Thursday, April 14, 2022

"The Ukrainian Transsexual Army of Global Degenerates Meets The Sword of God on the Playing Fields of Karma."

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As you will see from one of the links below, Russia is not fighting Ukraine. Russia is fighting ZATO, and... as Russia consistently wins and The Globalists consistently lose, this becomes more and more obvious. The International Pedophilia Army of Gender-Fluid Nazis, with special appearances by The Usual Suspects, are getting hammered by the country they sucked into the conflict in the first place.

Perhaps you know, perhaps you don't. The Sexual Degenerate Armies of The West had intended to attack the Donbas Region in late February. Russia was informed of the matter and preempted the attack by counter-attacking The Butt-Hurt Tranny Battalions, who were driven to retreat. The Ukrainian forces, who were emulating their cross-dressing, Gender-Stupid leader, were left in a terrible disarray when put to flight because it is very difficult to run backwards in tight skirts and high heels, but... they made the best of it. The fields over which they fled were in Spring thaw, so the area was littered with Jimmy Ah-Choo shoes that were sucked into the hungry ground, which was thirsty for homoerotic discourse.

Meanwhile... the ghouls that haunt battlefields are very fashion curious. You see them sometimes, looking like Halloween character Indians after the Battle of Little Big Horn, wearing ensembles of cavalry jackets with earrings made from scalps, much like the people who now work at Starbucks. It's a sort of Micheal Jackson, Battlestar Galactica with a Baron Samedi profile, such as you would get when anyone comes out of a grave after a few months or years. That doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best!

It turned out that this was the best thing that could happen for Ukraine because it was much easier for them to run with their shoes gone, though their stockings did suck up a lot of mud. The Kim Kardashian Brigade of Moon-walking Pederasts managed to distract the Russians by attacking them from the rear, with the unified vision of hundred of Brazilian butt-lifted asses, twerking in sequence. This worked for about a minute until the Russians started peppering them with blasts of rock salt. One of their spokes-cartoons said that it would have worked if the disco balls hadn't taken so many rounds, which brought down the light show and left them looking like late-night sweat-hogs from a Kiev bondage club.

Further on, they launched what they were calling their Masked Singer ambush, which consisted of multiples of every Disney character in drag outfits. Once again, in the first few moments, the advantage seemed to be with the Uke's... that is until the Russian planes began to drop vibrating butt-plugs on them which had tiny, explosive charges.

At the same time, massive Voice of the Theater speakers were brought to the front and began to play “YMCA.” This was too much for the cabaret army, who began to insert the butt-plugs and dance like transitioning 3rd graders. Some of them thought they were ear-pods and treated them accordingly. It was only the space of a minute before the Russian commander hit the code numbers of the cell phone linked to the butt-plugs and that was all she/he/it wrote, and... they never even heard the rest of the song.

Members of GLADD and The Inhuman Rights Coalition, who were in the VIP bleachers erected on the DMZ 50 yard line were uncontrollably weeping while making incoherent animal sounds. Occasionally you would hear one of them say something like, “They were so fabulous! For a moment it seemed like a fashion runway might appear right in the middle of the conflict!! That is how inspiring it all was!!! Now... what are we going to do? All we have left are the pink-haired Rapinoe dancers with the exploding batons!”

I'm pretty sure that is what they would have said, so... I am filling in the blanks. No one likes dead air, whether it is on the radio or on the battlefield. Now, all we have to worry about is the threat of transsexual zombie armies coming out of the ground, with Ellen Degenerate as the guidon.

There is a rumor that has been appearing everywhere lately, about zombie armies coming out of a Tavistock manufacturing plant in Glasgow. That city used to be known for being the number one, international location for death from knife fights. Now it is the main source for trans-humanist zombie armies. The most feared among them are The Big Bird and Barney Corps of genetically altered 6 to 10-year olds that have been compared to the Gurkha regiments from Nepal; very frightening warriors indeed. They are literally without fear, that... having been bred out of them by the behavioral scientists at the Presidio. Operatives from the Mengele-Soros division of The Planetary Extinction Corporation have individually field-stripped and tested each of these child soldiers.

I don't know which fruit fly designed that Ukrainian flag. Blue and yellow? Blue and Yellow!!! Have you ever seen blue and yellow on a field of camo? Why could they not have just blended them? Don't you get Green out of that? Green does not clash with camo!!! “Oh! The Horror! The Horror!!!”

Spokes-orcs from the public relations sector of The Usual Suspects LTD says that in the next war, the combatants will have multiple arms and legs, just like the Hindu Gods, and they will come accessorized with attributes, just like the Gods. Apparently, they can do cartwheels like nobody's business, and you can imagine how hard it is to hit a moving cartwheel. It's not the same as a line of tin ducks at the shooting gallery, who... even when they are moving, still seem to be standing still.

The human cartwheels are being bred by third-world surrogate mothers, like the ones presently being used by reality TV actors. Sean Penn is personally handling this area of research and development. As you should know, surrogate mothers came into the mainstream because rich people don't like stretch marks and the painful ordeals of vaginal rejuvenation and tightening. This was the source of the original, “Tighten-Up” in the song of the same name. It gets hard to connect on date night at the nursing home when you are over 70, but still want to look your best. 

Many inventions that we wind up using in the day to day are the result of devices created in the desperation of warfare. Well... in that case, we are on the verge of a remarkable bounty of new products because warfare is now operating in every area of human engagement, I speak of The Culture Wars, The Sexual Wars, The Generational Wars, The Political and Religious Wars, and this is just the tip of the Iceberg. I believe that metaphor is a good indication that much of this is coming out of New York City.

Remember back when most of us were normal? We lived in normal families (I didn't, but exceptions have to be made). We went to normal schools where we learned normal things, like Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. We learned useful skills. There were no gender studies, except among the most twisted members of academia. Nobody wanted to know about any of that. Everyone knew where to put what. Children belonged in the classroom and on the playground, not on websites, where demented trolls swapped their images like we used to swap baseball cards.

Now... Normal is hunted down and killed or soon will be, probably by Disney characters conducting annual Purges. Loving families are a travesty upon the intentions of The Great Reset. This war in Ukraine is being fought over sexual identities, and the right to fuck anything that you can hold still for long enough to make it happen. If they get their way... in a few years there will be game shows and talent competitions on Nickelodeon and MTV to see just how young you can get children to engage in depraved acts. I am NOT exaggerating. The war in Ukraine is between those who want this; ZATO and The West, and those who do not want this; Russia, Hungary, and a few others.

Yes.., this is a war over the right to do whatever you damn please to anyone you want to do it to. Planning divisions are already mocking up licenses similar to hunting licenses. You got buck season, doe season, and soon there will be a fawn season and a special day for hunting those who are pregnant. Already they are deliberately killing the people who were too stupid to refuse the vaccine or who felt they had to do this to put food on their families.

Soon they are going to make food out of those families. All of this is happening and no one does anything about it. Do you not find this strange??? We need another hunting season, and you don't have to worry about them being too rich and powerful to stop it, because... the ones doing the hunting will be from the invisible realm.

It's going to be open season on those who can't see them coming! They can't see them coming because they are invisible... unless they are so terrifying that they want to be seen. Yes, there will be harpies, furies, avenging angels, and hounds of Heaven. There will be creatures out of the worst nightmares of Clive Barker, coming to call. There will be a little bit of this and a whole lot of that, and... there will be peace in the valley... someday.

This is the first time I have written a post without mentioning God in years. Whoops! I mentioned him!!! Humor too... is a weapon. The one thing The Devil likes least is RIDICULE. Laugh at him and he will run for the exits. Fear him and he will sit on the couch, put his hand on your knee, and watch The Big Bang with you. Dear God!!! Come soon!!! We are no longer holding them at bay.

Thank God that Evil destroys itself!

End Transmission.......

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Citizen Elle said...

Bravo, maestro Viz!
Your extraordinarily humorous ridicule here today is most appreciated.
I also really enjoyed your recent RPD descriptor of the dark force as "the 'lead into temptation' meister".
Hehehe, man, you sure are shining your Light.

from the deep,

Visible said...

Heh heh...

and here I didn't think I might even get a comment at all, much less a positive one.

Many blessings!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Laughed at almost every paragraph. Love it!

What will life be like in December? Will I be here in December?! (Kinda hope not, but hey.)

M - said...

LOL. Bravo!

Remember: It's always darkest just before Dawn.

I DO see Hope on the horizon.

Blessed Be to All.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The True Object of Desire is The One That Puts an End to Wanting and Sets You Free of Desire. We'll Leave the Light on for Ya."

CowboyBoot said...

Ray didn't pipe in with his oh-so-profound and elevated experiences in the nether realms on this one. Will wonders never cease. Good writing Les.

clown shoes point south said...

Greetings Spiritual Guide LV! that was an EPIC breakdown of the fake and gay Uke sideshow, finally watched the Zelensky rump ranger video with the Right Said Fred tanktop and KISS boots for the laugh.
The 51st state Ukraine is calling up all 13-70 year olds but did use some ZATO supplied weapons to sink a Russian ship and they are pissed.
The banksters want WWIII by any means necessary but the smoke and mirrors have reached the end of the line.
I always think back on your quote about cosmic firewalls keeping the forces of EVIL from taking over the earth and we are about to see that firsthand as Mr. Apocalypse puts on the big show.
The tweeter twatter kerfluffle is awesome as it reveals the GOV controlled information honeypot that is social media, no need for a STASI when the dullards supply the info for free.

Anonymous said...

Look Ma! Here they come now!

Tornado Lion said...

Did you even hear about this?

In the opening salvo of a renewed war on the Palestinians, “Operation Break the Wave,” Israeli security forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City early Friday.

They fired stun grenades, tear gas and live rounds at Palestinian worshippers marking the end of the second week of Ramadan. They beat and bound those captured, forcing them to lie face down in lines inside the mosque. Over a four-hour period, Israeli forces used baton rounds and tear gas to clear the compound, with police beating journalists and women.

I had to stumble onto this while watching Press TV. No Muslims here in Southern Ontario Canada have protesting anywhere! They are Saudi and Emirati sellouts of course!

Visible said...

Tornado Lion. I watched them set that loose as soon as the got the Ukraine for a distraction. That is the same people killing other Ukrainians via their Azov Battalions under the direction of a Tribe member.



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