Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Do We Have Any Rights Left? Well then, NOW IS THE TIME!

Here is what you do, Americans everywhere. Get together in groups of a dozen or more and go to the office of your Senator, your Congressperson and any and all local and state representatives and camp there until they will meet with you. Do a Cindy Sheehan. We want you to “do the wave” across the country just like they do at ball stadiums. When they do show up, which they will, tell them you are demanding the impeachment of this entire administration or THEY will be voted out of office, be they Republican, Democrat or whatever they are calling themselves.

Did you ever think that your world would become as twisted as it is today? It has been twisted even worse in the past. The unfortunate truth though is that the same weaponry did not exist at the time. Now you could all be gone at the push of a button. Still, you have to ask yourself; were you here in the first place? Because if you are I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!! And if you are not here enough to say something in your own behalf and on behalf of the human race then I have to tell you, I don’t much care what happens to you and neither do you.

Do we have any rights left? If we do then, correct me if I’m wrong, can’t a few people- or a whole lot of people- in every state, go to their representatives in Congress and The Senate and tell them, “We will do everything in our power to see that you never hold office in this state again; be you Republican or Democrat or whatever you may style yourself to be… unless,” I am certain, unequivocally certain, that there is a large body of conservatives and liberals and God knows what else out there who can see that, whatever is actually happening, what is happening is wrong. It is wrong; poorly executed, venal, insane, poorly planned, ill-considered and pretty much darker than dark implying the complete absence of light.

George W. Bush is a moronic and psychopathically indifferent robot of satanic parentage. He is robot controlled by the greediest most draconian pack of scoundrels this world has seen in quite some time. He is aided and abetted by the most morally bankrupt collection of businessmen and public figures in every area of pursuit. Somehow, the very worst of us have control of the destiny of the rest of us.

I’m going to ask you a favor America. I am going to ask it in your behalf. I am going to ask you to organize and go to your representatives in every area of government and tell them that they are toast if they do not immediately call for the impeachment of George W. Bush and his associates. I am not asking you to demand redress from an illegal war, or that they pressure him to be fairer or anything like that. I am talking about impeachment, enduring censure and ignominy and criminal prosecution. And I am expecting you to follow through.

I want you and the rest of you and every organization that gives a damn about justice and fair play and ethical behavior to demand, to insist, that those who represent you step forth and call for immediate impeachment of this vile crew of pedestrian thugs. For everyone who reads this and does nothing, you deserve what you get. For everyone who does not reach out to everyone else in our collective moment of need, let them get the cowards reward.

It is time to make those who represent you pay if they do not represent you. This nation is on the verge of some very bad shit. If we cannot speak at the national balloting level; if the media is leaning into the window of the fascist’s limousine in white thigh high boots and a red micro-mini; if corporations treat you like sheep to be sheared and if all sincere opposition is slandered and painted red then it is time to take it to them on a local level. Believe me they will listen. You are dealing with whores. They have to be made to behave. You cannot appeal to their sense of fair play and they have no honesty. You must use noise and reaction at the local level and they will come wagging their tails and smiling like John Wayne Gacy at a Boy Scout camp. They’ll be frightened as hell inside however and they should be.

You still own the local level. You can pressure these swine to support Impeachment. NOTHING LESS THAN impeachment and criminal trial will do. This we must insist on. No deals, period. People have been murdered and their lives destroyed. Justice must be done. In the meantime talk to everyone you know about this.

Many of you do not know how bad these people are. They are very, very bad indeed. To compare them to the architects of the Reich is not an exaggeration. These people must be brought down and publicly accused and punished. The key point is that your local politicians and the ones who go to Washington are more concerned with their own survival than that of the fascists. You may think of them as rats aboard a sinking ship. Remember too that this gives them an opportunity to be bombastic and self-righteous. There is nothing that they like more except for arcane and illegal sexual opportunities.

Do not consider appealing to their sense of honor or humanity. These men and women with rare exception have none. You must use pressure and the promise of their defeat at the polls. You must let them know direct. They are already feeling the heat believe me. The nation is also watching how bush continued to stay in Crawford for two days after the hurricane struck. Now this perverted shit-head of a dysfunctional leader is cutting his vacation a full two days short to go ‘monitor’ the New Orleans situation.

Make your representatives do your bidding. Get together in groups of a dozen or more and go camp out at his office until he/she will see you. Take a page from Cindy Sheehan and say you are not leaving until he/she talks to you. All over the country people, pull a Cindy Sheehan.

Try to visualize that Bush is attempting to do to the country what Katrina did to New Orleans. This is not a joke. You can see it happening right in front of you. Can’t you see the steep decline, the loss of freedoms and the increase in the gulf between the rich and the poor and the elimination of the Middle Class? Wake up you dumb sleeping cattle. Get back up on two legs. Is it too much to ask that you make the effort to recover your dignity and pride? Do you want to follow the Judas Goat through the gate on to the killing floor. At that point it is too late my friends.

You must bring these people down now. If it takes revolution, whatever it takes, they must come down or YOU are going down. I should not have to tell you this. You should have some intelligence and objective reasoning capacity left. Drop the fork and take your hand off your dick and make this happen. Turn off the videos and the TV and go down the street to your nearest government office and ask for papers to file for impeachment proceedings. If they say they don’t have them then make a scene. Call the newspapers and the TV and tell them what you are doing. You want attention? Go get some.

The moment is at hand to rise up and go after these reprehensible pig-fuckers. It is time to bring them down. If someone came up and spit in your face, did your wife and then took your children and sold them to a porn merchant what would you do? Well, it’s happening. Get on the stick, pronto. Do it NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant fucking work!

Anonymous said...

Great language to describe the present robber barons who are raping the world, the part you can see and the part you can only feel.


Anonymous said...

Form the looks of the New Orleans situation it appears that you are not a flaming radical after all. My apologies, anonymously of course.



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