Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting The Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘Some dogs sleep easy where angels fear to tread’

Do you think that there was someone around on the day that Arch-Duke Ferdie was killed, or near Fort Sumter, overlooking any other example or maybe today, who said, “I think it’s time to get out of Dodge”? It’s probably so then as it is certainly so now, given my reaction and maybe your reaction to this heroic “one toke over the line sweet Jesus”

Before I get started, let me give you one small piece of all the good news that is coming in this mini golden age. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming over the horizon. You need to keep in mind that with all the bad that we have had to witness and uncover on our long road to the moment, within the always, right now, moment that is all that there ever is, echoing to either side of it that really good things are coming for what is to follow and occur in this moment.

Listening to Gordon Duff this morning put me in mind of what I have been waiting to hear for a long time. It’s not like any of it is new to me, it’s just that it has never been laid out so simply and directly with so many implications concerning fabricated history, which will be one of the next things to begin to surface and make all that looting of the Baghdad museum and reburying of stolen relics for future discovery futile. Without saying anything about it, Gordon have opened a door that has been sealed with crazy glue law upon the eyelids of the world but… this is The Apocalypse and here comes the solvent. Keeping in mind Solve et Coagulae and keeping in mind the tattoo of the same on the devil’s forearm, since he works for the whole cosmic process too.

People usually approach things backwards. They go looking for god as some solution to the disturbance without checking for the source of the problem in the first place. This is where you get people covering their tracks and all attendant mischief. The nature of evil is to disguise itself and to reveal itself for the purpose of evil, which is what evil is all about and… which is how and why evil destroys itself and chews off its own foot and throws its children into the fire. This is just one example of conditions resulting from evil behavior, where evil has no choice but to reveal itself because otherwise only good can come out of it (spew). Am I making any sense? Some to some and degrees of none to the rest depending on what they expect regarding whatever their investment is. Heh heh, I didn’t know I was this good at math. It’s some kind of idiot savant thing; not to be confused with savate, which is kind of how I deal with it personally.

The thing with a ‘whole ball of wax’ is that it melts. It’s the same thing with The Wonderful One Horse Shay and The Road to Mandalay and even the sacred rivers of Kublai Khan. I’m sitting right here on the banks of the Alph River right now, contemplating those caverns measureless to man as they flow to a sunless sea. The sea flows, the wax melts, the wonderful one horse shay collapses and somewhere I know that Rudyard Kipling is kissing an earthen idol’s foot that they call the great god Bud on the road to Mandalay.

Everything happens for a reason and it fits the boundaryless non confines of the poet, as it fits the schematic of the mathematician, tool and die man and the machinations of satanic publishers like Rupert Murdoch. The principle is the same but the results are different. This is why I continue to maintain that the system of Masonry is not evil, nor that all Jews are bad, cause it isn’t and they aren’t. Indeed the salvation of many things lies in the diametrical oppositions of the thing within it. Take a look at what brought down apartheid in South Africa and the American Civil Rights movement and forget about the co-opting, ‘we will control the opposition’ thing for the moment. Kipling has been reviled for things like ‘the white man’s burden’ but we now go back to what I was saying about people approaching things backwards.

The reason most people approach things backwards and can be most easily deceived is because when you are born you seen things upside down. Maybe you should study how cameras work and why you have a hard time walking to begin with and don’t get me started on bicycles or fishes who ride them because, since I don’t know anything, I am in a position to have a great many theories and I am a poet after all; rendering me useless for most things that have to do with manufacturing objects of desire but certainly I have no problem imagining them, or deciding which ones I appreciate. That is the realm of poets and I suppose they get their reward because the poet who made the most money in history would have to be Rod McKuen (grin) and now I think I know why Alan Ginsberg disliked me so much; just got a big personal insight flash while I was writing this. Could that be why Elvis Presley picked me up when I was hitchhiking? I digress. I digress because I am talking all around something.

Knock, knock? Or is it, “I stand at the door and knock? Or is that you have to ‘invite’ a vampire across your threshold? Evil has defined limits and you are the one who draws the boundaries down to a sunless sea. Oh right, “who’s there”/ “It’s the pizza you ordered Mr. Visible. Here’s your pizza from Hell. It’s got the hog nostrils sliced real thin, just the way you like them”. Now that’s what I call Carpaccio, except that visible is a fishertarian and he definitely doesn’t eat pig because of who is likely to reincarnate there and also because he only eats what he would go and get himself if he had to. If I’m not going to stick the knife into it, I have no right to eat it and I have to remember that I shouldn’t mind if it eats me. Does this mean I’m going to sleep with the fishes? Did Jesus? Am I digressing? Are you stupid or just stoned?

I could almost say go get yourself a bumper sticker that says, “My best friend is The Apocalypse”. The Apocalypse is everybody’s best friend. It’s even evil’s best friend because it makes it possible for evil to get the credit for all of its work; not in the same way as if it were good but credit all the same, credit where credit is due and… this means you, whoever you are. Come hail or fire, rain or storm, just like the postman getting through and going postal, the mail gets delivered to your door down to the last jot and tittle.

This is a serious song, coming from the real Sirius Network and it’s as real as the saucer pod being as you are the saucer pod; not that there are not real saucer pods, because there are and you’ll be seeing some of that too. This Khumba Mela, Jambalaya is a special deal and meal and it doesn’t come around nearly as much so as to make blue moon’s look like an epidemic. It’s as rare as genuine tears on the face of a banker and you’ll probably see some of those too; mind the schadenfreude because it could have been you.

Thank you Gordon and the rest of you who are about to hop on the bandwagon or have been here all along, like some of us and thank you world for waking up and thank you evil for giving us someone to point the finger at and hary through the marketplace with whips and scourges. Thank you Rupert Murdoch for being a world class sonofabitch and thank you most of all, Mr. Apocalypse for being the rainman when we needed one.

End Transmission…….

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God in Country by Les Visible

Radio show Sunday.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Been waiting all day for this post - and you do not disappoint!

Thank you Visible for all the work you put into this.

Sincerely, Mouser

Visible said...

It's kinda like I was saying, you have to love The Apocalypse.

Consider this in juxtaposition with Irael and Palestine as a kind of dichotomy antipasta. Hey! Antipasta Apocalypse is today's special. I'll be your waiter. Would you like to see a menu?

Craig said...

What a great saturday read! I hope there is enough power to keep those lights on. Super post Les. Thank you! I am taking the dogs swimming now.
Craig out

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your writings Les Visible!


Some truth - see video interviews with the lucky few "survivors";

starting at 04:45; The “death camp”
orchestras, live theater, the grand piano for cultural entertainment, "forced labor" - sewing stage curtains

at 07:10; The “death camp” libraries, violin quartet

at 08:50; The “death camp”
movie theaters, post cards, letters, postal service

at 09:45; The “death camp”
money system, camp store – only a little food, but lots of cigarettes and beer, pay-day with camp's money

at 11:30; The “death camp”
soccer leagues, playing soccer with “nazis”, weekend soccer games (after a long work week), soccer league score card, a “nazi” joined the polish team

at 00:25; The “death camp”

Child Day Care center

00:40; The “death camp”
and more "slave labor" – Interior Decorating the Child Day Care Center, hand painted murals

03:53; The “death camp”
secret childrens’ play discovered by “nazis”,


survivor tells of being subjected to bad breath

may the Apocalypse be upon you all (who deserve him)

Neko Kinoshita said...

I don't need a Menu, I'll just have the "Blue Plate Special."

I am probably both stupid AND stoned, or at least I have been. What did I say?

I fight hard against the schadenfreude, because it has been, or is that still is me? (Except when I indulge myself like yesterday over on Origami, but hey! Nobody's perfect.)

Hail fire rain or storm, and probably all. You keep writing, and I'll continue to enjoy the poetic resonance.


Wv: doggie – abso-fraggin-lootly.

Anonymous said...

Were you going to post the link to the Gordon Duff reference, or keep us in the dark?

Ouzel said...

Checking in just to say thank you.
Looking forward to the broadcast Sunday.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and uplifting as always Vis. And as you so deftly put it.The Apocalypse is everybody's best friend.

Visible said...


Every time I think I understand the meaning of the word moron, someone makes me see that I don't and then there are people like anthony who can't even spell their own name. You gotta love The Apocalypse. It gives being blind and hiding in plain sight a whole new meaning.

Visible said...

That's a great song Bobry. I've been impressed since the first time I heard it.

just me, Laurel A. said...

the nicest little thing this morning :))...... someone called my attention to the name the Hopis have for a long-ago-white man of wisdom -- named "Pahana" -- and my nonverbal little girl for whom my older daughters chose the name "Sahana Rose" within the first minutes after that little baby's birth, 6 years ago. what a nice thing to think about that little girl. as if Sahana Rose was not already a nice enough name for a star child :))

Anonymous said...

Maaan, whatcha been smokin', Vis?? Oh yeah, Mirrors! Duh!! Mmm, smells like victory. Pass it around, dude!

No matter what I imagine when I'm writing my post-apocalyptic novel, reality always tops me. I also found that story about the new solar cells, which made me smile.

True, only the tip of the iceberg. The Titanic's owners are counting on their insurance policy. But we know what happens to the best-laid plans. Man, where did our socks in the dryer go? God only knows!

Mucho Aloha,

Tom Lowe said...

Suddenly I'm getting letters from attys wanting to sue banks for me.

I do not trust.

I will let them boil away for a while.

Anonymous said...

I Need More Light is a very good song and Willie Nelson could certainly do it justice.


Visible said...

Sorry I screwed up your name Bob. I was in a hurry (grin). I hope everyone takes the time to listen to your well written and really well done and recorded song. It would be a hit in the real world, which is overdue showing up but appears to be arriving.

Miriam said...

oh Vis, you didn't get "Anon-thy"'s play on the name/word. It's ok...took me a couple of times seeing it and pronouncing it out loud to catch the pun.
I had to go DUH about the techno lacking skills of 'where is the link', but everyone has to learn when they do. I got a laugh at my own dumbness memories.
I once held a wireless phone upside down and was shouting to the caller I CAN"T HEAR YOU! Until my kids had to grab the phone and show what a ditz I was being. Man that was hilarious!
When I need a joke that was is great.

When I was an Orthodox Christian, there was a part of the Liturgy where the priest cries out "THE DOORS! THE DOORS!" in Slavonic of course so you had to know Slavonic or be familiar with the service.
It was meant historically to actually lock the doors and now symbolically to keep the outsiders who were not going to partake of the Blood Sacrifice out. The 'Faithful' thought that they were keeping out evil. Little did they know they were keeping the evil inside.

Glad to be done with that shit hole for a while now.

Now I wait for the walls to come tumblin' down.

neal said...

I can see Obama eating His Holiness? after a short mating episode, only to see the resulting hungry children turn on him. All, of course, narrated by David Attenborough, with just a hint of alarm at the turn of events bleeding through the narration.

When those I love get bitch slapped by evil, working through the Divine, it's always kind of private- maybe Love gives more choice of how much shame to expose. Then there are those who get it the other way around, for public (these days, global) consumption.

And Rupert, all those little lights he captured for his thousand years of fame, I guess they had other plans. Again, cue the narration, "whats with all the uppity fireflies, and swimming rats? The machinery's fine, just humming along, and we will make it up as we go, and let everyone else know when we get there."

Visible said...

Axctually Miriam, I did see that, even I am not that much or a moron (grin). I was just moving quickly and the lights were all flashing and I had to pull to the side of the road to relieve myself. That begs the question, "Did you have to piss or was it something else"?

Visible said...

that's why I got an r instead of an f for of or a moron. Is I stupid? Sometimes. As for the other... heh heh, probably one of the benefits of being able to say "I don't know" and mean it.

Visible said...

I was watching Feedjit some hours earlier when I saw Midlands Texas come up. Made me wonder.

DaveR said...

"... Axctually Miriam, I did see that, even I am not that much or a moron (grin)." This makes perfect sense, even if you did misspell moran. As for 6:50 and his missing(?) link, that was so confusing I even had to think about it! Tell him for me that there's a link to my ass, but he'll have to pay for it when he gets there... .

w.v.: numpar. Short for numbskulls are par for the course.

Visible said...

darn, I was trying to say Maureen. I guess I should include an instruction manual with my posts. If people don't want to click on the links in the first place why do they hassle me about links? Or does that make sense. If one just clicks on the links then the question doesn't need to be asked. I provide toilet paper but I won't also wipe people's asses. It's not sanitary.

Anonymous said...

I’m sitting right here on the banks of the Alph River right now, contemplating those caverns measureless to man as they flow to a sunless sea. The sea flows, the wax melts, the wonderful one horse shay collapses and somewhere I know that Rudyard Kipling is kissing an earthen idol’s foot that they call the great god Bud on the road to Mandalay.

The reason most people approach things backwards and can be most easily deceived is because when you are born you seen things upside down. Maybe you should study how cameras work and why you have a hard time walking to begin with and don’t get me started on bicycles or fishes who ride them

Wow. I feel so confused right now...

Either you're really, really high or I am. Methinks it could be the former.

I have to say I feel great about never being very ambitious in the way that everyone else around me defines that word and I stopped feeling bad about that a very long time ago. No man can serve two masters, after all. Teach a man to fish?

As for your fervid foe; I've seen far worse, dear Dog Poet. I hear them say, "That kid is aaaalright." Really, you'd have to be full of malice and thoughtless aggression to get you into any real trouble. You'll be okay.

Dog Poet; Your insights and humor are priceless. Did anyone ever tell you that you're so much fun?


Anonymous said...



Dude, yourass is for sale!!


Oooh, I cried a little.

And I think Vis meant Morian.


Josey said...


I don't usually disagree but, saying they are NOT all bad is possibly true. On the other hand throughout history, the most deadly and treacherous monsters who claim to be part of the human race, who have murdered millions of innocent souls and seem to have enjoyed it (like those who ran the Cheka) have a disproportionate representation from this group.

Their nickname is the "Destroyers" I wonder why?, and we're seeing it again today in what they have planned for the world if they get their chance.

And the tape keeps playing over and over throughout thousands of years. Chased from country to country again and again.

Fifty years ago they were involved in the murder of our President JFK, look at the bloodlines for LBJ. No wonder he called the planes back that were going to save the U.S.S. Liberty Crew, (they) put him in as President, and murdered Kennedy with his help.

Most recently 7/7, 9/11 and all that goes with it.

Before that the cause of WW1 and WW2, now its Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, and Iran soon (for no good reason)

They murdered tens of millions, some say hundreds of millions in Russia and the Balkins, and fucking on it goes. Each time I'm sure there were people around saying, well, but they can't all be bad!

But why, always from the same group? Setting new world records each and every fucking time,...for murder, conniving, treachery, theft, deceipt, and the slaughter of innocents?

What? Should we give them another chance, after all their not all like that? They probably said that after they murdered Jesus, then every few decades they probably were in shock at the new level of incomprehensible evil, and thought, "this couldn't possibly happen again, it must have been, been some kind of anomaly, right the fuck up until,...until now.

I'm stuttering on the keyboard I'm so fucking pissed at what they've done.

No thanks, I don't see it.

They certainly think they are better than you and I, and anyone else on planet earth, while they are not worthy of a place here.

I just watched the film at Truthseeker (maybe thats what set-me-off) about Russia and Trotsky and Lenin and I had trouble seeing it through, the pleasure they took in murder and torture was just unfathomable.

I'm sure there are some docile pirhana also, if you catch them after feeding, while walking through a stream and not bleeding, but I'm not sure thats true either.

DaveR said...

----> Here is an inline link that will make everything OK. It takes a minute.


Here is a link to a talk on Red Ice about time being pliable, among other things. It's good.

Anonymous said...

While we're on this all important (my favorite) topic of assess:

Men On Fitness

I always do what dick say

Rainman (excellent driver) said...

Murdick is going down, did you ever think you would see that in your lifetime? If that doesn't give ppl a ray of hope I don't know what will.

Miriam said...

LOL! I noticed there were more typos than like *ever* Vis... thought you were doing something with the other hand...oooo that did not come out neither did that but there it is....

Even funnier is I had a friend I send these to ask 'wonder what Duff said?'
there are a lot of techno handicappers out there...just don't get the "WA" of it all. I did explain what to do, even c/p the words which of course hyperlinked it to her which I of course had to explain...and it was the article we had sent each other after Michael had posted it on another of your blogs which I failed to thank him for...thank you Michael.

wv: essalion~ it sure is a lyin'

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
I've always thought you were a wonderful writer but this morning, reading through your latest effort - we were conversing; just you and me. How brilliant is that! This article was having a conversation with me. Now I may be thick but that is the first time that has happened; mostly I just get excited and read and think yes, yes – exactly but today we engaged in a conversation. Thank you.


Craig said...

I hope the cosmic toilet is one of those old five gallon units. I do not think the new 1.6 gallon units are up to the task. There are some awfully big turds out there to flush. Just saying.
Craig out

Anonymous said...

All those so called good jews perched on the fence,are waiting to see which side to jump to.
Jews are not smart or good,their just super cunning.

Anonymous said...

This woman is my new hero:

Colo. woman accused of groping TSA agent in Ariz.

Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it TSA, you pedo's.

Lord, may your will be done for Yukari.

Anonymous said...

Vis, Smoking Mirrors is smoking hot tonight. I especially liked this line: "Knock, knock? Or is it, “I stand at the door and knock? Or is that you have to ‘invite’ a vampire across your threshold? Evil has defined limits and you are the one who draws the boundaries down to a sunless sea. Oh right, “who’s there”:

That is our challenge of who we are and the extent of our awareness of self, or something like that, isn't it?

I listened to Gordon's link (One toke over the line). The jury is out with me as to what it all means but I will be watching.

Love to you Vis and everyone here....always a joy to be here.


The Realist Report said...

Wow, that was a good one Les, quite uplifting. Looking forward to the radio show, I can't get enough of it my man!! Each and every time you put chills down my spine. It's great being able to hear the TRUTH, the real TRUTH about this crazy world we're living in! The Apocalypse is here folks, it may take some people some time to figure it out, but I'm glad you're here to clarify Les. Cheers! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Anaughty Mouser said...


A beautiful, honest, heart felt rant.

I applaud you.

Sincerely, Mouser

Anonymous said...

I am probably both stupid AND stoned, and in addition the pain helps. I was coming back from "goofing off" as I read that sentence.


A.Mouser said...

I have no difficulty understanding what is going on economically with US economics and with the fiat US$ as world reserve currency.

Remember Rothschild and zionit international bankers are fomenting a one world currency and a one world currency (SDRs).

This is what is going on. For completion please see the 5½ hour "The Money Masters" made in the 90's.

Obama works for Rothschild and co and together with the "Federal" Reserve private central bank a depression is being enacted, just like before the great depression by massively restricting the money supply in the US by all private US banks stockpiling more and more money in accounts at the Fed which is paying them 0.25% interest on all deposits.

The amount of money in circulation in the US is shrinking on purpose.

This is how a true depression is caused.

This time the US$ will collapse and then ALL fiat currencies the world over will collapse.

Then Rothschild and zionist associates will implement the private SDR backed by the 500 billion in real gold bullion they have in Switzerland.

Once the private SDR is in circulation the world will have a private defacto one world gobernment - the zionist international bankers.

Presto! A new world order is created.


Visible said...

So your name really is anonthy. I am sorry for being precipitate and stand corrected. Things just move too fast and from to many directions for me some time.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les
You needn't post this if you see fit but
I'm Tony from Gin Gin.
I did email you privately re the name change because there was another Tony posting here and I didn't want the two of us mixed.
Anyhow all the best and I'm pleased things are moving along.

Visible said...

Oh, of all things; one of the oldest, long time readers and responders around. Typiche. Sorry again.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Willingly Marching to the Guillotine and Auto Da Fe.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Duff said that israel sent 50,000 mercenaries to HELP gadhafi keep power in Libya. I like gordon, but there is no way in heck they would be on gadhafi's side while the rest of the western world is trying to kill him. Just sayin. And gordon has yet to issue a correction.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

you out did yourself...(grin) several times...

this reality show sponsored by "The Light" gets better by the day...

enough trapped divine conciousness has awakened (what we have been waiting for) allowing the process to unfold in big ways...

only sons of darkness and supporting robots will call this doom and gloom...for the trapped divine this is what we have been waiting for...our Liberation from evil...

"Deliver Us From Evil"...will not be without some very painful events for many...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

Gordon read that in the news just like the rest of us. I mentioned it too. Didn't you get the memo? It was widely reported and as I remember there were people arguing about it not being so and then there was confirmation. I'd look into that if I were you.

Anonymous said...

...and so it goes
Lawyers for Royal family in hacking cover-up?.


Miriam said...

Josey, I feel the same as you, but could not voice it as well as you so I didn't attempt it. Thank you for speaking out.

Miriam said...

Anonthy, I apologize as well. I have never heard a name like that(though one of my sons is named Anthony) and assumed you were being clever as with many names on blogs.
No insult intended at all.

Miriam said...

Are we to believe that Rupert does not read his own papers or thinks that he just has such top notch reporters to get to the bottom of stories?
He thinks we will believe that after all the sleaze he has slopped on the public that THIS time he had no idea?

He is so being caught. He is trying to pass the blame to lawyers for not exposing his internal workings and his executives are taking the fall...and his family.
They *should* be in jail ...with room for the old man as well.
Reminds me of Ollie North~ 'protect the President' in the Iran-Contras Affair.

This is a wonderful avalanche to behold.

Visible said...

Well Miriam

maybe I should put this link up here to like I said, it's coming down.

Miriam said...

Oh yeah Vis! that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! (grin),
referencing Anonthy's article where Rupert-Not me I am so sorry-Murdoch is starting to blame the lawyers and try to look innocent~ .(shoulda made that clear)
It's a beautiful thing to watch, pass the popcorn please.

Gee, when it was decided that Rebekah would resign, they didn't realize she would face arrest?...ya suuure.

What a circus as you have been pointing out and saying~ HERE IT COMES!
Wiggle squiggle no more room...but will Murdoch face charges as well~
"..."Putting right what's gone wrong," said News Corp. would assist the British police investigations into phone hacking and police bribery. It vowed there would be "be no place to hide" for wrongdoers. ..."

That is the next axct to follow.

Anonymous said...

"This is why I continue to maintain that the system of Masonry is not evil"

HAHAHAHA, your whole movement is clueless and it's why you will LOSE

fucking idiot

Visible said...

Lose what? I have nothing to do with the Masons. I'm merely pointing out that systems are not the problem; people are. Most systems are okay if the people are and the tenor of the times determines that generally. People who make blanket condemnations are usually people with very little research under their belt and often are just the sort of people to be swept up into mob action with no idea how they got there except that they were pissed off about shit they didn't understand and never took the trouble to learn anything about.

Anonymous said...

I need more light, YES indeedy. This has been a mainstay of my prayers for quite awhile now. That was just excellent, Thank you.
WV}nutrifi is what these blogs do for me.
Mo Visible

Miriam said...

Agreed VIs, regarding the systems of the Masons, Illuminati, and all secret societies of that ilk(S&B, etc); it is the people like the zionists who have subjugated, hijacked and preempted the system to have dominance over those who are not acceptable to them.
No argument there.

neal said...

The thing about the old secret societies, there is this code where you are not privy to the alchemical circuit diagrams until you have a knowledge of the basics, through hard work and sacrifice. That doesn't mean that all the choices are worked out by that time, just that enough questions remain to keep it interesting, and up in the air. Otherwise, this would just be another layer of burnt ashes, with a lot less drama, and antipasta.
Sometimes I think this name should be nil, or kneel. But that would be the side dish overshadowing the main dish, that's allowed, and probably OK.

ChewyBees said...


Your series of event culminating in a one world currency and a one world government are likely spot on. But we have to remember that this exact event chain is necessary in order for the entire system to catastrophically fail.
As long as people keep grasping in desperation for their things to be available and their fake existence to be propped up, the system that leaches off them will prosper. Think about how many ways the usurpers and hoarders are screwing people no lube, and how willing a vast majority are to take it as long as cell phone, crappy car, $5 a gallon gas and worthless cable TV shows are there. Oops, I forgot uporn and double WOP-per with cheez.
None of these things are real, but they are available to those that will hand over their liabilities and lives to murderers, thieves and extortionists. As long as there is some semblance of false prophets and teleprompting saviors people will prop it all up just to escape the responsibility of being people. It's far easier to just be a per-son.
One world government equals zero redundancy equals single point of failure equals the real cut and dry of the apocalypse. Each time I read some of the scareware njews stories written to get more simpletons to hand over their souls to strangers, I have to remind myself that what gets scared is the ego, which despises change and loves pretending I am something I am not nor should I wish to be. Thereby, the fear they try to instill is put there to make us believe we are resisting change when change is exactly what is being driven forward, for their benefit and the demise of the believers in them.
When there is no divide and there is no big bad boogie man to contend with then who will they tell us is our enemy? Will there suddenly be aliens attacking that we all need to rally together against with our life long labor and effort? Better get Lucas and Spielberg out of Mothballs for that Kizmet(sic).

shaolinlite said...

like a woman needs a man...

you make me laugh, dog poet!


Anonymous said...

More stitches coming undone...
Nazi war suspect found not guilty (Sandor Kepiro)

Hopefully, some time in the future, full impartial reviews will be made of all Simon Wiesenthal Centre's convicted so called 'war criminals'.

Simon Wiesenthal Center's Annual Report Card (2010-2011).


Anonymous said...

harmony pastures
tranquility stream
medicine tip toes
calm inner beam
essence of rainbow
an opening rose
dynamic rivers
life of all flow
growing foundations
deep rooted trust
birth of our nature
cosmic in thrust
energised patterns
drifting through mind
uplifting everywhere
brushing sublime


est said...

neal @ 5:40 pm

nice one, bro !

'brushing sublime'

est said...

there's not a dime
in poetry

i hate to be terse

but what else contains
a whole universe ?

gurnygob said...

Great song Les and it would suit Willie Nelson's voice spot on.




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