Friday, February 27, 2015

ZOG and the Catamite Hordes on the Shifting Sands of Time.

Dog Poet Transcendentalizing.......

“The factory of the future will have only two employees, a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment.”

If it weren't for the fact that it is horrific and painful on impact, wherever it lands, the things going on these days would be just silly. Even on the cultural end, where people aren't being burned to death in cages, or whole populations are displaced and live in dread, it's still incredibly harmful on subtle levels, where subtle doesn't really apply, like this ridiculous specimen. I mean... how does grammar and punctuation mean anything when the writing is so... so... bad? I had suspected it was going to be crass and pandering to the lowest common denominator of bent sex, written solely for the purpose of financial gain and let me restate that... pandering to the lowest common denominator; wretched excess of perversity for the sake of perversity AND... of course, a huge success for all the wrong reasons but.. what else is new, in a world where nothing much is new but usually reconstituted, rehashed hash, which is already rehashed, in a world where superficiality rules the day and turns even bright sunlight into night, for those who cannot or simply refuse to see. It gives me hope because not even if I tried could I write that bad.

Moving right along, our latest Sesame character is Jihad John, one more product of government generated fearmongering. They don't know when to quit do they? When Mr. Apocalypse rips the dreaming bed sheets further off of the tawdry spectacle of these days, the hoped for, cringing embarrassment on the one hand and withering contempt on the other, will set in and leave its mark, like The Mark of the Beast, on all of those who do not have the talent or capability of a beast. You can see the beasts sidling and inching away from these characters, as if to say, “Hey, I'm not with them.”

Not to be outdone, let's move into the realm of voodoo science with their latest full moon through a school bus window presentation, they're basically saying, “Hey! Forget about Jihad John and Fifty Shades of Dumb Ass Retardo Mentalblock, we're numba 1!” Do I even have to go into what's wrong with this particular example of raging ignorance?

Rage... rage... rage against the dying of the light. What light? Of course, Exhibit A would be that ONLY the rich would be able to afford something like this, except for the poor fools they might have to practice on, to get to where they would be willing to chance it on the rich... this is all Bill Gates territory. One could say that this is something the rich, richly deserve. Hey... why not do it in reverse too and transplant the head of the donor upon the body of the recipient?

Wait a minute! Hold that scalpel right there. There's more. Yes... when your aspiration is to make an ass of yourself, you surely should consider a bigger ass. I'm thinking of getting together with my jean's designer friend, Imron and putting together a line of 'Wide Load' Jeans. The label would be like the one you see on those semi's that haul double wide trailers up and down the road. This is definitely Trailer Park Boys country. The pain, agony and disappointment of this procedure is well known and the failure and complication rate is impressive but... when it comes to the force of runaway vanity, coupled with cluelessness, there is no perceivable limit to how far people will go when they have no idea where they are going.

There is humor to be had yet, however, as Mr. Apocalypse utilizes one of the many various functions of his walking stick, we get things like this. You can look for an ever increasing degree of similar events, happening at every level of society. As has been said here, over and over; Materialism accelerates insanity. Materialism is insanity and if you can't see that, you are... insane (in the membrane?).

This posting is more appropriately a Petri Dish candidate but you do it when it comes up or... at least that is how I do it.

On the world wide front; rather specifically in the Mideast, they are tuning up for serious conflict. I could say I have all the data I need to prove the pending truth of this but I'll just say, as is my wont; time will tell and we shall see. Factoring into this is the remarkable preparedness of Iran. You can think what you like about Iran, I tend to look at things like this from a non subjective perspective. In the world of these days, we are dealing with not good and bad but relative degrees of evil. In that case it is safe to say that Iran is relatively less evil than the nations seeking its destruction but.. that's just me.

Iran is coming up with weapons designs the way that Starbucks comes up with new variations of caffeinated froth for serious coin, coffee wise. Russia is now going to give Iran an even better system than the S-300's that they backed off from providing because of intense pressure from the Zionist Central Banking Crime Syndicate. However... Russia is now fully aware of ZOG's intention to destroy her. You can only finesse so much when dealing with demonic psychopaths, eventually you have to do more than toreador. That was good policy up until now. It granted Russia time and time is often a very critical feature of the game of Risk played on The Big Board. So there's that weapon's system and then there are things like this. Iran is not stupid. They know what's going on and they are putting their attention, squarely and relentlessly on the certain occurrence of calamitous assault upon their nation from Banker Nation, assisted by the ZOG occupied USA; ZOG controlled Saudi Arabia and those catamite Gulf States who support every vile effort brought about by ZOG against whatever near defenceless people they get it into their head that they want to exterminate. The decades long genocide against the legitimate people who were kicked out of their own country, by people with no right to be there, says everything you need to know about what is behind all that is being discussed here and ongoing horrors the world over from orchestrating 9/11, to manipulating the world's economy, in a ceaseless economic war against the poor and the middle class. In order to ruin any nation, it is only necessary to destroy the middle class.

Look for a big new conflict this year; probably starting in Lebanon because that's a long festering imperative for ZOG for many reasons that you can discover for yourself, if you care to. Heading in the direction of Iran through Syria is more problematic and that is what the ZOG Occupied States of America and fellow travelers created ISIS for.

I know that many of you are tired of hearing about this and even more tired living under the hard, horned hands of the DHS and the NSA, whose only job is abuse every class of the population, except for the ones they were created to serve. There is nothing legal or logical about anything they do. The not being legal part is obvious. The not being logical part is because what they are up to never works in the end. Unfortunately, we who live here, however temporary that might be, must suffer from the Draconian treatment handed out by these... thugs. I am writing this to say; THEY SHALL NOT PREVAIL! Life could be so much sweeter and rewarding. We long for it. We crave it and hunger for it. We would so much rather not be here in this time. The weight of it is fiercely oppressive. You get almost used to it and wish this were not so. Their technology of torment is at a very high degree of sophistication, even if they do exercise it in the most ignorant and ham handed ways possible but... it is enough for the masses, rendered ignorant enough to buy into and insecure enough to be frightened by it. Don't be. One of the cardinal powers of Materialism is to blind the public to the reality of forces outside their bandwidth. They readily agree to what they can see because what they can see is trumpeted on every hand.

All force is BORROWED force and the current runs according to the planetary schematic of the age it is manifested in. At the changing of the age, there is always a cusp period, in which the one is leaving but hasn't left and the one is coming but hasn't arrived. This can be aptly termed as a 'time of confusion'. This is like water raging from rain, it's muddy and foaming and we are being carried along on it. It is natural to be apprehensive and feel lost, overwhelmed by the sensation of rapid change and how do you adjust? The conditions of the world of the moment, war against our integrity and values, supposing we have any amount of the old school version left. It is a natural accommodation for most to travel the path of least resistance, sometimes regardless of where it may lead. That is what we have today, because Materialism is all about intensities of sense reaction. It imprisons you in the seen but what is seen is only appearance in a state of continuous change. You MUST HAVE an awareness of what is in the face of what seems. No matter how seemingly powerful the state and it's wardens may seem to be, they are walking in the dunes on the shifting sands of the times. They are in terminal status and it is only a matter of time. They are being both allowed and driven to destiny and every opportunity to expose them as what they are, is being given. In the end there can be no defense for what they have done and they are doing it before the watching eyes of the whole world who, even though they cannot see it, they are seeing it, however unconsciously and when Mr. Apocalypse decides... their eyes will open... gradually as has been ...and all at once when the time comes for it.

Not only does American Nazi, Mossad agent, Rahm Emmanuel got this going for him but... he's got this as well. This is the time of unveiling, revealing and uncovering and those seeking to hide their works, no longer possess the power or force to do so. Yes, my friends, it looks dark but it depends on where you are looking, because the best disinfectant is shining that light upon all and sundry. It is of signal importance that we put the focus on ourselves and what we do and less so upon the doomed activities of those marching to perdition.

Come with me my friends, into the golden age of the possible that has yet to manifest, as it surely will. Let us live in the confidence and certitude of the inevitable and keep foremost in our minds WHICH of the inevitables we choose to host. Here is the critical thing. It is what you put your attention on; what you invest in, what you strive for and what you exemplify. Keep that uppermost in your hearts and minds as you travel each moment in time. What they do is on their heads, not yours. What you do is on your head. Do not let them steal your positive shine. Do not let them take your joy and your love. We don't control much but in a sense we control everything to the degree that we control the reactive mind. The reactive mind is one of the most important things we will ever have to deal with and how we deal with it, determines close to everything in our lives. You don't hear much about it in the day to day but it is most of everything you see in the day to day and you can witness the life of anyone through observing their relationship with their reactive mind. Control that and your whole world will come into accord.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"The decades long genocide against the legitimate people who were kicked out of their own country, by people with no right to be there."

Sounds like Turtle Island.

Gods, that 'cup period' sure is taking its sweet ol' time. Quite annoying, really. Hope something 'interesting' happens before summer. I suppose when it does, I'll wonder what the Hell I asked for, but I ask that question almost every day of my sojourn in this Hell Hole.

Brian Crossland said...

Oh yes,
The fallen Madonna surrounded by horned minions. For the purpose of demonstration.
Mr A. rocks.

Peter said...

Your madness is a delight to read. Your writing,insanely sane.

Anonymous said...

Links to text versions of -

Bhagavad-gita As It Is

Śrī Īśopaniṣad

Easy Journey to Other Planets

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Russia is now fully aware of ZOG's intention to destroy her. You can only finesse so much when dealing with demonic psychopaths; eventually you have to do more than toreador."

I have found this site to be a good way to balance out the 'owned' propaganda:

One thing that becomes clear when digesting this site's articles is that Russia really has come to a 'great awakening' about what is intended for her. And, she will not 'submit' or 'succumb'...

I take this 'awakening' as equivalent to when Great Britain finally 'got it' in early WWII that she was the next target. (TPTB machinations aside.) And, this 'aha' is not just at the leadership level; it is all the way down.

I believe 'Russia' is smart enough not to play inside TPTB's chessboard. Also, she is smart enough to ferret out what is really important to TPTB. (Including staying alive: Remember the global-hit scene from "The Godfather".) And now, she understands her 'fate' if she only 'toreadors'. A truly potent mix...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

alpholive said...

I tossed a comment at the readers of VO a few minutes ago. Farbeit for Me to advise. Modesty only proves US worthy of leadership. We still have to lead, even through a mine field and legions of pa-trolling agents. speak truth freely in a way the benighted might be redeemed. never wish ill or harm on any. It is not easy sometimes to forgive them that make stealthy war and mislead the gullible. Do it anyway. Lead from within. Yourself. Chipster

galen said...

Speaking of. . .

Well, I did it, though I had thoroughly intended not to. I broke down and saw "Fifty Shades of Gray." I know, bad place to give my money to, but honestly, I really went for anthropological reasons, just to see what they're pumping into the culture. Well, aside from the social programming, it was dull and boring and ran like a really bad soap opera. I gave it a D minus. And shame on me for going and letting my curiosity get the best of me.

I was discussing the S & M element with a friend and said friend wrote: "I am a very gentle and kind lover. My touch is just enough, as is. If you pay attention to your other, some amazing things can happen. There is no need for any of that. Well, at least in my view."

I responded: "Yeah, sell it to the Marquis and his ignorant admirers. I'm so with ya on this one. Even as a young girl when I first learned about such antics something in me cringed and I remember telling myself, "It'll never happen here." And it never has. If anything it's a turn-off and a full-blown pampering of an ego that sells harm as fulfillment. And I saw how it was slickly marketed as the ultimate lay and touted as a vehicle for cultivation of trust. Ha!! So sad that so many are buying this. Big trend with the young ones. And I see that the author of "Fifty Shades" now has out a line of S & M sex toys. She must be a victim of BONDAGE
OF THE MIND!! Likely abused as a child whether she knows it or not. And not too hard to guess which masters she serves.

"Friend, you're so right. . .'If you pay attention to your other. . .' That's where miracles are born and selfishness melts. How anyone can leave love and respect out of it is beyond me. And I know that many will disagree with me and explain how bondage does not necessarily exclude love. That's a little like saying, "Yeah, I raped you, but you had an orgasm, didn't you."

I'm naive? Sheltered? Play it safe? Well I'd rather be in any of those camps then at Degradation City. On a side note. . . Another someone told me of a woman who had cigarette burns all over her breast, even on the nipple. Seems the game went that far. Some kind of dark ecstasy?

I did not read the books. I've heard that one of its strong messages is "Allow yourself to be debased and you will get the man of your dreams and have everything you want." What a sad thing to tell young girls. And what a sad thing to teach young boys.


Ray B. said...

On "Fifty Shades of Gray" and the S&M 'culture':

I take this 'phenomenon' on two levels - the 'farmer' wanting to be fed, and the build-up of held pain.

In the bigger picture, this is the baddies trying to 'normalize' pain. They are foisting it on the sheeple in just the way they initially pushed cigarettes: Daring, glamor, in-group, rebelliousness, etc. The hoped-for result is that their 'cows' can give more 'milk'. (Pain.)

In the more-personal picture, held-pain pushes out any awareness of the higher states within bonding and pleasure. In lovemaking with little held-pain, energy fields naturally overlap, and telepathic and empathic connections spontaneously occur. Without getting too graphic, one partner looked at me and exclaimed, "How can you know?"

Once you have experienced these events and circumstances, you can never be satisfied with held-pain sex. However, just like the situation before having spiritual experiences, those without the actual 'knowing' are vulnerable to being swayed by carefully-crafted 'campaigns'.

I do fear for the innocents. Baaa...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I will occasionally watch a film to see what they are up to. I saw American Sniper and I told myself I wouldn't and then I did and it was what I expected; a lot of gung ho, young dumb and full of cum antics glorifying the killing of people who did nothing to them or their country on the orders of bankers. Now I know but... I knew already. Still... the need to confirm is there. I'm sure there's a porn film out now called "Fifty Shades of Gay."

Visible said...

I don't watch TV except for American Idol (judge me for that if you wish) but this is the best season ever. The talent is through the roof. I just watched the top 12 guys and top twelve ladies and there were some... real, oh my god moments. A lot of real people flowering before your eyes. Yeah.. the world will probably chew them up and spit them out but who knows?

I do watch Game of Thrones even though I don't like the author but it is so kinky in so many ways and I love Peter Dinklage. I also watch House of Cards. It's Kevin Spacey at his Margin Call best. He does villain.

Have a nice evening. I am.

Anonymous said...

Who do you like so far on idol?

Visible said...

Clark killed it, just killed it with "When a Man Loves a Woman" The modulation at the end was a nifty trick and the last guy, Qaasim Wow! What a performance. Either of them could win it all. I haven't seen a stand out performance from the ladys yet but I will. They're all good. People can probably watch these things at Youtube.

galen said...

Brian, I had a similar observation on Madonna. Could be a deep moment opening to some kind of sea-change. Maybe tomorrow we'll all wake up feeling a little lighter.

Ray, I very much like what you said about "held pain." Makes me wanna dig deeper, work harder on healing my own pain. A life's work, for sure. And that pain affects so many areas and is likely the root cause of addiction. Being human is one of the most difficult tasks this human ever took on.


Steven Gordon said...

Suits, The Americans, and Forever do suit me nicely.
But Better Call Saul is the breakout of the season.
Watch how he breaks into the business of becoming bad.
S'all Good,man!

Visible said...

I knew Better Call Saul was going to be good when Tuco showed up.

Anonymous said...

50 Shades of Grey just goes to show that we are a perverse society that is entirely too obsessed with sex.

Sex is dangerous. Sex kills. Sex can create in a matter of moments a situation you will have to deal with for the rest of your lifetime.

We want to keep children away from sex for the same reason we don't want children to drive cars, operate heavy machinery or get involved in complex business deals. Only a demon hell beast would ever assault a child! Purposefully hurting a child is the most horrible thing one could do. Yet, as a society we do it everyday.

Due to socialization,education, entertainment and religion my mind has been infected with fetishes and perversion; an unhealthy attitude towards women. People aren't born perverted. (I like to think I have grown out of it.)

Sex viewed in a modern and civilized context has debased women and compromised men's honor. Sex can not make one happy deep down. It can only provide momentary pleasure and over reliance on sex can lead to anome.

Sex is ground zero in terms of cynical manipulation of our personalities by our overlords. It is not natural to want to tie up one's sex partner or beat them with a whip or anything like that. Things like that are neurotic and perverse and very, very common.

Our civilized minds have been infected. It seems to me the so called heathens of the forest have far more class than the civilized.


Anonymous said...

Normally I find your prose an obstacle course but good piece today.

Anonymous said...

"Better Call Saul" is the best show since "True Detective". My friends all say that "Game of Thrones" is a big advertisement for the books,( I get a strong impression that the author is too mean-spirited for his own good, & I have an awful lot of better stuff to read...)
I admit to being rather close-minded toward "American Idol", ( I always had a semi- antisocial attitude toward main stream culture), & was avoiding "House of Cards" ( as being potentially 'apologist propaganda') but I always liked Kevin Spacey's performances, & appreciate a good vocalist, so maybe I should check them out.
" 50 Shades of Grey" looks too familiar ( in a bad way ) & reminds me of a conversation I recently had with a young friend who just started college, pertaining as to why is our culture so pathologically hung up on sex to sometimes absurd degrees, wherein it seems inconceivable to some people to accept the idea of a friendship of any sort, without some sort of sex being involved. Old fashioned common decency seems to zip right over their heads.....


galen said...

McCob, word has it you'll be touring the lecture circuit with your "What Sex REALLY Is" message. Wonderful!! Please keep the tickets under $20.00 so I can attend. If you need a pointer, Ray has one.



Anonymous said...


The rumor is not true. And in any case with me you would get in free with a back stage pass.

I know what sex is and I have my own 'pointer'.

Your brilliance is only exceeded by your charm.

Love, McCob

Thomas said...

I was surprised to see that on the "evil Hitler, Evil Nazis"-meme, only Galen seems to be disconnected from the hypnotized mass-mind, while both Vis and Ray, my dear and wise elder brothers and teachers are still plugged into this meme.

Consider this: We have been lied to about EVERYTHING. Does it really make sense that in the case of the most dehumanized, most demonized, most propagandized, most consistently repeated meme of them all, namely, "the utter evil of Herr Adolf Hitler and the Nazi-germans" that we have somehow NOT been lied to? Sure, he was a kind of (benevolent) dictator, and he killed "the white rose", which is a shame; but besides that, he was a man of the best intentions, and an iron will, and great courage and integrity. He had a great Love for his country, his people, and for God, and he did what he believed to be right. No documentation has EVER been found of a mass extermination program, not even after the Allies had cracked the Enigma Code and were listening in on Auswitch communications. He also understood that desperate times requires desperate measures, and when you are responsible for millions and millions of women and childrens lives as well as fighting to the death all countries dominated by the International Jews, INCLUDING Stalins Red Regime, the most murderous in human history, you CANNOT tolerate inner dissent, hence the Rose had to be executed. Sometimes the end justifies the means. Yogananda uses the example of the Yogi killing a snake that is about to kill a child. The act of killing the snake is a sin, but the act of saving the child is a greater virtue.

I can only reiterate my recommendation from some days ago:

Watch "Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told"

here it is, for your convenience, should you choose to follow my advice:

I promise you, you will be both very entertained, as this is a riveting and astounding story, and wiser for watching. You can also check out the reviews on IMDB, which in themselves are very telling.

All the best, my friends :)

Ray B. said...

Since no-one has brought up what the baddies are really trying to obscure, I'll do it here:

The opposite side of loading up with pain is to actually unload the pain - and keep unloading it, so you are relatively 'clear'. When you do that, marvelous things start to happen...

When a person is relatively pain-free, their aura unfolds and their chakras expand. If you are with a partner that has also done their work, there is little reason not to have the two 'energy bodies' co-mingle. This can happen just in quiet times, but is accentuated during lovemaking. In my experience, it feels like you are in two bodies at once, though still 'aware' of yours. If your partner is relatively pain-free, it is a wonderful, true 'mingling'. (Prepare for some 'odd' sensations!)

Usually, by the time you get to this 'condition', your higher chakras have healed to the point that you realize 'we are all in this together'. Perhaps even 'we are one'.

From this perspective, why wouldn't you do whatever brings your other-half pleasure? Knowing a need 'here', or something building 'there' or a block 'just there', why wouldn't you move to maximize your partner's pleasure? After all, you are at least partially 'One', now... (grin)

Higher-order versions of the above, once you are in simpatico with your partner, can include mutually-directing the raised-energy for healing and consciousness-raising experiences. It can happen that the 'completion' - rather than being physical - goes 'out the door' as an energy-surge, and you are just as pleasantly 'finished' and satiated. Amazing.

"These" are the kinds of things that the baddies do not want you to know 'exist', and a reason they want you to load up with pain (and stay loaded up)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Back in very fine form herein.

Some real pearls cast out for us in this one.

Reckon you're right about Lebanon being the start for the next ZOG flare up. Definite whiff of sulphuric Armageddon in the air, making it increasingly likely all blows up nuclear in a revelatory sort of way (grin).

On a different note, i'm starting to ?Wonder if there isn't a conflict between you wanting to get all spiritual and me wanting you to write social commentary as well as you do? In Japan they relish these seeming paradoxes for all they're worth; but the occidental mind tends to want one or the other to win out. honestly i want nothing but the best for you, whatever that may be for you.

Now looking through the glass darkly--who wants to know why spacey does villain so well?

Much appreciation.


Katy said...

Re: 50 shades of teen porn...
The hsexual agenda is to please the demons.
First take the mysterious unfathomable act--two macro beings fully, deeply joining; two microvisible particles, one offered from each, merging---among the fruits of which are the ineffable stream of life recreated, a gift of Beingness from parent to child, an increase in the telepathy of love between the two...(as RayB pointed out)...
Turn that downright psychedelic act first into simple pleasure rather than sacred ecstacy;
Degrade further into an entertainment, a slavering voyeristic mindfap;
Extract all elements of purity, mystical sharing, transcendence and love [and replace with puerile stimulation, double entendre "humor" and sophomoric mundaneness]
Finally add violence and pain, with some deliberate horned costumes if available, the more to please the antimaster and enslave the naive or the wounded.
With m. Cyrus things shifted into full high gear insofar as taking the third portion of an entire generation of children who were abused hurt brainwashed and controlled,and began to fully incorporate them as allies, partners as it were, for grooming their even littler friends.
The filthy giggle that is now almost force fed to the little ones is a sounding bell, an alert.
The trio of Shades "books" (snort) are meant to duplicate the Twilight series. Just put it out there; the PTwannaB will make sure everyone is infected within a year or two.

Having been engaged in therapy with satanically abused children over the years has been horrific enough; to see that the secret vile acts have morphed into culturally acceptable hipness is literally nauseating and brings me to my knees in prayer.
My intensity on this issue is frequently head-patted as puritanical or sentimental or "hopelessly romantic" in many places. I felt i could express myself here and i appreciate the atmosphere so much...

Katy said...

How many parents know they are sending their children to this?
Beware as you scroll down, what is seen is difficult to unsee..

Ps, you dont need to post this, it is beyond the pale)))

galen said...

Thomas, I have only scratched the surface on all the Hitlerese. There's also that some say he's an heir of the house of Rothschild, some grandparent connection. But I will keep at it; keep studying and learning and seeing what intuition picks as true. And most importantly, how do we let all this affect the present? I mean are we expecting some mass public revelation that clears up the deception? How do we make this (possible/likely) truth propel forward, undo the poisoning, the oppression, the down-spiraling? I got some really smart people screaming Adolph's virtues and some really, really smart people screaming, "Gimme a break. Hitler a good guy? That's a good one!!" And sometimes racial supremacists weigh in and it gets even cloudier. I'm all for cultural pride and continuance, as long as it's for EVERYBODY. Crazy mess, crazy, crazy mess.

Mc Cob, you made me laugh for 15 minutes. Then I stopped and went to take a shower. In the suds I started laughing again. No, I was not seeing my reflection in the mirror. Then I stopped laughing again and went for a long drive. It's 6 or 7 hours later and in the car I burst out in belly laugh again. I must thank you. It came on a day when all things domestic needed big doses of merriment. To laugh is to shift. See you back stage.



Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Yes! They shall not prevail! They'll reach a certain "inflection point", if you will, then out come many a rotten secret, previously lied about...a LOT, then I wish them "good fuck" in their occult-ass, idiot schemes when what I'm getting at gets started; No turning back now for such mooks, so ha ha ha at all the dumpy, sick, thoroughly implicated parties. If you idiots in the ABC agencies reading this wanted to do something to me, what was the hold up, you disassociated, compartmentalized dumb shits? I never was joking about how important it was to truly try and stick "ye ol'" neck out, and I'm not right now as of yet kidding about much, though I know I'm rather the vague-ass character. I use my whole name and I'm using my whole ass over here; Not trying to half-ass what little it is I'm doing being the scenes, which isn't much, "though" I soon will be more physically involved; We all will be soon, soon soon enough relative to how much time was either utilized well or squandered, depending on who you are, individual by individual on all of Earth; I'm not the Judge. Their "love" of satan and satanism's going to be a "coup de grace" on their idiot selves, one by one...

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Just one more thing, and I won't comment any more for a while: Don't take what's been being recorded too personally when the time comes for that screed to be outed. We all have our moments of doubt and, certainly, our sins. I was and am still about contextualizing where I stand, and I found out, through experience, that I couldn't communicate very well about ineffable issues, so I found another outlet to get some "stuff" off my chest about. It's my thing in life, to bitch relatively directly into a tapped phone line at ABC pukes and other assorted dark types soon to face the music. I will too for my part. Good tidings to all who want to see some serious changes. We have, I strongly intuit, less than six months before some serious activities from "upstairs" start to kick in in earnest, then there's no turning back and thank God for that! Now, I'll call 'em up and bitch at them some more about what the literal hell they're stepping into for my tiny part...

galen said...

For Insiam


and this:


Anonymous said...


for all of my supercilious, pseudo intellectual posturing I do have empathy for victims of predatory perverts, especially children.

I know a woman whose father abused her when she was 13. She was coerced into giving the old guy a blow job while the mother was in the hospital. I know another man who was abused as a child and he can only get by by drinking a fifth of whiskey, as well as taking other intoxicants, everyday.

I was abused when I was 11 by one of my big brothers friends. You know how boys roughhouse? Anyway my brother and his pal who were 5 yrs older than me at the time, I was 11, were messing we me. My brothers friend stuck his middle finger up my asshole. I was wearing jeans at the time. He put lots of force into it. He was enjoying causing me humiliation and pain. I would say the look on his face was like an animals except animals have dignity. His face was contorted like a crazy man possessed by a demon.

I truly think the subversion of our culture begins by not respecting women. Instead of being a valuable and complimentary partner in survival women are looked on as a bane and weakness; a natural inference of the fall from grace in the garden of evil...? er....excuse me....I mean Garden of Eden.

Sickman Froyd was a fucking idiot and his take on things has done a lot of harm to society at large.

Hollywood has always been fucked up: 50 yr old men and 20 yr old girls falling in love. Happens all the time out here in the real world! (irony intended)

Viz mentioned Gary Cooper a few columns back. Gary Cooper with his deportment and manner was the embodiment and epitome of masculine self assurance and class; handsome as a Greek god. But, was he just a tool to be used by our overlords to manipulate the masses? I think so.

On a lighter note: I am glad I could say something that made you laugh. You fascinate me. I think laughter is what is required to save the world. Deep belly laughs. Not nervous titters nor snarky guffaws.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Hitler: He was a dumb bastard who sold out the German people!

Charisma? How could a life insurance salesman get into your living room without it?


Thomas said...

Galen, I agree with you. If Hitler did really have a program of mass-extermination, and if someone can prove it to me convincingly, then I don't care much what other virtues he had, that would be Evil, and incredibly hard to justify, and he would NOT have the justification for it because of the actions of some number of the Jewish People. Of course, even then, he would be a human being, and it is obvious from some of the videos of him and children or animals that he had a heart. Besides, he was a lifelong vegetarian, out of moral considerations. This is quite incompatible with utter evil, in my world. I will fight for Justice and Peace and Understanding for ALL, and between ALL, Jews, Gentiles, Animals and Women. We are ONE FAMILY, as far as I'm concerned, and I wish no ill on anyone. But to have REAL Peace, we must have REAL Justice, which in turn requires REAL Truth.

Anonymous said...


I read about Al Capone. He funded soup kitchens, he was known to help out poor people with bread, money, coal. He would give dimes to kids on the street. He could play musical instruments, he had a decent voice and he loved opera as well as golf. His altruism maybe came from a good and decent place. But none of these traits made him any less a dangerous thug.


galen said...

I have to disengage from the Hitler study. I simply do not know enough about it. And it's heated up all over the Internet with each perspective saying, "Come here," or "No, come here!!." It can get exhausting, yet I will keep learning what I can.

Curtis, I like you mission, your perpetual perch with an eye on ABC. Such important work.


McCob, I'm sorry that happened to you. So many of us have had similar intrusions/invasions. Sad state of affairs, but I look at what the blogs serve (God Bless Visible) and they cover no frivolous matters. Yes, some fun now and then but usually a pretty informing picture, not just of the state of the world and peoples' dissecting of it, but also how each navigates (processes) through it. The human experience, dancing through everyone's life, running the gamut from bliss to fear, from apathy to accomplishment, from nonsense to profound insight/intention, and from anywhere to love. So it's something, something constructive. And maybe it will somehow help cut down on abuse, who knows? And I try to make it happen face-to-face in my community, with eye-contact and listening ears. I welcome it, crave it, need it, cherish it. I try to make my home a place where it can happen, and I show up, even when I feel I have nothing to offer 'cause my self-esteem is out to lunch.

Once I had a co-worker, a kindergarten teacher, a strong woman, a bit stern. I heard her giving the kids instruction on what to say if someone hits them. She said: "Look 'em in the eye and say, 'I don't like that, and I need you to stop.'" I can't say why it blew me away, most likely because I needed it badly. I saw fire in the kids' eyes when she spoke; they were being given a life-tool to help get them through, they were being empowered. I wish it was told to me when I was five and I didn't have to wait 'till my late 30's to hear it.

Well McCob, you made it through, and your protective instincts toward children show that. Now if we can only stop the monsters at the top from modeling their horrendous violations to the rest of the world. Well, every effort is better than none, eh?


galen said...

If we hone our strategies and keep at it. . .


Anonymous said...

galen: I consider what happened to me a mosquito bite compared to what so many, too many, others go through. It was 40 yrs ago.

I love Visible'; blog. My de facto psychiatrist couch.

Being a conspiracy theorist I think sex is used as a weapon against the masses. Religious texts, and by that I mean the Bible, program us to hate our bodies, be ashamed of natural body functions, distrust and disrespect women. Somehow the mental disharmony creates neuroses that produce symptoms of perversion. Sex can be confused with anger. At a low grade level it is merely a harmless fetish but when infused with rage and resentment it can produce a women hating psycho killer.
I think our society is subjected to subversive programming and social engineering. Our overlords want us sick and off balance. Makes us weaker and easier to control. That plus they get a sadistic kick out of fucking people over.

I should say it is not the Bible's fault but rather the fault of the Priesthood that interprets it.

Priests run things. Always have and probably always will.

I need to lighten up.
Rant Over.

Love McCob

Kazz said...

My understanding is that Hitler reported that he was the illegitimate son of a Rothschild, his mother was a maid in one of their estates. Hilter did not run extermination camps, but the Polish did. The bodies that were burnt in Germany had to be burnt to stop the spread of typhus, because as Germany's eastern front fell the German's moved their prisoners West and the camps became overcrowded. The prisoners heads were shaved to stop the spread of typhus. The emancipated condition of the prisoners was due to the heavy bombing of civilian areas and factories by the allies (allied to who or what?), which wiped out food supplies. Experimentation on people within some camps was rife. The high up Nazi's became the CIA after the war.

My research into history has shown, unarguably, that you cannot trust the rich in power. Right throughout history the elite have led their armies out to be destroyed so the people could be more easily overcome. Read the account of Carthage v Rome (ancient) to give you an idea.

The elite are the Pied Piper. I trust Putin as far as I can throw him. They need an us verse them scenario to get humanity into the killing frenzy they call WWIII. Putin use to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB and you don't get there unless you earn it!

Don't be fooled by appearances, the elite are weaving a spell to engage as many people as possible in a massive blood sacrifice to lower the energy on this plane low enough for their master to materialise. Don't be surprised if this thing rides in on a cloud pretending to be Jesus!

Me thinks a giant con is being orchestrated via the Hegelian theory of 'problem, reaction, solution' to ensnare humanity into believing that they are being rescued by their saviour. Christ has already shown us what to do by giving us a perfect example to follow, it is now up to us to follow that example. Christ clearly tells us that he is our brother, not our LEADER!


"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect," (Matthew 24:24).


Kazz said...

Dear McCob,

Your anger is the demon you need to slay. You are still carrying baggage from what happened to you (this is an observation not a judgment).

It took me many years to dull that pain and overcome the anger, it never completely goes away, but you can learn how to make it your bitch instead of the other way around.

Vis' instruction to get rid of the reactive mind is the solution. I spent years doing martial arts to become more disciplined for this sole purpose. I can now address issues without my anger taking over, which gives me real power because I channel it to my advantage.

It also helps to resonate from the heart chakra when dealing with such issues. By this I mean allow yourself to see the other as victims also. Most people who molest and rape children have had this happen to them, which gives good incentive to not become like them. When one realises how much torture many of these satanists have had to endure at the hands of their own families and close associates it removes judgement, because there but for the sake of the God goes I.

We have all been fecked up somewhere along the way McCob, our challenge is to fix the damage within and leave that going on outside to the Divine. Having said that it does not mean you do not become involved if the universe drops it in your lap, because it is my understanding that if it gets in your face the universe wants you to deal with it, and that I do :o).

The police threatened to give me an internal examination when they arrested me, I replied "and I haven't even got any makeup on toay,' and 'do I get to choose who does it :o)?" After giving birth to 5 children all I can say is bring it on!!!! Needless to say it never eventuated because it did not phase me.

Martial arts is also a wonderful active meditation which can be used to align one's mind, body, and soul. If you like it more sedate yoga is great and more my speed these days.

Cheers Kazz

The 3rd Elf said...

Here you go; a
radio show

Kazz said...

PS. A correction to my second last post.

I meant to say 'My understanding is that it is reported that Hitler was the illegitimate son of a Rothschild', not 'My understanding is that Hitler reported that Hitler..."

Also, just to clarify, the comments I made to the police in my last post were said in a polite sarcastic tone, not a suggestive one.

Just in case you are wondering why I was arrested, it was allegedly for speeding whilst driving; the officer at no time showed me proof of his claim, I was travelling not driving, the officer claimed I ran from him (he was in an unmarked car), I pulled up outside a church that was opposite the local police station, and he claimed I failed to identify myself, yet I clearly identified my self as a child of God and pointed out to the officer that I was not a foreign situs trust.

I have shared this tid bit because I want you all to know that I love God's law (do no harm to others or their property, and do not commit fraud), because it protects my children's and my rights and liberties, if it is executed correctly. I just don't respect statutes and acts that are there to remove our freedoms and make us into other people's bitches, so I don't bow to them, and that is okay because statutes and acts are only given the force of law through the CONSENT of the governed.

If people wish to argue that we must live under these rules I have no problem with that whatsoever. If they wish to give up their liberties and rights, and forget about all the sacrifices that have been made throughout history to protect our freedom's, they can go right ahead, that is their choice. Me personally, I appreciate the sacrifice of those who have gone before me, and I don't believe safety is possible without freedom.

Cheers Kazz

wiggins said...

Reading on the full body transplant reminded me of a humerous book I read by Mikhail Bulgakov called "A Dogs Heart."

Anonymous said...


Anger is part of the 'flight or flight reflex' and is necessary for survival. I am not so angry nor nihilistic as you seem to think.

The episode I described happened almost 50 yrs ago and I don't dwell on it. Lots of people have had it a lot worse than me and in spite of my problems I consider myself to be among the luckiest of people. I only brought it up in the context of how movies often use cheap titilation to manipulate the the feelings of the masses. It is a part of the bread and circus. Sexual perversion is a learned behavior. Coupled with aggression it is dangerous, especially to women.

I don't hate God nor Jesus nor anyone. I am disgusted by the behavior of some.

I admit I have suffered from depression, mood swings and low grade manic episodes. Why? I don't know. It used to be I would have a lot of shitty days with the occasional happy day. Now it is the other way around. Reading Les and the comments section has helped my emotional problems immensely.

I do love women and I think women have gotten a raw deal. A civilized man will have deference toward the fairer gender. I sense your motherly concern and I am moved by it. 5 kids, eh? I think they are lucky to have a mom like you.

I do have remorse and regret I am trying to deal with. When I rant I am only trying to come to terms as part of a process of forgiveness. Outside of this blog I don't discuss any of these issues.


Anonymous said...

I don't know HItler. A Zionist tool or a sincere white supremacist? I don't know. I am pretty sure he is a failure. He did believe in using violence to solve problems. He wore a military uniform. He was a 'leader' and leaders are a dime a dozen and if it wouldn't have been Hitler it would have been someone else because guys like Hitler are cheap and the History books are loaded with his ilk.

To me Hitler, like all visible political leaders, was an actor and part of the theater. The show must go on and there are always plenty of actors looking for work.

Fuck Hitler. He was a dumb bastard and there is nothing special about him at all. The times made him. He didn't make the times.

I do think the fucker got away and became the painter he always wanted to be. The only evidence to the the contrary comes from Reds.


Brian Crossland said...

No Gallery would host his paintings.
But many would buy them though not for the love of art.
Don't know the truth regarding much of what happened ww2. but undeniably the Rothschilds Rockefellers and Bush cabal did alright out of it.
I also know its the victor that writes the history book (largely) and the apparrent victors of our times who are trying to rewrite much of history, methinks they will not prevail. History proves that

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Everything we were taught about history is wrong. I'm a 1962 crotch dropping, and in elementary school they made that genocidal piece of garbage known as chrissy-poo columbus into a bleedin' hero.

Those who are trashing Hitler should do a bit more research. Yes, 'The Greatest Story Never Told' is a good start. And check out the mass rapes that the allies did in The Land of the Cabbage People (Krauts, in English) AFTER the war, and all the phony pics that were TYPHOID VICTIMS, and not Jews from gas chambers.

I'm a Cabbage person (nose, really; being a member of The Holey Order of the Septum, but hey!), and I was so ashamed of that for the longest time until I did learn a bit more of the truth.

And no, I'm not a fan of Naziism or Hitler. I can't stand Naziism, but now view Adolf from a completely neutral, flatline perspective since I really don't know enough about anything of the time. I call myself a Green Libertarian Anarchist these days. Along with being a Panthiest, Gnostic, Pagan, Pastafarian, Taost, Nose, AND Arsehole to the 33rd Degree.

robert said...

Live Long and Prosper

Felt the gut wrenching realization of Life’s passing by

As an icon of childhood hopes left the building

The timing designed to disempower and depress millions

Boomer generation being jack-hammered off the island earth

Unfulfilled and unrequited except from the inside

Our promise betrayed as our intentions were corrupted

Time to leave this mess for the B or C team to clean up….

No respect for experience or wisdom from the younger slaves

By now, we should have something to show our worth to the earth

Some character or achievement pointing in our favor

Instead, a crushing sadness fills the void in our hearts

Where Love was intended to sit pretty and rule!

Death calls out a comforting song of solicitation

Selling a satisfying death for a wasted life

With one last futile sex act all the way to annihilation

Riding the rising pressure only up a floor or two

Rarely going all the way to the top, through the roof

We were the first generation raised entirely upon video illusions

Trained to sit still for a lifetime of mind fucking phantoms

Suitable companions to a culturally approved, truncated sexuality of death

Mass masturbation passing as a shared cultural experience

While we come inevitably closer to the end of our time together….


::among eradioa

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who would want to be a Sovereign has something wrong with them in the first place; deeply, disturbingly, violently wrong.

To say a man leads a nation is akin to saying a surfer leads the wave.

It's the age old story of the good guys versus the bad guys. Often it is hard to tell the difference. Something about shit and Shinola.


Anonymous said...

Brian at 5:26,

We're in the middle of WW3 now. Look at it this way--there have been two previous global conflicts that have reshaped the chessboard of the capitalist system that came into fruition in mid-1600's with Amsterdam as it's center of gravity.

The first global conflict was from 1763 to 1815, whereby the center of gravity shifted fromAmsterdam to London.

The next extended conflict of transition occcured between 1914 to 1945. The result was a shift in the center of gravity from London to New York.

Some say the current global conflict started in earnest in the early '90s and was kicked into second gear in 2001. Looks like another escalation is due soon to bump it up into 3rd gear. It's unclear at the moment that the shift in the center of gravity towards Bejing has emerged in its outlines but it is nontheless inevitable, given current political/financial/cultural trends.

Each of these previous global conflicts, as well as the current one, has been a struggle for hegemonic succession, essentially.

These transitions are never smooth and never peaceful.

The Rothschilds have benefitted from the first second and, now, the third world wars. The Rockefellers did allright in the second and are doing alright in the third.

The Bush cabal are more of a bunch of highest-level wired-in office boys(Bushs/Kennedys--not a dime's worth of difference between them, really) They take orders, they don't give them.


Anonymous said...

Mondocello: I think your analysis is astute.

I am certain we have overlords. I don't know who the masterminds are nor do I know who might be the lackeys. I don't really know anything but I do sense the politicians and public figures we see are just part of the theater.

Another point to ponder is that their seems to be upheaval after technical revolutions. Napoleon- Tolstoy seemed to think Napoleon was a scam, a sham and a hack- came after the advent of steam power which the English used to mass produce woven fabric.

ww1 and ww2 came after the technological revolution of the late 1800's.

Now we are into the beginning of cyber culture and the internet which is a technological revolution. The battlefield has changed and warfare will follow suit.

Down with all tyrants!


Ray B. said...

Mandocello, March 02, 2015 8:37:00 PM

Very astute observations. I, too, like 'standing back' and looking at the Big Picture, before being distracted at the detail level. Kudos.

Outside of ET or woo-woo intervention, I do wonder about one thing: The Asian culture has been around (continuously) for a lot longer than the Tribe one. (Except at the Anunnaki level.) The Chinese, in particular, are known for playing a 'Long Game'. Sometimes, I wonder if the 'deep ones' there could be 'playing' the Rothschilds...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...


Sitting Bull once said, I get up in the morning, make love to my squaw, eat, then I go hunting and fishing all day. I come home eat and make love to my squaw, then I go to sleep. He then remarked, only the white man thinks he can improve on that :o).

On my numerous journey's to the higher plane I never saw a church, mosque, temple, or for that matter any other buildings. There was a sky so brilliant that I wondered how I could gaze upon it, I saw no sun, moon, or stars, just a brilliant white sky. I ran and walked upon the grass with lots of other children, who were all playing games. The laughter of the children chimed together to make the most beautiful sound. The only structure present was a white pillar, like the one's you see holding up the Greek Pantheon, which was located in the middle of what appeared to be a meadow. The most memorable thing about these visits was the energy. It was indescribable, the only bad thing was returning back to this dimension because it was like waking into a nightmare, rather than waking from one. I felt like I was made of lead when I first awoke. I journeyed to this higher realm for roughly two years, nearly every night, and then nothing. I imagine my need had been served.

I have come to know that God's temple is our body, not a man made building, and the sacrifices made by the priestly class are an abomination to the LORD (please refer to Isaiah 66:1-2)

If it is our destiny to raise the energy of the earth and then simply pass through I will eagerly return to this most wondrous of places where only love, laughter, and healing abounds.

I too keep much to myself but am blessed to have wonderful friends to also share my experiences with. Thank you for your kind words McCob. I have been a nurturer for as long as I can remember, but I am also a Christian soldier who is ready, willing and able to make a stand for the Divine :o).

Dear Galen,

Just in case you missed it I have responded to your offer of an olive branch in VO "The Critical Moment of Passing out of this World'. I just wanted to make sure you caught it.

Luv Kazz

RML said...

Hey, Viz --

Been many years. Tune in, though. My thoughts (via prez merkin blog):


So a bunch of "folks"(as POTUS would characterize), riding around in (mostly) Toyota pickups (law suit potential or product-placement), in really cool ninja costumes, with Batman belts loaded with all kinds of cool stuff, and who have leveraged their after-life virgins for wads of Benjamins; and -- most importantly -- are on the receivership side of the Milo Minderbinder (who now works out of the "intelligence" agencies of Us & UK) largesse.

One could say that life is imitating art, but that elevates these grade B movie plot ideas to a completely undeserved status.

Come on Net Neutrality...gotta stop all of these thinking websites and whatevers and whatchamacallits so that we can control the virtual/sans real battlefields.

It is all about perception, not reality. People whose brains have not been turned to mush from the med cocktails their Dr. Strangelove's gloved-hand makes them take, the few of us remaining who are not being bombed or droned to death before their morning second cup of coffee...

...Though we are frozen but meters away from the approaching headlights... We do confess that we are amazed, dumb-founded even.

But, we are not dazzled by the rapid rapier swishes, Feints and Balestra of these new Mongol hordes...though we have to admit we are impressed with their costume designer.

But what has any thinking person with remaining thinking capacity most troubled is that the UK/USA populi actually believe all of this crap.

When NET NEUTRALITY is a reality, we will see the roll-out the next episode:

asking (via Tweet & FB) all young people to join them if their holy war.

And how will all the pre and post pubescent worldwide jihadists recognize each other? It won't be a simple bandana color (old school). It will be a bar code tattoo. Not the mark of the beast. No. It will be the mark of the Jihad (that all can join).

What we miss is the smell of napalm in the morning…

Anonymous said...

Kazz, I have heard it said that the power of love and a good sense of humor are the weapons of the angels.

I hope you never no violence or injustice.

Love, McCob

galen said...

Yes Karen, copy that. And thank you. And btw, the olive salad was just a metaphor. Seems we somehow shared it already.



Katy said...

Well... Soon all who were there, in europe, at the end, will be gone.
(...even more i guess soon enough nothing will be hidden as all will be seen clearly, nonetheless)
i will share that my own grandfather ( just lately passed at almost 100)
Was there
He took photos
He uncovered
before it was in mass media a large camp filled with all the things we've all seen pictures of.
He directed troops to go to the nearby town and bring back all the townspeople to dig graves for the stacks and stacks of newly dead bodies.
The emaciated prisoners still alive ate what food the troops had, immediately vomiting it up.

He had in the back of his closet a big box of what he called his proof, stacks of photos from 2 camps-- as he said no one would ever believe what he saw in the final months without such documentation.
He told me, his young grandaughter, that what he and other certain men had seen was massive and insanity beyond description or comprehension. They were bonded in the experience in a place no one could ever join...
I certainly dont know who was the puppetmaster and who were the tools....

But with his passing i now understand how a thing once seen or known can slowly become unseen, unknown.
There is perfect justice coming ( already here) so i dont fret about it.( i once worried myself sick over the native american genocide, and then the pol pot mass of the gifts of grace i suppose is dying of something other than a ripped crushed broken heart at man's actual inhumanity... Dont really know as I'm still here. :...

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz, thank you so much for sharing those higher experiences. Very cool! If you don't mind, roughly how old were you at the time (start and finish)? Just wondering what caused the sudden 'cutoff'. (Forgive the 'poking in'...)

You know, you might find it interesting to talk with Walking Hawk. He apparently does a lot of work with 'gifted' kids, and he might have a 'context' for both your experiences and why the 'cutoff'. Maybe, even ways the kids continue in that 'space'. Just a thought. (He posted an email address in the blogs some weeks ago and I responded, but I haven't heard back from him.)

I do remember the experience of coming back to earth-plane awareness, and the 'loss' that is felt. We are meant to be so much more...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Brian Crossland said...

Mandocello @ 48
The perspective on China gives me much to consider, very interesting.
I find that the protocols are very predictive and show a profound knowledge of events past and present, are the tribe being played? willing actors for the most part and it would appear with a largely comatose audience.
A hidden hand in the orient? or higher power for the purpose of demonstration? good or bad who knows, but I will keep asking.

Alan Jong said...

This was an excellent blog, I caught your radio show, in which you give yourself some slack for not posting as frequently. I would say on the contrary. You work harder than most journalist blogger type out there. Especially those from the main stream media, and you do a great job of it, but like everyone we all have our ups and downs. This piece is right up there as one of your high points.

I agree with Galen, furthermore no one is born with a leather fetish, bondage fetish, or any other kind of sexual fetish for that matter those things are learned taught and popularized through culture, and subculture in every instance, the product of memes.

Anonymous said...

Sexual Perversion begins at the story of Adam and Eve. The story, as I have heard from religious scholars, makes women out to be 'dirty'. So, shame becomes confused with sex.

Shame and remorse exist as prerequisites for survival. People survive and thrive because we work together. When one of us hurts another we need to feel bad so we stop the behavior and this strategy tends to minimize destructive behavior. In effect we are a healthier society.

Somehow shame excites us in a sexual fashion. Maybe not all of us but a lot of us.

I know clothes are important for protection and decorum but I hate that I can't walk around my own property nude without being branded as some kind of pervert. Because of the Garden of Eden story we can't stand the sight of each other naked. I love walking around naked in the forest on a Summer day. The fresh air and wind cleaning the toxins out of every crevice of your body. Taking a nice swim in a brisk clear pond. Activity like that is healthy. Can any of you reading this say that such activity is not among the most beautiful experiences one can have? An hour or 2 of doing this is better than a week at a spa. But we can't in good conscious do such things where I come from. Because the naked body is shameful because the Bible says so.

We are constantly being bamboozled by our overlords.

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Kazz said...

Thank you McCob for your touching sentiment and Galen for yours.

Dear Ray B,

I am very much 'a go with the flow' type of girl, so contributing is not 'poking in', the more the merrier :o).

As for your questions -

The journey's I undertook occurred from the age of 13 to 15 roughly. They coincided with my brother's death. It was he that took me, at least at first he did. to this higher realm. This was generally the cause of my waking nightmare because I had to leave him to come back. I am afraid it has been many years so much has faded, but certain things remain very clear. I have no idea why the journeys stopped so abruptly. I have not returned to that realm since, not that I am aware of.

In my younger years I believed these journeys were merely dreams, but over the years events have unfolded that have convinced me otherwise. I am not an easy convert :o). I am big on facts and reasoning because I believe we should 'test' everything.

I enjoy speaking to indigenous people because they are usually spiritual people. Speaking to people who give us a better understanding of our selves, our journey, and/or the world around us is always a big plus.

Who knows, I might just have an active imagination, which is entirely possible. On the other hand things have happened that definitely rule out my imagination being the culprit, at least in some instances. As Vis always says, time will tell.

I hope that helps Ray B.

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

Les, a good one.

I've been thinking about "Just War", and what war could be more just than the defensive war of the poor against the rich?
But it's all just bullshit, and buckshot, more suffering.
More Alvin York, more John Wayne and Shane. Justified killing. For the bankers.

Fear propaganda, and turning our minds to evil.

Better to turn away from that, to love, to see sunsets and feel lover's warmth.

Anonymous said...

"one of the gifts of grace i suppose is dying of something other than a ripped crushed broken heart at man's actual inhumanity.."

Katy: I see your point. What is unfolding in our midst is a Divine Agenda. It is not fair for us as mere mortals to take the sins of mankind on our shoulders.

All any of us does and I mean the bad people, too, is try to survive as well as we can. Unfortunately, some of us get twisted a little too tight.

My father was in Europe in 1944 and 1945 as part of the Army. I don't know what he saw as he would never talk about it.


Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz, thanks for the great reply. It sounds like you and your brother had a great 'link'. I have heard of this type of 'crossover' in other cases, mostly among twins.

(In Seattle, I actually met one of these cases. She had had a twin die. She acted very fey and otherworldly. The most unnerving thing for me was that she clearly had two sets of chakras, lined up right beside each other. Woo-woo, indeed...)

It sounds like a natural 'ending' for your connection. Either your brother had to 'move on', or you grew to the point where the 'connection' was not needed. Perhaps both. Glad that that 'resource' was available to you.

Minor rant: I hate this Age because people (like you) have to 'apologize' for having what are clearly spiritual experiences and allow that it may have been in their minds. It should be the complete opposite experience, with people jumping up and down and congratulating you. Grrr. End rant.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Binnie the Rat and the Glueboards of History.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to notice that as soon as Madonna says word "God" - she falls down...

How coincidental?.. NOT!


Visible said...

Wow! I did not know that. Do you have any kind of a link for that?

Kazz said...

Dear McCob,

One of the most awesome academic journeys I have been on was provided through biology when I did nursing. I could not get over what a truly amazing machine the human body is.

Christ said, '...unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this chid is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:1-4).

Little children think nothing of being naked around each other!

Just the other day my husband remarked that clothes are like a mask that we put on to hide behind. He also noted what an equalising effect being naked was, because it stripped us of all our possessions, so it draws us back to our pure essence. He also suggested that it was harder to lie to someone when you are naked because you have no mask to hide behind.

I thought I would share his comments with you because I found them to be quite profound and pertinent to your above comments.

Having said that he won't go outside naked anymore because the last time he did I locked him out of the house, turned on all the outside lights, and yelled at the top of my voice, come inside you are naked!!!!

I have a very sick sense of humour (grin).

Cheers Kazz

Anonymous said...

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 1.10.16 (excerpt)


Out of a loving desire to see the Lord, the royal ladies of the Kurus got up on top of the palace, and smiling with affection and shyness, they showered flowers upon the Lord.


Shyness is a particular extra-natural beauty of the fair sex, and it commands respect from the opposite sex. This custom was observed even during the days of the Mahābhārata, i.e., more than five thousand years ago.

Instead of coming down in the open air where Lord Kṛṣṇa and others were assembled, the ladies of the palace went up on the top of the palace and from there paid their respects to Lord Kṛṣṇa by showers of flowers. It is definitely stated here that the ladies were smiling there on the top of the palace, checked by shyness.

This shyness is a gift of nature to the fair sex, and it enhances their beauty and prestige, even if they are of a less important family or even if they are less attractive. We have practical experience of this fact. A sweeper woman commanded the respect of many respectable gentlemen simply by manifesting a lady's shyness. Half-naked ladies in the street do not command any respect, but a shy sweeper's wife commands respect from all.

Shyness is a check to the unrestricted mixing. It is nature's gift, and it must be utilized.

galen said...

Anon @ 2:35 pm (Homer?), I agree, regarding shyness. And when it's genuine there shows something of a temptress in she who is "shy," an allure, if you will. But I see it in males, too. It is a unique charm and can draw you in to its innocence, and sometimes you recognize your own. The licentiousness of the 70's left so many used and confused and opened the door for all manner of extremism. All of it was labeled LIBERATION. And funny, when you look up the word liberation one of its definitions says:

liberate, verb - set someone free from a situation, esp. imprisonment or slavery, in which their liberty is severely restricted

Seems an opposite outcome resulted from all the steering wherein many felt/feel choked by all the debauchery and degradation. Sure, experimentation has its place, but when expectations, even pressure, do not allow a person to steer his or her own boat, an intolerable wave will crush that boat or divert it from its intended course. I was caught in such a wave for a very long time. Your words were comforting to me.


Paul said...

"It gives me hope because not even if I tried could I write that bad." Is this a comedic grammatical error? :)
Should it not be either "write something that bad" or "write that badly"?

Visible said...

Considering the coincidental nature of the event, I would say that is a distinct possibility.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

You... are the Manifest Expression of what You Live According To.

Anonymous said...

shyness can be charming. Especially when a coy female is pretending to be shy in order to manipulate a man into doing her bidding. What manner of man is it that is such a sucker for a pretty face? A happy man.

There is much to be said for self assurance and boldness. I love a woman who stands up for herself. I love women who are not intimidated by men and have no problem slapping a creep in the face to teach him some manners. I love Bette Davis!

Theodora, Alitheah, Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth the first, Joan of Arc have proven that there are women who can wield power with the best of them. According to legend, Theodora stopped a riot in Constantinople by standing on her balcony and yelling at people and telling everyone to shut up and go home.

I admire Katherine Hepburn. The brightest, most charming person in the room where ever she was. Not shy at all but very feminine and very powerful. It is hard for me to think of a man who could stand up to a woman like that.


Anonymous said...

Les, the jobs issue is indeed an important one. The PTB uses this as a giant circle jerk and if you or anyone else has 8 minutes, please check this out. This is applicable everywhere and more to come at this new channel. Best Evidence.

Who blowtorched the jobs?



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