Friday, February 20, 2015

Like Butchered Sheep, Hanging on Hooks in the Slaughterhouse of History.

Dog Poet Transcendentalizing.......

“If there are no dogs in Heaven then, when I die, I want to go where they went”

My friends... I have been waiting for something like this for some while. I've seen a lot of commentary in recent and former times. Some seemed to have a portion of truth in them and some were just the same woo woo with no real substance, except for the kind of projections you see when someone comes around and says silver is going to go into the stratosphere, or gold is going to hit 5,000 an ounce; not that that would have much bearing on my state because I don't even have any gold and silver... heh heh.

In any case, that article hits at a level where it's hard to argue with it and there are some chilling statements like this one which basically says that the loathsome fracking industry 'has accumulated twice the amount of subprime debt the real estate market ran up before the crash of 2008'. There's plenty more. It's stated succinctly and simply with credible facts, figures and theoretical certitude to the degree that anything theoretical can be certain.

How do I express the way that this hit me? First of all, I have been very aware of the fracking industry in respect of different viewing windows. It was definitely an ugly phenomena. It was a motivator in a lot of nasty behavior because it gave out the false promise that it was going to provide a whole lot of economic well being that would and did, feed directly into poisoning at home and mass murder abroad. It gave indications of energy independence, while observably being a dangerous and dirty technology that messed with the environment, people's health and... well, the list of negatives is long. Basically in the simplest terms from my perspective, it's some sick shit.

I watched the Satanic Saudis and other ZOG captive gulf states, conspire together in their ZOG agenda to war though oil price manipulation against Syria, Iran, Russia and others, cause others are coming; Greece, Egypt and various countries, I can see them gravitating toward this alliance because they know they are going to get short shrift otherwise, or be butchered, sacrificial sheep, hanging on the hooks of torment and pain in the slaughterhouse of history.

I am beginning to see it more and more clearly, WHY things are being allowed to go on as they do. Simplistically put, it is about 'the purpose of demonstration'. Let's explore that in a little detail. As has been stated many times here, in every obvious sense and in many ways that are concealed behind the barrier of appearances, this is a movie. Most are entranced by what is happening on the screen and unaware of the projector that is streaming the images on to the screen. You can get captured by the hoopla of hallucinations and forget it is just a production, set up to process out Karma that was set in motion a long time ago. I see now that everything we are presently witnessing, is put together as it is to grant Evil the opportunity to show the whole world exactly where it is at in the most excruciating detail and laboriously across a tedious and unpleasant stretch of time. They move from absurdity to absurdity so that the time will come when it is, 'signed, sealed and delivered'.

Witness the engineered and forced migration of Jews from every country where the Zio-Ogres are fomenting fear and paranoia, with orchestrated, so called Anti Semitic offenses. This results in putting them all in one place for... the purpose of demonstration. As anyone who has been following the trend of recent years, immigration to Israel has fallen off and people were actually leaving in numbers disturbing to the architects of Banker Nation. As far as they are concerned this is not permissible and when they want something, they want it and they don't really care how anyone else feels about it, or what they have to do to make it happen.

Those following the trends also note the awful spectacle of want, confusion and grief that is being intentionally generated by the Banker Bondage and Discipline consortium that has a few basic drives. One of them is to own and run the world, via the enslavement of nations through debt and manufactured disorder for the sake of profit, as well as the ruination of any other effort that they don't own or cannot influence. Another is to kill or crucify through slander everyone who opposes them and to ride roughshod over everyone in their way. Yet another is to make the planet an inhospitable place through environmental destruction, perpetual war and a host of ills that are actually too numerous to mention. The amount of bad that they are up to is horrific.

It's not often that I run into two seriously important works of courageous journalism on the same day. Here is the other. Can there be any doubt about the tale that is being told in these articles? Are they not both indicative of what was said here earlier about why it's all going on the way it is for as long as it has? It's about complete exposure. This also explains to me why I was banished from that news gathering site and why I am unable to get any explanation. That is the explanation. It's about no doubt about it. It is what it is and we can see it for what it is because it is doing it over and over, with ever more transparency and this is all due to the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse. In tandem with him... regardless of all of their subterfuges and attempts to conceal themselves, they are being revealed as what they are by the cosmic imperative of this apocalypse. There is nothing they can do about this. It is not in their hands.

If you are uneasy about what is coming; fearful and uncertain... take it off your mind. You can't do anything about it. The only thing you have any control over is your own reactive mind and, in many cases, not even that but... what is in our power is considerable. All too few of us know the impact and force of a single individual who is self contained and focused on that single and most salient feature of existence; the drive to know oneself. Accomplishing this, we can know everyone else to a remarkable degree. We can also place ourselves under the protection of archetypal entities. Rather, I should say that that will come automatically with the territory. As has been stated, “the proper study of mankind is man”. I apologize for using a term that does not include the feminine side of the equation. You don't have to worry about that in coming time because the power of the feminine is in the ascendant.

One of the reasons that there is such a proliferation of homosexuality across the planet, even though it is much smaller than it is made out to be, is due to the increasing impact of the feminine force upon the male psyche. The reason it is taking the turn that it takes, is because of the state of the culture, due to the strong, strong presence of Materialism. Materialism automatically acts to create reverse Kundalini in those who are unable to elevate it to where it naturally wants to manifest on the higher arc. As a result, the feminine seeks to express itself physically, instead of through the higher virtues, which is rather the cosmic intent of the Aquarian Age, as it presses forward into manifestation. Resistance to what it brings is futile.

I do not intend to here give the impression that I am in any position to judge anyone's sexual preference and proclivity. That's not my job but it is my job to see what I see. Am I wrong? Time will tell and we shall see. For whatever the reason (and it is usually Karma) people are born with tendencies and drives that are stronger than their ability to control them. I will say that for the most part, these people are being influenced and inclined in this direction. This is a very strong force and it accounts for the inability of many to resist it. Should they resist it? We shall see and time will tell. Is it perfectly okay? Is it normal? We shall see and time will tell.

I am on no kind of a crusade about this. It isn't any of my business. I have my own opinion about it all and I am very familiar with what happened to other cultures, where these practices became prominent and I am also familiar with what stage of the culture they occurred in, when they occurred. This is not something (this latest statement) that can be argued against. Oh sure, you can argue and attempt to manipulate when and how and what things were (nice sentence, visible) but history, regardless of it being mostly fabrication, written by the cynical manipulators of it, says what it says and even if a great deal of it is fabrication, real history can be accessed.

I'm not here to judge people's slink and kink, nor do I want anyone giving me their view of my own. I have had many gay friends and still do and most of them understand exactly what I've said here. Just because something may be an indication of a cosmic imbalance does not mean it's not supposed to be going on when it is going on. I believe that all of us are meant to have these desires and behaviors manifest in one life or another, the same way I think we are all meant to be a woman or a person with a certain color in one lifetime or another and in every lifetime, we experience the fruits of our past actions. It's for the purpose of experience.

I apologize if I have offended anyone by my use of logic and analysis to come to the conclusions I have. It is simply how it appears to me at this time. It is the manner in which it shows itself to me. I accept the possibility that I am wrong about this. It does not seem so to me but it is certainly possible.

Everything is about sex and the state of the culture can be understood according to the way it is practiced and performed. You can take the temperature of a culture by the measure of depravity being celebrated in it. I'm talking about other mediums of expression than those I have so far mentioned. When cabals are engaged in seeking to legalize every form of sexual practice, no matter how bizarre, you should know we are in the last gasp of a dying age. Plumbing is plumbing and the esoteric manipulations of it are coming as a furious statement from long entrenched forces of darkness who know that the avatar is is coming with his broom. Mr. Apocalypse ALWAYS precedes the arrival of the avatar. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

About your hotlinks, all I can say is: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. As for the rest, if it isn't Akashic Knowledge, moving up in personal evolution, or a nose hair coat, I could NOT care LESS about it. The mundane that so 'captivates the blue pillers' in so many ways is just another mess to clean up, as far as I'm concerned and Homey don't play that game.

There ain't no zenith high enough, there ain't no nadir low. . .oh you now what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Vis!

For some reason, this song came to mind after reading it.

Be well!

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

What a brave soul you are :o). As you are willing to put your head on the chopping block I will stand in line behind you to take some of the heat that is surely to come down the line.

My knowledge of biology is the main reason I have arrived at my view of homosexuality. Before I dive in I would like to point out that I too have acquaintances who are sensitive, thoughtful, loving males who just so happen to do boy on boy instead of boy on girl. It is none of my business what adult's sexual preferences are, however, I do feel that when they ride giant penis' down the main street of Sydney celebrating their choice it is a bit in your face. And when schools teach homosexuality is 'normal' to primary school children, that is not acceptable to me, just as teaching primary school children about sex in general is unacceptable to me, because they are not yet ready for such knowledge. As a parent I feel it is our job to deal with such a sensitive and personal topic. The state has no right to remove that duty, contrary to what the lemmings in government believe, because God made parents the children's guardians, and no amount of fraudulent criminal activity changes that!

I marvel at how people are willing to target people as 'homophobes', but my gripe with homosexuality is that anal sex is unhealthy, whether the participants are boy on boy or boy on girl, because the bowel was not constructed for this purpose. In other words my conclusion is biological not moral.

My cousin had the first sex change in Australia and she/he explained to me that although he was a male he always wanted to be a female. After he had the change he was as stuffed up as what he had been before the change. Eventually he ended up a heroin addict, so I can emphatically state that the change didn't sort my cousin's problems out. I often thought my cousin's sexual attitude was more due to the fact that he was female in prior reincarnations and he just couldn't get the hang of the new accessories (excuse the pun). I don't believe it is anyone's place to judge the choices others make, but I do get pissed off about the way homosexuality is being thrust down our throats. It use to be morality being thrust down our throats and now it is immorality. My attitude is if you want to participate in such activity then do so, but just don't be so childish as to get upset if everyone does not agree with your choices.

On an historical note I would like to draw attention to the ancient Roman 'symposium' where the prominent men in society took their sons, who were used as sex toys. This activity was used to damage the child at a young age to make them more malleable. An unnerving fact is that even though homosexuals only make up a very small percentage of the population they account for a large percentage of pedophilia.

My attitude is that you can do what you want as long as it creates no harm. Two consenting adults should be able to do what they want, the witness within will judge them not me. It is when those consenting adults want to harm children or non consenting adults I have a LARGE problem! DO NO HARM is the maxim of law, and when a child is sexually abused it causes them lots of harm, heterosexuals who do such things are included.

The truth is I don't know what God thinks of homosexuals, all I know is that I like most people I meet who fall into this category, as long as they don't harm others.

As for female homosexuals I get very annoyed when they come onto me, because I have found bisexual/homosexual females are usually very aggressive. Then again so are some heterosexual males. I guess when it comes down to it I don't care what others do as long as they are not forcing their way into my personal space and they don't harm others. End of rant.

Cheers Kazz

Unknown said...

Satanists put it up there on the top of the list for the sinful to do's in life.

Probably because any feeling of pleasure by willful submission is how they feel they can defeat God and a lie becomes the law.

William H.G.

Anonymous said...

There's a Daily Mail story today about Madonna and a few other celebrities vying for an 85 million dollar penthouse Tel Aviv.

What better place for The Material Girl, eh?

Jay said...

Think, Blazing Saddles and the empty threat of the New Sheriff to 'shoot himself'....
How long have we been hearing of economic collapse, FOR EVER!
We know it is ALL manipulated, so why can they NOT collapse, say the dollar?
For the simple reason, they might have all the money,oil, gold etc etc, it matters not to them if their printed crap is used to wipe ones bottom or build a paper plane. BUT. The people who enact their will are paid in dollars, they collapse the dollar/rouble/shekel/cowrie shell etc and suddenly their gone.
As for homosexuality, as a Christian, I do not judge lest I be judged and it's the sin not the sinner. Any love is good love, it's the physical act that is problematic. I am not allowed to condone sin.
God Bless.

Eudoxia said...

Everything from Alex Jones to McCain to Nuland to the whole stinking lot of those piles of shit are being shown up by their own lies and mistakes. That which was once previously hidden is now exposed for the world to see. Here is a great article about this:

Ray B - from previous post at Mirrors. Did you know that Lockheed Martin process the Census data? I wrote to the Govenor General about his prior to the last Census. Needless to say she did not provide a response. I do not participate in the Census - I have absolutely no intention of providing my data to anybody let alone a weapons manufacturer. There is no such thing as random bombing unless it is the tribes intention of bombing entire countries out of existence. Anyway I just thought I would bring that to your attention which I know is usually focused in the right direction. Also the Census is NOT mandatory at all, everybody needs to check and double check the legislation in this regard, no doubt every cabal controlled country will have the same in place. I even found the manual for the Census distribution and collection personnel, that was interesting, they had all these strategies for talking people into completing the Census this is because it's voluntary -grin-

Oh by the way I watched Edge of Tomorrow based on your recommendation and made several observations aside from the super soldier appearance, and the alien invasion theme there were quite a few hidden pearls such as the Alpha and Omega but I must go back and re-watch.

Eudoxia said...

Homosexuality like many others, is a personal choice. The tribe are degrading the masculine/feminine energies as they have been doing down through he ages. The only thing that is new is how in your face it is. They are really cutting loose here. Next thing on the Agenda think Caligula - beastiality and pedophilia. I mean seriously how many of us here have been accused of being homophobic, anti semitic etc. The rants coming from those who use such terminology are rants coming from those programmed by the matrix, being far from free/critical thinkers. Morals are not ethics. Anything that detracts from the sacred act of producing children for the purpose of bringing in souls is considered in many esoteric teachings to be reverse Kundalini and soul depleting. Personally, even in the realm of hetrosexuals, the sexual act/masturbation without purpose other than to "get your rocks off" is a total waste of sacred sexual energy when engaged in other than what its original purpose was for. I have a great deal of respect and appreciation of Tantra. This planet is seriously fucked up and I think we just have to deal with it, that there are those out there who will never reach their higher state or who are even capable of it.

Kazz said...

I agree with you Jay that as Christians we should not judge. Christ clearly conveys this in the New Testament. He also clearly shows us that as Christians it is our job to stand up and challenge unlawful, inhumane acts against our fellow man/woman, as is illustrated when Christ challenged those wishing to stone the adulteress. Christ did not condone her behaviour, he simply told her not to do it again, and if you note he challenged the people's right to exercise judgement over the woman! People cannot learn if they cannot make mistakes. I believe Divine Law is there to protect the innocent, not punish the guilty. I cannot possibly imagine Christ turning his back on a situation where say for instance an adult was raping a child. Moses illustrated the Christ consciousness when he inadvertently killed an Egyptian soldier whilst trying to stop the soldier from raping a woman. This act was a defensive act, not one of aggression. This perspective is further supported in the Old Testament and our current law under the title of self-defence.

While Christ tells us to give our cloak to another so they will not be guilty of theft this does not hold for allowing someone to kill, because if you allow someone to kill that would make them a murderer and you their accomplice. The same holds for crimes against children and women. We should not put pedophiles in jail to punish them, but rather to protect children, just as we do not put a rapist in jail to punish them but rather to protect women.

I believe the best understanding spiritually of why one should not engage in certain behaviours is explained by Tibetan Buddhism, which shows how one's chakra's become unbalanced if we stray from the middle path of the Divine.

I agree with Eudoxia that homosexuality is a personal choice, but that does not mean that it does not have karmic consequences, just as over eating and indulging in unhealthy food is a personal choice but has consequences. The same with drugs, pharmaceutical as well as the heavier illicit drugs. Having said that I am dead against the 'War on Drugs', because that is just a synonym for 'War on Humanity'.

I can't help but note how unbalanced the wealth and power is in this world, and how the elite always keep humanity swinging from one extreme to another, because they know the middle path would bring peace and prosperity, not just for humanity but also for the planet, and since they are satanists this is contrary to their plan to exterminate humanity and destroy this planet.

Cheers Kazz

Lori said...

Oy vey :) Going to pray

Harold Smith said...

Hello Les,

You said: "If there are no dogs in Heaven then, when I die, I want to go where they went"

Those are my feelings exactly...mainly with regard to smaller fuzzy creatures.

Anyway, your essays are very good. And I hope you're doing well in your new place. (Hawaii is it?)

Lastly, have you seen the below linked article? It is very well written and I think you'll understand and appreciate the subject matter.


galen said...

Father and Son, 4 min vid:


Thomas said...

Nice one, Vis. I like the simplicity.

Galen, that archer guy was pretty wild. He must have trained A LOT. Cheers! :) - Discipline is such a good thing.

Be well, All

Ray B. said...

Vis: "If you are uneasy about what is coming; fearful and uncertain... take it off your mind. You can't do anything about it."

This is true in the Ultimate sense, due to the fact that all-God encompasses everything. However, there are many levels where 'we' can effect the manifestation...

Since I am a SF fan, I'll address it within that genre. (It is easily translated over into the spiritual realm.) SF books covered this ground many decades past, but I'll stick to recent 'visual' fare.

In the SF movie "Back to the Future, Part II", Doc Brown explains how to 'reset' a timestream: Don't try to change it in the 'now'. Just go back and change a formative event. "Simple."

Similarly, in the "Enterprise" TV series with Scott Bakula, one of the subplots - which turns out to be the main plot - is that the "Enterprise" crew is in the midst of a mostly-hidden 'time war'. Various parties desperately want to 'actualize' their version of history, i.e., their timeline. When a certain timeline gains enough probability of being 'real', the others will vanish as though they had never been. High stakes indeed...

I believe that 'we' are in a version of the above. While it all Ultimately may be an illusion, I believe various parties are working to manifest certain timelines 'here' - some High, some Low. Those who are aware of this state of affairs almost have no choice but to 'pitch in', because there is so much at stake: 'Reality' itself.

Those who have the Siddhi or technology to time travel are probably doing their thing within the time continuum. Those higher beings who exist mostly - or all - above SpaceTime are also doing their thing.

Where those of us who are not consciously time travelers (yet) can 'help' is to be Aware of this aspect in play. In a certain sense, it is like 'feeling' into the future. Some might call it intuition, but I feel it has a basis in timeline manifestation.

If you keep this aspect in mind, you can 'weigh' decisions you are about to take. 'Listen' with whatever faculties you have available. Higher Self (whatever you may call it) may say 'go there' or 'do that', which is at odds with what your intellect or conditioned-self might do. Listen. 'A' future might depend on it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Eudoxia, I just saw your post.

I am not surprised that Lockheed Martin processed the Census data. Remember, this was all 'contracted out' during the Cheney/Rumsfeld regime. (Bush Jr. was the poster child.) It only 'manifested' during the Obama regime. (Both sides are 'owned', of course.)

"I have absolutely no intention of providing my data to anybody let alone a weapons manufacturer."

Sorry, but that horse has long left the barn: Snowden Docs: NSA, GCHQ Hacked Largest SIM Maker to Monitor Your Cellphone. Also, the NSA 'twinned' the main fiber-optic cable outputs of AT&T, etc., 20-30 years ago, with one side going directly to their servers. It may have been Snowden who revealed that this 'copy' was also forwarded directly onto Israeli servers.

Even this post (and your post) has already been tracked back to the individual computer, and cross-correlated with other data to pull-out a profile on me (and you). This is something we just have to live-with for now, while we 'work' at levels like in my previous post.

That is one reason I did not mind working on the Census. It is minor, compared with what is going on 'in the background'. It was even an adventure: I got to meet all kinds of people that I would not otherwise. I even had rousing conversations with 'conspiracy theorists', who were bemused with my agreeing with them. (grin)

By the way, I am interested in your 'take' on "Edge of Tomorrow" and the 'hidden pearls' you found...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Ray, are you saying you were a census-taker, one of the house-to-house guys?


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Gone Midnight in the Place where the Sun Don't Shine.

Anonymous said...

Eudoxia at 7:59

The Caligula-esque thrust of the sexual dimension of zio-agenda is apparent by the appearance of a critical essay about Marquis de Sade’s ‘120 days of Sodom, or the School of Libertinage’ in the in the Feb. 19 2015 London Review of Books---that beacon of a left-wing, smugly atheistic, relentlessly(if not hysterically) politically correct brand of intellectual literary journalistic snobbery, and which has become just about as shrilly zionistic as the New York Review of Books.

The article mentions the October 2014 exhibition at the Musee d’Osay in Paris in October 2014 called ‘Sade: Marquis de l’ombre, price du Lumiers’ that featured a prominent display of the original manuscript, written while de Sade was imprisoned in the Bastille.

The article was gratuitous enough even without this element of critical summation by its author Leland de la Durantaye: “…So much of our energy, Sade observes, flows towards others. Were we to reverse that flow, to feel all of our energy flood back into ourselves, we would truly be free. This is the libertines’ end. That is why they do all that they do: why every ounce of fellow feeling has to be systematically stamped out….”


Ray B. said...

galen, February 21, 2015 11:52:00 PM

"Ray, are you saying you were a census-taker, one of the house-to-house guys?"

Yep, both the initial 'sweep' with the GPS structure-marking and the house-to-house name/age gathering. Not on the random, life-detail-gathering sub-sampling.

Thanks to the TPTB crash of 2008 and my 'senior' age (and possible black-listing due to being a 'conspiracy theorist'), I could not find a job. Period. For years. This 'stint' helped me stay slightly solvent. All-God moves in mysterious ways...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

Well Ray, I hope you'll never have to do that again.


Anonymous said...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (of IMF)
masonic pimping trial....

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Age of the Rage of the Iridescent Peacock Ego.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's Radio show just went up.

Diane said...

“If there are no dogs in Heaven then, when I die, I want to go where they went”

I'm catching up from the weekend, but had to comment to you, Vis, on this particular statement you wrote above- This reminds of an episode of the Twilight Zone where this exact thing happened...a man and his dog died together, but the man at the gate wouldn't let him in with his dog, so he went another way until he came across another man who said his dog was welcomed, which of course, was the right way.



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