Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evolutionary Moonwalkers on the Wheel of Obscenity.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always help you to know where to step.

♫Congratulations Mr.(shudder) President. Congratulations to you♫ Can anyone still doubt it? Can anyone still compile a mature argument against what I am about to present? Certainly not until I present it (grin). 'We', my friends and I, have said here ad infinitum, that the fools, clowns and bloated, stick figure, perverts who are running around smacking themselves with pig bladders, provided by the promotional arm of of the "Let's wear Orange for Bladder Cancer.porg", will gradually and then... more quickly, as the plane of descent increases, turn into ridiculous lampoons and caricatures of themselves. How is it possible that only one person in a particular state could manage (after 7 hours on the telephone and internet) to join up with this Obamacare obscenity against humanity? Who wrote this obscenity? It was the pornographers from the insurance companies, with help from the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine. You've heard of the military industrial complex? They lobby and pressure for wars against nations ill equipped to defend themselves, for the sole purpose of financial profit. Well, the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine makes war on everyone, also for the sole purpose of financial profit.

The AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine deliberately promote the most expensive and ineffective treatments available. The most highly desirable of these are the ones that take the longest to carry out because? Because, 'Time is MONEY!" As hard as it may be to believe, whether individual doctors know it or not (or even give a shit), the AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine promotes as many unhealthy lifestyles as possible in order to maximize profits at their end. I'm speaking in terms of the US and UK for the most part. There are countries where doctors still engage in healing pursuits. Heck! There are still countries where a good percentage of the population are more or less sane. the US and the UK would not make this list.

I remember back when the original Max Headroom was president of the United States, as Ronald Raygun. He was, more or less present during his first term; not that that was a good thing and mostly absent in his second term, during which George, Son of Ashtaroth, Bush was running things. As a telling indication of just how seriously mind-fucked the American public was and is, a large percentage of the public believed and still believe that he was a great president. At one point, Ronnie Raygun had an idea shoehorned into the rat and bat infested attic of his cobwebbed and lightless mind. That idea was that the country could save a whole lot of money by closing down all of the mental institutions, except those necessary for the government to keep open, like the White House, Congress, the Justice Department, the FBI, the Supreme Court and others. Raygun argued that the vast majority of these patients did not need to be hospitalized. They could just go home, provided they had one of those and... take their medications and they would be okay. What Raygun and whoever put these ideas in his head overlooked (quite likely intentionally) is that these are crazy people and crazy people don't take their medication, unless someone in a white coat comes around with a little paper cup and hands it to them; much as what happened with The Astaroth Kid and his Haldol and Ronald McDonald Raygun, with whatever complexity cocktail they were giving him.

So... Raygun and The Bride of Ashtaroth, overnight, created the American Homeless Problem. It was right around this same time that rents started going through the roof all over the raped and looted American landscape. The plotted and planned murder of the middle class was underway and has continued to this day.

Daily Breast Cancer Alert! The most dangerous and pervasive cancer of all is virtually ignored and that is the Cancer of Western Culture. In any case, they create cancer on purpose and the cure for cancer (various cures) have been around a good long time. Most charities are scams and the bigger the charity the bigger the scam. Charities are businesses that feed off of fear and manipulated emotion, attended by the usual assortment of lies.

America cannot survive Obamacare but... that is only one of the ravenous beasts tearing at its hindquarters. The great carcass of what might have been lies rotting in the sun, surrounded by hyenas, vultures and other carrion feeders. This is what I see. What most other people see are lawyers and various official personages shuttling around a large desk stacked with reams of paper; grinning, cackling among themselves, rubbing their cold little hands together and thinking about what percentage of the profit from every page they sign will come to them. Unfortunately for them, as they were blowing their way up the ranks, it never occurred to them to keep in mind the particular emphysema that attends that route.

There are few things as obscene as Western Medicine. Western Medicine is more obscene than Divine eating poodle shit off a Baltimore sidewalk. Western Medicine is more obscene than George Bush Sr. having a Cub Scout sleepover at The in-house, Hotel Carlyle but... it is not as obscene as what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians since 1948. Western markets are driven by the Wheel of Obscenity and the direction and degrees of obscenity are mapped and charted on Wall Street, by the same people responsible for the disappearance of Palestine. Everything is connected, fortunately in some cases and most unfortunately in others ...and this all speaks to the force of attachment, which those possessing a particular strand of intelligence, realize is among one of the primary things we need to free ourselves from, while temporarily marooned on this plane, or... the cosmic travel agent is going to keep printing the same destination on every in bound and out bound ticket we get. It's known as a vicious circle; the majority of us to be known as evolutionary moonwalkers.

We know who owns the press. What we may not know, even though they control both houses of Congress, upper and lower, is that they favor the democrats so... all the news you read now is how the democrats have come out on top in the struggle to do something about the shut down and blaring across the headlines is the news of Mitch 'Purse Mouth' McConnell slipping 3 billions dollars worth of pork into his hip pocket. Once corruption has gone past a certain point, it doesn't matter how much worse it gets. It's like Stage 4 Cancer. There is no Stage 5.

It's time for Smoking Mirrors, Bold Predictions. We predict that the Loony Tunes atmosphere that has become so intense that cartoon characters are materializing on the sidewalks (should be fun come Halloween) is about to go into Hyper-Drive. I've got it on pretty good authority that a major power front is about to come down on the air heads who think they're running everything and all their resistance is about to be blown right out of the backs of their heads, at which point they are going to lose all control over everything they had no control over in the first place. It's an any day now situation and the first evidences of complete loss of self control should be manifesting real soon. I can hardly wait. In concert with this are major scandals and exposes that are going to rock the corridors of entrenched power; one on the heels of the other.

Mr Apocalypse is done lifting up covers and concealments with his walking stick, for a short peek beneath. He's now going to start ripping them entirely off of what ever is hidden beneath them; tick, tock, tick, tock.

It's been a long time getting to where we are. It's going to snatch the breath right out of your lungs with the sudden speed of its materializing.

End Transmission.......


Visible said...

I know, I know, today's post is a little, I don't know what. that's because I was watching one of the worst and most pointless movies I have ever seen in years and years and years, "Gravity". No wonder the critics are raving about it. It made no sense whatsoever.

Visible said...

It wasn't long after writing whatever the Hell this is that I wrote today that I saw this

It dovetails right in.

lightandlongshadows said...

Four blood moons...what would Manly say? ;)

Anonymous said...


You have enhanced my life with your work beyond measure. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your blogs and radio shows have been the cornerstone of my mornings for years. Food for the starving soul. I also want to thank all the the people in the comments, whom I have learned much from. I have a humble request to anyone who can help me. For about 2 years now, I have been struggling with somewhat crippling sciatica. I am at the end of my wits, unable to work or even get a decent nights rest. If anyone has any knowledge of a medical remedy or metaphysical process that is responsible for this, I am in much need. I have done my research, which has basically left me with more questions than I started with. Thank you all. I am constantly in awe of the magic here. Keep on Visible, I think I've somehow got more tears and belly laughs in reserve.



Visible said...

Yeah, that was a VERY strange film and the counterpoint with Kate Winslet amplified it.


Bodhati; I also have a Sciatica problem, most notifiable when trying to sleep. Odd coincidence. I was just wondering about doing something about it today. I'll pass you on to my friends.

zepheri said...

Gravitas, an illustrious servant of the power bound. Feel its pull pushing around and within. Release as speed turns into momentum blowing past the quickening obstacles. Unforeseen currents with the days despair bring together a nurtured air. Silence.

Anonymous said...

Oh man,Vis. I really hope you're prediction comes true as I've had it with these psychopaths.

Everyone said ob ama was out to destroy the country. Well, the debt ceiling thing was a perfect opportunity to do just that. Why didn't they pull the trigger? I don't get it!

Now, of course, the usual doomsayers are trying to convince us now that they just want the collapse to be really really bad instead of just really bad because they'll allow the game to continue on so the financial collapse will be a little worse when they really do pull the trigger.... Which, of course, is two months from now or sometime in 2014....

What a bunch a shit!

And don't forget to buy up that freeze dried food and gold and silver. I hope the doom porn sellers choke on their profits.

Yes, I get the fact that if it all comes down it's seriously massive suffering for lots of people, me included. But nothing is going to get better out there until it does. My fear after yesterday is that it's all going to continue just like this for the rest of my life. The slow downward spiral with no hope of any positive change. :(

I know, I know, "It's all under control." You're right, of course. It just gets discouraging when you see the bad guys win all the time.

Well, if anyone has some serious insight on a good prediction, it's you, Vis! I'll keep my eyes open!

Rant off. :)


howisthere42 said...

A good routine of stretching exercises is exalent remidie.It may hirt to start but do not force you will inprove bit by bit day by day.Thats right streching exercises.No pain no gain.If you dont use it you loose it.Start with stretching then if you have the time may lead to yoga or one of the body disaplines.


Anonymous said...

Bodhati/Vis-I just dealt w/same-If u have not yet, investigate Egoscue painfree treatments and other postural alignment exercises-lots online, at youtube etc. Here's a particularly good contact:

howisthere42 said...

I find a good sretching routine works wonders.there are lots of good stretchers simple and easy to manage you start slowly it may hurt to start but bit by bit day by day ten min. In the morn. Ten min. In the evening your stretching capability will improve. No pain no gain,if you dont use it you loose it.Once you get to a certain control and learn how to use the stretching exercises you can move on to yoga or one of the other body dicaplins.Its important to breath and control you tummy muscles while stretching.
A good ocupational pherapist will point you in the right direction.
It works.


wiggins said...

Probably Thatcher put the idea into Raygun's head......she was implementing the same sh1t in the UK and making a killing for her friends in the real estate business .....the old asylums were built on prime land and worth lots of moolah to these creatures....

Mick Hoss said...

I think/hope we'll be seeing more of this sort of thing. Rise.

mike m said...

I believe you are right about the assholes getting their just desserts, first a trickle then the whole fucking dam explodes and they will be swallowing all the SHIT they have been dishing out for years.

Good things come to those that wait and we have been patiently waiting.

Anonymous said...

for bodhati! your sciatica... try the tennis ball treatment to start and then go from there. Take a tennis ball or some type of ball that isn't too hard. They seel them at yoga stores, they come in various sizes and are slightly collapsable but, only slightly. Okay put the ball on the floor and sit next to it. Using your hands to balance you and to control the pressure sit on the ball but over to the side that is affected. Now bring the ball up closer to the crest of the illium, that's the curved part of the hip/pelvic bone up near where the back meets the hip... work along this edge towards the leg. Spend up to 20-30-45 seconds on each pressure point along this edge... control the amount of force you use with your arms/hands i.e. lift and lower your body weight on top of the ball making contact with the pressure points along the crest of the ileum. Allow your body to let go of the stress and pain, embrace this dicomfort do not fight it, just go into it , it is only dis comfort and it is only temproary, there will be no blood , no bruising... but you will get relief. You can then move away from the ileum towards the central part of your butt, close to where the sciatic nerve passes... you control the pressure, you control the level of discomfort... i'll come back t this post later today if you have any questions... (-: ulysees

Can't say cause EST gets all upset when i post said...

I have said it for years. Nonprofit industry, prison industry, and pharmacology industry will destroy this people long before any end times. They are the human cymothoa exigua of the air breathing bipeds.

Beware guys, EST and some richard person get all angsted up if you use cursing words or funky identity names, at least or maybe only at me when i do anyway, haha.......... In fact, they will we must not call it what it is, even if fuked is the best and kindest descriptive.......

Anonymous said...

Since we are made of the same stuff as stars ie: minerals, H2o, etc., it seems reasonable that the mineral deficient soils in which our food is grown could contribute to minerally deficient human bodies. Magnesium, boron, selenium and B6 are amazingly helpful for what ails ye, most especially in the form of body/back aches.Farce Book has a group known as Magnesium Advocacy Group with info on this.

Been there, doing that said...

Sciatic nerve is sometimes reactive when there is either inflammation of the lower discs or degradation of the disc tissues. For me, it is permanent. Each disc and most other joints of mine have lost 50 to 98 percent of soft tissue between joints in every part of my body. It is an autoimmune disease. Make sure you are not dealing with such. Its more likely just the lower spine is the source, and eating foods that reduce inflammation, and foods that safely build sinovial tissue, and foods that encourage healthy cartilage, while also using low impact muscle building exercise and gentle ...i mean really effing gentle,,,,, stretches. Joints in jeopardy do NOT require excess stretching. It will make it worse. Gentle MUSCLE stretches only. Pilates and water activity is better than yoga. This is most responsive to therapies that work for arthritis, both the osteo and the autoimmune types of arthritis. Stay away from chemical anti inflammatories. They help you in the short run, but create havoc not too far down the road. Pharmaceutical case creation for the older americans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible, Sean, Anon, Howisther42, Ulysees. I was working as a massage therapist for 2 years before I had to stop, so the stretching stuff is not new to me. In fact, I was really into yoga and loved the
5 Tibetans. I can't do that stuff anymore. For awhile I substituted a stretching routine specifically to strengthen my back and abs, while stretching the hamstrings and such. It helped somewhat but never came close to resolving the issue. I will get back to it as some relief is better than none. I will try the tennis ball routine as well. Going to look up the Egoscue painfree treatments right now. I can't shake the unsettling feelings that arise when I consider the timing of this all. I basically found out I was going to be a dad and shortly after one day had a sharp pain while trying to put on a sock. Since then I have lost my ability to work and have been living Murphy's law since. Luckily I have family to help me out. Anyway thanks again to you folks for responding and best of wishes to you all. Hey Vis, I love your music especially the comedy stuff. Party Party Party!



Copernicus Kidd said...

Debtvolution just in time for Thursday Night Football!

(lyrics by Yank Williams Junior)

"Are you ready for some football?!"

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Dark Lord, it’s hard to be a bachelor man.
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Now my party pad is out in the lynchin' woods,
It’s a Chase Bank account from here to Hollywood,
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And ole Miss Tel Aviv just walked through the door.

Got a debt whirlpool just made for ten quadrillion,
And you can't jump out, but you can jump in.
You can do anything that you wanna do,
But uh uh, don't you step on my Gannonboy boots.

Do you wanna drink, hey, do ya wanna party,
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Do you wanna drink, hey, do ya wanna party,
Hey, Hey, this is MGM Head Yank ready to get the discontented winter...time started. We cooked a pig in the ground, we got some queer on ice,
And all my rowdy brain damaged friends are coming over tonight.

Visible said...

(grin), they changed out the song some time ago. Hank said some things they didn't like. I'll watch the rerun tomorrow. Time for sleep.

Anonymous said...

Been there doing that,

What is this auto-immune disorder? Are there any markers for it that I could consider? I can't exactly take a trip to the doctor right now... I do have very mobile joints that crack and pop a lot.



Craig said...

There is no stage 5. Great stuff as always. Thank you!
Craig out

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just got home from my seasonal job and a shopping trip. Yesterday I read about stopping SSI payments, SNAP & EBT food programmes, not that they gave you enough to make it halfway through the months, something about killing Section 8 housing, and basically pulling the rug out from everyone dependent on government handouts in November. If that happens, this country is gonna explode in a couple of weeks. I also live in one of the worst places possible for someone who has anything vested in this cesspool, but I don't, so all's good. I'm under the impression what is going to happen between now and the end of the year (or more likely, December 1) is the thing I have to see before I move on. Depending on if my demi-gods/goddesses have any more use for me down here, that is.

We shall see. I thought this was one Hell of a read, by the way. What you said about the medical profession is IT! That's why if I have a problem, I find out what it is by keying in the symptoms, and fix it holistically. Having a witch doctor as a room mate helps, too. Between the two of us, we don't need shite! And if it's lethal, our contract is up; so hey! Why fight 'parole'?

Auros23 said...

In regards to the sciatic pain:

You may want to check out this book.

Healing Back Pain

It's not a magical cure for every back problem, but it seems to have helped many people.

Unknown said...

Beautiful 72 clear unmuggy autumn day in Austin. Biking around the north end noticed lots of putrid roadkill our puslick swervants just leave rotting in the street. I saw some vultures feeding on what was once a huge tomcat is someones front yard. Dead shit everywhere.
I don't think Obungacare can do much more damage as this ghetto is goin' down fast with or without it. Was just starting to enjoy a nice couple years of peace and now I hear I've gotta get a stupid job with insurance long enough to opt out of the bullshit ripoff without getting tax return stolen. . or so I've heard.
Yup this is the state of the nation.
an expat like Vis in Europe probably has a better clue about the ins and outs of this rape than anyone here. Lets all just HOOOOOWWWWWLLLL at the full moon !!



Peter said...

I've had it on and off for 30 years. When its unbearable I overdose on glucosamine chrondroitin tablets. Also I do yoga exercises, one in particular helps. Affected leg lifted up and placed as high as high as possible under chest.
As always thanks Vis for your forum and insights.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Ronnie Raygun had an idea ... that the country could save a whole lot of money by closing down all of the mental institutions..."

I was in the middle of that. I was getting a 'real' Masters in Psychology in the early 80s. By real, I mean that I was in one of the last cohorts that believed in drilling down to what was actually causing acting-out symptoms, and helping the client (not patient) sort it out for themselves. To grow. Not to take pills to drug them out, or put up blocks to feelings. (We were kind of an extension of the flower-power mentality, looking back.)

One of my internships was at Seattle Mental Health Institute. It was a progressive place, embracing Family (or Systems) Therapy as a basis for finding out what was really going on in a client's life - holistically, as it were.

Well, and Vis will probably appreciate this, the roots of what were various 'over the top' behaviors of our teenage clients tracked back into the adult parents. (Look up the conditions for a 'double bind' if you want to know more.) When we tried to get the adults into the mix, there were some successes. However, other adults who were more threatened by this (their inner pain exposed) ran for the hills.

Where this ties into your column is what happened next. Members of the latter parental-group banded together and went up to the state capitol. They lobbied to have most grant-money stripped from Family Therapy statewide, and redirected to pill-popping. They used the argument that pill-popping was quicker and more effective. (That it is, in the sense of using a tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding.) In Ronnie's climate, they got what they wanted. (This actually was the 'safety' from having to feel their-own-stuff through.)

However, in my latter-time at SMHI, virtually every now-Patient periodically lapsed-off the drugs. Whether this was from not liking the straight-jacket on their feelings, or due to the building emotional-pressure under the drug buffer, was unique to each Client. Not a valid long-term solution...

Under the new 'law', SMHI's Family Therapy unit was reduced to an ineffective shell. Now-patients were given powerful drugs and sent 'cured' out onto the streets. (The actual 'therapeutic' staff was way-downsized.) And, surprise! Many ex-patients were soon in a revolving-door situation. Just without any effective-way forward. Damn.

(I do want to say that this exposure to Family Therapy got me thinking about how big the 'family' is, in the sense of causing acting-out behavior. Over the years, I tracked this out to the worldly [and other-worldly] system-in-place that Vis explains daily. In a sense, I am still in Family Therapy...)

Just a note from the trenches.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

bodhati, October 17, 2013 6:16:00 PM

In addition to all the other helpful comments above, I would like to offer my own viewpoint. It comes in two parts.

First, my ex-partner, Liz, has sciatica. She would have me do massage on the affected areas. Being energetically sensitive, though, I would note where she had blocks set up to avoid feeling the discomfort in her body through the day (like sitting still at a desk or for a long drive).

If I only did massage on the areas, she would get a slight relief. If I 'forced' her to unblock the various in-place blocks all the way from hip to feet and going up the body, she would have major relief. (Basically, it simply involved 'forcing' oneself to actually feel-through each pain-block, thus dissolving it.) Bam! Energy would start flowing up and down her body, and her sense of relief was near-instantaneous. (Many times, energy also started flowing-in from below her feet.)

Second, you mentioned, "I basically found out I was going to be a dad and shortly after one day had a sharp pain while trying to put on a sock." The therapist in me went, "Hmm?" It might be worth some digging into your emotional body to find out if there is any deep-seated fear inside (originating a 'symptom'). This could be from a present part of you (the knowledge of the aches and pains and responsibility of parenthood), a remnant of growing up (swearing not to raise a child as either or both parents raised you), or even a (bad) past-life memory. Just a thought...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Brian Crossland said...

Ray B.
Your Mental Health experience pretty much paralells mine here in U.K.
Think something global might be going on?
Also noted significance of Bodhatis comment, maybe worth adding that in my experience muscles also hold memories. Bodhati you may find it useful to find someone who can do "muscle testing" to explore possible mind/body link here.
RW {27] "Pusslick Swervants" brilliant, tho most of them will be government orifice workers.

Jenny said...

Sciatica pain- bee venom therapy. Apitherapy is all things from the hive- consume beeswax and honey, bee bread (pollen)& propolis...and it will help your pain- flexibility. I have seen bvt work for m.s. patients. Sold 2 beehives to folks with it. It cured my carpal tunnel that I had from a lifetime of physical work (carpenter-landscaper) in one fell swoop, 6 stings on my wrist. It has helped my blown-out knee too, and various other ailments. I can send you a care package of honey + comb anytime-jen

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Joker is Twerking with Bobby Vinton's Hair.

Jody Paulson said...

Acupuncture really works for sciatica.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Becoming a Friend of the Ineffable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for all the tips regarding sciatica! The bee venom therapy and the muscle testing are very interesting ideas.



TyrannyNews said...

All this talk of Sciatica reminds me of my last Cluster Headache.

Ahhh. When it comes to pain, a good old Cluster Headache gives it to ya in spades. And, you're guaranteed awesome bonuses like anxiety, fear and more! Although it's been months, I still carry an oxygen bottle in the trunk for when luck strikes again. And it will!

What truly puts Cluster Headache in a class all its own, is its nebulous source. It's a mystery hurting! For me, it begins with what others would describe as an excruciating migraine. What's funny though, is I might not even notice. But, if my vision becomes blurry I might be tipped off.

From there, it becomes a molten, nauseous warmth behind one eye. It emanates from the center of the head. I usually tell anyone around me to carry on with life. Leave the lights on. Don't turn down the music. Little peeves like light sensitivity aren't worth the effort.

It's the little things that become problems as the pain reaches its high-plateau. Dozens of times, I'd try various applications to the head (towels, tissues, wood, drywall, belts, socks, pantyhose, wet rags, ice-packs) for the pain. It's a real thrill that all with the condition have dealt with. Thankfully, none works so you needn't bother trying.

The problem is hyper-sensitivity to touch. The ability to sense nearby objects (fingers, pillows, etc.) is astonishing. If you enjoy a hot blow-dryer on high pointed at your face while having the flu, touching your head while the headache is fully in control is pure bliss! Unfortunately, I don't like the heat, the sweat, nausea.

Touching isn't all bad if it's spread perfectly evenly. This led to my awesome discovery. Here's how it works. I learned to focus on my body and vocal techniques (growling kicks ass!), so blocking my vision like a horse with blinders helps. To this end, I tried sunglasses and tying various textiles to my head. Always there were pressure points that made the touch uneven. Then, I came across an old ear-muff type thing I used to wear on my way in to work while living west of Chicago. It covers the ears, but thins out in the front to not cover the eyes. The material is a super-soft wool that reminds one of a sheep. I applied it backwards to not cover my eyes and the pressure was perfectly even. Hooray!

I won't get into the thoughts that go on in your head during an episode, but you can imagine from the scenarios you get into. While driving I've wound up in an otherwise empty parking lot at mid-day, striped to my boxers, air conditioning on high and flopping about in the back seat. One guy was struck so quickly he crashed into a tree but was only concerned about getting to the syringe in the glovebox to be slammed into his thigh. I find the period before the headache really kicks in to be the most perilous. Knowing what's coming leads to serious anxiety. I often spend that time rushing about, throwing unrelated items out of the way and related items into a pile I think comes from a primitive instinct to make nests. I've yet to do any nesting though, and instead ride it out in unexpected places. Putting your head in the freezer does work, but only so long as the can stand the pressures and postures.

As the lead up period is the most contemplative, the final stage is exciting and fun! For me, it's signaled by bright (in intensity) needle pokes popping off in my head. No doubt micro-strokes at the tiny ends of blood vessles in my brain. Even still, it's the best! Before the pain is gone completely, I'm already hyperactive and celebrating or fast at work completing household chores and singing stupid songs with invented lyrics ("This is the dawning of the age of my penis...").

For me, it averages 45 minutes and occurs daily at 5 PM. So, like church the immediate period after it is the time at which there is the most time before the next one. I choose to spend it byforgetting it even happened.

You're welcome.

Visible said...

I've heard about that. That's the most articulate and comprehensive description I've ever seen. Yeah, it puts things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

to old reader
I let it go last time
(your insults directed at me)
but here you have crossed a line
I don't give a fuck if you or anyone else
swears (that was not me)

I saw you getting snide with a couple
'regulars' and merely pointed out
what the problem was (ln my view)

If you want to speak to me, and not
about me, just click on the blue est
and i'll explain it to you in detail


Been there doing that said...

Bodhati.....if you are a young man, have little concern or fear of anythingother than a mildly inflamed disc or sciatic nerve. As the other poster said, it could literally be a very tense cramped tendon or muscle, either from being pulled or from tension or any combination thereof.

My own drink til the end of my daus is a mix of osteo arthritis from accidents damage and diseas, and an on again off again affair with incresingly clingy rheumatic arthritis, and just to make a threesome more interesting, i have moderate advanced ms. Its quite a cocktail.

Best nutrition advice, is this...if its meat, it better be free range and gently killed. Better for you. If you can avoid meat, better still. Red wine and scottish honey liquor is good, spirits not so good. All food must be clean, humane, organic, and not a touch even of chemicals, preservatives, dyes, or prepackaged. Eat it as close tomits natural stae as you can. Do take good vitamins, a bit more than recommended when you are stressed or healing. Babies change you and your wife. Take it as it rolls. Its not so complicated. Relax. Its a very natural thing. Do not read baby care bookss. Do not analyse yourself. Just love, amd be as gentle as you can possibly imagine. Just be gentle, be freed, and know that while we are the childrens salvation, they are ours.

Whatever said...

Esteban, shut up. You knew me from some years back, and you know fucking well what i have been forced to deal with here, and i succeeded, and now? You want to step up and see if you can fuck me down? Are you crazy? Or just schitzo?? You were one of the kindest souls who held excellent advice and loving thoughts pur way when it was at its worst state. I fought thru all that by myself, alone, with two and a completely helpless one, alone, i fi ally am able to breathe, i come back, amd in that short time, you became a miserable nitpicky old coot. Shut up. You dont have a goddam clue. You would have collapsed had you had to do what i had to do. People like you gave me the courage and the strength to keep on when there was nothing left to keep on with or for. You go ahead, be the fucker. But keep it to your fucking self. How two years have bittered you.

Est cannon fodder said...

And est, you know what. If your buddies are old readers, and i am an old reader, how come if i make a perceived snide comment you have to rush to their rescue, and make war, are they pantywaists? Did they cry for your assistance? But if you or yours make snide comments at me, also being i am an old reader, what the fuck? I am fodder for your cannons? Are you kidding? Get off the crack, man.

Ground control to major thumb said...

Vis, my apologies. I told you in email we hoped to travel there, or even just gift here and there after the remaining time frame passes. We will not be putting ourselves deliberately into estebans line of fire, a line which seems to have become ever vigilant in its sweeping search for vague and nuisance miscreants or random twitches of lip or finger that might serve to be called annoying to est. as he has become the guard dog of all visible, i must bow in humble awe of his might. We shall not travel in that direction next year. Promise. We might go to costa rica or norway, but i promise, i shall stay out of ests swath of visible territory. We will paypal a donation but we will forgo the visit, however pleasant your neck of the woods may be. After all i had to fight thru, i came back here to find one of the kindest and dearest, who back then was not averse to my nature, now wants to kick my ass at every breath. In case a friend or two are offended. Wtf. I have never attacked est when HIS buddies gave me any semblance of perceived grief. I always figured it was just a case of me being self absorbed and looking for a reason to feel victimized for a moment. And got over it too. Est, age is not opening new and bigger worlds for you, is it. Since when was visible site or his readers cut of the miss manners cloth? And why would anyone want them to be? This site and its beloved writer are of the finest of what barely remains of a time in our history where honesty, uniqueness, warrior minds, and creators were at a pinnacle i fear will not soon be reached again by the next few generations. So, we wont bring gifts vis, but we will send them. And postcards of where we stopover. Like the tourists we will be. Like the life tourists visiting earth that we are.

Visible said...

Hmmm... the devil's at work somewhere again. It hasn't got anything to do with me though. What has Est got to do with where I live? He's on the other side of the world.

Well, I've learned to pay no attention to anything like this. Now, where was I?

Anonymous said...

Sciatic pain, which I have had for years, I am told corresponds emotionally to - financial fear.

I tried the tennis ball thing, interesting, temporary amusing relief, but not ultimate results.

Yes, stretching works, but it needs to be prolonged, touching your toes doesn't do it, touching your toes for 5 minutes while breathing deeper and deeper into it and exhaling the pain and toxins out, does work.

Baby posture also takes stress off temporarily.

But what I found that ultimately really works, is doing exercise in the morning for about an hour, minimum 45 minutes of vigorous exercise to break a good sweat, hiking, walking, or best is swimming as it is zero impact and promotes stretching.

If you know anything about pranayama, and I don't mean the crap they sell along with certificates, but the kind that cannot be bought and demands a 2 hour daily regimen, well, you would know that you can basically exhale anything, even pain. Waste, poison, is removed by many avenues, and the breath is the foremost of them. It works for cars, which are a clumsy machine compared to the human body.

"The spirit does but mean the breath." Tennyson, In Memorium.

Basically, boost the circulation and it will clear itself out.

Worked for me.

Anonymous said...

to OR:
i have no beef with you, or anyone
for that matter and i'm at a loss
as to why you keep attacking me, here

perhaps my tone was not appropriate
or my message unwelcome or too
personal for your taste but i, as you,
come here to read the most excellent
material provided by our esteemed host and share a comment now and then, nothing more, or less

if you had emailed me, as i asked,
i would have told you as much
'in person'

i can't account for all that's going on with you, as i don't know
but this is what's going on with me

i asked you not to not bring up my name unless it was in a positive bent but you persist in denigrating
and degrading me in the comment section, i ask only that you stop
and i will also not direct another
comment your way
i hope you can understand this
if not, well, i can do no more

and to make your travel decisions
because of something i have said
is, well, ludicrous, seriously ?



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