Tuesday, October 31, 2023

"There is The Dawning Understanding... The Truth Heard Round The World Before The Lies can Even Get Their Pants On."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Boy! They are going full-tilt... throwback-victim-mode... wearing designer yellow stars at The UN. I soon expect pictures of Israeli soldiers holding up dead babies by one leg and screaming... It bit me!!! The pain! Oh, Baal! The Pain!!! I stuck my hand into the rubble and It bit me! (accent on It)

Monty Python could do a fine routine on this. They could reverse-Borat it.

The wildest reality here... the near-unbelievable imagery that is coming out of the whole affair is the picture of a savage and psychopathic group of people... knit together by poisoned genetics... killing everything in sight... an Amalric selfie frozen in time. (You'll see some of it in the links at GAB). And then? You see The World recoiling at this ugly picture... while all the entitled and powerful members of The World close their lying eyes.

Then there is the dawning understanding... The Truth heard round The World... before the lies can even get their pants on... that this has been going on for decades!!! Wait until The World finds out that Satanyahu planned the whole Hamas deception just to get himself out of hot water with the rest of the country. And... of course... to kill a whole lot of Palestinians because that's the honey and milk in Satan's tea.

If it were not a false flag... and certain USUALLY reliable people are saying it was not, then... why did he tell the military to stand down? (just like Cheney). Well... there are pages and pages of these.

It is a fact that he did this, so... explain that to me cause I'm a little slow I guess.

Meanwhile... the rulers of The World stand silent. Everything is on pause. The Media and every aspect of The Press are demonstrating who owns them, and... everyone is seeing this. It's bleeding into the hearts and minds of the citizenry everywhere... through Telegram and other mediums that THEY just can't seem to stop.

It's ALL coming out... and The World as we knew it is crumbling. Racing alongside this horrific spectacle is Bill Gates... Klaus Schwab... George Soros... Hillary Clinton and The Gang that couldn't kill quietly; Blackrock... Lloyd Blankfein... The grandson of Rockefeller over at Meta... I can't list even a small amount of them! They are running as fast as they can... trying to kill The World before The World turns on them. How... do... you... think... that's... going... to... turn... out?

For years now... we have been talking here about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. These are not cartoon characters! These are embodied and living expressions of specific features of The Divine, who come around here from time to time... but at such a reach of time between their visits... no one remembers them.

You can see the reality of their presence in The World's reaction to Gazacide. Israel has been doing exactly this for over 80 years... before they even were ...what they were masquerading as; what they present themselves to be now, and which they are not, BUT... no one said much. They would mow the lawn and cull a few thousand here and there like a pest extermination visit. This is exactly how they see it. The Palestinians are pests who came with the land that Israel stole.

For decades now, they have been assuming the identity of The Palestinians. The people who ACTUALLY have a matching DNA for the land. As far as they are concerned... all their lies are now The Truth OR... you are Antisemitic. However... as we have also been saying over and over again here... since we got here... The Truth is Antisemitic.

No amount of PR can undo what has happened, BUT... have they stepped back to consider what they are doing??? Have they seen (they're really smart. They will be glad to tell you that) the effect they are having? No! Why is that? It is because they are blinded by The Architect of All Things for The Purpose of Demonstration. The World is not going to unsee this!!!

This is an awful horror... as many a video will show, but the real horror is that it has been going on for so long, and no one said much... except those of us who are powerless influence-wise. Yet... steadily it has grown... like a wave that started in the middle of the ocean... at the parting of a fault in the ground. It has risen... and risen... and now it is moving at 600 hundred miles an hour, and it is transforming into a metaphorical wave of understanding... in the mind of everyone... everywhere... all at the same time.

The Spin Mill is going to break and shatter apart. The vast industries that serve The Beast are riddled with people who no longer believe what they have been told. From every place... everywhere... they are spilling into the streets and the streets cannot contain them. There are not enough police and soon the police will join them, and The Middle Class that these vipers have been at such pains to destroy? They are coming too.

It is a huge engine that has been set in motion by The Controllers of What You See. It was not their intention that it should go South. Oh no!!! East...West... North even... but not South.

Why are they now so busy to pacify Australia and genocide the people living there as well? They think the South is going to be safe... given what they think is coming for the rest of us. Australia is a proving ground bolt-hole for The Elite... so is New Zealand... so is Patagonia. Take a look at what's going on!!!

They KNOW something is coming, BUT... what do they know? Who is telling them what they think is coming? Is it not The Father of Lies of whom they are the offspring? Is this not so? Yes! It is so. They have been misled and misleading from the beginning, and soon they are going to find themselves in the very place they have most feared for the longest time, where all their veils of deception are shredded, where all their arrangements with The Dark Side have been rendered void, and... null.

Their power is becoming less and less accessible. Someone has cut their power, just like they have been cutting the power of others. Just as they have been blinding others... now they are blind. They are in darkness, but they have been in darkness for a long time with the illusion of sight. Now that illusion is being taken too.

Instead of admitting they have been wrong, and seeking redemption and mercy. They have become even more self-righteous and insufferably arrogant. IN NO WAY can their plans be set awry. This is a temporary hurdle that they will soon find their way around... not over... no, that is what others do. They will try to go around or under, BUT... You shall not pass. The Way is closed! Oh! My friends... it is going to be so damned poetic!

It is a sad testimony to life on this plane, and in this place... that so few are honest with themselves, and when they do get a clue they come so late to the party that it has nearly finished, but it has always been the way of such... to jump on the bandwagon, and then wag their fingers at those who have been there all along, and excoriate them for being tardy.

Oh! The Truth is coming out everywhere. They are scurrying like the demonically possessed... which they happen to be... to try to plug the holes... bar the doors... blame those they have thrown under the bus... provide misdirection... light up anywhere in the room except where they are standing. No matter... this is a different light. It is not under their control.

Onward they go with their tanks and phosphorus. Their cannons blast the limbs of children hither and yon. They pay no mind to the outrage of The World. They have not a care. They are the rulers of all they survey. They stole and swindled every bit of it like it was theirs all along. Collateral damage? Collateral damage is just the way they do business in the first place. No one of any importance ever complains... not so long as the gravy train is running, and the blackmail is in the vault.

Oh! A fine time... that was not a good time... was had by those who have plundered The World... who orchestrated their final Gazacide... on their way to what the fuck are you going to do about it? Yes... soon now... The Light is going to go on in their heads... because they are the last to know, and this light is going to show them where they are actually standing... where they walked... and by whatever means... got there under their own stolen power.

Gazacide is their dying swan song. It is themselves that they murdered... as they went on their despicable way. They will look into that mirror they have never seen before, that shows them stabbing themselves in the heart, over and over... and over and over again... and they will feel every blow. Those who could never feel anything at all before... will feel every blow, and it will not end well, and it will not end soon.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Dunno if you have netflix but have you seen the love death and robots episode in season 3 called the Swarm?

This paragraph of yours drew it to mind.
"For years now... we have been talking here about Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. These are not cartoon characters! These are embodied and living expressions of specific features of The Divine, who come around here from time to time... but at such a reach of time between their visits... no one remembers them."

Spoiler alert: Humans are interacting with some ancient space dwelling species which appears to have no defense against what the humans are planning for it... only for the humans to find to their utter surprise that the species had a mechanism to deal with that which comes along between large intervals of time.

Sorta cracks me up that people think they can be above the Mind of the All which is impregnated in Every thing iterated in any form and fills the void of the Nothing such that it brims with potential to produce those forms which aid its own intents above and beyond that of the human species localized to this planet.

What better Friend could one have or worse enemy could one make?

Good stuff.


Missing Munich said...

Sitting at the airport waiting for the flight to the homeland. Another brilliant blog, truth out!!!

Greetings all around!

Missing Munich

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This hurry up and wait is driving me and my psychic twin nuts. Still, nostrils to the sky!

Al Manyheart said...

"It is a sad testimony to life on this plane, and in this place... that so few are honest with themselves"

That in itself is worth it's weight in divine light.

What I have been using and I'm no doctor but chlorine dioxide is indispensable for a great many ailments I have found. Although it doesn't cure anything it does a fabulous job of giving your own body a chance to do just that again. That and Ionic silver cleared my medicine cabinet of most everything else.

Much love Amigo

DD said...

I don't know, if you've seen this little known collection of documents:

51 Documents Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis LENNI BRENNER 1983


Visible said...

Thank you. I had not seen that, but I had seen other evidence, quite a lot of other evidence that confirmed the same thing. I'll give that a look as I go.

Anonymous said...

Love the natural health sections!

Of course, the entire blog is uplifting and brilliant.

A few interesting synchronicities: my best friend in the world moved from 1200 miles away to within an hour or 2. Come to find out he has cancer, and I have told him about fenbendozole and ivermectin.

My long time girl friend (she was pressured into taking the jabs) and her fits of rage have been increasingly difficult to tolerate.
Like you…I won’t argue-so we called it even.

There are no coincidences!

Thanks bro,



Strider Souls said...

LV read that Gaza is 50% children and about 3000 have been killed so far or about 1000 a week.
Smart internet strategists are stating that we must ally with the peaceful religion.
Albert Pike said that WWIII would be about getting rid of the major world religions.
Yemen has declared war on Israel and China removed them from their version of Google maps.
Interesting times are not always a curse as the revealing goes into mach mode.
Not this time and that arrogance and hubris of the rest of humanity has no rights, they are here to lick our feet was put there for a reason.

Visible said...

The body count is much higher than that. especially since they bombed that one crowded camp. As for the rest... there are the appearances we are all shown and there is what is happening behind them.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Important Thing to Remember... Is That All of What Is Happening... is Meant to Distract You From What is Happening."

0 said...

If you can't find fenbendozole, Albendazole is another option. Just fyi.


Anonymous said...


Have you seen this?

Leaked: Israeli plan to ethnically cleanse Gaza

Found it here after googling:


Even the fucking pravada-esque CBC has a piece on it. MSM carrying this and they're still defending Israhell.

Interesting times, eh?! Fffffffff. Sorry, just don't know what to say right now.

Peace out, one love, music is the key, let's chant down all the Babylonian motherfuckers.

Pardon my French, am



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