Tuesday, August 30, 2022

"It is Not Your Imagination When You Feel Unwholesome or Inharmonious Thoughts and Feelings Pressing Down on You."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What we know and do not know, at any time, are what we are permitted to know by higher authority, AND... if The Cosmos wants to teach you a lesson, it makes sure that you know and do not know all that is necessary for the purpose of the demonstration that has been arranged for you.

I was at the gym this afternoon. Usually, there are only a few people there at the time I go; not so today. I also passed a much larger number of people who do not use the gym. The much larger percentage of people who live here do not use the gym. It is almost exclusively older people that I encounter... since I live in a Snowbird Getaway Zone.

I am able to see what the years amounted to with those coming and going here. Since I have ceased to use those components that suppress a certain level of perception in me, which I did on purpose, given the time frame of the age that I found myself in; the less I was forced to know about others... the better. That's how I used to see it. The victims trapped in the Swamp of Materialism, cry out in the silence of their thought until death hears them, and some of us hear them in regular fashion. It was often difficult for me to bear because my karma and the psychedelics opened up levels of extra-sensory perception in me.

The Kundalini Rising accounted for most of that area of extra perception, and... my karma accounted for The Kundalini Rising. In the beginning, I could hear people's thoughts the way one experiences a radio switching from frequency to frequency... from station to station. Over time that died down somewhat, and I found all sorts of comestibles that facilitated filters and barriers for my comfort. In recent times, since I have done away with these protections, I am hearing it all again.

So... I was at the gym and people were coming and going... and I finally had to cut my routine short for the day. I was far too aware of what was passing through the minds of the others there and it was... difficult. As The Mind Traffic hummed around me, I was REMINDED that every one of these people is ME at another level of evolution on The Spiral Stairway into The Light. I'll tell you... it is a hard concept to process.

I live in a world where I am continuously being made aware of events taking place... near and far. I have to, continuously, make adjustments to this. It is not always pleasant. The amount of bitterness and resentment in people's minds surprises me. All of these people are well off, compared to the rest of The World. They've gotten old and everything hurts, and... that comes with the territory... but their bitterness and resentment are not the product of their physical pain but... rather the product of their mental and emotional distress about the way their life went.

As you are evolved (or choose to evolve) to higher states of consciousness, The Cosmos REQUIRES you to pitch in OR... otherwise... get fixed at the level you have arrived at, like it is in the materially rich enclaves of Rakshasa Clans. If you don't want to become more and more selfless... more and more a conscious, serving component in The One Mind, you are sentenced to The Loop, and you get the fruits of the realm AT THAT LEVEL of integration. It's a kind of Peter Principle Payback.

I have no problem with it because it suits my nature, AND... I have experienced some amounts of the joy of surrender and utter reliance on The One life; not so for many others. They just... do... not... want... to... let... go... of... their... stuff. We are NOT talking about only physical stuff. I ran into a lot of this at the gym today.

Much of the rage and violence in The World in recent centuries is because people are UNHAPPY with The World's promises. They either do not have enough and live in a perpetual state of wanting OR... they have too much and it is an empty wasteland for them. This is The Kingdom of Saturn, having to do with the form-making power, of The Shake n Bake Mind, AND... the limitations thereof.

When your eyes open, you are compelled to see the suffering on all sides. Empathy... formerly unknown, arises in you, AND... it can be a hard thing to process, AND... inevitably leads to Unbearable Compassion due to... not being able to do much except to listen and hear with the ear of God, and to suppress all the feel-good commentaries that may not apply what-so-ever, at the time.

People ask me if it bothers me when someone I do not know comes around under an assumed name and begins barking at me. Honestly? It makes me laugh at first, and then it makes me sad that they are in such a state of suffering for... which... I... can... do... nothing, except pray for them. Actually, The Power of Prayer is beyond the imagining of those who do not employ it, AND... The Power of Prayer, in your prayers for those who hate and despise you, IS... profound.

Yeah... so all those people in the gym who have little or no gratitude for their good fortune, and who don't like each other; those people are me, in an unawakened state, AND... those luminous entities that I cannot see, most... of... the... time, are also me in a more awakened state. When you are fully awakened, you reside in a world of light... in a Body of Light. Thoughts and feelings are actual things and you can move unseen through The World, dispensing them as you please BECAUSE... the more you give out, the more you have to give.

Some zones of misery are self-contained locations, where the residents collectively block the light. Not much you can do about that... except use the water-on-rock method of wearing away the hard resistance with something softer. Of course... there is that element of aether that interpenetrates everything and which is mostly completely unknown to the things and lifeforms penetrated by it. Everything ALSO comes out of it... through the process of ADAPTATION... via the medium of vibration.

When people are deliberately mean and nasty... curmudgeonly and misanthropic... snarling at shadows that appear by a trick of the light... they are hurting. It is an irrefutable sign of greater suffering in those engaged in it. They seek to spread their misery so as to pull you down into the hole they are in BECAUSE... Misery REALLY does love company.

Christ said... that which you do to the least of them you do to him, cause he is there within each of those people in the gym. He might be sleeping BUT... there are ways to summon him forth should you be so inclined, though... very few of us are. I am grateful beyond the showing for having not been saddled with that smug contempt you see so very much in vogue these days.

I had no overt problem with anyone at the gym, BUT... for me... by this time... thoughts and feelings are things, just like a rock and a hard place would be for those who engineered their presence in betwixt them. The World is EXACTLY as it is supposed to be, BUT we observe it through all kinds of personal filters. Freedom... true and lasting freedom is so... close... so... very... close... to us all. It is a posture of the mind in relation to the heart that... is like the oxygen in your lungs, bringing you to the surface of the water where The Sun shines.

Below the surface is the Subconscious Mind. Above the surface is the Self-Conscious Mind. Above that is the Superconscious Mind. All of us have some exposure to The Mind Chatter of others near and far. Some of us feel uneasy but don't know why. Some of us have to lose ourselves in some form of escape, due to the unidentified discomfort we feel. Some of us have varying degrees of focused discipline that allow us to shield ourselves from The Babble-On Factor. Few hear. Most don't. That is changing.

Why I bring this up at all... has to do with The Dark Conning Towers that we have mentioned before. All day and all night, they broadcast through speaker systems of hijacked Humanity, spreading the message of fear and despair... hopelessness... and all that is negative. If you don't defend yourself against this conscious assault against The Greater Good, you'll be in some gym somewhere... at a café... walking your dog... attending an event, and you will be an unconscious speaker component adding to the general static and disharmony of the times.

Poisonous thoughts that did not originate with you, land and take off from The Runway of The Mind. It's like an army of zombie computers that have been hijacked by hackers, to flood the internet with Spam. When thoughts come into our minds, we often amplify them on their way THROUGH us to the weakest link in the chain... that place where physical actions happen through the inspiration of a thought or feeling that hit at the strategic moment of susceptibility.

Surely... you are noticing all the public violence breaking out at seeming random all over the country... on the streets, and at concerts and sporting events. Everything is vibration. If you possess the tech, by material extension or... from within yourself, due to spiritual association with the Infernal Realm, you... can... cause... a... lot... of... damage and not even know it at the time or... with the full intention and commitment to do so.

This world is in torment from Spiritual Warfare. It is not your imagination when you feel unwholesome or inharmonious thoughts and feelings pressing down on you. Those whose SPRITUAL immune systems are compromised become bad actors in a life drama, directed by unseen forces.

People working out in gyms, sports fields, and parks are often processing all sorts of mindsets and emotions having nothing to do with their location. It's the same in any place where people gather for common enterprise. If you have stilled your own mind, you find you are privy to all kinds of information you were previously unaware of. If you can still it even further, even more surprising revelations occur.

You are either spreading cheer or gloom and doom. You are either in the green or the red zone on The Dial. It's heating up or it's cooling down. If you don't have command over yourself, something or someone else will.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Be glad I wasn't at the gym. When I'm unfocused, my mind's like in a Waring blender set on high.

Your post makes it out like you're on your way to Scannerhood.

Nostrils up!

Duntoirab said...

I enjoyed this one,

I don't know, my life or my attitude to it has changed so much, in silence, I share it with no one, since I stumbled upon your blogs.

Tuesday to Saturday mornings, first click on the laptop thingy is you.

The link to Impersonal life, which I've read multiple times now, I can only say

Thank You

robert said...

Merci beaucoup, Visible!

Higher consciousness, the more prismatic, the more modulation of the light passing through, as your being adapts and shimmers to the tune of the cosmic chorus

Others are twerking to the beat of industrial conformity, entraining others to sink down into their biological carrier automaton and stay in the rut of the trenches, avoiding artillery...

Isn't it a unique perspective when we notice that our attitude is THE determinate factor in what we experience?
And how isolating is the feeling when we realize that most people deliberately ignore this fact of life in order to deflect blame and shirk responsibility to be true to our real Self?

Then, when we let down our guarded resentment long enough to take in a bigger feeling, we find that, just as in childhood, there is so much more there there, when we choose to just be there!

Over time that died down somewhat, and I found all sorts of comestibles that facilitated filters and barriers for my comfort. In recent times, since I have done away with these protections, I am hearing it all again.

To keep our identity afloat, we screen out our own soul along with the intrusive noise from the death cult ocean in which we indulge.

Sober facing a human world of mad, willful ignorance is too much for youth and then adult habit converts our perceptual blinders into our fashion statement and off we go on our partial way to fractured living.

The more our perception includes all octaves and we see all the layers of the living onion react to our input, our innate observer kindly suggests to us that we cut the noise, slow down stirring the shit and speak the commands to our desire in ever more composed quietude, listening for the return echoes from timelines we forgot we had made...

You are either spreading cheer or gloom and doom. You are either in the green or the red zone on The Dial. It's heating up or it's cooling down. If you don't have command over yourself, something or someone else will.

We are the musicians of the music we live in.
We are the artists of the visions we co-create
We are the sculptors of the forms we inhabit

Once that awesome power settles into our comprehension, first panic then exultation then down-to-earth matters call us to attention.

If we get too tightly wound up in our own spinning wheel, we are no longer making our own yarn but facilitating an opportunistic infection of the meaning and miss the point of the plot!

What story would we tell ourselves and the people within earshot if we had time enough to find our connection to timeless beauty?

Can we stand ourselves long enough to bear juicy fruit?
Or do we dash our hopes in premature encapsulation?

The only way out of dead ends is to relate to the creator way of being:
living for the pure enjoyment of making a complete fool out of our pretensions, finding more energy than our minds could ever contain in following the heart's wonder home from our busman's holiday.

The heat is rising up to visible frequencies, the dross is rising up to be skimmed off and the test of our mettle is coming to a climax.

When in doubt, I choose to drop all forms of thought and focus on the center of the swirl
We will find everyone there.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,
Thank you for your words, they are soothing to my soul. Detlef

Duntoirab said...

Oh btw,
have a look for kettle bell exercises.


we don't need no stinkin gym

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Animal Farm is The Hottest New Tourist Spot in The Human Mind. They are Now Trending Toward The Totemic Animistic."

BlackBelt Yogi said...

I notice thoughts dropping in...there are repulsive ones, that can hit me an instant when I am out in public. I shake my head and will say out loud-that is not my thought-!!!! So very thankful for cultivated awareness and for your words.

Visible said...

Stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind.



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