Tuesday, September 19, 2023

"It Amuses God to Let It All Play Out. He's a Fan of Snatching People Right at The Moment of Their Greatest Triumph."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The moment of... the coming... attempted... takeover by force... is close at hand. The crowds are surging at the American border. They are coming in by trainloads from far off. They are taking over entire locations, and... all of it is orchestrated by George Soros and others like him. The objective is the utter breakdown of society, for the purpose of absolute control.

All the evidence one needs to see are the hordes of fighting-age men that compose the migrants.

This same cabal behind migration invasion is the cabal behind The Perversity and Transgender movements. It is the same cabal that wants to bring Communism to all free-market countries. Jamie Diamond... one of the empty suit front men... wants to take away all private property to 'save the planet'. Jamie Diamond is a BANKER!!!

Jamie Diamond was a major facilitator of Epstein and he runs a Rothschild bank. It's kind of hard not to be a pawn of a handful of vampire squids.

Eustace Mullins might tell you all about it, but... he had to go somewhere.

Jamie wants to take away your private property (a Communist tactic) because The Bank can be better trusted to manage it. This is why Larry Fink is buying up private housing all over the country through Black Rock. Larry Fink also wants to force and enforce behavior and that is the point of ESG and DEI. Fink and his reptile associates go around buying up stock in various corporations and companies until they have a significant voting block of shares.

They get on the board automatically- more or less- when they have enough shares, AND THEN??? They compel compliance. They insist that their self-centric control systems of ESG and DEI are made a part of corporate policy. This is why you see companies and corporations caving to The Woke mindset. This is why you see them putting The Whale's Daughter in as spokes-fatty for Unilever's Dove soap.

It is enforced compliance. It gets written into the laws of the corporation. This is the same method that makes it possible for drag queens to be in libraries, and for sex freaks to act out in public as they please. It is because they filtered a boatload of legislation in on the back of The Gay Marriage Act.

They made adjustments to Title 9 so that opportunistic lawyers; a literal army of sociopaths with briefcases, can put trannies into girl's sports. All of this... is a multidimensional pincer game, coming at every level of society... to break down the family unit and turn the children over to the state.

It is why a monstrous Marxist Lesbian is in charge of the library system. It is why a horse of the same color is the head of The Teacher's Union. The Tribe has taken control of all critical industries having to do with education so that they can program the young. You can see the result of that everywhere, and the level of stupid; can't read... can't write... can't think... has become a pandemic.

They have taken control of The Biden administration. It is being run off camera by America's First Gay President... who initiated all of the legislation presently afflicting The United States, and who continues his agenda in the present day.

Andrew Tate got hit with rape charges... Julian Assange- same thing. Now Russell Brand, and several other notable examples are also getting the technicolor smear treatment in recent times. This is what the present system does when you don't play along... when you speak truth to power. Once again... through Me-Too and other engines of cynical switcharoo, they messed with the legal framework so accusers could hide in the shrubbery and hurl anonymous accusations of wrong behavior from decades ago.

This is the same thing they are doing with black crime and no bail policy. Tribe honcho, Pritzker has opened the gates of Hell in Illinois. They want Americans in fear on the streets and in their homes. All of these things they do, they have reasons for. They have an end game in mind. All of what you are seeing is consistent with The Protocols, and... if you say anything... you are Antisemitic. The Truth is Antisemitic.

I know what I am and I know what I am not. I do not lie to myself. That is suicidal. I know it is not possible to be Antisemitic when those you are referencing ARE NOT SEMITIC, and... they are on record saying this about the slur.

The evidence is OVERWHELMING that they were involved in 9/11. The evidence is overwhelming that they are behind the immigration movement. The head of the relevant agency is a member of the same collective. The evidence is overwhelming that they are behind the transgender movement and all of the perversity orgs. They are also deep pockets into The Climate Change Scam. Open your fucking eyes!!!

Fortunately, they are getting called out. I do not know if Musk is playing controlled opposition or not. However... it is very troubling who he put in charge of Twitter-X. He's an atheist-transhumanist who sees sex as his ultimate religious experience. His track record speaks to his hound-dog persona. So... many questions exist concerning the man. He does have an engaging smile, but so does a hyena and a crocodile.

Still... I cannot say one way or the other because I do not know what is dancing off-screen behind the faces and the gestures of misdirection. What I do know. What I fundamentally and viscerally know... is that Almighty God is in absolute and complete control of everything seen... and unseen... at all times.

Just because he doesn't smack malefactors right and left... under the least provocation... means nothing. He gets around to everything in his own sweet time... and he uses EVERYONE to the fulfillment of his ends.

The Good and The Bad are free to go about their high and low jinx until they are not. Woe betide the hypocrite and poseur who pretend to be what he is not, and lives in opposition to what he claims is so. Whitened Sepulchers do not have an easy time of it at some point.

God is amused at letting it all play out. He's a fan of snatching people right at the moment of their greatest imagined triumph. God turns the water on and off, as it pleases him. He turns the power on and off, as it pleases him. He moves around among us in disguise all the time. He moves around in our hearts and minds as well. He knows who has real courage and who does not. He knows who is real or not.

It takes something special for anyone to walk tall. People shiver at the loss of livelihood and reputation. They tremble to be shown how few friends they actually have. They make deals. They appease who they must appease to profit and gain.

I did not have to go to jail (but I did have to). I went because I told the government to kiss my dust, and... that I had done nothing wrong. I did not have to run into the extreme adversity that I did... over and over again (but I did have to), however, I would not stop saying what I knew to be true, and I didn't (and don't) care if it means the appearance of a temporary loss of freedom... or resources... or shelter... or ANYTHING!

I don't cut deals with the Prince of this World. We understand each other. We both work for the same ruling entity. We both have our areas of enterprise, and the same is true of every one of you. Stay in your lane. That is The Law of Dharma.

The Liberated among us know what demons really are, and use them when the need arises. Otherwise... they stay in their lanes. The Liberated among us know what angels are, and they incline eternally in their direction. Turn The Dial at midpoint and you get angels. Turn it below the midpoint and you get demons. Turn it down and you get passion. Turn it up and you get aspiration.

Turn it down and you get carnal love. Turn it up and you get Higher Love. Turn it down and you are blind. Turn it up and you see. Turn it down for bondage. Turn it up for liberation. Walk into The World, or walk out of The World... even while you are moving through The World. Have a seat on The Lily Pad, it's... not... so... bad.

Play in The World with the things of The World and you have skin in The Game, and various interests have a piece of you. Play above the waterline and you can sail across The Ocean of Birth and Death. It really all depends on what you are after. If you are after the things of The World... well... they are certainly there. If you are after something else... well... you will find that too.

On and on it goes and people are torn apart by the dance of opposites and the attractions of The Lower Mind and The Higher Mind. Almost everyone has great expectations when they are young. The trick... the real trick... the key to the whole affair... is to carry those great expectations with you all the way through. The key is to never lose sight... of the shining light... in the clouds on top of the mountain.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. -Walt Disney

M - said...

"The Liberated among us know what demons really are, and use them when the need arises. Otherwise... they stay in their lanes."


I had posted on a site that regularly posts your Posts this quote: "Dark entities feed off negative energy."

What do you make of their response:
Entities also survive by feeding off of any emotional vibrations such as anger, fear, JOY, excitement. Emotion that vibrates at the frequency needed for the feeding entities. The greater the emotional vibration (Rage-Fear) the better the feeding session for those feeding...

Negative entities feeding off positive vibrations? This would imply that we should all be automatons with no emotions whatsover - like Pod People - to avoid inciting Evil.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

I'm with Padma Sambhava and The Buddhas. I put them to work. I make them useful. We are each assigned a certain number of angels and demons and life is the process whereby we get that sorted, but it is not a good idea to speak on these things because people can, and often do, mistake both the intention and the meaning implicit.

Anonymous said...

Well war broke out again in Armenia so you were right. The land in that region looks like a paradise, with small towns and churches, so of course the Tribe wants to destroy it. Let us pray God gives instant karma to the Tribe for their evil actions.

Nic108 said...

Great piece! I just discovered your writings a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying them. I've arrived at many of the same conclusions you have. God bless and protect you. Nic

Anonymous said...

The reason people don't like to hear about God and "morals" religion and all that is because most people have suffered horribly at the hands of religion and in the name of "God". To act like we are "evil" for not believing in the idea of a personal god is wrong on your part. The very concept of "God" is the root cause of the problem. From that concept came division, that we are separate from God.

I can appreciate your bhakti beliefs as I myself used to strongly believe in them too and even lived in Vrindavan for 2 years, and felt a lot of intense energy in that place. But like OSHO said in his Krishna book, eventually the devotee will have to give up the very notion of an "i" and only then can true union with "God" take place. I think a lot of what you are saying is the same thing, just being said in a different way.

Even living in the homeland of bhakti, Vrindavan, I never experienced the concept of a personal God. I did experience the presence of some divine force, and the kundalini began awakening too. That kundalini led me to the Himalayas where while meditating, the mind and the self disappeared and eternity, reality, consciousness, was finally witnessed.

I hope you don't think I'm a bad person for directly experiencing unity and enlightenment, and evolving beyond the concept of bhakti towards a "separate god". Unless by bhakti, you mean a deep sense of gratitude and wonderment towards life and nature itself.

Visible said...

You lost me at OSHO, and also clarified the matter as well. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

I do remain open to the idea that God may ultimately exist in the personal form, as Vrindavan is an incredibly mystical place, so that cannot be explained logically. There is just a feeling of intense bliss in Vrindavan.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It's a Glitter Palace Where Everything is Embedded with Razor Blades and Fishhooks. It's a Circle of Unhappiness."

Anonymous said...

pierre said., after clicking the up button.

I call this The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Rockefellas.
what goes around comes around, same old thing - Marley song there I think.
thru rense.com



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