Wednesday, October 18, 2023

"It Marches with Ceaseless Tread. IT... WILL... NOT... BE... DENIED! You Broke It... You Bought It with Your Gazacide."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The simpering... bumbling... child sniffing toad... has arrived in Rothschilandia... where Moloch sits in human form... on a throne of small bones that resemble the dumpster in the back of a Buffalo Wings... the day after Super Bowl.

The Pentagon said that Rothschilandia and The Kingdom of Moloch had nothing to do with bombing Gaza Hospital... with a bomb that only they possessed, and which was given them by the dysfunctional simp-cucks that run America... in these times of Material Darkness, JDAMs I think they're called.

Saturn is The Star of Moloch, and it rules on Saturday... when the priests of Moloch hold their ceremonies... each week before the specter of The Golden Calf... who turns on a rotisserie spit with all the missing children... they harvested from the murder sites... during the seasonal Gazacide... that follows on the holy days when nothing is sacred.

It is a bumper crop... this harvest sabbath... where the blood is pressed through All Hallows Sieve, and it runs and runs into the goblets of priests, and The Star of Remphan shines on the table... where Chiun feasts.

Satanyahu howls at The Moon and blood runs from his eyes. No one is talking about the 500 dead children and the mothers who search... in The Land of The Shades... for the offspring of Gazacide.

They did not purchase and create all The World's press without reason. They did not take control of the entertainment industry by accident. They did not buy the governments and bore their way into the religions by happenstance. It was for moments of Gazacide that they did this.

It was to profile and centerfold... the mind-controlled... who wail about fantasy holocausts so that The World might forget what they did in the days of The Bolshevik Horrors... in the times of The Armenian massacre... in the times of Murano inquisitors in Spain... on 9/11, and in the one hundred and twenty times they were cast out of nations for dark doings that history has not concealed.

I see the dancing skeletons... turning like figurines on music boxes... animating the hieroglyphs on the blood-soaked Talmud that cries for Christian blood... because they have no God but Caesar... who is the blurred face on an old coin... that is the material currency of the only thing they worship... because it gives them power over material life... that plane of being they are trapped within forever... like a fly in amber... like dust in the wind... forming in lamentations again and again.

Two triangles are intertwined... to symbolize The Hell they live in, and The Heaven they will never reach. They are weighted down by the crystallized blood of their victims... by the unfinished tasks of their ever-mounting debts... by the darkness they serve on their long ride to Tartarus... by way of Gazacide... by way of Gazacide... by way of Gazacide.

For 8 decades now they have maintained a personal hunting range called Gaza. It is a place where they kill with impunity... where a stupid... genuflecting... world cries with them when they break a nail and nods with righteous indignation when some fool gets in their way, and... of necessity must pay... because... somehow... they found their way to Gaza.

Some years ago... during another fabricated assault... of fireworks landing in empty lots in Sderot... the self-chosen gathered with cocktails on a hill overlooking the carnage, and they cheered as buildings fell and people died, and they laughed... so hard... they cried.

Not everyone who visits here is human... in human form. The beast in all does still reside... scratch the surface and watch it rise. In some... old monsters have their lair. In some... there... is... no... someone... there. It's only a vacancy that waits... for certain turnings of The Moon... when bad things creep upon The Earth.

No word of truth is to be found in any media at all. The Gazans did it to themselves, it's what you hear... it's what you see... they shape the message as they please... and every coward buys it... and every whore is paid, and every whoremaster takes a piece, and every politician takes a knee... before the ring. They know The Riddle of The Sphincter, and they kiss it with delight... soon they'll have a boy or girl... soon it will be night.

The money goes to pay The Man for temporary things; a trip to Vegas and The Sphere... a house inside The Zone... a setting at the table where the big dogs smoke the crack... that they make from murdered innocents... transfusions twice a year; the power's in the blood they say. I suppose it must be true, but that is just the least of all the bad things that they do.

An ugly shameful silence reigns above the carnage there below, and they are flushed with impunity... no one can stop them now. They'll pause for just that stretch of time they need to shift the blame, and then they'll come in with the tanks... the phosphorus... and bombs, they'll wipe the fucking landscape clean, they'll picnic in the smoking ruins... of Gazacide... in the stinking smells... of roasting flesh... that is Gazacide.

Their apologists are everywhere. They're paid to sell their souls. I am amazed... indeed I am... that so many fools came along for the ride to Gazacide... to Gazacide... to Gazacide. It's a video game. It's a TV show. It's something you watch. It's apart from you. It's faces from the window of a passing train. It means nothing. It was nothing... what shall we watch next?

I am not like you. I don't know who you are. I can't imagine they had such ease of passage into your hearts and minds... to make you root for the monsters who will next turn their eyes to you, and you NEVER learn. You... NEVER... FUCKING... LEARN!!! Is the truth that hard? Is it so difficult to see? How did you go so very wrong? You haven't got a clue. You're all a part of Gazacide, every one of you.

Your vanity and self-regard are the most terrible of all. You posture in your mirrors while the armies form in space. The time will come when you will run with nowhere left to hide. The Earth will scream out where you are. All of Nature will turn on you... you vicious... callous killers... who know not what you do.

You sealed your fate the other day when you bombed that hospital. Now while the shocked silence holds and your people spin their lies. The World itself has witnessed it. The Logos saw your crimes. The angels watch as the eyes of God and not a thing is missed.

All those years of poisoned wells... of burned orchards... of human sacrifice... under the mindset of sport... on the lands you stole from The People of the Book... you have woven a prophecy of retribution. You have invested in a future... as everyone does... and you need not search it out because the future will come to you.

The future is Destiny already formed in the aethers all around you. It marches with ceaseless tread. It is inexorable. IT WILL NOT BE DENIED. You broke it... you bought it with your Gazacide. You've had a good run. The full litany of your crimes would take pages and pages to simply itemize... never mind the color commentary. The list itself is long indeed... and now? Your banks are failing and panic is your bedfellow. The voice of the invisible is whispering in the ears of The World. It is telling every living thing; your time has come. Your time has come.

Hear me Satanyahu! I know that Hamas works for you. I know you arranged the attack... such as it was... to distract the crowds that were gathered to see you gone. You've murdered countless people in terrible ways with not a drop of conscience to be seen. You have no regrets... not yet you don't, but you will. Monsters are now coming for the monsters. The monsters you have created and fed with victims slaughtered in unholy rites... over years and years.

The Earth itself will open before your feet for you and your... twisted... demonic... kinfolk. All together... you will be marched into perdition. I would ask God to have mercy on your soul, but you do not possess one.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Damn Skippy and GodSpeed!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Struck to the very core by your words
Truly speechless as you have said it all
What could possibly be added? Nothing.
Now I pray the world wakes up, that the world recognizes
these demons once and for bloody all.
The Purpose of Demonstration has proved
to uncover unimaginable horror and cruelty.
I sincerely pray a day of reckoning is at hand

Al said...

So damn true.

Blessings Brutha!

robert said...

Lyrical Jeremiah
Heart cries for justice
No more delays for the mass mind to catch on

We watch in wonder as the healing fire begins its branding

Visible said...

Now they are saying only a parking lot got hit... and maybe nobody died? WTH?

M - said...

Blessed Be, Vis. Blessed Be.

Visible said...

This is very very strange, but... the post stays up because Israel has been murdering Palestinians for decades... and bombing hospitals, and doing every despicable thing anyone could imagine, and even worse. So... whatever farce this turns out to be with their complicit media. They still did these things and they still do these things.

word bird said...

Hi Vis, well said as usual.

As info, here is a manual on how to sew words of deception.

Anonymous said...

You know: “By deception thou shalt make war”. It’s all real, except when it’s not.

As far as all these “black eyes” go, they sure look real, but there’s a problem; some
of these look pretty fresh at the time the pictures were posted, and i don’t see much
breakage of blood vessels in the whites of their eyes. Wouldn’t that be a symptom
of an acute shiner? I get the whole Osiris symbology retardation using rich n’
famous fools to whip the conspiracy sleuths into a tizzy, but until i see some blood
and swelling in the eyeball, i’m refraining from labeling it reality.

The dam that held back the bottomless reservoir of lies in this age is breached
and we are drowning in them.

Check out how the Devil’s chirren speak for their a$$hoe dad:


Asil said...

"They never learn" is exactly the why of it all. 500,000 Iraqi children were annihilated during the Iraqi war. Madeleine Albreight said that even in retrospect it was justified. When the war began I remember the video of a little Iraq boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old. All his limbs had been amputated. His family had all be killed. To this day I wonder what became of him. And, these atrocities will continue unabated because the entire structure of society has always been very deeply flawed.

People do not recognize themselves, their self, a living being with a soul. Their identity is as a member of a group. Their identity and sense of self is that of the group, whether religious, political, racial or whatever. Their psyche is so deeply influenced that it dictates their thoughts and every part of their existence. When those in power over the group react the members of the group follow suit.

They are lost because they do not hear their own voice that is there inside waiting to be heard. That voice is the essence of God. It is there waiting to be recognized but few listen. A presence of God that assure we are never alone because the Divine is there existing inside of us. Very few will ever hear the voice but it is there just waiting to be recognized. The realization that we never walk alone. Then we can be individuated and live according to the Divine Law – follow with faith and it reveals itself.

If humanity would follow this, we would know that we are not the instruments of those in power . To be so easily incited one against the other by the demons who control the world. The way out is missed because it is actually so easy – just no to all of it, listen to the voice/essence of God. Free yourself because it is we the people who have given the demons the power . . . by living on our knees before them.

0 said...

The fake news is there to get people who were pushed to the point of Action to question if Now is the time to Act and likely hold people off from Acting out. To my mind their play is still to get everyone to hope SOMEONE ELSE comes to Save oneself. And to get people to refrain from acting till its to late to act they produce these psyops pushing atrocity news and Hope news and between the two people WONDER what the truth is.

At some point people will no longer Care what "news" is put before them as the conditions at Home will have deteriorated to the point decent people can't pay for things they could before.

Frankly, thats where I have been for a while now, specially since the msm and alt news now are both corralled to talking about the same narratives and avoid mentioning Accountability like the plague.

The clown show continues for a time longer I suppose.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Within All of The Symptoms of National Decay. The Traveling Town to Town Crazy Circus is The Most Underestimated of All."

Timothy1954 said...

Absolutely true.

su said...

I wish at least 7% of earth's population would read this. So hard to see cognitive dissonance so strong. Common sense died some time ago and with her death insanity became the new norm.

And Nobody, wow, lifetimes since you entered this consciosness.




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