Monday, November 21, 2022

"You Can Easily Remove Yourself from The China Shop Life, No Longer Waving or Chasing The Red Flag of Desire."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Yes... it has always been the case... that famous and seemingly powerful people are not what they present themselves as, BUT... some of the characters running around at the moment have the atmosphere of archetypal force about them. It could make you feel that we are in the time of Revelations. It is something that comes around in regular rotation, AND... it is also called... Apocalypse. It is a... time... of... awakening and revealing.

It streams through and around all of the roles being played here... on the stage of manifest life, so... you're always going to have those archetypes around anyway. Sometimes... some of them are not very nice. I want to talk about something, but... I don't want to say what is not true. I also don't feel like stirring the shit either. I'm tired of raging Shakespearean diatribes that don't reach the intended target with the force to change their character. Some people don't change their character. They are present for whatever the reasons are... as they are. The trick is to... not... have... to... be... around... them.

There are thousands of bulls in The China Shop Life, where things get broken by broken people. Around the world are thousands of cities with their specific atmosphere and climate. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions are acting out the dramas they called up out of themselves, and for some reason, needed to happen there... more than anywhere else... and with those people... generally and specifically... more than anyone else. They are all in The China Shop Life.

You cannot see it unless a certain eye within you has opened out of its slumbers and become aware of the timeless dance taking place externally. Several forces move like wide, colorful ribbons in the brisk winds of desire that circle the Earth in their own jet-streams. They move in and out of each other, as they move in and out of us. They are The Gunas of The East... and the Mercury... Sulfur... and Salt of The West.

You have to become aware of these forces moving through you, so you can let them pass without causing injury to yourself and others in The China Shop Life... where valued possessions are all fragile and precious. You can immediately remove yourself from The China Shop Life, no longer waving or chasing The Red Flag of Desire. Mars will ALWAYS be a constant on this plane. It's possible to put him on a music box and get him to dance instead of destroy; not that I care about anything in The China Shop Life, cause... I... don't...

Material life is like trying to do the tango with a cactus, a very real... dance... of... a... thousand... pricks. When you realize with sheer and utter delight that you have no interests here... and you want nothing... you understand that you are free. What makes you unfree... what confines you... is attachment. As soon as you can cut it loose, it's zipitty do dah, and an ease on up The Road.

There is a problem with that construct, and it has to be accommodated. We have duties and responsibilities. We have Dharma. I am a man bound by my engagements. That is the definition of The Hanged Man trump, BUT... you can detach yourself from the expectation of particular outcomes and results. You can detach yourself from fear-of-loss and concern for your investment. This is what makes you free... care-free... free of cares.

You cannot ignore or evade your dharma. It will... find... you... no... matter... what.

Impersonal Love is love without possession or attachment. It is love freely given... not conditionally given... freely given. It is the love of The Sun. Take a moment and walk up to The Sun; metaphorically speaking in a very literal way, and take a reading on what it is that The Sun does, and how that might affect you. Say hello as if you were talking to someone you know. The Sun is more real than you are in The Dream Confusion. The Sun is... not... confused.

It's easier at other times of the year for those living with four distinct seasons. Since The Sun is a personal friend of mine, even a direct family member, I prefer to get as much of The Sun as I can... in warm... and loving embrace. If it is not shining outside, then it should be shining inside. It should be shining inside... regardless.

These people who are living out archetypal roles are tragic figures, in... the... long... run. Several major players on The World stage are not quite themselves, if... you... know... what... I... mean. They have given themselves over to the uncontrollable forces of Power... Pride... Arrogance... Greed... Dark Hungers, and all things Satanic. It's understandable. Satan is the ruler of The... exterior... World, at... a... certain... level... and... frequency. You have to be playing on his field of enterprise to come into contact with him.

HOWEVER... One God... One Will... rules all things. It is you who determines The Face of God as it appears to you.

If you want what The Lord of The Carnal Mind has... you have to go to him, and... many do. You can see any number of deluded unfortunates... dreaming in The China Life Shop... looking for attention from The Bulls.

A certain group of very wealthy types are singly responsible for searching out the most criminal locations on Earth and then arranging for mass migration into the peaceful heartlands of other countries with the intent to rule over them. They seek to engineer fear and chaos. They believe that it will provide them the opportunity for a greater control over The World and the people they allow to remain in it. They'll have their own on-call army, just as The American Left now has Antifa, which qualifies as one of the biggest oxymorons of our times.

The best-laid plans very often get mislaid.

We operate here (we TRY to operate here) with Spiritual Steganography. Not with the idea of concealing anything, but more with the idea of saying what can't be said, but... saying it anyway and hoping you don't get double-vision.

Certain cultural forms and sexual behaviors only appear when a culture is in decline. Any student of history can see where this is true. Certain behaviors are suppressed when a culture is young and emergent. As time passes... the termites get into the infrastructure. The density of Materialism... determines the bandwidth of perversity at large.

What am I trying to say with all this innuendo and allusion? Let me see if I can express it in a direct manner; clumsy though it may be.

Some version of The Antichrist is always with us. Sometimes it is a mere shadow, and sometimes humanity materializes it into concrete form. Some version of what Christians call Jesus Christ is always around us. For some it is palpable, and for some... it is less than a rumor. Sometimes... life just goes on bio-rhythmically... undulating in horizontal rotation like... a... snake... dancing. Sometimes it all comes to a head in an apocalypse.

If you are reading this, you are in The China Shop Life. Have you made it real to you OR... is it just empty phenomena passing in a dream stream? How much does it matter to you? There was a time when you had none of what you think you have now, and that time is now approaching again. Why does it all have such an insane importance to you when it will soon be gone? THERE... IS... A... FORCE... AT... WORK... WITH... THIS. It is the force of attachment.

It comes about through The Attractive Force, SO... it is Love that binds you and Love that frees you. These are caused by Lower Love (Carnal Love) and Higher Love. If you turn your love to The Divine, he will melt away your bonds of Lower Love. If you are seduced into the lower theaters of enterprise, you will be hung and twisting on The Wire until death releases you... until gravity and time cause your temporary particles to melt back into the reservoir of unformed mind-stuff.

What you have made valuable to yourself is what imprisons you OR... SETS... YOU... FREE. Only when Higher Love rules supreme are you released. So long as pedestrian attractions rule the day, you will be bound to the wheel... yoked to the wagon. There is another yoke you can take upon you and it runs all the way up Freedom Road. As the passage intensifies, you will pull other souls into your slipstream. It is what Jesus the Christ and all the continuing Christed souls accomplish.

He is The Sun King. All The Avatars come from The Sun. They are The Spirit expressing in Tiphereth. The Son... as the first emanation of The Father.

There are other roads that lead the lost into a deeper perdition, and those holding the torch of the false light lead the way. They have nightmares in The China Shop Dream. Rouse yourself! The hour is late, BUT... where there is life... there is hope.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Indeed, where there is Life there is Hope.

A portion of this poem was in a card given to me when my Dad died and I never forgot how beautiful it was. When my beloved Diego passed, revisiting this piece helped remind me that grief would not be a forever thing. "Spring" indeed came when Ramses entered my life. 💝

To this day, reading it still brings tears to my eyes.
You have to believe in happiness

You have to believe in happiness,
Or happiness never comes.
I know that a bird chirps none the less
When all that he finds is crumbs.

You have to believe the buds will blow,
Believe in the grass in the days of snow.
Ah, that’s the reason a bird can sing,
On his darkest day he believes in Spring.

You have to believe in happiness –
It isn’t an outward thing.
The Spring never makes the song, I guess,
As much as the song the Spring.

Aye, many a heart could find content
If it saw the joy on the road it went,
The joy ahead when it had to grieve,
For the joy is there – but you have to believe.

– Douglas Malloch

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A pain in the butt when you value omniscience more than anything. Can't be had here or my head would explode, so I read. Anyway, NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have only one desire left. And that is to see this movement or whatever the hell it is, brought to its knees for all to see.
Everyday another one of their evil operations is uncovered but it does not seem to have any impact on their agenda.
Don’t know if I can overcome that desire but as far as anything else...there is nothing here I want in terms of material things
Justice would be the only thing .

Kazz said...

In the individuation journey to wholeness, the Sun King (Solar or Yang energy) and Moon Queen (Lunar or Yin energy) have to be recognised as archetypal polarities within the soul. The Conjunction is the union or ‘sacred marriage’ of solar and lunar energies necessary to move from a lesser to a higher state of being as symbolised by the alchemical process of turning lead into gold.

A proper relationship between these feminine and masculine inner forces must be established to contain the full experience of Spirit. It is only when we can hold the tensions of opposites, without identification with either polar opposite that a unique third position can arise. This is the transcendent function.

Luv Kazz

Ze Eche said...

China of the bowl, shine on!

Anonymous said...

China of the bowl, shine on
Can you explain what that means please
Forgive me I’m old and out of the lingo loop
Its like the twitter comments I don't understand.
They seem to have no relevance but surely they must

Visible said...

Like a bull in a China shop. Our unruly passions cause us to break things... and each other... and ourselves.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Mind is The Playground of Monsters, AND... of Every Other Kind of Marvelous and Divine Construction."

Ty said...

@Vis, Avartar Tom macdonald just dropped another two albums,



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