Friday, July 29, 2011

Palestine and the Irresistible Winds of Change.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The Palestinians are going to declare statehood, or nationhood, in September, regardless of whatever does or doesn’t happen, concerning the international backing being sought. Right on cue, the Ashke-Nazi’s have come up with their own final solution to the problem they created. What this does is make the time frame between now and then a very critical phase; stinking of possible massive false flags, to usurp the timeline in whatever way possible. The one thing of which we are certain is that these genocidal mass murders will stop at nothing to achieve and maintain their ends. There is nothing they will not do and the specter of hidden nukes is a terrifying thought. Given the harm they cause every day, one can reason out that they have dropped nuke equivalents all round the world already. One has only to look at history’s greatest recorded holocaust in Soviet Russia to see the truth of that. They were the architects and perpetrators of that and no denial of responsibility can be made. The historical record is clear.

For the longest time the dark lords and their willing agents here have met with little resistance to their horrible activity on this planet. Since 9/11, which they orchestrated with the help of the CIA and British intelligence and which includes other compromised and rogue players around the international circuit, they’ve had a free and unopposed run to the horrorshow finale they have been intending for all of us. Now, some light is breaking in places around the world and especially in the places where it is needed most. It is a joy to read these things and see the groundswell of push back and revolution coming out of the backwoods of the American bedrock.

People are revolting against the TSA and the behavior of the government and the police have got the place into an unreported uproar across any number of countries. The Canadians are pushing back against Zio-Nazi hate laws and the masses are rumbling under the Zionist controlled, media blackout of public outrage. A storm is brewing and even if the first target is the puppets of these fascist world controllers, there is no way it doesn’t push all the way back up the line to London and whatever holes they are hiding in.

As I have mentioned many a time before, there is a force coming down from the inner planes that is operating off of the clock of the arriving Aquarian Age. This is forcing the powerful astral vampires out of the spider holes in the unseen realms and forcing them into human bodies. The resonance of this forcing out is vibrating in counterpoint with a cosmic urge that is awakening in the heart of humanity to be free of their oppressors, once and for all. It’s the inevitable consequence of centuries of lies and plundering at the hands of an enduring criminal class whose moment has arrived. This is inevitable. It is a sequence in the cosmic process and what is coming cannot arrive while conditions remain as they are so... conditions must change. There is no wiggle room concerning this. It is already a fait accompli in the mind of the cosmos, now it is just a matter of precipitation to fulfillment.

The world is changing because it has to and because it is programmed to. The Earth is shifting itself under the skin of its being. The weather is heralding the approach of a great unknown that cannot be defined or predicted until we see it before us. The political and social world of the status quo is in a state of transformation. The resistant and unwilling are up against irresistible change. The Sun is playing its part and the lid is coming off of all the lies that were engineered for yet further offenses against humanity; whatever the liars and killers attempt, it all turns against them. Rupert Murdoch has not skated away to safety. His fall is in progress. Norway is not returning to business as usual, with all of the usual subterfuges proving equal to the task of maintaining the fabrications surrounding it. That continues apace as well.

In the meantime, indifferent to the obvious trends in operation right in front of their eyes, the malefactors plot greater and greater outrages against the public, as they continue to expose themselves, without recourse to their previous invulnerability, to the impact of the truth upon them. Their day has come and as such it shall be irrefutably proven, the temporal is no match for the cosmic. I can appropriately quote from Ecclesiastes at this time; “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, a time to reap that which is planted;”

The problem with mortals, among whose number I do not count myself (grin), is that they see everything in the short term. They imagine that things will always be the same as they ever were, even though things are never the same as they ever were. Most people see existence through a curtain of desire and appetite, which blind them to the dangers inherent in the mortal mindset. They pursue their own loss and destruction with blinders on. The power seekers seek power, indifferent to the fact that the pursuit and possession of power corrupts and destroys. The acquisitive seek possessions, indifferent to the fact that possessions are a weight in an unpredictable sea of shifting fortunes. The fame maddened seek publicity, indifferent to the double sided effect of being saddled with it. Those in love with money are indifferent to the conditions it inflexibly places them in. Those who sow destruction and havoc upon the affairs of their fellows are indifferent to the harvest that approaches. People see things only in the context of the false legitimacy of their passions.

We spend our time obeying or breaking the temporary laws of whatever time we find ourselves in and pay little enough attention to the real laws that these laws are bad reproductions of and which were only intended to serve the agendas of those who created them. Well the cosmic laws also exist only to serve the agenda of what created them and we shall see which of these weathers the passage of time with a greater measure of endurance and efficacy.

You can’t play chess with death or poker with the devil and expect to go home a winner. You can’t beat a system that is designed for the purpose of demonstration. In the short term all manner of results and perspectives are possible and the latter serves to convince the players to continue. Las Vegas exists because the odds overwhelmingly favor the house. The same principle applies on all levels. The only sane position is to be the house, that is, until the house is coming down and the house will come down because a new house is going up.

Ages change and conditions change. The rules change. There is no ‘if’ ‘and’ or ‘but’ about it. You can argue and scheme all you want and that might have been good enough in the operative schematic but the schematic is in the process of irresistible change. Change or be plowed under.

Short sighted observers, basing their view on short term circumstances, can argue all they want but these arguments account for nothing. The bad guys have painted themselves into a corner and by whatever exit they seek to leave, their footprints will follow them. No matter how they spin it and no matter how intricately they plot and maneuver, their day is at an end. It’s not going to be easy for any of us because all of us have to change to some degree, or be changed but... for them, the changing is going to be unbearable and that’s just what it needs to be; for the purpose of demonstration and as a lasting lesson for those of us who remain and come after. So it is and so it is.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

You are on fire Les. Excellent!
When I finished the run through your exposition I had no choice - out it came, 'Amen brother, amen'.


Anaughty Mouser said...

From where I sit that was a rousing call to arms. Thank you.
Great chops - divinely inspired/chanelled.

Truly wonderful words, every one of them.

Sincerely, Mouser

Erik said...

Heh Vis,

...felt inspired to create this

"Be and Become What You Aspire To"


the BCth said...


Visible, your light shines stronger than ever. May the divine continue to purify the lens of your being, and may the light of the One-in-All pass through into this plane ever the clearer. You speak the truth of my heart and the hearts of many. Thank you, my brother, for your service to us all. Masha'Allah and God bless.

Juho William ~

Frog said...

As always,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Visible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Brilliant...i enjoyed all the comments as well...

so true Les...

stinking of possible massive false flags, to usurp the timeline in whatever way possible. The one thing of which we are certain is that these genocidal mass murders will stop at nothing to achieve and maintain their ends.

my reply is...

it has and will continue to occur (their acts will continue to get more and more desperate and nastier)...the planet has already been nuked...the isotopes raging from Japan is equal to a massive bombing only without demolition...a part of clearing this dimension...

beings of Light have worked for so long for the arrival of this time (generation) that they will let nothing stand in their way (grin)...

changes within the True Beings will be the best guide to the progress of the they change...the Plan moves...

the faster the change...the faster the work is progressing...

changes will be mental as well as physical...

they will be able to comprehend more without being told and will acquire a sense of the unseen realms more and more...they must accept that which is reported to their senses and become more finely tuned to the `ether'...

they will express more spontaneously those things which need to be said and will sense the energy of a situation far more quickly and accurately...

the battle is raging on many fronts...the evil beings of many dimensions around earth are fighting each other and this fighting will get worse...just like the fighting between groups on earth will get worse...

all the neighbouring dimensions are affected hence these will spill out of the particular battles from dimension to dimension...signs of these dimensional battles will become more and more obvious for the observers on this plane...

the physical changes coming will occur in an abrupt manner as well...

Best Wishes Always

Neko Kinoshita said...

So it is.

Ben said...

Vis, All

Great piece... such resonance!

I was reflecting on this from Vis: "The political and social world of the status quo is in a state of transformation. The resistant and unwilling are up against irresistible change."

I was also reflecting about Amy Winehouse, who meant nothing to me until Father Creator took her life and highlighted her as a dot-to-be-connected among the many highlighted dots within the abominable khazar realm.

What caused this reflection was a piece I read from MSNBC (I stopped watching television years ago and now get my news, both "mainstream" propaganda and "alternate" news via the internet). The MSNBC piece noted that there was a certain amount of angst within the khazar community because Winehouse's carcass was cremated.

Apparently this is taboo within the khazar legalistic realm, as are tatoos (of which the Winehouse had plenty).

What particularly caught my notice in this MSNBC was the writer's declaration that Winehouse "was the queen of Jewish soul and a spiritual descendant of Abraham."

This was an important declaration because the writer, albeit unknowingly, confirmed to me that Winehouse's squalid death and subsequent cremation was indeed another sign as to Father's intention.

Winehouse, in my belief, was a physical earthly representation of the Whore of Babylon, a physical earthly representation of that khazar entity which calls itself "Israel".

This entity masquerades as a "queen of Jewish soul" and a "spiritual descendant of Abraham" when in fact it is a painted whore, which in the prophecies of Revelation "made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.” (Are there many nations able to resist Israel's briberies, co-option, corruption and terrorism? The U.S., one of many nations, is entirely besotted and has been made "drunk" by Israel's adulteries.)

And so I suspect the khazar entity known as Israel will be reduced to ashes and while this might just be metaphorically I strongly suspect it will be literal... at least for Jerusalem.

Change is coming and for that I praise Father Creator, the Author of all.

DaveS said...


You're truly on fire, in a verbal kind of way, and your words are stoking many a fire in these darkening days.

As a child, I loved reading history and I dreamed of being present during any number of magical ages that had passed... as I said I was a child, and history and the fantasy were still one and the same in my head.

Now I know better, but low and behold I've found myself smack dab in the middle of what the Chinese call, 'interesting times' They've got at least 3000 years of recorded history and I figure they've learned a thing or two about 'interesting times'. So I guess I'm living history right now, WOW! Everyday becomes more interesting.

Last night caught an outta sight old school style reggae band, the giant panda gorilla dub squad laying some truth on Snowmass Village, whose temporary denizens could use a bit more of ;) What a night!

Dog poet, you're on a roll... thanks.


wv; hydro (in blue letters even!) HeeHeeHee

Unknown said...

Laws. Only one should exist. Do ye no harm, do as ye will. As for what's left of this infrastructure, why do I feel there isn't even 9 months left of it? Perhaps not even 6?! Yet everyone is goin' about their routines as if nothin's a'happenin'! Just like you said. They act as if nothin's gonna change.

I find it amusin', but I have no worries. After all. I'm just a fictional character. I don't exist, so hey!

siamkatt said...

The Dog Poet is Sirius. Keep them coming Les

I love seeing what scurries out from the rocks being turned over.

Great time to be incarnated


Odin's Raven said...

Here's a report that the Russians have destroyed an American missile. Apparently relations have deteriorated because the Norwegians have recently reached an agreement with the Russians over Arctic oil - contrary to American instructions.

Could this be another reason why the Norwegians were punished?

Regarding the distortion of history by the media, here's an article about how the British press lied about one incident in WW2, and how that lie became the accepted version of history.

Nobody made them do it. It was entirely voluntary.

John O said...

Hey Les,

Great post. Great sentence.

The world is changing because it has to and because it is programmed to.

I would like to give this to the mix.

To those who might not be familiar to Rife technology, it works on the principal that everything that exists in the temporal world has a resonant frequency and that if one can find, duplicate and deliver this frequency that pathogens can be destroyed and health restored.

Furthermore, it is also possible to find frequencies that support healing and wellbeing.

I can attest to the efficacy of this technology through personal experience using this powerful technology.

It works because it mimics the way the cosmos works.

The cosmic Rife machine is really cranking up for August. Mercury goes stationary on Aug 2 and coincides with a void of course moon. Yikes! A cosmic monkey wrench in the fabric of our world.
Mercury, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter all retrograde in August.

In short, the cosmic Rife is set to destroy the pathogens eating away in this world. August is shaping up to be chaos on steroids.

Those human parasites preying on the people of this world have a cosmic reason to fear.

For those non-parasitic humans there is hope because there is also supportive frequencies that will reward those who realize and clear their minds and hearts of the chaos.

As for myself, I welcome August and the difficult and sometimes painful energies required to rid oneself of delusion. Bring it on and lets all be zapped as one.

Les is absolutely correct. The Apocalypse is indeed upon us. Long live the Apocalypse.

Peace Out, John O.

Miriam said...

What a great blog today!
All spelled out, no guessing, it is all right there.


MarioIsraelHolguin said...

Ben, you’re insight set connections in my mind alight that traced a way into my heart.

Poet of God, in the wilderness, the good news of the end as your voice. We come to you as one for the anointing of our wholeness; we are aware. The precocious Whore will ask for your head and it will be removed – this you already know. I forgive your image and am grateful and moved. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Effin' brill, Vis.

Anonymous said...

Today must be lesson day for me - I'm coming across all sorts of articles that have answers to questions I did not know I was asking. Hate it when that happens! Golden nugget from this one for me: Ages change and conditions change. The rules change. To me this imparts assurance that the Piscean age of paternalism and control structures will be curtains down, and the Aquarian age and it's paradigm will be the next Act.

WV = fiate
What the hungry force of retribution is going to do to fiat currency.

Anonymous said...

"the temporal is no match for the cosmic. I can appropriately quote from Ecclesiastes at this time; “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose........

Yes, and the Urantia Book "what is finite illusionary to the Absolute is absolutely real to the finite." The elders with help from their "friends," wrote the play but the Cosmic is well aware of the story line. Just when everything seemed to be under control, the trap ready to be sprung, something has gone terribly wrong and as Les implied it will get a lot worse for these cretins.

Could all this raising the debt ceiling debate really be how the hell are we going to continue perpetuating the lie. Is it even possible to do so? Is pressure being applied from some mysterious Source. Maybe many in congress want to jump ship, join the forces of light.

My what fine representation we have. I especially enjoyed hearing about that fifteen trillion the FED printed and handed to their friends. Oh what a tangled web they weave.....and how the fuck to continue to deceive.

It is all a game, in this grand illusion. Keep your head down and be sure to ware those rubber boots. The rest of the year should be real interesting.

"Las Vegas exists because the odds overwhelmingly favor the house."

Have you been following what is going down in Las Vegas? They are in the same boat as the cretins. The tables and slots were great for many "seasons" so they built billion dollar casinos and now they can't carry themselves because with the worsening economy too many would be gamblers don't have the coin for that kind of entertainment. Even the whales aren't showing up in decent numbers.

Hope I haven't rambled too much. Don't feel like writing now days. Just want to sit back with some popcorn and watch the fireworks.


DaveR said...

For those unfamiliar with the works of Deek Jackson and the FKN Newz, this one is quite good.

especially starting at 7:40

Odin's Raven said...

Could Iceland be next on Israel's hit list?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I can see all these “Christian” (so-called) Zionist watching their TVs and wondering why “Jesus” didn’t return or rapture them after the Palestinians take their country back.

John Hagee will have a lot of spinning to do regarding scripture to keep his mega church keep the dollars rolling in.

As a Christian I am so sick of these phony Edomite/Khazar/Euro Converts perpetrating the lie of their “right” to the land.

Christian Zionist are so stupid they can’t tell that brown skinned dark featured people are actually from that region. LOL! Morons!

Do you stupid Christian Zionist really think that Jews like Justin Bieber or John Stewart descended from the Middle East?

Old Cyrus Schofield is probably shrieking in hell right now!


kenny said...

Odin, pardon my intrusion and no offense to you but your link to the Russia shoots down US missile story is from Sorcha Faal, a most likely Mossad or some other deviant organization operative. The created persona of Faal never criticizes Israel or names the jewish zionist crime syndicate thus failing a litmus test for credibility.

Les, as usual, more great words from you that keep our spirits uplifted.

Peter said...

mr visible,
nuthin' but blue skies from now on
somethin' mellow

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHINTO!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Les and comments!

Anonymous said...

More slivers of pie.

International Norway dialing code: 47 (11)

Attacks took place during the 29th week of the year on the 203rd day...
Perhaps day 202 was "passover".

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

occuring to me lately (with my own itty bitty "different" body issue) how "normal" applies so thouroughly with practically all the interactions I have with people. All the good advice, even after you tell them that normal might not apply, how to be normal, just like them. and its all about material being and acceptance as an obedient robot.
either I am hubritic, or they just don't get it. (in whatever general way I might mean that).

ready for anything.

wv: sperst. an erstwhile spurt of cosmic gold dust and comet good times flies past the earth, ridden by the fairy.....(Donovan, Cosmic Wheels?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Odin's Raven
That Pakalert Press item you referred to originated here:
The purpose of the information that appears there varies depending on the point of view of the critic.
My money is on a Mossad disinfo operation but you can draw you own conclusions. If you want some fun type "who is Sorcha Faal" into Google and take it from there.
But as an example, this site had it on good authority that the Deepwater Horizon explosion was caused by a North Korean suicide team.
The rest, as they say, is history.

Greg Bacon said...

Many Americans, by design or accident, have been dumbed down to the point that they shouldn't be allowed to handle sharp objects.

Just as bad, many have been molded into being as ferocious as a new-born kitty. You'll see many of these types making comments on blogs and news sites. If you reply to their comment with a straight-forward answer, they'll reply in a hysterical manner, accusing you of 'flaming' them and being a mean, hateful bully when your only sin was that you went straight to your point and didn't dance around the subject and sugar-coat for mass consumption.

At one time, someone who was known as a 'straight-talker' was considered a valuable friend, as they would tell you the truth and not fill your head full of hot air and BS.

Not anymore, now some consider the straight-talkers as some kind of deranged nut, who should be locked away in some loony bin.

Between this and the untold number of lies still protecting the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, this country's future is getting extremely grim.

P.S. Wasn't the day that the Navy SEALS murdered some Pakistani patsy about the same time the NORTH AMERICAN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, AKA NATO, bombed and killed Gaddafi's grandkids?

Great distraction.

Anonymous said...

I hope your right Les...I'm weary of watching these creeps operate.
BEN...your Winehouse metaphor was right on. I knew her departure meant something but I could not quite pin it down..thanks
Here is something else from a few weeks back.
Rupert's News of the World editor was Piers Morgon... what a joke . Piers is now a commentator for CNN. From Fox to CNN just like that. Presto. These guys make us belive they are married to what they spout out, like a religion. Makes me realize the whole damn thing is scripted for the benefit of the sheeple who still want to believe there is a right or a left and to which one they support. I think I am wakin up
Peace everyone

Denny said...

Odin's Raven 1:44: 00 AM

Remember the volcano..?

SecularAnimist said...

Hello All! Great blog and comments! It is a much different and welcome perspective than I am familiar with.

From a scientific view point;

All systems are historical – that’s true for physical and chemical systems, biological systems, and social systems. They all have lives: they come into existence at a certain point, they survive according to certain rules, and then they move far from equilibrium and can’t survive anymore. Our system has moved far from equilibrium.

Now the world is in a structural/systemic/spiritual crises once more akin to the of the neolithic/industrial revolution and eventually a new system will arise. This time around things will happen much much faster. Speed of information transfer is the key to rates of change. History actually seems to move faster in a kind of telescoping nature for epochal change.

In the last few decades, it has become increasingly clear that humanity is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Modern science has developed effective measures that could solve most of the urgent problems in today's world--combat the majority of diseases, eliminate hunger and poverty, reduce the amount of industrial waste, and replace destructive fossil fuels by renewable sources of clean energy. The problems that stand in the way are not of technological nature but spiritual. The deepest sources of the global crisis lie inside the human personality and reflect the level of consciousness evolution of our species.

The global masters don't want us to evolve but can't stop what's coming. Keep spreading the light, bringers of the apocalypse, it speeds the process up!


Anonymous said...

I have trouble understanding how US/Nato were using DU munitions to help the people of Libya.

I am also having trouble understanding how US/Nato are destroying fresh water to help the people of Libya.

"'July 22 2011. A date for humanity to remember. NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. It will take months to repair. Then on Saturday they hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it.' Pravda

There is absolutely no justification for this action. It is indefensible on every single level. No one can say they 'accidentally' hit the pipeline then they 'accidentally' hit the only facility which makes replacement pipe section for it. Their intentions are crystal clear; they intend to kill perhaps a
million Libyan by depriving them of life’s basic necessity, water. This cowardly action is beyond the definition of a war-crime and has moved into a different realm altogether for which I don’t know if there is word that describes it."


No wonder Norway wanted nothing more to do with this destruction - and look what happened to THEIR children.

Lone-nut gunman my astrolabe.

Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Mr. Apocalypse and his Walking Stick.

Anonymous said...

Vis, bros and sistas;

I want to thank the PTW for harnessing the peoples only real money; physical and mental labor, and teaching us how to work together and create incredible feats of engineering.

I want to thank the PTW for automatizing individual creators and forming teams of worker ants and building the cages we are going to store you in as relics of the past.

I want to thank the PTW for taking our gullibility and showing us that the wanton destruction of our Sacred Mother will not kill her; it will kill us as well as the defenseless animations that have arrived with us in this time of cosmic shifting.

I want to thank the PTW for hiding the truth so well and teaching us about treachery and error based on false beliefs.

I want to thank the PTW for bestowing upon the human material the physical and mental anomalies called disease in order for us to better understand that synchronicity with the Sacred Mother in the cultivation and production of our digestible and medicinal is a good road to hoe.

I want to thank the PTW for using institutions of religion, government and commerce to steal men, women and children from families and communities to then be used as toys for torture and sexual debauchery so that the the investment of blind faith may be called to judgment and cast into the abyss.

I want to thank the PTW for murdering our shamans and seers over the past Age and forcing them into hiding so that you would create the internet to seek them out and destroy them, forever; yet, you set them free to once again pronounce boldly and clearly, “This way children, time is growing short!”.

I want to thank the PTW for playing your Oscar winning role as the War Monger, Rapist, Extortionist, Terrorist, Kidnapper, Slaver, Arsonist, Tyrant, and all around dark-thespian.

To the Powers That Were Never In Power; become invisible and go back to where you belong.

To my brothers and sisters who are free... keep typing, texting and blogging at the top of your lungs.

To my brothers and sisters drowning in our version of seppuku; release thyself and break the chain.



Anonymous said...

the truth always works it's way to to the light eventually for those who seek it.

It really is love and compassion that they seek to destroy so it is wise to be careful that one does not destroy one's capacity to decipher who the victims are.

I was saddened by the death of Amy Winehouse. She was obviously a troubled and saddened soul. Whatever archtype it was she was suppose to symbolize doesn't really matter.She was a woman with a heart and a soul and has now died. News of the World had hacked her phone and private medical records as well.She was probably monarch programmed. Be careful not to lose your sense of humanity and compassion for even the famous victims.

If you lose that in yourself then they have already won, no matter what the outcome.

All the best

Visible said...

I don't think I heard een one of her songs

Miriam said...

Ghana@Sunday 12:38:00 AM ~ well said and thank you. That opens new channels in my heart...

Anon@Sunday/3:39AM~ thank you for that...that keeps the current channels open...

Visible said...

A New Origami-

As we Come to the Changing Line.

masterymistery said...

Les, I enjoy your writing and most of your posts.

But on the subject of Palestine you are uninformed and emotional, qualities not normally associated with productive analysis.

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

Visible said...

Yea well, I left my ego and competition qualities with the person who took my coat before I went in for dinner, You can leave your hat on.

Riaaz said...

Aah,and so it turns out the big prize is reckoning,finally in sight although with a bit of trepidation in the air.Why? Because,just because theres something about these folk that dont quite add up.Every calculation we make spits out a different answer.And so they scratch their heads. Target Iran.Hmm,except,here is where the train derails.Welcome to a war against the most idealogically motivated army in the world.No punkass sadamites,nor fake saudi arabia petro dollar inspired islam.The West is about to fight its first war against proper islam,and hey,guess what? Yep,u guessed it! Bye bye old world,life aint ever gonna be 'same' again,hehe.

Anonymous said...

Just glad I bought a lot of silver and gold............ will it be Black Friday or will our Chosen of Gommorath pick up the slack and take profits and bring it up? Nous verrons.



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