Tuesday, June 7, 2022

"The Looser the Waist Band, the Deeper the Quicksand. It's Either Risky or Risque for The Insane and Profane."

(well... I was going to do my seasonal Sexual Pride Goes Before a Fall posting today, but... I think it more relevant to talk about the mastodon in the room. The Pride posting- guaranteed to offend in some quarters- is more appropriately the bailiwick of Petri Dish, and... the mastodon posting fits at Smoking Mirrors so... that is what you get today. (mastodon trumpets in the background) Some people are REALLY looking for trouble, and... trouble is what they shall find.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I recommend that the reader travel to The Truthseeker site as a reference source for today's posting, and... The Mastodon in the Room. Today there are near half a dozen articles there to give a small amount of panorama to the view.

While the Crass Media, (which is the propaganda arm of the government) and... the bankers and big businesses that run the government, are all hopped up on Inflation and tedious social issues, concocted by feral harridans of either sex or... of badly grafted and indeterminate gender, shaped by landscape architects from Pluto... a... whole... other... thing... is... going.... on.

Think of The Mastodon as War, and The Room as being The World. The World is not big enough to contain this mastodon, which seems to have a very painful abscess in a hard-to-reach location.

Let us consider that location to be Ukraine. I can't tell you where on the mastodon that area is located, because I do not know which way the mastodon is facing. However... this abscess, if not treated, will spread through the body of the mastodon, enraging the mastodon in a manner similar to Hydrophobia.

Unless sanity returns to the minds of those who put the mastodon where he is, and who also refuse to treat the abscess, the mastodon is going to go apeshit in the not too distant future, and a certain China Shop is going to be a great deal worse for the wear. This is not your usual bull causing havoc. This is a mastodon.

If you read the articles I have directed you to, you will be able to intuit what MIGHT be soon to materialize. If you need more in-depth- boots on The Ground- analysis, and so forth... let me recommend South Front.

South Front

The Shit never hits the fan all at once. It's more like when a thunderstorm arrives. First... if you are aware of it, you will notice an uptick in The Wind. (the wind can be compared to that wind which is generated by bloviating politicians in search of gain, as they plot in the corridors of power.) Then there come random drops of rain, rather like the scouts that attend a wagon train. The skies take a more severe appearance, and peals of thunder come and go, while flashes of lightning crackle in The Heavens.

I imagine there are more and more people, these days, who do not know what it is that causes the sound of thunder. This should prove revealing to anyone paying attention... if only they were paying attention.

Then the drops of rain increase, until... they are coming down in sheets that can drench one in very short order. Oh... it can be a fearsome thing... a thunderstorm. Some of them, in the Midwest, are attended by tornadoes. Tornadoes can appear anywhere, though they tend to show up in some places more than in others. The same is true of hurricanes on the coasts... unless there are hinterlands one can be deep into, they are ROUTINELY problematic.

Hurricanes tend to run out of steam the further inland they go. They come in regular fashion to Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. They tear up the landscape and demolish houses... people die... and yet... people come right back and build their homes in the same places as before, just the way ants do.

In The East, it is also like this with typhoons and cyclones, which is probably another name for a hurricane. I am not a weatherman, but... I do know which way The Wind blows. Lord Varuna is a good source of information about these storms. No doubt he can provide succor and sanctuary too. Have I mentioned that you can have a personal relationship with The Divine?

He comes in all sorts of particularizations of form, to demonstrate the aspect(s) which he took a specific shape to represent. Even if he is essentially formless and impersonal, he can personalize himself to appeal to ANY tastes... any tastes at all... ♫ devil or angel. I can't make up my mind ♫ Fortunately, I do not have that problem. You will find consistency to be a virtue of inestimable power.

We weep for the passing of temporary shit, and walk right by the true jewels of creation. We are... ourselves, a treasure house of many kinds of riches. In times of Material Darkness, we walk right by that too.

Unless wiser minds prevail, a terrible war is coming. It is being whipped into a frenzy by demon-possessed neo-cons, at the urging of bankers. They have their reasons, I suppose. They imagine they will be far off from the actual fields of battle. They believe they will escape in the final reel, like all those heroes in the Saturday Morning serials USED TO DO... every week... and the following week. Real-Life is not the same as television.

The Mastodon is not going to suffer quietly for much longer. Deranged psychopaths are poking it with sharp sticks. Sooner or later, one of them is going to hit that abscess. I suspect that The West does not know all there is to know about the weapons of The East. Perhaps they assume the same is true of them, and that The East does not know what they have on the top shelf and out of sight.

Delusion is a common ailment that attends the state of War. You have to be mad to consider it, and averse to it in all its forms... UNLESS... it is pressed upon you. Then you do what you must, but not for Glory or Gain. You do what you must.

Vladimir Putin WILL do whatever is necessary to protect his country, and all warmongers should be aware of what happens when a big dog attacks a smaller dog in his own yard. Why... I think we have some good examples of this in recent history; depending on what you call recent. Many people can no longer remember what they did yesterday.

China KNOWS that it will be next. India knows it is next to China; hip-bone... knee-bone... No one really knows what Turkey (bone-head) and Brazil might do. Does that matter? It does with Turkey.

What I am saying is that in a matter of no time at all, this world could be PROFOUNDLY changed. Poof! In the space of an afternoon, large portions of the inhabited world could be a smoking ruin, AND... no longer inhabited, if... wiser... minds... do... not... prevail, and do something about The Mastodon in the room. An 800-pound gorilla is one thing. A ten-ton mastodon is another.

What is my personal perspective about this? I'm glad you asked. Everything is under control. That is my perspective today. It will be my perspective tomorrow. (and the day after) It was my perspective yesterday. I am not concerned whatsoever. There is nothing I can do about any of it. I can (I think) restrain myself from panic and being overwrought ahead of what has yet to happen... and may never happen. Certainly... I have been working on that, or... should I say; it has been working on me?

People fret over war... plague... famine and many another ill. They take no note of the cancer that this worry feeds inside of them. They go about in a constant state of concern about the loss of temporary things, paying no mind to the possible loss of items of far greater value and longevity. Their health leaves them when the vitality that maintains it is drained, AND... you can't tell them anything. You had better be wise enough not to try. There are other ways to influence the obstinate and obsessed that will bring far less grief to you.

It is possible to have a personal relationship with The Sun. The Sun is a living and conscious creature. You can find him at a specific frequency on The Dial. He is a source of endless vitality. You would think that people might put together the idea that... The Sun... being the source of ALL life on this planet, is a good thing to be in a direct relationship with, but... their minds are elsewhere, chasing the object of desire... round and round, like the dog chasing its tail... or another dog... or kicking its legs in dreams of the rabbit it pursues.

There is a road. There is a path. There is a way beyond this vale of tears. Faith... Certitude... Determination, AND LOVE... will bring you to the one who can guide you there... beyond war and the specter of war, beyond the momentary inconveniences of a body subjected to warring elements. At no time in memory have Faith, Certitude, and Determination been so important as they are now. Some will believe that firearms and barriers will stand them in good stead... when the time of need arrives. Some have personal armies of protection... or so they think. I cannot imagine there is any weapon(s) that possesses the efficacy of The Qualities of God.

Here... in this... and all those other lives, we find out what is important and what is not. It takes a great deal of suffering first, but... sooner or later, one comes around to a finer and deeper understanding of life and death. Some are quicker than others and are quickened sooner. Some fall on the stony ground. There is good reason for everything that happens, and our not knowing what that is, changes it not one wit. It is what it is. It has ALWAYS been what it is, and it will always be what it is. May you find what you seek.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, I wish time moved faster.

Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

Special shout-out to the Tyler Rose who carried a few players and a lot more!

Visible said...

That is strange you should say that. I was a Houston fan when he played and I was going to add him, but then I would have to add Beast Mode, Priest Holmes, and a few others, not least of which would be Franco Harris, so... BUT... his name did go through me mind for more than a few seconds.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"About Those LG(K-Y)BTU2%ZYX-rated-MONKEY POX organ grinders in search of a Simian Hump, LEMME SAY."

Electric Mud said...

Good Day Sunlighter LV! Working on acting like a human and it is working better than expected.
A twenty something chubb (fattist!) with a pretty face screamed you scared me as I was on the morning walk waiting by a tree for the traffic to ease up, she was in jammies and flip flops with a face in the telescreen.
Thought of doing a Joe Pesci what I frighten you am I scary to you but it was probably not in her lexicon so I said be careful out there and pay attention.
Later a comrade citizen behind the Sack-N-Save said like your style about my digicam BDU's and boonie rain hat, just then an amazing Sunbreak after a rainy day.
The cornered Mastodon lashing out is a feature to the demons who hate all humanity and want us gone but we are not their ant farm or summer amusement experiment and they can take the pods and bugs and shove it right where the Sun never shines.
How about Johnny MF Depp! What a champion among men and there is another who won an argument with his "better half" and that is Marvin Gaye who made IMO the best album of his career with Hear My Dear while knowing that wifey would get half of the proceeds.
Critics roasted it but what to do they know getting a free copy to step on when they couldn't play a note on a sit and spin.
Hang tough and know that Mr. Apocalypse is undefeated and never going to lose as the revealing and wrench dropping in the works will proceed.



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