Wednesday, September 27, 2023

"God- At Any Moment... Can Put or Inhibit Any Thought... In Any Mind... OR Every Mind... At Any Time It Pleases Him To."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Like Rashomon, one can look at an issue or event from different perspectives, and come up with different takes on what is or was presumed to be true. Then there is the detached and impersonal perspective where one has no vested interest in outcome or interpretation. Unfortunately, in Times of Material Darkness, the profit motive seeps into nearly everything; having already... previously... poisoned the groundwater.

Am I being overly subtle or consciously elusive? It's hard to set up the moment in order to make a point past all argument.

People will say that the homeless on the street... the degrading of standards, and all the attendant and ancillary conditions... are caused by the culture degenerating... or greed; resulting from the widening margin of rich and poor.

If rents are too high for citizens of this country, with only marginal resources, then why are MILLIONS of migrants being bused from around The World to our borders to be housed and fed while people who already live here are on the streets of cities in tents?

It's true that a significant portion of the homeless are alcoholics... drug addicts... and mentally ill. Some are also simply people too lazy or stupid to do anything about their situation. All of them are without friends in possession of shelter to share or... without families OR... with families, they have alienated through endless bad behavior that they learned... somehow... while growing up in these places they are now alienated from.

It should be obvious that the people responsible for this condition... other than the people in this condition... are the people blaming everyone else for this condition, along with the people who are purposely driving these conditions in order to seize and maintain control of the country... or to profit from perpetuating these conditions.

Obviously, the migrant problem is fueled by George Soros and his many NGOs, AND... his associates in crime... who are also responsible for the homeless situation. The main reason is to create a new demographic of voters whose livelihoods are to be subsidized in exchange for voting the party line.

Ironically... the people financing and orchestrating the migrant crisis are importing a great many people from failed Socialist states to a country that is not a failed Socialist state (not yet anyway).

This situation, and all the other situations that trouble us in America could be quickly and easily solved. These are not even my areas of expertise, but I could solve these problems with nothing more than common sense. Why aren't the lawmakers engaged in solving this problem? More specifically, why aren't The Republicans... who are in control of The House of Representatives doing anything about it?

Good question?

It is because of The Israeli Honey-Pot Blackmail scheme. Israel has a warrior army of Mossad agents whose job is to corrupt and compromise the lawmakers in every country, and they have satellite transmission centers in every country where these agents come and go from. This is EASILY researched and proven; should anyone care to know more than it is usually safe for anyone to know.

The politicians... administrators... lawmakers... law enforcers are all compromised or on the hook for a promise of future gain OR... programmed by those controlling their actions. The ones controlling them have the lion's share of assets that afford them the power to pay them to see their intentions realized.

They also control a large measure of The World banking system; this is also easily proven, AND they own World Media... the entertainment industries, and Social Media; except for TikTok, and... they are easily as bad. I do not say these things because I hate a certain group of people OR... because I want these things to be true. I say them because they are true and easily proven. The thing is, one gets no forum to speak in if one tells the truth.

This is because those you are not permitted to criticize are the source of the majority of the problems. This is also easy to prove.

The only truth-tellers who are permitted to speak to a wider audience (unless God intrudes) are those working as controlled opposition.

The Good News... and it is good news... is that The Divine is in control of everything at all times. Now... in order to understand how this could be true, when it seems certain that it is not; based on appearances... one has to be creative in their thinking.

Humanity is given Free Will, but... what Free Will REALLY consists of is one thing only. It is the freedom to oppose The Divine. That is all there is of Free Will. Otherwise, one is going along with and serving The Celestial Plan.

So... although there are many... especially in Times of Material Darkness... who oppose... wittingly and unwittingly... The Will of Heaven, everything they do... whether they know it or not... comes to serve The Will of Heaven anyway.

God turns all things and conditions to His Will. It may be wild-in-the-streets here and there. It may be dark and draconian round the corner. It may be serene in this locale, and utter chaos in that locale. It might be Feast City across the river and Famine City on the near bank, BUT all of these conditions are direct expressions of the outworking of collective and individual Karma.

Everything happens for a reason, BUT... if you don't know what the reason is then it makes no sense to you... does it? Everything is perfectly in accord with its own state of involvement... to the degree that it is involved... like it or not, and... almost no one likes it because... those with too much still want more... and those with not enough still want more.

Everyone wants more, including the hamster on the wheel, who is the perpetual prisoner of the promise of something more, that... even when it is realized... leaves them still hungry for something more. All of life is in some relationship to this principle, and the ONLY ones who are well served are those who are detached from The Process.

So many people are driven by nostalgie de la boue.

It all comes packaged in promises of what it is not, with the ingredients listed (most of the time). What you do not see on the package... usually... unless they are lying... is; happiness... joy... contentment... peace of mind... Love... Wisdom... or Truth; unless they are lying, and everyone knows they are lying because no matter what it says on the wrapper, you find it is not so. Critical ingredients are not present; could not possibly be present.

A fool is someone who believes what is on the wrapper. A fool is someone who believes what someone else tells him because he wants it to be true. Many people make a very good living deceiving fools again, and again, and again. Doctors lie because they don't know what they are talking about. Lawyers lie because they do know what they are talking about. Politicians and public servants lie because they are paid to do so by the people who profit from the lies they tell.

You know all this, but... Hope springs eternal, and endlessly rises from the pool of existence with its eternal counterpart, Disappointment. You see that particular downturn of the mouth on the spoiled offspring of the rich? They have been unable to find the there that was supposed to be there. This is only one aspect of life's righteous payback to the clueless self-involved.

The rioting in Philadelphia is orchestrated by the same people fueling the migrant crisis. It is a potent weapon to be employed whenever a desired result is sought. This... and every other action of similar kind and intent, WILL... invariably... turn upon the ones wielding them. We have only to wait and see.

God... at any moment... can put or inhibit... any thought... in any mind... OR every mind... at any time it pleases him to. He can shut off the power of anyone to think or act at any time he wishes. He lets it run its course because every river finds its way to the sea OR... it dries up on the sands of a desert. He is the river and the sea. He is the sand and the desert, and at the same time, he is utterly apart from them. It's a mystery is what it is.

I know that a few thousand people read each post. I think we can presume that they come for different reasons. They do come from every corner of The World, and the visitors change over time; some falling away, some newly arriving.

I know it's a small audience, and much smaller than once it was. That is of no importance whatsoever.

I am writing... directly... to those seeking The Divine. That is my target audience. I am not concerned about meeting the expectations of anyone else and don't much care if I do or don't. I don't mean that in a dismissive fashion. It's just what it is... it is what it is, so... when I talk about my interactions with The Divine... transmissions... messages, I do this because they are directly relevant to The Reader. I am told that this is true. I don't need any further validation on the matter.

Every day I hear something new or something old in a new way. I live in a kaleidoscoping Rashomon. It would profit The Reader to listen to any of the stations that have been broadcasting since the beginning of time. You are far less likely to be taken unaware of circumstances if you do listen. Think of it as a test of The Emergency Broadcasting System.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I want more, too. But I can't have what I want. . .here. I want not stuff but OMNISCIENCE. With that, you don't need anything else, do you? That's what I want. NOT NEEDING ANYTHING. Being able to walk away from anything and everything.

Oh well.

Gods, this post was an awesome nostrils to the sky post. It also pushes me even further into the concept of humanity and this planet bein' more trouble than it's worth, though opinions may vary.

Please pet your nose for me since I can't, and ROCK ON!

0 said...

Well said. I ran into this article today. Thought you might dig a read.

I liked how it was drawn out and defined. Its prolly why the feds have allowed placed like Colony Ridge in Texas north of houston to be stood up without any accountability. Trying to stack the deck for when the Civil War/Second American Revolution shows up.

Guess we'll see what shakes out.

Take it easy!

0 said...

You noted:

"It is because of The Israeli Honey-Pot Blackmail scheme. Israel has a warrior army of Mossad agents whose job is to corrupt and compromise the lawmakers in every country, and they have satellite transmission centers in every country where these agents come and go from."

Did you see that the fed gov has removed Visa requirements for israelis into the USA? and its been removed in the inverse direction as well for Americans into Israel? It goes into effect November 30th this year. That should speed their Agenda Along.


Visible said...


I did not see that.

That article... though it is exceedingly long (grin) is one of the best things I've read in some time and it's written by a girl! Not that females can't write. It's the area she is writing about that surprises me; what a deft touch! It's a bit of a scattergun effort with a few massive holes but... otherwise... wow!!! I'm impressed! Thank you!!!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"These Snakeheads are The Multiplicities of Legion... Counterpointing The Singularity of The Indwelling Kundalini."

Visible said...

Oh no! and then she went and mentioned Bin Laden... oh well.

0 said...

Hehehe yeah it is what it is. Nice to see what bits others are aware of in places I don't often frequent... sort of a lodestone for whats coming perhaps. Glad you enjoyed the parts you enjoyed.

It is nice to find such in places not often visited. Infers thinking people still exist and are connecting the dots, I just think most of us don't want to Add to the chaos till its apparent theres no other way to get through it than to go thru it directly. Or perhaps like Trailanga, emotionally charged intent finds its outlet thru others of like bent. If ones the all and alls one, then whatever individuals align become self right? :)

I've caught myself saying something to the effect of "When they come for me, I will have come for them." I wonder how others take it.

Take care!

Don No said...

Greetings Les...I do enjoy your postings, as one of the couple thousand who read when you is one of my daily reminders to focus inward more...slow but sure...and I really just want to say thank you very much for doing what you is appreciated...all glory to god!



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