Tuesday, April 19, 2022

"The Hobgoblin Mind-Wash that is The Fundamentalist Record of Who Begat What and What Begat Who is Not For Me."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Something came up this morning that indicates to me that I need to clarify what I do and how I do it... yet once again. There seems to be some confusion about what actually goes on here. Sometimes people just walk into the wrong store. What they are looking for is not there. You have to go down the street to get it. We are sorry. Our sign says we have the right to refuse service to anyone who doesn't know what is going on here. Well... that would be self-denial.

Some commenter that I have had ONE interaction with, sent me an excoriating email to let me know, in no uncertain terms that... if I don't understand academic, traditional Biblical history, I have no right PREACHING about it. Heh heh. I don't preach. I muse. I reflect. I talk about God. All that you see about me here is just as I am in real life. These same conversations go on around here all the rest of the day, otherwise... I wouldn't be here, or there either.

I have nothing to do with Biblical history according to whatever version you buy into. I have read, my entire life... and other lives, about God. God is all that interests me. I have seen and done it all I am sure, and... I didn't like it. Nothing has been able to curtail or bend my love for God. Although I have read a good amount of literature about all religions, I have no use for religion. I am not a Christian. I am not an anything other than a friend of God. That's it. We walk and talk together. We spend all day of every day together. I don't need anything else in my life. So... I write about it. If it is useful to you, that is wonderful. If not... there are other virtual watering holes up and down the way.

The person in concern has a screen name that is a variant of weisenheimer, which is someone who is a wise-ass, arrogant and intrusive, along with other things. The email was of the same tenor. This person was complaining because I was profoundly rude and dismissive of him. He might be right because I can't remember the exchange at all, except for the screen name. It's a German word and I lived for 15 years in Germany, so it would interest me.

People come and go here. It's not everyone's cup of tea. Some people have the illusion that I am some sort of scholar or fancy myself to be. I am no scholar. That is more for people who don't enjoy life. I am a friend of God and a lover of God, nothing more. So... to all and sundry, one further time, in an endless and recurrent turn of the wheel, I am not your projection of what you would be if you were me. This is what we all do. We project ourselves on others. The thief sees a thief. The liar sees a liar. The proud and haughty see the proud and haughty. The secret is to be in harmony with all life. I am not yet there, but I am there in my aspirations, and my focus, and my intentions.

The most important lesson a person can learn is not to project themselves on others. This is how we created The World we are in. See God in everyone and allow God full sway within, IF... IF you want to get out of the hole you dug yourself in; spiritually, I mean. You attract what you put out. Maybe not right away, and this is what deceives the people who think they are evading the consequences of their acts. Sooner or later, I am telling you straight. Whatever it is, it is going to catch up with you. This is why I do what I do... BECAUSE I WANT IT TO CATCH UP WITH ME, so I am doing it with all my might. It works in both directions, he said... on his way to The Eternal Now. (grin)

So... I didn't know what I would write about today. I sat down and saw this email. I don't get many of those because I'm not baiting the forest for that sort of response, and it occurred to me that the conversations here reach a certain public that is resonant with loving God, and being a friend to God, which is DEMONSTRATED in the way one conducts themselves in life, because to be a friend of God, you must act like a friend of God. That's actually all that is required. It is understood that The Love is present, and that it needs to be actualized in life. I've heard it called “walking the talk”.

I've tried to do that. It came at great cost early on, and it stayed that way, off and on, for decades, BUT... all white-water streams will hit softer water eventually. It's not how you got there. It is where you wound up, and even that can pass in a twinkling if real faith is in the heart. What I mean is that any bad road can turn good if there is desire for it.

We have desires in this world and it is not hard to come up with the momentum to fulfill them. Well... desire is energy, so... if you direct that energy to the source of all energy, your desire will take you to a higher plane of energy, and that is where love comes in. Depending on how you direct this force, determines in what fashion it will express. False love will exhaust you. True love will energize you.

I saw another comment at another site where this work is hosted. Some fellow was in the depths of misery, telling me that love is a lie, and then he illustrated all the ways that love had gone and done him wrong. What he is talking about is not love. It is not the love we talk about here. We are not interested in Carnal Love. I felt really sorry for the guy. Look up! Look in! Stop looking down. You are not going to find anything useful there unless you are a farmer.

I do quote Jesus Christ often here because I am a follower of his in the direct sense, but that hobgoblin mind-wash that is the fundamentalist record of who begat what and what begat who is not for me. For anyone having a problem in this area... being bogged down by the literal, instead of being uplifted by the spiritual, I recommend psychedelics. Good... clean... strong psychedelics will DEFINITELY blow the carbon out of your jets, and take the murk of made-up double talk out of the conversation.

I don't promote psychedelics because not everyone can confront the truth within them or be comfortable with the truth confronting them, and that will happen. I took to it immediately because it was what I was after to begin with. If you are already searching for the truth, and you take something that brings the truth up right within you, well... yeah. But it's not for everyone. Some people seem to want to go down. Many more want to stay on the surface where the flashing lights are familiar; ♫ they say the neon lights are bright... on Broadway ♫ and some few... want to climb The Golden Stairs. There are different chemicals that will take you to all those places. I don't recommend any of them to everyone. One size does not fit all.

Few things would please me more than to take such a voyage now, after so much has happened internally, but... I put it aside until the ineffable brings it around... and quality is so important and The World of the moment is so polluted... I tried storming The Gates of Heaven. It didn't work. It was fine for a few hours, even more sometimes, but... always, I fell back into the convolutions of The Dream. I figure the only way to get permanent residency is to leave it in the hands of the administrators of that further land.

I could get around it and try yet again but... even though the path of discipline is not a fast track, it gets faster when love is fed into the engine, leading to success being speedy for the energetic. It's that turtle and hare thing. I've never been able to stick to one, which might have put me behind the turtle, but we learn as we go.

The World is getting increasingly strange. Those who are believers know that sex is not the be all and end all of life. However, those who do not believe are able to find nothing else but that. Since THAT is NEVER fulfilling, beyond a certain amount of time, it is to be expected that people get increasingly more kinky in search of an end result that CANNOT be found there, which leads to even more severe kink, which leads to depression and suicide, but most pervasively... it leads to insanity. That “increasingly strange” that I mentioned? It is the insanity that is at the core.

There is a war on for the human soul, even beyond the competition for the heart and mind. This is a timeless conflagration. It is one of the basic tenets of life here, and... where that life might flow to afterward. If your eyes are open, you can see it all around you. If your eyes are closed, you see nothing, but... that does not protect you from Fear. The partially blind are those wearing blinders. This causes them to see only what is right in front of them. Then... direction is all important.

We row all over the lake here. It is a big lake. We try to follow the primary rule of life, which is the dynamic between The Sun and The Moon. We love it when The Moon is reflected in the lake. We love The Sun, who... in some way, is behind everything; moon, lake, reflection, shoreline, and the one witnessing and experiencing them. We have found that Love is the universal passport and the universal solvent.

We have found that the key to High Magic, is Love. Life and the Al-Gore-Rhythms that operate and replicate the DNA, all need love to getter-done. For some people it is science. For some people it is religion, and for some people it is Truth. It is best not to confuse these with each other. There is only ONE true science, and there is only ONE true religion. It is our sincere prayer that you will find it. I can't make that discovery for you.

End Transmission.......

I want to add that I KNOW there are people who come and go here. They embed themselves in the conversation, and over time, they try to wind me up, after first establishing themselves as reasonable, they become something else entirely. I've been through this for years. It won't change anything here, and it will get nipped in the bud sooner or later. There are people who are malicious, and that is the way with them. Others bombard the site with questionable information. I have resources that tell me where visitors are coming from, so... it's good for you to know these things (grin).

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Anonymous said...

Just ask the Axis, He begat everything.

There He is! Open the cover fully and Eureka! (Vishvarupa)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I can't believe I volunteered for this stint here now, never mind how many other lives I've lived. Sanity is obviously not guaranteed on the Otherside. Considering me thinks everyone is here by choice with a plan for how they are going to exist in this cesspit before they get here I figure Source has a very masochistic streak, being everything is part of Source. I mean, volunteering to be burnt at the stake, or gibbet caged, or all the other lovely mediaeval torture devices to take you off the planet? Gods, the worst of my past in this life was a walk in the park compared to the choices people make.

Oh well. Never again for this puppy.

steve said...

Good one Les.

Visible said...

Thanks, Steve. It's hard for me to tell sometimes because there is so little feedback. That's a good thing. Most people get someone yelling at them. That does happen, very occasionally. It does make it harder to find the pulse of my audience, and then I always remember. It's God who is managing the whole thing, visible. When you turn your life completely over to the ineffable, he expresses... as you are transformed to be more and more pliable. Otherwise, and as we see in The World, one is hindering The Divine's passage and sure and certain negative Karma is the result.

Kazar said...

And He Walks With Me and He Talks with Me.....

M - said...


I love the poetry of your Posts. Edward Curtin is the only other individual I've found who's Posts are as lovely to read. His, too, are filled with truth.

Blessed Be.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

Not sure why people feel the need to say such terrible things to you, but I guess it is what it is. I would only ask that you keep being you, but you will keep being you so I really don’t have ask. 😊 My cross is the crazies. They’re out there and for some reason, they all seem to see a spotlight on me. 😂 Have great day brother!


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
I have been reading your work for years and I am most grateful for your musings about god as I resonate with most everything you say about the human condition on this planet. Must also admit to having my eyes been opened by your exposures of the conspiracies running our world many a times,starting to read almost every post of yours from 2001 onward (from rense,which I left as he stopped posting your work because you would not stop talking about god,if I remember correctly).
The reason for my comment today is your first link, "Endemic Pathogens Are Making You Crazy And Then Killing You: Toxoplasmosis Spotlight". I was really puzzled by your posting an article on pathogens so I sat and read the very well written piece, to further my amazement that I find a link like this on your site!
I am not in any case implying that you provided the link because you endorse the information contained therein but in any case, I would like to provide a few pieces of relatively little known information that make this piece look to me like a piece of very well crafted propaganda pretending to be anti systemic,which it definitely is not.
First of all, the term pathogen, meaning to "produce disease", was used after 1880 as a means to label micro organisms as disease causing, no doubt owing to the works of this greatest of charlatan doctors, Louis Pasteur. I believe you must be aware of the fact that it turned out in the late 1990s that he had forged most of his experiment results, systematically altering results to favor his theories, and confessing on his death bed that his great adversary, Antoine Béchamp, was right.
If I remember correctly his words were something like : “the germ is nothing, the environment is everything”, the very thesis of his adversary and the theory that he supposedly disproved!
A similar thing turns out to have happened with viruses in the middle of the last century, they were “invented” and not really found as until then viruses were not thought to be alive, with some real scientists like Tom Cowan, Stephen Lanka and many more having proven to me at least that what we call viruses are really broken pieces of genetic material extracted from dying cells.
If you are interested in doctors who really understood things differently than the modern paradigm of insane materialism which has taken over the science of health completely in our times, look up doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer. The fact that he treated thousands of cancer patients without drugs or surgery, had his medical license revoked many a time and ended up serving two years in a maximum security prison in France because someone supposedly died because he read one of his books and refused chemotherapy, should make anyone awake interested. Oh, I forgot to mention that he had 7 failed (thank god) assassination attempts against him leading him to live the last years of his life in hiding in Finland, and the judge that put him in jail happened to be the chief rabbi of France.
Now this doctor, who actually was a real doctor unlike the 99,99 percent of complete morons pretending to be doctors nowadays, who are really ambitious materialists having gotten a degree from a Rockefeller university and then becoming drug pushers for the pharma industry willingly or unwillingly, said that viruses originate in the body produced by itself to perform some kind of cleaning duties, and are not the cause of any disease but the solution to it.
part 1

Anonymous said...

part 2
Going back to the link you provided to this article and the reason for my comment, it seems to me to be pushing all kinds of fear porn, so common these days, concerning microorganisms and parasites and viruses, but in a way pretending to be ultra scientific when in reality the author has never done an experiment himself but relies on a number of published articles done by others to draw his conclusions. And reading this kind of an article one is left with more fears than before and no solutions to any real health problems.
But as I think you will agree, that real freedom can only be had with real health, including the spiritual and emotional bodies of men beside the purely physical body, then any and all doctrines which put your health in the hands of invisible enemies and out of the Creator’s body (your body) which is in reality very very powerful and always self repairing if given the means to do so, are there to instill fear and thus take your freedom away.
Contrast these modern theories with the theories of Hippocrates that taught that nature inside of you is all powerful and that given the means and proper assistance, it will always heal the man naturally, and you can begin to see why the ancient Greeks elevated health to such a degree that you had the so called “golden age” of ancient greece. And keep in mind that fear was for the ancient greek healers the source of many (or even all) diseases, and it was paramount for them to eradicate fear from the individual in order for healing to take place. Before Hippocrates, there were the followers of asclepius who used only two things to heal all diseases, diet (fasting) and the ritual of enkoimesis. This enkoimesis took place at the built to purpose temples of asclepius, the theater of Epidaurus being located in one of the more known Asclepia, where the patient was ordered to sleep in the temple so as to receive healing in his dream from the gods. The interesting part of this story is that you had to sleep in the temple in order to receive the dream that heals, but the temples were filled with poisonous snakes which the practitioners of the art of asclepius made sure were there as they were feeding and tending to them, it was in their duties.
And so it usually took people a few days before they could fall asleep among the snakes, from exhaustion I would guess, and having transcended their fear they received their healing. Because if fear is not transcended then healing does not take place, and that is quite similar to what Dr Hamer was doing in treating his patients,explaining to them that their cancers were not caused by anything external or physical, but are the result of unresolved emotional trauma, with cancer being the body's own response to that constant state of fear that they are living in. Resolve your emotional issues and the cancer dies immediately he proclaimed and thousands upon thousands have treated their cancers without any drug or even doctor fees, and you can see why he was such a threat to the system that is now trying to take over the world.
Sorry for my lengthy comment, and I would be very grateful if who would want to explore the connections of health to freedom for yourself or even for your readers, as this paradigm shift in our perception of health has to happen in my opinion if we are ever going to get real freedom. Thank you for all you do for all of us readers of yours.
A friend from Greece.

antiselfist said...

"I want to add that I KNOW there are people who come and go here. They embed themselves in the conversation, and over time, they try to wind me up, after first establishing themselves as reasonable, they become something else entirely."
From my understanding and experience, This trait is one of the behaviors that can amongst others indicate an anti social personality disorder such as Sociopathy/Pyscopathy.

Visible said...

Friend from Greece. I see I have been remiss in my duties. In no way do I promote ANY of the links I include, with the exception of spiritual teachings. I do not know enough about that subject to comment on it, and it is of no concern to me, since God handles my health and does it VERY well. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I believed what was written there, when I don't understand it much of the time. My theory and practice is better consigned to the arcane, and to music, not science, since I am VERY right brain.

I'll put a disclaimer in. The links are for the most part, snapshots of existence parading past my window. In cases like this specific link, I put it in because I KNOW there are keen intellects that come round here and enjoy reading this sort of thing, REGARDLESS of the perspective they may hold after having done so (grin).

Anonymous said...

There is no place off or online like yours, Visible.
Thank you for years of wisdom shared.
My only departure is also the links...I don't partake of those.
"Too much sugah for a dime" as my Nana used to say.
I was that kid for whom the Tilt-a-Whirl was the wildest ride ever, and the carousel is still my favorite. I finally rode a smallish roller coaster in the late 90s at Astroworld. Never again.
Shoutout to Unknown at April 20, 2022 4:28:00 PM...that was the song I heard as I read Vis' words in that paragraph,too. Your comment made me smile twice.

Much love,

Sukh said...

Look at The Force of Pedophilia, as It Rises like Baal Rampant on a Field of Ravaged Innocence and Despair

These Transmitting Entities will be Making The Real Safe Spaces; It's the Difference Between Woke and Awakened



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