Friday, June 10, 2022

"There is This Shadow Cabal. Sometimes It is Called The Deep State, Sometimes It is Called, The Illuminati."

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The divide between the two major political camps has never been so wide in the time I have been watching, nor so tense, nor so intense. We see this January 6th cartoon of a congressional hearing. It is tenuously constructed like a toilet paper mache and just as fragile. The majority of the country knows it is bullshit, but the real circus is in The Crass Media. They are REALLY losing it. Into the mix comes, “2,000 Mules” which has become a sensation.

As I have been watching these dramas act out over the last couple of decades, it seems to me to be scripted to the ends they keep arriving at. (stating the obvious, visible?) Now... seeing what has taken place since the hijacked election... everything has been, increasingly going wrong. It sets the stage for a Great Replacement in the coming mid-terms. This will hamstring the present junta, and... there is really going to be some turnarounds and payback on a large scale.

Here is the problem (as I see it) with getting life into a groove of continuing improvement. Such things do happen. There have been creative maelstroms in this world a time or two... but it seems that every effort to make a better world, gets hijacked by opportunists, and stunted in its infancy... and then compliance is enforced. The problem is that there is this shadow cabal. Sometimes it is called The Deep State, sometimes it is the Illuminati. Sometimes it is some kind of Annunaki or reptile overlord thing.

Maybe they are all here. Maybe they are working together. More likely they are in competition for their own ends, but... there has to be a pecking order... doesn't there? The smaller operations are giving fealty to the heavyweights, but... here's the thing... eventually you come up upon The Invisible Plane because ALL marching orders come from there, be they of a lower or higher order. All life gives fealty, wittingly or unwittingly to The Supreme. Good... Bad... Clueless... whatever... every knee shall bow.

What does that mean? “At his name, every knee shall bow?” Well... look at the origins of his name. It comes from Joshua, and it means LIBERTY... so the quote means that before the altar of our own freedom, our liberation... every knee shall bow. The way the official church interprets the teaching of The Christ is slanted toward the interests of the church in its competition with other religions.

Governments exercise their powers through laws. However, these laws are employed in selective enforcement. It depends on who you are. Otherwise, it depends on whether the times favor you; by example... there are those who are literally getting away with murder at the moment... because the revisionist history of the past demands it. Unfortunately for the APPEARANCE of justice, those same people are no longer here, BUT... whoever is here is where they are supposed to be. I know it doesn't make sense.

It doesn't make sense because of The Helix. It turns over on itself and disappears into the invisible plane. Then it turns around and comes back in, AND... you never see more than half of what is going on. In higher math they have systems that can see around corners, BUT... eventually, you run out of corners, no matter what direction you go in, and you must rely on the inner sciences of computation and analysis. The Intuition is very helpful here, especially when it gets tuned to the desired frequency.

The beauty of Love, as an actual Heavenly Science, is that it can bring into being whatever the imagination can blueprint. It is THE creative and attractive force. At a certain level, it begins to demonstrate a higher intelligence. Some might call that wisdom. Then... there is Divine Luminous Wisdom. That is what I seek. So... Love and Wisdom conjoin and reveal Truth. How can something so simple to understand be so hard to realize? It isn't, BUT... The World gets in the way. An illuminated soul said that “you should walk in all ways contrary to The World.”

In other words, don't do what everyone else is doing. It's a good idea not to call attention to yourself as well. I did call attention to myself in early days. I didn't know any better. Apparently, even after finding out about unwanted attention, I continued to attract it. At first look, that might seem to indicate Stupidity. Fortunately, the need has passed and I am hoping it takes the Stupidity with it.

The panoramic sideshow of talentless entertainers continues on all sides. It's wrap-around cluelessness twerking for the cameras. What I see of certain entertainment industries, is a bunch of glammed-up sidewalk hookers, going out of their way to be edgy, while lacking the chops even for that. It doesn't take much and they, obviously, don't have much, and this proves true across the board in entertainment and politics; in every industry where you generate an audience... the actors prove to be posturing buffoons.

People with too little talent are given too much money, and... it really seems to me that the point of this is to let them make fools of themselves in front of the rest of us, while some of us are laughing at their antics, and some of us are laughing at them. Some of us are not laughing at all. I do not have to look very hard at the present culture to see where it leads. These are times when you keep your head down and let the whole thing play out. You can call yourself fortunate if you have some space around you and you don't hear a lot of gunfire and sirens on a regular basis.

I don't worry about this Deep State, or the Billionaire's Club, or The Pederasts, or The Po-lice, or The Usual Suspects, and... most certainly not the realm of Nature. I only concern myself with keeping in line with The Divine who rules ALL. Who has ALWAYS ruled ALL, and will ALWAYS rule ALL. The purpose of life, and there is no other, is to come into accord with, to come into resonance with... The Divine. If you are out of sync with The Divine then it means you are in The Meat Circus of the Profane. Many who present a human appearance have an animal behind the mask, and they are engaged in devouring one another.

From what I can see, there is a definite chance of all kinds of revolutions running afoul of one another, like weather fronts coming together. You see... the boys in the back are stirring it up. Well... they think they are. They think they are running The Show, and it looks that way to them... too. They think of themselves as Gods walking The Earth. This is all part of the demonstration. That which they are COMPELLED to do is The Will of Heaven, and... so is what comes after that, and after that, and after that, to specific ends.

The outworking of The Law of Karma is mostly left to run its course. Grace... of course... does exist but few are MOTIVATED to ask for it. The ceaselessly overflowing fountain of God's Grace is an eternal mechanism. How do you get close enough to access it? You live in accord with Heaven. You live and act as if you were, in fact, already in Heaven, and Grace will follow you wherever you go. It is already a State of Grace to be like this. How often do you see this demonstrated in the lives of others? Yeah.

There is a serious uproar in the underbrush... and The World trembles from The Force of Change. It is always like this at the turning of The Age. If you try to trace the ages back, you find that you don't get very far before there is no common record. Something must have happened. Well... there is The Biblical allegory, and there are other allegories, but; what happened? Each age has a purpose. The previous one had to do with Sacrifice. This one has to do with Brotherhood. I suspect your pronouns are not going to enter into it.

If Brotherhood is the theme then... well, I would think that means a coming together of Humanity into a common state of Harmony. What I expect is that those who are in harmony with this will be the ones remaining to engage in it. Those who are opposed will be sent elsewhere. BECAUSE... no matter what anyone wants, and no matter what anyone thinks, be they Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Joe 12-pack, or... that guy over there... what Heaven wants WILL manifest, be it wonderful or terrible for The Purpose of Demonstration.

According to the traditions that I have studied, a golden age follows the visitation of The Avatar, BUT... it doesn't come until he has been here. It is he that ushers it in. Now... it is possible that he has already been here and we just don't know it yet. It is also possible that he had not been here, and if that is the case, then I suspect his arrival is imminent. He might also be here now, but unrevealed and unrecognized.

The movers and shakers have come out of their hidey-holes and manifested in all sorts of organizations from WEF to Bilderberg... Bohemian Grove to whatever else they are calling themselves. All are going to be exposed for what they are... because this is an apocalypse. They are coming forth and identifying themselves, though they don't know why that is. They will know more when The Other Side comes into view. That has yet to happen.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Regarding pronouns. . .according to The Holey Order of the Septum, we are entering the Age of Nostrilhood, but I suppose 'brotherhood' is close enough. There' aren't that many 'Noses' in the world, anyway. But hey! You've got two of them on your forum, and at least two 'lurkers', one who happens to be my flat mate, the other one of my e-mail buddies. Well, actually I don't know if my e-mail buddy posts here. I'll have to ask.

Gregory said...

Another fine post of dire import!

Nostrils up!

Visible said...

I don't go there but I've always thought the presentation and colors were hard on the eyes. I went there occasionally because I was featured there and Jeff and I would exchange emails now and again. He fell out with me because I let my work be posted at Truthseeker. Rixon and he are bitter enemies. I don't play into personal dramas though... sometimes they are hard to avoid and require finesse and I don't always have as much as I need. Probably more information than you wanted. Maybe someone else will know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...

A tonic as always, Visible. Thank you, sir. Think you failed to cue Gloria Estafan and the Miami Sound Machine with "BUT... The World gets in the way." :-)

Strider Aragorn said...

Greets Sunbassador LV! Sol was out this morning like a God's Eye but now it is cloudy.
I did say thank you and we would all be toast without the Sun.
The fabulous Right Said Fred dancer Zelensky actually said he loves cocaine and the all day energy.
Das Heimat Schutze (DHS) and the fabulous comrade commissar Mayorkas warn of a "mass casualty" event after the Roe v Wade kabuki.
The Thanastopia society won't give up their Moloch worship easily.
Trying to stay an unnoticed nobody but the community uber alles society makes that hard and Karen has plenty of time and box wine to know what's best for you.
The Poleece pension monger donut molesters aren't all that bright and flat footed like the great John Dillinger said.
Das Radio reported of a potentially 15,000 strong caravan approaching Chiquitastan or the former USA and Lil' Georgie Sorrows has been buying up Spanish language radio stations.
Habla come to El Norte for free milk and honey before it dries up?
Interesting times as China launches an AI controlled drone aircraft carrier for Taiwan.
Comrade Chi Haotian has retired but will the COV-LARP swabs be used for a bioweapon?
Be well and stay alert out there.

Visible said...

Sorry about that. I like Gloria. She and Shakira have REALLY got that shakti-juice. Jennifer Lopez can't hold a candle to either one of them.

("Being alert here, Boss!")

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

This post really hits a homerun, for I find it both illuminating and thought-provoking. For it I extend much gratitude; we are all blessed beyond measure to have access to your superconsciousness.

Asil said...

Brilliant! Thank you and love you

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"God is The Same Everywhere, but Changes His Appearance To Suit The Conditions of The Culture He Appears In."



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