Friday, October 21, 2022

"Life is ONLY Uncertain When You are Out of Your Dharma. Discover Who You Are, and... There You Are!"

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People develop criteria and expectations as they go... as they are raised and mentored... as they are programmed. Often... they bring nothing but their expectations for particular criteria with them. Many people feel that life... The World... other people... owe them something. There's more of them in the cities than there are in the Campagna. Some locations build selfish and competitive mindsets where... the weak are killed and eaten.

They see people running around in uniforms of all kinds... in the military... in corporate culture... in religions. They see people going around wearing robes and waving paraphernalia. They think that this is how people associating themselves with war... or business... or God should present themselves. If you're not wearing the magic decoder ring, then... you're not in The Club. Apparently... in the minds of those who make the rules for The Man Upstairs... you got to fit the protocol. Well... no... you don't.

God has no interest in the bones of saints or people who collect money in his name; that's the province of fetishists and bankers. God does... not... need... any... of... that. Through programming, people expect to see religious authority dressed a certain way... and talking a certain way. Religion and Spirituality are often mutually exclusive... like... say... Fear and Love.

I look at Religion and I see a cumbersome... weighty... bag of contradictions that people carry around with them. I see many religions, few of which agree with each other, AND... I assure you that God has got better things to do than hang out in a stuffy church, temple, or otherwise, with a bunch of people who don't even want to be there. Where is the life! Where is the living presence?

However... people in religions have the appearance of security... and company... and sameness... and conformity. If you don't conform to their agreed-upon limitations... you're not in The Club.

That's not how spiritual people are. Spiritual people are real... above all, and that means being silent often. I am not having a conversation here in a social setting. I don't have to watch what I say. I don't say much around other people. I'm not interested in chit-chat. People get resentful of me here because I don't chit-chat. I don't meet their expectations. How did they become my landlords?

I need to tell you that there is a big difference between those who went into The Howling Unknown and found God and those that go and visit him in some rest home religion where they put old relatives. There is a big difference between people who live the reality of God's Presence, and those who pretend to be in it according to some commonly agreed-upon delusion.

It's... all... delusion and programming. Certain big organizations, like... Government... Religion... The Marketplace... seek control over everything else. They want to mold the way you think to their standards of acceptable group-think and fealty.

That might cut it in Material Culture OR... at least give the appearance of it. That does not cut it with God. With God, it is... get real... or go home. God seems to be an absentee landlord, and the only one people see with any routine is... The Devil... who is playing all those roles. This is a hoodwinking. This is a magical performance. God is VERY MUCH present, though OFTEN shy and retiring. You have to make a Determined Effort to see him or... he won't come around.

People take umbrage occasionally, in a certain purse-mouthed kinda way... because I use the very occasional expletive. My spiritual master used such words and I can't hold a candle to him; not that he needs one, given the power of the Impersonal Sun he's got shining through him. I do what I do for free and don't have to answer to anyone. I don't have to meet anyone's expectations except God, who is not shy about letting me know what they are.

When I was quite young, I used to see the lady with the glowing torch that appeared in the very beginning of film productions by Columbia Pictures. She's dressed in white with a blue shawl, which are the same colors as The High Priestess in the 2nd trump of Tarot. She seemed to me as The Divine Mother holding The Lamp of Truth. She's like Lady Liberty too... a symbol of freedom, AND... as we should know... “The truth shall set you free.”

Maybe you were wondering about that extemporaneous poem near the end of yesterday's Visible Origami? The lady that went missing, that the detective and press were engaging over... is Lady Truth. She's gone missing. I hear she is being held hostage along with Lady Nature. Well... I only mention this because some of you were probably thinking WTF when you read that and wondering about context. All you ever need to remember about coming here... is that anything that seems mysterious... elusive... not comprehensible... it is about The Almighty or The Divine Mother in one or another permutation on this plane of identities and action.

Some things are impossible to put into words. That is the reason for allegories... parables... fables... koans... etc.

Life is only uncertain when you are out of your dharma. Discover who you are, and... there you are!

When I was a child, I was a very good baseball player. I grew up on military bases so... I was fairly proficient at every sport. If I was not playing sports, I was reading books... and wondering about the greater world. My abilities came to the attention of a baseball coach who offered me the opportunity to try out for the varsity squad at an elite high school a year before I attended. I was elated. My father shut it down. He said I had to work at the commissary over the summer so that I could buy my school clothes.

So... this I did. I saved up $150.00 and... come September, my father took it to pay a poker debt. My early life was filled with such moments. I don't need therapy. It's the therapists who need therapy, and... I've met quite a few psychiatrists. Dear God! Being telepathic provided me with many a gruesome insight into the minds of those so disposed. This was all The Breaks of The Game. It led me to where I am. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anytime I see that lady with the torch at the opening of a movie, it rocks me still. She is the love of my life. Then there's Paramount. One day... decades ago, I was watching the opening trademark moment where a circle of stars appears over Majestic Mountain or Ben Lomond Peak, and suddenly, I thought... hmm... I watched it in slow motion and saw that there are 22 stars. That is the number of The Major Trumps. Yes... the people who created these industries know about the occult underpinnings of the phenomenal world.

There SEEMS to be a war taking place between Good and Evil, and it OFTEN... and especially lately... SEEMS that Evil is winning. Without Evil, there would be no good, and ALL PATHS lead to The Divine. As Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita... “As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.” Few of us know what is Good or Evil. To that... let me say, “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” That was Lao Tzu.

It's a fool's gambit to worry about Good and Evil. Simply do Good through impersonality and selfless service. I may not know much, and that's a given, BUT... that much I do know... about true success in life; be impersonal... love all... serve as you go, without thinking about it. Let it become second nature and you won't even be aware of it as a labor or a chore.

Some very self-important people are going to get a very big surprise, shortly. Every one of us is going to get a surprise, one way or another. NOTHING happens by accident. There are no coincidences, simply associations you have not made. The deeper you go, the deeper you are. Those who are able to concentrate within... will generate the necessary compression to transform into a star. Either you are shining or... you... are... blocking... the... light.

Either you are getting brighter or darker. There are two kinds of light; true light and false light. You do not get brighter on your own. You become more transparent so that a greater amount of light can pass through you. Everything is God. Your job is to find the resonance and come into harmony with The Will of God. You do have a choice and one of them comes with ever greater degrees of suffering.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks things will get a little messy in a few weeks. I can't wait. Nostrils to the sky.

Kazz said...

I came across the tid bit below during the week and would like to share it with you out of thanks for your beautiful post, which boarders on perfection, at least from where I AM :O)

'justice--When judgment is divorced from love, and works from the head alone, there goes forth the human cry for justice. In his mere human judgment man is hard and heartless; he deals out punishment without consideration of motive or cause, and justice goes awry. When justice and love meet at the heart center, there are balance, poise, and righteousness.

There is an infinite law of justice that may be called into activity. When we call our inner forces into action, the universal law begins its great work in us, and all the laws both great and small fall into line and work for us. The true way to establish justice is by appealing directly to the divine law.'

Life is amazing. Man is amazing. The Divine is beyond description, because words compartmentalise, and that which is eternal cannot be contained. Having said that you some how manage to convey that which cannot be put into words, and you do it so well. It is a wonderful talent God has given you. Thank you for sharing it so liberally.

Luv Kazz

Bill Nye said...

Mr. Dog Poet....I have no way of asking in a sophisticated or polite way, without sounding handicapped.When something...or someone speaks inside your head. How do you ascertain, not wanting to lay on your sofa...just asking because you seem to have some experience on the matter.

Silliest experience, juvenile in fact...can't shake the experience.

Semper Fi

Bill Nye

Visible said...

You have to assume you are probably crazy because this= "How do you ascertain, not wanting to lay on your sofa" makes no sense and has no punctuation.

Frankly... it sounds like something Bill Nye would say.

Bill Nye said...

I was introduced, some time ago...Half Past Human. We are all certifiable... Did not intend to be disrespectful. All is well, the Shrink and his leather sofa, some say it may be rather cozy!

The Duck Song what the voice stated. Do you have any Grapes?


Bill Nye

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"As You Proceed into The False Light, You Move Away from The Luminous Intelligence of The True Light."



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