Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they're Done.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As I understand it, airlines operate on small margins of profit. Maybe I’m wrong but this seems to be the reason they keep cutting services to reduce costs and also charging for things that used to be free. I think you can stick a fork in the American airline industry. You can stick a fork in The Constitution too and every other protection that used to exist.

How they did all of this was to groom those for political office and appointed position who were/are compromised and blackmail abled. Public opinion is not something that springs from the collective body of the same name. it is something that is crafted elsewhere and then applied as if it were a real item. Polls are conducted with target audiences that are the most likely to support the agenda that the polls were created to gain support for.

On the news today is the ludicrous statement that a majority of Americans support openly gay military personnel. If such a thing were the case then gay marriage and so many related interests would not be getting shut down all the time. Gays in the military is a much bigger deal than these other things.

There is a systematic effort afoot to combine the forces of political correctness with socialism in order to create a soviet style atmosphere in the US. We all know who was behind the original Bolshevik Revolution and what they did in that time. One can readily assume that the same directives and conclusions are intended here as well. Stick a fork in America, she’s done.

None of the people storming the malls and shops on this recent Friday have any clue about what is happening. Their eyes are glazed over and their vision compromised by the smoke of material fires. Their minds are fixed as they trample one another on their way to some item offered for less that the usual fare. They know someone is under their feet but they just don’t care. Materialism is a fever and it is what makes political correctness and socialism a fait accompli for the US.

For inexplicable reasons, the Americans, unlike the Europeans, have held back from taking to the streets. Maybe they think this is just a rough patch. Many of them are too stupid, self involved or distracted to understand the mechanics of what is happening to their society. If they don’t know what’s happening then how can they object? Well, because they are unwilling to stand against what is happening to them, they are going to be forced into the streets by the ever steady increase of worsening conditions. At some point they will have no other option. This is what the police state controls are being put into place for.

Any number of things can combine to send the dominoes tumbling. Any one thing can be the catalyst and it is right around the corner. Global upheaval is on the menu but it’s not prix fixe. There’s a sliding scale depending on how much force and effort it takes to wake up. It varies from country to country. ‘A hard rain is going to fall’. America is in the unfortunate position of being the most willing and susceptible to the evils of the day. The focus on materialism and materialistic religions, controlled by those whose intent is to destroy Christianity, is a main feature.

The arrogance of Israel in all of this is staggering. Nitwityahoo demanded a large cash payout to stop building settlements for a few months. Exactly what is the point of that? Then he demanded it in writing. He wanted a written guarantee. Then he wanted it right now and Jonathan Pollard thrown in, in the bargain. These are the creatures that orchestrated the whole 9/11 thing to begin with and which has directly led to and been the biggest influence upon everything that surrounds you today. Israel is the enemy of your life and the cause of your misfortune. Stick a fork in George Galloway, he’s finished.

Global warfare and nuclear actions are being planned out as you read this. It’s all about the money and the agendas of those who have it. Food and fuel shortages are on the horizon. Economic collapse is only some months away, if that. It is only fitting that people should trample each other on the way to the abyss. What kind of madness possesses those who are bringing all of these horrible conditions about? That is a very good question. I think they are being driven to it to stand as an object lesson of what happens when you let go of your humanity. Others suspect more temporal forces. I can only defend my position by pointing out that no one has ever taken over the world. I’ve got other evidence too but it will only convince the willing and annoy the unwilling.

How bad will it get? It will get as bad as it has to in order to wake people up. There will be no restraint on the cosmic forces employed because awakening is the point; awakening and lasting lessons. See, I believe it’s all under control and happening for specific purposes. Others believe it’s all out of control and unpredictable as to the consequences. The timing is interesting and it’s another irony that such things occur at the changing of every age. Glaring evidence will be given and then, in the space of a generation or two it will be mythologized and made into a religion. The same thing happens again and again because the same forces in humanity are at work again and again.

Self control and self inquiry are the wisest course. Materialism argues against this. Wisdom and the testimony of the ages support it. You be the judge, after all, everyone makes this decision one way or another. They make it consciously or unconsciously and that determines the choice that is made also. If you are awake and aware then your capacity to see is a protection. If you are not awake and aware the cosmic jackboots are coming for your ass.

It’s a very simple matter, awake and aware or not awake and aware. That is your destiny just as character is fate. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head is an actual cultural phenomenon. It’s what happens to materialists. Their heart goes dead and their brain goes soft and their bodies reflect their status. In many cases you can expect wild-eyed panic running blind, down streets of insanity in pursuit of sanctuary, from the end result of ignorance and self interest gone out of control. The universe is all about balance adjustments. Depending on the degree of imbalance, on that depends the severity of the adjustment. It’s a fixed and inviolable rule. Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they’re done.

Everything is made to look just like what anyone believes it to be, until reality intrudes at specific times, dependent on how off course the belief system is. People who are trapped in materialism get their information from the controlling media and the institutions of their belief. They believe what they are told and they adjust to what they are shown. The reason people call their genitals ‘junk’ is because that is what they produce. That is the sort of reverence they hold the reproductive force in. It’s like the difference between being high and stoned. It’s why alcohol is legal and pressed upon the masses and why a certain religion objects to its use. The main byproduct of alcohol is guilt. Guilt is a whip that drives those afflicted onward. Perversion is now the normal state of affairs and it is celebrated over that which tends toward balance. People support what assures them of normalized passage through the abnormal. They defend the conditions that enslave them, without ever understanding what it is or how it happens. First they cease to be their own masters, after that they can be had by anyone.

The rich are making war on the poor and the middle class. The governments and religions support the reason and rule of the rich. The rich print their own money. The curious reality is that there is never enough. No matter how much they have it is not enough and this is what inclines and herds them to their destruction. They are automatons with the illusion of free will.

We are here now and it is going to accelerate and accelerate until it is undeniable to anyone and yet it will still be denied. It is a nation of slaves who are prepared to believe their oppressors instead of their lying eyes. All around them are the irrefutable conditions of their imprisonment. It’s being done to wake them up, that’s the only conclusion I can come to and the least depressing from the list of possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

Sitting here in the middle of this falling corrupt empire is like sitting in the dance hall of the Titanic. I don't think the sheeple here will hit the streets until they are put there by having their homes taken from them and that where they end up.

Trying to convince the sheeple of their situation only results in ridicule and being ostracized. There are so few who can see that it is like being a blue whale in the ocean. You could end up goinng your whole life without seeing one of your kind.

I would get off of this ship but, despite having two degrees, I don't seem to find the jobs like I used to. They went somewhere.

I also wonder why that is so, why does it seem the less you have the you are able to see?



Anonymous said...

'You are either awake and aware or your not.'

How true.

Not being awake and aware makes it easy to lulled into a trance by materialism. Temporary, temporal materialism is everywhere: TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, etc.

I once heard said that everything you can't take with you when you die is just a deliberate distraction (by the devil) from living a meaningful, loving, spiritual life in harmony with God and your fellow man.


Anonymous said...

disatisfaction terminal
disfunctional observance
problematic guarantees
in materialist disturbance
exertions of inadmittable
unbalancing prevails
the scales refine a tipping point
round the chasing tails
down and down the system fall
conquered by itself
deluded by the fabrications
falsity and stolen wealth.


Unknown said...

I just have one word for you......EXCELLENT.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey Les. How can you compete with a $8.99 all you can eat buffet that's just off the Interstate and has EZ parking?

Tongue in fat cheek,


PS Dude....I'm well aware of today's American dream...A cash settlement and permanent disabilty income for a soft tissue injury. It true. Just look at the yellow pages in Anytown, USA......Attorneys

gurnygob said...

“The focus on materialism and materialistic religions, controlled by those whose intent is to destroy Christianity, is a main feature.”

I agree with you there Les and if current trends are anything to go by then they are well on their way to doing just that.

It’s close to the point where one could almost say “stick a fork in Christianity it’s done” and looking at the behaviour of most “so-called” Christians I would say its “well done” and almost burning by this stage.

True Christianity still lives on and always will but it’s a rare thing these days. Christ said that we should forgive our enemy and I try to put this into practice in my personal life. However, I seem to remember something about “justifiable war” and the words, Banker and Zionist, comes to mind as the main enemy for such a war in this present darkness.

If only the Pope could see his way to giving some indulgence or other for sticking a fork in Mr. Banker and Mr. Zionist things would be on the up-and-up but somehow I can’t see that happening. (grin)


siamsam said...

Uncanny man - as they say where I come from>

As I started to read your post I though: hey man this guys writng my thoughts. As I read on I knew for certain that you had.

I am not in the least upset by this though, as I know you have been tasked with scribing them as only such a brilliant wordsmith can.

I said in a previous post comment that those Zombie movies were predictive. I think recent events vindicate my thoughts on that one.

Funny how so many rocks are being turned over of late. I always suspected Jones, and had my suspisions about the takealeak guy. Gallaway was always in the frame from when he exposed himself as being a complete immoral twat whilst taking part in UK Bigbrother. He actually licked milk from a saucer whilst dressed as a cat. I knew at the time that this was just a way of getting him max exposure for his future roll - and I was right on the money again. Hey I'm good :)

Anyhow, keep up the good work Les.

Kindest as always


PS what am I thinking now?

(this post ended up in the wrong place - freaked me out for a minute:)

Mark said...

Now there’s your real tipping point…when Hasbro introduced Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head…we were just too dumb to see it.

I already mentioned my sister-in-law living the dream in Jacksonville. Her sister lives here in Southern California, and her mantra is “It’s all good.” No, it isn’t. Stick a fork in both of them, they’re done.

I gave my step-daughter $10,000 in inheritance four months ago. She and her husband then went on a series of vacations and now it is gone. Stick a fork in them, they’re done.

I gave another $10,000 to my step-son, who is now broke. Stick a fork in him, he‘s done.

CarissaC. said...

This post, with the narration about how things may play out, and especially with the mention of "dominoes tumbling" called to mind a bit of dialogue from the 2006 movie "V for Vendetta":

Finch: The problem is, he knows us better than we know ourselves. That's why I went to Larkhill, last night.

Dominic: But that's outside quarantine.

Finch: I had to see it. There wasn't much left. But when I was there it was strange. I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected. It's like I could see the whole thing, one long chain of events that stretched all the way back before Larkhill. I felt like I could see everything that happened, and everything that is going to happen. It was like a perfect pattern, laid out in front of me. And I realised we're all part of it, and all trapped by it.

Dominic: So do you know what's gonna happen?

Finch: No, it was a feeling. But I can guess. With so much chaos, someone will do something stupid. [footage of a Fingerman shooting a little girl wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, as an angry mob starts to swarm around him.] And when they do, things will turn nasty. [crowd attacks Fingerman.] And then Sutler will be forced to do the only thing he knows how to do. At which point, all V needs to do is keep his word. And then...

[Dominoes collapse, with TV footages showing conflicts between rioting citizens and the anti-riot police]

I think you're right about why Americans aren't rioting. I think most Americans just assume this is a "rough patch." And everything will be better very soon. Just go back to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... I've gathered as much in talking with people and watching people's reactions (or lack thereof) to things going on. Granted, events aren't affecting everybody equally at the moment, which may also account for why Americans aren't rioting. Many people are still as yet unaffected by things. (Admittedly that would be my case. Nothing has changed in my own life despite the economy and escalating craziness of world events. But at least I'm aware of, and ready for, the potential for overnight change on a dime, without warning. I live every day with my intuitive feelers out stretched, trying to sense what's going on, see if "the wind is changing," being on my toes. Which admittedly is a strange way to live as compared to the average person, but, I'm not average and these are the times we live in....) And then there's the fact that things have been done to Americans over the past decades to make the population as a whole very passive and compliant. That can't be overlooked either.....

Anonymous said...


The Pope? Are you for real. Cardinal Ratsinger, aka Ratso, was the head of THE HOLY OFFICE for twenty some odd years. He was the Lord High Inquisitor. The buck stops somewhere. That idiot couldn't stamp-out homo-pedophile sex abuse. What do you expect of the vicar of Christ now?

Just wondering,


Anonymous said...

Sorry Les,

I couldn't help myself. I had to step on gurnygob's statement. Perhaps you need to step on my frog.

Warmest regards,


Anonymous said...

They're howling over this one-


DaveS said...

Dog Poet,

Thanks for all the ideas you've shared and stimulated me with over the past two or three years... hard to keep track of time anymore as it has been speeding up as I age. Funny that.

I've been a history buff since I could read, but I also like reading science fiction stories too – I must enjoy fantasy writing. I'm sure everyone here who has studied a little history understands what I'm talking about when I compare those two genres... truthfully, there may be more truth in the science fiction stories than in our history books. Ahhh, with that sort of sentence structure, it's a good thing I barely got 'D's in english or some teacher would be rolling in his/her grave ;)

Like many people, I'm pacing the floor thinking about being behind a financial eight-ball at the moment. Not the first or the worst, and I smile with the knowledge my debt is monthly debt, which can disappear easily... I've been the healthiest, happiest and freest at those times I've had the very least need to trade in Federal Reserve notes. It doesn't take much to figure-out what the problem in that equation is: those little green promissory notes. Each one in circulation is like a dead leaf falling off our Nation's Tree of Liberty that now suffers from a drought of tyrant's blood.

We've pruned the Tree of Liberty until there is almost nothing left and used the branches to build walls we hoped would make us secure... instead we've imprisoned ourselves. The seed our forefathers planted when they created America has not only been indiscriminately pruned by butchers, but we've allowed psychotic corporate scum, and their vermin politicians, to eat away at the very roots... they will never be sedated and must be stopped.

Time for the worldwide Vulcan mindmeld...


Mark said...

Don't know about the rest of you, but I haven't slept in five days.

Great show, Les. You are an animal!

Anonymous said...

I've been going through a very deep depression for the last few weeks. I'm sure from my ranting posts you might have noticed so I was adviced to tell my therapist what I think of all this.
So I shared with the shrink what I thought of 9/11, of this crazy matrix ans how I felt the rich profit of pain and suffering of others, etc etc and of my depression over it all. I told her it gave me a feeling of doom & gloom.
Shea greed I needed a short vacation and to see if I need more antidepressants.

Is this the solution? to get away from what's happening?
I guess in a way it is, but I rather go within than go out at this time.
Maybe depression, rage, and pain are the only ways for us to realize how much we need to change and not let these consume us into a deep dark hole but be the symbol for real change within as we are the ones we imprison the most anyway.

Thank you Visible. You're a spark that keeps on shining and your writing is a gift to us all.
Love, Debbie.

DaveS said...


I got all carried away this morning and forgot that what I wanted to point-out is the only time Jesus was violent was when he threw the money changers out of the temple... might be something in that? Hmmm


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Doom, despair, trial, and tribulation shall follow them all the rest of their days." -- Me

Erik said...

For the Irish visitors here ...

As early as 2007 a whistle-blower in Ireland (ex risk manager for big European bank in Ireland) warned the Irish Government about something rotten ...

Nothing happened up until now, but everything has been kept on (government) record!

Full background story here ...


Whistle-blower website:



Odin's Raven said...

The 'Global Elite' continues to impoverish the world. There's no sign yet of anyone being able to stick anything into them.


Terrance said...

Hello Vis...all I can think of is that Vishnu is coming but Shiva is here....the presence of death that comes to all things.... The lord of the dance is here to kick some ass...put on your party dress and dance to his drum as it beats louder and louder....it's vibration will shatter the cosmos as we know it...the elements will reform as Brahma will open his eyes into a new world!.....one love

deep fried potatoheads said...

Sad but true. If people will stomp each other for plastic baubles just imagine what they will do when grocery shelves are empty. The formerly great representative republic is America is no more. Sure it never was that shining city that school propaganda fairy tales said it was, but it could have been.

gurnygob said...

to Tom

I was being sarcastic about the pope that’s why I ended with a (grin).

Still it does no harm to dream!

ps. Les I was so disappointed with George Galloway. I thought he was one of the few good men left :(

Anonymous said...

What IS that thing the Pope wears on his head?

Not the big big tall one, but the other one, the everyday wear one.

If you lean in real close and take a peek, I wonder if you can see the 729 bar code stamp?

Very superstitious...

Kelli said...

Can someone please fill me in on George Galloway? I, like others, thought he was a good guy too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Whoa!!! This is a great post..

You hit the nail right on the head...


If you are not awake and aware the cosmic jackboots are coming for your ass.


Awesome brother...

Take care and God Bless,

Red Pill

gurnygob said...

Kelli said...

Can someone please fill me in on George Galloway? I, like others, thought he was a good guy too.

Try this link

here for more info.


Anonymous said...

As I slowly awakened over the past five years I had to take a great many people off my good guy list but quite frankly I'm reluctant to do this to George Galloway too. I've always been disappointed that he appears to not get it when it comes to 9/11 truth but perhaps he's just going along to be allowed to get along with his aid to the Palestinian people. There are so few people who tick all the boxes in my own perception of what the world is and where the world is headed and it just gets lonelier and lonelier all the time. Thank goodness there is an oasis like Smoking Mirrors to come to. I think I'll just put George Galloway on a SEMI good guy list and continue to be supportive of what he is doing right ... at least for the time being.
M. Rocknest (Em)

DaveR said...

Mouse and others have said something to the effect of "You can't take it with you when you die...". I think that would depend on exactly what you want to take along. Material things probably won't get along for the ride, but what about 'things' such as honesty, purity and goodness. Those just might make the shift.

Also, on another note, I was thinking about all the walls being built around "Isreal". These might not be such a bad thing since they would help contain the blasts and keep the shockwaves and heat off the nice people thereabouts.

Kelli said...

Thanks for the link! It is very disappointing indeed. How can he not know and put it all together? He had to be threatened.

Dave Klausler said...

Sorry for the off-topic request, but a while ago someone posted a link to a story.

The subject was sex; the male character thought that he was exceptionally well infomed on the topic as it relates to [human] females... until he met xxxx, and her true understanding.

I can neither remember his name nor hers, and I lost the link, but would very much like to share the text.




Laurel, Christine, Caeli, Sunny Rose said...

what the heck. les, i give up on my crowd. i am now the new pusher for the high school age. and its your thoughts i push at them. at the very least, they will learn to read real good. maybe they will learn to think.

CarissaC. said...

Anonymous "Em" at 8:36 said: "As I slowly awakened over the past five years I had to take a great many people off my good guy list but quite frankly I'm reluctant to do this to George Galloway too. [...] I think I'll just put George Galloway on a SEMI good guy list...."

Just my few cents, but good guy/bad guy lists never appealled to me only because everybody is flawed in some way. One person's good guy is the next person's bad guy, and for the same exact reason. Rather than have categorized "lists" per se, instead maybe just pick and sift info. from various sources in a neutral manner...? Once somebody is categorized in a personal mental list it becomes an emotional investment of sorts, and the only thing that can come of that is disappointment, the second they say or do something that steps out of bounds of what's acceptable for being on that list. So for me, no lists. Just picking and sifting, from wherever the valuable nuggets of information come from. That would go for Les' material, and anybody I actively read for that matter.

Anonymous said...

People keep talking about books. Every since I got out of high school I always read books for information not entertainment. I occasionally read some literature but that was the exception. A couple of months ago I bought two Zane Grey books at a yard sale. They were original copies with copyrights around 1917. They were in poor condition but I thought maybe they were be worth something. I paid one dollar each. I ended up reading them. They are written on the eight grade level. Haven't read anything like that since I was in grammar school. I could poke a dozen holes into those simple stories but I became intrigued by the freedom of the characters. No house payments, insurance, license, toll roads, sales tax, income tax, etc. etc. Life could be tough but they were free in every sense of the word. Now days life is real tough for plenty of Americans but they sure as hell aren't free.

Then I got to thinking about those cowboy characters. Was the real old west so much different from what was depicted in the books? There wasn't a lot of gun play like in the western movies. What if a stage operator informed some cowboy for safety sake he would have to feel his balls etc. Yeah, then he pointed to a picture on the wall of a short fat ugly butch and said she requires this if you want to ride the stage. I'll bet there would have been a lot more gun play and they would have gone through a whole bunch of TSA (The Stage Association, this is 1850) operators each day. And that picture on the wall, well I wouldn't want to be in the line of fire. It would be especially interesting when they tried to grope the ladies.

How times have changed. I told the wife if I ever disappear to pick up one of those books and read it if she wants to know where I went. Hey, anything is possible, surely we have learned that by now.


Anonymous said...

Us 'potato heads' are done alright!
Really good blog, Les. I know that many of us feel this way...Dec. 16 Veterans for Peace is organizing a demonstration at the Whitehouse against the 'perpetual war machine'. Be there if you can... it could be monumental! Best Wishes!

est said...

nothing is

except the

of nothing

Liz said...

I could hardly get to the post for laughing at the title. Still laughing, I hated the potato head things as a child. Did get to the post, more of the get down and dirty truth, eloquently written. Love

Anonymous said...

"The best part of waking up....is Folgers in your cup!" c'mon, da' Super Bowl is a comin'! what cha ya'll on about? NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!

keep in mind that the following quotes from Zbigniew Brzezinski are almost 20 years old. And yes I know, I know he's a Bilderberger, Trilateralist, CFR, former head of NSA, and Obama's alleged mentor.

"Traditionally, since both the French and the American revolutions, the notion of freedom was defined in the context of citizenship: that is, a definition of individual rights within a sociopolitical setting which involved also some responsibilities to that setting. However, for these responsibilities to be voluntarily shouldered genuine motivation is required, which in turn calls for an inner spirit that prompts the willingness to serve, to sacrifice, and to exercise self-restraint. Patriotic citizenship was the framework for the definition of civic freedom within a democratic society.
This definition taday is in jeopardy. Increasingly, freedom is defined as the accumulation of rights and entitlements as well as any form of self-expression and gratification. The notion of self-imposed or socially expected service to society has become unfashionable. Thus, in effect, personal freedom becomes the absence of restraint except in cases of legally defined threats to someone elses physical or material well-being.
The gradual redefinition of freedom, away from the notion of responsible civic freedom and toward the notion of licentious personal liberty, both contributes to and is reinforced by ongoing trends in mass media. On the whole, the values conveyed by the media repeatedly manifest what justifiably might be called moral corruption and cultural decadence. Television is a serious offender in this respect. Today, for much of the world - and especially the young - television is the most important instrument for both socialization and education. In that respect, it is rapidly replacing the roles traditionally played by the family, by the church, by the school.
Television gives the young viewer a first glimpse of the outside world. It first defines - and does so compellingly, by combining the visual and audio impact - the meaning of the good life...there is nothing comparable, either in the era of enforced relgious orthodoxy or even at the high point of totalitarian indoctrination, to the cultural and philosophical conditioning that television exercises on its viewers."

(just how much porn ARE the children of the web indulging in.
"sex-ting", etc...)

"The sad fact is that television producers who are cultural pornographers have in effect a competitive advantage over those who are not."

(those freakin' Arabs!!!)

"The net result is that Western television has become more and more inclined to the sensual, sexual, and sensational.
Moreover, to the extent that any values can be extrapolated from television programming, they clearly extol self-gratification, they normalize intense violence and brutality, they encourage sexual promiscuity through example and stimulated peer pressures (advertisements for condoms addressed to American teenagers and children describe potential customers as sexually "ACTIVE" - with the obvious negative inference that the others are "inactive" : (
and they pander to the worst public instincts. The result is loss of control over social behaviour."

(I would disagree with Brzezinski here, in that, "loss of control" IS the mechanism of control with a loss of social cohesion as a foregone conclusion)

Anonymous said...


Spot on observations. I'm seeing all kinds of total lunacy here.

From those that think that they are sane and the rest.

I witnessed my bosses father come in to work this morning and proceed to tell his son that he was getting married again ... to his dead mother.
Boss proceeded to tell him that his mother passed 2 years ago. Pretty heated conversation.

Crazy shit from crazy people!


Anonymous said...

Integrity: ‘Tis What ‘Tis

‘Tis never taken, oh no!
‘Tis something we sell.
So, to thine own self, be true!

Despair Not. Trust in God. Gesu said: In My Father's House there are many rooms... Trust in Him...He'll never let you down.

pax verbum

Anonymous said...

Les, House Majority Leader-Elect, Eric Cantor wants to cut military spending.......


Then why does he want aid to Israel included in the military budget?


Then he tells Israel he will protect them from President Obama?

Anonymous said...


Dr. Tom Termotto of Florida State University bring us some more disturbing news from the Gulf. It is dying and the repercussions affect all life on the planet and the seven seas.

He mentions the gulf can result in a great earthquake as Edgar Cayce predicted as well as the Mayans.

bholanath said...

Apocalypto alert:
Quote from a senator today -
"Denizens of darkness are waiting out there in temples around the city to shred this baby to bits."(12/1/10)
Nice language, wordsmithing, eh?
You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

My first
time commenting here. So
accolades first, i guess. Great
blog you have here Les, really
inspiring, you have a way of
articulating with words, certain
things, some of us can only feel.
And i appreciate that deeply.

Though i thought i would leave
my thoughts on something.
Pertaining to the general aura
of this blog. I may have deduced
this aura wrongly, so correct me
if i'm wrong. What i've deduced,
though, is the underlying theme
or tone this blog encourages
a Violent uprising or atleast one
that ends that way. I do, and
vehemetly so, agree with mass
movement but i lean more
towards a non-violent one,
atleast on our part. I remember
reading something by David Icke
on the subject of non-violent
mass movement, recently where
he said, if my memory serves me
right, that the "same energy
you expend to remove
something is the same energy
it'll take to replace it". Simply
put if we win this revolution
violently, with the shedding of
blood, innocent or not, then
we've just bought ourselves the
very same world we usurped,
one filled with injustice. I think
winning this kind of fight, has
alot to do with being the bigger
man, showing that that you are
better than the "enemy",
showing them that, in the words
of Christ, "evil can be overcome
with good".

And this is the recurring theme i
keep coming across, in many
articles i've been reading of late.
Many keep calling for things to
be done in a Martin Luther King
Jr. sort of fashion and i agree. I
was reading the latter half of
the "Anglo-Saxon Mission" off
truth seeker last night and it's
the same thing the interviewed
was saying. These guys, as you
alluded to in one of your other
blogs, have help of the
"demonic" kind. These beings are
the embodiment of complete
moral depravity, they have no
love, no conscience, no
compassion. We venture off into
that abyss even slightly, we WILL
LOSE, most 'def'.

There's this verse in the
christian bible, about how the
blood of a slain person, cries out
to God for justice. Personally i
don't believe that "God" renders
the justice himself, i think
though if God's to use you, if
you believe in his existance, or
any other good force in the
universe for that matter you
must be blameless. If your
conditioning was fundamentalist
christianity, like mine was. Then
you'll understand that to these
"vampire overlords", it matters
little who's doing the killing and
who's being killed. They're
"happy", so to speak, so long as
there's bloodshed. And if you kill
their "own", it's not an issue, so
long as were killing. So i believe
then that the only way to win
the coming revolution, is through
a fearless non-violent mass
movement, were we just refuse
to feed the system. We refuse
to participate in their wars,
their jobs, etc and ultimately
their "plan".

Thanks Les.

It's been a pleasure.


Visible said...


Thank you for your comments. I am not supporting or joining in any violent revolutions. I am recognizing that some portion of it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Les, here is some serious info.


and his son.....


Chinese Sneakers said...

Please note: "The person who warns that public violence will occur if (a) government doesn’t reform, and (b) if routes to remedy for wrongs done to the public are closed, IS NOT advocating violence. The contrary. He or she is flashing warning signs to prevent violence."

And yet, we must deal with the truth, if we're going to make it till the morrow.

Another fine testament, Troubadour, (and i hope you don't mind that moniker but i deem it apropos somehow).

Anonymous said...

probably off beat, or rather an

ohh forgot to sign off (so you know who to tell)

here;s to the future, while there is one.

Anonymous said...

I realized that the attention the sheeple give to an event is totally proportional to the amount of news coverage. They are so programmed that they measure importance of an event to someone eles's measuring stick(program) They really don't think. A 6.9 earthquake rates not at all, even though it is a preursor to an extinction level event.

The bangsters get exposed with
their heist of history crime and all you will hear is "wili..." think it was an accident that the wili crap came out right before the news of bangsters shenanigans? :)

It is like a mathematical formula. A logarythm for a program. Are these people even alive?

It is gut wrenching to watch the sheeple get herded towards that big metal factory looking building, where so many go in and so few come out.

Create the problem (herding with the left hand), give the solution (herding with the right hand). And in they go...

All these sheep holding onto there $10 toasters and video games like that is what life is all about. Shocking... isn't it?

When the next soul ship goes by let me know, I want a ticket to ride.


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Shrink Wrapped and Processed Formica Life.

GTRman said...

Galloway sometime last year said on his radio show that he'd spent time with a guy in New York that had convinced him that, at the very least, there were many 'questions'(not exact quote) in the 911 story and he was edging closer to thinking something was fishy.

He seems to have u-turned on that.
Galloway has a show on Talksport in UK, a talk station based on the American model, which purports to represent the voice of the "working geezer". Many of the presenters have typical blokey Brit names like Adrian Goldberg , Andy Goldstein ,Mike Jacobs, etc.

The 'News' in Britain is weather and football. Brighton UK is currently under 8 inches of global warming.

Soccer= globalist panacea. Theres a good vid on youtube, 'Alan Watt -the truth about sport.'

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I have a friend who is from a wealthy family and who has traveled around the world several times and who usually spends some time in each place he visits. For example he stayed six months in Argentina and Peru, several months in Thailand, several months in Tibet, and so on. He spent a month at a Mt. Everest base camp but couldn't make the climb because he got sick and had to come home. Anyway, one time I asked him out of all the places he's been to which one he liked the best and he said Tibet. I asked him what was so special about Tibet and he said he lived for a couple of months with a tribe of Yak farmers who he said are the happiest people in the world. He said the reason they're so happy is because they don't own any property to speak of, that the only property they own is what they can carry with them in sacks that they strap on a Yak's back. He said they have next to no interest in the material world but that they attach a lot of importance to their relationships with their families and with the other members of the tribe.

I asked him of all the places he's been which was his least favorite and he said Israel. I asked him why he didn't like Israel and he said because it's the most unfriendly place in the world. He said the people who live there don't even like one another. He said it's as if they're all paranoid that everyone is out to exploit them in some way and so everyone has this 'on guard' attitude. My friend isn't a religious person at all, and he isn't antisemitic at all either, but he knows rottenness when he sees it and he isn't afraid to call a spade a spade.

One thing we tend to overlook is the spiritual side of the equation and therefore we tend to think that the Israelis and the Zionists are evil on purpose. What has happened to them is that by aligning themselves with the top-down-control system in place there they give rights of ownership over their minds to the spirits which are in control of everything going on there. Not a lot different than what's going on in Amerika as TPTB wage the psychowar (brainwash war) against the Amerikan citizenry, the purpose being to insure their compliance with the system (and with the spirits driving it). People unwittingly come under the power of the ruling demons simply by participating in the system in some way and once a person is under that power the demons will work to influence the person to participate in as many aspects of the system as possible. For example someone who relies on the mainstream media for his or her information will have an almost unconscious tendency to trust in doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. And he or she may develop a love for watching football on TV every weekend without ever stopping to ask themselves why. The same goes for voting and paying taxes and going to church... things that are a total intellectual self-insult which they do to themselves and never ask themselves why. The reason why is because they're under the control of the spirits which are driving the entire top-down-control system. What's most unfortunate for someone who is caught by it is that trusting in the system becomes habit forming and what's worse still it that it causes spiritual blindness.

Anonymous said...

my post to which I was referring didn;t get through, no matter. it wasn;t a hot potato.


Gordon Duff said...

"9/11 is the key, the only story. The seeming conspiracy over 9/11 is so far reaching, so many could be involved and, as it seems, are involved. You can’t be a little bit pregnant or slightly dead. WTC 7, or “Building ‘What’” as it is called, simply can’t be explained. Instead, the biggest news story since the Kennedy assassination is being treated like a celebrity drunk driving arrest.

America is in two wars because of 9/11 and now we are told it was all a big mistake, the government “may” had done it but that’s just “water under the bridge,” or “forgive and forget.” No way, no how, we aren’t forgetting, no, we aren’t forgiving, not those who did it, not those who covered it up nor the press that lied through their teeth about it, no, inexorable to all but the real “wingnuts,” co-conspirators who need investigation."


Anonymous said...


If your friend “isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade”, then he must be by definition an “antishemite”, since Reality is Antishemitic.

Anonymous said...

The reason that zionist ashkenazi's, which make up less than 1% of the worlds population. Why do they keep winning? Because of their loyalty to the tribe 1st and foremost. What am I getting at? We have had yet another FBI entrapped truthteller, this time a white man who was a burr in zionist's asses for years. His name is Edgar J Steele and he was on the Voice of Reason Radio Network for a couple years. He was entrapped by the FBI and two informants who both happen to be related to Bill Maher. If any of you have studied Maher, you know he is a full fledged zionist traitor. His brother Jim Maher, and his cousin Larry Fairfax, planted a huge pipe bomb onto the cars of both Edgar and his wife, Cyndi. Since the bombs discovery totally by accident thanks to a QuikLube oil change attendant changing Mrs. Steele's oil on her way to the courthouse for her husbands arraignment. What I am wondering is why none of the anti-zionist media has bothered to cover this case while mainstream media has been totally covering for the fairy tale spun by the FBI. Steele is being accused of supposedly wanting to kill his wife of 25 yrs.

I strongly suggest you and anyone reading this go to the Jaime Kelso radio shows on the VOR Radio Network website. Shes been interviewed 4 times now and you have to hear the story and publicize it. You Les, and others who frequent your blog have much larger reach than Jaime Kelso and VOR. I dont personally know Edgar Steele or Cyndi, but have heard a few of his nickelrants and podcasts. He is an attorney to boot and has defended many of the ADL's targets which I am sure made him a target and not his podcasts. Please go and listen to her and her attorney being interviewed. Theres also a website on blog spot called "Free-Edgar-Steele.blogspot.com". Thank you.

ChewyBees said...

Thanks as always, Les.

I'm of the opinion of late (OK forever) that all organizations are insidious. They are ego based dividers and classifiers that allow a few to control the many based on fear. Christianity and religion in general may be the greatest, most full on representation of that idea.

Lately I've been reading the Gospel. I've read it all before, but I've been out of the tithing loop for several years now, and I've been reading it with a different perspective. No longer am I concerned with torture, crucifixion and death to ensure my forgiveness and eternal salvation. If it happens one way or the other, so be it. Now I read it as a fantastic instruction manual of a magnificent Prophet. Throughout the 4 books (that the cult has allowed us to see), the Prophet shows us how effed up all controlling forces of government are, including the courts and the unholy priests of money-changing. The Prophet simply never gives them anything except a good lesson on their hypocrisy.
I've said this on a comment before, and it's important to repeat. All prophets ultimately expose the controlling systems as evil, enslaving mechanisms of profit for a few psychopathic devils. It is why most prophets are killed, the governments simply cannot handle the exposure. It is also why prophets appear just around the time a 'world' is about to disappear. It is a revelation of monumental, societal wide proportions. It is the mass of squinting eyes peering out of Plato's cave. It is time for the end of time.

Anonymous said...

Some people are above the law. The laws were made by those same people. Elsewhere they might call them royalty, or heros. Never High Treason - Which it is.

EX: http://mycatbirdseat.com/2010/12/philip-giraldi-thirty-nine-congressmen-cant-be-wrong/

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-


Odin's Raven said...

Here's a nice exposition of the dystopia which the Powers That Be expect to impose on humanity.

Kevenj said...

My Les, you're on a tare..which is good.
Last night I watched portions of the Christmas parade going through our city which,not necessarily out of charactor had a 'patriotic' theme on the floats. That was discomforting.What made me near puke was the Winnabago that was covered w/patriotic insignia and said-

God help us all.

Mark said...

I can help you with the book editing. Won't charge you a dime.



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