking both intelligence and taste. It no longer matters to me that there are so many inconsistencies in the official story that is constantly contradicted by other official sources and just as often by their own sources. I am tired of hearing about it at all. I have holocaust fatigue and am seriously considering suing the nation of Israel for their responsibility in giving me this condition.

Henceforth there will be only one event that is to be legitimately celebrated on May 15th and that is The Nakba. The date of the establishment of the state of Israel is no longer to be celebrated because the nation is illegal as it presently exists. You cannot form a nation where a nation already exists and killing the former occupants and driving the rest into exile is not sufficient grounds to declare yourself a nation and this happening is what The Nabka stands for.

Israel has been a murdering, genocidal mad-dog since the day it began and has been at the cause of just about every incident of unrest throughout the Middle East. Let me further state that the two major wars that Israel engaged in were... neither of them... in response to an attack but were both preemptive assaults upon their neighbors. In one of these instances they attacked an American ship with the intention of causing a war between Russia and the U.S. They are also the primary force behind the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the sole instigator of war against Iran. They are a demonic entity with no justification for existence.

It’s now becoming clear that they were behind the murder of Prime Minister Hariri. It’s acceptable to assume they are engaged in a war against the rest of humanity and that Israel was created solely to give a certain group of people a sovereign nation whose purpose was to loot the wealth of the nations of the world and to build an enormous military presence to destroy their neighbors and anyone else they don’t like which is anyone else but them.

The world has had enough of Israel’s cynical behavior from the extermination of the Palestinian People; to their blackmailing the world’s food industry for Kosher Nostra Tax, their roving death squads, their torture teams in Iraq and elsewhere, their meddling in the governments of every other nation, their involvement in Sudan and with the Somali Pirates as well as their presence in illegal drug and human trafficking... the list is long.

The boycotting of Israeli goods is making its presence felt and we have to make it our business to look for the 729 in the bar codes of every product that we do not buy; buying only the products that do not bear this number and remaining alert to when they change this number to something else or create an alternative number with which to evade the righteous distaste of the public for anything and everything they make.

The vast majority of Israelis are not Semitic at all whereas the Palestinians most certainly are. Therefore the term anti-Semitic is a bogus slander that is used as a blind by Zionist, Israeli interests to disenfranchise the original Semitic people of Palestine and to give the impression that they are them. They are not and wiping out the people and changing the names of the towns does not make what is not so, so.Tangentially and in defense of my own self-interest, let me link to the original source of the phrases, “The Truth is Anti-Semitic” and “9/11 is the Litmus Test”. This slight digression is made necessary due to circumstances I won’t go into at the moment.

We all realize that the 24 hour, false propaganda, spin system of the main stream media is nearly entirely owned by Zionist interests as is the entertainment industry and that they are a mouthpiece for murder and disinformation to be justified by all possible means. They are becoming increasingly bankrupt in the eyes of the peoples of the world which is evidenced by the collapse of the newspaper industry and associated enterprises. They are going down. The Apocalypse has lifted the skirts of these shameless whores and revealed the agendas beneath.

Many people these days talk about the Illuminati and the Zionist control of the manifest world via the larger vehicles of the formerly great nations of the Earth. All power comes from a single source and they only have what power they have for as long as it is allowed to them. Once it is cut off, they will have none. Their armies will turn upon them and each other. Their fortunes will disappear, their control will vanish and they will be destroyed or scattered to the winds. Let those who are fearful or complacent continue for their brief hour because it is all coming to an end.

I celebrate The Nakba and no one can change this. The opportunity to re-write this piece of history has expired. The reality of what happened is there to be seen in all of its gruesome behavior from the beginning to the present hour. Scramble like demented fools to control the information and change the perception of the world but Gaza has put that beyond your reach. You exposed yourself once and for all with that heinous action.

The Nakba is real. The Nakba will be celebrated. My heart embraces the people of Palestine and all of the people who suffer under the yoke of these psychopathic scoundrels. Their hour of judgment is coming and nothing will delay or deter it.Let all who are willing, join with me in a constant, virtual, candlelight procession across the internet in honor and defense of those tormented people who had to misfortune of being on a piece of land that somebody else wanted and took by force.

The time is here for everyone with some remaining thread of conscience to stand forth in solidarity with The Nakba... lest that thread break and you become separated from your own honor, integrity and conscience, should any still remain with you.

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Anonymous said...

I celebrate the Nakba everyday,and will until the Palestinians are once again free in their land.
God bless you for your efforts sir
-Political Theatrics

Joe said...

Excellent essay as usual. However, may I respectfully suggest substituting the word "commemorate" in place of "celebrate." As in, I will commemorate the Nakba. Celebrations are joyful. Commemorations are more solemn. Thank you for daring to say what many are thinking.

Mouser said...

Amen Les Visible.
According to the will of God.
According to the word of God.
Bless you.
Truth, peace, love, light.
Glenn Dormer

Anaughty Mouser said...

Les, they're jamming you airways (suppressing the comment abilities of your readers) because you are speaking to close to the very truth of the situation and they are SCARED TO DEATH of the truth.
The truth is like light. Even if you try to put it in a box with the smallest crack the light escapes - and the darker the room into which it eacapes the brighter the beam.
Sleep well MSM - you're dead.
A. Mouser

john c, UK said...

Sir, i cannot take crfedit, but i do use this on a t-shirt...


(top image with the pram, i just had to type that URL in, bugger

kikz said...

well said.

Masher1 said...

Palestine is free!,The WHOLE land and all the persons displaced WILL return. Soon!

Have Faith and you will see is come to pass.

A vicous torment in fire for the evil squatters and there war toys.

Bad results will ALWAYS follow evil deeds.

Cheers to a FREE and reunited Palestine!

john c, UK said...

i hope that image isn't anti-semetic (grin)

Anonymous said...

You asked about an image for Nakba.
It's hard to believe nothing has been resolved in over 30 years, but when I was a student in university in the 70's, a friend was from Palestine. His family had been forced to relocate to Lebanon and he had come to Canada. Above the fireplace his father hung the key to their home in Palestine. This seems to be a common theme/imagery of Nakba.

Elliot said...

Join the Silent Anti-Zionist Movement, if you think by speaking out may jeopardize you. Affirm this is your prayer/affirmation: "May karma and justice be upon Israel who strike terror to the innocent Palestinians." If more and more people do this, it will create a powerful universal force that comes to realize.

Anonymous said...

celebrate.... nice people day all time.
no likes .... bad manipulators, power play people.

Edrick Treewick in zoom papa .

Lee Smith said...

729 -- I've seen made in Israel on tool boxes at Walmart with 331.

Anonymous said...

..."to loot the wealth of the nations of the world and to build an enormous military presence to destroy their neighbors and anyone else they don't like which is anyone else but them."

Yep, and the incredible thing about it is the American taxpayer is financing it. Aren't we just as responsible? I loved it the last time Israel was committing heinous slaughter in Lebanon with our planes and munitions then it was announced we were flying medical supplies into Beirut. Didn't Obongo recently commit millions to rebuild Gaza after Cast Lead? What fucken hypocrisy. Man, we have some sick politicians in this country.

It is good to be optimistic, the dark is going to get it in the ass, the light will prevail. It won't be that easy. Lucifer's legions are so entrenched and ruthless they can't be shook loose. Even if it were possible to turn the tables on them how long would it be before they were right back in authority? Mortals can't fight inter dimensional beings. That is how the dark seized control and has been able to perpetuate itself for so long. They had help. It isn't a level playing field.

In the bible you read that there were wars in heaven. I assume if there can be strife in "heaven" then it can happen anywhere. It's the old yin yang thing. Opposites compliment themselves within all that is. We will get our chance, the light will prevail, but it won't be in a 3D environment. In the lower dimensions, Lucifer is too much of a force to be reckoned with. That is why there has always been so much strife in this world. A new world order is just over the horizon and it won't be anything like what the dark envision. The dark won't even be around to see it.

Weird. I can't even copy my post before sending it. I don't think the chosen appreciate your rant Les.


Anonymous said...

keep at it smokey their screamin'...........ian

Mouser said...

Les, Fud, Pot, Jj, Astera_m, Nina, Dadnerd you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth.
"Light will prevail."
So saith the Lord.

Anonymous said...

You constantly amaze and astound me. This is just beautiful. This is what we need. Speaking as a Muslim you are one of our best friends. May Allah shower you with blessings. If you come to Syria I will show you our love.

Abdul Atassi

Visible said...

Tune in. Be there or be square,

I'm on the radio tonight,and yes I know that you can't post anymore but didn't I create that Wordpress site so you could? Uh duh....

I'll put the comments that I got up a little later, I'm busy right now doing something or other.

Green Eagle said...

I am a Jew who has lived in Israel. I disagree strongly with just about everything you have to say, but there is one thing we can get together around:

I would like to invite that idiot Avigdor Lieberman to kiss my ass too.

And I'm going to go you one better. I feel the same way about Joe Lieberman. So there.

CaptainZen said...

To commemorate the Nakba, all I can do is wear my black ribbon on my arm every day. The black ribbon every body can wear to show others that you sorrow for all Palestinians who have died and all who still must die before they have their land bacck. wear your black ribbon, all of you here on this blog

Anonymous said...


nina said...

Green Eagle, would you agree the world is generally unfair? Is not life turning out to be more cruel and vicious as we go along? How do you think we can change this? I am interested in your opinion.
How is it that one human being in one nation be allowed to deprive another nation of, theoretically speaking, a Pearl Harbor Day, or a Memorial Day? Why must Mr. Leiberman extend the misery already shown to our Semite sisters and brothers? Is that fair? Is that improving our time here on Earth? It seems that when a proposal is made to ban human beings their commemorations it always leads to more and greater of the same, such as a ban on Palm Sunday, then Good Friday, then Easter and oh why not, Christmas, again theoretically speaking. Please tell me why Avigdor Lieberman is fomenting sure misery? Do you think it is the coming Climate Chaos and sea level rise which will erase the coasts and flood the low ground so that Zionists and the residents of Israel, the settlers and Palestinians alike will be forced by natural calamity into another Diaspora? Do you understand the Diaspora was ultimately necessary to spread into more accommodating lands throughout the globe? Wherever Human Beings congregate, they bring with them a cultural history and special days marking that history. It bring them Nachas. Then, how can Avigdor Leiberman deny the mitzvot of Nachas? He might as well deny the observance of Hanukka for that matter, to erase the story of the Syrians' existence which made it necessary to keep the flame burning until oil was secured and more, deny commerating Pesach, ban Krystal Nacht or G-d forbid, Yom Hashoa.
Just saying you think the Liebermans are idiots doesn't address the issue.
Thank you.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Stunning article, thank you...

Greg Bacon said...

Keep it up you "anti-Semites" and soon, you'll be languishing in federal prison, put there due to violations of our "Hate Crimes Act," courtesy of your corrupt and sold-out Congress who are in service to Zionism. What, you thought they were for We the People?

You'll be imprisoned under the "perceived" category, for your perceptions of reality which differ from the artificial one we've created.

Of course, to put so many vile "anti-Semites" into prison, we'll have to make room by releasing scores of rapists, thieves and murderers, some of whom will find their way back to your home.

Fitting justice for you "anti-Semites."



Head Kommisssar of the ADL

William Wilson said...

Hi Les

For the Palestinians, a phoenix comes to mind.
And for the West, a Z with a line through it?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Native Americans feel about the "Nakba," since they have no nakba.

Anonymous said...

little problem posting to SM, but anyways.....

Les, sir -
O Apocalypic Revealer One -

Can't help myself 'cause our ongoing political problems being inseparable from the spiritual problem, and all these blogs be messin' with my dualistic mental separation capacities (heh heh).....

More from "NOT IN HIS IMAGE, Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief" by John Lamb Lash.....and still relevant to the discussion (current and previous) IMHO:

"In the Nag Hammadi 'Second Great Treatise of the Great Seth', the Gnostic teacher, phoster (Gk.), exposes "the plan which they [the christians] release upon the world their Error and their senselessness". [ Phoster = 'light bearer', 'revealer'] This is a title for the illumined master in the Mysteries who preserves the sacred transmissions of Gnosis....
Phoster is an exact parallel to Buddha, "the illumined" or "awakened one". In the tradition of the Levantine and Egyptian Gnostics, the Revealers are not superhuman avatars but superendowed human beings who possess extraordinary knowledge of natural and divine matters, and who demonstrate paranormal faculties. They are comparable to vidyadharas, "knowledge holders", and siddhas "accomplished ones", of Indian mysticism and Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism. The Sanskrit siddha is cognate with the Greek adept, from adepsci, "to be accomplished"....
Gnostics considered the "Divine Plan" of be a gross distortion of the genuine spiritual lineage they represented. They taught that as an expression of the divine love of the Pleroma...human revealers appear through the ages to teach and guide humanity. There is an ongoing educational process for the enlightenment of humanity, a system of cultivating human potential and the awakening the genius innate to our species, but no plan of salvation as such.

Visible said...

Part 2...

From Nag Hammadi:
'And Adam was a laughingstock, and Abraham, and Jacob, and David, and Solomon, and the Twelve Prophets, and Moses, and John the Baptist....None of them knew me, the Revealer, nor my brethren in the Mysteries....They never knew truth, nor will they know it, for there is a great deception upon their soul, and they cannot ever find the mind of freedom, in order to know themselves, in true humanity.' (62.27,63.34,64.20ff)

Gnostics saw in the jewish messiah - the Zaddikite figure that later morphed into the christian redeemer, jesus christ - a counterfeit revealer and a bogus model of humanity. His claim to exclusivity as the "only-begotten son of god" was simply a lie intended to set up an authority that could not be challenged by mere mortals....Each Revealer has realized the true identity of human species, but the unique status (so claimed) of the superhuman jesus christ does not genuinely reflect such a spiritual attainment. Only a genuine, flesh-and-blood human being can model and teach humanity.
Gnostics regarded the "Incarnation" as a priestly fraud foisted on humanity, but not just that. They also considered the "son of god" to be a delusional idea insinuated into the human mind by a species of aberrant, nonhuman entities or mental parasites, the Archons. These bizarre intrapsycic phantoms are minions of the Demiurge, the false creator god....jehovah, the father god of jewish and christian 'tradition'....

Gnostic texts state plainly that Yaldabaoth [YHWH] is insane, a demented god, or imposter deity....He is a self-deified inorganic phantom deluded about his own identity. This is not meant as a figure of speech or a mythological trope. Not by a long shot, for the Gnostic materials clearly show that the adepts of the Mysteries perceived Yaldabaoth and the Archons as real, physically existent inhabitants of our planetary system, who wrongly attempt to penetrate the biosphere.
"God" exists, but he is insane. And he works against humanity. Such is the startling message carried in the Sophianic vision of the Mysteries. Gnostics warned that we coexist in a planetary system with a demented entity who can access our world THROUGH OUR MINDS....The Apocryphon of John says that the delight of the Archons is TO DECEIVE, to have us perceive their world as other than it is, and to misperceive our own world. [Sound familiar?]

For christianity to triumph, its adherents had not only to silence the Gnostics, but to destroy the millennial network of the Mysteries, and eliminate all evidence that it had ever existed....the [millennias-long] christian cover-up was to eradicate all evidence of Gnostics and the Mysteries, and to snuff out the quintessence of Pagan wisdom of the [whole] ancient world. This had to be done so thoroughly and efficiently that what was destroyed would appear never to have been there to destroy in the first place!
In the history of the human race, no campaign of spiritual, cultural, and intellectual genocide compares to what was launched against the guardians of the Mysteries and their devotees."

And so it continues.....


Visible said...

People... the Zio-swine that own blogger are hard at work keeping your comments out. They now have this new thing that you can't post more than 4096 characters because they want you to catch the Twitter virus and they don't like what I have to say. Allow me to mention at this point that they can go fuck themselves and remember that I have a Wordpress backup.

They allowed half of bholanath's comment and not the other. To even list the different ways that we are being screwed with here would take more time than I have. Those doing this who are also reading this need to know that their efforts have been noted and the check is in the mail. It ain't a check but they'll catch my drift.

Anonymous said...


In reference to a 'Nabka' insignia: How about a 'Jolly Roger' with a bright red 'Z' superimposed in the background?

Didn't wish to bother you via email but couldn't get through. This is the FIRST time I have ever been given an 'aborted' message viewing your webpage and comment site.Although I could get access by simply going back I could not post a comment.

Caught you for the first time at James' place. You know I truly admire your articulate informative and inspirational comments but I simply cannot 'get out of dodge' at this moment in time, even if I was accepted into your community with a wife, kids, dogs and assorted fleas. Where would 'jj' be? What about 'Pot' and the many other great commentators?

Now, Les, I like you, but your insinuation that we are going to hell suggests strongly that we are not at the beginning of a BULL market as the experts have stated.

I have my sights on a 2010 Lexus with the profits from my 401k. ...don't be a buzz killer dude.

Kevin St. John

Hank said...

I believe it has become clear to anyone with 14 or more functioning brain cells, that zionist controlled israel, is a parasite. They are the horsehair worms of the human species, that invade the body, and through mind control, cause people to do things completely against their "nature", and best interest.

They have crept their way into the halls of power, media control and have created a system of financial slavery. They sell us their lies in neatly packaged forms with delightful flavors that mask the taste of the poison inside.

We are all the victims of their lies and the wars and atrocities comitted because of their lies. They have become masters of using the religion tool, to pit one good people against another.

Christain, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Budist and god believing, religion hating people like myself, all want the same things. I believe there two basic desires in humans and those are, I want to care about you, and I want you to care about me. Simple stuff really, but because of all the lies, those desires get lost in translation.

I would like to say to Abdul that it is the lies we have been told about each other, by our governments and religious leaders, that keeps Les and me and many many others from being able to come to Syria and share the love we all carry a desire for in our hearts. The fact is that your god and my god are the same god. The same power created us both, and I cannot conceive of a god so evil as to pit us against each other. Would you or me or any loving parent pit one of their children against another? I would love to be able to come to Syria, and show you and your fellow citizens that I am not a souless infidel, but a man just like you. I want to provide for my family just like you. I want to live in peace just like you. I like fellowship and good food, and conversation. I like the way the sun feel on my face, and the embrace of a loved one.

We are alike you and I, and the zionists will go to any length to keep us apart. They know if we ever find out how much alike we are, they are doomed. They will no longer be able to sell us their lies, no matter how delicious they are. They know that if the truth comes to light, they will be ground under heel and destroyed. For your sake and mine and billions of others, I believe that day cannot come fast enough. Until that day, I wish peace to you and all.

Mouser said...

You and others here light up the world.

Visible said...

Someone just left a very nasty and invective laced comment toward Kevin St. John. You should know my policy here. I let people have their say but when you are anonymous you have no right to speak in a certain way. Your name HAS TO accompany certain kinds of passion or you won't get heard.

Here's the real point, Kevin was making a joke (as far as I know) and this is not the first time that someone took someone here seriously when they were poking fun.

Now... I don't want to offend you by not posting what you had to say but if I am right you will thank me for not posting it.

People.. I'm off to a music festival for a few days and there will be no computer or anything else except me dancing in the water or sitting on the terrace of the house I rented for the occasion. I'll be back around the coming weekend and we'll continue. I need to get two or three ya ya's out so that my tenuous grip on reality can endure for a little longer. The good news is that it's not the common reality so I won't wind up regretting having a grip in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Thank all that moves in form and will that Gaza is and that we see and can be part of that struggle. The very act of killing, taking of farm land, and things much worse, must be seen. The power to create is nothing without the understanding and pain of death. I wouldn't have ideas and feelings so well placed on this topic if not for the strife of the matter?
Now, we see too the nature and outcome of the Zio-bad guys, but why, I ask? Is this clear to all or just us? Is death and the killing of kids enough to see "it?" Can we take more or even need to see more? Why even open our eyes at all? Who's doing the showing? Yourself, is the answer to all these questions.
When does action become clear, and feelings drive us to motion? When you yourself stops looking around for reason and just lets out the real cause of the pain, love and compasion. I guess what Im saying is we dont need events nor bad guys to do the right thing but there presents forces the issue, like mom yellin at you to clean up something, but what?
The root of this post, I feel, is the "Solar Church," and the over use of the sun and its power. We can find many great places to start this but Ireland is a pretty good start. Look to what happen to the local worship of the sun and how it has changed into to pure hate and lies. I wont get into the story line, best read for yourself, like all things, but see that misuse of even "good" or lighted ideas can create nations like Israel. The doing isnt so much planned and willed but an outcome of misunderstanding. I hope and work towards clearing up this in my own minds eye but cant stop nor help the world or others from this misleading hope. What I can say is this, if you are ready to stand in front of the next bullet pointed at a poor child, you're ready to clear up the whole problem, till than keep crying.

Le Mat

RickB said...

Hear hear! I echo your sentiments. Will repost this on my blog:

Outlaw dehumanizing zionism once and for all.

Anonymous said...

It's Naqba... not Nabka.

Anonymous said...

How the @£%&!? is a person supposed to know when someone is "joking" in their post.
This is all serious think I. The child killers in Gaza and the complete lie being lived in the Western world. Where is the levity in that?
Satire should be clearly recognised as satire or risk the wrath or being taken at face value.

john c, UK said...

Anonymous 6:30 AM - is that a joke?

Eugene said...

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Nice work Les! Its all so true.

Should persons want to explore the gnostic angle and the persecution of Christianity ... I heartily recommend "Not in His Image" by John Lamb Lash

Eugene said...

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Nice work Les! Its all so true!

Should persons want to read more on the Gnostic vision and their near extermination by Christianity, ie the zombified shock troops of Zionism, I highly recommend "Not in His Image" by John Lamb Lash.

Anonymous said...

Again, as always Les, you speak the words of the heart of true humanity.

What I always find missing in the angst and anger is the source of all this horrid-ness on the part of that "littie girl who had a little curl". That source being the "BIBLE". And I fully understand there are multitudes of 'good' religious people.

Unless and until the bible is exposed as the collection of fabrication, myth, wishful-thinking, forgery and outright LIE that it is, with only a small smattering of actual history, all of this madness can and will continue unabated. No one has exposed it better than Joseph Wheless in his book "Is It God's Word".

And when I say 'expose' the bible to be falacy, I'm not talking athiesm, I'm talking the abolition of belief in pure lies disguised as spiritual truth. Spiritual truth exists in the Analects of Confucius in far greater measure than it exists in any belief subsequent to it.

The 'bible' has been the foundation upon which this whole 'right of return' crap is based. Jews have been kicked out of many countries throughout history, but noticibly absent from that list is Egypt - which is the only one they seem to want to admit to, and it's a lie. A desired history has been constructed upon a book written by those who wish that history to be true. But it isn't.

No modern day archaeologists can argue with Finkelstein and Silberman or the findings which they've published in their book "The Bible Unearthed". These two highly respected men have thoroughly dispelled the claims of the Bible because the earth doesn't yield the proof. There was no Exodus, Jericho had no walls, Judah was the greater of the two tribes, David had no great kingdom but was merely a tribal warlord. King Josiah wrote the "Book of the Law", not Moses. If there was a Moses, there were at least 5 of them. Oh, and no "wandering in the desert" because 150 - 200 THOUSAND people meandering for 40 years observing laws that required sacrifices from shitting to breathing, and everything in between would have left a mound of bones and animal carcasses big enough to rebuild the temple. Not a stick, not a stone, not a bone. It didn't happen. It's pure lie.

I always say you avoid the problem by avoiding the source. In this case the source of all these horrendous and heinous crimes worldwide is the Bible - and all of its adherents have helped perpetuate it with their allegiances to the mainstream "big 3" monothistic religions. If the first is false - the others collapse. Dispel the bible and its lies and you've solved the problem.

I don't say it will be easy, I don't expect it will be. But all of humnanity is one brotherhood - there are no 'chosen' ones. The bible has caused these divisions. It must be exposed if man is to ever hope for peace.

I too will remember the Nabka and the Palestinian people, who are the TRUE descendants of Jesus (if he existed)Here's to a reunited Palestine and a terrible LIE exposed.

Funny tho, the Palestinians don't consider themselves 'chosen'.


ewingsc said...

Great rants, Les.


Still alive said...

I, along with all decent, conscientious people on earth, will always remember the Nakba.

Let all of humanity hope that soon we will celebrate the end of that international terrorist rathole.

Palestine will be Palestine once again.

Les Visible is a true warrior. For a true warrior spreads the truth.

timlittle said...

I thought you might be interested in learning about OUR Jewish traditions which embrace the real Christ. We are the Frankist Association of America. One of our members has a new book out:

These are our teachings passed on through generations. If you can't afford the book you can see the website of one of our teachers -


Beth El Jacob Frank



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