Thursday, August 4, 2022

"Fallen Angels and Prodigal Sons Set Sail in a Beautiful Pea-Green Boat and... Never Saw The Dragon in The Water."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Bad Guys... the actual coalition of The Bad Guys, is not composed of only bad guys. If that were the case, they'd be very easy to deal with. The Bad Guy's Demographic is contained under a wide umbrella that includes everything thing carnal, everything stupid... everything vain...AND... everyone influenced against their better judgment when it comes to what... they... think... they... want over what's right and fair.

It includes everyone who can be influenced through their appetites. It includes everyone without self-control, making it possible for someone else to control them. It BASICALLY accounts for The World we live in, and most of the people in it.

I'm not saying The World is filled with bad people. I'm not saying everyone is inherently evil. I AM SAYING that most people have lost their way and they let others make decisions for them, based on what... others... want... from... them. Only a few people actually WANT to go to war. Everyone else gets involved through suave argument, calls to patriotism, shaming, threats, and laws constructed by the people who... don't... go... to... war but who profit from it.

To see who rules over you, look at the ones who send you to wars that they created for their own profit but... do... not... fight... in.

When Appetite and Appetite Satisfaction become the preeminent drive-by-stop-n-go... b-e-c-a-u-s-e you can have anything you want, any time you want it... in this Automat existence of endless snatch and grab, merry-go-round consuming of whatever's in reach... it is not long before you lose your rudder and your optics, and... destruction is assured. The final result of Materialism is... a dumpster fire at The End of The World.

It's not only The Bad Guys you have to look out for. It is The Army of Stupids that follow their lead and their orders. This world you live in operates in an atmosphere of peer pressure. It is a subtle and invisible force that compels you to adhere to the whims of the moment, constructed by The Bad Guys. Don't get out of line. Don't do this... do that. Is it any wonder that people with poor impulse control and seething internalized rage are acting out on the sidewalks of the pressure cooker cities?

The Bad Guys, who created the icons of culture worship in the first place, are now force-bending humanity into unnatural positions so they can... have... their... way... with... them. LITERALLY. This is why they are after The Children... for two specific reasons. One of those reasons is to please their master who delights in the despoliation of innocence more than ANYTHING ELSE. The other reason is to program them early so that they will become compliant adults.

They already control most people under the threat of taking what they have away from them... if they don't comply with ever greater, and greater threats against them, created by The Bad Guys.

It's pure Kafka. Chaos... confusion... disorder... threats of loss... and fear of death. These are all instruments being wielded against humanity by those who are themselves deceived by The Lord of Darkness. It now behooves me to point out that The Lord of Darkness and the one wielding chaos... confusion... disorder... threats of loss... and fear of death, IS another aspect of The Supreme Controller who uses the influence of both sides to temper carnal passions and sublimate them into heavenly virtues. This world is Boot Camp.

The Supreme Lord is in ABSOLUTE command of BOTH SIDES of the seeming conflict between Good and Evil. Bad Guys are just Good Guys disguised from themselves in their minds. If you had the right scepter, you could simply tap them on the heads and change them from one to the other, like a fairy godmother who transforms a frog into a prince. Sometimes God does just that. Usually... it is a longer road... over a continuous appearance of events, and conditions that impresses The What Is into the minds of The Who Am I's.

Some of us are more obliging than others. We learn faster and we get out of The Mosh Pit quicker. Some of us take a great deal more persuasion; which gets increasingly more hard-handed as they go. Sometimes that ends up on The Road to Damascus, and sometimes it just continues to be The Hard Highway. It is ALWAYS a matter of choice AND... those who go along to get along... find out sooner or later that they no longer know Down from Up or Back from Forth. Of course... it truly depends on who and what you are going along with to get along.

In the end... it comes down to who you decide is... going... to... tell... you... what... to... do. You can surrender to The Will of God or... you can resist The Will of God. There are no other options, and all the complexity that tells you of other options, are parts of the process of mind-enslavement, employed by the one resisting God. That is the province of The Fallen Angel.

Of course... you are free to be a Fallen Angel, and you get the twinkly glitter of The World... the enchantments... the promises (oh! The promises)... you get the slick bodies of eager flesh that writhe against you... (eyes closed and dreaming of... who or what?)... in The (literal) Fires of Desire. You get STUFF... and more STUFF. You get anchors of all kinds. You get all the weights you need to carry you to the bottom of The Sea. You get disease... old age... and death. You get the battlefields of The World, which travel like caravans from one place to another.

It's a sweet scene here, in times of greater light, and... those... times... are... coming, BUT... it's still a trap that turns you into a trained seal with temporary name recognition. No matter how good it advertises and pretends to be, it... does... not... last, AND... neither do you. Oh! Of course... that which is eternal in you lasts, BUT... what do you know about that? I do not see the profit in playing the hero here, and the villain there; being rich and poor by turns... being young and turning old... and always... suffering, and suffering... and suffering. You might forget that for a moment now and then.

You don't have to wonder anymore how it is that people came up with all those weird beliefs... marched off as cannon fodder into stupid wars or killed themselves off with ignorant fads and ridiculous traditions. The Gender Hoax tells the tale. It's all contained in that comic line that should be emblazoned on the lintel over the door to Perdition; 'gender assigned at birth.' ALL these titles after their names... doctor of this, master of that... Piled Higher and Deeper... dear God! “Vanity... all is Vanity.”

Fallen Angels and Prodigal Sons set sail in a pea-green boat, and... never saw the dragon in the water. I don't know about owls and pussycats, but I do know that you wind up with a ring at the end of your nose. Some... as we have said... delight in being here. They are like children who never grew up, but their bodies did... and I am not talking about innocence. They easily convince themselves of ANYTHING that is required to justify the pursuit and the possession of whatever they think they want. This is the essence of the Jnana yogi saying... neti- neti ( not this... not this; meaning none of any of the choices presented).

The Jnana yogis realize it CANNOT be found out there; speaking of the exterior... The High Wide and Lonesome. These unruly children do not know this... and they chase their shadows across a glass darkly. It might be half-full and it might be half-empty. What possible difference can it make? IT'S A SHADOW!!! You are dancing with corpses at a banquet of empty plates covered in spider webs. I'm not being whimsical with poesy here. This is a literal truth. If you cannot see this, one of Circe's sisters has placed a spell over your eyes.

There are no Bad Guys. There are those who play one on TV or in person for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is possible to NEVER run into a Bad Guy because you see them coming long before they appear. There are systems of thought that exist in Ageless Wisdom that have to do with The Magic of Light, as it passes without obstruction through the one capable of the necessary stillness... and lack of resistance.

What does a person do when they want no part of what is going on around them? Don't be a part of it, AND... don't get in the way of it; “for blocking no one's way, no one blames him.” When you no longer want anything, you are no longer contending with anyone. Yes... there are a lot of REALLY crazy people running amok at the moment. Some of them have all those degrees and titles before and after their names. They know all kinds of things. They WILL do themselves in without your help.

Perhaps you wish to help them understand? Have you tried helping them understand? Uh-huh. How did that go? People going The Wrong Way are either short-term or long-term, but... they... come... to... term. They won't be staying around, but they will be right back. They are not your concern. You want to fix something that is wrong in them? Fix... it... in... yourself, and you will no longer even be aware of it or them.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I post a comment now and again to let you know I appreciate all your efforts.
Its an exchange of energy you deserve
That being said and through no fault of yours
I am tired, weary, as not to be even outraged or disgusted anymore by the things
I see happening on poor planet Earth
I think maybe I have given up the world.
Also half the time I do not understand the comments here.
Maybe they are some inside joke
Just sayin..they seem to be over my head. I don’t know what
I am missing out on but I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run.
Have a good well earned weekend. I looked forward to reading you on Monday

Missing Munich said...

Dear Vis,

yes, yes and yes. A very uplifting musing on the state of affairs. I actually booked a trip to the homeland, now that we "un-jabbed" can travel (at least at the moment). My gut tells me that this might be the last time for a long time, if not forever.
Anyhow, grateful for your writings as always, it keeps me going.

Greetings all around!!!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post explains why I've got the 'tude I've got toward physical existence. Bad. My favourite Twilight Zone episode is also related to what you said. 'Spur of the Moment', and I just found it for free:

The section where Ann is talking to her mum when Ann is 42. Gods, what a nightmare this would be. Time loop HELL.

Nostrils to the sky with this doozy of a post that matches up to yesterday's.

Visible said...

Heh... heh... it's only Thursday. There is yet another posting tomorrow.

M - said...

"Fix... it... in... yourself, and you will no longer even be aware of it or them."

Very well said and very true. Thank you for this reminder.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Squadrons of Owsley Double-Dome Saucers Sail The Orange Sunshine Skies in Search of The Doors of Perception."

Anonymous said...

Pierre said
well, I though lemonade stands were illegal in the USA anyway. / joking.



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