Friday, September 2, 2022

"Love is The Electromagnetic Force that Holds Creation Together. If You Can Find Real Love, You WILL Find God Too."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I wanted to mention something today that I have directly experienced. In fact, I experienced it today while having a provolone sandwich. The more deeply you immerse yourself in The Divine, the more fully you enjoy everything you do. I got this provolone at Trader Joe's and it might just be that good. I've not had it before, BUT... I SUSPECT it is more than that because... it... happens... every... single... day... and it very often doesn't matter what it is I am doing. I am getting incredible enjoyment from it.

Why? Because I am celebrating God in everything I do, so God is celebrating me in everything I do because I am stepping aside at every turn so that I might be led, instead of heading off like I know where I'm going, and I know what I'm doing; neither of which is true.

Lately... especially... I am taking a remarkable joy from pretty much everything, including doing the dishes... going to the bathroom... waking up and getting up... driving into town to do some chores; so what? It's ALL fantastic! It all makes my heart sing, and I have heard, on good authority, that as one continues in this direction it just gets better, and better, and better.

God is The Supreme Enjoyer. It's simple... include him in... everything... you... do. By increments, God comes more and more fully to the fore. God becomes the experience and the experiencer, including whatever backdrop environment the experience is happening in. He doesn't just show up cause you put in a call. First of all... he's already there. HOWEVER... speaking from my own experience, it can take some time to get to the more immersive parts of it.

It takes attentive focus and determination. Otherwise... the distractions will get you. You have to think of The Path as something like the saga of a Greek hero. It can include- probably does include; Minotaur's, Scylla, and Charybdis... and some variation of Circe too.

Look... there are a whole lot of characters you are going to meet on the way. You have to get through these encounters, and... you might find them terrifying, BUT... it... is... not... you that needs to handle them. That's not your department. That's when The Divine shows up and does what needs doing, if... you... will... permit... it, which is why you need to have God front and center in everything you do.

It is all very much like Tantra, though we don't have a similarly identified counterpart in The West. The closest there is... is the rapture and ecstasy of the saints. The East is the root. The West is the flowering. I would think that the best thing for any seeker is to be informed about both sides of the process, from root to flowering.

In The West... you only find your parallels in The Western Mystery Tradition... like The Essenes... Gnosticism... Rosicrucianism... The Albigensians and Templars. There are other obscure moments here and there, with the light seeking to peek out through the darkness of religious corruption.

I have found much to like in all of them, but...

Further inquiry into all of these exceptions left me thinking that they still cannot effectively portray The Truth, BUT... WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? We're dealing with The Incomprehensible Ineffable. None of these exoteric organizations and religions are going to get it right. It is only in The Initiatic Brotherhood where you get an accurate version of what is and what is not, of what did and did not happen... and so on... and so forth.

The fact is that religions are bullies. The big dogs terrorize everyone else. History records no one more evil than social reformers and religious programmers. Look at what The Official Church did... or tried to do to each of these movements.

I pity the intellectuals and scholars who have to keep track of all the nonsense that comes out of pinheads cataloging the universe and its contents. I have seen what it is like when the over-informed congregate with one another over pointless minutiae. They are effectively dead inside.

God is a living and vibrant FORCE. He passes through the prism into the material world where his chief expression is Love, from which emerge his divine qualities.

There are two basic approaches that one can take on the matter of The Divine. One can corner the market on some portion of doctrine, and dogma and then hold forth on the matter OR... one can immerse themselves in devotion to The Indwelling. This last leads to selfless service... anonymity where possible... and the mindset of a servant seeing to his master's concerns on the terrestrial plane.

On the other hand... with the pundits... experts... pontificators and genuflecting sycophants from The Drained Lizard Lounge. it... is... all... about... self... service. Yes... there are many pathways to the goal, depending on what you're after. Those pathways are more numerous in the foothills, leading to the real mountain, in the midst of seeming mountains, for which one must possess the proper transliterating eyes to see them with in... the... first... place.

What I have heard from various trusted sources is that the ONLY sure and certain road to victory and realization, in... times... like... these... is Love. It's because of the time frame we are in and the bewildering... confetti-storm of distractions, present in these Times of Material Darkness.

There is a reason that Pride is considered such a no-no, and that is because Pride embodies a great deal more than your basic dictionary definition. It even gets seekers far along the way with surprising regularity. When you are trusting The Mind... which is the mapping and identifying tech for The Personality, you are NOT going to be able to stay on The Path. ONLY Love can accomplish this. So...

I seek to Love God IN EVERYTHING I DO. There is nothing that I do... or think... or feel that is not directly or indirectly associated with God in a conscious manner. When any of these practices become routine, it is then branded upon The Subconscious and becomes an automatic part of me. Along the way I am on a scavenger hunt; yes... no... no... no... yes. I am separating and combining the elements of existence, as... they... prove... useful... or of no value to me. It's what alchemists get up to, BUT... I am not so clever nor informed to go that way with it.

So... I seek to celebrate God in everything I do or... not do it. The point is... NO MATTER WHAT WE TELL OURSELVES, God is the motive power behind ALL action... PERIOD. I have to identify myself with this so that God is doing everything, AND... I am not hindering him. I celebrate the act of eating by informing myself that I am adding God's Qualities to my being, AND also rejecting and replacing those parts of myself that no longer serve in a useful fashion.

When I go to sleep at night, I direct my attention to The Divine, and I petition him to engage with me, as... it... pleases... him to do. I seek to engage him in every... single... act... I am involved in BECAUSE he is the... motive... power... behind... all... action. I can do this with a Certitude of Success because I KNOW that God is Real. Subsequently, a dynamic comes out of this in which God and I are dancing as one, and ALL... I... have... to... do, is... forget myself.

Herein is the critical nexus of all things. Is God in the forefront or... are you? Is God the focus or... are you the focus? Materialism trends toward Vanity and Selfish Love. Is selfish Love even possible? No! It... is... not. It would not then be Love. It would be one of those states of passion that we WRONGLY associate with Love. The whole of The World at this time is involved in a case of mistaken identity, in which The Genuine Article goes missing.

I notice now... that all of the little annoyances that arrive are an opportunity for me to consciously step around them. I am coming to see the source of all irritation, and malaise of every kind, as objects for contemplation. It is impossible for me to say what I really mean here. Let me try another angle; God is IN every experience I have. God is the experience. There is nothing and no one but God anywhere at any time... in my purview, AND...God is Love.

Love is the electromagnetic force that holds Creation together. If you can find Real Love, you will find God too. Many of us pop in and out of this, now and again, and never catch that it is happening; conscious determined attention upon The Presence of God within... WILL cause God to appear.

End Transmission.......

One final day without links. Perhaps I am changing my perspective on what is newsworthy. New links will begin to appear at GAB once I have processed the matter.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You have obviously never been on the rag. Still, this speaks the truth; though I ain't sure I'll find it whilst still in this realm. Too many issues, too little time.
I mean, when you have nothing but contempt for the locale and the collective, not to mention your own past decisions. . .

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!

robert said...

(Спасибо) Spasibo, Visible!

For providing a continuing beachhead from the Kingdom in which to congregate and converse!

I notice now... that all of the little annoyances that arrive are an opportunity for me to consciously step around them. I am coming to see the source of all irritation, and malaise of every kind, as objects for contemplation. It is impossible for me to say what I really mean here.

After playing pin the blame on the donkey long enough, we see who the ass is...
We wee ones still playing winky games!

How can there be annoyance if there is no little self obscuring the way of my full spectrum experience?

What is my automatic mind still actively identifying with, that just ain't so?

How are my emotions still being triggered by mere mortal memories or the interpretation of seemingly external events?

The questions above illustrate the sifting process where we remove all the false grit from our third eye.

Every object foreign to Love, every sabotaging dead skin of self is the detritus of our own making.

Whatever we encounter that appears to be the annoying leftovers of other people's process can only come into OUR perception and block beauty because OUR minds have mapped it into our perceptual projection!

See any ugly out there?
Look for festering frustration within the imaginarium desiring to sing and dance with the Creator!

Feel any fear "fenestrating" into our view?
Check for any mental blocks pinching the hearty flow of love from reaching out in universal embrace!

If the people sleepwalking can maintain their bubble of confirmation bias, in the negative, in order to learn by contrast
The same spiritual law and order permits the awakening to walk in the sanctuary space mostly serene, while cleaning up and out all doubt and dark places from their consciousness

They too serve who only stand (the pain) and wait
And watch while the mighty force of Love dissolves defiant darkness delaying the shiny

M - said...

I have this posted above my desk. You do not have to be a cat to understand the wisdom.

Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher:
- Do not let your past define who you are today.
- Open your heart to the possibilities life holds.
- Follow your bliss.
- Let go of fear, embrace change, and move toward Joy.
- Live your dreams.
- Focus on the positive.
- Live in the moment.
- Listen with your heart.
- Be at peace.
- Soul connections are eternal.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"MEANWHILE... The Absence of Spirituality Leads to Pandemic Insanity. It's What's Known as a Conundrum."

Carmen said...

Your posts have sustained many of us for years & through considerable ups & downs, Visible.
Thank you for continuing to point this 🎶'hard-headed woman'🎶 back to True North so often.
Much love to you & everyone who reads here,

Visible said...

It is always good to see you still about. By grace, we are set to find our sure way out.



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