Monday, October 3, 2022

"With Words, You Can Only Talk Around The Point. Hmm... Even Though You Have Forever, It is Later than You Think."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

How does Winning and Losing mesh up with Karma? It's something every single one of us deals with, and it has a great deal to do with shaping our operating attitude. Here's a simple fact for you... no one has to be a loser. Everyone can be a winner, even if it seldom works out this way, except on planes of being above this one, BECAUSE... we have programmed ourselves to lose by the Karma we generate through the actions we make.

Karma is an interesting thing. It is MOSTLY misunderstood by most of the people who think they understand it. First off... Karma is NOT absolute, eye for an eye nonsense. That it OFTEN works out that way has little to do with alternative possibilities.

ALL of your Karma COULD be wiped away in a heartbeat. Selfless service... exercising any of the qualities of God... specific meditations and austerities gobble up the sin... the ignorance... the bad programming... the veils and blinders... and assorted blockages and hassles... in the same way that Pacman eats Pac-Dots. These disciplines devour Karma; some more quickly than the others. Sincerity and passionate intensity are key.

Your Karma... as yet unarrived, DOES NOT have to play out the way it is written. Usually... it does because people are often not proactive about something like this. Most people don't even believe there is such a thing, except in some amorphous, intangible fashion, BUT... you can catch many things before they arrive.

One who appeals to Heaven with unflinching focus and determination can unlock Grace. A master can assume Karma... so can others in The Hierarchy. EVERYTHING requires God's permission. Some have God's ear. Promises of service are to be addressed to Heaven's Savings and Loan. Demonstrations of service will also come to the attention of The Heavenly Bank.

Karma puts you into specific circumstances of birth. These conditions do not have to continue. Conditioning is a powerful influence, BUT... it can be overcome. Karma shapes inherent attitude. It forms character at inception. These, also... do... not... have... to... continue. You must seek help in your struggle.

Just because conditions are a certain way does not mean they have to stay that way, BUT... it is human nature to go along with The Program, except for... usually... a brief period of rebellion before falling into line. However... there is pedestrian programming, and... there is divine programming. Stop fiddling with the dials.

I have learned, through direct experience that the deeper one looks into themselves, the deeper they can look into others. Many people... especially those who practice deception as a way of moving through The World, think that others cannot see them. I can tell you, not only can some see into you, but they can see a great deeper into you than you can.

Before I reached a certain stage of awareness, it would sometimes bother me that people said negative things about me or were dismissive and contemptuous. (Nearly all of us are affected by this). Then... some events that I can't put into words occurred, and now it mostly makes me laugh... or empathetic. It is possible to read even a few words of a comment by anyone and have formerly guarded information ping right back at you.

When you know that everyone is like you, except that they are on a different landing of The Never Ending Stairs, you have ONLY to go to the place in yourself that they occupy to see what their real intentions are. That is also the manner in which healing works.

People are an open book. They... may... not... think... that... they... are, but... they are. They show you without being aware of it, everything that is driving them to the form their actions take. This is why one who is realized sees... the... same... person... in... everyone... they... meet. It's not that they are unaware of all the BAGGAGE being carried. It's just not relevant to the task at hand, which is to bring out the best in everyone.

Thinking the dull-witted will somehow realize that people are dying everywhere from The Killer Vaccines, is a bit dull-witted... given that fast food and soft drinks have been killing people for decades, and... nothing has been done because... MONEY drives the culture, AND... Materialism is innately hedonistic. It's the same thing with The Holocaust Nonsense... 9/11... and... there are quite a few others, that keep slipping under the radar to mess with the infrared. That is now due to... finally... change.

Promotions are coming for everyone who shows up for them. This, you accomplish by having been headed there all along; sleet... hail... and snow... be damned. Otherwise, you won't know where you are supposed to be... unless you're already there. It was your separated mindset that insisted you knew where you were going. Did you? Each of our lives is summed up by the degree of our possession of Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Without them, you... don't... get... very... far.

These promotions may cause no hoopla in The World, BUT... they're a big deal on The Other Side. You need to understand the spiraling of The Helix Factor. "Going up? Going down?" The elevator operator is asking you. You'll have to say something. Everyone stops off on their floor of interest. Staying there is what FINALLY brings Doctor Death calling. There is NO REST for The Soul outside the borders of its natural home. You CANNOT stay somewhere just cause you want to. You can keep coming back for endless visits, but it... will... never... be... what... you... are... looking... for. Otherwise, you wouldn't have to keep coming back.

There's also that other elevator operator; “going in? Going out?" This elevator controls the other elevator that goes up and down.

The Soul has an eternal home... until it is in residence, there... is... no... rest. The Personality and The World of the Personality are transitory. They are both the substance of a dream... images of heat lightning... a fever in The Mind. Most are like a fugitive lost in a swamp chasing Will-O-The-Wisps. There is no arriving at them... like the source of the rainbow. There is a source, of course, but it is not where it is advertised to be. That accounts for the litanies of disappointment that cycle through human lives until... mercifully... death takes them.

God is REAL. Find this out now or... take millions of years. That's up to you. The way people look at Heaven and Hell is not unlike the way they look at life and don't actually see it as it is, BUT... through the lenses and filters of their desires. It isn't real and neither is what they are after. Demons are the angels of Hell. ALL kingdoms of being, serve... the... will... of... God.

Heaven is impersonal AND personal. All of the residents shine with the light of God. Some that are in Heaven are also present on Earth. Sometimes they travel to Hell on Family Business, dispensing Grace. Jesus the Christ went there and walked away with The Keys to the City. One will rules all things animate and inanimate, but... lack of animation does... not... mean... an... absence... of... life. God can bring anything center stage into a full-throated Tandava by less than the blink of an eye.

Here again... people have little idea of The Power of God. He shines through millions of suns, and in us as well, should... we... choose... to... allow... it. He is present in the wink of an eye... the tremble of a leaf... a sigh in a forest of falling trees, where there is ALWAYS someone to hear it. He is intimately engaged in EVERY ACTION that EVER takes place... ANYWHERE. He is the aether and what makes it tremble and produce an endless... series... of... element fusions called... Things.

Maybe people think of thunder and lightning, earthquakes, and tsunamis as examples of God's power, and they are, but they are of little account relative to the actual power, and what is in reserve, which is far more than that. He sent the universe forth in a breath!

He holds EVERYTHING in place and moves everything on its appointed circuits. He makes and unmakes everything F-O-R-E-V-E-R, AND... he is both your father and your mother by turns, and far... far... far... beyond that, AND... he is present, right... this... minute... within you, AND he is approachable!!! He is brimming with love for you, but... many got better things to do.

Yeah... Visible... okay... why are you making such a big deal out of it? You sound like a crazy man, waving his hands in the air like an Italian shopkeeper. Well... let me see. I can't say it directly cause it won't be on point. With words, you can only talk around the point. Hmm... even though you have forever, it is later than you think.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Of course, by my perspective; it's way too early. When's parole from my self-imposed sentence of life? Not interested in anything here anymore, almost. I admit I'm having fun watching the destruction of this imploding era, but that's about it! Nothing left vested in this mortal flotsam garbage. I suppose that's the only way to be right now. After all, it is coming to an end; though not soon enough for me.

robert said...

Tack så mycket, Visible!

Broadcasting seeds all over the place!

Materialism is innately hedonistic

Heedlessly hedonistic

With the twist that you have pointed out, that sense gratifiers devolve regressively into inversions of pleasure, where less corrupted humans might see the descent into circles of pain to be far from any conceivable pleasure!

The pre-matrix definition of hedonism:
"the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life"
"The word ‘hedonism’ comes from the ancient Greek for ‘pleasure’. Psychological or motivational hedonism claims that only pleasure or pain motivates us"

Your usage includes the pain aspect!

Humans blocked from connection to their spirit guidance control by choice or mind control weapons are indeed only subjects to the purveyors of pain as the whip is now being shown and employed right out in the open.

What is curious in current zombie life:
People devoid of any pleasure other than disordered eating, consuming deadly foodstuffs in compulsive gluttony, are finding satisfaction in consuming mental fictions!

Life is hell?
No problem, just stream the latest nightmare from the media matrix
shout around in their social media bubble of choice
exchange symbols of exclusivity masked as inclusivity with other minions
with the aid of drugs of course!

All to get a perverted mental high, feeding the tortured ego more torture
Bathing the bad self with more basting of secret sauce from the dark side

What force holds the zombified above the drain?

Crank the senses out of control by stretching the sliver cord so thin it will snap at one more cruel act committed...
This is the new normal hedonism?

Lifesavers know better than to jump in to save a drowning swimmer as first choice!
Reach, Throw, Row, then Go

The most effective compassion is wielded by someone ensconced on shore, turning into a lighthouse to pray to the zombie's soul connection

He sent the universe forth in a breath!
He holds EVERYTHING in place and moves everything on its appointed circuits...AND he is present, right... this... minute... within you, AND he is approachable!!! He is brimming with love for you, but... many got better things to do.

Another mystery which is in plain sight:
Why we deny the power of the One and our own granted power, preferring prosaic pursuits that come up empty?

We may explain it with our observations of human folly and carnal mind automatic behaviour
But that doesn't get us to the heart of the matter:
We sense the immensity of the One and the infinite possibilities in life
Yet we fear our little bubble of individual perspective will pop if we respond to the call to union

Our souls crave union; our separated minds fear it

The balancing act appears too much for mortal form so we persist in stuckness and die again before sprouting fulfillment

A human child loved as unconditionally as the parents are capable gives their whole heart back to its parents
Yet does not dissolve its individuality in doing so, but grows to be more aware of their own potential to love

What drives us into static states that cannot sustain?
Lack of vision; our perceptions sees only dissolution of self-definition and crushing responsibility in union

Funny how we are willing to risk All of that in the throes of first human love!

Since we cannot see our way forward, we either pitch a sit down strike or walk in faith
Certitude comes after enough steps which we could not have taken without help
Determination grows as the load we take on gets lightened by the unseen hand

Words to the wise are only received by the soul consciousness from which they are transmitted

Take all the human transmitters and multiply their radiance by an infinite factor
That is the power calling us out of our own shadows
When we step out, others will find their way out
Out of hell into heaven

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Everything is The Outcome of Everything Else. Time is A Promise or A Prison, Depending on How You Look at It."

G-Zeus said...

God's Plan is to keep the Evilest human alive forever, unable even to sleep.
Can you imagine being Billions of years old? That would be horrible!

Iyou said...

Very well written article dear brother..

The whole piece can also be summarized through the understanding of its essence..

"With words, you can only talk around the point. Hmm...even though you have forever,
it is later than you think"

We do have forever because there is no beginning or end to this eternal and unlimited drama of divine beings. but according to the drama it is very late because we are now at its end again which is also the beginning. we have come full circle. it is the confluence of hell and heaven..

Iyou said...

"The Soul has an eternal home…until it is in residence, there…is…no…rest"

It is time to return there..beyond sound. to incorporeal Fathers eternal and immortal home. our home before we descend unto the world stage..

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Les. Your wisdom and lessons are a great inspiration to me. Thank you also for bringing me to the writings of the great beings you quote and recommend.



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