Monday, October 31, 2022

"However, It's not Going to be All Roses and Romance Everywhere. Life Makes a Balance Between Good and Evil. "

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Different personalities have to be disciplined in different ways. It's not the same for everyone. There are 36 personality subgroups, and all the variations that come out of them are proof positive that it takes tailoring, and a skilled hand to shape human destiny. The disciplining is personalized to the specific personality. The closing thought here... should be... ALL PERSONALITIES GET DISCIPLINED, no... matter... what. It's best to go along with the program, and not have karmic law enforcement loosed on your tracks.

When they say... you can't run from yourself. There's more than one way to understand that. One might also say... you can't get away from yourself. What if you weren't yourself in the first place? Would you be getting away from something that did not exist? No matter where you go. You're still there. That is the part that needs attending to, and until... you... do... mechanical LIFE will be attending to you in all your encounters and experiences. I find it far more preferable to go... with... God, and bypass machine karma.

Mr. Apocalypse is ON A ROLL!!! Because I do not know if the link is banned across social media, I will put it in the comments section. Remember... we said that he is going to start coming for the big players in EVERY AREA?

I look at these huge crowds in the sports stadiums and I see that the bread & circuses are an enormous cultural Titanic headed for an iceberg called Reality.

When you see the link it should be evident that one of the ways that Mr. Apocalypse is getting people... is through their weaknesses and obsessions. He is also driving people mad... in all kinds of directions... as they come to that part in the film where the point is getting made. IF a point is getting made. Most films lack that these days, and... I'm just guessing here... most lives too.

When superficiality and trivia becomes the operating mindset of the culture... there is no sustaining virtue in it. This is how cultures die. The will to live departs BECAUSE life... has... lost... all... of... its... meaning. Though many imagine themselves to be trapped, no one has to wallow in The Sties of Perversity. Life is much cleaner and finer when you move up the vibrationary scale. It is certainly true that one can rise to the conscious level of angels AND... interact with them.

Raise the level of your thoughts. Let your heart soar, and you WILL come to The Blessed Spheres.

Once The Voice of Voices awakens in you... everything becomes possible. That voice... hard as it may be for many to believe... is speaking in you this very moment. We put buffers and blocks between ourselves and The Voice of Our Self. Materialism draws a curtain. Attentive and Focused listening will burn through the barriers. Love will MOST CERTAINLY burn through the barriers.

So... about this event that is linked in the comments. The thrones of temporal power are being shaken to their foundations. The Almighty is directing the courses of all the players... to their appointed resolution or conclusion. It is not yet apparent at a wider reach, BUT... those seated on the thrones of temporal power, for... whatever... reason... ARE being shaken, not stirred, this very moment. As the force of it increases... and I assure you it will... it is going to become apparent at a wider reach that they are trembling in their boots, as... well... they... should.

Let me share with you a fragment of the many blessings that Mikhail Aivanhov has been gracious enough to share with me; "When the people of a country improve, Heaven sends them enlightened rulers who bring them well-being and prosperity, but... when they sink into evil ways, Heaven sends a tyrant to rule over them. This is a law. It is important to know there are laws."

Let's explore The Land of Shadows from a far perspective... as if we were on a high hill and looking down at a city... down into The Dark Splendor.

From one perspective, it's the corporations that want to control everything. They are the ones that tell the governments what to do, AND... where do the corporations get their money? They get it from The Banks. The Banks control the corporations. Who then, if... I... may... be... so... bold... as... to... ask... controls The Banks? Some might say Kubera. Some might say Satan. Some might say Mammon, but... Mammon works for Satan. Like Astaroth... he is one of The Archdemons of Hell. What's the good news, Visible? The good news is that they all work for God. The Infernal Realm is ALWAYS subjective to The Supernal Realm.

Conditions AND... the nature of change... have been fairly predictable for centuries, insofar as people's behavior toward one another in The Marketplaces of The World. That is undergoing a new and profound genesis. I know that... at the moment... it seems deranged, especially among certain age groups, BUT... once the hysteria subsides... and the radicals are pushed to the sides, and marginalized... in whatever place their pathology puts them... there will be a much greater equality among us, AND THAT WILL NOT MEAN, utter license, and living your own truth, no matter how false and twisted it is.

It does not mean the kind of bullying tactics... that those crying out as victims... are employing for their personal gain. It does not and will not mean the wider sexualization of children... and the despoliation of innocence. It will not be one color or creed trying to lord it over the other... as we now see those who haven't been victims of anyone besides themselves for a really long time... are seeking to destroy and enslave their imagined oppressors. This is all a confusion of darkness.

The same can be said for miles and miles of bad plumbing and wiring that has been installed in the minds of wayward generations by helicopter parents, BUT... a new equality and sense of fair play is coming. COUNT... ON... IT!!!

However... it's not going to be all roses and romance everywhere. Life makes a balance between Good and Evil, at... the... levels... they... operate.. on. The Wise know how to come from one direction, and use the other as fuel. People will get the wardens and shepherds they deserve, according to the quantity of Love and Mercy in their hearts.

Right now... the specific angels of God... who are called to this specific purpose... are assisting Mr. Apocalypse in his efforts around The World. As The Awakening makes it possible... people are seeing what they did not previously see. This is not going to shake itself all out next year. This is a work in development across a greater span of time. That.. does... not... mean... you cannot live in this consciousness Right Now! It means that the larger and wider world has its own speed of change. You do not have to be limited to that.

There are higher bandwidths and... more enduring locations!

It has ever been the case that those who go first get there first. Seems like that should be self-evident. Sadly... for many... it is not. Far too many people feel that all this convenience and personal freedom to express yourself, no... matter... how... REALLY... crazy... it.... actually... is, is their due, and... a permission slip to do whatever The Hell they want. This... THEY WILL FIND... is not so. Certain behaviors... come with terminal maladies that are built right into them. Jesus! Look at the consequences of certain behaviors as we see them over the years.

I have dived into many of these things in the process of my own awakening. Fortunately... I had a dispensation for much of it and walked right out of them with little harm done overall. I am sure this would come as a surprise to those who were expecting a different outcome. Loving God has perks that many do not imagine. Once we know the power and possibilities of The Divine... even in a small way, which is about all we're going to get... no matter how wise we become... our Faith/Shraddha gets hard to shake, unless... God... has... his... reasons... to.

Sooner or later you have to get on the road to your better state of being. Sooner or later... The Suffering will drive you to it. The earlier you start, the sooner you arrive. Right now would be neither too late, nor too soon.

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Visible said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Really? Nah... No way~!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My these are interesting times. I just wish time moved faster. Another great post, and and another NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!

Leesa said...

Les, Maybe this is where your prediction
of 'They are all gonna be caught with
their pants down'
Ohhhh, the paparazzi are gonna have
a field day, with the help of Mr Apocalypse
and the Supernal Angels (The Great Gathering)
to guide them to the photo/video ops...

It's all in hand...
Content and cool as a cucumber...
Love Leesa

Anonymous said...

Raise the level of your thoughts. Let your heart soar, and you WILL come to The Blessed Spheres.
Been working on it but so far. CRICKETS. Hope Im not around when this whole things blows up

Anonymous said...

Only for "god" enthusiasts / æthists

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Down in The Sleep-Waters of Fata Morgana Land, It was The Usual Soap Opera, Death-by-Inches Sorta Thing."

Richard Rios said...

Les, I have been a viewer of your websites for years. You have certainly been consistent with your thoughts and ideas. The peccadilloes and shenanigans of the elite will soon be exposed for who they really are. Ask Nancy Pelosi how her wealthy husband is going to escape what is turning out to be a very sordid story.



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