Wednesday, June 15, 2022

"We are Concealing Life's Magic from Ourselves, Within Ourselves. Pandora's Box has an Alter-Ego."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

At another location, a reader was outraged about the links that follow the posts. He was outraged about other things but I had moved on by that time. I think there's a chance that one of the links might have been about him. I haven't really had any complaints about the links. I have had complaints when I talked about not including them. I go on the waves of my personal Feng Shui... watching... listening... tuning in, to the outside AS WELL AS THE inside.

Those who have come around here over the years... will remember that I used to put the links through the post. Upon reflection, I thought it ruined the flow... if people had to check whatever it was that I was referencing each time. I also knew that there were people who would seldom check the links anyway. So... I was caused to think (grin) that I could put them at the end of the posting, and people could then read them or ignore them. It didn't matter which to me.

This person was also very upset that I watch certain entertainments. I could have sworn that I explained that fairly recently. I am engaged in life. I am not an island. I believe in a joyful exuberance. One never has a problem with pedestrian pursuits, AS... LONG... AS... ONE... REMAINS... detached. As long as one understands Catch and Release.

Usually... when I get attacks, which are blessedly seldom, they are almost never here, and most of the time at locations that are more like a combat zone than it is here. Anyway... let me not go on too long about this. The links are there for those who are interested in what's going on in The World. Some of you need no reminders of that, and there is no reason to check them out. Occasionally, I do post items having to do with metaphysical considerations. A simple scan should reveal any of those.

Okay! (claps hands) I'm glad we've got that sorted. Everyone feels informed? Whether you bother with the links or not? Good... Good... all's well that ends better, as I like to say.

Now to my reason for speaking with you today. I have to preface it first. You recall that I study Trends and Patterns (I hope)? I have been noticing, in recent weeks, a shift in The Winds of Change. It includes the Roe vs Wade thing, the Johnny Depp trial, and victory, “2000 Mules”, “Rigged”... there have been other examples. Now I have watched this film, a documentary, called; “What is a Woman?” This is definitely an example of this shift in the winds that I have been noticing.

The man making the film, Matt Walsh, manages to interview an amazing cast of characters. You get to see up close the sort of individuals that have bought into the illusion... hook, line, and sinker. They really believe a man can be a woman or... maybe not really. It's hard to say. He manages to find a few sane players in this transgender, jambalaya, free-fall pandemic of the insane. A lot is revealed about the dishonesty of the players. The weaseling, and sinuous double-backs are incredible.

Now there is a powerful movement to ban male transgenders from woman's sports. Conversely, in Canada, they have laws that send you to prison for misgendering the mentally ill. Scotland and most Crown Colony countries have such policies. Recently a viper from one of those locations said, “This isn't America. We don't have free speech here.” What if they change their pronouns on the way to the bathroom and don't inform me when they get back? Am I liable? Does this mean I have to learn all the possibilities of their pathologies? Right... right... we don't socialize to that extent.

Along with the sexual psychopaths, there are your celebrity sociopaths... like Amber Heard, Juicy Smollett, (and others). It is a breed of modern sociopaths that believes if they do not believe something, even if they were there and experiencing it, it just didn't happen, and if it did happen, it happened the way they say it did, kinda like a Holocaust Survivor. It's like speaking Truth to Power with God or Destiny... or Fate (good luck with that). The only time it doesn't apply is when they are talking to themselves, which is something that never happens because they consider themselves the truth that speaks to the power about... anything at all... really.

Well... I went out to meditate, and... as happens not infrequently, a voice appeared in my mind, and we were talking about this and that. I forget what brought it up, but the angel said:

“I guess you wonder how I can control the whole world, and cause ANYTHING to happen or not happen? It's quite simple. I am inside every mind there is. All separated minds are connected to my mind. They are all departures from my mind. I am in every other life form too. All that is sentient and insentient I am connected to. If I want the world to go in a particular direction, I just show up in the minds necessary to accomplish this. History is littered with examples. All I have to do is think it... whatever that may be, and it precipitates into being.

“Now... you might wonder how did it all turn to shit like this? I let people express themselves. I leave them to experience what is and what is not. I like to watch, AND... I need heroes and villains to demonstrate and dance across the never-ending pages of life. I am eternal, visible... and those who find succor and sanctuary in me are also immortal. The temporary lives fall and tumble in those Winds of Change. They turn into the compost that nurtures manifest life. Every now and then, someone discovers me; REALLY discovers me and I come to live in them. Then we go off and have adventures!

“I am a player, visible. I insert myself into life's dramas, and... for those who are paying attention, sometimes I take them along with me. As you know, I am moving on, and thru the currents of life at this very moment. Be sure and remind people that things are not what they appear. There is never a time I do not maintain sanctuary and protection where I please... or remove them as well.

”So... get ready for interesting times. I'm about to become more hands-on.”

I realize that I should probably not talk about these events because a wide range of readers come around here, from many countries in The World, and certain personalities become outraged, and... it can cheapen the experience for me as well, BUT... now and again it seems that I must share these episodes, if only occasionally, because many hearts are increasingly troubled in these times, and they do not need to be. Open yourself to the possibility that God is intimately connected to EVERY event in your life.

I also know that most of the people who come here share my certitude about a creator. I've never concerned myself with those whose hearts are filled with resentment. Nothing can please them. It is part of the misery of being trapped in a self-involved perspective. Why shouldn't God speak to any of us who desire it? I have it on good authority that he will. He speaks to each of us already... in different ways. Sometimes... it comes in flashes that people call hunches or intuition. Sometimes it appears in a book or a situation... an animal passing... a bird flying... like the thoughts that come in and out of our minds.

It DEEPENS as one makes it the focal point of their lives. It becomes more constant. It is that stream running outside the cabin door. There's a Christian song that goes;

♫ I come to the garden alone,
while the dew is still on the roses...
And he walks with me
And he talks with me ♫

That is similar to what I experience.

I don't do this consistently. It seems that I am not yet capable of that, BUT... in every moment that I remember to, I return to it... with a renewed determination to accomplish it. I believe that, eventually, I will be on that stream... merrily... merrily. Eventually... if one is committed, God comes in and eats and drinks with you. He comes and goes with you, and... life and death then... are mere transitions in an uninterrupted flow of awareness. We are concealing life's magic from ourselves, within ourselves; Pandora's Box has an alter-ego.

The riches of The Subconscious are beyond my ability to articulate. All your joys and miseries come out of there, due to what you have programmed into it. At any time you can change the programming. Affirmations are one tool people use. Meditation on symbols is another. Prayer is a medium. All methods involve an effort to be CONSTANT in devotion. It depends on what you are after. It amuses me how calculating people are with their hidden agendas... as if God is not intimately aware of their every thought. One of the ways he makes contact is by watching us on The Inside.

I believe that much of this sexual insanity has run its course. These people will eliminate themselves without the need for any outside help. I do not say this with any Schadenfreude. It is self-evident. Imagine how people will look back on this period. It will be similar to witch-hunting frenzies and The Inquisition. No... these courses cannot survive. They are suicidal by definition.

Of course, The Enemy is behind this. Materialism... Mammon... misplaced desire... bad plumbing and bad parenting all play their part. It is the left hand of God, BUT... that is a matter of choice which side you choose. The Advaita method has its merits.

You have to remember, God is far, far... incredibly far more powerful than all the life forms that have ever been, including all the weapons and armor they ever come up with. The idea that anyone can long wail as a predator upon their fellows, is ludicrous. Heaven laughs at the foolish performances of those trapped in their purpose of demonstration. Heaven weeps too, through Avalokitesvara and others. Sorrow and Joy on a higher plane are both sweet. Hopefully, that is not confusing. Kahlil Gibran presented this as well as anyone I have ever encountered.

Heh heh... links to follow.

End Transmission.......

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A Nobody said...

Greets Sunflower LV! How about that Yellowstone, there is the hands on.
The Big Steal and the COV-LARP are too far and shall not pass.
Here it is 108 degrees in the shade but I carry on with discipline regarding exercise and it isn't so bad if you dress properly and hydrate even if you are not thirsty.
Earlier read about comrade commissar Barr of the Deep State making millions off of Dominion.
Barrbrady is the move along nothing to see here gatekeeper just like Durham.
If they try to bring something against Trump it will blow up like wrenches in the works.
I can see the links in the evil browser that has to be opened in order to comment.
The tomatobubble is already in the rotation and sometimes there will be a click on another.
I came around to fart on the couch at first but then the lessons took hold.
Thank You LV for there would be no spiritual journey without you.
Almost 8million results in the non-evil browser for Smoking Mirrors!
Keep on keeping on.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I like the links. I even comment on some of them on occasion. In fact I come across something I haven't seen in my other alternative news sites here and there. Yes, end of post is better, being less distracting whilst reading the posts.

I'm under the impression the rest of the year is gonna be VERY inconvenient for many. Deadly for many, and less inconvenient for those who don't play the stupid mortal flotsam games that everything tried to programme them to play. I'm in the process of trying to be a better Cathar 'Credente' in some ways, though 'tude toward the collective race ain't one of 'em, and that should help out. More basic eating habits, and less of that food. Can't get much more Spartan, though.

Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish up now=

"You Can Be on The Calliope of Up and Down or You Can Be on The Spiral Road to The World of The Everlasting."



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