Thursday, June 23, 2022

"It Is More of a No-Brainer, in Both Senses of The Term. It Is The Product of Either Clarity or Confusion."

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You know how the science professionals say... “our research is going to save lives?” But... they never really save lives... they just delay the inevitable... because... all of these people die later on. When you die to your separated self and embrace the unity of your Divine persona, you are no longer blocking the light, and death becomes little more than a speed bump in the road. You will then be sailing on the cosmic winds of eternity... ah... hither and yon. What say you, hither and yon?

Your soul is The Spirit individualized. The Soul is The Spirit personalized... as whatever attribute of God that turns out to be... once you come into unity with The Spirit. Impersonality is liberation from the personal, which is bound to that identity, dreamed up by The Separated Mind. You are either living in your personality... or your individuality. Let go... and The Divine will acknowledge your interest, and then set up the steps that are to be taken by you... As you become ever more fully realized, due to The Presence of God within.

ALL you have to do is get out of the way. The personal has a limited perspective. The Impersonal has no limits at all in the forgetfulness of a personal self. Keep in mind that ALL who are captured by the Personal Self in material culture will suffer until one has been made free of it. Once the reality of The Divine within takes hold... all forms of bondage will fall away.

The Higher Mind and Nature lead inexorably to Heaven. The Lower Mind and Nature lead inexorably to Hell. Hey!!! Why can't I have both? Well... the problem is with whatever activities are taking place that cannot resonate with both realms. Surely, Tantra was created for just this possibility? Take The High Road. Why would you want to change a frog into a prince? Yeah... we could use a good deal more princes and fewer frogs; metaphorically speaking.

As your mind clears... so does The Mirror which reflects God in The World. Ah... to see things as they really are! You, of course... need another set of eyes. Back of every material sense is a spiritual sense. How priceless is it to see things as they are? How few are they that find The Living God... and know beyond any possible doubt that The Divine is present in everything.

How could anything in this world be worth more than the company of the author of The World? I am here to tell you that you ABSOLUTELY can encounter The Divine. The Divine is already right there. The key to understanding this has to do with RECOGNITION of The God Within.

When you ABSOLUTELY know beyond any shadow of doubt that God is Real, you will have a working relationship. It will be no different than every other relationship you have because... NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT it appears as, it is still God that you are interacting with. This is the proper mindset to have. You need to get to the point where your every interaction with anything is an interaction with God... because... that is what it is. That should explain... at least a part of the reason... for becoming like a little child, in order to enter The Kingdom of Heaven.

The Brotherhood tells us to pray for The Kingdom of Heaven to come to Earth. It IS possible to receive the Kingdom of Heaven within and to share it in every direction you go. If you emulate what The Sun does, you will possess a righteous understanding of good technique. (grin) Shine on others wherever you go. Mimic The Sun, radiating life, abundant health, and... impersonal love.

If you do not presently possess the power to do this, you have to go to The Source and ask for it to express through you. Often, there is a waiting period, while you are being prepared to shine on others. Only the willful personality stands in the way. Self-Will cannot generate the wattage necessary for you to EFFECTIVELY shine on others. You will be operating on borrowed light. No one tells The Light how to shine. That is its nature. You are already hosting that Light with the blinds drawn.

No one here is more important than anyone else. That is the proper mindset to have. In any particular round, some amount of us become famous, some infamous, and many clueless... until the spotlight hits them. Often... most of the time, people are unprepared for the spotlight. They have no chops. In the following round... others become famous. The rounds go round until everyone gets famous, often for no good reason, and then? It's back to the end of the line again.

The World of the rich and famous is a snake-pit. It is unreal people living unreal lives. They raise the false self upon an altar where The Monkey Mind can do its thing. Others prostrate themselves before the altar of The True Self... one is then... SHAPED into a vehicle through which The True Self can be expressed. This does not happen overnight... not usually. It is not common for one to have an event on The Road to Damascus. It does happen, BUT... for most of us, it is composed of a series of steps taken in small increments... until... one day it flowers with a divine fire, and every petal is a spiritual flame.

It is Devotion more than anything else that burns away the dross that hides The Divine Light. It is selfless service and Devotion that brings the rain from Heaven. “The quality of mercy is not strained. It drops as the gentle rain from Heaven upon the place beneath.” Nature responds to Spirit. Spirit gives it shape and purpose. If The Mind is embroiled with The Lower Nature there will... eventually... be Hell to pay. If The Mind is enthralled with The Higher Nature... over a period of time, it evolves by the ministrations of The Hidden Hand of God.

This is a difficult period to negotiate. Cusp periods are ALWAYS like this. Some are spiraling upward, and some are spiraling down. It's a matter of taste perhaps, BUT... I think of it as more of a No-Brainer, in both senses of the term. It is the product of either Clarity or Confusion. One thing for sure, it is ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration. Wise is as Wise does. Stupid is as Stupid does. Lower fires... burning the garbage of low desire, creates a lot of smoke. A pure fire has no smoke. Therefore The Vision is not obscured. You can see where you are going. It is either Clarity or Confusion; a caress or a contusion?

Moving right along. The same Divine Force that brought the worlds into being is present this very moment in you. The Man on the Beach told me that “God is sleeping and this is his dream.” Then he said, “Everything's under control. Take the reins.” He rose to his feet without touching the ground. He just rose us and his hands, which held these invisible reins, traversed the space between us. I turned to follow the direction of his thought and saw 3 birds flying on those invisible reins.

For a time, I was homeless in Palm Springs. One of the richest towns in the country. Every day I would sit on the bench in front of Bookland, at the corner of Palm Canyon and Tahquitz-McCallum. There was a stoplight there and I would bring the cars to their stop and then move them forward on those invisible reins. I did this for quite some time. The thing was that I had met Elvis Presley a few days ago in L.A. Then, he happened to be driving up and down Palm Canyon Drive. When he saw me the first time, he rolled down his window and started talking to me. A crowd of screaming fans, mostly ladies and girls were chasing his vehicle as he went.

He drove by me nearly a dozen times, always making some comment, like... “I thought you were going to Phoenix.” Somehow it got around that I was a friend of Elvis Presley, so... I was left alone. Finally... it came on New Year's Eve. In the early evening, the police drove up and began asking me for identification. At that moment, Richard... who owned Bookland came out and swooped me up. “C'mon in and have a drink,” he said, and... the cops drove away. Richard and I had not met before that. We became friends for decades.

Some weeks later, I was staying at Richard's house and walking back there one night when the chief of police picked me up and drove me home, all while gently questioning me on what I was up to. Since The Force was REALLY with me at the time, he became amicable toward me. Like The Man on the Beach said... “Everything is under control.”

My life has been proof of this to me. There's just no way that God does not exist. We are well past Pascal's Wager at this point. Sooner or later, the camouflage netting comes off, and we shall see what we shall see. Boy! Some people are in for a surprise.

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Anonymous said... day it flowers with a divine fire, and every petal is a spiritual flame........
Beautiful poetry

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Materialism, huh? I'm out to become one of the worst consumers on the planet. I don't even wanna eat at a restaurant again, regardless of who's payin'. I can cook just as good if not better, anyway.

OK, maybe I can't be the worst consumer on the planet. We get organic when we can, we use only olive oil and sesame oil, and we have access to some of the best tasting veggies on the planet at Trader Joe's, a certain produce stand by a really sweet, quality conscious family, and GROCERY OUTLET! What a shock, huh? I can't get to the Farmer's Market, 'cause I'm at work, and of late we don't have enough to spare to go there, anyway. Car repair issues.

But hey! If we don't NEED it, we don't BUY it. I'm also a little less pudgy for it, since the endeavour includes not buying empty calories. My nosey still eats crisps and such, but me? Not so much, unless I need a couple to put some oil of oregano on so I don't catch a cold, or something like that.

Also, me wonders. Isn't everything in existence of the same importance, since everything in existence is from the same Source? Yes it gets my hackles up that politicians, kings, priests, bedbugs, poison oak, bot flies, radon, H-bombs, and lawyers (Gotta get some Denis Diderot in thar.) are as important as Servals, leopards and cheetahs, but that's life. . .uh, existence.

Nostrils up!

Leesa said...

'It blesseth him who gives and him who takes
'tis mightiest in the mightiest, it becomes,
the throned monarch, better than his crown!'
When I first memorised Porcha's speech from The
Merchant of Venice, I was a rebellious 14 yr old
whining and whinging behind my English teachers, Mr
Michaelov's back... I said 'What the heck is this crap I'm
learning, gonna do me any good to know"
Little did I know, that four decades later, the meaning
flowers as a pristine lotus on murky waters.
I am aware of what 'usury' and 'a pound of flesh'
mentality and personality can do to people...
In the pat few days, I feel as though a breakthrough
has happened... The Promised Land is Nigh!
Love Leesa
PS Les, I analysed No 10, wheel of fortune card,
from previous post- spot on- all souls poised
and mesmerised.... 'Where's it Gonna Land!'

A Reckless and Determined Soul said...

This is one of the most powerful and insightful passages I have ever read:

"When you ABSOLUTELY know beyond any shadow of doubt that God is Real, you will have a working relationship. It will be no different than every other relationship you have because... NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT it appears as, it is still God that you are interacting with. This is the proper mindset to have. You need to get to the point where your every interaction with anything is an interaction with God... because... that is what it is."

Les, you are a Prince of Wisdom. Thank you!

Nostrils Up!

robert said...

visible One for many unseen to see

The many tone colors you paint in!

A single personality could not stretch so effortlessly into so many forms of expression.

Coming from One Individuality without personal identity to maintain, this sacred work speaks to all who hear the timbre of their heart strings.

Lower fires... burning the garbage of low desire, creates a lot of smoke. A pure fire has no smoke. Therefore The Vision is not obscured. You can see where you are going. It is either Clarity or Confusion; a caress or a contusion?

Doing a mic drop, "Doing the best things so conservatively" while waltzing on your way!

Exemplifying giving self away in exchange for feeling the positive approbation of the Great Spirit as it flows less obstructed through the human prism.

Joy in its own right but with added synergy that what is shared is magnified, when it comes from the neutral center.

Every time balance is lost, a kinder hand steadies us back to appreciation of being alive.
We wonder how we ever allowed distraction from being in wonder with it all!

Where would we be if we were as alone as our lying internal adversary pretends we are?

The logic of the simpler mind sees through the complicated convolutions of conditions placed upon love's desire.

Like a parent consoling a child weeping against the specter of separation from a loved one, soothing with step by step reasoning back from fear toward the simple evidence of being, our angels speak their whispered wisdom.

We come back to life, knowing that life is the answer to every question except "why"...

Then we once become aware that the "why" is majestic far beyond the bounds of our private lessons.
That moment attracts others, stringing pearls until we can follow the way forward and back, going everywhere and nowhere fast enough to be still and one again.

We are seeing love in a tough guise bringing tender mercy to every empty place.

We are becoming one while being many points of contact touching down heaven to lift the ground higher.

Hearts no longer must contain themselves as the mind grows out of linear thinking into spatial relations.

Geometric designs trump all numeric approximations and we fly using mandalas that make matter move

lilbear said...

Great post, truth ringing clearly and succinctly in every word.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"It's All Fake. All The Award Dinners at The Rubber Chicken Buffet WILL NOT Keep Death or His Companions Away."

A Nonymous said...

Hello Sunstar LV! The title reminds me of a Jimi Hendrix song.
Napped after the AM walkabout and got up in time for the Roe v Wade hysteria.
CPUSA cities aren't going to burn themselves down is what I thought of for democrat comrades in the Long March to burn it all down better.
Sol looks marvelous today and did another heel and toe for some fizzy lifting drinks or seltzer at the Sack-N-Save and some salad since it was sold out Thursday.
The humidity is low and the breeze from the trees is God's own Air Conditioning, thank you I said aloud.
Fam is watching Friday FAILs and animal entertainments which is much better than enemedia Bolsheviks or the asbestos in obstetrics hearing impaired step children of Nazi Satan worshipers in the Sally Jesse Springer carny circus.
Interesting times are overrated and hopefully there is some rain as the ground and grass are parched.
Keep on keepin' on in what is left of the former free world.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow! :)

Whatsa behind me donna count. But it's worth bemembering.

Today I saw a hornet killing/eating a bee in the garden. A first! Well 2 me at least.

Sunshine and lightness to all who make a nice ;)



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