Friday, November 11, 2022

"You Can Shine Like The Sun in Your Own Spiraling Solar System... as a Microcosm of The Great Sun Deva."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World is in a very muddled and secretive space right now. Awful sausage-making is going on in the background. You should never go to the same illegal well too often, and never twice in a row. It spawns complications. We can't see those complications because they haven't happened yet, BUT... they are In Development.

Because there is so much hurry-up, and because more people are carefully watching... the potential for grievous error is considerably increased. In the meantime... there is a great, and steadily intensifying tension going on... on The World stage... between nations. There is also the problem of a blown economy that is like a massive... chain-reaction, industrial explosion. There will... be... collateral... damage. Usually... the bankers go to war in times like these, BUT... like I said... more people are watching.

Then... there is the problem of Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening. They are joined at the hip, so... you could see them as a single, dual-purpose mechanism which... happens to be conscious.

It so happens that I don't want to talk about what's going on in the great sausage-making plants of The World, at... this... time. It's very murky at the moment; probably hard to tell an enemy from a friend, and... lots of these people have no friends, just associates of convenience. So... I thought I would talk about certain features of Nature/Prakriti BECAUSE... these factor directly into what is going on in The World at the moment, whether... they... see... it... or... not.

We've got heads of state and rulers of all kinds in various fields of enterprise. If there is a ruler over all of them... he/she is invisible OR... shows up in any and all of the personalities of these heads of state and rulers of all kinds, when... it... suits... him/her/it.

In Nature, we have (drum roll) The Sun. The Sun is the regent of the phenomenal world, insofar as it encompasses this solar system... in various states of visibility AND invisibility. You wouldn't go far wrong saying that The Sun is God, insofar as anything could be recognized as such.

The truth is that it is God Impersonal that flows through The Sun. The Sun has a regent, which is kind of a hands-on ceremonial office he occupies for a... really... really... long... time. Actual God shines through every star in the incomprehensible heavens... AND is resident... in some stage of awareness... in all life. What that might be is totally according to his whim. Like it or not... He is ALL POWERFUL. So... The Sun is the life force in us and the ruler of our fate and destiny, which is ENTIRELY in his hands...

People want to go their own way. Some of them are ruthless about it. However... oppose God and you oppose your own best interests. All of creation is set up to see... what... you... will... do. You have a vast, unseen audience watching everything you do. Opposing God is a fool's gambit, you... cannot... win.

Come into resonance with God and that is what you get. You can shine like The Sun in your own ambient solar system, as a microcosm of The Great Sun Deva. Everyone models themselves on someone or another. It is unavoidable. I went to God, who has a considerable wardrobe department, and got him to suit me up with a life. It was no cruise and I didn't expect it to be, BUT... the rewards are equal to the demonstrations of Faith... Certitude... and Determination exhibited... demonstrated... performed. It is measured according to degree-of-difficulty, AND... the resistance that is attendant.

It is important to know that God does not see you the way you see you... in most cases. He does not see you the way you see others either. So... we tend to judge God the way we judge ourselves and others... via anthropomorphic projection. That is one of the dumber perspectives EVER. God... with all his power and wisdom, has a childlike persona. It is one of his more favorite roles to play. He gets to frolic with other children, AND... he very much does that where he can, AND... if... you... let... him.

Something tragic happens during puberty. The World divides. Yes... there is all the insecurity of youth and the reckless disregard for consequences... and you lose something precious; all at once or in stages. If your love is not directed toward God, and to the God in others, it will produce some permutation of what you see everywhere in The World; the brief raptures and intoxication of romantic passion... followed by a sequence of diminishing returns because what gave it value and magic... has fled.

When the magic goes, you are suddenly in a room with a different lighting scheme. This is why you must be watchful because people often have no idea what they are doing or where it might take them. There's no point in blaming them. They are already mercilessly tormenting themselves. You can swerve around them. You don't have to run into them, BUT... human nature, right?

Puberty is one of the signal moments of damaged expectations. It is fraught with the suddenly dawning realization that you have lost a good portion of yourself while swimming in the common ocean, filled with the usual perils one finds in such places.

When the magic goes, you get that tarot card (I've never seen it but there must be one like it (grin)) of someone marooned on a desert island. It implies you will find all that is within you personified in what you encounter, meaning whatever Good or Evil you bring with you, you will encounter. In the Impersonal Aspect, you are a mirror reflecting the same image to everything at all times. It is the image of Impersonal Love. It is exactly what The Sun does, and... you... can... emulate... The... Sun.

What you aspire to... what you hunger after... what obsesses and possesses you... what you desire, IS... WHAT... YOU... BECOME! That gave me a real turnabout in The Mind when I realized the implications of my very strong attraction to feminine beauty, which is hard enough to avoid as a poet; meaning it comes with the territory. I realized that I did not want to become female in aspect. Yet... I must come to an accommodation with the matter because it would weigh heavily on my future conditions so... focus on the feminine beauty... became focus on the Divine Feminine beauty... of The Divine Mother.

That leaves me with no real alternative than to be her child. This offsets the ravages of Puberty and heals the appearance of division, and... The World comes into unity... for... me, or anyone who so desires it MORE... THAN... ANYTHING... ELSE. That is the deal-breaker. God's not interested in part-time lovers. If you come looking you had better be in for the whole package. Otherwise... you will fall away soon enough and be left with a haunting disappointment.

In some ways I am talking in code; not because I want to. It is unavoidable. There are variations of meaning that can be associated with practically anything. Here's a good example. A dreamer reads scripture and it is pertinent in the areas of understanding that are possible in the dream. Then there are stages of awakening that can completely alter the meaning OR... expand it exponentially.

We have little realizations all the time. Whenever we say, “Wow!” having made some connection in our minds, BUT... there are realizations that impact upon you like an earthquake or the sudden appearance of a low hum that precedes all sensation but seems to communicate through every sense, and especially through The Intuition which is a higher sense, AND... THERE... ARE... OTHERS.

One can't speak directly about certain issues because they are beyond the medium. They have to come at you with that unforgettable, “Wow” that vibrates with that persistent sound that precedes all sensation. In that sound are ALL sounds and all meanings of sound, and meanings that cannot be understood apart from that sound. I'm doing it again.

If you go to God... in sincere fashion and tell him you want to attend his School of Higher Learning. He WILL take you on as a student. You had better not go into it thinking you know anything at all. The experiences that one gets from being in this School of Higher Learning, exceed every pleasure that is achieved in carnal amusements.

The scrabbling and scrimmaging that is going on down here looks like some chaotic water ballet, where the performers are pushed in all directions by invisible waves that make it look like one is wrestling with ghosts. Heaven is not in the least disturbed by what goes on here and neither is The Sun. Heaven helps and heals when opportunity is given. If you don't want it. It goes somewhere else.

End Transmission.......

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Patrick Willis put up a recording of the last Petri Dish and it was very quickly banned by YouTube. It could be the title, BUT... they are working to shut down free... unbridled expression for any number of reasons. oops!!!

He just sent me a new link, so... here you go.


Anonymous said...

Visible! What brand of rocket fuel were you on when you wrote this one?
I had to laugh (I had a larff) when I got to the part where you said that
you were writing in code; I understood every line! Well, that doesn't
ALWAYS happen, but, when it does...I feel like the Sun shone on me.

Oh, I get it, it's 11/11 today. Anyone else get hit hard by that eclipse?
WOW. Watch for miracles. At least, have a beautiful weekend everybody.


Visible said...

The latest upload from Patrick=

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Puberty. I'm under the impression that's when you fully integrate with the Physical Realm. When you're snapped out of the dream state of what was before, completely. When you become aware of TIME. A double edged sword of sorts. I'm 60, snd still a'waitin' to hit it. Maybe I won't.

I became obsessed with things that could never be because they were dead and gone or outright impossible. I suppose that saved me from becoming a normie idiot, though what I went through was no walk through a nose garden. But still, it ended up with my life being easier than the majority since I didn't play by their stupid status quo rules.

This world had never been enough for me, and it never will be. As I've said a gazillion times, I have nothing but contempt for it, and I loathe it to the nth degree. But I had to go through one more round of self-imposed torture to get this place totally outta my system I suppose. 'Tis but a theory, but I shall find out soon enough the whys and hows and whats of it all.

Anonymous said...

Read this at 11:11 on 11/11, went to bed, woke up humming the appropriate tuneage:
Mama always said, "Better late than never." TY Vis for all you do!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"This Group is not Composed Entirely of A Certain Demographic- Genetic Litany Imprinted on A Plagiarized Scroll."



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