Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Hubris Pushes itself off the Cliff.

We could have had a better world a long time ago. Along the way a lot of people have worked for a better world. It’s clear that ‘civilization’, whatever that word is supposed to mean, hasn’t been all that helpful. It’s clear that the level of civilization in Ancient Greece and other locations have not been improved on since their time. One might say that things have gotten worse. Certainly the comfort level has gone up and existence is more convenient for those who can afford it but... there’s an argument for believing that we have actually been going down hill since more primitive times. The only positive note seems to be that time has sped up so that you don’t have to be here as long as in the past. It certainly feels like it’s going faster and that’s not good news either considering the general direction that civilization ‘appears’ to be headed in.

I have always had the highest admiration for men like Buckminster Fuller and Jacque Fresco. Throughout the course of history there have been men and women who have shown us a vision of what we could be like but they have been uniformly marginalized and typed as kooks and eccentrics. We’ve been told that ideas like theirs are not practical and couldn’t be applied in any wider sense among the world’s people. In the movie, “Who Killed the Electric Car”, we were treated to the images of new cars, which had never been driven, being crushed into scrap by gigantic presses. There’s no point in my loading this entry with examples of what happens when corporations and banks dictate the course of human evolution AND there’s a reason why fascism is always the end result of this process.

Some people are evolutionary and some people are de-evolutionary. You could say that some people are good and some people are evil and that would mean the same thing. I don’t know if these people are born this way or if opportunity and circumstance mold them into what they become. All I know is that it happens and that usually, in a society driven by money and products, good comes to be defined as evil and evil as good. Then we get things like this.

AIPAC is engaged in their usual scheming and strong-arming at the moment and we are getting first hand evidence of how fascism comes about and how... no matter how much some people have, it is never enough. It appears they are not satisfied with the case being dropped against their spies. They want an investigation into how this was allowed to happen in the first place. Part of their logic is that the charges were brought “under a law that had barely been used in more than 90 years.” Wow... do I really need to perform an autopsy on that? Some things have been against the law for centuries but they do get used on occasion; unless you are well placed on the pyramid. Then, even the ancient laws about murder and theft don’t really apply. And if you kill some truly large amount of people then it becomes something performed in the national interest.

Former Senator Abourezk lays it out pretty well. It’s not hard to see what’s going on here or... to see the other end of the spectrum where the target doesn’t have the ‘juice’ because he’s a member of a suspect group which was made suspicious due to an act of terrorism carried out by agents of the group in power, for the purpose of making this group suspect in the first place. Regardless of the injured howling on the part of the real villains in the picture, we don’t need to argue further about who did 9/11 and why they did it. All you have to do is look at what has resulted since.

You don’t need all that other evidence but that’s there too. That’s there too... ignored and hanging in the air along with the iron ions and whispering thermite. There’s Larry Silverstein doing the old soft shoe and singing, “Pull it... pull it for me baby.” There’s Michael Chertoff in the role of a demented Jim Henson. There are flash forwards and flashbacks. In one of the flash forwards we see Henry Kissinger whispering into Obama’s ear like Grima Wormtongue. There’s the entire U.S. Congress performing felatio at the AIPAC convention while Handel’s Messiah is played backwards. Money is dropping, pants are dropping, names are dropping and people are even smearing droppings under their eyes to cut the glare of the sun which stands for something allegorical in this life play but ...we’ve forgotten what that was.

Pete Seeger turned 90 the other day. He wrote a song called, “Where have all the Flowers Gone?” There are a lot of new versions needed, “Where have all the Humanity gone?” is one of them. Honor... awareness... these are but a few of the virtues that have been whored out for things no sane person would want to possess in the first place and I have to ask... why would you give away qualities that protect you and make your life worth living for... things that endanger you and steal all of the joy from your existence? It’s a dark marvel to witness.

There’s some reason that so many powerful rent boys and girls are performing so many demeaning acts for the benefit of a tiny ruling elite. Sure, they’ve always been whores but, in the past, there’s at least been a certain amount of pretense otherwise. The veil of illusion was a lot more intact. They only did certain things on camera. Now they will do anything on camera. They compete with each other to see who can be more degrading than their fellows.

I don’t think they can be doing it for money and power but maybe I am wrong. Maybe it just has to do with denying the position to everyone who has any integrity or principles and making sure that only the most dishonorable among us can be elected. You know... like when Rahm Emanuel (who certainly hadn’t attained the seniority for the position) was in charge of making sure that only pro-war democrats were allowed to run for office in 2006. Maybe that is all it is... making sure that only the most corrupt of the crew is allowed to line up behind each other and kiss Baphomet’s ass.

I’m traveling some distance tonight to meet with some of the more well known individuals on “The Truth Circuit”. It was a curious invite that came out of nowhere and maybe it will prove illuminating for me. Then again... it could be Borat; out to punk some anti-Zionist nobody. We’ll see and you’ll hear about it in the next installment here this weekend.

Those of you who visit regularly know that I’ve mentioned the apocalypse theme often over recent time. You’ve heard me talk about large shifts in our collective state of being. I’ve mentioned the approach of great and possibly grave events upon the horizon. I can’t shake this. It accompanies me through my every day. I’m generally much more hopeful than appearances warrant. I really do think there is going to be a universal hoisting upon petards. I see deep darkness infiltrated with light. I see powerful structures collapsing to the ground much as those mysterious free falling towers did. I see transformation and wide awakening, simultaneously terrible and wonderful... all dependent on the state in which we find ourselves at its occurrence.

There’s no question that there is more pressure than there are places for it to go. There’s no question that corruption and imbalance have moved beyond the point where they can sustain themselves. Laws of Nature are now due to come into play. We do not understand these laws but we know they exist and we are going to get first hand demonstration of them. My take was... and is... those in whom hubris has become uncontrollable shall soon be meeting the unexpected.

I have often premised that life is a reality play. Life is that stage of which The Bard has spoken. We are going to be getting a lesson about the wrong way of living and doing things and the principal players have been thrust forth into the limelight for better viewing. Remember... no one will be seated during the last ten minutes of our feature presentation.

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Anonymous said...

McKenna, as you know, and as I`ll remind the readership, put this whole Time Speeding Up thing into his Novelty Theory.

Which was good for his theory`s sell-by date. Since you and I and many others agree with this perception, it looks as if Novelty Theory is still fresh and tasty.

In other news, my wife just could not think of the word for Frugal or Thrifty in Japanese. The other words, Stingy and Miserly, no problem.

Thus, the state of virtuous vocabulary in the Land of the Rising Sun. Certain words are being forgotten. "Stimulate the economy! Not spending is ketchy!"

Well, it`s not ketchy anymore. Now it`s catchy.

We`ll run out of credit when pigs fly- Oops!!

They already have! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!

sounder said...

Les wrote...

"Sure, they’ve always been whores but, in the past, there’s at least been a certain amount of pretense otherwise."

We are all whores to what we consider expedient in our efforts to build ‘personal identities’. Early on (Greek) thinking (pretences) broke down into idealist and empiricist camps, These two tendencies of thought were integrated by Descartes along with the false initial premise of dualism. The result is (further) perversion in the meaning content of our forms of understanding. The essence that created and stands behind the form is obscured by the false premise.

There is another element of thought that is yet to be integrated into our larger criterion for understanding and that is imagination or intuition.

If this crisis of civilization is what it takes to spark this intuition, to a level that produces a new criterion for understanding, well, so be it.

Yuri said...

Power of Dictate only evolves with time and uses people only for its needs.
To understand how it evolves and to look forward see

Mouser said...

I acquiess, something "big" is going to happen soon, < ½ year.

kikz said...

mornin les :)

serendipity smiles ;)

found this 82 min vid,
hope you and others can spare the time to watch :)



Anonymous said...

Les, the Bard, two things.

The idea that evolutionary events or ideas are somehow important at all, is a new left brain, western world creation. If you really feel forms of life need to get better or that a line can be drawn between like things, fine. This is a tool of the ruling elite, remember the "supior white man" of the 20s and 30s? Well, evolutionary debates focus on this trap of the flesh.
Two, is there any why we can come to understand that man, is now just as he was ten thousand years ago? Yes, we use computers and drive cars, but I say a cave man could too, just never had one. What has "changed" is the amount of detail used to get the same things. More detail, more room for control. Civilization, is more than doing the right thing for all, but this goal has been turned around and used for control. Tech and future gained info wont help, making more stuff isnt going to get us out of this. The out is coming and if you try and get onboard thinking we live at the peak of human understanding now, you'll be ask not to join. What is has and will always be, will you let it be?
I think we dont get better or grown wiser, but we find that we already have learned and know this stuff. Currnet SQ wants us to forget it!!

Le Mat

Zoner said...

"I laughed, I cried, it was a great show!"

Not much to say anymore, but I had to agree that the pretense is no longer in play at all. I suppose the actors currently front and center figure their show is no longer needing the usual props due to the one thing I believe will be their undoing - overconfidence and self-delusion.

The "show" has become so obvious, that it resembles bad sci-fi where you can see the support wires and the zipper up the monster's back.

I also agree fully that a balance will be restored, likely soon, by forces that most of us have little true understanding of. Call it nature or God or whatever you like, but I think some rules have been broken here and there are likely systems to correct such transgressions. Should be a great show with lots of audience participation!

I hope you travel safely, Mr Visible, and have an interesting time on your trip.

Thank you for your continued efforts.


William Wilson said...

Hi Les, very poignant essay.
"We could've had a better world a long time ago"
Very true.
Keeping people in poverty and misery, overworked, stressed, are methods the oligarchy, the greadheads, Zionist criminals, the banksters-use to keep people down. And the lies they spread in the media are the same.
They are doing same thing the zombie-makers in Haiti do. Immobilize a person's higher reasoning centers, then keep him or her on a salt-free diet (the MSM) so the person will not regain their senses.
Things will change, and, for the better, that is a given. How long will it take, that's the question. Will it be slow or will it occur in the twinkling of an eye.

Anonymous said...

Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory

Josey Wales said...


As they told us when we were kids, "Don't get off until the ride comes to a complete stop"

Thanks Les,


paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Outstanding piece !! I agree, the scumbags of the earth are about to get a lesson in physics. I truly feel it.

As much as shrill killers like Jane Harman can howl with impunity and victimhood and get away with it, the shit is coming down soon. Cause they dont know when to stop. They just dont want it all... they want even more than all of it.

paolocaruso said...

Les, Its more than constricted energy, it is about critical mass. And we dont have it yet. MOst of the population are like this poor woman in this video, who just cannot process the information. She has been devastated by the loss of her son in Afghanistan, but is totally confused. Torn between patriotism and anger. These people are all over America.

The critical mass will be formed when this woman and her neighbors figure it out, and are storming US cities carrying torches lookin for themz sunzbitches, and they know who they are and where they live.

Robert said...

Les... Be careful as you travel! We're with you...

Anonymous said...


Just being a paranoid freak. Just be careful, traveling is when they like to strike. It is the best time to set up an accident.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful essay. I keep coming back because somehow I find solace and hope amid the bleakness of your words. Truth. Something is afoot, and I'm sure we won't be seated. Thank you. Please be safe in your travel. Deception and all that.

Anonymous said...

Kilaya here,
Again, Les, another brilliant essay.
I think it's been mentioned before, but it needs to be said one more time. The current leaders in this world are not human and that is what is so obvious to anyone who cares to look at their antics. They have been either cloned or their human consciousness has been replaced by something other than human. The focus for humanity at large is to not be taken in by the corruption of their thoughts and methods, to still be able to retain some sense of compassion and caring for others. I do believe that the majority of humanity is disgusted and repelled by what our leaders attempt to have us do. Unfortunately, the very young amongst us are the ones who are most easily duped into swallowing the lies and fighting their wars etc. Fortunately, there will be change, there always is.

Anonymous said...

qualities that make it good, given away, do they's believe all the pretty things are their's...ours ?, giving my good times away.. they do's,so owned they feel, beholden to a light bulbus, big trucks of food, protection in blue, safety in green, big white pig pillar palace of power, feeling beholden, they's better than you, just give it away, forget's your baby you given away.

Edrick Treewick .... in soup sandwhich.

Just A. Human said...

My friend, time is certainly shrinking. You are not alone in feeling the shrinkage in the time domain. It is very real. There are some physicists who are well aware of this fact. It is more probable that we are rushing back to point “Origin” and the crunch time is fast approaching – SAnd I am not talking about the Armageddon. My perspective, right or wrong, is physics.

The following excerpts, taken from the article on the origin of our Universe, will shed some light on “Time”. Read the complete article at:

This Universe, or the system of “Universes”, came into existence with a Big Bang. The Big Bang unleashed the Super Strings of energy. Now read on …

“These Super Strings of immense energy had propagated a multi dimensional universe spanning, by our present measuring standards, more than 14-billion-light-years across from the nucleus of The Big Bang. Plainly speaking, the container shell of this perceptible universe formed at the instant of The Big Bang, spanned spherically more than 28 billion-light-years across. More to contribute the complexity of the matter, the very latest evidence and theories suggest that The Universe spans, more probably, 100-billion light years across and contains many billions more galaxies than the prevalent estimates. In a nutshell, it was the initial energy eruption of The Big Bang that formed the time-space dimensions and the universe within. As we shall discuss later, it is more logical to accept, taking into account the impact of the enormous energy that exploded out due to and at the The Big Bang, that this universe expanded to its maximum span with in an instant (measured in our present time scale) of The Big Bang! It means that the universe was at its largest dimensions the instant after The Big bang.

At that timeless moment our time-space universe had emerged in all its dimensions. It was a universe that we can only describe as supper hot, formed of enormous and multidimensional energy fields. The pure energy that was unleashed with the Big Bang was generating and prorogating the basic packets of energy that in turn were to become the building blocks of all the matter. Photon particles, the particles of light, were also formed from the same pure energy that erupted out at the Big Bang. It was the universe originated and formed via the Virgin Mother Energy of the Big Bang and is engulfed in the Energy Force Field since its very creation.

It is more probable than not that the nucleus of that Virgin Mother Energy remained intact as the multidimensional center (the origin) of this universe. Since after it's spanning to the fullest at the instant after the Big Bang, the entire Universe / Multiverse system is being pulled back by the attractive force of the nucleus of the Virgin Mother Energy. Plainly speaking, it is more probable than not that this universe is contracting and shrinking and not expanding since the instant after its creation. The popular undertaking that the universe is expanding is based on the concept of radiation shift, which takes as a constant the speed of radiation spectrum over time and assumes that it is arriving from a one-dimensional universe in a straight line from our space-time dimension.

The acceptance of this more probable hypothesis that our multidimensional universe is engulfed in the energy field since its very creation and that it is being pulled towards the nucleus of the Virgin Mother Energy, absolves us from coming up with make-to-fit theories like The Gigantic Black-Holes and the The Dark Matter to justify and explain a plethora of anomalies that we encounter as the popularized concepts are presented as the facts pertaining to the Big Bang and the universe.

As the time-space dimensions had emerged and the initial packets of energy were getting busy in formulating the galactic structures, our journey back to Home had already started. The universe was already heading back to its point of origin. At the point that the universe started this return journey, the time counter was set to ZERO. The time counter is ticking since then and we are already many billion light years on our way back. Every thing in the universe is rushing back to Point Zero - at a speed that is beyond our grasp. How far we have come and how far is left - we are unable to compute. It is comprehensible that at some point, the universal-return-journey will cross a point where the pull shall accelerate abruptly due its entrance into an inner shell of denser energy field of The Big Bang nucleus - That will be The Crunch Time - We may call it the end of the journey. But, as we still have time, Let's complete our intergalactic journey. “

Some of you will raise the point that if the time were shrinking shouldn’t our watches and the distances (travel times) be showing it? It is good point. And the answer is simple:

The change is universal - The frequency of the energy particles (that also effects the “tension” in the spring), speed of electrons, the distances between the sub-atomic particles and distance between the atoms are also changing in accordance. Meaning; our watches, whether quartz or spring loaded, will continue to register the same “time”. The same goes for the distances. We are all getting compacted and don’t realize it. Not a pleasant thought!

It seems that our journey back to Home is gaining speed!

Visible said...

Thanks for your concern all but... and you will note, I never said where I was going or how I was traveling or who I was seeing. I also never say I am where I really am (I hope I can be forgiven for that) but only where I want people to think I am.

They have already tried to kill me and worse than kill me in the past but... since a few things got altered even that has backed off to the point that nothing happens at all these days for some years; not suggesting it won't but new forces have rendered that mute for the most part.

Meanwhile, I don't operate off of fear. I don't let it cross my mind. That would imply that they have power and they don't. I'll leave when my cassette runs out and not before.

I did consider that it might be Borat (for some reason that came into my mind). It did come out of the blue and it does involve intimate contact with some people I would very much like to meet... but I checked out the bonafides and they seem on the up and up. The good news is that if it is Borat I will hit him really hard a couple of times before anyone can stop me. You can count on that. I'm not ordinarily violent but we all need a lesson now and again and he needs one so... nothing more need be said about that.

In any case, someone else is going to be posting your comments so bear with her as she may not be as immediate as I am. I'll be back to tell you about it in a few days.

Anonymous said...


Fiyah burn!
Downpressor (wo)man got nowhere to run to.

At these kind of shows, I never take my seat anyway. Just stand along the back wall, the view is better and nearer the exits.


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"...we were treated to the images of new cars, which had never been driven, being crushed into scrap by gigantic presses."Les, not to diminish the main thrust of your post, but upon reading the above I was reminded of
Partially completed SoCal housing tract demolished.
A short quote: The planned 16-unit tract on the fringes of a suburb about 65 miles northeast of Los Angeles included four finished homes with granite countertops, whirlpool bathtubs and dual-pane windows.First found the article at the Cryptogon blogsite which I recommend.

Mouser said...

God's speed Les.

paolocaruso said...

Les, Have a safe trip and
yes BORAT is a perfect representation of the subterfuge, opportunism, greed, ruthlessness, banality, obscenity and deceit with which this very hoard has poisoned the world.

Yes indeed, watch out for BORAT !!!!!

Anonymous said...

You continue to blow my mind. Sometimes the surgeon, sometimes with laughing gas, sometimes not--sometimes with a baseball bat, sometimes with a feather....fucking beautiful.


What if? said...

What if this whole Pakistani 'invasion' is about making sure nobody, neither the ruling government, their oposition or any group of ragtag coup-inclined rebels will be able to use Pakistan's nuclear power to help the muslim nation of Iran...when...Israel unleashes a couple of Haroshima/Nagasaki 'warning' bombs on cities in Iran as a warning to cease and desist in the same way the US did in Japan during WWII.
My question would still be - how is Isael planning to prevent Russia from blowing them off the map if the A-bombs are used on Iran.
Will Russia be in some way temporarily indisposed by the US precisely when Israel nukes Iran.
A piece of the puzzel is still missing.

The skinny on "what if" said...

Les here's a very plausible "what if".

6 May 2009
"this morning was a big New York Times spread with one loud, clanging message: You cannot defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan without going deep into Pakistan.

It seems the Times has discovered an unusually loquacious "Pakistani logistics tactician" who for some reason has spent the last six months spilling the beans on the Taliban's strategy to the leading newspaper of the American establishment. The anonymous 28-year-old guy from somewhere in Pakistan's tribal lands told a harrowing tale of the "workings and ambitions of the Taliban" as they prepare to defeat Obama's Afghan surge from their safe havens in Pakistan, then seize Islamabad's nuclear arsenal."

What if Israel is planning to use two nuclear bombs against Iran, in "the war on terror" in the way the US did in the war on Japan (Haroshima,Nagasaki).
The MSM is overwhelmed with stories of Taliban insurgents over-running Pakistan where Zio-US forces must assure that Islamabads nukes cannot be used in a muslim defense response to a nuclear attack against muslim Iran.

The missing puzzel pieces are Russia and China. What or who is the proverbial kidnapped Russian syster who will be killed if Russia raises a finger against the 'what if' coming nuclear attacks in Iran? Even if Israel can get a knife to the throat of Russia's only sister while they 'Haroshima' and 'Nagasaki' Iran, China's sisters Israel cannot get at.

Has Israel through some perverted, political negotiation received an assurance from China that it will not interfere in the coming Iranian nuclear genocide? Has Israel guaranteed China all the African oil they can drill out and send home (with the blessing of Israel, the US and the other Nato countries), as long as they do not react when Israel nukes Iran??

Just a 'what if' but Les, what if?

Mvh, Glenn

P.S. If you see Borat say hi from me ;)

If the snout fits wear it said...


A cartoon published in the Qatari newspaper, Al-Watan, on April 27, 2009. The title reads: “The World Health Organization is Warning from a World Epidemic – the Swine Flu”.

The Muslim and Arab media are manipulating the swine flu epidemic to demonize Israel and its leaders, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) charged on Monday.

An Al Watan cartoon cited by the ADL had a caption saying: “The World Health Organization is warning about a world-wide epidemic - the swine flu,” and showed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a pig snout.

Anonymous said...

There is an outside source to being human, not just for the "ruling lizards." True you are, that many at the top only use their "alien" self more than the earthy one. We too, have this problem. The fact that we are affected at all by their(lizards)action is proof of our nature too. Not sure, but human consciousness maybe an outside thing too, thats the point, we get to have a view of this place and live in it too, where other forms may not?

Just Human
Thanks for the info here. I'll say time getting messed up. I have found Im jumping forward hours in a day. The idea that the planet is slowing down, is of question, but for sure we are moving into a more focused place in space? I like your play on modern science here, but hard is it to see the ocean's true nature while sailing it?

Le Mat

pot said...

" with some of the more well known individuals on “The Truth Circuit”. It was a curious invite that came out of nowhere and maybe it will prove illuminating for me".

The truth is well controlled, beware those who pretend to be independent of any controllers. Those receiving illumination are by invitation only, and comes with strings attached, such as a pledge not to illuminate those outside the club. For those outside, it's universal deceit, in many different flavors. You might be getting orders for the final push in return for your illumination.

Anonymous said...


Have you seen Biden's latest?

This is really starting to seem like the good cop bad cop routine.

Le Mat:

Are you seriously arguing that homo-sapien is the pinacle of the evolutionary scale and that nature can do no better than this? If you have ever had a high-dose psychedelic experience (and you pretty much have to to really comprehend what Mckenna's rap is about) you should understand that we are truly limitless beings and that this form we currently take is extremely delimited in comparison.

The speed at which scientific advances are made is accelerating exponentially. That a cave-man could theoretically pick up and learn to use a cell phone does not reduce the importance of this. Just because technology is backwards compatible with humanity doesn't mean a potential technological Singularity with the means to change the whole nature of reality and our place in it won't occur.

Here's a good Ray Kurzweil article:

nina said...

Jah Guide Visible. I am sure you will be well received, no matter what or where.
Looking forward to your impressions.
Love, nina

Kevenj said...

"That would imply that they have power and they don't. "What?

That sounds vaguely similar to something that Jesus of Nazereth said...maybe.
Must be the beer buzz.

Never mind.

gurnygob said...

Re : paolocaruso said... "I agree, the scumbags of the earth are about to get a lesson in physics. I truly feel it".

Here is my problem with this statement. Yes the scumbags will get it, of that there is no doubt, but the law of physics will not consider you or I nor anyone else for that matter when it decides to shift a mountain here or there. A tsunami has no favourites. A volcano doesn't care who gets burnt and so on. The 'Laws of Nature' that Les talks about in his post won't be fussy who gets in the way when it decides to do a bit of spring cleaning. In other words, we will all be in the shit. Maybe that’s what Les meant at the end of his post when he said "Remember… no one will be seated during the last ten minutes of our feature presentation".
I was just wondering if people take things like this into consideration when talking about the shit hitting the fan and justices. The way I see it, we will all be getting a wake-up call when the judge comes riding into town. Truth has a way of pointing things out to us that we never considered about ourselves.
Here is a little bit of scripture for us to think about.

[Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times. Men shall be lovers of themselves, covetous, haughty, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, wicked, without affection, without peace, slanderers, incontinent, unmerciful, without kindness, Traitors, stubborn, puffed up, and lovers of pleasures more than of God: Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof]
Many of the people Les writes about have worked hard at all of the above and deserve everything they get. I see my self in parts of this and I need to get to work on them before the truth comes knocking at my door. Are you in this list?
Pointing out the truth is good, but it’s “our truth” that the judge will be pointing out to us when we meet him face to face.
I am not sure why I wrote this. Then again, I am not sure about anything I write. Maybe it’s just something to think about, who knows. Ha, maybe I am just talking shit! Maybe we all possess a little Hubris.

Let’s just hope we make it through the storm (whenever it comes) and if we don't, then maybe we will meet on the other side, in a much better place. Please God.

Ps. Les, like you said, I would have no worries; I feel your time here is not yet at an end.

Masher1 said...

Wonders this way come... if you are willing to embrace them. We all will have a hard march for the prize in the days to come. Is everyone ready for the AC system to become quiet? Peak oil isn't Shit compared to 'Mass Power Failure" for months or even years.

Have a look at your AC infrastructure in your area.. Does it look old? I bet it is. Want to guess how sensitive it is to solar flares or accidental/Deliberate errors... the word FRAGILE is a good descriptive. Who gets the implications of running power plants at a duty cycle of 94% or higher when in times not too past the average was 50% or less to allow maintenance to be done? Well folks this is WHY they don't care that much about the Internets too much.

No AC no pesky bloggers to contend with once the real shit is in the fan concerning the end of electric power as it has been. They have a plan and the ultra reliable AC system blinking out is going to cause tons of problems that are going to be serious hard to overcome without a calm and cautious head. You have a short time until...... :(


Anonymous said...

Le Mat, are you saying there's no difference between acts motivated by good intent, ie spiritually evolutionary, vs acts motivated by evil intent, ie spiritually de-evolutionary? NO real difference between food for the soul or poison?
Gee, if that's true then what are you even doing here casting your pearls of wisdom to an audience seeking spiritual alignment to Truth, when by your own words "what is, has and always will be?"
If you are right that humanity all knows what it needs to know already and always has then any of us seeking to evolve, ie grow in spiritually-enhancing ways, are merely deluding ourselves.
So if there is no need for any improvement or enlightened discourse or moral discernment then those committed to performing the most vile acts against humanity are no less evolved than those who are committed to being spiritual beacons in an enveloping darkness.
The philosophy that deep down there's no real difference between good and evil only serves evil. Sitting like potted plants among lunatic gardeners IS what has and will always be, if we do as you ask and just "let it be."
And if as you say we have already learned this stuff that we already know then why would we have initially learned it at all, ie spiritually evolved, considering we all knew it all all along, since "what is, has and always will be" and the idea of evolution is, as you imply just left brain delusion?
And, besides, if "what is, has and always will be" what's the point or necessity of ever learning anything anyway since as you say "we don't get any better or grow wiser"????

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Le Mat,....If you are right that humanity all knows what it needs to know already and always has then any of us seeking to evolve, ie grow in spiritually-enhancing ways, are merely deluding ourselves." -- Anonymous (10:46)
There's a thread that I suggest and recommend for you both at the Cassiopaea Forum entitled "My work is not inner-considering,"
wherein the following brief quote can be found: During one conversation with G. (Gurdjieff) in our group, which was beginning to become permanent, I asked: “Why, if ancient knowledge has been preserved and if, speaking in general, there exists a knowledge distinct from our science and philosophy or even surpassing it, is it so carefully concealed, why is it not made common property? Why are the men who possess this knowledge unwilling to let it pass into the general circulation of life for the sake of a better and more successful struggle against deceit, evil, and ignorance?

This is, I think, a question which usually arises in everyone’s mind on first acquaintance with the ideas of esotericism.

“There are two answers to that,” said G. “In the first place, this knowledge is not concealed; and in the second place, it cannot, from its very nature, become common property. We will consider the second of these statements first. I will prove to you afterwards that knowledge” (he emphasized the word) “is far more accessible to those capable of assimilating it than is usually supposed; and that the whole trouble is that people either do not want it or cannot receive it.

Anonymous said...

Good, bad, ugly, smart, dumb, angelic, demonic, liberated, not liberated, etc., etc., etc.
One thing is 100% for sure.
"We all got it coming kid."

simon said...


thanks for the link

serendipity, and synchronicity, indeed. There's a lot of parallel thinking going on. The only hope for an organism infected with an aggressive cancer (or "consumption" as it used to be called) is not technology or drugs or surgery. Full remission can only come about with the body's recognition and awareness of the cancer, the immune system isolating and shutting it down, and the reabsorption of the tumors' debris.

and Les, the best blog going. Not just for your writing and thoughts, but for every week a bunch of comments often as valuable and thought provoking as the main course.


Hank said...

anonymous said,

The philosophy that deep down there's no real difference between good and evil only serves evil.

The entire concept of good and evil was created in, and lives nowhere but the human mind. Good and evil do not exist in the world. That is to say, if you eliminate man from the face of the earth, there would no longer be good and evil, only nature. Odd how an "animal" can kill another animal, even one of it's own kind for food, or territory, or mating rights or leadership, and it is just nature, but when done by a human, it's a crime, but I digress.

Good and evil live hand in hand in the same place, the human mind. They eat, sleep and live together all their lives. The only difference I can see between them is intent. That is if you kill someone to save the life of an innocent, then that is seen as good. If you kill someone for the insurance money that is seen as evil. Same act of taking a life, but the intent determines perception.

I don't think time has accelerated. I think that our technology has made the fact that humans are still as primitive and superstitious as they have ever been, much easier to see. Yea, life on planet earth could have been much better a long time ago if not for humans, and their insistence on living in elected ignorance. Denying the apparent in order to live in the perceived safety of their fantasies.

The human race is a teenager, maybe 13. Capable of adult crimes, but not capable of think with an adult mind. There are those of us that have evidently matured at a different rate, for reasons that escape me, but our ability to not only see what I have described, but admit that we are part of it, somehow sets us apart. We see it coming, whatever it is, but there doesn't seem to be any way for us to relate it to a 13 year old.

Yes, there is a slaughter coming for the sheep. An incestuous rape and impregnation of the 13 year old. An abortion, a drug addiction, one abusive relationship after another, until a painful death from an STD in some prison somewhere. That is what awaits, and she has been warned, but 13 is 13.

Is it going to be a disaster, or is it just growing pains for the human race. I really don't know, but there is one thing that worries me, and that is that those of us that can see it coming, also look like sheep. Peace friends.

Anonymous said...

Two ideas here

One the "means to change the whole nature of reality" is yourself and not a long line of human ideas nor objects. Call this what you will, and yes we as huan can do much more. We can do more with less? If you seek "better" stuff than you're not seeking all of yourself first, I say. Not to start something else here, but you can change your DNA just by thinking, really. So looking at patterns outside ourself is just putting off your homework. Arent you the "better" person after years of deep thinking?

Two we dont "learn" when outside source do the thinking for us. Moreover, if we find "evil" in this world, we found it and thats it. There is no difference here, just polar spilt of all things(love/strife). You want evil things to happen, then think about them, poof their, there! Outside things seem to be evil but not yourself, what? We are to the same thing as the people you all trash on this post. Now the ruling elite arent off the hook because of this, but neither are you all. If you want to be a victim of other people minds, look for evil things.
Underview - A "spiritually evolved" mind builds and grows in a way that seems like evolved actions are happening. I say we go the other way in life, we come to understandings in spiritually important ways but not with the blocks making life or ideas but by knocking them down. We then see the "darkself" with hands open and answer ready.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Le Mat,
Thanks for your reply but what you said in your last post seems to contradict what you said in your first post. So I'm just a little confused.
In your first post you stated that you don't think we get any better or grow wiser. I disagree. But in your last post you ask, "Aren't you the better person after years of deep thinking?" I agree.
You said in your first post that the idea of evolution is mere left brain thinking, "a trap of the flesh." I disagree.
But in your last post you say one can change one's DNA (ie evolve) just by thinking. I agree.
In your last post you said we don't learn when outside sources do the thinking for us. I agree. Nowhere in my first post did I suggest otherwise.
You said in your first post that "we don't get better or wiser" because "we have already learned and know this stuff". I disagree. Your remark presupposes that at some point learning stuff WAS necessary...but it's not NOW. So how then now can we better ourselves with deep thinking?
You said in your last post that if we "want evil things to happen, then think about them, poof they're there!" Do you seriously believe that observing and commenting on vile acts actually created those acts? So we who object to all the nasty stuff we see occurring in the world are actually creating it??? I disagree.
Finally, you refer to "the people you all trash on this post." I emphatically disagree. But I realize (thanks to you) that I was sloppy with a metaphor...sorry. I admire the people of Smoking Mirrors and (dare I say?) learn different things from so many of them. And I didn't intend to come across as attacking you personally, Le Mat. I just don't happen to agree with a lot of what you said.

Hank, regarding what you said about the concept of good and evil, I agree with you completely that intent is of critical importance.
Peace to you and all, too.

Anonymous said...

Peter of Lone Tree

Great quote “There are two answers to that,” said G. “In the first place, this knowledge is not concealed; and in the second place, it cannot, from its very nature, become common property."

If we understand that we are the door to more "evoled" things fine, but to look at the changing of life forms as an answer is wrong and off focus. This quote cant be any closer to the real deal, thanks.
Overall, why would any of you let me put up blocking ideas of better things? We do get to create, yes, but with what? The mind, heart, and body. If you start down a path with a mind filled with others ideas, than you're walking the trail for them. Its time we find a "way" the opens up from the inside?

Le Mat

Mouser said...

"PML-N Senator Raja Zafar-ul-Haq while taking part in the debate said that an anti-Pakistan environment was being created in the world with an impression that the nuclear assets were not in safe hands and that the country is an irresponsible state to pave way for depriving Pakistan from its nuclear assets. “A situation is being created so as to find an excuse to take control of the nuclear assets of the country”, the Senator said, adding that US had also said that Pakistan could be deprived of the nuclear programme if the situation worsened."

Once Pakistan is coincidently (on purpose) deprived of its nuclear assets, and Russia has been somehow finessed into passivity (Mossad kidnaps Russia's sister or whatever), and China's passivity has been bought (with the promise of Africa's oil resources or whatever)...Israel is free to (mini?)nuke Iran to th epolitically correct (feigned) surprise and criticism of the US.

Neutralising Pakistan's nuclear assets may well be the quintessential dot(*) that connects A*bomb on Iran.

Mistertrogdor said...

In reference to the physics and time related comments. Read this curious piece from NASA.

To think our Sun may have a cousin out there, I mean how else could you offset the awesome gravitational potential of an entire galaxy vs a tiny solar system. There has to be some sort of "counterweight" right? They even refer to IAS in 1983, which reminds me of that mysterious article about "Planet X" kicking off that whole fantasy within the public imagination. It's funny because there isn't a Planet X, but binary dwarf star X is a different thing altogether.

Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton said...

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I am a bisexual, herpified, potty-mouthed, NWO-wannabe, zionist shill, lying assassin.
I want to make that perfectly clear to everyone who may wonder.

Anonymous said...

Peter Of Lone Tree,
What you wrote about knowledge really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing it with us. And, as well, I agree with Le Mat, that it's important to understand that "we are the door to more evolved things."
Le Mat you also said "It's time we find a way that opens up from the inside." I think that remark is SO profound in its truth.
Also, Le Mat, your previous posts really got me thinking and I want to thank you for throwing all you said out there. My aha! moment was when I just realized (remembered?)that perhaps our spiritual evolution isn't necessarily a matter of really "learning" anything at all, but of removing the impediments or the blocks, as you've suggested, to discover what's always been there within us, at our deepest core - the Source that is and always has been.
Thanks again Le Mat, from La Pest (smile)

Anaughty Mouser said...

Therefore Pakistan should NOT under any circumstances allow their nuclear assets to be taken over or suspended by any foreign power.

Dadnerd said...


As usual I find myself agreeing with most of what you say. On the subject of the "concepts" of good and evil, I'm wondering about one thing. Say humans are somehow the latest step in a long evolutionary movement. Can we say that evil is not conducive to survival,and good is? Just inquiring at the moment. We are part of nature and the invention of concepts is nature too, so...I'm just wondering.

What if good is the next step in an evolutionary chain of logical development. We see no real evidence of it affecting the masses but...

That is,"Love" being a state of mind that transcends self centered behavior, that would be the highest form of "good" My question has always been, will humans take a quantum leap in an evolutionary mutation as a whole. Not just a few here and there but all of humanity?

I know people here and everywhere like discussing all the details of the variations of so called evilness in history, now and in the past. And it may be fun to do so, but never address the root of the issue. Can humans change, and will we do it before we self destruct?

Can we change by what Le Matt said, by just thinking about it, or is it much deeper than that? I think all other discussions are beating around the bush, there is only one issue, can we change fundamentally.

Anonymous said...

To ?

"So we who object to all the nasty stuff we see occurring in the world are actually creating it" - Yes

Dont object to what you cant(or better dont want to) understand. You see nasty and I do too, but the other party doesnt. What does that mean to you? Their wrong and your right, come on? Other side, there seems, and I stress seems that our actions create force or engery. If you start with fear or hate or even evil ideas, you end with them too. Dont help create this. Not being a total burnout here, but please understand your real power to effect the whole.
Thanks for your open words, Im not taking anything on a personnel level. The trash thing is over the top sorry, but the point stands, we are no different then the nasty dudes too.
PS the DNA thing is about your power to change and guide the "evolved" path of the self. I cant begin to understand the "left brain" models of the body or mind, but nor can modern science, and thats what I getting at. You have the chance in this life to create the whole story for yourself. But we let people(like me) tell the rest of us how it all works. Problem, not one person can really tell what going on with themself at all times nor can the "teacher." Use the mind and brain, we really dont have clue whats going on with both but modern science says, so, we know this. The "this" becomes fact and that fact is used to make yourself hate what we are, because know that, take, maybe many life times. The quick out not going to work, but the left brain doesnt much care, it whats answers now. Too much....

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

When the cat's away..

Les I don't know if you've had a chance to keep up with the news on your sojourney, but Israel's bluff has finally been called:

And then this:

I laughed out loud several times reading the latter article. First the fact that HALF of our congress attended an AIPAC banquet, second that they actually had a roll call and each member "standing in turn". There really does appear to be some serious pressure on Israel lately to STFU and allow a Palestinian state already.

It's almost seems like Israel doesn't have as big a part in the NWO plan as they thought they did.

This may just be posturing, but it's a hell of a lot more posturing than I've seen with regard to ending this bloodshed in the last 20 years.

kikz said...


glad you enjoyed it :)

the 'kid' did make one error.. glaringly so. if i remb correctly early in the vid... he states that resonance/vibration/frequency are resultant of form...

he got that backward... form is resultant of resonance/vibration/frequency. probably just an editing error.

other than that it was good vid :)

not sure if it's the same crew that did zeitgeist... but the narrator is the same.

my only gripe w/zeitgeist... archaeoastronomy is the running theme, and they don't mention any of chriton miller's research on the 'working celtic cross'.... i love his site..just google....
but there again.. miller doesn't mention that the celtic god represented w/a wheeled cross/staff is taranis. oh well *sigh* :)

we piece it together as we go ;)

again.. glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

La Pest

How divine, your weave, three fold with grace. Things are to be taken apart, but too, will they come together again?(yes) The four elements dance as such, by the light of Sun and Moon. Thanks(Smile)

Le Mat

opit said...

Loved the thread.
Those who think Iran a threat couldn't have been around for the Cuban Missile Crisis : MAD when SAC had nukes constantly in the air...or paid attention to the CIA repeatedly saying they weren't.
Remember Iraq's WMD farce ? Same shit, different pile.
Russia has said it will be supremely pissed if Iran is attacked. What part of this computes as Threat Assessment ? Ditto the provocation in deploying ICBMs in close proximity to their borders...just like the ones in Turkey way back when !
Depleted Uranium makes an update for Agent Orange that won't quit. Problem is, radiation is WFO out of control. Ditto a Hydraulic Empire working on other necessities as really limit distribution !

Travis said...

I believe things about about to come full circle here on Earth. Liars in every power position in the U.S. from the smallest city council on up to the POTUS. Lying is an art to get to the top so they can make MORE fake ass money and pretend to be their version of cool. Rich folk, you are not cool. Having a bunch of paper does not make you cool, it makes you stoopid.

It ain't cool if you are stupid, because these same ass-clowns are destroying the planet faster than anyone and Mother Nature combined can put it back together.

I once gave thought to getting a boat and getting the frick out of this shitbox county to a faraway country or island. Just me, my wife and 6 year old son. Somewhere like Bora Bora that is out in the middle of the ocean and away from all population centers.

Then I thought about all the Nuclear weapons in the world and the big 'what if the Psychopaths actually start shooting Nuclear weapons'? Everyone on earth would die, but..........

if I were very far away from all of this destruction, I would still die but I WOULD DIE LAST! Ha! Ha! Ha!

As I was dying, the last thing I would do on earth would be to drop my pants and point my ass toward Israel and give 'em the old one finger salute, knowing those psychopathic morons probably died FIRST.

I just want the satisfaction of knowing that BiBi Netanyahu bit the dust before me. I would die happy then.

Or better yet, if I could die choking Netanyahu to death with one hand while I strangled Kissinger with the other hand.......that would be pretty damn cool in my book.

Shakespeare's brother said...

Thou dost protest too much!

William Shakespeare said...

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks..."

Fact vs. fiction said...

"epistemology |iˌpistəˈmäləjē|
noun Philosophy
the theory of knowledge, esp. with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion."

The problem is the vast majority of people are living in a pseudo-reality of opinion deliberately spewed by the NWO/Zionist mainstream media.


su said...

This must be read - Frank Walter Steinmeier givers Lieberman an absolute dressing down.,1518,623361,00.html

Hank said...

Dadnerd, I think we both seek those fundamental answers, and I do like the way you try and hone the points a little sharper.

First, I'm not completely sold on humans being part of evolution or nature on this planet. There is no smoking gun in archeology that ties modern humans to the early humanoid life forms on this planet. If evolution is a fact, the evidence points to it having been interrupted somewhere along the way. As far as concepts go, I think they are uniquely human. That is I don't think a lion has a concept about killing and eating a zebra, other than it's hungry and wants to eat. There is no ability by the lion to even consider how it will be viewed by others for killing and eating, and no ability to see itself in the big picture.

Humans just don't seem to fit in nature, at least not the nature on this planet. We do not adapt to our environment like every other animal on this planet. We change our environment to suit us. There is a give and take in nature, whereby a balance is achieved. Humans take and for the most part, don't give back. They have a history of destroying their environment, and from all indications they are now doing it on a planetary scale. Just doesn't seem "natural" to me.

Evolution and nature aside, since there is no "human nature", only human behavior which includes everything from choosing to sacrifice your own life to save another, to everything we classify as "inhuman", can we as a race change? I know the changes that I have gone through, coming from a place of ignorance where I thought I knew much, to a place of, or more of a journey to, enlightenment, where I realize that I don't KNOW anything. That to say yes, I do believe that we as a race can change, and I think that if I ever lose that hope I'm done.

How this human epiphany might occur is beyond me. Like you I don't see any indication of it, but knowing that I did it, I know it is possible. Are we on some kind of cusp, or at some nexus? I don't know, but it sure as hell feels like it.

I have this belief that all knowledge exists. Everything there is to know is there to be known, just beyond the light of your desire to know. As your desire for knowledge increases, you make a bigger place for the knowledge that exists to reside in you. I feel like there is an extreme amount of knowledge fighting like hell to enter the minds of man, and I feel like there are signs that humans unwillingness to know is weakening.

The truth is beginning to surround them, as hard as those with evil intent try to doctor it, or just keep it from them, and I am hoping that they will soon find no place to hide from it.

As far as what LaMatt said about changing it with thought, I think he is close. Belief is what needs to be changed, and is probably the single most powerful force on the planet. Humans create what they believe. Either consciously or unconsciously they just make it happen. That is to say, if human kind started believing that there should be no poverty or starvation, they would do the things to make it happen. If they started believing that they could live without war, there would be none. The application of belief, not just thought will be required.

Well the dog is giving me that, I'll pee on your rug if you don't take me outside look, so until later, peace my friend.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up mateys. It's not as bad as all that. Know that the sun is still shining as of this moment and let it shine in your heart. There's no oblivion , estrangement or alienation we don't allow by thinking it. Just bask in the instantaneous joy of acceptance that only happens here and now. Lose your "head" and find your "heart".

Dadnerd said...


We are close to the same understanding.

Maybe Le Matt meant, the will to change, in saying, if we think it. And I'm in complete agreement on that idea. So far there hasn't been a universal will to change. We are still caught in the idea that we are somehow not related to other people. Especially if they are a different color, or believe different myths.

Anyway your ability to say "I don't know" is so rare. If we all could just drop our particular beliefs, we as a race would know no limit. That seems to be the big block standing in our way.

I mean I would ask anyone reading this forum to ask themselves, what would I do if I haven't read anything? How would I confront this enormous conflict that humans have inherited? Our first instinct is to go read what some authority has said about it. So immediately we put the problem on someone else. In that, we are not taking responsibility for the issue at all.

We wouldn't do that if there was an immediate danger. Standing on the railroad tracks, do we freeze or jump? Do we say "wait! let me read what to do in this situation!"

But on these larger issues we feel we have time, so we read, discuss, analyze while the train is bearing down on all of us. Could be we are not really interested at all.

Hey on the subject of whether humans are natural, I don't blame you for feeling that way. Physically we do have a lot in common with other mammals. We have taken a turn with this language thing, and it does have many benefits. But it just may be our undoing in the end. I just didn't think it would happen in my lifetime. :>)

Anonymous said...

Well, put together, as always. Words are a tool and at the lowest of level of human comms for sure. Please dont give up hope, even in your current life's form. The undoing cant be stopped nor the coming creation.

Visible said...

okay.... I'm back... barely; this qualifies as a Petri Dish entry so that is where you will see it. It's all good more or less and Divine Providence was present as you will see. For now, let me say that Freddy Mann who put on the event is an interesting guy to say the least and it was worth the whole trip just to meet him.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Sahib.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, les.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up which will be followed by a Reflections in a Petri Dish entry tomorrow and then whatever after will follow that too.

My May Metaphysical Radio Show.

Anonymous said...

for us to have built a 'better world', it would have required a lot of people much more awakened to the kind of 'world' the United States has pushed forcibly upon the rest of the world for the standard of living most of us have enjoyed now for a number of decades.

one of the major detractors to a 'better world' are a whole cast of Americani who think that "the end always justifies the means" and they live by that motto. They work for corporations they know are harming the environment and destroying their communities and others world-wide. They buy products from companies known to hire hit men in foreign countries to keep their suppression of the local peasants totally under wraps and below the radar scope. They live in houses way larget than anyone can logically justify, buy tons more cheap shit from China than ten humans can use in a lifetime, and they spend way too much time watching inane, stupid shit on the television set to ever 'unplug' from the kind of hellbound train they're willingly riding to god knows what conclusion (by the way I don't believe in a god, I only use him as a literary prop whenever it's convenient, as he doesn't exist anyway!)

So, the 'better world' agenda would have required far more of us pushing for it than we presently have in America today. Even though the economy is like the giant wildebeast that just took the huge elephant gun hit right in the heart, lumbering a few more paces before it keels over and snorts it's last obscene breath into the air, and this 'death' will in fact dislodge a great deal of these "end justifies the means" fuckers from their comfort zones, many of them don't and will not come to grips that there has been a price to be paid for this general "fuck the world, I have mine, how dare you want any of mine" shit going on.

The better world could have occurred so long ago that for the most part, all of the wars, all of the meaningless and stupid destruction, all of the genocide, all of the pestillence, and a great deal of the raw, unmitigated greed could have been supplanted by a kind of human being that might have evolved and created a society where almost anything is possible out of sense of 'community' and not this miasma of stupid and selfish; "I have mine, get your own" going on now.

The better world would have happened only in a universe and a solar system where humans generally agreed that they indeed are, in fact, their brother and sister's keeper, and that religion would have been 'ditched' for much more meaningful human endeavors that actually require you to walk the walk and talk the talk, not just play contrite and humble on one day of the week and then condone torture and murder of innocent detainee's for the rest of the week.

So, Les, we could have had a better world, but we didn't get it. We got the cheap comic book rear pages version, made of cardboard, you could send away for for 4.95, not including shipping and handling, and that you could assemble in your driveway and pretend all day long in until the cardboard got to the point where it wouldn't retain the shape and you rolled it all up and put it by the garbage cans on collection day. The 'better world' would have required human beings with real souls and compassion and a sense of community and sharing.

that better world could never happen with the people I know. None of them could ever, in their wildest dreams, imagining living somewhere that humans actually quit playing stupid games and selling out for a paycheck, and actually worked together for a common goal of world peace.

We could have had that better world a long long long time ago, if we weren't homo sapiens on planet earth in the year 2009.

hANOVER fIST said...

Les...another excellent posting.



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