Monday, October 23, 2023

"Whenever God Wants to Change Things on Earth, He Sends in The People to Do It, and The People to Support Those People."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Change... long spoken of here... is upon us. To that end, I include a graphic for your attention.

As we have stated here... again and again... we are especially attentive to Trends and Patterns.

With that in mind, I proffer a new song along the lines of Rich Men North of Richmond.

It's a gripping tune that says a lot more than it says. For decades now, The System has banned all inspired music from the airwaves. Then... in those times... few were born with the courage and proximity to angels that is necessary to pen anything worthy of listening to.

Sweeping change has come to The World and maybe... likely... we will see a renaissance of gifted art... brought down from The Higher Planes to this den of iniquity... in desperate need of cleansing and purification. Whenever God wants to change things on Earth, he sends in the people to do it, and the people to support the people who do it. He sends in new generations to take up the torch.

That song is worth several periods of attentiveness. Meanwhile.... all around The World, those who have simply had enough of Israel running an open-air concentration camp and shooting range have taken to the streets. To counter this we have the usual bobble-headed flamingos on drinking glasses... jabbering... under extreme pressure to say what they are told to say.

The elite have risen to the occasion... like farts finding their way out of the darkness of The Earth; like germinating plants... from asses long buried and feeding on awful things; if the smells are any indication. What this has shown is that the oppressors of Gaza are in a tiny minority against the far greater masses awakened to react to them.

In all cases... those masses... were transported into the cities of The West by those very folk who are the oppressors of Gaza. Did they think they were clearing out The Middle East, and that those they had transplanted... would instead inflict their injuries on the residents of The Greater Gaza... that is the concentration camps of The World, ruled over by those who own everything they thought was worth having or... useful to their ends?

Either dreadful irony is at work here... because the people who know not what they do... did not know what they were doing OR... The Hand of God is sorting the pieces on The Gameboard for the denouement to come. I'm leaning in the direction of the latter, while also allowing that the former is true as well.

The Usual Suspects had gotten so over-confident about their long-range scheme that they thought it was now perfectly fine, and okay... to do evil while the cameras were running. There were no cameras other than the human eye, and the recording angel... when they started their long-term mischief. Maybe they didn't actually keep up with their own delusions that told them they were simply that far ahead of everyone else.

Sometimes when people do bad shit, and... for a while... no one stops them because they are very rich... or powerful... or connected, they begin to believe that no one can stop them, and they get more and more insufferably arrogant about the matter, and intensify the harm they are doing to everyone in the crosshairs, or... in reach.

From the moment they decided to ride roughshod over creation, they set The Great Wheel of Justice into motion. It is a very large and impressive affair. It stands to reason that some time is probably required for it to begin to turn with any speed, but... once set in motion... it cannot be stopped. Once it is set in motion... that is when one begins to hear the far-off howl of The Hound of Heaven.

There are changes in the wind. The sound of Harpies... Furies... and other instruments of God's retribution are heard... far off... as if it were a trick of Nature played upon the ear. A curiosity comes into operation, as one seeks to track the source of an echo that people often forget they are the author of.

An echo is one thing... a deed is another. In neither case can one see what has been generated to cause the return on the investment, and EVERY thought... word... and deed is an investment in Time. I say Time because... outside of Time... no such things occur.

I know The Mind is troubled when good souls see the evil done on this earth by a small number of the grossly self-deceived. They wonder about deaf Heaven. They cry out for Justice but all that returns to them is the echo of their own voice OR... so they might think because God works from eternity and we reside in Time.

Let me clarify what actually takes place any time anyone does anything at all. It leaves a mark. That mark contains a resonance in it that calls out... like a homing beacon... for whatever it may be that returns upon it. That homing beacon is remarkably specific. There are no accidents in Nature or in ourselves. From this process comes Good returning upon Good, and Evil returning on Evil.

For most people, it is a mixed bag. They did some things in righteous fashion and they did some things otherwise, and the return on their investment is the teaching moment... in the looping arrival of the effect upon the cause.

Some get in the habit of only doing good, and by that means they become more and more transparent until they cannot be seen here. They instead appear to the vision of the residents of a finer world, and there are many of these... that rise in increasing degrees of beauty and splendor.

Conversely, there are those who get into the habit of doing only evil, and by that means... they become more and more visible to the residents of hellish worlds. Do not speak to me of missing and tardy Justice. Justice is ALWAYS done. The deeds of everyone speak to every moment that occurs in their lives and lead to the precise destiny that is accorded to these deeds.

Actions oft repeated lead to habit. Habit long continued in becomes character, and... character is Fate. (drum-roll)

The World is waking up; a little here, a lot there, and all the relentless efforts of the dream-weavers and mystifiers of humanity are to no avail. They have lost control of their own machinery, and... everyone is not in lockstep. They really thought everyone would be in lockstep, and now... no matter what they do, it doesn't work anymore, OR... it works for only a little while.

No one believes them anymore. It doesn't matter what sort of rationales and excuses they give. Nothing works. The World is waking up, and... chapter and verse of what is true have been maintained within the very engines of revision that they were using to distort and rewrite history. Wikipedia did not work out as they hoped. All those movies about imaginary sufferings that were created to cover over their crimes, have... not... worked. The World is waking up.

And now? They are broke and can't find a war. Oh... probably they will, and if they do... they will lose; talk about a rock and a hard place. Their methods are no longer working and they simply can't understand how this could be. After all... they are smarter than everyone else. The big problem for Materialists... Satanists... Atheists... is that there really is a God, and all they have accomplished is to be a punch line in The Purpose of Demonstration.

They are the moral of a story they thought they were writing.

The leaders of the morally bankrupt nations of The World, all fly to commiserate with The Butchers of Gaza over the failure of their staged performance... seeking sympathy for The Devil... while... The World watches... while The World watches.

Can you believe that this was screened on MSNBC???

In the blink of an eye, my friends... it all changes. They must be in deep shit to air something like this. Something VERY BIG is going on behind the scenes. The Change is upon us.

Mind how you go...

End Transmission.......

To those who are students of the arcane, I recommend this volume for your consideration=

Some history from The Vedas=

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Click on this link of yours:

this was screened on MSNBC???

Is that what you wanted? You duped it.

Me thinks Israel/Hamas has just committed suicide with their latest 'inside job'. Oh well. If you're not here, you're there, and there is where you deserve to be anyway. . .whatever level you're at. I can't wait to get 'there' anyway. Hopefully I'll have my Akashic Library Card waitin' for me, along with a few noses I wanna pet. I wish I could e-mail Putin direct my lat/long coordinates and ask to nuke here first, but hey. I suppose Frisco is close enough.

Nostrils to the sky.
Nostrils to the sky

Visible said...

The link is exactly what I wanted. I click it and the location I wanted to appear appears. I don't know what you mean by duped.

Issues That Are Standard said...

Just read that the mushrooms of Amerikwa are 50% in favor of anything that Israel does but the US is not the world.
This is the low trust dog eat dog society that the statist utopian comrades wanted in their Long March quest to burn down the world.
Too bad so sad if it doesn't match the Benetton rainbow utopia delusion.
LV I think you are right about psychotic but the shrink threw me out decades ago for smoking the happy smoke.
After the $250k ICU tour bad trauma it is a completely different person and most don't like it but I love it.
I felt a presence there and a powerful hand pushing me after five nurse Ratcheds took that amount of blood draws in several minutes and called me names while cackling like ghouls, it was a most powerful Purpose of Demonstration as the Ratcheds retreated across the room.
You are right about that hero horseshit too, better to be a standard issue dumbazz.

M - said...

Loved "Ain't No Rock and Roll". It's going into my end-of-the-month recap Post which will be published on 11/1/2023.

You know, I'm a Mötley Crüe gal. Always will be. That being said, I recently published a couple of Posts on my site that highlighted songs that have spoken to me recently: "What About Me" (Quicksilver Messenger Service) and the more current "Rock the Casbah" (The Clash).

Both address issues that are very relevant today, but of the two the symbolism in "Rock the Casbah" is much more telling. I wrote: "The band shines a light on the connection(s) behind seemingly disparate images and references."

Yes, indeedy.

robert said...

Dear Visible evidence of the unseen, behind the scenes, timeless truth!

Thank you for passing along that great song!
Just the fact of music becoming resurrected is exciting and the song is liberating!
Add to that that your attention was directed to find it as more proof of the invisible pattern coming into view!

The post's certainty adds to the golden wordsmithing and resuscitates our flagging spirits

The inexorable logic writes itself as true to our hearts


Actions oft repeated lead to habit. Habit long continued in becomes character, and... character is Fate. (drum-roll)

This truth sends shivers, even for those who have striven to do no harm.
Still we know we have not done enough to serve and face the music with shivers

Imagine the stench of those who have willfully welcomed having their being overshadowed by the dark intention to do maximum harm!

The coming of the kingdom proceeds with irresistible intention
Pushing denial aside like parting of the sea
We face the choices we put off making long enough
Holding on to inner peace for dear life

There will be "I told you so!" in plural plenty
We who can still smile offer compassion in our mien
Overriding the end-justifies-the-means meanness
We were built for joy not endless misery

Time to enjoy the life we were given and bring joy home!

Anonymous said...

I believe he meant that you posted a link to a very old video seemingly from 2010 or so. Dylan Ratigan left MSNBC in 2012 if I remember correctly.

None the less the world very much is waking up as can be seen by the lack of genocidal support from Global We The People swinging towards the usual turds of propagandaville.

Much Love Brutha.

0 said...

Frisco eh? Is LTPTB in north texas Too? :)

I'd prefer dallas then I'd be up out of the direct line of fire. :P

Course if you watch the weird movie Southland Tales, Dallas gets nuked. Same if you watch the Umbrella Academy on netflix. (beginning of season 2)

Its funny I moved to DFW from the clown show in San Jose CA.

I think this whole ordeal has to reach a fever pitch so they can ID all the targets they need to take out during the nuclear distraction event, and its likely they're just now waiting for Arms to make their way to the fronts so the whole thing can be turned loose to see what happens. I imagine everyone with a login who comments against all their antics is being logged, you'll find me as Deez Nuts on Disqus.

The latest from Anna von Reitzensteiner is that all wars have to be stopped before a revaluation can happen, whatever that means. Her man Paul Stramer is still pushing silver like its the end of the world... nevermind silvers spot price keeps being pushed lower. Gold almost broke 2k over the last few days and its been pushed back down too.

Its getting to where I don't care what the clowns seated in authority positions say or do, I'm just going to Do what I want and SAY what I think needs saying and Fuck the lot of them inverted asshats in authority positions running amok.


Visible said...

Ah! He said. I just saw that clip on Twitter and assumed it was recent. It's even stranger that it was recorded that long ago. Well... it's not relevant to the point I was making then, but there are many evidences otherwise. The joint is about to start jumping... unless I am mistaken and I don't think so. I could be premature but I am thinking that is also not the case. (grin).

Thank you for the head's-up. I've always had a problem understanding Chinese no matter what language it is spoken in.

0 said...

I said all that and forgot to say what I meant to say in the first place.

Tax payer funded lobbying. They do it in Texas and it should be Illegal.

This same thing is what they did to pay out the monster multiple trillion dollar acts and then used the taxpayer funds to lobby their public/private push to Cuntrol and Manipulate.

If they want to spend tax funds however they want, sans accountability, people should STOP PAYING TAXES. Nevermind if you read bensons "the law that never was" 2 volume set, you'd know that federal taxes were never made to be enforced outright, but they've been treated in such a way that makes everyone Think they HAVE to.

Tax funds should NEVER be allowed to be used to pay to lobby for Anything. The lobby funds have to come from the clowns pushing their agenda so they PAY for it THEMSELVES.


0 said...

Reading the Comte book... curious assertion in how to treat earth in a compressed state sealed inside a globe for a month to let it transpirate within the confines due thermal variance thus potentially aggregating solar influence in the earth (or water or air or fires rays) as sealed and left to "charge" during that period.

Makes me wonder if a dirty belly buttons a problem eh? Does it eat the lint if not the charged compressed earth? and that it has to be moist for the transfer to occur is curious.

Quoted from the Comte link:
“But it is late, and I am unmindful of the fact that you
“ have not yet dined.”
“You are speaking for yourself, Sir,” said I, “for my part I
“ could listen to you until to tomorrow without incon-
“ venience.”
“Ah! as for myself,” he rejoined, smiling and walking
towards the gate, “evidently you do not in the least know
“ what Philosophy is. The Sages only eat for pleasure and
“ never from necessity.”
“I had quite the opposite idea of Sageness,” I replied, “I
“ supposed that the Sage should only eat to satisfy necessity.”
“You are mistaken,” said the Comte, “How long do you
“ think we Sages can go without eating?”
“How should I know?” said I, “Moses and Elias fasted forty
“ days, no doubt you Sages fast for some days less.”
“What a mighty endeavour that would be!” he answered,
“The most learned man who ever lived, the divine, the
“ almost to be worshipped Paracelsus affirms that he has seen
“ many Sages who have fasted for twenty years without
“ eating anything whatsoever. He himself, before being
“ acknowledged Monarch of the Empire of Wisdom, whose
“ sceptre we have justly accorded him, was pleased to essay
“ living for several years by taking only one half scrupule of
“ Solar Quintessence. And if you wish to have the pleasure
“ of making anyone live wirhout eating, you have only to
“ prepare the earth as I have indicated that it may be
“ prepared for the purpose of securing the partnership of the
“ Gnomes. This Earth applied to the navel. and renewed
“ when it is too dry, makes it possible for one to dispense with
“ eating and drinking without the slightest inconvenience
“ whatever, even as the veracious Paracelsus relates that he
“ himself demonstrated during six months.

Curious stuff. Still 50 pages to go...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Same link twice. No, it's not now that I check it again. I musta had either a system glitch or a zone case glitch.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm in the Bay Area. I call San Francisco 'Frisco' because a lot of people hate it. I'm obligated to do that, bein' a Arsehole to the 33rd Degree.

0 said...

Ah gotcha, well I've been to frisco texas and its as yuppified as san francisco ever was. More Money than Sense. The new universal studios Virtual Amusement park opens up here soon on land that the PGA bought up for a monster master development called "the fields".

Was in Santa Clara for about 15 years... before we went to Texas in 2015ish. I like the geography of California, and like the rural folks who are practical and objective.

Thanks for the clarification, hope you find that akashic library card!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"In This Harvest Time- What a Bounty We See- as They Are Bringing in The Sheaves of the Liars... Murderers... and Thieves."

Iyou said...

Hope you are well and feeling comfortable dear brother..

Sweetest Father..the one who is also the Mother. the one who is almighty and the highest who lives on high. cannot get involved directly in human affairs. it is against the law..

For him to do so means he would come into the cycle of birth and death like us the children. who would then carry out the task of recreating hell into heaven. like the seed of a tree he remains detached and beyond human eyes while remaining connected to the whole human world tree via the roots. who is the number one root. the one remembered as Adam. and the number two is remembered as Eve..

Vimanas are the transportation we use in the golden age or heaven. they are of real gold. their feul is that of clean nuclear energy and they are control with the power of thought..

It is now or never. it is clear now that the souls who are playing the parts of bringing about the Big.Bang again are now in their advance stage of preparation. they know what they are doing and know that it makes no sense but. they cannot stop. why..
because it is the law that night must way to the day. it is also the law that every moment of this divine drama is deja vu. it has all already happen and it is just happening again as before. and it will happen again as it is..

Is that not what is said..
It Is As It Was. and As It Was So Shall It Be Again World Without Beginning or End. so..

The immortal seed has reawakend the number one root and made himself known via the earth of the ether and told him that the night of hell must pass for the day of heaven to return on the word stage again..

Truth is much stranger than fiction. for fiction is the child of truth..

Anonymous said...

"all they have accomplished is to be a punch line in The Purpose of Demonstration."

Yes indeed 😁
Romans 9:21-23 (KJV) Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?
What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:
And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,
Justin V



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