Monday, September 12, 2022

"Well... Questions are The Nature of The Quest, Eh? Who are You Asking, and... What is It that You Want to Know?"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I remember once asking Guru Bawa what I could do... cause The World will not leave me alone. His reply was... that the problem was... “you do not leave The World alone.” I didn't get it at the time. The recurring misfortunes in this life are all the things I... did... not... get... at... the... time. I get most of them now. My ability to see has increased in direct relation to my lack of attraction to all the things that formerly got my attention.

And I am learning what is none... of... my... business.

The weirdest factor in the whole affair was that I usually did not want what I was attracted to in the first place. It just happened, as if I was supposed to go through all the things I went through for some kind of example of... what happens when you push this button?

Fairly recently, I was told that all that nonsense was over. I had completed or... would complete everything I was meant to complete because nothing could stop it now, (it is on automatic pilot) so... it was now okay for me to know that because a major part of the whole process was based on my not knowing up... to... that... point. Gee... thanks. Actually... I am very grateful. The buzzing swarm of confusion has left my ears, and I can now... clearly see that all the deception and delusion was due to... wanting.

And involving myself in what is none... of... my... business.

When you don't want anything anymore... whoa... it changes EVERYTHING. One of the most important conditions that are changed is that you... no... longer... get... in... other... people's... way. You are no longer contending or competing with everyone else. By increments you will fade away as if you had never been, and... the doors of The Sanctuary will close behind you.

More and more, I realize that almost nothing is any of my business. FINALLY... I get it. I had been identified by the nature of my meddling, and contempt for contemporary protocols. The World will change... and change again... and change again... and again... with the inflexible routine of the seasons. Good times... bad times... they come... and they go. Whoop de Do!!!

Heh heh... I reflect on the lives of the celebrities of the hour. Then I think about the celebrities from a hundred years ago. Most of them no one remembers, and the ones that are remembered are brought up for the sake of comparison. In this life, they are playing musical chairs without shoulder pads. They devour one another while they live. Their smiles are the come hither of the spider whose parlor is its web. I do not know what a spider's pronouns are, and I could care less. It is none... of... my... business. The spider is none... of.... my... business.

Given the nature of the demographic and the emergent ranks of anonymous trolls... on occasion, I get a tedious litany of objections for... talking about God in the first place... discussing God because God is singular and everything else is a plurality in the duality... because it's not Christian dogma; according to the times the dogma has been tailored to... is never exactly what the complainant would have said if the complainant had been capable of speaking to the subject; which the complainant... is... not... and... is not gay enough. (grin)

Ad hominins are the punctuation they use, and... the truth is... they're just angry, and... afraid. The Dark Conning Towers are broadcasting rage and fear every day. They are broadcasting profane attractions. They are pinging off of the collective libido... to titillate, and incite shame-based encounters, so that they can manipulate the guilt. Anonymity gives courage to cowards who can then posture their defects at will. They know who they are and they have decided to lay it off on you. Les Visible is my legal name. It has been my name for near 40 years.

Now... to some of The Particulars. Servants of God teach through the medium of duality or... they would say nothing, like Meher Baba; who still used an alphabet board, and then moved on to signs and gestures. All of this STILL operates... through... the... senses. We are limited here. Some of us do the best we can. It is not about duality but about the silent unity of thought stilled; the quieting of The Reactive Mind.

The important feature of what is communicated from the heart of God, by those who facilitate its silent conversation... happens off camera... happens beyond the confusion of reactive and responsive thoughts and feelings... happens outside the bandwidth of the senses, BUT... you still get the speaking discourses... the hugs or handshakes... the Eye Treatment... the adaptive and adapting systems that process... through... duality, and... all those dudes in robes.

Yes... there is ONLY God in everything, and everything is a front... vehicle... or transmitting medium for God, INCLUDING the deceivers who seduce you through the attractions of The Carnal Mind, if... that... is... your... area... of... interest, BUT... where would the drama come from if there were only one thing, and whatever the ruminations of that thing might be in its solitary mind? You could say... God is lonely and desires playmates and companions. You could say that God wants spectacle... and the recurrent and eternal mystery solved by self-discovery, and... resolved in the realization of God in any separated mind where it occurs, and... then... the... separation... ends.

I don't care how you explain it to yourself. I am ONLY concerned with The Fact that God exists... that God is real. I talk about God because that... is... my... job. God empowered me with the ability to do so... at length... extemporaneous without pause... on every given Sunday and all the rest of the days of the week. The tap is ALWAYS on, and that is my dharma. Each of us has a dharma, and this you must find by seeking it out. Angels are on standby for all matters having to do with The Kingdom of God, and... bringing... The... Kingdom... of... God... to... Earth.

If it REALLY is your intention to meet God, YOU WILL. If this is a daydream... pipe fantasy... lost weekend... sort of thing, you won't last the course. It won't mean enough to you, and those who are too lazy to do the work (even though it is God doing all that)... all the slugabugs and Sons of Onan, all the mocking self-righteous, and attendant lovers of misery and failure, will... receive... the... appropriate... award... for what they gave their time to.

The ONLY life that can be considered a success is the life given to the pursuit of The Divine. All other lives are failed lives. You may not want to hear it. It might terrify you to contemplate it, BUT... it... is... what... it... is. Time will tell and we shall see; won't we? It will and we will; won't it... won't we? Every other life costs a specific amount to experience, and then... there are tagged-on all of the fruits of the actions you engaged in while living it. You may not like it. It might terrify you, BUT... it... is... so.

This is how you get to meet all the people you stepped on and abused... on your way up, also... on... your... way... back... down, like clockwork. This is the perfect justice of life, and this is the poetry of life responding to your every thought, word... and... deed. You make it up as you go, and prosper or... do not prosper as the occasion requires.

God gives us skills and the opportunity to exercise them. If we do... we gain yet more skills and greater opportunities. This... is... how... it... works. You don't like it? You wish it was different? You want this? You want that? It's none... of... my... business. God is my business... because I made God my business, and God; through the medium of The Divine Mother, responds in kind. Life and death? Go see The Divine Mother. Everything in between? Go see The Divine Mother. God is the utter and absolute stillness. He is The Creator... The Maintainer... and The Destroyer, AND his vehicle for delivery is The Divine Mother, as well as the stage set, and all the active power of all expression is... (drum roll) The Divine Mother.

He is still. She is whirling energy in transformation.

Oh... you have questions. Well... questions are the nature of the quest, eh? Who is it that you are asking, and... what is it that you want to know? I recommend Faith... Certitude... and Determination. It's a long road folks. For some, it is a REALLY long road. Whining and complaining... striking out blindly in all directions... relentlessly arguing, while not even knowing what you are talking about... makes that long road so... very... much... longer. It is the spiritual equivalent of waiting at The DMV or most government offices, which stay in business through obfuscation and red tape. Italy is a remarkable example of this.

The World is not my business, and I do not wish to compromise what is my business with what is not my business. Minding your own business is a spiritual protection of priceless value. I shall attend to that which concerns me. I wish you success in your own pursuits. ALL roads lead to God in some fashion. All roads are not recommended courses. You will SURELY find this out in the process. Go direct or don't go at all.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this post is quite the inspiration for the start of another week.

It all makes sense to me; not that it's any of my business.

Thank you, Visible!

Love, Priscilla

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!

robert said...

Danke schön, Visible!

He is still. She is whirling energy in transformation.

Essential poetry; concise is being nice!

To find the inner sanctum: be still
To know the "I Am" presence: be still
To be a useful center of perception: be still

What if we are generic avatars, passing through precious detail about life from the living zone back to the Observer and every time we get agitated, we shake the telescope and blur the image?

What if, out of a dead calm, our spirit remotely controlling our destiny, with slack in the reins to allow room to dance cooperatively, begins to howl?
How do we direct our attention to a target that our human efforts can positively effect?

Do we sort through our memory bank looking for action we once spent to what we felt was good effect?

We come up empty and feel helpless to address the passion trying to unfold...

Then we remember how to body surf, become one with the wave and let the current carry us through

We do not needs to create a plan, but be here for its manifestation
Not nodding on hold in thrall to our devices but falling back to center while expanding our perception beyond our comfort zone

How well have we listened to our friends, relatives and lovers?
Did we meditate along with them in the expression of their soul story?
Have we learned anything about partnering with full intuition and giving without thought of doubt, of spending too much of ourselves?

Answering our wholly spirit, the wind in our sails if we unfurl them, is but another level of what we have learned playing human patty fingers

The main difference, like diving off a cliff, skydiving or quickening a child, there is no going back: it is full commitment, do or die or just die

Climbing a mountain with no allowance for stopping along the way and pulling in shrouds of self-doubt to insulate ourselves in subjective slavery.

If we have ever loved once, another human being, enough to love ourselves out of our heads in the process, our hearts remember the way
Instead of a face in front of us to give our full attention, we have to fan out our perception to encompass all-that-is

Open the pinhole camera into a spherical lens
Open our heart valve into a multidimensional manifold

Oh, is that all?
Why did I make such a big deal out of it all these lifetimes?
Unlock and throw away the key
Leave the crypt and chrysalis once and for all time

Sounds legit... (grin)

Still, we know that it is Love, moving us and making us more than we think, even when we think as big as we think we can!
Loving brings less negative feedback than fearing so might as well love it all the way

Who we find along the way blows our previous mind and gives us a more useful crown chakra
We finally see that we can feel more, connected to a divine purpose, more than enough for the day

Iyou said...

""Well...Questions are The Nature of The Quest, Eh? Who are You Asking, and... What is It that You Want to Know?""

So it is dear one. when we fell from our original state of self sovereignty and peacelessness settled within us as a result of body consciousness. the question and and quest to return to our original state begun. into the divine drama then entered Abraham. Buddha. Christ and others. souls are no longer asking questions because they have been induced into a state of deep spiritual sleep..

Souls have been seduced into the belief that they are bodies and that God is everywhere..even in the pebbles and stones..

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Ocean Liners Packed to The Gills with Cannibalizing Lampreys, Badly Emulating The Snake with Its Tail in Its Mouth."

Chillease said...

Something that everyone will remember as to time, place- where they were when it happened is about to take place 11 days from now on the 24th so say some. You can find the German minister saying this. Also, Denver just had the first of 2 meetings 9/12, 9/24 on "bugging out" w/ bugout bags given out containing no water or food. Same with NYC "Duck and Cover" type event commercials......Now we have Bolton in the last day rearing his apopolectic expression to get all apocalyptic on us. WE are near to nuke confrontation stuff Canadian Prepper- Nate, in Canada -pretty politically savvy guy says time to get our affairs in order. 6 months ago there was a meteor- think in the 60 ft range that was going to be .01 -close enough to hit our atmosphere late Sept. this year, but then after a month or so, it was removed from the JPL Neo site. This is starting to suss out weird. Thank you for all you've done for us, Les. We'll see how it plays out. Personally, I'm ready to go when God calls me. Tomorrow would be fine, this world has become the gutter party with psychos serving the snacks as well as playing the devil's fiddle. L.

Visible said...


one of the regular posters just mentioned this over at Petri Dish. I've never seen two things of this sort occur within such a narrow time frame.

We'll see or... maybe we will only hear about it or...

Chillease said...

Then there is this-

I have since found out that the German minister (most likely) may have been referring to Putin's original charge into Ukraine last March? .... still coalescing of s o m e sort is taking place. Either media and tptb are failing to "read the room" globally speaking, they are hive-minded into their entrenched scorched earth plan or..........God has a hand in it to save us from the hellacious metaverse. Don't know but unfortunately we seem to be somebody's monkeys in their circus for the time being.



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