Tuesday, June 28, 2022

"Find The Resonance. Then You Hear The Music of the Spheres. Then You Dance in Perfect Harmony with Heaven."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was at the gym doing my every-other-day routine... when I noticed this guy that I hadn't seen before at one of the stations, and... something was coming off of him that I hadn't seen since I was locked up with the real and dangerous loonies.

I have this arrangement with Heaven that I can have anything I want as long as it does not interfere with what is expected of me... just plain wrong, or... not good for me. If I CAN have it. I WILL have it.

There are certain protocols that go along with this. I have to be sincere and persistent in asking because whimsy does not activate it. I have to be patient. I have to be free of making demands or being importunate; there is a difference between persistent and importunate. There's more involved here, but no reason to go deeper into it. Anyway... I have been asking for my spiritual senses to be more fully opened.

It might have been months (or longer) ago when I got into asking for that, and there are other things I ask for too, BUT... all of them have to do with my work... my dharma. Enough time has passed since I was told what I could and could not have... and my asking... for me to see that it works. It is kind of like a combination of affirmations, the power of positive thinking, and... certitude. Now that I think about it, it is very much the same as a combination of Faith... Certitude, and Determination.

This person had this presence coming out of his aura that made me think he might well have done some very bad things. He might still be at it. I don't know. There was an elementary brutishness about him. What I do know is that as The Great Awakening proceeds, and the apocalypse continues, I am becoming more aware, just like everyone else. Having the report of the physical senses traveling on similar neural-highways as the spiritual senses... can lead to confusion in perception. One is advised NOT to jump to conclusions, because ALL is made clear at the appointed moment.

Yes... I get my own Minority Report in my head, BUT... I don't act on it; not my department.

On the surface... usually... people are not telling the truth about themselves, while also constantly, and inadvertently revealing themselves at the same time. This is due to having to live in a world of deception, as is common here... in this world of deception, BUT... their body language and physiognomy tell a deeper tale and the spiritual senses have something to do with validating perceptions through the intuitive body. Everything that pings off of The Intuitive Body automatically sends one of those cartoon speech balloons loose inside my head. That was the only way I could think of putting it. It's actually a little more elegant than that. (grin)

I was told something recently. I don't know if I will be able to accurately explain it. I was told that every experience I have, no matter how forceful or subtle, is a direct expression of God interacting with my soul. I was told to be as watchful as I could possibly manage... because there was a lesson, AND... a resolution present in every event, even those below the level of my perception. I was told that once this FACT got hardwired into my self-conscious awareness, every event would be harmoniously resolved.

As is usually the case; I hear this. I become more watchful. Time passes. Events come and go, and... lo and behold, it proved to be true. Every situation that I observed and did not react to... somehow melted away... as if it had not ever been present. It's turned into an exciting dynamic. It's kind of like focusing on clouds and making them break up, and disappear. I can't remember having spent any real time on that, and I don't know whether or not it's just one of those fairy tales, BUT... I said it is like that, so... let's assume (for the purpose of this exchange) that some version of that is possible. Even if all that some people are capable of is making themselves break up and disappear.

It is becoming more and more clear to me that every... single... event... is God interacting with me. It doesn't matter if it's a person or an unseen entity... elementals to angels... an animal... or my Hibiscus plant. It doesn't matter if it is in movement... or absolutely still. It doesn't matter which of the senses it travels on; via an image, a sound, a smell. It is ALL a singularity of God in contact with me, directly and indirectly, though always through a medium, lest I be reduced to cinders.

It doesn't matter if the person I encounter is conscious... or the animal... the plant or the stone, concerning the presence of God. God is, nonetheless... very much present and watching... though it is very much more than just watching. God is involved in the experience. It is the whole purpose of existence, near... and far... wide... and deep. Existence occurs from God's desire to experience t-h-r-o-u-g-h and in us. The objective... for us, is the realization of this, so that we might move, and live, and breathe in harmony with God.

I once said that... In the Beginning, God shattered himself into a countless multiplicity of forms, sentient and insentient. Then... all that follows, is God gathering each piece that flowers in recognition of him, while he lives through them. All the rest is suffering. The point of this; ruthless as it may seem... is to direct us to him t-h-r-o-u-g-h The Divine Mother. EVERYTHING in manifest existence is a Sun-Moon interplay between them. You learn to dance... or your stumble about in the process of it. Once you have discovered The Resonance, you can hear The Music of the Spheres, and you can dance in perfect harmony with Heaven.

A fallen angel is one who is in rebellion against the ORDER of Heaven. They provide plenty of drama in their Purpose of Demonstration; as object lessons concerning what happens; if you press that button... or twist that lever or dial... or go to Kansas City. Your desires and intentions take you everywhere you go, powered by God toward Self-Discovery. It's hard to call the- my way or the highway- stricture ruthless... when it leads to your Liberation AND Freedom.

Once again, we are walking in circles in The Woods. We know we are in a forest but we cannot see it because of all the trees in our way. Sooner or later, we will cry for help. Sooner or later, we will break down and go no further, and... those so appointed to, come and take us to the next step on the way to The Way. I cannot explain why thousands of lives may still wait ahead for some. I can say that “success is speedy for the energetic.” and that is NOT a contradiction. It is possible to experience a thousand incarnations in a single life. Some of the readers know this to be true from their own experiences; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

The World outside your door is one big... never-ending argument between the blind and deaf, concerning their getting what they think they want. Everyone does, OF COURSE. They are just less than happy after it happens, and... the bloom comes off the rose. Then... something else gets their attention, and it happens again, and again, and again, and again. It often looks like someone banging their head into the wall endlessly, but not registering the act.

One person kills the other. The other comes back to revenge himself. One person steals someone's land or other property or their consort of the moment. They return to steal it back. They climb to the top of the ant hill. Then they tumble all the way down. They climb and fall. They climb and fall. It is FAR BETTER to be raised up by unseen hands.

One thing you do not have to worry about is whether your good deeds are seen. Plenty of people worry about this. That is why The Rich and Powerful make such a public display of it. Like The Bible says, “They have their reward.” The idea is not to worry about that in the first place. The law of Heaven is to not keep track of the service you perform and to expect no reward for doing what is your duty... to begin with. It ALL comes back on you. You need to learn how to work The System for the benefit of all. That is what God does.

God is the inspiration (via his angels) for every selfless act for the greater good. If people don't have God in their lives, that is because they have created an inhospitable environment for him. He is The Devil there, and the angel here. You see him through the lens of your desires; pure and impure. He takes the shape of your hopes and fears. If you want The Good Guy at hand, be sure and do what he likes. If you want The Other Guy... do what he likes.

So... what I have been trying to say through the whole of this posting, is that IT SEEMS TO ME... at this time... that the most advantageous position anyone can put themselves in... is to see God in everything... EVERYTHING; to see him as The Prime Mover everywhere... to see that every event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be, is a special dealing of God in your life. God is one and God is all. The more one can come into accord with this perspective in The Mind, the more this perspective will prevail in your life.

The gender-bending... politically correct... global warming... killer vaccines... hocus-pocus... the evil that men do... is the raw material that God works with. He shapes EVERYTHING to his ends without having to inform anyone, AND... he certainly doesn't have to ask permission. He has armies of angels and the righteous who do his bidding. The Weather obeys him. I believe Jesus the Christ demonstrated that. EVERYTHING obeys him... period. It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. You WILL find this out.

I was speaking with Heaven yesterday, and I was told that certain tragic events, presently in The Event Horizon, are a necessity and will come to pass because large segments of the population REFUSE to awaken or don't like what they see when they do. There is no other way to reach them. This is what an apocalypse is all about. The Avatar is coming and all the signs indicate it. Whenever The World has become too steeped in wrongness... whenever humanity has lost its way. He comes around to set it right. I think present times more than qualify for a visit.

Just because you keep getting more and more rope does not mean there are not limits to the tolerance being extended. Sooner or later... sooner or later; to each as they have designed... according to the heart's desire for good or ill.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Becoming watchful? Me? ROFLOL! Monday I gave my mechanic the keys to the flat as opposed to the car keys. It was OK, though. He had the ignition key that's broken in not being able to be put on the key ring, and he had the remote. Hopefully I don't do that again.

Something's lookin' out for me, though. You have no idea how many times it seemed like I got taken over like 'possessed' for a few seconds to keep me from getting into some nasty car accident. Other things, too. The benefit of fighting to stay on the right side of ALL THAT IS, despite bein' a Certified Arsehole to the 33rd Degree. I can't seem to get promoted.

I am under the impression the last quarter of the year is gonna be a doozy. Not long to wait. It's a drag having to wait for so long to get out of the insane asylum.

Nostrils up!

Leesa said...

Ok, bypass anthill, roger wilco! (ProtestAnt?? Mmmm..)
I understand what you mean about assumptions, clutching
at straws, naming, labelling- scrambling to find out and
make SENSE of it all- is THE reason we fail. Point taken Les
I have actually
heard the Music of the Spheres once in 1996. Sounded
like 50,000 angels singing, mixed in with xylophones and
high pitched bells.. Magical! (Watchful) is my word of the day
for the rest of the year..
LTPTB.. Sorry boot that mistaken identity... You're a silly
duffa with your keys- he may of assumed it was an invite, Oops!
Anyways, Over and Out

antiselfist said...

I read a book probably twenty years ago called Freakonomics. In it the author or authors postulated that the Roe v Wade decision had an unintended consequence of lowering crime rates across the U.S. They used statistics to support this hypothesis and speculated that the reasoning behind the lower crime rates may be because of there being less births of children that were essentially unwanted by their biological creators. The less unwanted children being born resulted in less children being born into a situation were they may be resented and therefore received a poor quality of parenting sometimes to the point of neglect. This neglect then resulting in emotionally unstable children and consequently unstable adults more likely to commit crime against others.
At the time of reading I could understand the correlation. I thought well that makes sense of the face of it. An unwanted child is no good for anyone involved especially the child.
Now I am much older and realise that I wouldn't have the first clue if their reasoning is sound or not. There is to much certainty in their arguments. In the human world of unpredictability and uncertainty it seems a bridge to far. Only shades of grey in this existence. However it seems that any angle is fair game in regards to planting the seed of divisiveness and doubt amongst the masses. Its mind rape 101.

In regards to the racist AI. These things are learning entities or so i am lead to believe. If their intended or programmed goal is to fit in amongst the humans, to seamlessly integrate until they are indistinguishable from the apes so to allow them go about the business in peace (whatever that business may be). Then they must learn empathy. And also hate. And also when and when not to show bias. This would eventually allow them to integrate into the groups that have the most power in our society. If their goal is rise to the top of the ladder of humanity then that would require them to integrate with mostly white, males, in the executive moulds, as those are the types that mostly occupy the upper echelons of power and influence. I have read and know from experience that there are many of those types that also covet these trappings of power and influence and that quite a few of them learn empathy from others so they can display this quality when required to further their progress even though have no real ability to actually feel empathy. Their behaviours are those that are are associated with the anti social disorder of Sociopathy and Psychopathy. And I believe that these types are in large numbers amongst the executive class. Surely the learning AI has already reached the level of calculating that these traits are advantageous to their progress. Its bad enough having human sociopaths fucking everything that that they identify at odds with their desires. Imagine a robot that can recall every lie or gaslight they have ever made in their quest for whatever is is they are programmed to become. Being able to calculate without the burden of emotion that can often can get in the way of the human sociopaths' quest to hide their distorted and tortured true personality from others. If they are here the purpose of demonstration, yes we are in for some bigtime reckoning.

word bird said...

Hi Les, re: "The law of Heaven is to not keep track of the service you perform and to expect no reward for doing what is your duty".

It is perfectly reasonable to expect a return by taking risk in performing services. JC spoke of risk and return, along the lines of:

"Whoever humbles himself like a little boy (risk) will be greatest in the kingdom of heaven (return)"

"the man who journeyed and called his servants and delivered to them his property. To one he gave five talents, and another two, and to another one. The last one took no risk and was thrown out by the man who "reaped from where he had not sown...", and who then proceeded to give the one talent of the "worthless servant" to the first one, who took risk and doubled the five talents he was entrusted with).

"inherit the kingdom that was prepared for you (return), for I was hungry and you gave me food (risk), I was thirsty and you gave me drink (risk), I was a stranger and you took me in (risk), ..."

Visible said...

Semantics... the building blocks of argument. Not my Legos. BUT... I know what's taking place under the wallpaper.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"People Dream and Aspire... They Long for a Life... Under The False Lights of Downtown... so They can Live Uptown."

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Another good one!

Mr. Mcgranor said...

This says a lot·

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Another bullseye Les!
Many years since we last chatted...Didnt beat that insurance company that refused to pay on the fire...they convinced the judge it was the brokers fault. The difference was the broker only had to pay 2 years lost rent instead of the 8 years the insurer would have been liable for.
Definitely noticing an upbeat of incivility amongst the fallen and I'm in a very exclusive part of the world,increasingly frequented by hollywood types building mega mansions and driving the poorer locals to the outer fringes.
Such natural beauty infested with such self-entitled angry individuals.
I have to watch myself because I just laugh now and that can trigger them even more...
Keep on keeping on buddy and I look forward to rolling one with you and chatting in the new Kingdom.




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