Tuesday, July 19, 2022

"Evil is The Uncertainty of Outcome... in The Camouflage of The Moment. Evil is Raw and Undisciplined Force."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Observe the blasted landscape of low-rise strip malls, proclaiming a Slam-Bam-Thank-You-Mam, convenience wheel of in-and-out, back-and-forth, quickie-give-and-go of garbage-in-and-garbage-out, on their way to floating upside down like dynamited trout. It's murder-suicide on a grand scale. In other words, someone is trying to kill you, and you are cooperating.

You cooperate by eating bad food... thinking selfish thoughts, and developing multiple addictions so that you will have ghost-dance-partners, and not feel all alone on your way to the Spiffy Jiffy coffin store, between Nails-n-Hair, and Shelley's Bail Bonds, making those necessary proactive decisions on your way to who knows where... cause you don't care.

Seriously... if you gave a shit, would your world be turning to shit all around you? Haven't you heard? “It takes a village.” Here's the thing, the village witch-doctor got together with The Headman (not the same as The Headsman, at least not exactly) and most of the shop owners so that each of them could get more than they already were getting from the people who weren't paying attention.

Over the l-o-n-g course of history, certain truisms have come to be deeply engraved in the once human psyche. One of them is that a person's reach should not exceed their grasp. Another is that you should not excessively squeeze those you depend on to live as you do or... there will be no one left to squeeze.

But... what am I talking about here? Please correct me if I am wrong... it looks as if the biggest die-off of all time is in progress. It REALLY looks like a significant portion of humanity is either too uncaring... too unknowing, mesmerized, asleep, or... every one of these things. It 'looks' like tens of millions... (hundreds of millions?) are marching toward the cliff's edge. Crazy... crazy things are happening... the self-destruction is on autopilot. Is it as it appears? Is... it... as... it... appears?

To resort to an old cliché... 'the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife'

I have to say for the 9,499th time... I don't know. I can feel the urgency that I... or someone... has to do something, NOW!... Yesterday! Long before yesterday.

An older and wiser voice in my mind, tells me... “Be still and recognize that I am within you.” I have been told repeatedly... “everything is under control.” I have been told hundreds... thousands of times... “rely on me.”

I have invisible friends who speak to me every day. Sometimes it is an associate from The Initiatic Brotherhood. Sometimes it is an entity from The Angelic or Devic Realm, and sometimes it is The One himself communicating through one of these step-down transformers... and time after time, I realize all of them are The One speaking through any and all of these step-down transformers.

As I have mentioned on many occasions, but... it seems appropriate to mention it again. Through my life, I heard infrequently from The Blessed Spheres unless I was in Altered States. There were occasions when I was in danger, and The Voice rang clear in my mind... concerning what I must do, which was ALWAYS some permutation of, “Do nothing- Rely on me. I WILL take care of it.” Through the decades, my own communications were a regular affair... seldom did I hear any response, BUT... in succeeding days, an answer would come through another medium.

Then... about a dozen years ago, I heard; “It's not even Winter and here I am.” From that time I began to receive sporadic replies, sometimes without even soliciting one. As the years have passed, the back and forth has evolved to where it is near constant now, and... generally... immediate. Only a small portion of the PERSONAL communications find their way into these blogs. It is the regular transmissions that find their way into the blogs. The Voice is as clear as if I were speaking with someone sitting next to me on a train. There is no bad advice that I have received in all this time.

In the process of these advanced and improved communications, old patterns have fallen away. Neither The Mind or The Emotions are allowed to operate on their own anymore. An entirely new world has opened within me. MEANWHILE... I am watching The World... once gradually and incrementally going mad, now going mad at an impressive rate of speed.

It feels as if those of us who are still sane should prepare ourselves for world-shaking events to happen this fall. I KNOW a significant portion of The World... those that even have an attention span, are trembling over the possibilities to come. There is widespread fear. Two large blocks of the population are at war. One side wants total license and the other side wants some amount of restraint. One side wants a free for all, and the other side wants a rational theater of enterprise. I DEEPLY suspect they are both going to get what they are after.

I don't know what shape it is going to take. I DEEPLY suspect it will take the shape being molded from the desires that are shaping it. It looks like we are all going to find what we are seeking ON... THE... LEVEL... WE... ARE... SEEKING... IT... ON. It is VERY important to not get sucked into the whirlpools of your fear and apprehension; “sufficient unto the day is The Evil thereof.”

Evil is the uncertainty of outcome in the camouflage of the hour. Evil is raw and undisciplined force. Dealing with it is similar to teaching a bear to dance. It... can... be... done... however. It's the 8th Trump which leads to that expressed in the 9th Trump. It is best comprehended by an understanding of the 7th Trump, which signifies Triumph... in... the... Mind. This happens when The Reactive Mind is stilled and the two sphinxes are brought to rest.

That state leads to the next state, which is control of all subhuman forces (The Bear) within us... via The Subconscious. That leads to Purity and a Fearless Certitude, which... then leads to Mastery (9th Trump)... and by the very definition of it... to a kind of solitude where one is very much NOT alone... while being very much alone. It is like being one of the stars in The Heavens.

Since I don't know what is going to happen, it is very difficult for me to provide a solution. A casual inventory of your present state of being... SHOULD tell you where you are headed. A deeper inventory should make you certain of it. If you don't like what you

The readers who come here are nearly all at some stage of being awakened or they don't stay around for any length of time. I believe it to be very likely that you will get the meaning and implications of what I am about to say.

find... CHANGE IT!This was transmitted to me last evening. It concerns The Greatest Commandment. As we have mentioned a number of times... this commandment is not some onerous and burdensome proclamation from a dictatorial deity. Like most profound statements that have endured for any length of time, it has many possible meanings.

Last night I got one of those other possible meanings.

The reason for the greatest commandment... being to fully and completely love God is... because Love is the medium of communication between you and God. God is loving you all the time but you don't get the lasting and conscious benefit of it unless you love him back. If you want the benefit of a productive and joyful life... you MUST love God.

Do you want it even better than that? Then love God more! IF... you love The Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind, then... then... God will be permitted to return the favor because... he is ALREADY loving you with all his heart, all his spirit, all his strength, and with all his mind (if you permit it). It can also be HER as well. God is a multi-tasking deity. God takes the shape your devotion gives it... him... her; those pesky problems in Pronoun-Land.

Some of us are okay with an impersonal force that changes into one or the other expression as needs be. Most of us prefer the personal aspect. God changes from one back to the other every day... into every night... into every returning day, while... remaining... unchanged... behind... the... appearances, forever and ever amen.

The Sun and Moon have their dance and all creation springs from their interplay. If you do not love God... the sounding board of mutual communication... LOVE... goes silent. In the HEAT of the passionate furies of Material Desire, it can seem as if this is unimportant. Time and circumstance will come to prove that it is THE... ONLY... THING... THAT... IS... IMPORTANT. Trust God to handle everything, because... he does, AND... Love God to ensure the outcome is certain to be in your favor.

End Transmission.......

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Where did the term NAZI come from? There is an indication that it was first minted for The Nazarenes who followed Jesus of Nazareth. It later got translated into National Socialism. I just point this out because VERY FEW people know where anything really came from. They cherry-pick the furniture of their world and the furniture in their minds which suits them. They tell themselves that existence is whatever pleases them and then they reinforce it with their chosen facts.


Anonymous said...

was thinking the same thing, that a huge die off is happening right now, from the vaccines, and the media is completely ignoring it and making it look like everything is normal and fine.

It's a horrifying realization because you start to wonder what will happen, will the entire world collapse, an apocalypse?

Then i realized that the only thing to do is to offer worship and prayer to God. It's the only thing that matters.

Thank you for your posts and will keep begging God for divine mercy and love, that is really the only point of life anyway, the only thing worth striving for.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you dislike emoji's because they have this one with a target and an arrow in the bullseye. That's the one I would use for this post. Sometimes things are just too beautiful for words but I sure enjoy watching you do it; over and over and over. So, THANKS, again and again and again.

Love, Priscilla

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking... is the illuminati actually evil? I mean look around at the human race... the majority of humans are downright evil, or if not evil, then incredibly stupid and apathetic. I'm starting to think the vaccine is actually a good thing. I mean I've been shit on by society, by people, my whole life and now I'm supposed to feel compassion or pity for them? Fuck that. I feel fucking joyful that they all got vaxxed and I hope they suffer horribly. Sorry but I'm all out of pity, compassion, and mercy. The elite is correct- the world will be a much better place once 90% of the human race is dead. So in truth, let's be positive. Let's think about how beautiful and green the earth will be, once 90% of humans are removed. Overpopulation truly is the root cause of most issues in the current world- the competition, greed, and so on. And in the end, 90% of humans refused to evolve even tho they had plenty of freedom to do so. They chose to not evolve and therefore they will not see the new earth, the golden age.

In the end, the vaccine is literally God's judgement on this earth and most humans deserve it. Everything is God's will, so anyone who took the vaccine, deserved to take it, and was allowed by God to take it. After all, doesn't the Gita say he gives intelligence and takes it away? And as long as the unevolved humans remain on this earth, a golden new age won't be possible. Is not the mass die-off a good thing then?

Anonymous said...

forgive the rant, and I ask God for his divine mercy and love, but I am simply unable to love humanity. Majority of humanity is evil and deserves to burn. I'll love God, I cannot love man. I see now why the wise say you can't love both God and man. God is pure, and man is vile. Anyway, things will get better, with each day, the evil humans die off more and more, and thus the earth breaths a sign of relief as the burden of the evil lessens. Of course if you tell people they are evil, they will attack you, like the evil rabid animals they are.

How much more do we have to suffer before we finally have peace? When will the suffering, the hell, end? Islam says the earth will only have peace once there are no more idol worship, once God alone is worshipped, and thus Islam is the only religion left. As long as people continue worshipping the idols, the false gods, the gurus, and man, there cannot be peace. God alone has to be the focus, and I ask God to please bestow such mercy on me that God is my only concern. Isn't that the basic point you are constantly making, Les, that God alone is the only thing that matters?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ahhhhh, the PARADOX! (Great song by Kansas. Hah-hah-hah. Point of Know Return album has a ship goin' off a cliff's edge.) I HATE LIFE, but I can't follow in the footsteps of the slow suicide idiots because I know too much.

Why care when anyone leaves here? We're all passin' through. This place sucks, and we are forever. Why should it be important for anyone if there are more or fewer of us HERE except for the parasites that exploit us? Oh yeah. Most of humanity doesn't know that. As I've implied or said directly a gazillion time, I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OFF THIS DISGUSTING PLANET!!!!!!!!! But I gotta. Wait, that is. Ye gods, I am so glad I'm 60, and wasn't born yesterday!

Shape of devotion. Uh, why am I suddenly thinking of Flying Spaghetti Monster?! Oh, never mind. On the other hand, I did dream of it once, we 'talked', and it was pretty cool. Long time ago. Not my cup o' tay as far as 'deities' go, but in that other realm, I'd have it over for dinner, though not AS dinner. (Love that line, 'Thank you for dinner.' in that song, 'Bungle in the Jungle.)

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

At the moment I am vigilant, not afraid. I believe many of us feel the world can absolutely not go on as it is and that boiling point has been reached. It’s at the simmering shimmering bubbling stage just before all Hell breaks loose. And break loose it will. What other possible outcome could there be? Good always wins out over Evil because God is always in charge. What happens before victory is declared I do not know. I can only speculate but my hope is Truth is shown and many people grasp it and wake up before the suffering of the fools becomes horrific. We shall see, In the meantime , seek God. Time is running out.
Another great post by Mr Visible ....thank you

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Surya! What a trip. Surya Bonaly is my favourite skater. She shoulda got the gold ten times over.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to leave you a comment once I've written it out elsewhere.
Basically I was arrested and handcuffed today going into the big city to do errands, then let go after they, RCMP, felt they had humiliated me enough. Forced me to take a breath analyisis because I had empty beer cans in a box in my car.Two big thugs. I kept my cool didn't agree with anything they said and was let go. Their idea was to somehow humiliate me, it didn't work. Thought I was going to jail for nutten. Anyway I'll write it out and give the details. I had errands to do to get ready for something ie be prepared. Huge storm all day long here. I thought I was enraged by it at first, but not really. Then i got home and sat in dead silence. More to follow later. What a place this world is, just sick of it now. Thugs R the RCMP.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"There is The Matter of An Abyss that You Have to Step Across, but, It... Is... ONLY... as... Wide... as... Your... Fear."



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