Friday, September 1, 2023

"All Urban Planning is Done by Cenobites, and Hell Follows After... Up The Slippery Staircase of The Dark Subconscious."

God Poet Transmitting.......

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh! Their ears must be burning by now;

“And you get a pineapple! And you get a pineapple! And you get a pineapple.” And the two of you... from what I just heard upstairs, get a spiritual colostomy. The Rock is not a very good actor. He's kinda like a showdog. He does okay... unless he gets out of his depth, but... his audience is no great shakes either, so... it all evens out.

Offal's audience is even dumber than his is. They definitely think the lights in the tunnel are two motorcycles.

Seriously! How do they not see what they look like? Both of them have enough money to put it all on their Black Rock... Titanium... Get-out-of-Dodge Free cards. These come with a diamond-rigged condom that fits over their heads so that no one knows what they are thinking. They already don't know what they're thinking so, it's all guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!

Every scenario you see... going down in the camera-ready present... where no misstep goes unfilmed... is scripted by Mr. Apocalypse for posterity. McConnell's frozen moments... Fetterman's dress codes... Biden's Free Range Presidency... Kamala's cackling mosey... Admiral Levine with the junk in his trunk... are all celebrating the clueless and unconscious stupidity of Their Final Hours.

Everywhere you look, it's all breaking down. All urban planning is being done by Cenobites... and Hell follows after... up the slippery staircase of The Dark Subconscious they come. Just like everybody's got something to hide except for John and his monkey; your inside is out and your outside is in. Yes... that is what is happening, and those who are frozen in space or... on a continuous walkabout have nothing left inside. Everything went on a fire-sale long... long ago.

Wait till it goes up another notch, and it is going to... real soon. The pressure for change is enormous. It cannot be contained. Every effort to contain it creates a greater resistance for the explosive nature of The Beast. Change is inevitable and those with everything to lose are fighting it tooth and nail; down at the bottom of the well in Jame Gumb's basement.

All this time they thought The Devil was their friend. The Devil doesn't have any friends. That is the nature of his job, and yet... he is a most charming fellow. He knows all the tricks but he can't touch you if there is nothing you want. Stop wanting, and the whole circus of carnal torment ends. It doesn't hurt anymore... The Truth takes off her clothes and The World disappears.

There are many hidden laws that rule existence and which few see... unless all the attractions masking the booby traps and elevator shafts have lost their dazzle and ability to confuse. One of them is The Bottom's Up Whoopsie Daisy Law, where you go from Master of The Universe... to Low Man on The Scrotum Pole... in the wink of an eye.

What is this strange malady that is not existential COVID, which now afflicts celebrities far and wide? Eminem caught it... so did those two clowns in the video above. It's raging through the halls of government. This is the Minister of Health in The EU.

Maggie De Block

There is no vaccine for this virus. It just gets worse... and worse... and worse. It's going to go up another notch, and then another, and... oh boy!

The people trying to manage the collapse of everything around them are controlled solely by the desire to control their image... in the minds of the people waking up all around them... and seeing right through them.

The war in Ukraine is over and they keep throwing money at it. Meanwhile, BRICS is soon to get more letters in the name and control 80% of The World's oil. In America, they are working to make pronoun misnomers a crime. Everything is going belly up, and it is all part of a design, by people too clever by far to see that they are inescapably trapped in their own webs, and... they are making it tremble.

“Help me! Help me!” says the scientist in The Fly.

People believe that being an influencer makes them credible when they speak. People think the costume makes the player. People think they can present any image they wish to and drop it any time they please. In The New Age Community... wanna-be snake-oil salesmen... scour ancient tomes and the works of others... for a new way to say the same old same old, which already got ripped off a dozen times earlier.

God does everything. I do nothing; easy words to say. And many people say them. I say them to myself often because I am programming the subconscious to allow The Divine to pass through unhindered. It's like downloading through Windows Defender or bypassing a virus program. You have to make an exception. “He's a hetero. Okay..let him through.” That's the punch line but it helps to know the joke.

If you are just saying it, and you are still in the equation... you have created a contract between yourself and what is real. How do you think that will resolve itself?

People can say anything. Ten people can say the same thing, but only one of them rings true because that person possesses jnana or... even better... vijnana. The angels know this and they attach a ringtone to the statement of the one person out of ten.. or these days... one person out of a hundred thousand.

Do not expect such a person to come around in official robes, though... it can happen. Mostly God picks people that the official... diploma-handicapped... smart as fuck-all people... do not like.

He is known to pick the crazy... simple... and fools. Not the academic... credential-ridden fools, but... people that the upper class think of as, “not really our sort... are they?”

God is not fooled. Not ever. So... his angels put a ringtone on certain commentary, and Twitter-X gives the rest of them a blue checkmark. It really pisses the self-important off... big time... when someone comes around without all the secret handshakes... doesn't have the insider elbow-grab... lacks the connections on the temporal side, but... has the power because that person has not kissed The Devil's Ring, but has sacrificed the blocking personality that the rest of them feed WHENEVER it is hungry, and.......

....... it's hungry most of the time.

I am amazed and astonished... in regular fashion... day after day, by people who think saying something makes it so; who think others do not see what they are up to. You can't hide anything anymore... not for long. Your motives will surface like a dead body in a lake. Floaters are the worst. Be extremely careful with the gaffing tool.

People actually believe that God is some kind of a fairy tale... that God is not a living and constantly present entity everywhere... in countless forms... changing in appearance... from one thing to another... while being none of them.

They do not realize their heart would not beat if God were not present... in the specific manner required to accomplish it; just as he is with breath... and sight... and sound. A particular angel is in charge of each sense in everyone who has that sense. Angels are God's fingers and toes, and every other function he engages in through the whirling activity of The Divine Mother... who is The Facilitator.

We are coming right up upon some profound and lasting moments of transition; moments like an echo that does not fade... moments like the entire world frozen in astounded wonder... moments that cannot be articulated apart from the event itself, which is speaking in a voice of awe, and suddenly... nothing is ever the same again.

All around us are souls in the various states of transition... coming together and falling apart. Some hold themselves close to the hearth of God, and some spin off into darkness. The howling... grasping mob has been loosed upon the marketplaces of The World. The desire for something different now consumes all normal things. This is not a time for fleeting love affairs... with animated dust... that is bent out of shape.

End Transmission.......

Speaking of The Divine Mother. Here is something from one of the most accomplished minds of all time on that particular subject. If it's not in there it's not written down anywhere else either. This will appeal to some of you.

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M - said...

RE: “Help me! Help me!” says Vincent Price.

In the original "The Fly" (1958), David Hedison plays the scientist who turns himself into a half-fly. He/it is saying "Help me" when Herbert Marshall's character proceeds to crush him (and the spider) with a rock.

Wikipedia included this line from the film in their page: "He was searching for the truth. He almost found a great truth, but for one instant, he was careless. The search for the truth is the most important work in the whole world and the most dangerous".

Appropro, no?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I want cannot be attained in this world. Top of the list is Akashic Library Card. Next is to get my nose petted by every psychopomp in existence, and I'd like to return the favour. Oh, and to ride across the Nose-iverse on a comet whilst wearing a nose hair coat. (Yeah, riiiiiight, but I am serious about the ALC. As for what interest me here? The sun can go nova yesterday for all I care.)

I'm under the impression the u.s. will be toast before yearend. China may go first. To find out about China, check out Winston Sterzel's screwtubes. He goes by SerpentZA, he lived there for a long time, and he keeps up on all the news and shares it. He works with Matthew Tye who goes as Laowhy86, and who does the same thing. They're on the same video many times when they shared trips. They rode across the country on motorcycles.

Nostrils to the sky!

Oh, yeah. A buddy said to me that it thinks the vaccinations were/are euthanasia for the stupid.

Visible said...

It is not unlike me to confuse such things, especially over significant reaches of time. Thanks for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

that's a really nice point about how God prefers the crazies, the outcasts. It's really interesting to see how the vaxxed seem to be getting more arrogant, more angry, more evil, more demonic, more hateful, and they absolutely hate us crazy outcasts who are unvaxxed.

It's like they are demon possessed now. I know it's not my place to judge, that is God's place, but man, I'll be really happy and thankful once these demons are dead and gone.

Anonymous said...

@ Love to push those buttons:

you know someone who knows that Laowhy86 guy in real life? That's very interesting cause he has a hot asian wife, and he went viral on 4chan, altho the guys were kind of making fun of him. He made a lot of youtube videos about asian food, i think.

Visible said...

Kind of like these intellectual giants=

Anonymous said...

UGH... I mean Budweiser at least could have used a hot tranny to be the representative for their beer, like taftaj, but no they instead had to pick an ugly freak like that Dylan tranny...

Alex Jones fell in love with a pro-Trump MAGA tranny who looks very feminine, like a real woman. Alex Jones even had hernpic as the background on his phone. Seems like a lot of men are into shemales nowadays...

I think true romantic love can only exist between biological men and women tho.

Anonymous said...

Another great post loaded with all kinds of goodies ie:(The Mother).

My mantra these days:

"Watch and Pray" cause most the world's gone mad.

Hehe...don't act so surprised...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re #5: I know not one person who knows Matt Tye in real life. My circle of allies and acquaintances is very small, and none of them have ever heard of him. Winston's wife is hot, too. Sasha goes off the Richter Scale. I don't look 1/10 as good, but that's not what I'm here for. It's way more fun bein' an obnoxious bastard than a high maintenance fox everyone wants to own, anyway.

Moon Cricket said...

"People actually believe that God is some kind of a fairy tale... that God is not a living and constantly present entity everywhere... in countless forms... changing in appearance... from one thing to another... while being none of them."

Been following you for many years, this is prime Visible...


A Strider said...

LV! The walking about has me back to jeans worn in HS but I did keep the 44" waist pants around as a reminder to never go back there.
The COV-LARP season is kicking up just as the blue and yellow bunting is coming down, the Heavenly Jerusalem oligarch funded project four South Ukraine is scrubbed from the series of tubes but the word is out and some have an attention span beyond four seconds.
The Process is what the "elites" call the culling and after the fourth booster you are tuned in to the control grid matrix.
The Maui wowie psyop bad morning DEW has some people saying F' em they voted for CPUSA and Brandon, these things happen in Marxist materialism in action times.
Offal is going to give everyone a rubber chicken in a pot signed by Brandon?
Checking the page out in non-evil not affiliated with Goog browser and it is a much better experience.
Thank You and keeping all in prayers while Thanking God for all that is on loan.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=-

"Everyone is Not Suffering on This Fine and Glorious Morning. Some of Us are Bathing in The Slipstreams of The Sun."

0 said...

Caaw, Ca Caaaaaaw. Lookup here. Caw, lookuphere... .huh :) Great post!




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