Wednesday, September 28, 2022

"A Bigger Problem is The Distractions The Mind is Err to... in The Attractions That Dance Before It Going Nowhere."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Wasn't something supposed to happen on the the 24th or some date close to that? Was it the 27th? I wasn't paying a great deal of attention, AND... nothing happened (yet). Nordstream got hammered by the Zio-American Banker Cabal. A hurricane is going to hit Florida. More and more people at every level of society are losing their minds. Well... mind you... this is standard fare for Times of Material Darkness. As Materialism intensifies, Insanity goes exponential. Ever greater materialism... ever greater insanity.

You can see it happening near and far. To put it in street talk, one would say... “people are losing their shit.” We are very much in the days of a Neo-Weimar Republic. It's the same people doing it again. Like the scorpion on the frog; it's their nature. They can't help it.

One thing The Banker Satanists do not want to see... is Russia and Germany having a friendship. It could lead to all kinds of things like... no more NATO (AKA ZATO), no more marketplace for American weaponry, no more INFLUENCE... no more skimming the cream, with the intent of stealing the milk entire. So... they blew up several pipelines and... they're in a Ukraine-state-of-mind.

As soon as Russia has the paperwork done, concerning the several provinces in The Ukraine being absorbed into Greater Russia, Russia will declare war, and the end will come quick.

The end will come quicker than you might think. They will hyper-annihilate the Kiev seat of power, and... likely vaporize Zelensky. Maybe he could come back as a hybrid piano that plays itself. A player piano kind of thing. Some freaky... centaur-like... Ebony and Ivory Onanic keyboard of dancing black and white penises, with AI. We are entering a time of rapid change and worldwide populist uprisings. This is when you see Humanity at its best... and its worse.

In the ancient texts... you see it stated by the eternal spokes-gods; “I will make The Evil even more evil. I will harden their hearts. I will power The Good and make them steadfast.” It's in the scripture of both East and West. That IS NOT verbatim. It is as I remember it expressed in my own thought. HOWEVER... it DOES NOT conflict with the message in the original. Most of the originals have been folded, spindled, and mutilated almost beyond recognition, BUT... The Source Water flows everlasting from The Secret Springs of God.

When you are in contact with the secret springs, the power of Revelation makes scripture come alive. Without this, you won't be getting much anyway.

For Western Tradition, the holy book is written in Gematria; the interchanging of letters and numbers to manifest interplays of meaning. The historical revisionists attribute the origins to Jewish sources, BUT... these were taken... these were appropriated from The Chaldeans and The Egyptians... that whole Indus Valley thing, AND... all of that... likely... originated in India.

I studied in the areas of Hermetic Science, the arcane, and the occult for more than 50 years in this visit, and probably much more in other lives. I found I didn't have much use for Kabbalah-Gematria, Byzantine... labyrinthine winding... endless complexities... yadda yadda. That's The Devil's Workshop anyway, and it takes a supernatural soul to navigate those waters.

Ancient truths are transmitted more in pictograms than in verbal acrobatics... and fanciful terminology. That explains my love affair with Tarot, which was recreated in Fez Morocco in the 12th- 13th Century time frame. It then gravitated to a royal court and went on from there. It's simpler for me to just deal in pictures. I have processed an ENORMOUS amount of information on my way to understanding that it was all a distraction from The Main Event.

I don't care what you think you've learned or what an expert you are. (snicker) You mostly don't know shit unless you know that Love is ALL you need, AND... Love brings a proper understanding of all of that other weighty information and makes it light as air.

Look at the great saints and remarkable teachers inspired by God. Some of them were so simple they could not read or write. Some were considered mad in their time. It's no easy road fronting for God, when all the experts put their witch-burner suits on. Yep... when the religious big-trough feeders get word of you doing... what they have to employ massive subterfuge... to APPEAR to accomplish with smoke and mirrors, and deals with demons... it puts their noses out of joint. They become very unhappy with you. FORTUNATELY... they worked for the biggest player of them all.

Tarot is a simple affair IF... you approach it with the right attitude. The mysteries concealed in the symbols are guarded by heavyweights. They see you coming from a long way off. They ARE NOT for fortune telling. This was their disguise, and given to the Gypsies, to have the mysteries carried far and wide, where they might be discovered by those meant to do so, in... Times... of... Material... Darkness.

A simple five-minute meditation on the images will EVENTUALLY ping off of the archetypes buried in The Subconscious Mind, and cause a resonance to occur between your Separated Mind, AND... The One Mind. Then... you... are... changed. Gradually... every body you have on every plane of being is changed... refined... made more light-filled. You are lifted up out of your own darkness and into the conscious light of God.

This same state can be accomplished from all manner of other tributaries that lead to The Cosmic Ocean of Everlastingness.

This Light of God is like a radio frequency. It is broadcasting at all times. You have to be attuned to it to hear it. Once you can hear it... even intermittently... at first... you are on your way. All you have to do is think about God, and... chop wood... and carry water. When you think about God. When you direct your thoughts to God, it opens and activates a channel. You have to stick at it. Dabblers and dilettantes will get nothing, and be convinced there is nothing to find. This will make them especially angry when you find it... heh heh.

A whole lot of noise and confusion are about to hit the stage. Big change always generates this condition when coming into operation. It's going to look grim and threatening, BUT... that is designed for those in fear. Some of whom have reason to fear. Every opportunity for change is being given to the rebellious and intransigent. Kalifornia keeps right on pumping air into its head and it still hasn't exploded. This is the patience and compassion of God at work. Humanity is getting enormous amounts of rope. Sooner or later comes sooner or later.

Meanwhile... all over The World... people have had it with the filth and ugly perversities seeking to be normalized. Revolution is at hand, and the jackboots are beating on their shields. Revolution often catches the revolutionary by surprise. Look at Robespierre and Danton... Trotsky... and sundry. It is The Club of The Hoisted Petard. This time it's going to be truly epic.

We are not looking only at cultural and social change this time. We are looking at spiritual change as well. New facilities of The Heart and The Mind are going to be awakened in The Mass Heart and Mind. A new wave of consciousness is going to sweep the planet, out with the old and in with the new. It's happened plenty of times before, BUT... not on this scale.

I mentioned The Tarot because it plays into The Book of Nature that Hides in Plain Sight. It comes back to that “must become as a little child” thing. This child-mind sees things in pictures... images... symbols and the like.

You have LITERALLY a citadel of sanctuary in your heart. You have a panic room in your mind. You have everything you have ever needed with you already. Locating it seems to be the problem. A bigger problem is all the distractions the mind is err to, in the attractions that dance before it going nowhere. The Dog is chasing his tail. The Snake is swallowing his tail, and... we are telling ours.

There is a story playing out endlessly in all of the dramas and challenges that life brings before the wider attention of The Hive Mind. There is one path to walk that leads to salvation and everlasting life, and... there are endless logging roads and mountain passes that lead to blind canyons and wide, unpassable gulfs. It's the mind chasing itself. It is The Monkey Mind making shit up to pass the time and distract from an inevitability that is inevitable.

There is no road that goes anywhere worth getting to, except The Royal Highway that leads to The Kingdom of God. People refuse to see or believe this, yet... every life proves it out to their dismay, over, and over, and over, and over again. It's right there to be seen in front of you, and all around you. There... is... a... better... (and more lasting) world... within... you.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another Nostrils To The Sky beauty, as if you're capable of anything else.

Anonymous said...

Ironic how this huge hurricane has hit the entire state of Florida
Florida, the one state in all the union that is the biggest threat
to The evil ones. Get my drift. Maybe a harp involved Who
Knows. Just sayin.....

Anonymous said...

Yes, @anon 10:53!!

I was thinking the same thing moments ago - I wonder if this was engineered. And then I thought - either way, it's God, right?

Obviously, I've been hanging around this blog for too long.

Love, Priscilla

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Aspiration Keen and Sustained, The Kundalini Rises into Godhead in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara."

Ty said...

Brilliant blog! Thank you Visible.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible. Thank you, sir!

This is NOT to be missed:

Not sure of the title or artist but he covers just about the whole (((bagel))).

G-Zeus said...

Gay Rom-Com that is highly rated by Critics opens poorly in theaters.


Visible said...

To the one who posted a comment about a movie not even named and then in all caps put the word, TERRORIST. That's the sort of thing people being paid to do it, insert so that it comes up in search engines or... alerts the intelligence services. Tell me otherwise and I'll be glad to post the comment

G-Zeus said...

It was the new Romantic Comedy about the Gay Guys "Bros". Highly rated by Critics but not bringing people to the theaters. I should not have said "Terrorist", this was a separate occurrence. The Gays were complaining about Proud Boys stopping the Drag Show "totally innocent and not grooming" kids, which they call Terrorism.
I messed up.

Visible said...

G-Zeus; Thank you, my friend... for being so understanding. I've seen things in my rearview mirror recently that look closer than they appear (grin).

anonymous... this was REALLY cool thanks for sending it in =



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