Tuesday, January 25, 2022

"If You Want to Find God, First Find Love. It is The River that Runs from The Source of Sources."

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One of the things you have to get your head around is that The Virus was manufactured. The vaccines were already waiting. If you trust The Science, then The Science (that place with all the microscopes and other things) tells you the vaccines are toxic... in all kinds of ways and initiates wars in the human body; as if there wasn't enough of that already.

Many are taken in by the drama. Some trust the government. Some trust the medical establishment and the doctors they see. Many trust The Experts and people who talk on TV. “Well... they wouldn't be on TV unless they were supposed to be.” In a way that would be true, because what is controlling the events that take place on your TV is also controlling you.

If you back it up a few steps, you can see where it is that The Good and The Bad come from in Humanity. It's like two very different rivers... and there are many tributaries. At a certain point, you realize that there is no Bad. That is just life operating without Understanding. It is the place where appetites and desires hold sway. It is The Carnal Realm. Beyond what we call Good and Bad is a place of infinite light... of many densities, and colors. We are light at this very moment, at a particular density in particular colors. We are Frozen Sunlight... sunlight in extension.

The idea is to get to a higher plane of being. One way to accomplish this is to make friends with those who live on these higher planes. I hope you don't think this is strange. People make friends with those on lower planes all the time. Surely you have seen what goes on in The World? Most certainly you have heard about events happening afar.

The Celestial Kingdom is exactly that. It is celestial and it is most certainly a Kingdom of male and female counterparts who are not so engaged in the level you see demonstrated down here, BUT... it most certainly takes place. In the realm I am talking about, you might be sitting by a rock, above a passing stream. Some one or more others are nearby. They might send music in living color with palpable sound that washes over the other(s) with Love. Whatever sexual aspect you have down here shifts over lifetimes... depending. Karma has a lot to do with that so... you have a lot to do with that.

The reason The Cosmos, over very long periods of time, is not fond of same-sex activity, is because it creates degenerate cultures. That is why you seldom see it unless a culture is in decline. Very quickly it has spread out into all sorts of variants, like a mutating virus. We see signs of this degeneration all around us. Fortunately... it will not hit its less tolerable levels everywhere. It also won't come about the same way. Look at where Draconian government-by-force is taking place. Those fond of those environments will call them home. You DO NOT have to live there.

Materialism has caused all of these conditions, including all the weird twists to the sexual force. All of these passion dances, like Gracie Jujitsu, wind up on the ground. They act out as a parody of normal life. People try to copy what they see on TV. Some of them want to live in Ozzie and Harriet-Land or over the rainbow. Material life is temporary. You can't stop the rivers of Time and Change. They will flow around you and they will flow over you. They are a Force of Nature on this plane of being.

Our sexual drive is a Force of Nature. One could have sex with anything that fits their fantasy. Fantasy and Nightmare are next to each other. The River runs through all sorts of landscapes. It can run into a swamp and not run back out. It can run off into the desert or a thousand smaller locales and it is all scenery through which you are passing. If I have a choice, AND I DO, I want to pass through beautiful scenery, and on to ever more beautiful scenery. Your emotions color your landscapes. The precision and focus of your mind accounts for the detail. What you can visualize, you can materialize.

This brings me around again to The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. If you can visualize that, you can materialize that. We are all dreaming. Some of us are creatively dreaming. Some of us are grateful for inspiration and some are not. Many consider the inspiration of The Higher Mind to be an intrusion. Someone set a table for The Gods, but they all went to Burger King. I have a choice of the scenery I pass through. I also have a choice about how I feel about the scenery I pass through. This is why I consider Love to be The Universal Currency.

People use various mediums of exchange, and I tend to believe one should render to Caesar what is Caesars. Money will get you into all kinds of places, but... do you really want to be there? Love will get you in anywhere, and out of there too. This doesn't mean one should tempt fate. It means you are good to go wherever you are if you have Love. If you don't have Love, your river is going to dry up or run into a swamp.

There are rules of existence and laws of Nature and Super Nature. You don't get highway signs to everywhere. There are some manuals... like The Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, The Dhammapada and others. There are hard to get works of spiritual beauty; hard to get because you have to hunt through all the rest to find them. More importantly, The Everlasting and Living Scripture is written on your heart. Yeah... you have to find that too.

Finding anything... ANYTHING... is accomplished by wanting it more than anything else. That is one of those rules and laws that we mentioned. Knowledge of these rules and laws is a priceless acquisition. You don't have to know everything. You don't even have to know anything. You ONLY have to know the one who does know everything, as it is in essence.

I mention Patanjali's Aphorisms now and again. It's a how-to manual for The Mind. I don't recommend playing Sorcerer's Apprentice with it. It is good to know how you work though... not what the doctors and experts who can't find their asses with both hands tell you, CAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW! Within you is the entire library of human history. Within you is the source of sources. It is that which all the rivers in this, or ANY world... emerge from.

You have ONLY... ONLY to find this source of sources and your search is done. Yes... you can be a battered pinball of Karma, careening through the pomp and circumstance of The Material World. You can, LITERALLY, do this forever. As long as it entertains you, you will be welcome there for whatever the Purpose of Demonstration is. Love suffuses the whole of life, and the general understanding of what that is... sets the climate and atmosphere of the culture you are moving in. If you want to find God, first find Love and Love will take you there, because it is The River that runs from The Source of Sources.

Love is the primary expression of God. It is part of a triumvirate of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. Truth is less a factor HERE than is Love. Love is present on all planes, and... as we said, the understanding of the general meaning, sets the climate and atmosphere of the culture you are moving in. It also sets the level which... itself... is the descriptor of the plane you are on. That's as close as I can get to saying what can't be said (for the moment-(grin)).

In the links, you will see the rapid and incremental progression of Madness in these times. I provide little of the volume of it. It is so ubiquitous... and, like a river or an ocean, it has various states of being. Sometimes it rages over rocks or great falls. Sometimes massive whirlpools of force send the waves as high as buildings. Sometimes it is near serene in places, like the Doldrums or The Horse Latitudes. There are places in this world and many others where the atmosphere rings of Joy and Beauty. It is less common here in these times, but it is always present somewhere; somewhere over the real rainbow.

The Promise of God runs much further back than floods and much deeper than fables might tell you. We should remember, even if we do not recall (grin) that our present historical record is very, very small by comparison with all that has happened on this planet. We really need to get a sense of our own insignificance in order to more fully appreciate what is present within us. Surrender is ever so much more meaningful when you have even a small idea of what you are surrendering to. Of course, if you are surrendering to Higher Love you don't have to worry about that or anything else.

This is why... the simplest among us, some who could not even read or write, attained to Divine Luminous Wisdom. It is ALL present in Higher Love. All you could possibly ever want is contained there OR... leads there on The River of Love. You will note that there is an excess of Love in children by comparison, in quality and kind, with what you usually find after childhood ends.

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Here are a few excerpts from The Dhammapada=

Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal.

Those who mistake the unessential to be essential and the essential to be unessential, dwelling in wrong thoughts, never arrive at the essential.

Just as rain breaks through an ill-thatched house, so passion penetrates an undeveloped mind.

The fool worries, thinking, "I have sons, I have wealth." Indeed, when he himself is not his own, whence are sons, whence is wealth?

A fool who knows his foolishness is wise at least to that extent, but a fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed.

Though all his life a fool associates with a wise man, he no more comprehends the Truth than a spoon tastes the flavor of the soup.

Well done is that action of doing which one repents not later, and the fruit of which one, reaps with delight and happiness.

Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm, even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame.

Better than a thousand useless words is one useful word, hearing which one attains peace.

Think not lightly of evil, saying, "It will not come to me." Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the fool, gathering it little by little, fills himself with evil.

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Gregory said...

Instantaneous harmony and bliss for all merely waits breathlessly for just the right word, spoken to just the right person at just the right time.

Anonymous said...

Your words inspire
Thank you

Anonymous said...

As above so below, sorta..

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece, Visible. Thank you very much for your kindness, devotion, and wise words.

Anonymous said...

Revelations are happening all over the shop.Now it's Neil Young's turn.I always thought he had a whiny singing voice. Now he's just whining.
That "make a deal with the devil" stuff seems real to me,otherwise these people would just take their squillions and put their feet up somewhere nice.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Love, You Have to Work It Until It Works You. Love Is the Manifest Presence of the Unseen Ineffable."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.



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