Friday, August 26, 2005

Matt Sludge Calls for Cindy Sheehan Assassination

Is that strictly true? No. Is it true in implication and impetus; is it true in emotions generated to that effect? Yes. Matt Sludge put this headline up for two days at


What is the purpose of a target? This Goebbel’s like propaganda is manufactured by CNS, an extremist right wing news organization. Are they extremist? Yes. Go therefore and read and ye shall see. And always remember, the story isn't important, it's the headline that counts.

In the article, Code Pink Women for Peace is ‘targeted’ as the power behind the protests at Walter Reed Army Hospital and makes special note that they are one of the groups supporting Cindy Sheehan. In reverse this tells you that Cindy Sheehan is one of the forces protesting at Walter Reed Hospital. She’s connected somehow. The article goes on to mention that the co-founder supported the Viet Cong and Nicaraguan Sandinistas and is Castro’s girlfriend. Words like ‘reportedly’ are used.

Matt Sludge gets 240 million hits a day. When Matt Sludge puts up a headline such as “Anti-War Protesters Target Wounded at Army Hospital” he’s telling you that Cindy Sheehan who is the most visible face of the anti-war effort is dancing around outside the hospital taunting the troops. Is this strictly true? No. Is it the impact he is angling for? Yes.

Cindy is going to be taking a bus tour/trip to Washington soon and the bus tour will be going through 'Indian Country' on the way. If you want to support the troops; if you want to show your outrage at what is happening to the injured soldiers at Walter Reed, maybe you should do something about Cindy and Code Pink. This is what Matt Sludge is saying. Is this strictly true? No. Is it true in its implications and the energy being whipped up? Yes, it most certainly is.

What is Matt Sludge’s function in this world? Matt’s function is to press for neo-con interests and to print the gossip of the day as it relates to celebrities and to link to bizarre events like, “Girl Electrocutes Pet Hamster with Fathers Stun Gun”; that sort of thing. Is the neo-con Goebbel’s-de-Gook that Sludge prints true? No, it isn’t. Is the celebrity gossip true? Who knows or cares? Look up ‘gossip’ in the dictionary. Is the bizarre “News of the World”, “Man Bites Dog then Marries Housecat.” news true? This is more likely than either of the former.

Who is Matt Sludge’s audience? It would appear it would be, generally, a not very bright group of people; people who want their opinions processed and digested for them, people who are interested in whether Mariah Carey has a pustulent boil on her ass and what she feeds it, people who want photos of the housecat marriage. It’s called appealing to the lowest common denominator. Demagogues do this. Fascists rely on it. Dumbing down the public you want to control and move through the paddocks is job one for fascists and their mouthpieces. The specter of Communism and dancing Al Qaeda Halloween window figures is de rigueur. Whipping up suspicion and fear is important if your intentions and interests are not for the greatest good of the greatest number of people. Creating ‘targets’ by suggesting that someone ‘is targeting’ someone, whether they are or not, is a fundamental of the fascists and their mouthpieces.

Lately it looks like Mellon-Sciafe and others are leaning on Matt a bit. Matt’s not his own man you know. Things aren’t going well for the fascists. Public opinion, even with the immense machine of disinfo and ‘all lies all the time’ hasn’t been working lately. It’s time to get shriller; it’s time to ‘target’ the enemy. Who is the visible face of the enemy in the moment? Why, that would be Cindy Sheehan. "Gee, it sure would be a shame if anything happened to Cindy Sheehan." said The Walrus to The Carpenter.

Matt’s gay, which I suppose isn’t important, unless, like Matt, your job is exposing things like this. I haven’t seen a headline to this effect on SludgeReport. But isn’t this news? Isn’t this Matt’s kind of news? Matt Sludge is Walter Winchell Lite. Matt’s a muckraker and a bottom feeder and he’s got a following among the bacteria that feeds at the landfill.

Rupert Murdoch, Matt’s Big Brother, is certainly interested in this kind of news. Who are all these people and why are they saying the things they are saying? Why does a major news organization refuse to run a Cindy Sheehan commercial because there is no proof that there were no weapons of mass destruction? Say what? That’s one of the funniest and saddest and most telling things I’ve heard lately:

Nope, not under here

Did the soldiers in Walter Reed hospital get maimed and injured for a lie? Why they most certainly did. Is it in poor taste to point this out on location? Maybe. Does the Mattster do things like this every day, does Rupert Murdoch? You bet your sweet patootie they do. Is it okay for them and not for others? How far does absurdity have to go before it becomes reality?

Some of you read Doug Thompson’s excellent piece in Capital Hill Blue about bush’s meltdown (in progress). Here’s a follow-up from someone else that you may find enlightening;

Meltdown in Progress

bushligula the alcoholic is finally coming up against the sort of pressure that he cannot defense against within. When things are going smoothly for an alcoholic sociopath, the grandiosity and denial sail serenely over Moonlight Bay. When they are up against a fierce challenge, the tenuous fabric of manufactured reality begins to whip and tear from the winds. Where’s Matt? Dude, Matt’s not here anymore.

What’s gonna happen first do you reckon? Will bush, who may well be drinking again, have a grand moment of public insanity? Or will the war; the problems with the economy, the grand juries, the mean things people are saying, the bullshit protector earpieces go away first? Why do you think he’s going on all those white-knuckled bike rides? Why do you think there is this relentless push for physical exercise? Think about it. If, like me, you’re interested in the truth of the matter, no matter what it is and no matter how it may impact on you personally, you don’t have a problem recognizing certain things. Think about it.

If I were a mathematical theorist I would have no problem showing you where this whole thing is headed. You might have a problem understanding how I came to my conclusions though. Thankfully we don’t need abstruse or exotic theory to divine and compute. All we need is a freakin’ brain and a certain amount of integrity. bush hasn’t got either but he’s expendable and the odds are that 'the boys in the back' are planning a scenario at this very moment. Don't be surprised if bush doesn't finish his term for, oh, 'some reason or another'.

Will Matt and his handlers succeed in getting people killed? They’ve done a fine job so far. I feel like the little kid in The Sixth Sense.

In the end, it’s the inability of a large segment of the public to see, or even want to see, the truth. It’s the little denials that feed the big denials. And denial itself has a destiny wherever it may live. Denial does not change what is. The sun didn’t suddenly make an adjustment after they tortured Galileo. What should we do about Matt’s call for Cindy’s assassination? What are you thinking America? What are you going to do?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Les! and more true than anything Drudge says.


Anonymous said...

Drudge is a pro-Israeli Jew. There's no way around the fact.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if someone relieved us of the meddlesome Mr. Drudge.

Anonymous said...


He prefers "handjob Drudge."

Anonymous said...

You are one helluva a writer my friend. Like the song says, "tell it like it is, don't be afraid to let your conscience be your guide."

Anonymous said...

Somethings going to blow. You can feel it in the air. Like you've been saying, it's coming. Why not 9/11 again?

Peter Grills

Anonymous said...

It just doesn't make any fucking sense. We're thousands of years gone here and the same shit is happening as it ever was. Just once I'd like to see these scumbags go down so hard that the rest of the cockroaches crawl under the rocks for a hundred years.

Israel is the real problem now and they're running the whole show.

Anonymous said...

Ab-so-lutely LOVE your Blog!!!!!!! Matt Drudge.... Hmmmmm. Matt(door-mat?) Drudge is more to be pitied than reviled. This "man"(I use the term loosely) is living proof that it takes a lot of narrow cheek to hold up a narrow mind. As our John Cleese said: "A good example of what NOT to become". Thank you Les. Keep up the excellent work

Anonymous said...

You really are a fine and inspired writer. I have a feeling your work is going to last a long time, especially the Visible Origami collection.

Anonymous said...

quite some subtle shennanigans in your woven mosaic there. turning the tables on the pukemeister? you'll need a lot more traffic to do that but you got to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

Hello my Friends; Spam bots have been visiting me so I beg your indulgence when you want to comment and ask you to do the word verification thing. Some day we will be able to hunt them down and use them for our entertainment. For the moment we can only make their work harder.

Anonymous said...

C'mon I'm waiting and waiting and now it's been several days and nothing new. You shouldn't get people hooked and then hide the stash.

a loyal reader

Anonymous said...

I must point out that you people are idiots. I've never seen such blind idiocy in my life. Your extreme liberalism makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could say the same about them Farkers....

I must point out that you, the True Americans, are brave. I've never seen such blind, raw, courage in the face of adversity in my life. Your extreme liberalism makes me hopeful that America will rescue herself from the current mire she have swam in and bring down the oppressors!



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