Thursday, October 26, 2023

"Somewhere, They Melt Them Down for Candle Wax... for Votive Lights... Along The Highway to The Festivals of Hell."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I remember once someone asked Guru Bawa a question; along the lines of why does he do what he does. He said, “I am building an army.”

Guru Bawa

This was made even more absurd seeming, given his glowing angelic visage, and the higher octave qualities that radiated from him at all time... combined with him being well over a hundred years old... 4'10”... and around 80 pounds.

He came out of The Sufi Teachings, which is the mystical branch of Islam and the only part of the tradition that I can tolerate. All fundamentalist perspectives of religion leave me cold, no matter what religion that might be. As soon as I see anyone wielding holy books as clubs, I know I am in a bad neighborhood.

Here we are... nearly 40 years after he passed, and I see that army coming into formidable aspect, and with powerful friends to boot... all of them aligned against the same enemy of Satanic... Materialistic... Atheists whose God is Gold, and the power which comes from having it... and denying it to others.

Now... those worshiping Gold, and... practicing the blood rites of murdered children... slain on dark altars to Moloch... Baal... and other hideous demons... who grant them certain limited powers... over limited time frames... find that they are going broke. Their power is turning into smoke... Cinderella's Pumpkin... something that might have been once, but is no longer.

They need a war. Oh! They desperately need a war, to give them a cover of time for reconstruction. They have a most powerful ally that they abused again and again in disgraceful fashion. They destroyed this friend from within by flooding his country with migrants that they ferried from places round The World. They ruined generations of their friend's children through sexual programming.

They did many bad things... of which the proof is self-evident, and then... they convinced this friend to inoculate all of its citizens with a Killer Vaccine. They browbeat this friend into financing a war in Ukraine... because they wanted a new homeland there. They convinced all the friends of this friend to kick in too, while also flooding their countries with migrants.

That did not go well. They have lost that war and a good piece of the homeland they intended for themselves, even though they did kill off many of the former residents... just as they are doing in the present homeland... that they hijacked from the people who lived there, and which has become too hot for them to remain in... because of all the horrible things they have done, AND... they are running out of water.

Someone once said; you don't miss your water till your well runs dry. I expect that is true.

So... the big cheese in this little country found himself on the brink of civil war, and he arranged for a militia... created by one of his predecessors... to attack his country... perhaps to give him breathing room, and a distraction from his internal problems.

He told the military to stand down so that this false flag escapade could go down, and his country could return to their main recreation, which is killing Palestinians... and pretending to be victims while they do it.

It doesn't matter if they are men... women... children. They kill them the way the British Royalty hunts foxes... the way Amalric handled Beziers... oh... there are so many examples of killing fields in these latter days at the ending of The Kali Yuga. Lots of notes coming due. A whole bunch of tit-for-tat... right down to the last jot and tittle.

Anyway... there are these merciless merchants of death... who have been at it for a very long time. Their priapism over blood and carnage is well known. They're in bed with The Vatican and other cabals of evil. They have their own agenda, but they share a common goal of absolute control over all life. They'll decide who gets to sit at the head of the table... once the bodies are stacked.

In the meantime... they want you to know how frail and defenseless they are, as The Walrus and The Carpenter walk on the endless beach.

How many disappear to be never seen again? They must have some fancy digs somewhere, where they melt them down for candle wax... for votive lights along the highway to the festivals of Hell.

They are fashioning... they are shaping... their vision of The World. It's a very empty place. Most all of us are gone, save for them and their permanent servant class... who are all that remain... once their world has come to be. They will build this world. I do not doubt... that it will come about. In their efforts to make Hell on Earth, they will surely find their way to a Hell of their own making... that exists across an impassible gulf that cannot be traversed until the last debt is paid.

There is a sweet and exacting Justice that pervades the whole of existence. It is resolved in the simple process of action and reaction... as ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is a fixed dynamic that only God can set aside, and we wonder why he might since he is the one who set it in play to begin with. I NEVER discount Grace.

As The Master told me this morning; “I have far more Grace in reserve than I have ever expended. It is not that I am cheap. Those who serve me know the truth of that. It is just that I pick my spots. I have been doing this for infinitudes of time. Life comes and goes here in less than the blink of an eye. Perspective is what is wanted... and perspective is exactly what is lacking. Open your eyes.”


So... I know... because I have been told many... many... many times; “Visible, I am going to show up right in the midst of them and pull their pants down in front of The World. I am going to strip them naked, and... in ingenious fashion, I will bring them to an epiphany they will not recover from. They are going to wander naked... alone... and afraid... much as their victims have, and... they will know why.

“I love the endless tales of humanity. I delight in wandering anonymously among them. I am often reminding them of treating with angels unaware. The reason one must revere my presence in all life is because... indeed... I am there. You can invoke me if it pleases you to OR... you can call up something else.”

I am not concerned about digital currencies... Killer Vaccines... poisoned foods... angry mobs... feckless leaders... horsemen thundering out the skies... or any specter of threat there has been... or that hasn't been seen yet. I rely on The Architect of Life. None can assail him. His word is LAW! For those who believe in the sum of their fears... mayhap they will materialize them with their reverse-engineered faith. I do not believe in such things.

Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN. It might be a positive faith. It might be a negative faith, but it will have results according to the investments made. You tell yourself the truth, and the truth will materialize over the course of time, as much as it can in a world of lies. You lie to yourself, and you will see those lies materialize as well. It all comes about through the simple process of thought.

That is where The Divine made Gods of us all. He gave us the power to create, and what have we created? I imagine each of us can ask ourselves that question and come up with a different answer. We can also start this very moment... creating a better world. We can ask The Divine for the power to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

If one is persistent. One WILL see this come to pass, and there is no finer prayer, nor is Heaven more impressed by any other petition than the desire to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. That tops them all. If you want your mind to be in alignment with The Mind of Heaven, that is how you getter done.

I think that will do it for today.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

You say ‘’they will build this world, I have no doubt’’
But then you say God is going to pull their pants down for everyone to see.
Which is it? After hell is built who cares if their pants get pulled down then.
It will be too late. Did I misunderstand something?
Maybe I hang on your every word these days because angels speak to you.
I am looking for hope somewhere.
This dimension is so riddled with demons and they’re corruption
It is exhausting to behold. Likened to a cancer patient with that much
Cancer only death to the entire host will kill the cancer
If that’s what it takes so be it
But had enough of the Hell they have already built and I know it can get much worse.

Visible said...

They are not mutually exclusive. How does one happening negate the other? Pulling the pants down AND building your own Hell, which all of us do can certainly both be in operation.

"They will build this world. I do not doubt... that it will come about. (because everyone lives in a world of their own creation. That is not just me saying it. ALL scripture does.)

In their efforts to make Hell on Earth, they will surely find their way to a Hell of their own making... that exists across an impassible gulf that cannot be traversed until the last debt is paid. (Hell is an exclusive place where the only visitors you receive are of your own making. This same rule applies to Heaven as well. Everything happens in The Mind.)

Once again, though I sometimes find original ways (courtesy of my mentors) to present something, everything I say has been echoed by other... far greater minds... across time and space for a considerable distance of both.

M - said...

Had another very extraordinary experience yesterday morning. Although I was not feeling particular pessimistic about the outcome, any time one undergoes surgery there is risk. My boyfriend was scheduled to have a connection to his defibrilator/pacemaker replaced yesterday because it had become frayed. Yet I awoke with an invokation on my lips - which does not happen infrequently. So I spoke it aloud and with intent. I smiled. A few minutes later I heard a bird song I had not heard since Spring. He sang it thrice only and I smiled again because I knew my prayer had been acknowledged.

T came through the procedure with flying colors and came home last night. He is doing well this morning. Of course, I gave thanks a number of times. Especially for the bird song.

I have learned The Goddess gives her answer(s) in such a manner. Nothing showy. Nothing spectacular. Just a small SMILE from her to me that fills me with such warmth. Gratitude. Love.

Blessings to all.

Visible said...

The Living Book of Nature... sight... sound and otherwise is there to be read and communed with by any who are capable of it, which mostly means a particular level of faith, certitude, and determination, or this is what I have found in any case, and includes the disposition and inclination that is necessary. Otherwise one would not pursue it in the first place.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. I'd say 'repair work' hath begun.

Mayhap. Second time in my life I saw that word used. I occasionally read books that olde.

Visible said...

I'm from another time, so... (grin)

Anonymous said...

always get a lot from your posts. Most everything you say reflects my way of looking at the world vs. reality. thanks


hurricaneduane said...

This is one of the most brilliant and timely things that I have ever come across in print. There is no valid argument that I can thing of that can dispute one single word of it. May the arbiter of All That Is please tell me what I have said that is not in and of itself the holy truth? I await your response.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Our Life... if We Are Unaware... is A Remorseless Interaction of The Planets, Working With and Against Each Other."

Strides Right said...

Glad I saved the oligarch's Heavenly Jerusalem video, it is the plan for southern Ukraine.
It is up to 50% mercenaries in the meatgrinder now and the player piano comedian doesn't care about them either, one video showed a merc paid in fake $100 bills and he wasn't too happy about it, Holy Rus recruiting offices now open.
Found another one of CA HS students loudly chanting from the river to the see Palestine will be free.
This revealing and sorting time is wondrous!
Sadly family is fully onboard with the Star of Remphan worship and one said, all the juice are blessed because they are all millionaires as I face palmed and shook my head.
Forgive them for they know not what they do.
These things happen when you let someone else drive your thought oven.



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