Monday, October 10, 2022

"It's More Than That; A Kind of Gestalt in The Mind Where The Thoughts are More Than The Sum of The Words."

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Corporations are mostly Satanic, and so... by... extension... is advertising... which celebrates itself at 666 Madison Ave; literally and metaphorically. This explains the commercials AND... the way the medium approaches social issues. It's about control of the object of your desire. Governments are about the control of your mind. Religions are about the control of your heart, and sometimes the poisoning of your mind.

Remember when corporations got personhood?

When your whole motive for existence is material profit realized by the sale or transport of material goods, you are on the mercantile wavelength, and... that is the realm of Mammon, one of Hell's generals. He goes by other names, and he is an archetype of what feeds and maintains The Infernal Realm.

I am not here to say, Heaven good. Hell bad. That is as simplistic as the manner in which I just expressed it. They are both legitimate planes of existence where entities engage in what is real to them. There are many levels to both of them. AND... they are paralleled within our being, AND... connect within our being.

The World's not black and white, no more than it is a chiaroscuro kaleidoscope of everything coming at you at once, inside your head or... outside your head. By the way... what is the difference between inside your head, and outside your head? What happens when you sync the two of them up?

Heaven... or Hell... or any of the levels of either are simply where you go... depending on your state of mind, and you stay there as long as you are of a mind. However... sometimes, by your own measurements, your guilt has not been expiated in your head, so... the meter is still ticking. It's the same with Heaven(s)... as above so below; yes, of course, but you need to know what that means. People repeat all kinds of things without even knowing what they mean.

Why are so many really smart people so angry... fearful... obsessed with chasing their tails around convoluted arguments that lead nowhere? Why do people... who should know better... get sucked into what they are told? They let someone else tell them what is happening, and then... interpret it for them. They let their lives be shaped by the very thing they hate, and a... part... of... them... knows this. They see through it, BUT... they don't see through it. You have to see through yourself with the eyes of the angel before the whole of it becomes clear.

Then... there's the sense of helplessness... impotence in the face of forces, seemingly so much more powerful than themselves. That really makes them angry. They cannot see that all the shapes taken by those forces... are temporary expressions that have no real existence, and... THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO FINDING THAT OUT! It comes down to trust... and that is why you must become as a little child.

You have to trust The Supreme Commander to work it out for you. He's RIGHT THERE... waiting for the opportunity to do so. ALL you have to do is let him. All you have to do is not get in his way. Keep this in mind... as a prelude to your every thought... word... and action. After awhile, it... becomes... second... nature.

Let us return to an extract from the first meditation at the end of “The Way to the Kingdom;”

“why not have done with your foolish, anxious
striving to be that which you are now, always
were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection?

Why not then let go completely and
let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway
in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.
Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word abide in you,
everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass,
in blessed richness and abundance.”

People say nice things to me at these blogs, now and again, and... I almost never respond. That is because... I KNOW who is responsible for anything of value that I do. I know this in a way beyond my power to tell it to you. It is a fundamental tenet of my being. It is visceral to the red-line of the possibilities of visceral. I don't want to be celebrated above my fellows. That is how we got The World we are presently in, under... the... curse... of... celebrity. I don't want notoriety or credit. Credit can get you into trouble, and then you have to defend yourself to all the people who didn't get any credit. There are reasons for that, BUT they... don't... want... to... hear... them.

This is not some kind of pretend humility. I have met The Guy. I am around The Guy often. That puts it in perspective for me. ANYONE who is around The Guy for any length of time... has a certain reserve concerning their own importance. When you come face to face... on this plane or other planes, with the step-down transformer version of God-man, man-God (as Bawa would say), you get Humility as a part of the gift basket that comes with meeting him. AND... I am not talking about Guru Bawa here. I am talking about The Guy.

I take nothing away from the power and presence of Guru Bawa. He is a living saint, but... as he said about me when I was in prison... facing a life sentence, “Oh... he'll be alright. He's just taken a different path.”

We take ourselves so damned seriously, AND... it damns us... sorta... for a time. Unless you are living in Grace... living in The Presence, you are in some degree of Purgatory; Karma being the reason you are here in the first place, be that Good... Bad... or Better, which is somewhere in between, BUT... it is too difficult to explain what that means. It's more than that; a kind of Gestalt in The Mind where the thoughts are more than the sum of the words.

Man! I wish... I desire with my whole heart that I could... speak and transmit... the utter wonder and beauty of The Kingdom of Heaven, which... is... within... you. I am on the mere periphery, and it is like an ocean liner of Klieg lights coming down The Mind's Highway. The true magic is that it... is... real... Nothing else may be real, but it is... more real than the one perceiving it. It makes the one perceiving it real by association from... way... back... in... the... day, back to The Morning of The World... when it all began again... for the zillionth time.

The situation here... on The Ground, is about spiritualizing your matter into The Body of Glory. This process goes by different names. The Great Work... The Operation of The Sun... The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel... The Philosopher's Stone. “Terms may be used, but none of them are absolute,” so says Lao Tzu.

I like the Jesus the Christ that is metaphysically referenced in The Fama Fraternitas, and in The Gnostic Tradition. I find most other points of reference to have been twisted to serve the interests of the priest class. I generally rely on The Bhagavad Gita... and The Way of Life. I find NOTHING to differ with in either of them. Still... I'd be adrift on a Styrofoam cooler in the middle of the uneasy seas of my own ignorance, were it not for The Indwelling Voice of The Intuition, which explains to me what I might otherwise have taken wrong or... out of context. Perhaps I am still on those seas. It's the Styrofoam cooler that no longer applies.

I compare it to having a flashlight in the wild. Without it, I... would... be... lost... in... the... woods. Even with a flashlight, there are moments of pause. The World is a wild place. It can sweep you off your feet. Dangerous currents run on The Surface and in The Depths... rip tides and undertows. These are only some of the obvious dangers. Who could be foolish enough to try to navigate The World on their own? Many do, but... not I. I've seen the wreckage of mislaid plans. I have NEVER yet seen The Exception.

Well... yet another step-up in intensity over in Khazaria. However it turns out, there will be much to regret, and many to regret it. Here is what a Russian general said about the matter; “For the enemies of Russia, the morning does not start with coffee.”

Oh well... angry... covetous... jealous... and vain children contending for what is not worth having. We have seen how that has worked out in the past. We feel confident that Justice will appear... like magic... when the time is called for. These are not like other times.

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G-Zeus said...

So, I heard from the lying Media that Russia blew up it's only easy land link to Crimea.
I swear they must get off on it!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another nostrils to the sky. Funny, but just before I read this, I e-mailed my psychic twin on one of your topics regarding the implied herd mentality issue.

Adam said...

This was a very helpful post. Thank you.

Coincidentally - While reading this I was driven to contemplate card XI at 11:11 am on the 11th day of the month. Hmm


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"It Woulda Been A Much Different World if Pandora had Only Kept Her Legs Closed and Her Eyes Open."



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