Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm with Stupid and Proud of It

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“May your noses always be cold and wet”.

For ten days I didn’t read the news except for twice as a brief scan. I didn’t miss it and it made no difference that I hadn’t seen it. News is just once more packaged product from the ‘shake and bake’ manufacturers. It’s a traveling t-shirt with DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and all the other corporate slave masters finding new ways to say, “I’m with stupid”. Whether the arrow points to the side or straight up is immaterial.

I don’t want to get too self righteous or in danger of hypocrisy because there is some talk about blog t-shirts for the main three (grin) but we are not a department store supply wholesaler either. One of the things ‘I try to do’ is to look at myself before I get off on a rant, to make sure I’m not waving a flag for the same kind of action. This is one of humanities most common and unseen crimes (from the perspective of the practitioner- others certainly can see it).

The one thing I notice to be the most prevalent and epidemic activity in the world today is corruption. This corruption is ubiquitous and ascends and descends through every theater of human activity. It’s so bad that no one tries to hide it any more. An editor from News of the World brags and preens in light of being taped and exposed by Hugh Grant. He’s pleased to be shown as a sewer dining, dung slug, while also emphatically stating that his papers motivations are all about the truth; that the truth is the main thrust of their efforts. I’m still waiting for Anne Frank’s ballpoint pen to go up for auction on E-Bay.

The corruption is beyond impressive. It’s pacing itself through every area of life. It’s the fashion statement of the political world. Its Job One in law enforcement and the number one guy in the US is so hemmed in by duplicity that he doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind, both of which actions seem to be occurring simultaneously and in full view of anyone inclined to be watching. Lies are the new truth and, accompanied by awesome hypocrisy, create a spectacle that is breathtaking and would be anyway if you were standing too close to Eric Holder.

There are two signs that materialism has reached near to the height of its arc. One of them is cannibalism, which can be seen as being expressed in a variety of ways that don’t necessarily involve the consumption of flesh. This is similar to vampires and werewolves, which you can see on any given night, if you don’t require fangs and a cape to be required for identification.

The corruption works so well and with so little reaction because it’s as rampant in the lumpen prole arena as it is at Congressman Ryan’s lunch table. It’s as persuasive in child killer, felony trials as it is in the Strauss Kahn, full bore manipulations of all that money and influence makes possible. It’s resident in all the little dishonesties that attend contemporary life. Lies are effective and corruption has the same effect as a gym workout. You sweat, you stink and you shower and then it’s not you, it’s the other guy. Impossible lies and justifications are handed out every day and people just nod their heads like the plastic flamingo on the drinking glass; unthinking, unreflective and in total agreement with what they didn’t get and can’t understand.

This always brings me back to the t-shirts and eight ball jackets. What kind of person wears either, with Tommy Hilfiger’s name in one foot letters across the surface? DKNY? What is the point and purpose of this? It seems to be saying, “check me out, I’m a flaming asshole and a clueless whore, let’s go somewhere and mate like human billboards”. It won’t be long before the whole nation is dressed like NASCAR drivers, who can’t afford the products they’re shilling for. People are already cutting deals to have corporate logos tattooed on their bodies. I’m waiting for the coming funeral processions where the coffin will announce that this death was brought to you by... insert company icon here.

The thing is that materialism is a form of insanity, which is accompanied by all the tics and obsessive compulsions of all the disorders that are birthed from the primary condition. If everything is about sex and the widest gamut of sex is perversion then what do you get? Personally, I don’t want to be your backdoor man, nor do I consider that legitimate birth control. I will admit that there’s a Darwinian irony to the whole thing that is welcome, despite the cringe making presentation of the whole affair.

I noted when I wrote the most recent Origami that some number of people took me literally. The motive for certain forms of presentation is to establish resonance, not WYSIWYG. I suppose that’s the point of what I am attempting to say today, without actually having gotten around to it yet. Despite what the wide spectrum of the totality of us might indicate, these are exceptional times and everything happening is a reflection of them. This is a time of cosmic harvest and you are either going to be in resonance with the cosmic urge that sets your sympathetic strings vibrating, or you are going to be plowed under or composted. It’s as mathematical as it is lyrical. There is a solid foundation to be felt and seen unless you’re impressed with temporary architecture. This is why dogma has replaced the vibrancy of living archetypes. This is why, on the one hand, existence is moving toward the tragic-comically absurd and on the other hand being quickened by a dimensional shift.

We can see now that we have no idea how things will shake out, or when they are going to do it. The flotilla action is a good example of this. Meanwhile there is a powerful shakeup occurring from the ground level around the world. Leadership and increasingly ridiculous laws cannot contain it. Steadily it marches onward; up through the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Belarusians and anywhere and everywhere you look. Containment is impossible and every effort in that direction, magnifies the lack of success and amplifies the ongoing impetus of whatever it is that is rising up in the populations.

Normal has left the building and not only is abnormal celebrated; it has become the yardstick by which we measure our path to becoming a submissive bottom for Kali with a strap-on. Crazy shit is happening on the street level and higher up in the pecking order there is no rule of law at all. The mainstream press is marching into The Great Victoria Desert with a brass band and no supply wagons and the alternative media has an army of attentive watchers, growing by the day that poke holes into everything and the people are being reached through a thousand avenues of presentation. Once things have gotten so bad that none of the usual explanations will suffice, you are forced to look somewhere else. Ultimately you are forced to look within, which is the point of the whole escapade to begin with. It’s all programmed and Tommy Hilfiger has your back, literally.

You can tell the state of the culture by the art it presents. You can tell by the soundtrack. You can tell by the simulations, diversions and mating rituals. A massive hammer is rising up over the wide stage of existence and it is going to come down sooner or later. It’s not if, it’s when and we don’t know when but ‘if’ has left the building too.

At some point an eerie silence is going to manifest. The sound of Nature will be stilled. All the birds and beasts will be silenced, as they are in the moments before a quake. It has something to do with The Apocalypse. I don’t know the details. It’s the stuff of dreams that shakes you but doesn’t explain anything; that leaves you with a poignant, haunting recollection (cue “Where or When”).

More and more is being uncovered. More and more is being pressed out. More and more demonstrations are taking place that are mostly bass and drums. The curtain is being pulled aside within and without. We are beginning to see ourselves for what we really are and what really surrounds us. I ran into a real estate agent a few days ago who surprised me no small amount by telling me he’d been reading the blogs; a man of about 35 from a small town in southern Italy and he was saying; “I can feel it. I can feel something but I don’t know what it is. I want to change and I’m concerned that I’m not changing as I should. What should I do”? Giving advice should be viewed with the same trepidation that one experiences when one is about to cross an icy stream in a Jack London short story. The reason for that is that you get slotted for a demonstration of it yourself.

In this case it was very easy for me to say what I did. I said, “The fact that you are feeling all of this is a clear indication that you are in touch with the energy being expressed. The ones who should be concerned are the ones who are not. Guidance and assistance are not necessarily a call to action. Quite often they are simply transformative. What I mean is that if you are feeling something, it is acting on you and giving way is often the better part of reaction. Reacting is what we do when we bypass reflection and thinking and thinking is something we identify with personally, as if the thoughts we have are our own and they most often are not. We are each of us plugged into a greater stream of things that are nothing more than an indication of what influences us because we have that particular capacity within us. Merely seeing this goes a long way toward clearing it up and clarifying our path. Reacting and personal identification, with the wide highways of mind traffic, cause us to swim in courses that do not, most of the time, flow in the direction of our own best interests”. That was it more or less.

Anyone who wants to see what it is that they need to personally consider needs only to look at the content and quality of thoughts that ‘pass through’ their heads. These are indications of your susceptibility. It’s similar to seeing qualities in others because they are resident within us. We don’t like to look at it this way but we should. Even when it isn’t true, it doesn’t hurt to check. Rigorous self inquiry is a necessity of those seeking the way out or... the way in.

I can’t say it often enough. These are extraordinary times and there’s opportunity for change that goes well beyond anything possible before. Those who take advantage of it are going to be truly and profoundly surprised. It’s not easy because we are fighting it. We can’t seem to help ourselves. We are being controlled by the reactive mind. Still the reactive mind and you have found the gates; you have found the entry way. It appears in the quiet, following the suspension of the reactive mind.

Do you really need any more evidence of what’s going on than what’s going on? You can see the incremental approach of massive and fundamental transformation. It is everywhere to be seen. The breakdown of the old world order is unmistakable. The shifting and scrambling to grab hold of the new controls is also unmistakable. The application of threat and force reaffirms the intent of those who are losing their grip and being driven in panic to try to take control once more. That’s not going to happen. Every action they take makes them more vulnerable and helpless in the face of irresistible change.

We are not who or what we think we are and being open to seeing the truth of this is all we need in the way of planning and action. We are being hot-housed into a dimensional shift. Embrace it as if it were the sum total of all your aspirations because, it is.

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Anonymous said...

Hey les
I dont think time as we know it has anything to do with all of this...I myself have noticed to major changes in is that I no longer worry about days weeks months... :) maybe not years yet...secondly i do not get bored ever...and specially your blogs which say the same thing... thats when i realise there is some hope..also i am free nowadays and i dont know if you remember but I asked you earlier if i could meet up with you...and you said not before july...anyways we are in july thought Id remind you..
peace be upon you

Erik said...

Heh Vis,

Reading Origami i thought "Duh? looks like someone's missing the point ..."

This post affirms 'you' clearly did not ... (grin)

Much Love and Gratitude for the opening of eyes and hearts ...

Craig said...

Bravo! Glad you are back. I can't seem to stop watching this slow motion train wreck. Fiction has nothing on today's hypocrisy and corruption.

Keep on doing whatever it is you do. Thanks for your colorfully vivid insight.
Craig out

Laurel said...

wonderful words at just the right time :)) .... thank you les!
"We are not who or what we think we are and being open to seeing the truth of this is all we need in the way of planning and action. We are being hot-housed into a dimensional shift. Embrace it as if it were the sum total of all your aspirations because, it is."

~~ Laurel (too lazy to switch over to my "happy2bmyself" google acc't to comment this morn!)

Visible said...

gee Erik (grin) thanks. I often find I have to clarify things because people will take me literally. Of course, everything happened but my reasons for posting any particular circumstances and the English put on the cue ball has to do with something more than the outfit it is wearing. Sometimes I read what I said and I think, "someone is going to take this another way".


I'm basically here through the summer with a couple of trips planned for the Bodensee. I would suggest something in August over a weekend or something like it. Let me know what times are good for you and I'll let you know if they're good for me; communicate via email-

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les,

Nice narration. How I see events in the world or nature is that we are all in the same boat and must all handle things as they come. What else can we do. Some things we can change and others are out of our hands. If it is 40 C (around 100 F) we all feel the heat, yet some find pleasure in it whereas others find it unbearable----Perhaps why I live in the far north.

All the speculation, complaining, fotune telling, self help gurus will not change the 40 C. We pretty much deal with in in our own way and perhaps those of insight purchase an air conditioner or have enough sense to go for a swim.

I think the most importasnt thing is to not fear the changes going on or the ones coming. Fear has a way of clouding the mind and emotions and lowering ones immune system defenses. I see love on the human level as nothing more than a survival mechanicism to glue together human community and insure the continuation of the species. On a Soul level it's the glue that holds the universe or all the seen and unseen together.

So to end my little narration, I would say it's better to adapt to reality then to fear our own hypocrisy and stupidity. Perhaps we should accept and embrace it as a part of our humanity and we will be better able to deal with the shit hitting the fan because the better parts of our humanity will be better functioning and have the ability to deal with our new reality whatever that reality in the future may be. No one really knows the details , the ones claiming they do are either liars or dellusional ego glorifiers dreaming of a condo on Maui.

Take care Sir and readers who happen alongand enjoy your summers,

Anonymous said...

Watching in the news how a dad at a baseball game with his young son reached over the edge to catch a stray ball, but fell to his death.

The confused look on the face of the son haunts me, even as I read your writings.

In a metaphorical way, am I he? Perhaps it's a story of what is going on? Sometimes it seems that the worst thing that can happen did.

Some of the sages say that this life is merely a dream. If it's not, it should be. It better be, or it'll be such a bummer that one would want to take a leap over with dad.

May the young boy's heart be healed and he find what he lost. Me too.

These materialists we see are like the boy.


Neko Kinoshita said...

I am feeling this terrible desire to DO SOMETHING, but the guidance is not yet clear. Time itself is becoming as much of an illusion as the "civilization we see crumbling around us.

Thank you, I am trying to still my reactive mind. The divine will make it absolutely clear when I need to act, that is all I am certain of. The problem I’m having is, all of the knowledge and thinking is clouding the message, even as the message gets louder and clearer.

I do not need advice, the blogs are markers to the path, and the real guidance is truly within. Now if I can just stop fighting it.

Continuing to play with the illusion from here in the tower, even though it will not hold much longer,


Anonymous said...

I feel humanity waking up.


kikz said...

visible origami in the smoking mirror...

welcome bak :)*

Anonymous said...

This wont show up but I cant quit[trying]. I was taking bets ith myself on how soon you would return my friend. Either way I was Winners cause you shine a good light. Besty wishes and Cherrio. Alpholive

just me, Laurel A. said...

@Neko......."I am feeling this terrible desire to DO SOMETHING, but the guidance is not yet clear. Time itself is becoming as much of an illusion as the "civilization we see crumbling around us."

it is growing stronger. i am not so much thinking the guidance will clarify so much as its some kind of energy building. its the energy that willing souls will need to be ready to use with little preparation beforehand, hence the feeling of "urgency". the energy is going to be to assist us, the escape, it will require something different than what we are normally wired for. act like a receiver and a transformer, electrically speaking. store it up, channel it if its too strong at the moment. the civilizations are crumbling, its true. the old is not working, it has to go. you dont feel like you are getting any guidance because no guidance is needed, and because this is not the area within which you will need to learn to operate.
love, strength, live small and be big, to us all....

truthsoup said...

Hi Les
I've recently been studying a book written by a man by the name of Emmet Fox. "The Sermon on the Mount" has shed a new light on things for me. I've always liked reading your posts as I know things are changing, but some of the things you say, I couldn't wrap my head around. Now I'm beginning to understand why things are as they are. It boils down to the spiritual principle of "As Within, So Without". I think so anyway. But, like you, I don't know. Basically, the stream of materialistic thoughts so pervasive in these dark days are the cause of worse dark days. I am trying to make a point of being aware of my personal stream of thoughts that I may be able to influence my outer circumstances positively. One thought (prayer) at a time, one person at a time. We all have huge power in our thoughts and together we can make a great demonstration.
Thank You Brother,

DaveR said...

Maybe I need a "Les Interpreter" or something. Are Les' writings so inscrutable as to be occult? Am I missing some deeper meaning?

Blogger Erik said...

Heh Vis,

Reading Origami i thought "Duh? looks like someone's missing the point ..."

This post affirms 'you' clearly did not ... (grin)

Much Love and Gratitude for the opening of eyes and hearts ...

Blogger Visible said...

gee Erik (grin) thanks. I often find I have to clarify things because people will take me literally. Of course, everything happened but my reasons for posting any particular circumstances and the English put on the cue ball has to do with something more than the outfit it is wearing. Sometimes I read what I said and I think, "someone is going to take this another way".

I wish somebody would tell me what's hidden here or isn't, because I may have gotten it or not and I don't know.

Maybe Erik could state "the point" (in 25 words or less) so I'd know if I get it or not.

Some days I hate being me... :sigh:

Anonymous said...

Les -
Thanks for the post. I was in a similar state for the past week - traveling from Oregon to California by car, no computer to check the latest stories or TV to be programmed by (not that I watch the "news" or much else). One thing significant I did note, though, was a much, much more receptive state of those I encountered to discussing what's happening in the world.
As just about everyone who's posted here has noted, when they would discuss the state of things they would be looked at as insane or a "conspiracy nut." That's changed. Now people are listening and engaged, receptive, open and asking questions.
Please keep hammering away, Les, your voice and message are much, much appreciated.

Quick note to Neko - I too feel that same sense of "what am I supposed to do"... Hoping to stay tuned and receive the message soon. ;)

Take care -

Anonymous said...

Sodom and Gomorrah?

Neko Kinoshita said...

Thanks Laurel, I was trying to express that it is the “reactive” or “monkey” mind that wants to “do.” Nice to see you get it too Eric.

It is odd how things that were causing much distress are smoothing out on their own, without me doing anything about them. Meanwhile, the tension continues to build and watching what is occurring in the material world is like watching a flood, or tsunami, or avalanche in very slow motion.

The circumstances and balance of forces that brought me to where I am now are shifting, and I can feel the changes forming around me. Although the current situation is quite stable, I know that it will not remain so for very much longer.

I am not yet sure of what I am to do, or not.

Self-examination is paramount. That is why I say that the divine will tell me what to do when it time. Every time I think I know, I turn out to be wrong. And I do grow weary of being the butt of the divine’s jokes, especially when I understand that I don’t have to be.

I cannot seem to get out the way, it can be so easy, but it’s so hard, and I’m sounding more like Visible every day…*grin* (So presumptuous of me, sorry, I think.)

Sniffin’ the wind,


Tom Lowe said...

"Well we've got cat hair,
'n' it's evrawhere,
It's in mah coffee,
'n in mah underwear.

You send me toiletries,
'n say ah need more care,
But ah can't do that,
Because mah life is hair.

'cuz we've got cat hair,
'n it's evrawhere ...."

The band.

From the band: "Life is grand!"

neal said...

Pride needs to breathe, and Shame, but what is it when there is no more breath to take, only what is shared?

When identity and memory become something other than self-referential, and everything starts singing, maybe that was not asleep, only waiting for the rest.

I'd like to think this is not new, just remembered as something very old, real, and hiding in plain sight.

I once thought it was nearly impossible; now it's almost too easy, and the ones close by that have been invited bring clarification, I don't know one from the other.

I used to think that was the fog of War, but these days, I think the Love is just being kind, and all.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"where the coffin will announce that this death was brought to you by"

HAHAHAHAHAH!, seriously funny, sadly believable. does The Divine Corp have a trademark? a sales rep.? Limited Liarbility (sic)?

one thing Ive noticed in my porno "sessions" (over the years), the B&D had gone from fantasy to literal reality, ala Abu Grahib. Its just not sexy anymore (Cringe). same, quality wise, across the rest of the 'cultural' spectrum, brought to you by...
I am understanding how they get talent from the earth sourced part of humanity, they buy, they strip mine, the leave a wasteland behind, they kill the gooses that lays them golden eggs (they produce little original content themselves). and more turn off and tune out, and hopefully turn back in to the real when they burst out laughing at the farcical nature of the superficial (or just bored with it all).
I hope there's some way to regulate the psycopathy to stop the Ring Cycle of Death from repeating, ad nauseum. It must have been the way in the past, because we are, earthwise, here.


wv: sconsim . would you also like a cup of tea with that virtual reality?

Vajrasattva said...

The very idea that one might answer what he is supposed to do is the block to knowing what to do. If you could formulate a strategy to escape crisis you would not have entered the crisis to begin with.

The identity that considers it might receive an answer to a problem is itself the very problem. There is no mind to still; this endeavor to still mind is the cause and the unstill mind is the effect.

The truth of inner reality is clouded when an outer reality to balance it is postulated; everything IS the inner reality. Guidance does not flow from higher to lower – it only guides because it is not guidance.

You are not incomplete, nor are you imperfect, and least of all are you lost. You have merely stopped blessing -but hear, you are forgiven and you are blessed.

Anonymous said...

And today we lost another will find none of this in English news. Facundo Cabral, an incredible "cantautor" singing poet from Argentina was gunned down this morning at 74 years old in Guatemala City. Apparently it was a coordinated assassination when he was on his way to the airport at 5:20 a.m. If you do some youtube searches and enter "subtitles" you will be able to get a feel for his work. This man in Latin America was the equivalent of Ghandi. Message of peace, of love...and noone less deserving of assassination. It can only be seen as a wake-up call. Christ, Ghandi, MLK, Kennedy, and now Cabral...he is that special. Sad day indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gee Les, you really ought to take more time off for rest and relaxation, as this post was absolutely brilliant.

I haven't laughed so hard in quite awhile.

Your advice on quieting or not indulging the "reactive mind" is spot on. In fact, Our Lord Jesus Christ said much the same thing in many different ways. The most obvious being one of the eight beatitudes, as opposed to the 8 ball jacket. "The meek shall inherit the earth".

Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, and we will all be OK while we sit back, relax, and watch the big show!

Can you pass me the chip bowl?

God bless,

Father Brown

Anonymous said...

literal or 'perhaps' between the lines, distinction may be immaterial. merely observation. just checkin' - good response nonetheless. welcome back. needn't, of course, post.

Anonymous said...


Your methaphor of "wathcing this slow motion train wreck" is really spot on. It's kind of like that experience one feels when one is falling off a bike or down the stairs. Only this time we're watching the whole world fall in slow motion while we get to remain still. Great insight.

Father Brown

dublinmick said...

Always something I wish I had thought of... strap on Kali... Molech always brings the world around to a certain point where another deluge is needed it seems.

7th period of Uaxaclahunkin on 7-1 2011, 13 periods of 18 days each ending on October the 28th, 2011, which is also known to the Hopi as the days of purification. This period began March the 9th 2 days before the Fukushima earthquake in Japan. We are now half way there and Comet Elenin has now entered the space between the earth and the sun where it will remain until October the 28th. Do not be surprised to see other strong gravitational exertions and possible earthquakes on earth during this period. Then we begin the 10th wave. (Who knows?) Ride the wave!

In fact we saw one today, a 7.1 earthquake in the pacific east of Fukushima.

Les we are at the top of the ninth wave, now heading toward McKenna's time wave zero. About 15 months from now as I understand it anyway. Of course could happen sooner, the universe can always surprise. In fact it has surprised me. I never believed perceived reality could change so rapidly.

est said...

25 words
[or less]
a lump of clay
without form
[not possible]

and time

we are right
in the middle


suicide is the
only crime

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Kali,the Apocalypse and Love here is a great conversation held in May 2011between an integrally aware practitioner and a mystical clairvoyyant that is worth the time listening to:

In deep gratitude Les.

Erik said...


You wrote on Origami:

"My feeling is that the "Christ Consciousness" is a personal, individual realization of the Christ, the Divine, within us."

Uuh, what more do 'You' need to know? Hope this helps ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

this evil Demigod that took over this divine dimension...sealed it from the rest of creation...and turned it into a cess pool of evil with evil tainted money and greed did all this right under our noses...

this evil demigod that has trapped true beings in this dimension and has been stealing their divine energy for his own use at every chance through exploitation is the Master of deception...Master of lies...him...his demons and robots of the evil system keep this charad/illusion alive...

the tables are turning and instead of these demons operating in the dark...are now in the light and they hate it...they are exposing themselves for the demons they are through and through...I see these demons inside human bodies clearly...but, you can always tell them by their actions...not their words for they are Master Liars...

the Father Energy is here...this new Father Energy vibrates at a higher level than these demons can take and are now being starved for energy...thus you see them drastically lashing out for exploitative energy through more wars and destruction...

we Lightworkers will accept this higher vibrating energy...these demons and robots will continue their self destruction into the pits of hell...

there is not one area that has not been tainted by evil in this dimension...that is why it will completely collapse upon itself eventually but much sooner than you think...

we have been living nothing but "lies are truth" since the takeover by the evil demigod...we are seeing the outcome of eons upon eons of lies upon lies...

this is the last picture show and we have been given front row seats...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

a new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

A Trompe L'Oeil on the Face of It.

Kray Z8 said...

Welcome back, Les. Great commentary by you and all those who've posted here.

When our conscious minds can't adequately explain what we're experiencing sub-consciously or un-
consciously or trans-dimensionally, it tries to analyse and rationalize in order to impose a comforting illusion of understanding. When our self-examination leads to confusion, feelings of "not knowing", and unusual energy, that's a good sign! For then we are accepting without defining, experiencing without acting, preparing without predicting. It's much like surfing or sailing or skiing, or any other activity that requires "hanging loose". It is enough to be ready to act while realizing we won't know what action will be required until it is required. Think of it as an act of faith. In the meantime, we get the curious entertainment of watching the old paradigm unravel.
Keep up the good work, Les and Friends, and let's all keep hangin'.
Peace, Love, Humor


Anonymous said...

"For ten days I didn’t read the news except for twice as a brief scan. I didn’t miss it and it made no difference that I hadn’t seen it." I disagree 10 days of not being lied to with all that spun low vibration crap makes a difference, a positive one. Glad your back in top form Les.
From Minnesota

DaveR said...

Thanks, Erik. I'm all alone here with my computer. When I speak of these things with the very few people in my personal immediate environment, I get scowls and "why do you waste your time on things like that?" in the way of response. Replying that these are the only things worth spending time on, just results in more of the above.

Consider the Divine, for instance. What else is there? Maybe I'm not so stupid as my hair shirt leads me to believe. At least it's dog hair...

W.V. balads - singing food?

just me, Laurel A. said...

@ est....."suicide is the
only crime"

beautiful :))

Anonymous said...

men of false stature
institutions of greed
imperialist tyrants
with cold hearted dreams
the cradle of dishonor
a house with no roof
lies always wither
one touch of the truth
the fruits of materialism
fill hearts with stagnation
frustrated minds
deluded concentration
in persuance of falsity
lies congregate
men fall in darkness
but the light will wake



ChewyBees said...

Hi Les,

Just a quick comment on how awesome the comments to your blogs are. As much as I love to take in and digest your highly valuable messages, I also cherish the dessert, which is reading what all kinds of souls interpret and fly off into like rays from the source. By far and away this is the best comments board I have read, and the relevance and worth in substance and links truly transcends. Even those few detractors, saboteurs and trolls are called out almost immediately and the purity of it all makes me, well, (grin) I guess.
To be given the privilege to participate in this forum is a blessing, and I thank you for providing the message from which we can all expand and integrate. Your blogs are a rarity even with the massive amount of messages out there on the info freeway, and very important to the many people that look to it.

just me, Laurel A. said...

i think the dog is at the door now - there is something bugging me in a really insistent way - i dont understand the communication right now

just me, Laurel A. said...

i am working on grip -- both getting one and letting one go :)

as we watch this nightmare come to its infectious head, i find myself instinctively tempted, mortally so -- to run and find a safe place to hide, bring supplies, prepare....but then i stopped and thought -- FOR WHAT? and FROM what?

as things seem to be going, do i even want to waste all i have worked for and all i can one day be, by struggling to continue to survive HERE and to do so after a much-deserved apocalyptic event? is an apocalyptic event, whether physical or spiritual, even a BAD thing?

if my soul were as base and empty of spirit as the likes of the Rumsfelds and the Murdochs, then yes -- what is coming is something to be feared. and for them, i can only recommend that they stock up on supplies, build a bunker, run, run, RUN. because it will get them. and they will not be able to leave.

but me? my people here? my children? why would we run and hide? why would we want to prepare to remain, if remaining is NOT what is in our "cards" for this place and time? why waste our efforts like this? and i confess, i fell for it for a while. all the dogs barking outside the window woke me up.

now, i am only going to do the one thing i spoke of, but i kept forgetting to entertain within me....just wake up on days when i wake up, love my people, love the souls i find, give the 5 dollar bill in my hand after grocery shopping to the man who sits outside the store every day, not speaking a word, minding his own business, but silently hoping for some change. i know he is a habitual bum. we all are. we are here aren't we? we are all right here, sitting outside the grocery of eternity, hoping for a bit of spare change from the ones who are inside shopping. but we are too done in, or too beaten down, too afraid of our own potential for greatness to even ASK for what we think we need, or even what we KNOW we need. the ones inside the store are the very ones who can best help us, but we sit hunkered down outside, eyes to the ground, peeking up now and then, if we see an extended hand, and rather than stand up and ask, we plead our fifth and cautiously accept only the token of what is potentially offered.

just me, Laurel A. said...


every day, i can do best what i would normally do, and then maybe a tiny bit more. it isnt survival here i need to worry about. this place is not the goal. it isnt survival of my soul i need to worry about. how could i expect so little of myself? every moment, thought, action, or passive encounter, everything, is a tool. i need only to stand up and grab the outstretched hand in front of me, and ask that they show me where the stuff is, in that eternal grocery. because once inside the door, i will find everything i need, a few more things i want, and the price is not too high. no planning, no survival skills, no marathon-extreme-coupon event, just follow the hand.

we are here, it is real, but only for as long as we are here. death is painless, except when it is the result of your own hand or the self-injurious choices make. death because it is supposed to happen, is not only painless, it is not even a part of the moment of transformation. as you leave this body, how could you feel pain? or anything sorrowful? if you are the best in your spirit that you can muster at all times, even if that best is not THE best? the body no longer feels pain if you are not in it, and the soul feels no pain from the body at any time, because it is not physical. unless your death is tied to your spiritual torment. now THAT will hurt like hell. but the point being, that no matter what is happening right now, and it IS happening in a very big way right now, now matter what, why run, why seek a cave, why stock up on supplies? do you LIKE this world so much? i mean its ok and all, but really......what will be will be, and with good reason. if we have to leave, its because we are ready to go elsewhere. from the slums to the 'burbs. its a good trade. and if you are so blessed as to be able to make that move, make that move. dont worry about the things that are developing. as i WAS :)....and now i am not.

so what is coming is big, its almost here, and it's no longer just whispering in the wind. its a roaring inferno. be prepared. we are not going to stay here, and those who must are going to be either the ones hardiest to preserve for those left behind to struggle and start over OR they will be one of the ones left behind to struggle and start over.

in this latest dream scene, the windows and doors all blow out of the house i built. it is pitch black outside, for several frightening days. the wind, the wind is so loud, so strong. those who came in and sat down in the middle of the living room and ate the food and drank the drinks i put out for them -- those persons were unaffected. the others, in fear, either jumped out into the storm, or they went crazy, or they were curious and went to look outside. it was so poisonous, that just being at the door or window was deadly. i watched too many fighting to get back to the doorway, begging to be pulled back in, but it would be poison to reach out to them. i watched them die. the sky was black. it stayed black. there was a wet heavy burning rain. i dont know how to describe it. houses around me drifted away as if they were on wheels and were sliding down a hill. there is so much that went on, i dont know where it started or ended.

as les keeps telling us, love is really all that you have. its all you will have, and its all you ever needed. for yourself, for others, for the sake of it as itself. it is its own living entity. and YOU and I are all a portion of this entity.

Mike in Michigan said...

I was reading a fair amount about "The War On Drugs" this past week, and one of the many, many dark underlying truths of TWOD is that it was quite a convenient way for J. Edgar Hoover to keep his boys employed after Alcohol Prohibition was finally put down.

And that's kind of depressing--that Prohibition has continued unabated since the waning days of the freaking 19th Century!

Seriously. If Moronsanto (apologies to the late Cubs 3rd baseman Ron Santo who cannot be blamed for having a name that rhymes with Mon Santo) could find a way to legally copyright Water and turn it into (voila!) HYDRAX(r) or something else hideous like that they would do it in a New York minute. Then they'd sneak a bunch of mineral oil into it, and then when the whole world comes down with a terminal case of the shits, they'd bust out a revolutionary new diarrhea pill--BUMMAREST!!!!

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

normally I woldnt just pop links here which is effectively cross posting from somewhere else, but this one is worthwhile methinks. not promoting anyone though.

Icke on Rense

good good good vibrations tra la la

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Beware the Gobblegloom My Son.

Erin Parsley said...

I have been listening to the Beyond Awakening series from the beginning. There are a lot of conversations, around forty. Which one are you referring to exactly?

JerseyCynic said...


It. Is. Time...

(please read Charles Hugh Smith)

@ Laurel

@ Neko

here's a logo for us to consider:

LES - All of Charles' post the past few months have really inspired me -- as your post did today
"The double-bind is two-fold: the Power Elites can't bear to part with any of their power or wealth, so their resistance guarantees systemic collapse. The political "leadership" cannot challenge the Power Elites' grip on the nation's throat because the entire Status Quo has been co-opted/sold out and is now wedded to the Oligarchy as their guarantor of financial security.

What this leads to is a Status Quo committed to a sinking ship. The very imbalances created by a Financial Elite and the enabling Central State Central Planning doom the system, but since everyone within the Status Quo depends on it for their own slice of wealth and power, then no one dares speak up in favor of reality. Complicity is the order of the day, but complicity can't stop the ship from sinking."


I'm thinking I'm going to have to take it to "The Facebook" to get some attention?

Let's talk,


Anonymous said...

Once you understand this is Satan's world it all starts to make sense as to who would be running it and why there is so much corruption and hypocrisy. Try not to get upset by this distraction the Apocalypse has begun as can be seen by this web site. A site I find that connects most dots is

Anonymous said...

Off topic, sorry, Dublin Mick is off the air. Glad we still have you Les.
Thanks Mick

European American said...

On a side note, if someone could straighten me out. Is it now a fact that when one logs on to the internet, all movement, i.e. all posting/comments/interactions on that computer, no matter how many alias one has or how many sites one visits (even if one doesn't necessarily interact, post or comment) are recorded by the "big computer in the sky", and that data, as it is accumulated, is fed into specific programs that are capable of painting a fairly accurate profile of the user of that computer, and is it also possible the same data could be used as evidence (criminal) in some future fascist court case if a person happen to mention on numerous blogs, let say, "the mulatto was a long legged mack daddy who deserves exactly what is coming to him"?

Is there an omnipresent collection agency capable of such dasterly CoveOps?


Anonymous said...

We pretty much deal with in in our own way and perhaps those of insight purchase an air conditioner or have enough sense to go for a swim.

Stranger - or, like me, they just get naked, drink a lot of cold water and eat a lot of cold watermelon. Mmmm, watermelon. I used to dislike summer and winter but now I've learned to love whatever happens (even the extremes) and just adapt as best I can - it seems everything I need is always right in front of me to make use of.

Mr. Visible; This entire entry is one massive platter of coincidence for me as I've recently been rereading this: No Logo

They've been working hard to divest everything they can get their hands on of its substance and true value until all you're left with is vapidity and vacuity. That's their only motivation, to get people to drown themselves in the emptiness. So many souls drown in their forgetfulness.

(cue “Where or When”).

That's one of my favorite songs...

Where or When
Some things that happened for the first time/Seem to be happening again/And so it seems that we have met before/And laughed before, and loved before/ But I can't remember where or when.

It is very possible that I love everyone who visits here.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I don’t want to be your backdoor man, nor do I consider that legitimate birth control.

Personally, I never enjoyed cornholling and I just never understood the people who do, gosh darnitt!! I'm sorry, I had to say it.
But at least I didn't bring up the topic. THIS time.

the gardener said...

@truthsoup on Emmet Fox~ have you read his "The Seven Day Mental Diet
How to change your life (and the world) in a week" by Emmet Fox ?

Also, Emmet Fox's book on 'what happens when we die"... where he states the most important things to accomplish in this life are: be free of all addictions, be free of a negative thinking/lying mind... and that 'the only thing easier to learn on this plane (earth) than on the other plane is MUSIC... learn and make music whilst here-it will serve you well.

My father turned me on to Emmet Fox in the 80s-he gave me a boxed set of four books of his. The one about 'what happens when we die' was such a good one-saying that we just go back to our old world which does have the same things going on in it just like here but without meat bags to fill with all our crap intake and outputs... hahaha

I envision it like waking up from an intense detail rich dream and leaning over to tell your lover 'Honey, I just had the most extreme dream-full of people I didn't know but who all knew me... and this happened and that happ...." and the dream memory-like most dreams do... pops like a bubble and goes back into the matrix of self to be recooked and reserved again and again... what beautiful memorable dreams they are to some people-what sad lonely nightmares they are to others... 'honey I just had the most hideous nightmare-you were in it and I loved you so much then our home was firebombed as we slept and they ended up scraping us off the walls of our own bedroom and we had DONE NOTHING WRONG BUT LOVE EACH OTHER AND SELF AND BE GOOD PEOPLE'...

In the past last week I've had two episodes where I felt like I was being watched by a very big being-I was working outside and the being changed locations as I did-after the third change of my location and feeling the giant being in my presence... just watching me.. benign output of energies... I asked it as I passed on my mower "are you my guardian angel here to take me to meet my maker?"

Which really gave me cause for a good belly laugh thinking 'is this how it is while the meat bag is keeling over with a heart attack?-we have our giant guardian angel standing sentry? Ready to escort us to the meeting with our maker?"

It was a good feeling... then a close friend of mine whom I told about this morning last week told me yesterday that he 'felt so strangely tired-ragged out like he was going to meet his Lord'... and I smiled and told him 'if it happens know that I'll be with you again in what will seem like the blink of an eye'... I was all worked up in a happy ecstatic state with my guardian sentry standing by all that day and had no fear of 'going to meet my maker' at all. I had never used that term 'meeting my maker' in even my mind's life... lol

here's Emmet Fox's 'Seven day mental diet' essay:

the gardener said...

We had a very strange, very intense thunder/lighting storm here the other day.. it was so dark at 10am it got really eerie, then the lightning started happening and the atmosphere got so enriched with negative ions-we just sat and watched the water hit the pond and experienced the micro cleansing of our world...

It was a very special storm as it felt so heavy and apocalyptic that morning prior to this storm settling over us.

A few hours later I was on the path back to my work which was just a few feet wide cut out of the tall grasses-accompanying me was my two good dogs.

We came upon a tiny kitten laid out on the path and it appeared to be dead... curled up right in the middle of our way.

We were shocked to see this kitten and my good dogs immediately sniffed it and turned it over. I thought maybe a giant bird of prey had dropped it from the sky... but the kitten moved with that nudging. Her eyes totally closed with the infection wild kittens always seem to have. Her nose plugged up with it too.

I brought the kitten into our house and started on clearing its little eyes which had never been opened without this infection-eyelids turned inside out with it... put in some opthalmic antibacterial ointment and now after a few days, she's assimilated into our pack of dogs who were very excited to see her and eager to help her clear up that infection.

A friend of mine was over and he hates cats... he's also a very active Pentecostal and his suggestions to me about what I needed to do to this totally helpless blind baby found on my path were a bit shocking to me. I asked him 'what would Jesus do' with this situation? What would Jesus SEE about this situation? I need another cat like another hole in my head but my intentions are to clean her up (check), get her healthy and cute and hand her over to those who can find her a good home. :)

Four days later she is doing all the things young kittens do... eating, playing, pooping in the kitty pan, sitting in the windowsill ... making friends with the loving dog pack and we humans.

Miriam said...

sweet gardner! Thank you for taking care of the least in the Kingdom.



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