Monday, October 2, 2023

"It's a Never-Ending Cycle and an Everlasting Spiral that Reflects The Light of God into The Darkness of The World."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When you are not capable of independent... analytical... and/or... critical thought; when you are not seeking only the truth of the matter, but instead... you are seeking a confirmation of what you desire to be so; regardless of whether it is or not, i.e., living your own truth, then someone else will do your thinking for you. This is the cause of the virulent... angry... and hateful beyond all reason... hysterical-progressive-outrage in these times of confusion.

There are cabals and mystic orders... collectives of individuals who know how to influence entire demographics through telepathic invasion and subliminal programming. All the witless hedonists... agenda-driven nut-jobs... sexually twisted, and... indulged offspring of helicopter parents... who enable every insanity their spoiled progeny imagine for themselves... are mind-controlled by these groups.

Mind control comes through a variety of mediums. It comes through the force of environment... through peer pressure... and cultural pressure, which vary in respect of specific environments; be quiet in church... in the library... during a funeral at graveside... in a library, OR... watch what you say in certain situations around certain people. Don't spit on the sidewalk in Singapore. Don't wear a hat here. Do wear a hat there.

Now we have language police. We have places where the culture of aberrant sexuality is forced upon everyone else. Compliance of one kind is now demanded in university settings. Compliance that is forced on you in The Pacific Northwest has little effect in the true West... unless you are in urban settings, where these cancer cultures breed and replicate in the diseased Petri dishes of compacted neighborhoods of group-think.

Certain diseases of The Mind do not fix themselves. They precipitate into the body where they either kill it or become chronic and disabling. Bad things and Good things can happen all at once OR... they can be part of a longer pattern over greater lengths of time. One day, you suddenly awake to yourself in wonder or panic as to how you got there. You got there through a progression of repeated behaviors.

Everywhere you go... sooner or later... you hear people bemoaning their state OR... the state of life around them. Well... sometimes... stepping to the side for perspective OR... looking at how certain things work OR... fix themselves... can help you better understand your situation and... fix it. It can't hurt to visit this site for a little peek behind a particular curtain because... have access to the same kinds of technology, in... your... mind.

I use the internet to learn. That is my chief form of entertainment. Everything else seems like an auto-erotic... self-pleasuring onanistic waste of self. You have a powerful engine in you. It is much more powerful than you may think. It is your sexual force... which is one of the main keys to your vitality. Unless you are old and spent, you've got some left. You can also be old, but not old... and not completely spent.

The Material World... through the force of Materialism... personalized through the entity known as Mammon, and who has other names in other places, LITERALLY sucks the life force out of you through the vehicles of The Senses. If you are a continuous and unconscious participant in The World external to you, it... WILL... consume... you! If you are a conscious resident of The World within, it WILL sustain you.

It will also lead you to The Gates of Immortality, if... you... have... a... guide. It will repair and refurbish your physical body. What might well be called miracles are accessible from within. You just need a guide. The good news is that you have a guide.

If you do not know how to technically process the sexual fluid into Ojas (spiritual force) that is perfectly fine. You don't need to know how to get your heart to beat, do you? If you wish to channel the sexual force to the higher dimensions of being and thought, you need only practice Aspiration. Focus on The Sun. He teaches a clinic on this every single day.

If you can gain something more than an elementary understanding of The Sun and Moon and what passes between them, you will know all you need to know. Even very simple people can find The Light of God through Aspiration and using The Creative Imagination. The Empress of your Creative Imagination is eternally pregnant with possibilities. The Emperor of your divine, God-given Reason is present to rule over the whole of your creation... or you've blindfolded him for whatever the reason.

Yesterday, I read this short treatise on and by Hermes Trismegistus.

Even reading carefully, and thoughtfully... it should not take much more than half an hour to read it. It is also one of those things... like the Charles Johnston translation of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali... that need to be read again and again... many times.

There are particular truths in this work that are revealed more clearly... and in a shorter time... than anything I can immediately call to mind.

He indicates that Thoth is really the power of thought. He talks about The Divine Mind and The Word, and this far predates Christianity. I've read many alchemical texts, and... other than The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus you never see me recommend any of them. This is because they are truly opaque to minds not trained in the meanings of the symbols. forces, AND PROCEDURES being discussed.

What I am trying to get around to saying is that you possess The Power of God within you. God invested this in you in the beginning... long ago... in a time out of memory. This power is demonstrated through a process that has to do with a four-stage application that moves from The Idea... to The Blueprint... through the formative effort, and thence to the thing itself.

You have the thought... the word... the deed... and the result. Maybe you will get a lot from the treatise and maybe you won't. Most people won't even read it all the way through. It's really all a matter of caring. Anyone who cares enough can realize the goal of Godhead... anyone who aspires, and... with a singular focus... desires it, WILL acquire it, AND... you don't need to read this treatise to do it. All you need is Faith... Certitude... and Determination.

Klaus Schwab runs a not-insignificant... cottage industry... that is also a despotic empire. No one gets to the control panel of The WEF but him. Bill Gates runs another one. George Soros runs another one. Big Kahuna... many tentacled, vampire squid Rothschild runs another, and gets fealty from all the others. Larry Fink runs another. The black hole of Google is another. I could go on here... parsing and itemizing... I can't drum up the enthusiasm needed to do so.

These are all frontmen in The Circus of Human Bondage and Degeneracy. They are all servants of The Dark Side and they are headed to their future appointments this very minute. The Dark Side AND The Kingdom of Light both serve the author of them all. The thing is... you can't play Cops and Robbers without cops and robbers. You can't have a functioning gameboard without dueling opposites of Good and Bad Fortune, coming from good and bad intentions.

Life lacks all excitement when there is nothing to strive for or against. You need protagonists! You need The Bad Guys. They provide the rocket fuel that allows you to rise above them. They are the bullies on the playground. Find another playground or learn how to finesse or... kick a bully's ass.

You can't change The World directly. It's supposed to be the way that it is. You can have a great deal of say... concerning the part you play, and the end result thereof. Many good things exist in this world because dedicated souls left good footprints. Many bad things exist because conscienceless reprobates also left a trail.

Right now... some people are trying to follow Jesus Christ. Some of those are actually doing so. Some people are trying to follow Buddha... Krishna... and others, AND... some of them are actually doing so too. Somewhere up ahead... there will be people... following those people... who were following Christ... Krishna... Buddha and others. It's a never-ending cycle of an everlasting spiral that reflects The Living Light of God into the darkness of The World.

It seems like the key is to find something that works for you, personally, AND... that is something you will find... if you have the necessary dedication to that end. Otherwise... you will just bumble and stumble around... for whatever exhausting length of time you need to... before you wake the fuck up. For reasons mysterious to me, it takes some people millions of lives; not years... lives.

I don't get the upside to the objects of desire that seem to be the terminal focus of most people. I understand the force of appetite. I do not understand the cost. I'm a different kind of an accountant... who balances a different set of books... that most people can't be bothered to even read. Different strokes for different folks... I guess.

I do this over and over each weekday in the hope that someone might be triggered somewhere... sometime. I don't really have a choice in the matter so... blaming or praising me is of no meaning to me. A long time ago, I asked God how best I could serve him and this is what he came up with. Every single one of you has a destiny of this kind to replace whatever it is you have gotten up to in the meantime.

The rough-shaping, and refining, can be a painful labor... as it does involve a second birth, but one forgets all about the travails in the aftermath. Otherwise, there is only the pointless repetitions of nonsense heading nowhere. As long as that serves... I suppose... it will continue.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

I went and read the hermes link. Have you bumped into this bit anywhere?

"When certain areas of the brain are stimulated by the secret processes of the Mysteries, the consciousness of man is extended and he is permitted to behold the Immortals and enter into the presence of the superior gods. The Book of Thoth described the method whereby this stimulation was accomplished. In truth, therefore, it was the "Key to Immortality.""

It sounds like a means to activate additional senses hidden behind the obvious senses most are gifted with in their iteration of form. Some breathing techniques claim to pump the brain and cause activations of supra-consciousness. I seem to be more aimed at being Still than pushing sets of activities to produce extrasensory states in myself.

I figure if the All is aware of self like the self is aware of the All ones sorta already of use and will be sustained potentially for re-use in future contexts staged for the purposes of demonstration huh.

Kraken, Crack-on!


0 said...

"For reasons mysterious to me, it takes some people millions of lives; not years... lives."

Yep, Why huh? I wonder if the intelligences being brought into the spiritual light from out of the world of water and earth and the dark waters is the Why. If we were all already in the world of light, would we return to the dark waters to draw others?

From that Hermes link you shared:
"Hermes, while wandering in a rocky and desolate place, gave himself over to meditation and prayer. Following the secret instructions of the Temple, he gradually freed his higher consciousness from the bondage of his bodily senses; and, thus released, his divine nature revealed to him the mysteries of the transcendental spheres. He beheld a figure, terrible and awe-inspiring. It was the Great Dragon, with wings stretching across the sky and light streaming in all directions from its body. (The Mysteries taught that the Universal Life was personified as a dragon.) The Great Dragon called Hermes by name, and asked him why he thus meditated upon the World Mystery. Terrified by the spectacle, Hermes prostrated himself before the Dragon, beseeching it to reveal its identity. The great creature answered that it was Poimandres, the Mind of the Universe, the Creative Intelligence, and the Absolute Emperor of all. (Schure identifies Poimandres as the god Osiris.) Hermes then besought Poimandres to disclose the nature of the universe and the constitution of the gods. The Dragon acquiesced, bidding Trismegistus hold its image in his mind.

Immediately the form of Poimandres changed. Where it had stood there was a glorious and pulsating Radiance. This Light was the spiritual nature of the Great Dragon itself. Hermes was "raised" into the midst of this Divine Effulgence and the universe of material things faded from his consciousness. Presently a great darkness descended and, expanding, swallowed up the Light. Everything was troubled. About Hermes swirled a mysterious watery substance which gave forth a smokelike vapor. The air was filled with inarticulate moanings and sighings which seemed to come from the Light swallowed up in the darkness. His mind told Hermes that the Light was the form of the spiritual universe and that the swirling darkness which had engulfed it represented material substance.

Then out of the imprisoned Light a mysterious and Holy Word came forth and took its stand upon the smoking waters. This Word--the Voice of the Light--rose out of the darkness as a great pillar, and the fire and the air followed after it, but the earth and the water remained unmoved below. Thus the waters of Light were divided from the waters of darkness, and from the waters of Light were formed the worlds above and from the waters of darkness were formed the worlds below. The earth and the water next mingled, becoming inseparable, and the Spiritual Word which is called Reason moved upon their surface, causing endless turmoil."

It seems key that it pulsates... constancy would produce much less motion between the objects directed and if the pulsations become irregular and off-time, they who came to depend upon such consistent pulsatings lose sync. What never loses sync of motion? Stillness.

Great post. Hit up abebooks and bought a copy of pymander to read thru. Still working at the aivanov works too albeit slowly. Gotta be more Physical and reading for hours doesn't meet that need. Snagged a treadmill to help build up my stamina for physical activity, hoping that helps restore strength as standing at the workstation for 8 hours a day isn't cutting it.

I'd say hope you're doing well but given your friends its not really a concern eh? What comes comes and the all sees one thru it in some fashion.

Take care!

Visible said...


I love it when people are interested enough to look deeper into things that take a certain amount of effort to accomplish. I KNOW if they keep pressing they will see what I did... perhaps not exactly the same way, but certainly in a context relevant to their own process of thinking.

My situation is conditioned and controlled in the way it is because I am in a conscious relationship with The Creator and it goes on all day... every day, and probably all night too without my having to think about it. (grin)

I have studied many techniques. I was relentless about finding some way to make a conscious connection with The Almighty. The very effort to do so is what brought it about; that and whatever was going on in previous lives. Now I don't have to think about whether to do this... or that... or the other thing. The dynamic is in operation and I am just along for the ride.

In regular fashion, sometimes at least once a day, God... through the stepdown transformer he uses to speak with me... says in many different ways; "Visible! How many times do I have to tell you, I take care of The Details!!! You... let me take care of The Details. The only other thing you do is to keep your mind empty of negative thinking and inimical intrusions. You cast out the thoughts as quick as you can catch them. That is all you have to do except to Love me.

"Let me repeat that again because you have a hard time remembering it; In your defense, I should add that I am responsible for that too. (laughter) BUT... once again... I TAKE CARE OF THE DETAILS! You let me take care of The Details and everything will be like moonlight breathing through silk."

0 said...

I hear ya, after 25 years of trying to seek... and finding here and there, I sometimes wonder if to keep looking infers I don't appreciate what I've found. I tend to rationalize it as to keep seeking infers I want to know More, not that I don't appreciate what I've come to understand. It is interesting as the habit of seeking being acted on for 25 years makes the doing of whats needed in the moment almost come without having to think about what needs to be done. In a way, the constant effort applied has resulted in specific ways of approaching things, which having done such for so long, now get applied to whatever shows up.

Thanks for sharing as you always do!


0 said...

Another snippet from the Hermes url.

"the second states that he was buried in the Valley of Ebron and a great treasure placed in his tomb--not a treasure of gold but of books and sacred learning."

I wonder if the valley of ebron is equivalent with the Cave of the Ancients? or if its just misspelled Valley of Hebron.

Reading this reminded me of an old site called

Sorta like rexresearch or keeleynet but less practical and more storyful. :)

Someday, if I have any ability left in this iteration of form, I'd like to do that Journey to the center of the earth... Etidorhpa! Makes me think of Babaji and his eternal crew ...

Onward! (sorry for hogging the comments) :)

Visible said...

Your comments are always a positive and informative contribution. It's not like it gets busy around here. Very few visitors comment anymore. Occasionally some psychotic or mean-spirited types will live in hope that some exchange is possible. Then they move on. Mostly only good people come around but I guess they said all they had to say in former years. (grin)

I'm familiar with Viewzone, haven't heard of it in a long time.

0 said...

:) One more then, as I'm about thru reading that 30 minute read... I've noted before I need to read it all Then ask... cuz usually the questions that come to mind are answered in the continued reading...

"Then Hermes desired to know why men should be deprived of immortality for the sin of ignorance alone. The Great Dragon answered:, To the ignorant the body is supreme and they are incapable of realizing the immortality that is within them. Knowing only the body which is subject to death, they believe in death because they worship that substance which is the cause and reality of death."

Then Hermes asked how the righteous and wise pass to God, to which Poimandres replied: "That which the Word of God said, say I: 'Because the Father of all things consists of Life and Light, whereof man is made.' If, therefore, a man shall learn and understand the nature of Life and Light, then he shall pass into the eternity of Life and Light."

Hermes next inquired about the road by which the wise attained to Life eternal, and Poimandres continued: "Let the man endued with a Mind mark, consider, and learn of himself, and with the power of his Mind divide himself from his not-self and become a servant of Reality."

Hermes asked if all men did not have Minds, and the Great Dragon replied: "Take heed what you say, for I am the Mind--the Eternal Teacher. I am the Father of the Word--the Redeemer of all men--and in the nature of the wise the Word takes flesh. By means of the Word, the world is saved. I, Thought (Thoth)--the Father of the Word, the Mind--come only unto men that are holy and good, pure and merciful, and that live piously and religiously, and my presence is an inspiration and a help to them, for when I come they immediately know all things and adore the Universal Father. Before such wise and philosophic ones die, they learn to renounce their senses, knowing that these are the enemies of their immortal souls."

Thanks again! Looking forward to Pymander.

Anonymous said...

On the fourth of October, here in the U.S. The FCC will be conducting a FOUR HOUR TEST. (usually just 30 second test you get once a week on TV/Radio). They will be using the new 5G system. After studying the effects of 5G on the nano-particles included in the unending covid "vaccines" AKA jabs, I will be shutting ALL of my electronics down for those four hours and I will be armed. You covid vaxers just MAY be turning into zombies. I will also be listening for even MORE ambulance sirens than what the covid caused. Remember folks, Those that make the drugs and run the hospitals do NOT want you to be well. (Second thought - have all of the hospitals in YOUR area recently added new "Cancer Centers" and centers for cranial injury?) hmmmm

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, the 4th ain't that far away, but I'm expectin' a nuthin' burger. So many psy-ops turn out to be that way. If it actually is sumethin', meh. Got nuthin' vested in this disgusting realm anymore, so what ever.

The Divine Pymander:

Doesn't look like it's that hard to read, and read it I will; though I'm currently reading a hard cover book. Maybe I'll start on the Pymander next week. At least from what I see it's not gonna take me somewhere betwixt two and three weeks to read, unlike The Kolbrin.

Visible said...

I did not find The Pymander nearly as moving and illuminating as that other text. I suspect it is the archaic language. I did read it all though.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The Kolbrin rocked, but the link I posted is kinda like in the format of the King James Bible. I don't know what you read, or if this is the same or a slight update on the language, or what.

Visible said...

Yes... I read that one and the language is as you say. I'm used to being impressed by the fluid poetry of the spirit. sometimes dogma and doctrine cause me to look elsewhere.

Duntoirab said...

I read you first thing every morning, religiously :-).

I lost the urge to comment some time past. I simply try to absorb my true father through the words.
Indeed , apart from to my wife, I actively try to keep quiet about things, she's my safety valve :-)

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"I See Bobbleheads... Fastened to a Looping Rollercoaster... that Spins Forever in The Clouds Above Santa Monica."

Chillease said...

Very unnerved to see this CNN link-- pls look at the last 7 or so digits ...........

For a nationwide test most cannot avoid (still sleeping metaphorically as well) Liz



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