Wednesday, September 6, 2023

"Do Hit The Button at The Bottom of The Screen. I Need The Hits to get Corneas for The Eyes in The Back of My Head."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I thought we might have a technical discussion this morning about The Ego... Materialism... and Possession. It would clear up a lot of confusion, I think, about the way things are at present.

Of course, you would have to subscribe to my perspective. Do hit the button at the bottom of the screen, cause I need the hits to pay for cornea transplants for the eyes in the back of my head. Fortunately for me, I don't engage in that nonsense. I've seen what happens to the people with more money than they need.......

….... and I don't want that to happen to me. That would connect to the Possession factor... caused by The Ego getting enthralled with Materialism, which is the spécialité culinaire of Mammon; Le Chef De Tormente.

As you can see, it's been a long time since I spoke French on a day-to-day basis when I was ten years old, so... I make shit up, just like everyone else whose mind has been hijacked by Materialism; no... not really. I'm just saying that so that the weak-minded whiners don't feel so alone.

The Ego is like the internet avatar of Real Life. Real Life is something that used to exist back when every day was an exercise in survival and not a little curio shop of snatch-n-grab garbage.

The Ego is like one of those slinky little animals that they make coats out of for women who can chew the chrome off of the bumpers of your defense mechanisms. They are not Of Human Bondage... they are human bondage. They are members of The Army of The Possessed. They are possessed by Materialism in the various forms of invisible creatures of appetite.

They arrive small and cute. They grow into monsters. I think there was a movie I saw once where you just add water to one of these things and they grow big teeth and sharp claws. It's like that.

Early forms of Possession are like a minor skin irritation. If you keep scratching it... it gets worse, AND... if you keep eating the wrong things... waking up with the wrong people (the one's with the fleas)... doing the wrong things, your entire body will become an irritation and drive you crazy; just as it is presently doing all around you.

Grab the genitals and the mind and body will follow.

I once had this dead circle on my hand. It wouldn't go away. Finally, I went to the doctor. He said, “Oh! No problem, I'll take care of that.” I said... “Okay.” He answered, “Yeah. It would take about ten years for it to cover your whole body.” It was ringworm. I lived on Maui. Possession can be like that. It can also be much faster and even more total... because the body and mind are the initial objectives. Then the soul comes into view.

Yes... all these people acting out in strange and bizarre fashions are under a spell of Possession. They used to say that American Indians can't drink (or shouldn't). The same applies to all the indigenous types where The Stone Age is less than two hundred years away. Want to dispute that? Go ahead. The data is overwhelming.

If you go to certain parts of The World, you see entire populations caught up in the exclusive exercise of basic appetites, and everything spiritual is superstition or animism. You see the different cultures that people are born into; some over, and over, and over again, based on what drives and attracts them. I'm not saying it's good or bad. It is what it is... and a whole lot of suffering comes with the ticket to ride.

The same applies to other demographics when it comes to material attractions where taste is not a matter of concern. Rather than to say genetic types... certain races... let us say instead... certain personality types because that is what I really mean... and these types proliferate in the places where what they seek can be acquired and enjoyed, though... often it is a punishment detail.

Certain attractions and obsessions exist in every race and type, but... each of them is stronger here and weaker there. Some desire Money more than anything on Earth. This is because they know Money is Power, and they can buy anything they want with it, and hire lawyers if they get caught doing something evil; though... not so much anymore... in these days of moral relativism... where the lines between the two have been washed away; not blurred... washed away.

The Ego is that cocksure-cocktease side of the equation that recognizes nothing greater than itself, and... if not taught a certain amount of self-restraint in early life... turns into a monster.

Life... a handful of generations ago... was a struggle. It was a character builder... if you survived the early skirmishes with all the forces that looked to cut your survival short. You learned things from people who had been through things.

If you didn't listen... you found these things out for yourself. If you were still around after the life lesson... you knew what they knew, and wished you had known it before it had to be impressed on you.

God was a present factor in life, even if you didn't know who that was. It was there for at least two reasons. It was there because there was a powerful church that survived on the backs of the people they were able to hoodwink. It was also there because people had a better sense of God when they still needed God. It was also there because God is Real, to begin with.

Demons personify desires. Aspirations and Higher Love are the currency of angels.

Now that Life is a Candy Store, people's values have changed. Their focus has changed. Possession has become a real problem; most especially because few see it as a problem. Demons are one form or another... they are all hungers. They don't have physical bodies... unless they are able to snag one. In Times of Material Darkness... The World is now a parking lot in Oakland by the water.

It's a parking lot where not a single car has an unbroken window. Think of that car as your body and that broken window(s) as the way the demon got into the people that broke the window. It's The Ego that has to worry about Possession. The Ego is what gets possessed. In these times... many are possessed in childhood. The demons teach them how to get what they think they want.

Television is a window breaker... or a mind breaker... or a mind shaper. The World is a television set now, and there are screens everywhere. There were lots of screens in 1984 too. In Brave New World you could feel what was going on... on the screen; they're working day and night on that at present. Anything... ANYTHING to take people's minds off of what is really going on, and... to control them.

Those of us who know that there is something more to life... something more than the superficial attractions that stretch like an endless smorgasbord buffet table that encircles The World... are truly fortunate in this time of Material Darkness. We get the quantum leap factor if we can stay the course; steady as you go! The rest are drowning in an ocean of desire.

However... God is merciful. He has sent Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening to aid us in waking from the burning bed. Materialism... inevitably drives a certain bandwidth of consciousness mad. The attractions overwhelm them. They lose themselves in the colors and sounds. They are swallowed up in the intoxications thereof... aided by varieties of rocket fuel for the mind and desire bodies.

Every city is an aggregation of a specific... collective mindset... drawn together by a common bond. The sidewalks are burning. On the lower rungs violence is commonplace. On the higher rungs, it inspires the imagination, and... eventually... thoughts are things, and... what you think... you have formed into shapes all around you. I am doing the very same thing right now, but the shapes are different.

Creative visualization is an amazing force! Unfortunately... for many... they sway to and fro under the sinuous moves of guided visualizations that lead to suffering and death. Seriously deluded souls are being given the freedom to wreak havoc on The World... and they expose and condemn themselves accordingly. They are suffused with the sense of personal power, and... they think they are going to get away with it.

Legions of Faustian bargains are bundled like toxic mortgages for the flames of Hell. Some will be made free... and some will go in chains to Egypt. (symbolically speaking) Right this moment... doors open and close all around you. Right this moment... Heaven waits... and Perdition dances and sings like Sirens on the rocks. Right this moment, anything is possible... for anyone who can channel their force into the manifestation of a better world.

As you think it... there you bloody well are... sooner or later.

End Transmission.......

Some links await at GAB=

I recommended The Dragon Prince... an animated work of 5 seasons. I had only seen the first season. I noted the woke touches but it was not egregious. Then... midway through Season Two... The Rocky Horror Picture Show came in with Heather's Two Mommies. I had a similar disappointment with Aurobindo Land.

I can't say that I will never recommend anything again, but I will have exhaustively researched it first. My apologies if I misguided anyone. Events like this are lessons for me to exercise more restraint. The Dragon Prince otherwise is very well done. It is a tragedy that those controlling the narrative are so unaware of where it is going to take them in real time.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another post that made my day. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

Anonymous said...

when red is green and green is blue, what's a little gemstone supposed to do? The colors get all mixed up inside the head.

Alice is in Wonderland, Dorothy is over the Rainbow, trying to find the broken pieces of her mirror, so she can see who she really is, when the MK-ULTRA hits

Anonymous said...

Megyn Kelly, a celebrity and a household name, has now come out openly saying the covid vaccine has given her auto-immune issues:

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"In My Mind is a Glowing Matrix, a Translucent Disco Ball, and a Central Core of Light that Illuminates It from Within."



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