Wednesday, October 26, 2022

"Every Detail of Our Lives... No Matter How Seemingly Insignificant... IS... A Special Dealing of God with Our Soul."

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Yesterday... I said, One of the contenders for the role of Anti-Christ just got appointed Prime Minister of The UK. What I mean by that can best be explained by certain imagery. Visualize ranks of men and women marching through a continuum. This extends over a fantastic reach of time. Some of them are wearing military uniforms. Some of them are wearing priestly vestments. Some of them are wearing 3-piece suits. Some are wearing costumes... personality-lit Halloween costumes that have to do with entertainment, whether it be clown suits or heavy-metal hair and chain mail leather.

Some of them are wearing the outfits of their professions, like chefs... sports figures... police... firemen... and so forth. These continuums are interwoven with other continuums like suspension bridge cables. They move through the material culture of their times out of memory. Along the way... their intentions orchestrate their interactions with what seems... to... be... matter.

This creates plot-lines of Karma... and depending on the amount of ambition... focus and persistence... ruthless disregard for the well-being of others, on that depends the outcome. This is a consistent theme in the live(s) of specific character types. Some trend in a direction that most of us would call... Good. Some trend toward what most of us would regard as... Evil.

It... just... so.... happens... if you persist in particular directions, YOU WILL ENCOUNTER emissaries and wardens of that continuum, AND... you will be compelled to make an arrangement OR leave what you acquired and aspired to until that point. You have to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Those who aspire to areas of temporal control, be it president or minister... religious leader... marketplace magnate... controller of Vice... and so on... do come into the company of The Man of Shadows. They eventually move into the area of archetypes. The Anti-Christ is such a position and different aspirants fill the post for different lengths of time. It is the same with The Sun regent who serves for 400,000,000 years. The Anti-Christ would not have a longevity like that. He might only exist for a single life.

So... when one sees a person who worked for Goldman Sachs... married a billionaire's daughter... attained to Minister of Finance, and then to Prime Minister of Rothschild Industries... AKA The UK... they would be a prime candidate for any number of heavy-weight roles that serve The Dark Side. The same applies to Elon Musk, and there are others that come to mind but that's not the point of this posting.

We are all in a continuum. You could also call it a ray. Each of these has a collection of personality types, which include all the costumes and uniforms... roles... objectives... and results that are consistent with that continuum or ray. Each continuum or ray has an upswing... a downswing... and a straight-ahead level. Each of these subsets has exit routes in and out of each other. One might have been a long time on a certain road, in a certain continuum, and then encountered epiphany... the lightning bolt on The Road to Damascus... a confrontation with Truth.

That changes everything.

Also... the reverse might happen as a result of a trend in actions that lead into some subterranean underpass where the new light now casts a different meaning and appearance on EVERYTHING formerly seen in another light.

There are 36 basic, personality types. All of the countless variants you see... are hybrid combinations of these 36 types. Each of these falls into groups of 3 that represent the primary... middle... and transitioning states. If you pay careful and informed attention, like any professional whose job it is to pay attention and be informed about specific concerns; like detectives... therapists... scientists of many stripes... you can see and identify what goes right by most people. Some use the usual pedestrian elements found in the systems that teach these disciplines, AND some rely on insight and intuitive readings.

Personally... I use physiognomy, vibrational awareness, and The Intuition. They serve me well. They resonate with the particular type that I represent. When I had my initial Kundalini experience about 60 miles outside of DC, in the hinterlands of Virginia, and which lasted for several years at an unrelenting level, at one point...I wound up in front of a mirror where I saw all of my previous personas to the present. I saw Egypt... Persia... China... India... as well as cultures previous to all of them.

It felt to me like whoever was behind this transformation, had sucked these identities right out of my being through a straw. I was left as no one but the self behind the self. I know that I have mentioned Jivanmukti here before. I have also mentioned that once the transition goes into operation, NOTHING can hinder it, BUT... The Mind continues to spin like a top. This can go on for years. In my case, it has done so.

Once your personalities are pulled from your being you become a mirror to others and... because many people do not like what they see in the mirror, they... don't... like... you.

There is a long period of burning up the garbage, and pulling The Mind again, and again, and again, and again... over and over and over... millions of times to brief... sustained moments of focus, BUT The Mind keeps on spinning. One can be plunged into The Carnal Theater. Whatever is required for closing your personal account has to go down... If you were too good or too bad, you get a real taste of the other. Everyone gets their noses rubbed into pedestrian sleaze... so that NO ONE... NO ONE can claim a purity they do not possess. All masters have a secret life of shame. You can bank this.

All are revealed to themselves as cowards. The grab-bag of unfinished business that was filled up over the course of God-only-knows-how-many-lives... can be impressively varied with all kinds of diverse events and inexplicable situations, coming and going. One is certain to look like a crazy person to others... now and again.

Eventually... the spinning mind stops, and Jivanmukta comes about. This is on the menu for an... as yet... indeterminate number of people, depending on how bad they want it, and whether they can stay the course. For most of us... our interests are focused at the bottom three stations, with concerns for survival... sex attractions dressed up as romance... and personal ambitions and influence from a power perspective. The Awakening is testing and changing all that. Some are finding The Heart Zone and further points up the road.

Meanwhile, the draw of The World, the magnetic pull of all its enticements and attractions is... formidable. It can be like trying to swim out of a whirlpool. It makes a big difference if you are sailing on The Sea of Serenity or... circling a drain. You HAVE TO pray for strength and guidance BECAUSE... you... cannot... do... it... on... your... own. You are actually your own worst enemy; one might say you are your only enemy because you are the one who lets... the... wrong... one... in.

It is near impossible to talk about these subjects, BUT... one must try, due to the prevalence of Suffering, and the looming specter of far greater suffering that The World of the moment inclines toward. This is the time to empty The Mind and appeal to The Divine to be present. Every detail of our lives... no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a special dealing of God with our soul.

Surely... you can see the crumbling of long-standing institutions and the corruption of ideals, that were once more common than they are now. The trivial and the superficial, predominate in the minds of the self-centered appetite-chasers. Material Culture is a swallowing void.

A quantum leap of spiritual transition beckons the willing at this time. The rest is going to be allowed to grow to term... until harvest time, and some will be cut down and bound up and tossed into the fire. Some will be put away in the barn. At least that is what a specific scripture had to say.

God's power is immense. He can carry you where he will. He does... in fact... do this simultaneously with every... living... thing. Raise your sail and let The Winds of God carry you across the ocean of birth and death. You will get only so far on your own borrowed power... before you are plowed under and returned again... and again... and again... and again, ad infinitum... ad nauseum... ad ham-hoc.

Gate... gate... para-gate... some gate, and... some don't gate. Flippant it may seem, but it is so. A great wave of change is coming. It would be good to catch it and ride it in to shore, rather than be tumbled to ruin on the rocks beneath.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty of a post. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As usual, Thank You God and kind Sir for all you share.

Leesa said...

'And if the wind is right, you can sail away
And find serenity
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Just believe me!'
Christopher Cross, Sailing- lyrics
It seems God has been trying to give us
advice through songs...if only more people
I am listening, I am hearing ya brother Les!!!
Thank You for your wisdom, the event horizon
Love Leesa

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Sometimes... It Looks Like a Deranged... Cross-Dressing Ed Gein-Like... Deep-Fried Bacon Cheeseburger Head."

Missing Munich said...

Wow, Yes!!!

Thank you and greetings!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, sir! Ad ham-hoc! ROFL.



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