Friday, October 13, 2023

"There's Nothing to Worry About Unless You Have Skin in The Game. Where Your Heart is There Your Risk and Treasure Is."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everything moves at its own speed; photons move at one speed and neutrinos move at another, but... the uncertainty principle is ALWAYS hovering in the background. No one really knows. They have only convinced themselves that they do.

Here's an interesting item.

It has sexual connotations. Everything does in The Manifest, and... the bandwidth of The Manifest is a lot wider than most people think it is; thoughts and feelings are things in their own areas of interaction.

You could say that the degree of the integrity... of what is real... is determined by who sees more of it than anyone else, but... none of it is real, so... what are you really seeing more of?

This game that is based on the levels of exposure; what gets shown and what gets hidden, which gets legitimized by the quality of passion that... for reasons which escapes me... is supposed to validate what people do... is a game you are going to lose the moment you start playing. The moment you are invested in the outcome... sooner or later... the outcome is going to turn against you. It's cosmic law. It's an unavoidable result.

A certain group of people created a killing field in their backyard. They are a very wealthy nation. They are a banker nation. They are a criminal organization, whose crimes are protected under the imprimatur of nationhood. The only way you can effect change against this nation is through war, and... war is coming for them. It is inevitable.

Everything moves at its own speed; rocks... plants... insects... animals... people... geographical formations, they all have a rate of coming and going. They all have a season. Existence is a gigantic clock, with gears too big and too small to see.

In every area besides the human playing field, some variant on the law of the jungle applies. Human civilizations conceal this law of the jungle for periods of time... until the system backs up on itself, and the jungle overruns everything again.

It's always there... concealed in the underbrush and the waving foliage... in the hot-blooded rut of The Marketplace, and all those wars... in the service of the ambitions... of the ones who run the markets; who plow everyone else under, who get the sense that they can't be touched because they are touching everyone else, and no one does anything about it, so... they must be good to go, and keep on going... like some kind of weaponized timepiece or Energizer Bunny.

They're going to conquer The World, just like the guys before them, and the guys before that, only none of them did, cause Death is concealed in the underbrush and the waving foliage too. Death is watching and waiting, picking them off on either side... individually... and collectively. Death is about to have his hands full soon. It looks like a bumper crop this year.

This country with the recreational killing field in their back yard is so confident of its right to do any fucking thing it wants to that... it brags about it all day long, when it isn't whining about how everyone is picking on it, and making up tall tales about shit that never happened, and pounding it into everyone's head... until all the meaning is lost... even though it never had any to begin with.

The best way to cover for the killings of tens of millions is to create a paper trail of smoke and mirrors in which hallucinations dance and cavort about... a Punch and Judy opera... a farce... where the same thing happens to you, only it is much more important than what you did to all the others, with The Bolshevik murder machine... and in The Holomodor... and in Armenia with The Young Turks... and in both of those world wars that your bankers orchestrated, cause.......

....... if my sons didn't want war there would be no war. Isn't that how you put it?

The best way to get away with absolutely evil behavior is to create a smoke screen of unverifiable rumors about it happening to you first. It's like the way you cry out in pain when you strike someone else.

Now you've got this full-on Satanic Disneyland of a killing field, which is all that remains of the landscape that used to belong to the people who once lived there... the ones you hunt... through the rubble you created... are all that's left of the people that used to live in the spaces you now occupy; the spaces you never came from in the first place because the DNA says so... or maybe the DNA is lying cause it's soon to be the target of that trick you always use.

You've said it over and over... about why it's perfectly okay to kill anyone who happens to be occupying anywhere you want to be, OR... in possession of anything you want to have. You say; “nits make lice.” You talk about mowing the lawn; how you have to mow the lawn until you are able to create machines that turn people into Astroturf. You're about to mow the lawn again... aren't you?

You arranged a false flag so badly constructed that even a retard can see that The Emperor is wearing women's underwear. You have videos of events you claim were happening and all I see are cut-and-paste cars with no damage, and people walking away from something that was going on and looks like it's over now. You'd better do something before the hot air balloons show up.

There are all those beheaded babies that no one can verify, except for Biden who says he saw them, but that was probably some kind of flashback. It's odd how so many of the terrorists were speaking Hebrew. Isn't that strange?

Nobody except The Stupid and The Compromised believe you anymore. You are, as someone once said, “like your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

I understand how it can happen when you don't believe in God, except for Mammon because you live exclusively in The World of The Senses. If there was a God, wouldn't he have stopped you by now? Isn't that how you see it? Still... there is the matter of what happens when you leave here, and where you wind up when you come back here. Oh yes... there is that.

Justice happens here all the time but half of The Helix is hidden so... it's hard to connect the dots, isn't it? The very force you do not believe in is what is presently powering you toward your unavoidable destiny, which... in ordinary times... takes place in a further location BEFORE it continues on again here, BUT... not where it left off from here. Rather it continues from where it left off in that place you just came from.

However... these are not ordinary times. In extraordinary times Justice is meted out for The Purpose of Demonstration... as it is soon going to do. You're being allowed to REALLY expose yourselves while the whole world is watching. There isn't going to be any doubt about who did what.

I know a lot of people are on edge right now. They also don't believe in The Divine or they wouldn't be on edge. They don't believe in any kind of a living force. They believe in something that got written down somewhere many centuries ago, and they've got about the same chances as a politician waving a cross at a vampire. Things ONLY have the power that your faith provides them. It has to be a living faith.

Faith in dead things isn't going to bring them back to life. God never died.

Everything moves at its own speed, and... regardless of how long it takes... it eventually gets where its nature takes it. Everything happens according to the nature of the thing it happens to. The destiny of the tree is present in the seed. That is also why corruption sows corruption and you are doomed unless you are born again in The Spirit. You've got to want something more if you expect something more.

Boy! If people could only see what is all around them. If they could only see what is possible for them, conditions here would not be what they presently are, BUT... Evil moves inexorably toward Evil. That is its nature. Good move toward Good. That is its nature. What could be simpler? Why are so many people so perplexed?

There's nothing to worry about unless you have skin in the game. Where your heart is... there your risk and treasure is.

End Transmission.......

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James Arthur Jancik said...

"Existence is a gigantic clock, with gears too big and too small to see." -Les Visible

A nice analog for describing the Complexity Theory

Visible said...

Greetings James!!!

Long time no hear.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Missing Munich said...


Love to all!!!

Terrance said...

As I have spoken to my wife many times before , that we live in an open air insane asylum and som3 of us are just crazier than others…… on3lov3

Kilfannan said...

Inspired post, Les. Zen sent me the videos you made together in 2010. Ah! The passionate wisdom of Zen's words and your magically mesmerizing voice. So powerful and so spot on in this Now. Much love, Elva Thompson.

Anonymous said...


I think you meant Patrick Willis. So far as I know, Visible never worked with Zen


David Spoey said...

Within this universe…
Energy travels no faster than light.

Though the ineffable source
Of the omniverse
Travels at infinite speed
Arising everywhere all at once.

Thanks for your inspirational writings!

robert said...

Dear Visible,

As evidence that the One has the deepest sense of humor...

In the role of Mr. Apocalypse pulling down the pants of the liar-liar-pants-on-fire ghouls:

There has appeared on cable advertising, in desperate narrative spin control, a hastily thrown together ad campaign to cover the genocidal retardation of the Neanderthal Khazarian on stage in Gaza

Get this!

Without a hint of self-reflection the punch line is:

Stand up to Jewish Hate!

I started belly laughing convulsively!

Was this junior apprentice drivel brain-farted out by non-native English speakers?
Generated by a poorly engineered machine learning algorithm?
So maddened by inner light spilling through curtains of denial to prevent the most elementary reflection so missing the heavy irony ENTIRELY?

Damned right it is time to stand up to Jewish hate!

The self-hatred spawned from soul-level defects, a group think defection from unity, justifying hatred of all out-group humans

The kind of hate that has the tone-deaf hubris to call for a mindless genocidal reaction to a deliberate false flag provocation resonant of allowing the Pearl Harbor attack to go forward despite clear intel!

This amateur effort PR campaign on cable may be taken down as soon as after-the-fact focus group polling proves it to be risible and counter-effective

Enjoy the wild irony stalking the stalkers, finally!

Stand up to Jewish hate indeed!

The cancel culture, the paid-off Orc minions, the compromised media puppets, the entire conflict of disinterest gang soon to lose their ill-gotten stool collection!


Laugh and the world laughs with you!!

Visible said...

whine and you call attention to yourself as a whiner... EVENTUALLY. This is the thing about apocalypse and tomorrow's post, starting after I finish this comment is going to be about how the same shit different day... no longer works; hooray!!!

I am sorry people are going to die but that is the nature of presence here in any case, and every death will count toward the fall of Satan's Kingdom on Earth. We are living in those times you later read about.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,
This is a much needed balm for my spirits just now. I only glanced at the media just now because I already knew what those whores would be chirping, and I couldn't bear to read their fuckery. It enrages me until I'm filled with sadness. Like now. But this was expected, inevitable. Nevertheless I glimpsed one image of a dead Palestinian baby. And I remember how decades ago I learned that Isra-hell "created" Hamas. It's a fact that they funded them to counter the PLO. Soooo, the devil Isra-el created turned on them? Hmmmmm. Not buying it. But, if true, it would be karmic wouldn't it.
And yes, the fuckin' bankers are behind every atrocity. They stir up hell, fund all sides, sit back and watch shit unfold.

But don't ever name them lest ... nah. Let's talk about space jews instead;)

Praying for justice and peace,

Thank you, am

Visible said...

I know. I am not looking at the news at all. I have certain individuals who update me at Twitter-X like Lucas Gage and Jake Shields and I haven't even checked them today. God is fully cognizant and bringing these monsters by their own actions to the appointed place.

Kilfannan said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for putting me right I found a couple of videos with Patrick speaking Les Visible's wisdom. Love it!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Finest Poetry is What We Write in The Hearts of Others, in Imitation of What God Has Written Upon Our Own."

standard issue said...

LV! No matter where you go, there you are.
What if they are arrogantly hoping that chaos will bring about a messiah?
As if the timing of that was up to man.
Get ready for hell on earth when groups of men give themselves god status.
All of those last Trump and ordo out of chaos pages don't seem so tinfoil now.
Dank meme-when you are oppressed you can turn off the water and bust out the white phosporous.
And these talking heads just foaming with hate and wanting to turn populations into deserts it reminds me of that Bosch painting of Jesus where everyone looks like gruesome monsters except for two civilians and Christ.
The MSNBC losing 33% of audience due to bias and all of the we don't care about Israel among the 18-34 demo are hopeful signs though.



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