Friday, July 22, 2011

The Magnets, Ballast and Millstones of Life.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Looking at the news today, I was deluged with things to write about, to the degree that I can hardly write about any of them. It is hard to imagine that the Israeli world influence through the media, military, politics, judiciary and law enforcement, not to mention political correctness, can be responsible for all of the things we see and hear about. It’s a mind boggling concept. At the same time, it’s falling down around their ears. The more control they seek to exercise, the less control they seem to have. Rupert Murdoch’s control and manipulation of world information seemed unassailable. Now, his whole operation is in deep shit. All of those in power at present are scrambling like disturbed ants, seeking to protect the muckraker, since so much of the muck attaches to them.

On the one side you have the disturbed ants and on the other side you have a swarm of angry bees. In the meantime, you have a rage of hot spot volcanoes around the world, where the news and perception of it needs to be managed. You have military adventurism and economic piracy, like cosmic Ebola eating away the face of the formerly recognizable Earth. In the middle of the dinner rush hour, the chef and his assistants are drunk and the stove tops and ovens are hissing, spitting and smoking, while the atmosphere migrates into the dining area and out into the streets.

There’s a key feature to all of this that makes no kind of sense. The psychopathic elite have a vested interest in managing perception and conditions and not only are they not managing them, they are exposing themselves to an ancient wrath that is going to be coming and looking for their heads.

The more I look at everything and there’s a lot of everything to look at, the more I come to the same inescapable conclusions. No matter how many ways I turn the situation around in my mind’s eye, it always comes back to the same thing, based on the way I view things, which is shared by some, rejected by others and ignored by the greater masses, which are the main resource of ignorance that allows all of the madness to flourish in the first place. It is those most easily seduced by anything they are told that makes possible the sustenance of an enduring edifice of lies that have surrounded us for a very long time. For some reason that edifice is crumbling, even as it is being daily reinforced by those who cannot accomplish everything they need to accomplish at the same time.

I believe in the force and power of cosmic justice and the possession of the means and ability by the cosmos to transform anything it chooses to, anytime it wants to. Because certain stages of existence; certain scenarios continue over long stretches of time, most people buy into the status quo of the same old same old, lumbering by like a seemingly immortal engine of redundancy; repeating itself forever and ever, or long enough that it feels that way. When cosmic change suddenly hits, because the cosmic clock has arrived at the appointed hour, there comes a vast uncertainty into the minds of those whose collective focus was responsible for all of the ways that everything had been for such a long time. It hammers down on the good, the evil and the indifferent. Most people can’t get a handle on what is happening because the source of change is a mystery to them.

I can only look at the world and myself in respect of what has happened to me in the time I’ve been here and whatever meaning I have taken from it. Since my life has been supernatural in many ways, I see things in a supernatural setting. I haven’t spent my life working in a cubicle for years, strolling through malls and markets and engaging in the common pursuits; as if they were the sum total of what life had to offer. I’ve been to all of those places and done all of those things but the force of these routines has not confined me in a place where I have accepted these things as the definition of what life is about. For me, life is about escaping from these routines or being eaten by them. For me, the point has been to arrive at a deeper seeing and understanding of conditions and routines, not a deeper immersion in them.

It amazes me that people can watch TV; go to the movies, read books, engage in their own real life dramas, observe the lives of those around them and not see that they are on TV, in a movie and a book that has all of the same features subjectively and are shown to them objectively. Movies and television productions have actors who operate according to a plot structure. They also have a producer and a director as well as any number of lesser minions or myrmidons who carry out the robot work that makes production what it is. I suppose you can call them angels or demons depending exclusively upon their motives for operation. You don’t have to be religious to see it like this because I can explain it all in temporal terms as well as scientific terms and so can many of you.

The thing that makes me most curious is the resistance in the minds of most people to see life as a construction in the mind of the cosmos, with a very definite point to it; even those who accept the possibility of this, very often do not live as if it were actually so. They maintain themselves in a state of dangerous acquiescence; a sort of twilight slumber, where they are content to have the conditions determine their courses and positions. I would think making personal contact with the director would be the thing.

Here’s my point. Things are not making sense BECAUSE there is a director. This is why evil is having so much trouble being triumphant, after so much time spent in a role that looked like it was going to be a win for the anti-hero, in what has certainly been a long running cinema noir, courtesy of Kali Yuga. What people don’t seem to get it that there’s a defining purpose to every Yuga and though evil may predominate and proliferate more in one Yuga than another, the same rules apply. You’re just more likely to get sucked in during one Yuga than another but it makes your prospects for advancement so much greater if you can do it in a time of darkness instead of a time of greater light. Degree of difficulty has a lot to do with the rate of progress and the level it is possible to reach. Kali Yuga is the time of greatest opportunity. That is why there are so many people here. Everyone knows this at a certain level of their being but the sucking power of darkness and illusion is so great that they soon forget why they came.

There is never any doubt about the outcome of it all. There is only doubt about where you’re going to wind up, based on associations and efforts made in the mix and the attendant attachments that are generated by them, which become heavy weights in the sea of existence, as the waters are churned. There’s no doubt in the cosmic mind about the outcome. There is only doubt in the separated mind that isn’t on intimate terms with the director, which turns out to be the whole point of the production. Scientists and mathematicians have already come to a number of astonishing conclusions, which mirror this in another way. From this perspective it all makes sense. From the perspective of the separated mind it makes no sense because it endangers everything the separated self believes to be real but there is no separated self. That is the primary illusion. You are not apart from it. You are a part of it.

The source of our suffering is our attachment to things, conditions and anticipated results. Every major teacher of humanity has echoed this. What’s the big difficulty about getting it? That’s the question that needs to be resolved and until it is, we struggle in the mix. The potential for growth and advancement is electrifying. If there was ever a time for carpe diem, this is the day. I try to see all of my disappointments and failures in this light. Sometimes failure is success. We don’t realize, most of the time, what a profound effect all of the blandishments and pressures of the world have upon us. We don’t recognize how deep it goes until we begin to climb out of it.

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Erik said...


est said...

now that
is what
i'm talkin'

A.Mouser said...

A sobering rendition of the status quo. Very well put. Thank you.

You were quoted verbatim at Kenny's yesterday by John Friend. The quote is exactly correct and lays the responsibility for the present world situation at the feet of those who caused it: Rothschild and zionist israel.

Sincerely, Mouser

lapinsauvage said...

Again words of wisdom. The NWO has a well laid out plan and that plan has no use for a nation-state super power, nor for those directly attached to it. So they let loose their financial worm through the WTO nations, at whose head stands the US. Israel is an annexe. If they can't get Jerusalem as world capital - and who would really accept that ? - they'll probably destroy it first on the way to a decentralised world government and world bank. Murdoch (sounds like a character out of Tolkien)may be a sign that the great decentralisation and thus downfall of the US is on its way. Let's let them gobble down each other, it's pathetic and inhuman.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

in this dimension either you work for the evil demigod reaping his monetary rewards and materialistic egos...or...

you are a Lightworker fullfilling your inner divine truth and thus in this evil system suffer the consequences...pain, misery and exploitation is your reward...

it is incomprehensible at this stage to think of what one is to achieve once the full power is brought down into the physical...

anything and everything is possible...considering the fact that the final stage is Judgement and Clearing of the can have some idea of the power that will emanate...

They (sons of darkness and its minions) will hide it at first and nervously laugh the news off as the sayings of a crazed lunatic...this will not be for things begin to go wrong around the globe more and more... their innermost fears will be exposed and people not of the Light or unawakened will start to panic...

fear will drive them to insanity...for the enormity of the truth...will hit them like a bolt of lightning from a blue sky...

at times it will appear that the lion will sit with the not be fooled...this is only to allow the lions to get close enough to the lambs so that they can devour them...

all of the evil essence will be losers...all will be caught in the process of being cleared out of this useless and terribly evil plane...

there is nothing the majority can do except wait and see the unfolding of this grand drama onto this will be the most spectacular occurrence ever witnessed in this dimension...of course it is a great pity that so few of the witnesses will share the joy of the Light with its manifestation...these few will be the ones who realize their Liberation has arrived...

the others (by far the majority) will be filled with too great a fear and dread of their impending fate to even have time to look carefully at the miracle of what is happening...what fools they have been...they have been a scourge on the face of this planet, this dimension, and a thorn in the side of those of the Light for so long that no one could possibly mourn their total annihilation...

who can weep for the destruction of cancerous cells? no one...

Best Wishes Always

DaveS said...

Vis, this is (for me) the freakin' truth:In the middle of the dinner rush hour, the chef and his assistants are drunk and the stove tops and ovens are hissing, spitting and smoking, while the atmosphere migrates into the dining area and out into the streets.

And you could have added that the wait staff, addled by cocaine, are running thru the front of the house causing grief, scaring the customers, and at the same time wondering why nobody is tipping...


I'm not worried, but then I've never been much for anything mainstream. I have a hard time going with the flow (unless I'm rafting;) I'm one of those people that plays devil's advocate and I'm willing to ask if the status quo is any sort of status at all?

I've been interested in history since I was five and an old neighbor would take me arrowhead hunting with him. Damn those were good times, and my interest in the arrowheads morphed into an interest in all history. Like many seekers I bought most of the PTB lies regarding our past... but even then there were things that didn't add-up, and being curious, I continued looking. And I've been amazed at how different true history is from the crap we're sold in our schools. Hell, there was a time I even believed Magellan landed near San Francisco because of a brass plate found there. That turned out to be a load of bull, as well as many other things that I was 'taught'.

These days I like to find old history text books at thrift stores to see how much has changed in our collective beliefs. Sometimes those old texts are closer to the truth than anything you'll find today.

Damn, I'm senselessly ranting, sorry y'all.

Peace and hope!


just me, Laurel A. said...

@DaveS.......better to have your ranting, which is pleasant, than mine, which is stupid....i love that you raft.....i used to own an old aluminum 14 foot canoe. big old wooden paddles. i lived by the big lake, michigan, and those were the moments of perfect peace and oneness, when the mind was both clear and also stuffed with thought.

just me, Laurel A. said...

and Les.......alright, this post was stunning, timely, along with laurie's comment, this post has had to take front place on my list of first-things-to-read-every-morning. i need to learn more about yuga, all of this. i wish at times i could have had the life environment that would permit such stepping back and beyond as you wrote about, yet, the small fish need to be here too, for now, i guess. souls, souls, souls. without a body to wear, they will miss their own chances to advance through these training exercises. its time, even if i cannot give enough time to it, to learn more about that. i come too close too often to losing my own small vision, i cannot let that happen. thank you.

Visible said...

When I was a child, Richard Haliburton's Book of Marvels was a real milestone and I wanted to be an archaeologist. As I grew older I was exposed to occult history and spiritual tomes. I realize now that all of the history of the world is inside me and all of the causes and potentials are too.

A reader who lives in China has invited me to experience that part of China that is emergent.

In this life I have gone to places that were never my first choice of places that would have reflected the lifestyles and teachings I was after, except for those periods in childhood that took me to different parts of the world and sometimes made sense of something while I was trying to make sense of something. I've come to realize how very under control everything is and that there are reasons for everything happening even when I don't initialy know why.

I expect there is some amount of travel yet to happen and I suspect it is connected to what has happened.

Things deepen as they go and also can only be understood in the time and place where and when it is meant to be.

SouthHungary said...

Your subtly described my feelings:"you really never know how deep you are in the shit,until you start to try and climb out of it"
Great work as always.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Temporal terms huh? Well, trapped in the desire to offer a temporal connection to the unknowable finds me here:

Everything that has been built in the material world is dependant on the concept that the world will continue to operate as it has for some time now, stable and changing only very slowly over time. The planets move in their orbits, the stars shine on as they always have (for millions of years). The mountains slowly erode and wash to the sea, and even if a volcano or two erupts or the ground shakes, most of the planet remains unchanged.

Of course, this is all crap. The only constant in the universe is change, and although the build up for the change is slow, the release is not. Cataclysm is the normal method of change employed, and if you realize this one thing, much of the “history” can show you the impact. It has come again and again, and all the signs show it is on its way. No, correct that, it’s already here.

Experiments have recently shown that Zygotes in a strong Electromagnetic field exhibit speciation. DNA is a double helix. Other experiments have shown that a strong Electromagnetic field can alter perception and even emotional states in people, now they are trying to figure out how to use this information in mental health therapies. Too little, too late, we already know this, and the changes will impact people in ways that can only be imagined, maybe.

The natural form of electricity flowing through ionized matter is a double helix, you see? As above, so below. All of it is scalable from the most minute fragment of material all the way to the form of galactic super clusters. Everything is connected, all are part of a unified whole.

And none of this matters. No matter how much you learn, sooner or later you reach that point where only acceptance of that which cannot be known will work. Leap into the churning chaos and build firm foundations in the nothing. Guidance is always there when you let go of the tiller.

I find that the details of the failing of the servants of darkness no longer interest me at all, I observe just enough to avoid as much of it as I can. It is only a distraction.

Wonder at the splendor of the creation, and joy at being able to experience it. What will remain when we get to the other side of this “dawning” is a minor question, that has little importance in the face of allowing the comic to achieve its desire.

And that’s enough ranting from me this morning, I think. It’s not like I know anything, I just babble nonsense now and then.


Anonymous said...

you are a real help in these hard times but as you say hard times are good times

Anonymous said...

Vis (@ 2:49),

I'm still living my childhood, but without all the restrictions I faced when young:)

My universe has taken very good care of me. Even the most tragic moments ended-up sending me someplace far better than the path I'd been on.

The example I like to use, because it's the most obvious, is when I was a wee lad of 15 and spent Christmas break burglarizing second homes of what us locals thought of as 'rich folk'. Our 'gang' (three of us, total dorks too) were caught and the proverbial feces hit the fan... I could go on and on about the lessons I learned (our folks made us personally apologize to each of the people, some doors slammed in our face, ect) but that would take too much space.

The real benefit from the whole mess was that when I tried to go into the military I was rejected by each of the armed services... this was after I'd went to the main induction center and was finger raped by a 'doctor' with about 30 other sorry suckers in the same room. That shit was nasty.

Riding four hours home on the bus, feeling like the lowest of shitbags because even the damn Marines wouldn't have anything to do with me, I entertained thoughts of the French Foreign Legion because I thought I was supposed to be a soldier.

Three depressing days later an ad appeared in the local daily paper looking for a part time lab tech to develop film at the paper... I won't go into all the details, but I got that job and ended up being the staff photographer at three daily newspapers, freelanced for another couple and did all that without military or collage. HooHaw ;)

When my days get dark I remember those much darker times and how much better my life has been because of them and that makes the present problems seem a bit smaller. I still occasionally throw a wrench in anger, but even that has a purpose ;)

And Laurel, thanks.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Sometimes God kills His best friends, just for fun.

Visible said...


I begin to realize that the divine, which is composed of a Love beyond my comprehension, does things for a reason and the result is usually of tremendous benefit to the subject and the whole at the same time but that it leaves us alone (seemingly) in order for us to have the freedom qwe think we need in our efforts to discover the real freedom it wants to give us.

Visible said...

An interesting feature of my present moment is that, although time has been speeding up considerably, in my case, it just slowed way down today. I'm not talking about the passage of it. I'm talking about my perception of it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes, otherwise what would be the worth, the point of free will?

99% of free will is pointless in the whole of things.
That blessed 1% is the crux.

Reciprocation is free will.

Anonymous said...

Les, Please see that this gets to WRH. Would appreciate it.

Norway Calls Palestinian Statehood Bid ‘Legitimate’ (date 7-19-11)

Now this morning.

Updated: Bomb Explodes At Oslo Building Housing Prime Minister's Office

just me, Laurel A. said...

NEKO! its perfect! wait til my oldest girl gets home and reads that!

...."Experiments have recently shown that Zygotes in a strong Electromagnetic field exhibit speciation. DNA is a double helix. Other experiments have shown that a strong Electromagnetic field can alter perception and even emotional states in people, now they are trying to figure out how to use this information in mental health therapies. Too little, too late, we already know this, and the changes will impact people in ways that can only be imagined, maybe.

The natural form of electricity flowing through ionized matter is a double helix, you see? As above, so below. All of it is scalable from the most minute fragment of material all the way to the form of galactic super clusters. Everything is connected, all are part of a unified whole.

And none of this matters. No matter how much you learn, sooner or later you reach that point where only acceptance of that which cannot be known will work. Leap into the churning chaos and build firm foundations in the nothing. Guidance is always there when you let go of the tiller."

Richard said...

More and more Vis
I do not know how you do it but you Do it, keep on keeping on, the best yet, gratitude gets inspired by each paragraph. Expressions of Lord Shiva in search of Shakti ( ' HAH' - the type Al Pacino makes in ' Perfume of a Woman' )
As the Chinese say, 'crisis' is both danger and opportunity, and time of Kali Yuga is such.
Shiva/Shakti Dance brings about some 'destructive' processes prior to the greatly constructive ones- the director's cut they call it in holly-wood, or maybe the alternative or ' contoversial ' ending of 'Blade Runner' and 'I am Legend ' type.
Plans . the best laid one's ( grin) will not come to have ' fruit' unless the director (Shiva/Shakti) keeps them from the cotting room floor of the editing room ( the old movies being of the film type, where scissors would be used ).
Thank You
May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in bloom, your noses wet and following the scent.
Woof woof from the Dog Nation

Anonymous said...

"All the world's a stage" ... and we may have gotten a 'little' lost in our roles.

But upon the odd and occasioning out of character moment, I am re-minded that it is neither the unwelcome presence of our (inter-dimensionally) resident 'reptiles', nor my feelings of resentment and disappointment toward their collaborative local audience that bear full responsibility toward the quality of my peace of mind, or wavering thereof.

For so long as 'we' perceive the source of our personal distress to
originate from without, divine intervention would seem our only salvation.

(Not so sure I buy the traditional barbaric interpretation of the cross, and any sacrifice on the part of such a purportedly self-realized being would most assuredly been in the 'coming', not the going!)

The only grace I'm looking for now is the courage to re-call who (we all are) in our best moments, and the faith and trust that can only come from knowing the true nature of the Universe of which we must certainly be both part and Parcel.

Anonymous said...

edited for 1 missing word.

STFU all of you newbs. You know nothing. Material life is an optional game. If you reproduce in a non utopia your are not better, you are not equal, but are 90000000000X worse THEN THE PSYCHOPATH PREDATORS.

There are no victims. You yourselves, the so called "light workers" are in fact flgrant psychopaths without realizing it. Yes the the people you are putting down are flagrant psychopaths as well, BUT SO ARE YOU YOU, CHARGING BONDAGE WEASEL ROBOTS.

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Tremble with fear psychopath animals. The elite are back (the true elite, not comparable to the second place material elite). We roam your neighbourhoods and we're going to incinerate you with our bodies. Game over psychopath newbs.

PS. Get your parasite fingers in some soil you fucking cockroach parasites.

Who went along with 90% of the useless parasite jobs? YOU DID. Who gave you permission to summon others into a 14x overpopulated toxic wasateland surrounded by weapons. YOU DID.

Tremble with fear cock starved psychopath bondage clowns. Your eradication is at hand.

Teresa said...

I have noticed lately that I am experiencing difficulty in concentrating on the ‘world’ around me. I read news items and words don’t register. I am a voracious reader—and now, it seems like I have to force myself to make sense of the words on the page. So, I have stopped reading them. I listen to the ‘news’ on the radio and the net, and the words I hear are complete jibberish to me.

I go for walks and zone out. It’s like my body is moving, but I am not present. I have conversations with people and many times, I can’t hear a word they are saying. Literally, I cannot hear them for short stretches of time. Some people will look at me as if to say, ‘where the hell did you just go?’ Damned if I could tell them. My brain (or whatever) just fills up with an energy that blocks out everything else.

And then, there is Les V. and others, whose words I soak up, my mind making slurping noises, my brain happy, opening new channels, making new connections. I can literally hear the clicking sound when something turns on in my head. Yesterday, I heard one of those clicks so clearly, I actually turned to see if there was some physical entity beside me making that sound.

This made my brain slurpy, burby and happy last evening (in four parts, about 90 minutes):

One more thing, I also learned that if I don’t have to do something, I won’t. I don’t have to read the ‘news’ to know what is happening on this physical plane; I don’t have to watch tv or go to movies, which means I won’t get programmed according to the plans of the ptw. That frees up so much time for things I’d rather do, like going for long walks, zoning out and making friends with the dogs in the neighbourhood.


A.Mouser said...

"John Friend said...

Visible sure does have a way with words:

"Here’s direct and irrefutable truth; Israel has no right to exist and Israel did 9/11 and Israel is behind all of the present wars in operation. Israel is behind the vicious predatory activities of the banks of the world and Israel is the main agent of the ancient darkness that performs all of the mischief and mayhem in and around us."

Man he's good."

Neko Kinoshita said...


That's an awesome channel.

Thanks Laurel,
It's nice to know sometimes that I'm not just howling in the dark.


Anonymous said...

there was no holocaust least not the one they keep ramming down our windpipes there was no potato famine check it out all the wars are fake the only terrorists are the ones pointing the finger the gig is up liars

Anonymous said...

Here's a great example of Mother Nature exposing hidden agendas:

Interesting that they report it, debunk it mid-way through, then add further speculation about what was occurring. Like you were saying Les, they can't help themselves...


Anonymous said...

So where is my fucking pony?

DaveR said...

"Teresa said...

I have noticed lately that I am experiencing difficulty in concentrating on the ‘world’ around me. I read news items and words don’t register. I am a voracious reader—and now, it seems like I have to force myself to make sense of the words on the page. So, I have stopped reading them. I listen to the ‘news’ on the radio and the net, and the words I hear are complete jibberish to me." ...


This caught/keeps my attention. GLP has some good stuff hiding in the doom. It is about consciousness so far. (I think I got the HTML right....)

Anonymous said...

Hi All :

Ockham's razor : "A rule in science and philosophy stating that entities should not be multiplied needlessly. This rule is interpreted to mean that the simplest of two or more competing theories is preferable and that an explanation for unknown phenomena should first be attempted in terms of what is already known."

The Theory


The Evidence

The Jealous God is reflected in his creation.

This is a place for Evil and its minions. Evil wins here .

This is a place of Pain and Suffering for some, but not all.

Not all humans/beings are the same. Some have no souls.

If you desire the Light you are of the Light. Not everyone does.

The physical plane is an abomination and its death is a certainty.

There can't be a better Earth. The better Earth is no Earth.

Your physical death is a certainty.

If you are of the light you do not fear leaving this place you fear staying in it.

Test the Theory

exhibit A "anon @ 6:10 PM"

Thanks for your Blog LV

Patrick V1.0

Josey said...


There is a momentum shift here for sure.

I see it in the markets, as they try to off-set the departure of millions of investors from the rigged game. The Bank of N. Dakota has inspired many other states to copy what's working.

The entire physical, natural realm is asserting its power.

The bread and circus routine is not working for them as well. I was talking to several season ticket holders to a prominent college here and they were pissed at a huge new surcharge. The joy in their lives is much, much harder to find and appreciate now.

The last straw has turned into the last billion straws, why would they think one more insult would not be accepted.

I was watching a Y-Tube video of a customer at a Mall here in the U.S. being abused one more time by a cop/security detail. The cop was trying his best with the "Command Voice" "You will turn around and place your hands behind your back". The guy refused, was tased for no good reasons, but I noticed the actions and comments from the on-lookers. There was some nervous laughter but more sympathy,

They were saying, "it could be me on any number of bad days like I've been having".

The "Command voice" they try so hard to display/assert has about run it's usefulness. They have not done a calculation of the numbers involved because its gone their way for so long, and worked most of the time.

I think their problem is they worked so hard at getting the voice down, they forgot to develop the essence of command a consciousness.

Seize the day, viva revolution!

Anonymous said...

opposed in oppostion
closed and binding tight
biting stench of scorpion
clenching fist of night
earth and wind and water
pattern course of air
woodsman aim the bow
suns fixated stare
fire light through darkness
arrows rain in streams
ancient living stars
multiplying beams
unions ever lasting
dance upon the wind
through the disrespect
to the temple of within


Anonymous said...

disfigured inhumanity
lost within discord
never satisfied
ribbons made of war
woven in deception
in the caves of disrespect
no substance of the vital
no spark within the chest
dressed in misaccomplishment
materialistic dreams
the power of misfortune
grabs the hand of greed
round and round in circles
the clutch of falling down
death cult bite the dust
union calls the found


Anonymous said...

soft of always calming
natures motions weave
reedeming heavens courses
sweep of unions beam
pervading inward outward
beyond within above
grasp of all the universe
gliding inner dove
lifting oceans potency
nourished vital chords
reverberating notes
of rivers ancient course
pale blue sky of summer
call of all within
light of living life
shining living spring



Miriam said...

Vis said~ "I believe in the force and power of cosmic justice and the possession of the means and ability by the cosmos to transform anything it chooses to, anytime it wants to."

Neko said~ "No matter how much you learn, sooner or later you reach that point where only acceptance of that which cannot be known will work. Leap into the churning chaos and build firm foundations in the nothing. Guidance is always there when you let go of the tiller....
...Wonder at the splendor of the creation, and joy at being able to experience it. What will remain when we get to the other side of this “dawning” is a minor question, that has little importance in the face of allowing the comic to achieve its desire."

That's all there is...just Love as an Entity to dive into the next level.

Anonymous said...

darting thistle
buffalo cloud
sound of lightning
oceans howl
union rythms
thunders clasp
revolution spikes
feathers grasp
freshened vibrance
a breath of air
union rolling
summers care
glaring sunlight
livened fuse
ancient waves
rising truths


Anonymous said...

Les, this is the utmost urgence with regards to the Norweigan situation. The shooting at the camp held an event yesterday of which I am posting a link to the story and a photo of the event.

Everyone please look at it as it is the Game Changer.

amarynth said...

An administrative note for those who were waiting for this:

The Les Visible Novel, The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World, is now available in pdf for download.

If you have any questions or don't want to put your name into an online store, feel free to send me an email here.

Anonymous said...

sorry people,strange day for me....,really nice comments all around out their apart from disconnected fellow,pretending to be a psychopath ,which made me write a sort of angry poem,acting a bit like himself really,

so sorry about that

will work on nice poems with bees and stuff in for a while,

brilliant post and really good comments,apart from disconnected fellow

respects to all...neil

Ouzel said...

Thank you.

As someone here or on VO mentioned this, getting the name wrong,

Dame Julian of Norwich said:

All Shall be Well
And All Shall Be Well
And All Manner of Things shall Be Well.

And so it shall be.

You yourself have said this in other words, even though at times you may be dispirited.

Dame Julian -late 14C-early 15C- incidentally, had an NDE, and hers is the first book in English written by a woman.

Your purpose, this time around, seems to have been, among other things, to help many through your blogs and writing. That is a worthy achievement.

Neko Kinoshita, this might interest you.

Andrew Collins in The Cygnus Mystery, in the summing up section, writes of the possible "accelerated evolution of the human race owing to cosmic rays", and mentions the work of the British anthropological writer Denis Montgomery, who, he says, "argues persuasively that cosmic rays originating from the Cygnus region helped accelerate human behaviour and evolution during the last Ice Age."

Anonymous said...

There are no coincidences. Everything is connected and is suffuse with meaning. Sometimes i don't quite get it right away and must muse awhile.

This morning i caught the news about the explosion at the government building in Oslo, Norway. On a later news feed came the information that someone in police-drag shot up a summer camp on an island NW of Oslo, leaving several young Labor Party activists dead.

An anonymous poster commented here regarding the site he had read on the 19th (with link) noting that Norway considers the Palestinian statehood bid legitimate.

Curiousity is that between reading the news of the explosion in Oslo and the killings at the summer camp, a cousin from Norway along with his wife and kids visited me here at my home in northern Minnesota. First time i'd seen him since his last visit here 21 years ago. At the time i gave him a copy of Ole Rolvaag's second book, in the original Norsk, titled "Peter Victorious". That also happens to be the name of one of his children, a bright boy of about 12. Rolvaag's better known work was titled "Giants in the Earth".

The Dark forces are lashing out. They realize that their Israel dream is going down the big swirly and that their schemes of world conquest are not such a big secret anymore. The Meek SHALL inherit while the worshippers of Moloch shall fail in their schemes as the Cosmos considers their blood sacrifices and then commences to write on the wall "Mene, mene Tekel. Uparsham".

Hebrew tribal war-god JHVH or whatever the hell you wanna call him is not only not the creator, but is a bloodthirsty being of great magnitude who is getting in his final licks of his favorite substance before he bellies up at the final cloture of the Kali Yuga.

Visible said...

In the movie, Honeysuckle Rose there is a song, "Two sides to Every Story" and that is how I look at everything here. We need to be more forgiving, more understanding and more perceptive AND that is what the qualities of God are all about. I want the qualities of God. and I want the presence. I am glad to be seated way out on the rim with the guys nobody usually talks to and where the action, enjoyment and prestige don't count for much if only I can get closer to the presence. It is why I took drugs and sometimes still do. I am impatient for the presence. I should behave better, I know but I truly want it. It is how I am. I already got a lot of spanking but I am trusting that the divine will appreciate the passion. You can get anything you want there, but what I want is not in the market. Look at the world and tell me I am wrong.

I truly thirst, so I know both stories and you can filter that through allegory and metaphor to suit up God and the devil.

brightsorcerer said...

Excellent timing with this piece, my friend. What I see underlying much of what is happening now, as Kali Yuga thrashes in its death throes, is the true role religion has played in the casual acceptance of genocide and torture as being Israel's "right" to defend itself. Oddly enough, many who are Wiccan and "pagan" are actually more Christ-like in walking their talk than 90% of "Christians". Religion had bred the exact mentality required for the cowards in the shadows - don't question and blindly believe and obey anything from a priest or minister or "god-appointed" government. I heard a "Christian" actually threaten to come down and punch a radio host in the face "for Jesus". There is an extraordinary disconnect to reality and Christ's very teachings and life. Israel has now become their "god", twisting the dogma and rhetoric to actually accept that Christ would condone violence on another living being!!!
I really needed to read this today, so thank you. Namaste.
PS. Added you to my blog roll.

bholanath said...

Anon 10:38 -
Thanks for that.
Hopefully truly a "game changer".
At least the Norwegians will "get it".
Should be spread far and wide.

Teresa said...


Thank you. A lot of stuff there that seems very interesting.


Anonymous said...

mountain highness
casting seas
piercing cloud
rising east
touch of feathers
brushing flow
the growing earths
pervading glow
union cycles
lotions deep
medicine shines
natures leap
summer winds
top the sky
lift within
and multiply


neal said...

Patrick V1.0 8:18: As far as to desiring the light, that does not always mean identification, only the repulsion of desire creating more psychodrama.

I would postulate physical life is not an abomination leading to certain death, just a memory taken either not far enough or a bit too seriously, depending on personal gratitude for certain lessons.

And there is another Earth, you just have not been there, where thoughts are things, and it's all good, much like time in this place, just not spelled out the same.

These things are stuck together, but it's like a tickle that gets more processed as pain, but it's really ecstatic, if that's where you want to go with it. That's why we say "it's always hard to walk in two worlds." And why they tell you you are crazy to go there, like telling a child not to get an ice cream headache.

There is the in between- but that's how you get to stay for the show.

Neil, please don't apologize, I should change this name, but the only other one was NIL, and that's still just one letter removed.

just me, Laurel A. said...

ohmg. my oldest decided, on a whim, to go online and see just how easy it is to get "hired" to write as if you were a few different commenters for blogs. she chose the UN. they need someone who can pretend to be about 15 different commenters, for about 300 posts total, and we need the money.....she was laughing so hard she could hardly type.....she put in a bid for the "position". i never all these news places and blogs, and all, how many of them also HIRE people to pretend to be several active posters?

Neko Kinoshita said...


It’s interesting, but I’m afraid I just can’t buy it. EM fields explain the effects far more accurately that “Cosmic Rays” being described by someone that doesn’t even understand cosmic rays.
Case in point, an active plasma discharge into water (like at the North Pole for example) will boil water and send it soaring high into the atmosphere, where it will speard out in all directions and produce a continuous “ring” of clouds that will drop Tons of Snow constantly. Keep this up for a few years and you get huge ice sheets. Quench the discharge, and the clouds vanish. The ice will melt rather quickly…Hmm, ice age, but only in a thirty degree arc…
The problem with Andrew is that he is the only source. He’s “cherry-picking” information to support his premise (Like Von Daniken), and refers to an “imagined” world axis. He claims that Cygnus was in a polar location, and there is no evidence that that was ever the case. Most of the bits and pieces of mythological information he is referencing is better used by the EU guys as referenced in Dave Talbott’s work in Teresa’s link.

Note: the Electric Universe is not single sourced, there are any number of people involved, and references go back a VERY long way referencing and building on the works of Kristian Birkeland, Halton Arp, Hannes Alfvén, even Edwin Hubble. The advantage is that it is an active theory that offer predictions that often turn out accurate, and is in search of falsification, both signs of science at its best.

Of course, since I don’t actually know anything, I could be wrong.


Denny said...

bholanath 12:13:00 AM

Judging by the amount of anti-israeli comments I've been reading every day in the Norwegian newspapers, I'd say the Norwegians are definitely "getting it", and that's of course why they "got it" today. Norway was also the first country to dare blow the whistle on the highly toxic mercury being put into everyone's teeth, but they were immediately threatened by the US and told to back off. Norway is such a beautiful country, and now they have to spew out the usual lies to the people (though I doubt they're gonna fall for it this time).

DaveR said...

Laurel. Please post a link for the "blogger" ad at the UN.

Rob in WI said...

Great post. To me it backs up a belief that we live in a simulation.
Search "simulated reality", and it will lead to some interesting speculations, such as those of Dr. Nick Bostrom. By the way, I have believed for 40 years that we live in a simulation, and that simulated realities don't require "computers", as we know them, or energy/matter, for that matter (grin). Indeed, the time/space parameters are set by the writer, director, and stage manager, just as in a theatrical production. This scenario makes all things possible, as we experience things that defy the standard parameters.
Ever been to a firewalk? Could go on, but I hope this is enough. Thanks, Visible and all, for being here.

Teresa said...

Neko Kinoshita,

Thank you.

One thing I have been resisting for over 25 years: orthodox physics (yeah, like orthodox religion) states emphatically that there are four forces: electromagnetic, gravity, nuclear weak and nuclear strong. There is the orthodox model with all its particles, and then, there is the modern model with even more sub-atomic particles.

Another perspective: consider the LHC, and what it is really doing as opposed to its public purpose of 'searching for the God particle'.

My opinion (just my opinion) there are more forces, but not more particles. Of course, I am too stupid to prove anything. HOWEVER, life and consciousness prove otherwise. We only have to look/live/feel/sense the myriad forces around us that science refuses to acknowledge.


just me, Laurel A. said...

there is something very wrong with the whole story thus far of the guy they say was shooting those kids. i dont think it was him. it is like tim mcveigh. he was there. but not for this shooting. it wasnt this guy. and it was not just one or two. this was a huge group effort, and it was not him. tim mcveigh was murdered to hide the real perps. this guy has been singled out for the same.

shaolinlite said...

to Anonymous at Friday, July 22, 2011 6:10:00 PM:

Gosh, most people are psychopathic predators? Well duh, thanks for the breaking news, Mr. Obvious.

What's wrong with being a psychopath predator? By design I am a natural born killing machine, an instrument God's divine will; I am not ashamed of what I am, and I am not afraid. I suspect, however, that you are.

You should be.

You are faithless.

A.Mouser said...

I have worked in Norway.

Norwegians are a fair and honest people - partly free from the UK/USA/israel influence (because they have their own PUBLICLY owned oil - like Ghaddaffi was going to do and the Iranians already did).

For a couple of years Norway has been speaking the truth about the genociding of the Palestinians off their own land by the israelis.

On Monday Norway divested from an israeli/S.African company because it was illegally building israeli only settlements in the West Bank.

On Friday Norway was subjected to two terroist attacks killing more than 85 innocent civilians.


Anonymous said...

One of the Brit papers had a pic of the shooter in full masonic gear, apron and all.


Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis.

"Since my life has been supernatural in many ways, I see things in a supernatural setting."

I was an avid Science Fiction (and some Fantasy) book-lover when growing up. It left both a yearning for what I knew was 'more' than in my world, and a flexibility to accept possible 'weirdness'. I bring this up because of my own supernatural 'litmus test'.

Many times, I was in the audience of a well-known channeled entity, some decades ago. This being demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that it could read a person's mind like a book. Serious stuff, not fishing expeditions like some TV shows. (Personally, I treasure those incidents involving myself, because they prove the ability is real and achievable.)

The 'litmus test' came from observing those in the audience who had been 'hit' by this ability. If they 'got it' and still stayed in the audience, then they could balance the fear of being totally exposed with the incredible opportunity for advancement. They were at a certain level of consciousness. If they 'got it' and almost ran for the door (and didn't come back), they were still too immersed in the 'hive mind'. (Kind of like the wife in Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind.")

This 'litmus test' has been proven time and again over the subsequent decades, with other classes and teachers. Some people can handle 'close contact' and others simply can't (or won't).

Be well.

A.Mouser said...

"Anders Behring Breivik har, enligt egna uppgifter, tidigare drivit bloggen Fjordman och har senare under många år varit skribent för de antimuslimska och sionistiska bloggarna Gates of Vienna och Jihad Watch under pseudonymen Fjordman."

"Anders Behring Breivik has, according to himself, formerly coordinated the blog Fjordman and later during many years has been a writer for the antimuslim and zionist blogs Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch under the pseudonym Fjordman."

Anonymous said...

Funny how just a couple of weeks ago all those dead kids were protesting in support of Palestine and calling for a boycott on Israel.

Kray Z8 said...

Thanks, Les, and all who've posted. Some great energy being morphed here.

The sensations of depression, indifference, distraction and dissolution seem to be predominant amongst those "on the fringe" lately, myself included. IMHO it's an indication that abilities beyond conscious perception are awakening. One doesn't have to have a comprehensive understanding of the truth to recognize the lies. People can feel what is wrong without knowing the exact form of what is right.

We're all in flux; tired of the old, which is on the way out, anticipating the new, which is not quite here yet.

At this point, preconcieved notions are worthless, perhaps dangerous. Best to try to maintain a state of calm receptivity.

Meanwhile, keep on rollin', LV. Your blogs are a great catalyst, no matter what self-examination you may go through. In fact, that's part of what makes them shine! Your readers' posts are incomparable, as well.

Peace, Love, Light.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

This is a quick reply to Laurel...@ 2:48 PM... are self-realized and that is the hardest part of the divine path...realizing your one of the divine true beings trapped in this evil dimension...

relax...take several deep breaths...let it flow naturally...i too, catch myself being impatient and have to take a deep breath or two to refresh myself...

Best Wishes Always

DaveR said...

Third morning in a row I woke up laughing. Giggling at the absurdity of all that people take so seriously. Then I cackled at the Israelis and their thinking they could get away with it again. And they will for a little while anyway. big bomb(s) too, Yet the controlled press (controlled by who?) seem to not want to try to name the explosive this time. They got it badly wrong at OKC and Bali and the City of London and the barracks in Beriut and the WTC, so now it appears they've been told to STFU about what kind of bomb could break so many windows for so far around. Don't ask, don't tell.

I laughed this morning about my own situation. I re-read Teresa's post (^) and that about sums it up. The movie is too slow and even though the credits are rolling, it's taken so long I can hardly remember the beginning. I know the whole film is already shot and sitting on the shelf. Why does it take so long to play? Real time is too slow. Just stick the whole thing in my brain all at once and get's get on with it.

There's that laughter again - I don't even know what "it" is. I'm a bad actor in a "reality dra-medy biopic action-adventure" and I don't know the script and the director won't tell me. He says I have to improvise the whole thing. Maybe that's why it's funny. Nobody seems to really care about the plot lines, or God knows, the character development, and the VO in my skull just won't stop chatting and laughing!

"The sensations of depression, indifference, distraction and dissolution seem to be predominant amongst those "on the fringe" lately, myself included. IMHO it's an indication that abilities beyond conscious perception are awakening." Yeah, no shit.

Ever since I was a kid I could get the feeling from things. The feeling of what the person felt when they held it. If somebody was angry when they put down a book (for instance) I could/can feel the anger dripping from it later. I don't even have to touch it. I once loaned a book to Jody Foster's father (she doesn't like him either) and had to call him 3 times to get it back. Apparently he thought he should get to keep it. (I lose a lot of books that way - at least I used to. Now I don't lend books.) He jammed it into the mailbox damaging the cover. The thing was dripping with anger and disgust. I had to give it a spiritual cleansing. It's just more drama and the emotion is written into the script like a serving suggestion on a box of cereal.

I want residuals for this appearance.

If any of this makes sense, sorry. I'll do better next time.

Timothy Oswald Sirhan said...

Breivik is Mossad's patsy for sure.

Norway should declare war on israel.

Breivik veritas:

Ouzel said...

Neko K, thanks for your response and Teresa's link. Shall go into it.

On Norway, please read this aangirfan post

"The 4 September 2000 issue of the Norway Post revealed that the government of Norway was injecting children, psychiatric patients, and others with LSD in the 1950s and 1960s. (Cached)"

Norway's role as "mediator" in the Sri Lankan atrocity and tragedy was not admirable. The LTTE thought they were being betrayed by the mediators.

LV, thanks, again, for making this community possible.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

From Northerntruthseeker:

"Friday, July 22, 2011

Norway Bombing Has Stench Of Mossad All Over It!

Just this morning came reports of several bombs going off in the heart of Oslo, Norway, near the Norwegian Capitol Buildings. There was also reports of a gunman shooting at youths on an island just off the coast of Norway to boot!

The moment I read the reports coming in from the Jewish controlled MSM, I smelled a rat.... This bombing has the earmarks of the Israeli Mossad written all over it.

One of the first bloggers to file a report that the Mossad may be involved is a writer named "Dark Lochnager" and his article in his blog at: is entitled: "Mossad Suspected Of Bombing In Norway", and I have that short article right here, with more comments to follow:

Friday, 22 July 2011


Police in Norway suspect the Israeli intelligence (?), service, MOSSAD, of carrying out a bombing in Oslo which was initially blamed on Islamists.

The Prime Minister's office appears to be the target. It's thought the bombing may be an attempt to deflect attention away from the Zionist, Rupert Murdoch, who has been in the news all over Europe.
Posted by Dark Lochnagar at 5:42 PM

NTS Notes: All of the rhetoric coming out of the controlled MSM is of course trying to point at some Muslim "terrorist" group as being the cause of this bombing... But common sense would dictate that there is no logical reason for the Muslims to target the Norwegians in the first place. Which means that some other group is responsible for these bombings... Now who could that be?

OK... Here are a few reasons why the Mossad would target Norway for this bombing:

(1) Norway is about to put its support behind the call for Palestinian Independence.
(2) Norway is about to withdraw its forces and its support for the evil IMF led war against Libya
(3) Norwegian businesses have been diverging their support for Israeli stocks, and excluding Israeli investments in Norway especially in Norwegian oil, due to ethical grounds.
(4) And of course, obvious deflection of media attention away from Rupert Murdoch's crumbling media empire in the United Kingdom

This is only a small list of some of the possible reasons for the Mossad bombing in Oslo... But one major reason might be to scare those European nations that may be taking the Greek and Icelandic route and just saying NO to evil austerity measures to obey their Jewish masters' orders, or they could be next!

As I have already stated; When the controlled media shouts out that it was a "Muslim terrorist" attack in Norway, just use some common sense and realize that there is only one criminal group on Earth that has the motive and the means of carrying out this attack.

Always remember the Mossad's infamous motto: "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War!"

Anonymous said...


I am but a shadowy reflection of you. It would take only a nudge to make you like me...

or vise versa.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Les Visible and allowing my comments on your blog!


- The jewish global media has two age-old main enemies and if one can't be fingered for these "terror attacks" - the other invariably will be: Muslims and European white males (including those in USA);
- All pieces of the puzzle-story are put together in record time and beamed -via well-coordinated, interconnected network - around the world; the "suspects" are always tracked down, arrested, all details about their lives gathered and reported on, put on trial and found guilty (no chance of innocence);
It's as if the whole story was planned ahead of time ...
- There's always a backup story, in case people quickly discern the b.s. nature of the first story (not Muslim, then proceed to backup pre-planned story i.e. White Euro-male "home-grown variant" (often a white euro-male)...).

The Patsy ("lone home-grown terrorist" (just like the jewish "civil rights" organizations in USA planned - er - predicted) who manages a double mass-murder by bombing and shooting; can't wait to see the spin on how this "mastermind" put it all together - with no helpers):

"Gunman's background puzzles police in Norway"

Declare War On Zionism said...

Witnesses (plural) from the island state there were two or more gunman shooting from two ends of the island and moving inwards to where most of the campers were congregated.

The zionist MSM story is that there was only one lone gunman. They are lying.

The focus of the weekend rally was how the labour party youth could best support the Palestinians against apartheid and genocide.


Ca 90 unarmed youth gunned down by Mossad operatives. How manly is that?

Had enough yet? Could have been your sons and daughters.

Cassandra of Troy said...

It will be us *and* our kids if we don't get this cancer under control. But trying to tell people what's really going on elicits uncomfortable shrugs or outright scorn.

Anonymous said...


Because I was made to fear of who I might be when I'm gone, I forgot to be who I am while here. You my dear friend helped me wipe away that fear. I can enjoy and relish in my success' of peeling away the onion skin. I'm learning to see deep inside of the core existence of what the Divine was intending when setting me about as an eternal spark of the Master flame. I am here to serve in the purpose of creating a one world currency backed by the full faith and credit of the Divine. Love will be that currency by which we will strive to heal this planet. Peace will become the commerce by which all men, women and children will be rewarded for their labor and commitment.

I'm setting about my affairs to attend the rally in Washington D.C. to begin on the 6th of October, 2011 and it will end; never I hope. Attendees are committing to stay for as long as it takes. I can no longer consciously sit behind a computer and manage a garden as my action to end the murder committed in mine or my families name as citizens of the United States of Israel. I invite anyone who believes it is illegal, unethical and immoral to propagate war and murder as an economic realism, to join your brothers and sisters in Unity.

Vis, your courage gave my courage wings and I'm ready to fly into the face of evil.

I love you,


Anonymous said...

pierre said...(with usual disclaimers)

parallels as usual, it's the same cosmos after all.
without definite diagnosis I am making mountains and going down some deep holes, based the assumption, with this latest "theory" (more than a theory), realising that indeed my suffering has not been normal, these are not normal aches and pains and yes, it is illumating to realise how one can be in a hole and not know it.(I could be wrong at this stage though I doubt it). I can appreciate being in a state of not knowing, but things not being right in a fundamental way. but I WANT to know, that's the difference.
why the ego self/reactive self/disconnected self? according to the 'humans are different' theory, we evolved to go against the grain, animals do it natural, which is ok if things are normal. humans have a "consciousness" ability to be unnatural, to say "no" to orthodoxy. to make shit up. to make up different shit. to try out shit in a different way. it comes at a price. delusion, discontentment, forgetting how to walk. lies and the need to detect them. it's gambling in a sense, that the positives will outweigh the negatives. it's cool if mostly integrated with the natural self, but can lead to neuroses and behavours most unnatural. if we go the next step and integrate (whatever that means, let's not be pedantic), there's something special for humanity in the wings.
2006/7 TV series Jericho
(like Deadwood, more lightweight, much much darker) has middle American town in the midst of the fag end of the Apocalypse. (is this another production brought to you by the usual hubritic mob?, a primer for things to come? or just fear factoring? or doom porn, GLP style).
(Time is different for me when I whilst watching TV I goof off. it seems like 5 minutes, it was 1 minutes on the telly. or does distraction out there kill the time in here? I suspect it a quantum dilation thing (brain as quantum computer) )
(my collegen thingies are (like everyones/eveythings) triple helixes - go figure, but asked Mephistopheles, where is the fourth?)
incidentally (or rather NOT), it occured to me yesterday that, in my solitude, all this babble dress-rehearsal talking/thinking to myself to all my imaginary acquaintances (not friends), why am I not talking directly to the ONE who IS my friend?. I suppose that would be corny (I know I am wrong about that), and the mock speeches are all about survival in the unreal material world of the future. what a bloody wast of time (for the most part). I should cut out the middle men/people and this monkey babble mind. still, there is such a thing as too introverted, and that is worth cautioning about. and there are reasons for everything so.. on it goes. one baby step at a time, and a giant leap? for?

'nough and naught really said

wv: quaregeh . a quandrum stuck in the throat. (a quandrum is a quauntum conundrum)

Anonymous said...

Through appliance of science, we've got that ring of confidence.


Father Brown

Rob in WI said...

@Declare war on zionism,
You're right, a single shooter could not have been responsible. Mossad teams are usually large, (and overkill), for the crime. I'm just hoping they get nailed on this one. It could be a gamechanger. As LV has been saying, the veil will be lifted, and the truth exposed. A single shooter killing 80+ on that island? Rambo, in his most unbelievable fantasies, wouldn't be up to it.

ChewyBees said...

I like your image of the endless loops that people engage in. These are the safety nets, and there are many and they each have their own pace throughout a man's life. Some are organizational (an organization being more than 4 people with a stated intent) and some are internalized, most notably addictions and habits of some form or another. Even the duet of relationships revolve around common loops.
These loops also serve to shield the human mind from harsh reality or the possibility of it coming down like a hammer. Every time a man breaks away from a loop he has freed some part of his being to investigate, discover and act on greater energies and power. Those breakthroughs may also become loops, only to be realized and broken again, if the man has courage and determination and seeks wisdom.
Perhaps the greatest loop I have escaped from is organized religion. It is not a bad thing, religion, but I was doing the same thing over and over again, in short cycles in communion (grin) with long ones. I was a a sinner then forgiven then a sinner then forgiven. Whoever was doing the forgiving just plain wasn't very good at it, and I had to break that loop and go direct.
Another loop that has changed my entire view of the 'world' is not reading the njewspaper or watching the njewscasts. These are the worst loops of all, feeding a series of 'stories' all with the intent of advertising untruth in addition to advertising 'things'. It's a trap that we've been told not to question as if it ever had integrity.
Anyway, I might be starting to might be starting to loop in this post, so I'm gonna hit Control-C on the whole thing and leave it to the rest of you barracudas to squabble over...

Mouser said...



Two military-industrial cars bombs and 85 dead young people in just three hours by one man? Yeah, right.

Anders Breivik
Jared Loughner
Osama bin Laden
Sirhan Sirhan
Harvey Oswald

Zionism: "Destroying the world one event at a time since 1880."

Denny said...

Cassandra of Troy 12:56:00AM

Do you have any suggestions?

Getting this global infestation of cancer under control will probably mean "us and our kids" being extinguished along with it. And being the particularly virulent strain that it is, it's probably going to require nothing less that the combined military forces of Russia, China and Iran in order to acheive it - IF even their leaders are prepared to jeopardize or even sacrifice their own privileged lifestyles as this of course implies a WW3/Armageddon scenario.

Are you ready for this..?

Cassandra of Troy said...

@ Denny: If I offered you solutions, would you believe me any more than the Trojans believed Cassandra, the seeress of Troy, when she warned them of Greeks bearing gifts?

I'm no princess, but it seems to me we have welcomed the wooden horse into our midst and we have no idea how many Zionists are hidden inside, waiting to swarm out and destroy us as we sleep in complacency.

just me, Laurel A. said...

just because i am so glad you are here les.....i am re-posting my comment from the other essay where i had posted are so needed here, and so damn loved by us, you know? stay with us as long as you can muster the strength :)

"the moral of it is, the blog posts by les have been absolute medicine in reminding myself and these girls that there is not only us, not only this, and not only NOW. it isnt that we didnt know, but one alone is just that. community, the diversity and the strength of numbers, is an absolute. without it, we are all victims. with it, we are an army of love and spirit. les has an army of love. and les, you could not have done it had you not been the product of your own years of hell. how could you have even known what you know now? therein is the purpose. and there is the reason why you are an icon for me, for mine, and for so many thousands and more. just one small step by a man, a man who was faltering because he was on a precarious trail, one of his own groundbreaking, and the wobbling footsteps gave us a view of where we might want to go, and so, we follow. each wobbling person stepping after you creates a trail that is sharper, wider, clearer, and sometimes dotted with the little beautiful touches of a passing fellow pioneer...the flowers we can smell when we are tired and need to rest, the food and water we need to continue, the little hut for shelter in a storm, and the comraderie the human in us craves."

Visible said...

New Petri Dis

Connecting the Dot Machine.

Denny said...

Cassandra of Troy 3:01:PM

I'm all ears...

Miriam said...

The Very Best to you Ghana!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:10- your inverse genitals reminded me of joke a lesbian friend of mine once told me about her vagina being like a penis turned inside out and shoved up inside. So in terms of having sex she basically thought of it as pulling her vagina out. I cannot help but concur.

cock starved psychopath bondage clowns.

You sir, are a veritable word smith

Anonymous said...

Sometimes God kills His best friends, just for fun.

Thank you for saying that Homer, it made me laugh something awful. Sometimes it sure feels like someone or something wants me to die. lol.

namuh v7.77 said...

Before I read the next Les' tale of the apocalypse ... just had to say:

What a wonderful confluence of energy this was ... awe inspiring.

Looping, dancing, quandrums of double-helix awakening souls thrashing at the walls of our prison; Energy renewed at the sight of a fracture in a bulwark seeming so immovable for oh so very long! The chinking dusting our paths, chips of evil, the blindness, crunching underfoot.
Shiva's dance.

There were so many posts that struck a resonant chord within me, as well as between all of you :) ... bravo! bravo! Dance on!

Anonymous said...

you're a very good man Les Visible. And I thank you.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Am I from Outer Space?

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

First, I give my condolences to the families in Norway that losted loved ones in this heinous act..

Very Stupid and Bad...

As usual, it's the lone gunman again. Just like the alleged single VA Tech shooter that killed a large number of people with a handgun..

Just lies, lies, and more lies...

Now, I'm beginning to wonder if Isreal is really that STUPID or are they being set-up??

Yes, Israel will be destroyed in the grand scheme of things. For those who want to see it destroyed, it will be.

Remember though, Israel is only a pawn to the Elite in their plans for World Conquest..

Just like the Norway shooter is a Patsy, I often wonder if Israel is a Patsy too?

Don't be fooled.. These evil bastards who worship, study, and commune with Fallen Angels are not stupid. They have thought this thing out and will sacrifice Israel at the proper time to suit it's purpose.

Just point toward the Jews they say..

I think in the Protocals of Zion it's called "Management of the Lesser Brethren"...

I guess we'll see what the investigation will uncover..

What I can say is that the lone gunman theory is FAKE.. We all know that..

Also, what's interesting is this guy's love for FREEMASONRY.


Thoughts anyone???

Thanks and God Bless,


Visible said...

Yes, it is good to keep an open mind but Israel is no patsy; simply the fact that the comprise the majority of the world's bankers, their treatment of the Paltestinians, their long history and their control of the media and western goverments says all that needed to be said; not to mention 9/11.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your blessings and support. Be well my sister and friend.



Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

I agree and certainly not removing Israel from guilt.. Of course they should pay for 9/11, the treatment of those in Palestine, and all the other atrocious acts commited in the name of their Demon god...

They are NOT absolved from that...

I'm just aware that Israel will be used as a PAWN by the Satanic Elite in their quest for world gov't.

The people will clamor -- "off with their head".

So the Elite will eventually serve the masses Israel's head on a platter to quiet the disillusioned multitude.

Maybe in World War 3?? We'll have to wait and see how this thing unfolds...

Just don't look for the destruction of Israel (pawn) to be the end all..

This reminds me of the movie - The Usual Suspects.. Ole Kaiser Sosay..

The misdirection got everyone played like a fiddle and killed in the end..

On another note, it would be something if Norway just bucked the trend and openly declared WAR on those responsible..

Haha!!! That would seriously throw their NWO plans out of Whack..

Can't out run Karma.. All those responsible will get what they deserve..

Thanks and God Bless,




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