Wednesday, April 6, 2022

"They Are Passing Chimera... Ghost Soldiers Marching into Battle, Under the Banner of The Separated Self."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Why is propaganda such a ubiquitous force? The propagandists have no guns or bombs, just a message that is preposterously inflated or completely untrue. The reason is that the collective human mind has a magical effect on motivations and momentum; on the general state of well-being. It can dishearten when one does not know the truth to begin with. It affects the weather... the weather of contesting elements, AND the emotional and mental weather of aggregate humanity. Come with me to the Land of Extrapolation. The collective human mind apparently affects EVERYTHING, including our quality of life. Lies are a form of currency that finance hard times.

Be aware that you are lied to, and DO NOT let your heart be troubled by the lies of appearances. The way things look ARE NOT the way they are. Sometimes appearances are real, like a hill filled with brambles, but all manner of other devices and conditions may well be concealed there. Sometimes... the places we most desire to reach are made difficult for good reason, by the hand of man, by the hand of God, and by the hand of Lady Nature. However... through Faith... through Shraddha, all things are possible.

Sometimes I comment here and can seem curt, brusk... even unfeeling. None of this is my intention. Quite simply, I have a rule of procedure that I follow, without exception. I tolerate no negative mindset. There is no emotion involved on my part. I just do not accept it as real in my world; given that we all create The World we inhabit. In my world: discouragement, giving up, woe is me, regret, resentment, all negative mental constructs, and emotional elements... have no place in or around me. I do not mean to be dismissive or judgmental, and I am sorry that others feel that they need to feel such things. I KNOW these things are not true. How do I know this? What confirms this certitude in my mind? Hmm...

Whenever such thoughts arise within me (and they do) or in others... which comes to my notice, I stop what I am doing and I step outside and turn my face to The Sun. I inhale, I embrace, I give way before it... before the message that The Sun transmits in every moment of the day. That message is one of unbridled optimism... glowing... shining confidence. My objective... my aspiration... is to be like The Sun in microcosm.

The third chakra is the seat of The SOLAR Plexus. It is the location of the personal will... the ego.

3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus

Third Chakra, Solar Plexus

It is ALSO the location of Visceral Awareness. The ego-personality must be subsumed in The Higher Self, otherwise... you are running around in The Lower Self. The Personality MUST BE made subjective to The Impersonal Self or... you will suffer and suffer. That is what The Crucifiction is all about. Yeah... I know I misspelled it.

Here you are made a victim of your previous actions or the beneficiary of your previous actions. Neither of these last and they are replaced by the incoming Karma of whatever is appropriate for that period of time. The World is filled with billions of separated selves who act as if they were God on the playing fields of The World inside their heads. We are passing chimera... ghost soldiers marching into battle, under the banner of The Separated Self. ALL suffering comes of this.

Sometimes you are flushed with success and sometimes you are awash in ignominy and failure. It comes and it goes. The highs make the lows all the more painful... and, you can count on them showing up... like clockwork, as a matter of fact. The Truth is not something we are going to discover up or down the road... some amount of relative truth perhaps... relative to the moment you encounter it in. That will not last either.

Circumstances change. Conditions change. The Separated Self changes like the phases of The Moon. What is believed to be true today may not be true tomorrow. The Truth... THE Truth is everlastingly present ALREADY. That is the reason one is advised to seek within. You are NOT going to see it in The (external) World of Appearances.

I am a fan of The Saker. You will see a couple of links for his most recent observations about the war in Ukraine, which was precipitated by The Satanic forces of ZATO and the moneychangers. Mr. Putin KNEW that the puppet armies of Ukraine were set to attack the Russian-speaking people in Donbas, in February. Mr. Putin simply preempted them.

As I have mentioned more than once, I do not know the ins and outs of Mr. Putin. I know what I see. It is by his acts that I know him. The same applies to the vicious psychopaths trying to surround him, and who wanted to ring his country with missile bases. They want to do to him what THEY ALREADY DID TO THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE in previous decades with their Bolshevik Revolution. They had to fabricate a Holocaust in order to cover their tracks in the gratuitous murders of tens of millions of Christians, and ANYONE who resisted them.

They want to install another drunken buffoon like Yeltsin. It is the same as their placing that clown Zelensky in Ukraine after they routed the previous government through a Soros and Rothschild color revolution.

Observe how the joke that is ZATO is... in reality, a private army of The Moneychangers. Tell me, what were they doing in The Middle East... if they are a NORTH ATLANTIC operation? It all comes down to the money. This is why they killed Qaddafi, who was the greatest leader Africa has ever known. This is why they killed Saddam, who was the sort of strong man leader that The Middle East favors. He was none of our fucking business.

This is why they orchestrated the false flag attack of 9/11 and then attacked Afghanistan for reasons of Realpolitik and the heroin trade. They are beasts in human form. They are demon-possessed.

I do not get this from Mr. Putin. Is he perhaps a hard man? Perhaps. I see what I see, and what I see is that the worldwide Zio-Press of lying skells is after worldwide dominance. They want to enslave humanity. I see it with their gay agenda. I see it with their transgender agenda. I see it with their pedophile and sex-trafficking agenda. I see it with their virus and vaccine agenda. People are dropping dead all over the place from their vaccines, and the same cabal owns ALL of the killer vaccine operations. It is well expressed here.

I am not certain about the long-term intentions of Mr. Putin, BUT... they are ABSOLUTELY of a higher order than the monstrous intentions of The Moneychangers. I AM CERTAIN about the intentions of those who oppose Mr. Putin. There is no question in my mind about this. If Evil does exist, it is to be found in the actions and intentions of those with all the aforementioned agendas. Mr. Putin is DOING NO MORE than defending his country against a pack of reavers, a band of soulless, demon-possessed beasts, with not a drop of mercy among them. I SEE YOU!!! I CLEARLY see you!!!

Now I know there are a lot of godless cretins who do not believe in an angelic order, a Heavenly Hierarchy, a Living God or an Avatar that comes at the necessary times to set The World in order. They show up regular... at another location where my work is displayed. Wail on... you disingenuous poseurs who seek to drag others down into the dark holes of misery that you inhabit. I KNOW what I speak of is real... by repeated and direct experience. I live in the awareness of this and you cannot convince me otherwise.

I KNOW Mr. Apocalypse is real. He has spoken with me several times. I KNOW the Great Awakening is real, I can feel it AND and see the evidence, and by that token, I know The Avatar comes, BECAUSE these players and conditions ALWAYS come in the same time period. I saw evidence of The Advent of the Avatar in the skies last year; “for as the lightning comes from The East, and flashes as far as The West, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” This I saw and I did not see it alone. I say these things this day... so as to militate against the naysayers of these dark hours, who seek to trouble our hearts and minds, to discourage us, and bring us low.

Why there are those who disseminate such awful lies, and who rail against The Good News, is clear to me. They cannot see it, so... it must not be real. It is no wonder they cannot see it. This is their misfortune. The hand of God is extended to Humanity always, and his love shines upon us every day and night through the lights of Heaven, and within the awakened heart.

His vitality surges in our blood, should we allow his Higher Love to purify our nature and take us out of corruption. Often it is mentioned in scripture about the hardening of hearts. You see it said that The Lord hardens the hearts of those who persist in evildoing. It is said that he makes their minds a habitation of perpetuating illusion. He inflates their pride, and he orchestrates their fall. I recommend reading Cardinal Wolsey's soliloquy to that effect.

God is not mocked.

End Transmission.......

Last night I saw something called “Bad Vegan.” This is one of the most amazing demonstrations (if you can see it) of Karma that I have encountered in some time. I could clearly see how every player was drawn into the net from previous acts in some other time. There have been, in fact, a number of these in recent times that (if you can see it) exemplify Karma in action; The Tiger King, etc. I felt quite bad for this poor lady. I don't know all the details, but... this scoundrel who preyed on her... I can't explain it. It was almost like I was there. She had such a bright future. It is not the best documentary I have seen, but it was telling (if you can see it). I know the trees OFTEN get in the way of the forest. One has to hone and focus their attention.

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Missing Munich said...

Hi Les, sitting at work having a rather late lunch. Reading your posts is like salve for the soul. Thank you for being who you are. Your posts keeping us out here grounded in the mayhem of what is known as American healthcare. I really appreciate you!

Missing Munich

Visible said...

I feel the same way when you show up.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
"You did this America.

You let them do it.

And you still are.

Take a bow."

You also did this Russia (ostensibly) but I also hope the russians don't love their children too with the same health care.....
there is the rub, the ubiquitous covid scam and the silence, the horror of the silence.

Gregory said...

Les Visible said...

"The hand of God is extended to Humanity always, and his love shines upon us every day and night through the lights of Heaven, and within the awakened heart."

No truer words were ever spoken.

In regards to your comment on Qaddafi, had you considered Selassie and Saladin in that assessment? Honorable mention also goes to Bambatha kaMancinza. Not a rebuttal, simply a question.

About me: I read your posts everyday. I came here about six months ago following a series of personal tragedies leaving me despondent and inconsolable. Little helped beyond my daily reading of "A Course in Miracles," Buddhist tracts, and your posts. If it weren't for the fact that your writings would mirror and validate my own meditations, I would have consigned my spiritual beliefs as nutterhash. All I can say now is that your emphatic railings on unconditional love for all, seeking God within, and that there is no such thing as injustice are like salvos to my soul. Thank you for your courage, wisdom and compassion.

I close with a Winston Churchill quote I consider the height of optimism. "If you're going through hell, keep going."
You are the light I follow on that path.

Thank you.

Visible said...

There is no greater honor than to be useful. Selassie not at all. Saladin was a warrior. Qaddafi built the wonder of the world underground water system (Hillary bombed it) and everyone got free college. His Green Book is also a marvel. However... it is a matter of perspective. There's more but it was an observation of the moment, now passed.

Anonymous said...

If I think about the messages I get from the media now:
guys (gays) playing piano with their wankers on TV are now fully in charge of the world.
I must watch way too much alternative media.

Not Sure said...

You don’t talk, you watch talk-shows.

You don’t play games, you watch game-shows.

Travel, relationships, risk, every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance, so that you can remain ever sheltered, ever passive, ever ravenous consumers who can’t bring themselves to rise from their couches, break a sweat and participate in life.

You want superheroes to protect you, and make yourselves ever more powerless in the process, while you tell yourselves you’re being looked after, that your interests are being served. And your rights are being upheld.

So that the system can keep stealing from you, smiling at you all the while. … Grab your snacks, watch your screens, and see what happens. You are no longer in control. I am.

Screenslaver, Incredibles 2

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"My Point Here, What I am Implying, is the Incipient Press Toward Madness... by Tiny Incremental Footsteps."



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