Monday, July 10, 2023

"It is All About Self-Containment... and Self-Control. Control The World Within and... You Control The World Without."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Three things to open this posting with. One is a review of Sound of Freedom.

The other is something from one of my favorite actors, Denzel Washington.

This is the sort of thing that can be done by those with a high profile... rather than the garbage we usually see. In the next Petri Dish, I'll be talking about entertainers and sundry who serve The Darkness; how they are shaped and modeled on negative archetypes for Hive Mind Control.

And then there is this Goddess of Truth. This beautiful and righteous soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have enjoyed this woman's work for a long time. We probably don't agree on everything, but... we often agree on most things. She's a libertarian in the same way that I am.

Today... I would like to talk about something that is exemplified by “As above... So below,” and the joys that come to those who serve The Brotherhood of Light Workers. This is a matter of direct experience.

In Times of Material Darkness... when the culture has been transformed into a massive leach field... it seems that those who bend the knee to the Gods of Appetite and Desire... have all the success... all the fun... all the protections and opportunities that are denied to those on The Outside Looking In. This is an illusion. It is actually quite the reverse. Nothing they have is worth the trouble they go through to get it.

You know how there are these exclusive clubs that the elite belong to? You are familiar with VIP and backstage areas. You know... have heard about... exclusive parties and gatherings of people that... I personally would not attend even if they sent a limo or a private plane for me.

It just so happens that on another plane... several other planes... there are also exclusive clubs... VIP and backstage areas... exclusive parties and gatherings of particular souls whose forms and kinds of attractions make it possible for them to be drawn to these locations. I know there is a gathering that takes place every Easter... and True Christmas... and True Diwali... and similar real events that the temporal counterparts are a shadow of.

You are a definitive expression of, the... company... you... keep. No one gets an RSVP to this other kind of In-Crowd right away. It takes a degree of time that is different in every case, BUT it happens. You get marked. You get marks on your being that are visible to those who monitor the comings and goings of a particular order of souls. There are actual portals that lead to The Land of The Immortals and many other locations... going up... and going down.

Through Love and Discipline, your vibrations are transformed to harmonize with those groups of kindred spirits. You are consumed and then transformed into that which consumes you. This is the case above and below. As you become more like that which has your greater attention... you are naturally translated into the company it keeps and gradually able to see the luminous companions that vibrate at a rate higher than the bandwidth of the mortal eye.

What I am telling you here is true. I know it to be true and I am not alone (by any means) in that regard. Just like those in harness to The Carnal Realm, we are also in harness, though... the carnal harness leads to bondage and extended suffering. The other harness leads to increasing degrees of freedom commensurate with... one's... ability... to... handle... it. Liberty is NOT license. True liberty and freedom require Eternal Vigilance... and restraint.

This freedom has a climate that attends it, and unless you have your gyroscope properly programmed you will get blown right off the table. This is how those who have reached a stage of divine being have their perfect forms. They are shaped by that spirit which they are not in resistance to... or... conversely... shaped by the spirit they are in resistance to.

The God Force is very powerful and unless one can process it... without hindering its passage... one is sent spinning like a top. Poseurs do not get anywhere near these states, which require complete focus and self-control.

Many New Agers talk a lot of nonsense. They're all experts on some marketing scheme of phony metaphysics... and they get the mess of pottage they deserve. You don't have to worry about getting God's attention. God is already fully informed about what is going on with you. If you can manage some degree of humility and gratitude... agents of The Divine WILL BE IN TOUCH.

I'm telling you this because I KNOW that some of you are serious about it, and want it with all your heart. I want you to know it... is... real... and it won't cost you a dime. You don't have to osculate anyone's ring... sphincteral or otherwise... to gain admittance.

There's no secret mumbo jumbo you need for the inner circle. Only the lack of purity and virtue exclude you from the gatherings of luminous beings. There... the greatest among them is the servant of all. Those of a greater virtue and purity shine with a greater light, but ONLY to inspire all others to the same estate. Nobody... hoping for proximity... puts on airs before The Throne of God.

Basic... unchanging... inarguable reality and truth; all balance and harmony become more precise toward the center... all chaos... bad weather and darkness run to the periphery. So... whatever temporary madness there may be in The World, it natively... because it is mad... presses itself further and further away from the center and out toward the howling places at the edges. Survival chances there are grim. These... things... all... take... care... of... themselves.

It doesn't matter how much money you have... what your illusions of power may be... your degree of fame and influence, if... you... are... crazy.

However much you are moved away from the stillness of the motionless center... EVENTUALLY... you will be caught up in the centrifugal force and spun away into darkness. It is that spinning plate I talk about. It is like a record on the turntable... the closer you get to the spindle the less force of expulsion is acting on you. The further toward the edge you get... the greater the force of expulsion acting on you.

It is all about self-containment... and self-control. Control The World within and you control The World without. There is NOTHING MORE TO IT. I know it sounds simple. I know you think there has to be more to it than that. There is not. That's it. Everywhere you look you see people wrestling with this one thing. Seldom do you see those in total command. They don't make a point of showing off.

Show off and you are bumped to the periphery. Calling this kind of attention to yourself is similar to a wounded animal crying out on the forest floor at night. Never make a big deal out of yourself. That's God's business what he decides to do with you. Denzel gets that. Oh... I'm sure he has his flaws. We all do or we wouldn't be here; with certain exceptions... of course.

You can apply that principle to politics... religion... business... show business... sex work... and technology. The further out you get... the less stable the integrity of your structure. It's like architecture... and you have to compensate for load-bearing considerations and balance, OR... it will topple over. It will warp. It will fall down. It will do whatever you did not compensate against. Just because it doesn't collapse right away is no guarantor of continuance.

Don't blame me for the laws of nature and the inscrutable higher laws above. I'm simply pointing out what I have run into, and what I have observed. Certain things don't work. Sexual perversity destroys itself. Wokeness will eventually get you put to sleep. Junk science will ruin a culture. Evil CANNOT prosper and only arises when The Conditions are amenable.

Certain things happen in dark moist places. Certain conditions arise in unclean locations; inside and outside of you. As above... so below can also be translated into, As within... so without.

It is said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. That applies externally and internally. Put yourself in the proper relationship with The Sun and see what happens. Approach this LIVING... CONSCIOUS... CREATURE... with humility and Love... and see what happens.

Every day as The Sun rises... legions of angels fly... in concentric spirals outward... wherever the rays may reach and... wondrous music attends them.

The message of the power of Divine Light is radiated to every living conscious thing... whether they are aware of it or not. It is a message of hope... and the promise of immortality... for those who come into resonance with The Sun. The power that fuels The Sun is everlasting, only a fragment of that power is expended to maintain the entire manifest universe. It is truly beyond comprehension.

I have seen and heard these things, and artists like Dore and others have painted them. Reach the necessary level of purity and you will see this occur every morning, attended by that symphony all the great composers sought to write but were not able to.

I have only been slightly able to experience this vision... independent of the comestibles I used to ingest... to get there. It was a momentary thing and soon enough I fell back to Earth, but I see the glimmers even now upon the horizon. I hear snatches of the music and the laughter of The Sun as he asks me how I like it. A part of each of us is present in The Sun at this very moment. It is called, The Higher Self. The trick of all time is to convince it to descend and unite with the rest of our being here.

This is accomplished in The Operation of The Sun which Hermes Trismegistus speaks of in The Emerald Tablet. All you have to do is sit still and hold your focus as The Angel accomplishes The Great Work within you.

End Transmission.......

Some links are available at GAB=

Here you can find all the works of Hermes Trismegistus... heh heh... that are in print that is.

Hermes Trismegistus

You can also search for anything else your heart desires.. that's in print... pretty much. The really important stuff is always left out because, it... can't... be... put... into... words, but you got to start somewhere.

As the reader should know by now... I am a student of Phrenology and Physiognomy. If you try to buy the books contained on this compact disc, they will cost you hundreds of dollars apiece here at eBay.

Fortunately... I know how to find things. (grin) This probably will not interest most readers but... for those it does interest... you get pretty much the whole of what is available for a few bucks. I first went looking for the books themselves, only to find they were out of my price range.

Scroll down to the contents which list over 14,000 pages and all the books they come from.

This is all part of my following my boy scout motto of “Be Prepared.”


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, from the one who blows a gasket if 1/1000 of a microsecond is lost when I'm on a mission. Considering myself a prisoner for being stuck in the Physical Realm, does not do me, though I realise I'm the idiot who put myself here.

Anonymous said...

i read you every day (except weekends). You always touch something in my mind I am experiencing. thanks so much. Very poignant today. i relate.


0 said...

"You are consumed and then transformed into that which consumes you." Great line.

I refer to "All that nature produces nature consumes."

But its a different ringing when you realize that how One IS and into how one be-comes is basically "seasoning" self for the part of the All that wants to consume self.

It will be interesting to see where self ends up after this iteration of form and if there is any continuity to ones awareness of now versus then.


0 said...

"This is all part of my following my boy scout motto of “Be Prepared.”"

Are you an Eagle scout too? :)


Visible said...

Ironically, I lack the Lifesaving merit badge. Otherwise, I would be Eagle. I am instead, a Life Scout. For whatever the reason, I could not retrieve the brick from the floor of the swimming pool and did not get another shot before life intruded.

Anonymous said...

probably for the best. I think I dropped out long before eagle rank. Boy Scouts promotes old school values of sacrificing for your community but there is no community anymore. Why would we want to support a society that consists of hostile foreign invaders?

Visible said...

Just a head's up. I don't enjoy being trolled; not that it works. I also do not live in The World you live in. The situation for me is very different than it is for you. This is something that will become more clear with the passage of time.

I'm not being impolite or playing tit for tat. I'm simply stating fact and anonymous is what it is for a reason.

JerseyCynic said...

Every time, Sandy…EVERY time

I’m grateful that at an early age my Mom kept repeating “Honey…life will be a little easier if you don’t take yourself too seriously”

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"They Go in The Front Door in Alice in Wonderland Costumes and They Come Out The Back Door Screwed and Tattooed."

0 said...

"Ironically, I lack the Lifesaving merit badge. Otherwise, I would be Eagle. I am instead, a Life Scout. For whatever the reason, I could not retrieve the brick from the floor of the swimming pool and did not get another shot before life intruded."

To cool, I had a similar experience trying to get my metalworking badge around age 14... at scout camp in kentucky near fort knox. My whole troop was there at the location working on the metalworking merit badge and everyone Else got it except me. The guy refused to grant it to me even tho my work looked as good as anyone elses. That was the beginning of the end of Scouts as some sort of Authority for me. I only became an eagle scout because a couple men decided it was on them to help me get it. I could do all the work, but never cared for the accolades. Why would I care if someone else thought I met Their targets, huh.

Still I barely got it just before turning Age 18 due those two scout leaders. It looks nice on the resume. I have not been involved in scouts since and trying to get my son to take part didn't work out. He had no interest. And so it goes.

By my measure it sounds like you are an Eagle, not that my measure is any measure of any value huh. :)


Visible said...

I loved being a Boy Scout. It's a shame what happened.



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