Tuesday, October 10, 2023

"Now You Get to See The Level of Control They Have Over Perception by The Hive Mind. You Do Not See What God is Up To."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was warned while this false flag was taking place. I was warned to stay away from The Media. Mostly I have, but... I noticed in going to Breitbart... Revolver... Gateway Pundit, and others... that I either regularly visit or which appear before me... that there is no truth in The Media. They are all liars. They are all under The Thumb.

I do not especially like any of them. I have seen the hand of The Slaver of Minds upon all media for some time. The only place I find any element of Truth now is at Truthseeker and certain bloggers, all the rest are fecal nuggets in a steaming bag of shit.

Not a word did I see in the last couple of days about Israel's terrible evils visited upon the native residents of Palestine in any media.. mainstream or alternative. King Leopold had nothing on the Israelis. Once again, because it is so comprehensive, I again insert Kevin Barrett's article from Truthseeker.

Please note the graphic with the caption; “one shot two kills," with cross-hairs over the target of a pregnant woman. This vastly predates the set-up engagement of a couple of days ago.

The targeting of Palestinians by The IDF... the vicious and routine cruelties of The Settlers. The list is long indeed, any effort to itemize would diminish the scale of the atrocities. They are in the millions now. The Vietnam Wall is said to be impressive because of its size... indicating the level of loss. This would be more like The Great Wall of China.

It is difficult for me to write about any of this because it's just part of a cosmic cycle of endless victims killing each other in different bodies. You get born where you are... as you are... for reasons. Nothing happens by accident. Nonetheless, when I saw a stray dog wandering in Italy, I did not think to myself that that must have been some evil person from former times getting their due. I saw an unfortunate dog in need of love and sustenance. I carried both always with me.

I want to say that The Israelis are the most evil collection of people on Earth at the moment, but... what good would that do? Not that many people care what I think, and that's fine with me. I do not much care what the rest of The World thinks and haven't for a very long time. To me... the vast majority of The World is composed of clueless dupes who not only do not know what is going on but don't even care. They do what they do for Fear or Hunger.

Of course, they set this up for their benefit so that they can wipe the Palestinians out, AND... other reasons. Maybe one of Satanyahu's buddies is a land developer and he owes him. Actually... it's more than that. All of their neighbors hate them for good reason. Those who go along with them do it out of fear of consequences otherwise; that's the case around The World, ever since they set up the place as an international criminal enterprise... with sovereign implications.

(I do not intend to include all the members of a particular demographic as also culpable in these matters. There are righteous people in every demographic. I don't pretend to know what everyone gets up to. God made sure that I would meet good people from every group of people before I got handed this assignment.)

Yes... all of their neighbors hate them and their neighbors are getting stronger. Due to The Apocalypse and The Awakening, more and more people are waking up to what's going on. They need to get things settled before The Truth really starts to leak... about that little event during World War 2... that they tried to pull off earlier in World War 1, and that they've been blackmailing Europe over for decades now.

Yes... it's the poor put-upon Tribe that never did nothing wrong; the Charlie Brown of Alwaysville... “Whyz everybody always picking on me?” If you don't agree, you get that trick that they always use.

You can LITERALLY see America being inundated by migrants imported by George Soros and his friends from parts of The World everywhere... for the purpose of destroying the country. He literally has SEVERAL NGOs that he finances to that end.

There is little need for me to further argue these matters. I've said all I need to say for 20 years now about the whole of it and fact checkers don't come around here because WE DON'T LIE!!!

It's a number's game anyway. You've got 2 billion Muslims... 3 billion Christians... and 16 million Jews.

It's moot at this point. The time has come and ain't nobody going to stop it. As your everyday urban cowpoke might tell you; “shitz about to get real.” This is a time of summing up, and it is coming up. Nothing anyone does is going to change a thing, and Israel is doing everything it can to make matters worse RIGHT... THIS... MINUTE!

They could do the right thing all of a sudden, but... that's not how they operate. That wouldn't even cross their mind. They say; “use force! And if that doesn't work, use more force.”

Yeah... they got a problem and only a few ways to go. They are surrounded by enemies who grow stronger by the day. They need to trick America into attacking Iran, but... that could go wrong all kinds of different ways. They can't get Ukraine arranged now... as the next homeland to run The World from. They are up against a wall of insurmountable difficulty. As Lucifer said to Gabriel in the film Constantine; “hmm... looks like somebody no longer has your back.”

Well... we know who has had their back all this time, and it's not The Lord God, but... The World operates pretty much in a... mostly... hands-off way for The Purpose of Demonstration. You see, they had the keys to the candy store because of where their fealty lies with The Left Hand of God.

There's this thing called Tikkun Olam... which has metamorphosed into ticklish Onan where... by arrangement... prior to reentry... they are given the opportunity to repair The World. It could well be they are the reason it needs the repair, but I'm not going into that end of it today. Anyway, they are given the tools, and... there were moments... in former times... when they answered The Call in a righteous manner.

The World...meanwhile... moved ever more and more into The Province of Mammon, and the lures and attractions got greater... and greater... and greater. They're an inventive and opportunistic race. They took what The Chaldeans and Egyptians had, and... reworked it for their purposes as The Kabbalah.

Many illuminated characters emerged from that study for a time, but then... they reversed it. They took the language of the angels and turned it toward commanding demons, which is what you have today. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin went South. They infiltrated Masonry and every other thing... and when Buddhism moved West they took over here.

They got right up in the face of Bhaktivedanta's ministry at the inception. They created Wikipedia to control the perception of history. I could go on and on about all this; Google... Facebook, but... no need. The one thing that no one seems to take into account, especially the ones who don't believe he exists... is that God is in ABSOLUTE control of everything at all times.

Where people get messed up, and routed the wrong way about God... is that they expect him to interfere in his own laws of balance and adjustment. God intrudes invisibly, now and again, and often without being noticed, but the effect is noticed every time something doesn't go according to plan, and some people blame it on The Devil and some people blame it on God, but people... mostly... do not blame it on themselves.

God is God ineffable and The Devil works for him, but their areas of operation are different. The Devil is the face God shows to The Carnal Mind and Heart. One or the other predominates in various theaters of operation. It's God that gets you out of The Shit, and it's The Devil that gets you into The Shit.

It's why Lord Ganesha is shown with a net and an ax. God plays catch-and-release. He both snares and liberates you and trying to explain something like that here... or anywhere... is probably not happening.

Now you get to see the level of control they have over perception by The Hive Mind. You do not see what God is up to. The reason that Pride goes before a fall is that God is standing right there... with his foot out... but you don't see him. People don't believe what is certainly true because they don't understand, and the reason they don't understand is because their vision is clouded by the smoke of impure desire.

Until you turn down the one flame and turn up the other, you're not going to know much. Let the love of God flame in your heart and see what happens. I'm not writing this for today. I'm writing this for later on when people need to make sense out of what happened... and why it happened, and... I'm not writing it in the first place. I'm just taking it down, and... if there happen to be errors in what I say, it was I who didn't hear properly... who didn't listen attentively. That's on me.

Well... what can I say? It's going to get very... very bad, and very... very good. May God's peace be upon you. May God's love flame in your heart.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 said...

Yep sounds like the ground invasions on for tonite into Gaza, then watch the flames run!

I put this up today given the ridiculousness of it all. I liked some of Adam Sandlers earlier stuff.


Wheres Rodney King huh? Can't we all just get along? Not till Accountability is restored!

chop chop. whiz bang. Boom.

Seeya if I'm still around to seeya. I imagine various thorns in their side will be sorted in the Fog of War.

Disco Disco!

oldmaninthedesert said...

Not that you need any validation brother,but your opening about the media(and I agree about 99% of the counter narrative) all being fib tellers and propagandists could not be more spot on, then again of course God never misses. I too see far too many looking for answers and so called truth from secular sources. Anyhow for me you have always been a beacon in a tossed sea plagued by amnesia. I have always liked the Song Comfortably Numb, but as I have aged I think a better name for it would be Comfortable in My Skin. Thanks for Being Vis.


su said...

Thank you for this. Deep resonance.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"It's Whirlpools and Windstorms in The Mind... That Also Cause Them in The World Itself, and Throw Nature Out of Balance."

Anonymous said...

Very very bad and very very good, we live in interesting times and the opportunities spiritually are many. I liked hearing you talk about Lord Ganesh’s iconography. I went and found a book in my library called Loving Ganesa by Satguru Savoyar Subramuniyaswami to meditate on it for a while. He is such a loving God, who loves sweets, books and children.. Who else has a sugar cane bow and flower arrows? As the call goes out for global Jihad on Friday the thirteenth, I am visualizing his Khetaka shield protecting all souls on the spiritual path. This is a really interesting link although trumpcentric…. https://twitter.com/HatWannabee/status/1309124522495348744

shecky said...

well said Les. just more of the same from the Christ killers. Theres
obviously something up their sleeve. perhaps this is the lead up to
mass migration to Israel II (Ukraine). Thanks for being one of the die hards.
I wish you nothing but the best. You are a rare soul on this planet. maybe one
day in another dimension we cross paths. Its def getting streamlined now. Thanks
for the content and my apologies for the poor composition.



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