Tuesday, September 20, 2022

"The Pressure in The Earth is Being Intensified by The Tension and Pressure in The Collective Subconscious."

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Despite all their best efforts, Germany remains in the cross-hairs of The Deep State, AKA... The Dark State, AKA Infernos Incarnate. Once there was a military alliance called NATO. The intention was to protect Western Europe. Then it became ZATO because The Bankers set policy, and The Bankers start the wars. Now... the remarkably corrupt US establishment is throwing Germany to the wolves, and along with Germany... the rest of Western Europe.

Only one group of people can facilitate the destruction of every country they compromise inwardly... and then outwardly. It is all done by controlling the money supply, and that is Job One of The Usual Suspects. This is what Amschel Rothschild said; “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who establishes its laws.″ Then his wife said, "If my sons did not want wars, there would be none." Do I really need to connect the dots in a crooked line? By... way... of... deception.

Of course... what seems to be, AND... some of which we have explored... and discovered to be other than what it seems... tells us that we live in a world of deception. Some collectives prey upon The Hive Mind by compromising them with their appetites and fear. Those who fill the shelves in the marketplaces of The World tell you what they want you to hear. There is seldom any truth in it.

Some have been getting away with crimes against Humanity for a long time now, AND... a long coming... wave of change... now approaches the shores of manifestation. Some are going to find themselves deeply discomfited. Some will experience unexpected good fortune when the attention of those preying on them is distracted by troubles of their own.

I do not call for these changes, and I do not oppose these changes. I observe them. I observe that a time of earthquakes may be coming. The rumbles are becoming more insistent. The pressure in the Earth is being intensified by the tension and pressure in The Collective Subconscious, WHICH IS CONNECTED TO, and A PART OF Lady Nature. Climate is very much affected by our collective state of mind, AND Heaven uses this instrument to inspire it to act in concert for... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

I lived in Europe (principally Germany) for 15 years... a short while ago. I met many interesting people. I was able to inhale the atmospheres of the various cultures. I did not fit in well there. There is a depressive state of mind that is widespread in Europe; less so in Italy where I did fit in. It was my nature to sing to myself most of the time when walking down the street or in the supermarkets. I did it without thinking... it is my nature. It did not always go well with the chiaroscuro mindset.

I thought it would be so different. I did not fit in well and things often did not go well for me in terms of maintaining myself. I did not have that problem before I went there and I do not have it now, BUT... we must all endure what is appointed for us... so that we might be free of them. Sometimes this happens to entire countries and larger areas.

I have good friends still from when I was there BUT I seldom hear from them. It is the nature of the times.

Most of the time, our lives are a demonstration of what happens to us for being what we think ourselves to be. Either we are experiencing now, the fallout from earlier times, OR... we are packing the car for our journey there. I see... what it looks like... is coming. I can only pray and remain in the absolute certitude that God has it all in hand. In some few cases, that is because we have turned our lives over to him... so that he can handle the details of our passage. In all other cases, he arranges the circumstances that make clear to us that, we... REALLY SHOULD... let... him/her/it... handle... all... of... The... Details.

Some of us are real... hard... cases, and it takes the endless rain of Heaven... upon the rocks of our resistance... to wear away the denial and original deceit. Now... most people identify (but do not understand) this thing called Original Sin. I call it Original Deceit.

Sooner or later, we will stop lying to ourselves, and... by... extension... to others, AND... we will come to the foothills of The Promised Land. It does not matter how deeply hidden it may be in the far canyons below the peaks of the mountain chain. We will find it by The Reflected Light.

In all places of darkness, we possess a miner's light, if... we only knew how to switch it on. Once again, that is in The Details, and who is it that takes care of them?

We've heard it said that “The Devil is in The Details,” and so is God. It really depends on what your Intention is... who it is... that you invoke. This is a critical matter for consideration, BUT... so many people evade recognition of it BECAUSE... it gets... in... the... way... of... their... self-interest, and it conflicts with the original deceit they continue to inflict upon themselves, and... by extension... on others.

Materialism is at the core of a great many of our woes. It perverts our sexual nature, AND... by forced indoctrination and early programming, it legitimizes them in The Hive Mind... pressing the borders of the acceptable ever further and further out. We've also heard it said that “that way lies madness.” I would concur with that. Observe what happens when Humanity is densely packed. Observe what happens when Humanity lives in more natural surroundings.

I feel for the people of Germany. They are among the most honest and industrious people on Earth. It's how they keep turning into a powerhouse of success, regardless of what Banker Wars have inflicted upon them. These same banker cabals are presently attempting to set The World aflame via Ukraine. The Deep State is everywhere these days, AND... headed for The Land of Deep Shit. When you invoke the whirlwind, you WILL reap the whirlwind.

The Climate Change hysteria that is being whipped up in The Hive Mind directly reflects the climate. We all carry an atmosphere with us as we go. Concentrations of similar atmospheres create Weather. Some places are high energy and the sidewalks sweep you up and down. Some places are low energy, AND... all the variants conspire to create The World we think we know, and... which... is... a... projection... of... our... minds.

The Sanctuary is an internal construction. The Soul is resident there, AND... it shines with The Light of the Spirit that it contains. The Spirit INFORMS The Soul, which informs downward. If the areas below are closed off, what is The Soul to do? This is what Materialism does to the human heart and mind. If you open your channels, the healing light of God will enter in, and wash the darkness away. We are only in darkness by holding on to darkness.

Babylon is a virus in Humanity that is facilitated by the creation of a welcoming environment. You know that certain maladies and other ills are nurtured by the right locations. We have created these locations in the cities, AND also in our minds through The Internet of Thoughts. I used to know of all sorts of places where I THOUGHT it would be a safe harbor. I now know of no such exterior place, and I have observed with dismay... as unfortunate conditions come about... in or near all of these places.

What I begin to suspect more and more strongly with every passing day, is that we are generators of the atmosphere we reside in, AND... through prayer and spiritual disciplines, we can radiate that atmosphere at an ever wider, and wider reach. After a time we can become like a dynamo that constantly projects this vibrational environment, and... maintains it.

I've been told that certain light-workers, unseen but present, are going to be empowered to act as transmitting stations for The Qualities of God... and that they will transmute all negativity... all apprehension and fear into a certainty of love, resident in secreted niches of The Hive Mind. They will radiate and dispel. They will be border wardens, and Rangers, like The Dunedain.

We really do live in a permutation of Middle-Earth. You have to choose your battles, BUT... you will never go astray by gaining command of yourself first, and may then... find... that there is no battle remaining for you to fight.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday’s post was great ;today you outdid yesterday. Thanks for keeping the minds of your readers in a hopeful prayerful state as the world of earthly affairs disintegrates right in front of our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Another winner of a post.

"Most of the time, our lives are a demonstration of what happens to us for being what we think ourselves to be." Talk about food for thought! That line set me back a few.

YOU not fitting in? Nah, you must have been imagining things, Visible. WE love you just the way you are (big smile).

Thanks much, seriously.

Love, Priscilla

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm under the impression the original sin was, "What would it be like, if. . ." Curiosity of existence with Source connexion forgotten for a while. We knew that it was just temporary, but forgot. Some of us remembered. You, me, your readers, the Cathars. . . I don't think it really was a 'sin'. Just a desire for a very un-pragmatic experience. A very, very long game of Dungeons and Dragons. One imprisons you, the other often has you for lunch, but not always. From my perspective, there is more negative than positive whilst existing in the Physical Realm. I consider every moment of obligatory time a feckin' pain in the arse, but a nose has gotta do what a nose has gotta do.

My car has been packed for the trip, for years. I swear, it's like it's been hacked like the Tesla who's owner can't have its operation back until he pays for that $26,000 battery. Anyone else thinks the Tesla is an intelligence test, and if you bought one, you failed? Everyone I'm stuck following one or one is next to me or behind me and I can't escape, I wonder if the dayam thang is gonna explode. AND DON'T PARK THAT INFERNAL POS NEXT TO ME, YA BLOODY MAROON!!!!!!!!

As for your lauding of 'The Cabbage People', (I was born in Ludwigsburg, so I can say that.), you obviously have not met the vile creature I used to get here (Gold-digging psychopathic leech who gave Marla Maples a run for her money.), or the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha parasites, but hey. At least the bitch is 'officially' dead. Hell knows how long she's really been gone and buried, or cremated, or fed to the vultures, or what ever.

OK, I like many of the people, but the gubment sucks the big 'un. I swear. Where is Alaric when you need 'im. Or even Adolf, since he actually did a lot for the country. He wasn't the villain history painted him out to be if you dig a bit and find the REAL history of the war which he didn't even want. Man, 20 years ago I never thought I'd think that way.

Nostrils to the sky, big time.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Guess what I just found on the bloody Tesla:

[VIDEO] Tesla Bursts Into Flames, Takes Over 25 Thousand Gallons of Water To Extinguish


I know it's not the most common occurrence on the planet, but it does happen and I don't like bein' around the damn things, even if I do hate life. I hope they get sued out of existence.

Duntoirab said...

My wife gives me grief for singing, dancing and joking around in the supermarket.
Can't help it. It makes me feel good inside.

I reckon it's an antidote to the shuffling consumers staring at brightly coloured boxes and tins, oblivious to all around.

Don't start me on people in car parks! :-)

Visible said...

I've always believed in my own version of live free or die, given that unless I am living free, I am dying inside and life ceases to have meaning or joy... because both of those are dependent on freedom

Iyou said...

"The Pressure in The Earth is Being Intensified by The Tension and Pressure in The Collective Subconscious."

And then there will be a Big.Bang and the divine drama will start over again.
the golden age..heaven the day. it is now the iron age..hell the night. it
will be destroyed..it must be destroyed. day always follows night. can you
see the build up to the finally..

Not everyone will be an actor at the beginning of the drama. that is how dramas are.
at the beginning there are few actors but as the drama progresses more actors
come unto the stage..

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"People with Evil Intentions are Going to Step in Their Own Shit and Panic-Slide Right Into The Flaming Dumpster."

Anonymous said...

Pierre said

reading this book, suggested by Ted Broer*... not that one needs proofs (or miracles for that matter). but it shores up the belief system and help say 'no' to the naysayers.

The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus Lee Strobel 1998.

* https://gsradio.net/shows/ted_broer/



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